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The Ultimate Super Mario Brothers FAQ
Version 1.0 Beta
By The M0urning ßta*


Chapter 1			Introduction
Chapter 2			History
Chapter 3			Story
Chapter 4			Controls
Chapter 5			Walkthrough (World 1:1 - 8:4)
Chapter 6			Bad Guy List
Chapter 7			Item List
Chapter 8			The Minus World
Chapter 9			Cheats and Game Genie Codes
Chapter 10			Legal Stuff and Contact / Distribution info
Chapter 11			Conclusion
Chapter 12			Special Thanks and Goodbye
Apendix			Document Information


	Welcome to my first full-length FAQ.  On the first video game I 
ever played, Super Marion Brothers.  I really don't have much more to 
say...uh...yeh...this game was fun, and it was kinda fun writing this 
FAQ, although it took me a while.  I am using the great Marshmallow as 
my role model although I don't believe I will ever write as many FAQs as 
him.  If you don't know who marshmallow is, you don't read the greatest 
FAQs for most N64 games.
	This FAQ is best read in WordPad, because notepad really messes up 
the format.
	That's pretty much all I have to say. So, uh...happy gaming!!!

Chapter 2		HISTORY

	Well, this is the very first version of my very first FAQ.  SO, 
there really isn't much to say.  Since this is the Beta Version, there 
is NOTHING to put on this list...except...

5-1-00		Started on the Beta Version.
5-3-00	Finished Beta Version.  21 Pages total.  E-mailed 
about using Game Genie information and True Story of 

Chapter 3		STORY

	Wow, such an original story!!!  Hmmm, let's see...the evil king 
has kidnapped the princess, and her boyfriend goes to save her along 
with his brother.  Yes, the same old thing, however....

	This evil lizard-dragon thing, Bowser Koopa, that has a castle in 
Mushroom Land, where all the mushroom people live, kidnaps the Mushroom 
King's daughter, princess Peach Toadstool.  Some squire type guy sent by 
the king, Toad, sets out to save her.  However, Toad is a short little 
guy with a giant mushroom on his head, so he's got no chance.

	Enter Mario, an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, NY (according to 
the later movie).  He is in love with the fungi princess, and his 
brother and he set out on a valiant quest to save her from the Evil lord 
Bowser Koopa and his Koopa Troopa and Goomba minions.

	Ok, enough of that...  Not that anyone read it...

	Here's a story I read at :

The True Story Behind Super Mario Brothers.
By: Ryan (Gamme) McCulloch 

	Introduction: Many people do not know the true story behind the 
game Super Mario Brothers. Like with Roswell, NM, the building of the 
pyramids, and the JFK Conspiracy; there are many "stories" attributed to 
it - none of which can ever be PROVEN true (as well as never be proven 
false). But here now, you can finally die in peace. For, hold on to your 
seats folks, here comes:
"Secrets Revealed: Super Mario Brothers" 

	As many people erroneously think, The Kingdom of the Mushroom 
People was never actually peaceful. In fact, it wasn't even called "The 
Kingdom of the Mushroom People". It was known as "The Republic of the 
Gibrion Alliance" (The RGA), a struggling Middle Eastern Nation in the 
midst of a Civil War. Mario was not a happy-go-lucky plumber; he was a 
notorious protester, who had been jailed thrice for speaking out against 
the Gibrion Socialist Republic Government. At this time, King Koopa was 
not a king - he was a small-time politician, known by the name of 
Charles Kooper. 

	The Gibs had been using the Shrooms (Mushroom People) for hundreds 
of years now as slaves. The Shrooms were just beginning to become 
smarter - and with wisdom comes defiance. You see, for 2 months now the 
Shrooms had been planning to overthrow the Gibs, and start a new nation 
of their own. All they needed now was a leader. 

	Charles Kooper stepped in to take the job. He was a great leader 
and a wonderful orator. He would get the Shrooms all riled up with his 
powerful speaches. It was June 6, 1983. The Shrooms had binded together 
and started war with the Gibs. In this army was protestor Mario. He had 
no fear of dying for his Mushroom People. The terrible war lasted 1 
year, 3 months, and 16 days. The Shrooms had lost more men then they 
even knew they had. But they had did it - they defeated the oppressive 
Gibrion Government. They had killed the evil Gibrion leader Snort (his 
son Wart comes to play in the next story). The Shrooms had crowned 
Charles Kooper as their new king. 
	But soon Charles Kooper (King Koopa, now) became power and money 
hungry. He reverted back to the Gibrion ways of slavery. Mario was the 
first to speak out against this. However instead of jailing him, King 
Koopa kidnapped his fiancÈe Patricia Seavings (Princess as she was 
called). Mario called a meeting with the Shrooms and decided it was time 
for a second Civil War. But this time he had to do it alone. With only 
the help of Patricia's brother, Luigi. And this is where our story 

yup, that's it...quite interesting, eh?

Chapter 4		CONTROLLS

	All right, now for some info on how to actually control your 
destiny...well, Mario's anyway.

WALK - Press left or right on the D-Pad to walk.  You can walk forward 
as much as you want.  You can't walk backward, though.

DUCK - Hold down on the D-Pad to do this.

RUN - Hold B and press left or right to run.

JUMP - Tap A to hop, Press A to Jump.  Jump on top of most enemies to 
kill them.

HIGH JUMP - Jump while you're running.

SHOOT FIREBALLS - press B while you are Fire Mario.

SWIM - when in the water, press A to swim

Chapter 5		WALKTHROUGH (World 1:1 through 8:4)

	Well, here it is.  Most of these levels you will need no help 
with.  Certainly you will need no help with the first level, but it 
demonstrates some basics of the game.

*World 1:

Level 1 =
	Wow, what a difficult level.  Well, if you haven't played before 
at all, it might be a bit difficult.  Ok, in the first ? block there is 
a coin, but in the second is a mushroom.  Bounce on the goomba to kill 
him.  Ok, Jump over the first three pipes, wither avoiding or stomping 
on the goombas.  The fourth pipe is a warp to the near end of the level.  
If you take it right away, scroll down to the *.  However, you can get 
an extra life and still take it or you can continue playing normally.  
Right after the pipe is a hidden block above the left-most side of a 
small hill in the bg graphics.  Jump and out comes the 1-up.  If you do 
it without moving too much to the right, you can still take the pipe.  
Otherwise, continue.
	All right, under the second block coming up next is a Flower if 
you are super Mario, and a mushroom if not.  Get it, without getting hit 
by goombas.  Under the next ? is 11 coins.  Then is a group of 2 boxes, 
the second one contains a star.  After the star is a pyramid of ? boxes.  
The top one contains a flower, the three bottom contain coins.
	Next is just a series of stars and holes.  Jump over the holes to 
get across.
	Here is just a row of boxes, the ? one contains a coin.  To get 
5000 on the flag step all the way to the right of the top part of the 
stairs as far as you can without falling off.  Now, hold down B and 
press right until you get to the very end of the platform and push and 
hold Jump.
Level 2 = 
	This is the first underground level you go to.  The first ? block 
is a Power Up.  The first regular box you see contains 9 coins.  Now 
comes a thing that looks like a badly written W.  at the very end of the 
W the top box contains a star.  After the row of coins on some boxes, 
there is a thing hanging down that looks like a backwards J.  The top 
block on the right part of the backwards J is a Power Up.
	Coming up is a rectangle with some coins on top.  Get on the 
platform before it and run and jump to get on it.  Directly above the 
last coin is a 1-up.  Break the box in front of it to make it drop down 
so you can get to it.  The first pipe is a warp that leads to the third 
	The last in the row of blocks under the red turtle contains a 
Power Up.  ride the elevator to the top and run to the right to access 
the level jump.  One pipe goes to level 2, one to 3, and one to level 4.

Level 3 =
	Tree type place.  You come to an elevator and a ? block very early 
that contains a Power Up.  The last elevator above a red turtle leads to 
the stairs going up to the flag.

Level 4 = 
	Your first castle.  Make sure if you try to get the ? block that 
you avoid the fire thing.  It contains either a mushroom or a fire 
flower.  The first ditch you come to has a hidden coin block 4 block 
spaces from the end.  Just jump to get it.
	When you get to King Koopa, either jump on the little ride thingy 
at the top or run under him when he jumps.  Don't let him touch you.  If 
you have fire Mario you can shoot him about 5 times and he'll die.  
Otherwise, get the axe hammer thing at the end of the bridge and kill 
him.  Now Toad will tell you that the princess is in another castle, 
what a waist of your time.  Oh Well, keep going.

*World 2:

Level 1 =
	In the middle of the first three boxes you come to is a Power Up.  
Some ways ahead is two rows of ? boxes.  The first ? box on the bottom 
row is a Power Up.  There are two more rows of ? blocks, only horizontal 
instead of on top of each other.  Above the two rows is 5 normal blocks.  
The middle one contains a vine that leads to a cloud secret.  If you 
don't take the cloud warp, there is a pipe warp right after where the 
vine is.  The first box after the pipe warp is a Power Up.  After the 
following pipe and the ditch, you have to jump on a springboard to get 
to the platform before the flag.

Level 2 = 
	The first underwater level.  Avoid the fish (easy) and avoid the 
squid that can control their own movement.  When the ground disappears, 
be careful because you can get sucked down.

Level 3 =
	Keep running as much as you can (after a while you can tell if a 
fish is gonna hit you.)  There is a ? box with a Power Up in it.

Level 4 = 
	The ? box has a Power Up of course.  When you have a chance to 
either take the top route or the bottom route, take the bottom.  There 
are less flame thingies.  When you get to the Koopa, break the boxes 
with super Mario to take the elevator platform over his head.

*World 3:

Level 1 =
	Dark World!!!!  The third ? block contains a power up.  The second 
pipe is a warp.  After the warp is a star.  You should be able to use 
the star power to kill the hammer bros. and then get the Power Up in the 
second box above them.  The first box in the second row of boxes after 
the springboard has a vine that leads to a cloud warp.  If you don't 
take the vine, a box after the vine contains a power  up.  Before the 
end is a last row of boxes.  the second box contains coins.

Level 2 = 
	The first ? box contains a Power Up.  Above one turtle that is 
trapped between some bricks is two boxes.  The bottom box contains some 
coins, the top contains a star.

Level 3 =
	There are two elevators right at the start of the level.  The 
first ? is a Power Up.  Watch out for dropping elevators and the pairs 
of elevators that make each other rise and fall.

Level 4 = 
	Watch out for the flames that jump up from the pits at the 
beginning.  The second ? contains a Power Up.

*World 4:

Level 1 =
	Arghhh...a Lakitu level.  It is very useful to have Fire Mario in 
this level.  The first ? has a Power Up.  If you warped in level 1-2, 
there is a hidden 1-up block on top of the row of four ? boxes. It won't 
be there if you didn't level jump.  The third pipe coming up is a warp.  
There is a coin box right next to the flag.

Level 2 = 
	This is an underground level.  The first box under the little part 
with the coins has a Power Up in it.  There is some hidden coins near 
the end of the hallway with three goombas 2 blocks up from where the 
last goomba is when you first see him (5 boxes from the end).  Now there 
are two groups of two ? boxes and one group of three.  The middle one in 
the group of three is a power up.  Across the ditch there are three 
boxes just sitting there.  Jump directly under the second to the right 
and last to the right.  Jump onto the new block stairs so that you can 
hit the first normal block from the right.  This leads to a group of 
sick mushrooms with a warp to either 6, 7, or 8.  If you don't go, there 
is a warp pipe right after the high pipe.  The first box before the 
strip of boxes with coins on top of them is a power up.

Level 3 =
	The sick mushrooms level (notice that all the giant mushrooms have 
chicken pox?).  Anyway.... The ? box has a power up.  Watch out for 
those pulling elevators.  The last elevator leads to the flag instead of 
stairs.  THERE ARE NO STAIRS!!!  You gotta jump from the elevator.

Level 4 = 
	This is the first castle that has somewhat of a maze.  You have to 
take this route:
	The first time you can choose between a high route and a low 
route, take the top.  Run until you reach another place where you can 
choose.  Jump down to the bottom and it will lead you to Koopa.

*World 5:

Level 1 =
	At one point, after the second paratroopa, there are three blocks.  
The middle one contains a starman.  This level has the first bullet 
bills in it.  Try to either jump on them or crouch under them if you 
can.  There is a pipe in the air that warps near the end of the level.

Level 2 = 
	At the beginning, the last of the top row of blocks has a power 
up.  The first pipe goes to a swimming warp.  Watch out for the lowering 
elevators while swimming, they push you into sink holes.  The last block 
on top of the two rows after the warp has a starman.  Then there are two 
blocks that only regular small Mario can reach.  The first contains 
coins, the second a Power Up (mushroom for small Mario).

Level 3 =
	Just exactly like World 1 - Level 3, the tree level.  There are 
more enemies and smaller elevators, and bullet bills are being launched 
at you the whole level.

Level 4 = 
	At the beginning, there is an extra long fire thing near the ? 
block with the Power Up in it.  Take the bottom route to reach Roy 
Koopa, the fifth Koopa.

*World 6:

Level 1 =
	Lukitu level! This is another dark level.  The first normal block 
contains a power up.  the third ? block also contains a power up.

Level 2 = 
	Another dark level.  The first pipe is a warp.  the second pipe 
after the warp is a water warp.  If you don't take the water warp, there 
are two rows of blocks overhead.  The last block of the second row is a 
warp vine that leads to a cloud ride.

Level 3 =
	This level is all gray for some strange reason.  the first ? box 
is a power up.  About half way through this level, Bullet Bills start 
launching at you.

Level 4 = 
	Same exact as the first castle, except for the Koopa at the end is 
using hammers.  It is really good to have Fiery Mario at this Koopa.

*World 7:

Level 1 =
	First normal block holds a Power Up.  There are a lot of Bullet 
Bills in this level.  There is a block with a power up at the very top 
of the springboard.  It is kinda hard to reach if you get a flower, and 
if you get a mushroom, chances are you will miss it.

Level 2 = 
	A water level.  A LOT OF SQUIDS!!!!!

Level 3 =
	Another flying fish level, exact same lay out as level 2 -3.  
However, there are more fish, and Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas 
are in your way.  There is still a power up in the middle that you want 
for the following castle.

Level 4 = 
	Hmmm...the last castle before the big Bowser Koopa castle.  This 
is the maze palace of Ludwig Van Koopa.  For the first three parts, go 
Bottom, Middle, Top.  Then you will come to two big ditches of lava on 
the bottom, and a fire thing at the top.  This one changes I think, but 
what I did was went on top, avoiding the fire thing, and then stayed on 
top, jumping the ditches.  This led me to Ludwig Van Koopa.

*World 8:

Level 1 =
	If you used a Level Warp to get here from level 4, there's a 
hidden 1-up above a Buzzy Beetle that's trapped between two pipes.  
There is a pipe warp in a pipe before three Goombas.  There is also a 
trapped Koopa Paratroopa with a row of blocks above it.  In the middle 
of where it is trapped is a hidden box.  If you jump on the box, you can 
hit the regular box above it that contains some coins.  After the next 
series of short ditches is a row of blocks, the third is a starman.

Level 2 =
	There is a 1-up in the box above the springboard.  Between the 
first set of bullet bills, there is two blocks.  The second one is a 
Power Up.  The first pipe after the difficult jump (where you're on a 
pipe and you have to run just right to not fall down a pit) is a warp.

Level 3 =
	The first set of hammer bros. are on two rows of blocks.  The 
second to last block on the top row is a power up.  Then the next set of 
hammer bros. is also on two rows of blocks.  For that set, the second to 
first block on top is a power up.

Level 4 = 
	Well, here it is...the giant maze castle...the home of Bowser 
Koopa.  Actually, I figured this level out quicker than the World 7 
castle (Ludwig Van Koopa's castle).
	Ok, there's a ditch with a little elevator that moves across some 
ways into the level, right after it, enter the first pipe.  Then, 
there's a pipe in the air by some Koopa Paratroopas.  There's a hidden 
block near the left of it that will help you get into it.  After that 
pipe, you will have to jump over a pit with lava in it.  Right after it, 
jump into the pipe.  This takes you to a swimming level with spinning 
fire rods and 3 squidies.  If you have fiery Mario, you can kill the 
coming up Hammer Brother, otherwise try to run under it.  Now, avoid the 
Podobo to get to Bowser Koopa.  It is very easy to kill Bowser with 
fireballs.  It is hard to get on top of him, and he has hammers, so it's 
hazardous to try to go under him.  Do what you must.

	Well, I guess since you've reached the end, the only thing you can 
do isÖ.do it again!  The second quest has more baddies, a lot more 
bullet bills, and all the baddies other than Koopa Troopas turn into 
Buzzy Beetles.  Have fun!

Chapter 6		BAD GUYS LIST

	There is a list of some of the bad guys in the instruction book 
that comes with the game.  Other baddies and more detail can be found in 
this list, along with tips when encountering them.

Bloober - Chases after Mario in the water.  He's that annoying squid 
guy.  You gotta use fireballs.  Worth 200 PTS.

Bowser, King of the Koopa - the sorcerer lizard dude at the end of all 
the palaces.  You only get points if you shoot him with fireballs.  Each 
Koopa is worth 5000 pts.
Bullet Bill - Shoots out of the canons.  You can only jump on him.  
Worth 200 PTS.

Buzzy Beetle - Not effected by fireballs.  Jumping on him has the same 
effect as on a Koopa Troopa.  Worth 100 PTS.

Cheep-cheep - The fish that are in the water and are jumping around on 
some stages.  The green ones are slow, the red ones are fast and can 
jump.  You can jump on them out of the water, but can only use fireballs 
while she's still in the water.  Worth 200 PTS.

Hammer Brothers - Twin-Brother turtles that toss hammers at Mario.  
Worth 1000 PTS.

Koopa Paratroopa  (green) - A Koopa that wings all around aimlessly and 
comes at you all of a sudden stomp on him and he loses his wings.  Worth 
400 PTS.

Koopa Paratroopa  (red) - This turtle is under control, unlike the green 
paratroopas.  Stomp on him to get rid of his wings.  Worth 400 PTS.

Koopa Troopa (green) - Soldier of the Turtle Empire, his orders are to 
find and destroy Mario.  Jump on him and he goes in his shell.  You can 
launch his shell at other baddies or let it sit.  If you let it sit he 
will come back out after a while.  Worth 100 PTS.

Koopa Troop (red) - Just like a green one, only he wont jump off a 
cliff.  He's faster, too.  Worth 100 PTS.

Lakitu - Little turtle in a cloud that launches spiny eggs at you that 
hatch into Spinys.  Worth 200 PTS.

Little Goomba - A mushroom that betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom.  All you 
have to do is stomp on his head to kill him.  He can also be shot with 
fireballs or killed with a turtle shell.  Worth 100 PTS.

Pirana plants - Man-eating plants that live in flower pot (that look 
exactly like pipes).  You gotta shoot fireballs at them.  Worth 200 PTS.

Podoboo - Those annoying fireballs that jump out of the lava in Palaces.

Spiny - Lakitu's pet.  You can only kill him with a shell or fireballs.  
Worth 200 PTS.

Spiny's Egg - Eggs of the turtle Spiny, pet of Lakitu.  You have to 
shoot them, too.  Worth 200 PTS.

Chapter 7		ITEMS LIST

	Here is an okay list of items from Super Mario Bros.  It might not 
be complete, so e-mail me if it isn't.

? Box - Can contain coins, 1-ups, or Power ups.

1-up mushroom - when you get one of these you get an extra life.

Box - a box of bricks.  These often contain coins.  You get 50 PTS. for 
breaking them.  They can also contain 1-ups.

Coin - If you get 100 of these, you get an extra life and 100 PTS.

Fire Flower - Turns Super Mario into Fiery Marion or Mario into Super 

Flag - The thingy at the end of each level that isn't a castle, you get 
anywhere from 5,000 to 800 PTS. for bringing it down.

Flower Pot - the Pirana Plants live in these.  When you kill the plant, 
the flower pot turns into a pipe.

Magic Mushroom - Turns Mario into Super Mario.

Pipe - Duh, a pipe...the little green thing that you can often go down 
or up to warp, level jump, and, uh, other stuff.

Starman - A star that turns you into Invincible Mario, where you can 
kill anything.  Wow!


	Here is the most popular secret in the game, the Minus World.  
What it is, is a level where you are swimming, and the level counter at 
top says "  - 1".  There is no way to win, because if you go through the 
pipe at the end, you just start over at the beginning.  This happens 
until you die or your time runs out.

	Now for how to do it.  Ok, you access the Minus World from 1 - 2 
(World 1 - Level 2), the first underground level.  You will have to have 
Super Mario or Fire Mario.  Go all the way to the end, where the pipe to 
go up to the flag is.  Don't go up the pipe.  Don't go to the secret 
level warp is, either.  What you have to do is break about five blocks 
above the pipe.  Don't break the one nearest the pipe wall.  Break all 
the ones you can away from the wall.  With only one block on the wall, 
get the farthest on the edge of the pipe bottom you can without falling 
off.  You have to hit the last block with the back of Mario's head.  The 
best way to do it, is after you get as far as you can left on the pipe, 
squat down and jump, then hold right.  It's kind of complicated to write 
instructions, but when you do it it will become easy.  Squat, then hold 
down while you jump, and after you've jumped, hold right also.  Usually 
it takes a while to get it right.  I got to the minus world the first 
time I tried, but it took me about 200 on the timer to get the jumping 

	Ok, if you jump right, you will get sucked into the wall.  Now you 
have to make Mario walk right until he drops into the Level Jump area.  
Go down the first pipe (the one that would go to level 4) you see.  Now 
you are in the Minus World. Have fun!

NOTE: If you use this FAQ for the Super Mario All-Stars version of this 
game for SNES, the Minus World has been removed.

	Here are various cheats that I have found or have heard from other 
people. If something doesn't work for you, or you know something else, 
e-mail me at ... thanks.

	After you get a game over, you can continue at the first level of 
the world you were on last.  When the Game Select screen appears (where 
you select 1 or 2 players), hold down A and press start.

***Fire Power when small:
	At the end of the fourth level of any world (except eight), you 
need to be either super or fiery Mario.  Ok, when you get to the Koopa, 
you have to touch the axe and Koopa at the same time.  If you do it 
right, you flash as if you were going to shrink, but you will stay super 
or fiery Mario.
	Get a mushroom in the next level and it will make you shrink.  
Now, when you get a power up block it will be a flower.  When you get 
the flower you will stay small, so you can reach small spaces but have 
fire balls.  Pretty kewl.

***Infinite Lives:
	Not an embedded cheat, but a useful tid bit.  On 3 - 3, near the 
flag, there are two turtles coming down the stairs.  Jump on the second 
one and have it launch at the first one.  It will keep hitting it.  
Eventually you will get extra men instead of points.

	Ok, now here are the Game Genie Codes.  This list is rather long.  
It starts with actual game play codes and ends with .

***Actual Game play Codes***

YYTOZA			Start with over 155 lives
AATOZA	 		1&2 players have 1 life
IATOZA	 		1&2 players have 6 lives
AATOZE			1&2 players have 9 lives
VATOLE	 		1 has 8 lives 2has 3 lives
SXIOPO	 		infinite lives for 1&2

***Deleter Codes (parts of the game are missing)***

SEGAKE			no scenery
XZZOEK			no enemies
VULANE			world is invisible (blue screen code)
IKTPOK			no outdoor enemies
ZTSLEG			no items except coins
TIKULT			fireballs disabled
PIGNAX			Mario is invisible, enemies are gone
NAGNAX			Mario is invisible, enemies are gone
VENUSS			no items in bricks
USSUSS			no mushrooms
PZOPIG			Some background is gone.
PIGPEG			No enemies.
NZXNLZ			Mario, enemies invisible.

***Drop Codes (you go right into a ditch)***

OGIPSK			Changing world with time-up death.
ATEOAG			drop into a pit of blue
OAKOSK			Drop from sky into nothing with time-up death.
PGAOSK			Great drop into nothing with time-up death.
SAGOKK			Warp to 6-7-8 warp zone and die.
SGAOOK			Drop into white and die.
PISPYP			Drop.

***Graphics Altering Codes***

IKAAAE			Just try this sucker out! I can't describe it!
EOXOPE			Super Mario Brothers 2020-the scenery looks 		
			tropical OEKULT Get a fire flower and you can 		
			phase between normal graphics and 2020--has 		
			other effects-you can hit bricks
OEPULT			Fireballs invisible, 2020 pops up, music 		
			changes, odd effects.
POIAIE			Weird blackness.
POOAZE			Like POOAIE, but play in grayscale.
EOOEIE			Dim colors.
POOEIE			Play in grayscale.
OOOEIE			Play in blue scale.
POOPAE			Mario 1411 graphics.  A variation on Mario 		
AOOPIS			Similar to POOPAE.
IIIEEP			Blue void.
GKAEEP			Blue void.
GKEAAE			Similar to IKAAAE.
ZKSAAE			Scrambled graphics with jerky scrolling.
EKGAAE			Great frozen title screen!
KKGAAE			Play in the great void with slow music.
POOPIE			Mario 1411.
EOXOPE			2020 graphics.  Freezes if you hit a block.
POLAKE			New colors for blocks, etc
TOSENA			Makes a nice background!

OSTENA			blocks and background scenery are fragmented

Note: OSTENA is part of an immense family of codes which switch the 
sprites of game elements (pipes, ground, background, etc)  I got tired 
of doing all	of the iterations, but a partial list follows:


SKIENA			nice graphical substitutions (background, etc.)
ISNAKZ			when you hit a block, another block is under it
ISEPAG			ground is a double layer of bricks
EATLGZ			Mario does not become big when powered 			
			up....get a fire flower and become little fiery 
SSPPYK			most of the ground is missing
SAGOZK			no background
SEIING			hit a block and it becomes nighttime
PGAETT			silhouette Mario
PEKEPS			silhouette everything but Mario
TIKAGI			score is strange
AEENIE			gliding Mario
APPNIE			charging Mario
YAZPNO			weird pipes
YAZONO			pipes replaced by background elements
YAZENZ			gold bricks flash different colors
YAZENG			7s appear where hidden items are
OPKOPK			misplaced background scenery
OLAOLA			play on nothing above actual scenery-neat
STAEXZ+GAAGGA		rains coins--has other effects
EGXNAY			2020 graphics!  Also a music code.
STOXUN			Yellow sky.
EPOXUN			Tremors.  Also a behavioral code.
IKAXUN			Stripes are missing from background.  Scene 		
			shifts rapidly.
SSSXUN			Scene changes randomly. 
KKKXUN			Scene changes randomly.
TTTXUN			2020 title screen.  Freezes.
YYYXUN			Small section of 1-1 with a big hole in it 		
			loops infinitely.
EEEXUN			Stripes missing from background.
PPPEPP			Question blocks flash faster.
GGAEXP			Adds colored stripes to screen.
ATPOPT			Switches game elements.  Lots of question 		
ATLOPT			No platforms.
ATEOAT			Almost no blocks.
ATEOPG			Staggered scenery.
POGPIE			When you kill an enemy or hit a block, an 		
			afterimage of it stays with Mario for the rest 		
			of the level.
POXPIE			Bizarre graphic scrambler.  Freezes.
ATEOPA			Mario starts under the ground.
POOAIE			Neat-looking title screen, screen before 1-1.
POOPIT			Transposing error.
EOOPIT, XOOPIT		Similar to POOPIT-Transposes sprites with one 		
YOOPIT			Great transposing error.
POOAAE			Frozen nice title screen.
NAGOAG			Scenery different or gone.
AKIAAE			Nice frozen title screen.
KIAAEE			Odd menu screen.
PZOOPK			Background full of odd clouds.
ZIGPAK			Background is odd.
ZIGPOK			Misplaced enemies.
ZIGPZK			Too many clouds.
ZGIOOK			Black void.
ZIGPXK			Misplaced enemies.
KITENO			Changing colored stripes on ground.
KISENO			Some ground is invisible.
KKEENO			Discolored level, some invisible scenery.
XLEENO			Stripes.
XLVENO			Some discoloration.
NOPEND			Ground glows.  Some discoloration.
XYXPYP			Fragmented 2-headed Mario.
ONEENO			Some discoloration and scene jumping.
SUXENO			Blue and lime green coloring.
SEGEKE			Scrambler.
PAGPEG			Misplaced enemies.
PITEXP			Color-changing blocks.
POPOIK			Floor is raised 1 block.
NOPEIS			White skies.
GGAEXP			Stripes.
ENOENO			Colored bricks.
YAZENO			Green world.
EAZEAZ			Enemies leave trails, gaps in scenery.
YAZEEO			Small changes in color.
YAZEUO			Scrambled colors.
AAAETT			Nighttime 1-1 and scrambled graphics.
PINAOO			Scrambled colors.
PEKING			Nice freeze.
AEKING			Nice freeze.
EPIOZE			Nice title screen.
EXPOPE			Grey title freeze.
EOPOPE			Adds lots of question blocks to level.
PGOOIG			Scrambles graphics.
IGOOIG			Scrambles graphics.
OPOOIG			Scrambles graphics.
AAAOIG			Scrambles graphics.
AEPOIG			Scrambles graphics.
APPPPI			No blocks.
KPKPKP			Ground covered in 1/2 pipes.
OZONAY			Fragmented graphics.
ZOTAKK, YOTAEG		Changes color of enemies, items.
IUTAVG, AEIAOG, IOTAKK	Blocks and mushrooms are monochrome.
ZXTAVG, ZXTAKG, ZXIASG	Some mushrooms, fireballs, and spinys are 		
			almost invisible.
LOIAOK, LXIAEK, LEIAXK	Blocks are sea-green.
ZXIAOG, ZXIAEG, LXIAXG	Blocks are blue with purple lines.
LOIAOG, GOIAEG, ZOIAXG	Blocks are bright purple.
YOIAKG, YXIAVG, AXIASK	Clouds are red and orange.
IXYASG, IXIAOG		Blocks are pink.
ZOTAVG, POTAKG		Blocks are blue and white.
PEAEKG			Blocks which contains coins are marked with the 
			number 1.
IXTASP			Blocks flash fast.

***Jumping, Swimming, Etc. Codes***

AAZUAG			Jump as high as you want by holding down the A 		
			button. When you want to come back down, let go 
			of the A button. This only works on turbo 		
APZLGK			super jump from standing
TPZLTG	 		super jump from run start
GPZUAG	 		super jump from turbo run
APZLGG	 		mega jump from standing
APZLTG	 		mega jump from running
GAZUAG	 		mega jump from turbo running
PIAULT			Mario slides when you try to stop or turn 		
POPISO			enemies cannot be stomped
POEISO			goombas change to invincible Koopas when 		
GPPXXY			blocks disappear when you hit them
IOAULT			fireballs behave...oddly
TELLEY			helium-filled Mario has a hard time staying on 		
			the ground
IOEOIO			Mario is permanently invincible, but music is 		
IVYIVY			very fast Goombas
SUEISA			run into enemies to power up
SEPUEG			hit first mushroom block and your score starts 		
			climbing fast
PEGLEG			jumpy mushrooms
EATLEG			mushrooms and fire flowers absent, 1up mushrooms 
GAPOAO			come out of pipes wrong-cool code
ZTSLEG			no special items
XVSUOS			all 1ups replaced with starmen
OKKULT			fireballs ignore laws of gravity and physics
EEEULT			fire shooting behavior odd-can produce machine-		
			gun effect
UNNUUN			Mario has difficulty jumping
NAXULT			hold jump to hop once you get Fire Flower
POIISK			can't hit bricks
POIISG			items in ? blocks are random
VENPIS			all blocks are items
VALLEY			enemies either move fast or don't move at all
TALLEY			enemies move left only
POIISO			stomp an enemy and he flips over and floats 		
PONISO			stomp an enemy and get hurt
YLLLLI			mobile powerups will fall off-screen rather 		
ULLLLI			Mario is slow
PSKIST			Mario cannot move
AYYNIE			Mario cannot move
AYYYYP			Mario cannot move-stupid
POIIOG			Mario can pass through boxes
PIGOAP			swim without water--neat code
TIKAPO			slow motion
YXZLNY			Mario is fast
EATSSY			walk through things
YAZSNO			get hit by enemy and power up
ELVISS			zombie mario-pulled to right side of screen
YPZTZZ			invisibly tall Goombas
YEZTZZ			cannot be touched by enemies or powerups
YAZYIZ			lots of teleportation--fun code
YZZENO			lots of enemies throw hammers at you
EVYIVY			things on ground bounce
YZXLNY			run really fast
SSASSA			invincible
PAASNO			Mario can stomp all enemies
PAZSNO			Mario can always throw fireballs
ZEVLGK			very high jumps
EEVLGK			rocket jump from standing start
ZEVLEY			jump a little higher
EVYIVN			enemies walk through walls
YZXLNN			no enemies and you have super speed
NZXLNY			can go left until you stop
KGXVYU			Enemy position different than perceived 		
AGXVYU, EPIVYU		Enemy position different than appearance.
EEEVYU			Enemies, powerups fall through ground.
EPOXUN			Blocks turn invisible when hit.  Also a 		
			graphics code.
POPXUN			Random invisible blocks and vines appear.
NNNVYU			Mario passes through objects and touches 		
			invisible ones.
ZXLLUN			Mario jumps high, comes up from under screen, 		
			hits ground, and floats down slowly.  Enemies 		
			and powerups also float down.  Freezes if you 		
			get too close to the left edge of the screen.
PUNLUN			Similar to ZXLLUN.
UXLLUN			Mario cannot jump.
UUUXUN			Scroll does not keep up with mario.
ZYLLUN			Mario and enemies have trouble running and 		
			stopping properly.
GENLAS			Mario has extra acceleration.
GENUAS			Mario has super-speed.
GENPTS			All question blocks contain powerups.
GENPAZ			Mario, enemies fall through ground.
POEISA			Mario is invincible and starts with 1000 		
NAGLAG			Certain blocks repel mario.
NAGNAP			Coins move when you get them.
NAZNAG			When you hit a block, all enemies move closer 		
			to you.
PINAAO			Move around while game is paused!
STAGEO			All enemies throw hammers!
SPEPNY			Fire is shooting at you like in a dungeon.
SGTOSK			Drop into levels.  Die at 1-2 from time-up.
GGIOOK			Mario is a zombie.  Also a new world code.
KGIOOK			Mario is a zombie.  Also a new world code.
EGIOOK			Mario is a zombie.  Also a new world code.
GANOPE			Enemies turn into headless bowsers.
STOPYP			Come out of pipe in a cool way.
ZONENO			Earthquake!
OPPOAK			Earthquake!
SEPTAT			Coins are in odd places.
TIKOAP			Starts level in odd location.
TSTOIG			Zombie mario.
NZXNLO			Mario stuck in upper left-hand corner of 		
KIGLUY			Mario, enemies teleport.
YNPPPO			Invincibility.
TVAPKG			Lowers ground one block.
AETVEN			When mario shoots fire, strange things happen.
TVTAGG			Everytime you get a powerup or stomp an enemy 		
			you get a 1up.
OTGOTO			Swim without water.

***Misc. Codes***

ALKELI			Score is strange.
IANOXG			timer is goofed-starts on MOO!
ATAPIX			continues automatically
IGEAPO			game stuck in demo
TIKPOG			more enemies
EPZKIX			tons of turtles
POAPYA			World I-1
ZOAPYA			World J-1
LOAPYA			World K-1
GOAPYA			World L-1
IOAPYA			World M-1
TOAPYA			World N-1
YOAPYA			World O-1
AXAPYA			World X-1
LXAPYA			World -1

***Music Codes***

NGGNAY			creates interesting music from all songs (loops 
			several notes and plays various bass parts over 
NIGNAY			takes the DrumMix (explained later) and inserts 
			pauses into it
YAGNAY			plays briefly some of the end-game music and 		
			then stops-only works occaisonally
EGGNAY			All of these are similar to NGGNAY, but each is 
			different from the rest.
STAPTO			Music stops immediately.
PPPPPP			Various tunes are switched around.
EGXNAY			Drums are off-time.  Also a graphics code.
YYYVYU			When you stomp an enemy, music goes through 		
			several variations.  
KOTAGE			No sound at all.
PIPPPP			Plays invincibility music constantly.
PAPPPP			Loops normal music constantly.
POZPIS			When you interact with blocks, enemies, the 		
			music screws up.
NAGNAN			Music skips.
NYGNAG			Music skips.
AGGNAY, ZGGNAY		One instrument plays some wrong notes on a sine 
GGGNAY			Same as AGGNAY but with banjo sound.
POTPIE			Freezes with great grinding noise.
EOPOPE			No music.  Also a graphics code.
TPPPPP			Mixed-up music.
SPPPPP, NPPPPP		Weird music.
VPPPPP			No music.
XPPPPP, UPPPPP		Underwater music. 
KPPPPP			Fortress music.
SKINIT			Between-level music.
UNVUXV			Repeating music.
STOPPP			Starman music.
PGOPGO			No music.
TGOOIG			Remixes on the fly.
TLOOIG, TYOOIG		These all do fantastic remixing which depends 		
			on what mario does!
EPONLY			Fragmented music; some instruments off-time.
PISNLY			Music stops immediately.
NZXNLY			Trance remix.
NLXNLY			Similar remix.
AEENLY, ZEANLY		Sound effect music freakout!
XXXNLY,			Adds a short-decay instrument (like a terrible 		
			synth banjo sound) playing the melody.
EPXNAY, APXNAY		All these make the drums off-time in various
PPPNLY			Music starts and stops frequently.
TVYNLY, EPONLY		All these make the melody off-time and the 
			music starts and stops.
NZENLY			All these make the bass strange.
NZXNZY			All these codes make really cool remixes of the 
			music with extra drums.
ZOANLY, ZXENLY		The melody is turned off.
VNNNLY, UUUNLY		If the mario/duck hunt cart is in, these will 
			first make weird slow interpretive ballad music 
			and then go into a warped duck hunt with the 		
			coolest music you've ever heard!!!  If the 		
			cartridge of just mario is in, that ballad 		
			music will continue.
NANNLY, PZZNAY		Drums off-time, melody slow/off.
YLYNLY, GINNLY		Music skips frequently.
SUXNLY			Adds a pure, no decay sine wave (like a 		
			synthesized clarinet) playing the melody.
IOXNLY			Adds another melody sounding more like an oboe.
NGXNLY			Every instrument is odd or skipping.
NZXNSY			Makes one note more prominent.
EPONAY, EPONEY		Strange fragments of all songs and instruments.
NEXNLY			Soft clarinet melody.
NZONLY, NZPNLY		Strange transitions between sections of music.
NIGNAY			Start/stop minimal music.
PPONAY			Fragments of normal music.
YVONNE			Makes great noise.

***New World Codes (create new levels)***

	You should use SSASSA (invincibility) and PIGOAP (swim without 
water) when using these codes to explore areas which would be otherwise 

GENPAS			transposes certain game elements (pipes, 		
			question blocks, etc.)
GENPIS, GENPOS		All of these do similar things
			to game elements, like GENPAS but they all 		
			differ from each other.
ATEOPT			transposing error pt. II
POOPIS			Transposing error.
POOPIG, POOPIK		Puzzle piece world.  Use PIGOAP or you will 		
			fall and die.
POLPIS, POYPIS		All new worlds.
POZPIS			New world.  Also a music code.
SIIPKK			Flooded bullet land.  1-2 is a pit.
SPEPNG			Underwater loop.
SPPPOG			Underwater 4-1.  1-2 is underwater 4-3.  1-3 is 
			underwater loop.
PIPOIS			Altered 1-1.  Cannot finish level.
SIPPNG			Keep playing through this one.  A later level 		
			takes place on clouds, like a bonus round!
PGAPGG			Warped 1-1.
PUPOIS, POPOIS		Altered 1-1.
LIZONK			3-3 to 3-3 to 1-2 to freeze.
XAAOOK			Water world->4-1->1-3 with Lakitu->underwater 		
NIXOOK			8.3 loop.
PGAOOK			0-1 strange level.
PGAOPK			Question block land which you cannot finish.
NLXOOK			1-3->1-3->1-2->freeze.
EGAOOK			Underwater 4-1->Underwater 4-3 with EARTHQUAKES 
			and cheep-cheep swarms and then going to the 		
			underwater loop.
PZXOOK			1-3 to 1/2 to freeze.  Try this out.
IPPPPI			Pipe and steps turn into question blocks.  		
SGKOKK			Repeating 8-1.
TGOPSK			Repeating 2-2.
OGOPOK			Underwater 4-1 to underwater 1-3 to underwater 		
			loop to freeze.
PGOPOK			Underwater 4-1.
OGIPOK			Short wacky land.
OAKPOK			Misplaced-enemy land.
PGOPSK			Underwater 4-3 with grey bowser to underwater 		
			8-4 to freeze.
ZIGPSK			1-3 with no platforms to 5-1 no enemies to 		
			nocturnal 8-3 to 2-3 bridge to 8-3 (1-5) as a 		
			castle to 5-1 no enemies to underwater 4-1 with 
			no Lakitu to 1-8 boring level to some strange 		
			dungeon to ?  Try this code!
AYKPSK			Large ocean to 4-4 as a normal level to clouds.
IAGPSK			4-1 with no Lakitu to 1-3 to underground 		
			underwater level to ?
GAIOPK			Stone-filled universe!
PGPOSK			2-1 to 2-3 to 2-3.
SGOOSK			3-1 to 3-1 to 1-1 to 1-3 to ?
SAGOSK			Cloud land to 2020 graphics to freeze.
SGAOSK			Underwater 4-1 to underwater 4-3 with 			
			earthquakes to?
OGIOOK			Wacky colored 1-1 with grey zombie mario.  Also 
			a behavioral code.
OGOOKK			Repeating underwater castles.
AGOOPK			Handicapped 1-1.
PGOOKK			Underwater loop.
AGIOPK			World of IF.
EIGPSK			Some dumb level to underground night level to 		
			desolate plain level to underground 4-3 to ? to 
			dungeon 4-3 to time-up death.
VIGPSK			4-4 as a normal daytime level to cloud trap.
OPOPOK			2020 graphics.  Underwater 4-3 to cloud loop.
VGKOKK			Nighttime in the mine.
UGKOKK			Nighttime in the tunnel in greyscale.
ZAGPSK			4-1 no Lakitu to 1-3 to fantastic sewer level.
OGOPSK			Dungeon loop.
ZIZPSK			1-1 with Lakitu to 1-2 with Toad!  Loops.
KGKOKK			Pipe to pipe to underwater 4-3 to fantastic 2-		
GGOPSK			Dungeon 1-3 to normal level to blackness.
ZIGOSK			Drained 2-2 to daytime castle.
IAGPSK+PGPOSK		Weird 1-1 to ?
ZIGPKK			Fantastic daytime 2-4.
ZIGPTK			Fantastic tetris levels!
GGIOOK			Halloween land with zombie mario.  Also a 		
			behavioral code.
KGIOOK			Fall-colored stone land.  Also a behavioral 		
TGIOOK			Fall-colored land.
EGIOOK			Stone land with zombie mario.  Also a 			
			behavioral code.
ZIGPYK			Stony land.
PIPOIS+ZIGPSK		Strange plain with artifacts!
SAGOOK			Drained 2-2!
PGAOKK			World of OF.
OAKOAK			Flat plain dead end world.
SAZAKE			Altered 1-1.
ULTPLT			Really strange world.
OOOOAK			World riddled with holes.
PPPOSK			Looping 1-3 and 2-3.
LLLOAK			Strange world.
LLLPSK			Strange castle lands.
UUUOKK			Daytime castle world.
TIKOIO			Flooded outside world.
VPPPPI			Strange world with shooting coins.
PXZOIG			Rock world.

***New World Traps (create worlds where you can't move)

TIKOKK			Weird castle land.
UIGPSK			Dungeon trap.
TIGPSK			Brick land trap.
PSKOIG			Happy brick land (trapped.)
SGSPSK			Trapped in cloud world.
OAKPSK			Trapped in clouds.
SGSOOK			Stuck in stone world.
AGOOKK			Stuck in nice caste land.
OGAOKK			Pipe-top world.
UGIOOK			Nice stone trap.
YGIOOK			Cloud castle!
AGIOOK			Halloween trap!
UGIOOK			Cloud trap.
LGIOOK			Stone trap.
ZGKOKK			Fantastic cloud trap at night.
XGKOKK			Cloud trap with timeup death.
SGAOKK			Purple cloud trap.
POZOIG			Rock trap.

***Sound Effect Codes***

NAGNAG			new sound for stomping
KOTAGE			No sound at all.
NAGNAK			Many SFX different.
NAGYAG			Many SFX different.
NZZNZG			Many SFX different.
NAGNIG			Stomping effect different.
NAGNZG			Hitting block effect different.
NAGNLG			Stomp effect different.
AAGNAG			Stomp effect different.  Freezes.
EAGNAG			Block, stomp effects different.
NOGNAG			Go down pipe effect different.
NTGNAG			Many effects different.

***Warp Codes***

SPPPNK			Loop of some level.
OGOPSK			Warp to 8-4.
OAKOKK			Warp to 6-1.
SGOOKK			Warp to 1-4.
TAKOKK			Warp to 3-3.


	Well, I gotta do e-mail address is .  I check it daily, but I might not reply for a 
little bit cuz I am a bit lazy....uh, anyway...

	Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. are registered trademarks of 
Nintendo of America Inc.

	This FAQ is © 2000 by The Mourning ßta*

	If you wanna use this FAQ for any reason other than beating the 
game, e-mail me first and get my permission.  Failure to do so is 
against federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.  Besides which, 
it ain't very nice!

Chapter 11		CONCLUSION

	Well, now you have beaten the game and unlocked every secret 
possible.  Unless you know something I don't.  If you have info on a 
secret, code, or some info I just don't have, e-mail me. .  If you want information about using this FAQ on 
your site, or distributing it in any way, please e-mail me.  Or, if you 
know that it has been posted somewhere other than GameFAQs or please tell me.  Thank you, and I hope this FAQ has 
given you at least an extra hour of game time or an answer to that one 
castle you just couldn't beat.


	Ok, here's a list of everyone I wanna thank:

- Marshmallow for making such awesome FAQs!
- Nintendo for making this game
- GameFAQs for hosting such a great site.
- Gamme for making the "True Story of the Super Mario Bros." featured in 
the story section.
- EdTheMoogle 'cuz he made almost all the Game Genie Codes.

	I hope you enjoyed the FAQ, I am planning on making one for SMB 2 
and 3 eventually and then a special ed. for Super Mario All-Stars 
including the Lost Levels.

Apendix			Document Information

	Here's where I can brag about how much larger my FAQ is than other 

	Here's the Stats:

	Pages: 21
	Paragraphs: 731
	Lines: 1159
	Words: 8203
	Characters: 39982
	Characters (with spaces): 49186

	This does not include this sentence or the numbers themselves.

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