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|--------------|  |         |  |--------|  |---------|  |---------|
|                 |         |  |        |  |            |         |
|--------------|  |         |  |--------|  |-----|      |---------|
               |  |         |  |           |            |      \
|--------------|  |---------|  |           |---------|  |        \

  |---|  |---|    |---------|  |----------|  |----------|  |-----------|
|-|   |--|   |-|  |         |  |          |       --       |           |
|-|   |--|   |-|  |         |  |          |       --       |           |
|-|   |--|   |-|  |---------|  |----------|       --       |           |
|-|   |--|   |-|  |         |  |      \           --       |           |
|-|   |--|   |-|  |         |  |        \         --       |           |
|-|   |--|   |-|  |         |  |          \  |----------|  |-----------|

|-----------|  |-----------|  |------------|  |------------|
|           |  |           |  |            |  |
|           |  |           |  |            |  |
|-----------|  |-----------|  |            |  |------------|
|           |  |      \       |            |               |
|           |  |        \     |            |               |
|-----------|  |          \   |------------|  |------------|

            |     \
            |    /
     |------|  /
            |   \___
            |  /     --- ___
|-----------|/--- --- -- ---
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+      Thrashnet Ground Zero 6's No Limit FAQ for Super Mario Bros. 3      +
+-Table of Contents                                                        +
+-1) Thrashnet's POV                                                       +
+-2) Intro                                                                 +
+-3) The Story                                                             +
+-4) Basic Moves                                                           +
+-5) Advanced Moves                                                        +
+-6) Tips and Tricks                                                       +
+-7) Da Baddies!                                                           +
+-8) World Maps!                                                           +
+       -8A) Grass Land                                                    +
+               -8A1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 1.           +
+       -8B) Koopahari Desert                                              +
+               -8B1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 2.           +
+       -8C) Island World                                                  +
+               -8C1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 3.           +
+       -8D) Land Of The Giants                                            +
+               -8D1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 4.           +
+       -8E) Sky World                                                     +
+               -8E1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 5.           +
+       -8F) Winter Wonderland                                             +
+               -8F1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 6.           +
+       -8G) Pipe Maze                                                     +
+               -8G1) What is in the Mushroom Houses in World 7.           +
+       -8H) Castle of Koopa                                               +
+-9) Key to the World Maps                                                 +
+-10) Power-Ups & Items                                                    +
+-11) White Mushroom Houses!                                               +
+       -11A) World 1 Grass Land                                           +
+       -11B) World 2 Koopahari Desert                                     +
+       -11C) World 3 Island World                                         +
+       -11D) World 4 Land Of The Giants                                   +
+       -11E) World 5 Sky World                                            +
+       -11F) World 6 Winter Wonderland                                    +
+       -11G) World 7 Pipe Maze                                            +
+       -11H) World 8 Castle of Koopa                                      +
+-12) Guides to the Matching Bonus Game!                                   +
+-13) Key to the Matching Bonus Game!                                      +
+-14) Kill the Koopalings                                                  +
+-15) Bust Boom-Boom                                                       +
+-16) Break Bowser                                                         +
+-17) The 3 Whistles                                                       +
+-18) Unlimited 1-Up Techniques                                            +
+-19) SNES VARIATION                                                       +
+-20) Credits                                                              +
+-21) Disclaimer                                                           +
Note: 8A1, 8B1, 8C1, 8D1, 8E1, 8F1, 8G1 choices also has info on what
Hammer Throwing Turtles have.  (Please excuse the fact that I named
the "Hammer Bros." Hammer Throwing Turtles, and that I also named the
"Hammer Bros. Suit" by its original name....I just changed names of enemies
to make them easier to identify to someone who has never played this
game before.)
|                        Thrashnet's POV                                   |
        This game has quality put into it.  It is one of the last games ever
to grace the NES system.  It being a last generation title and all.  Is a
great game to own.  I personally think that it shows all of the NES's
capabilties, colors, graphics, and GAME PLAY.  I really don't have much to
say about this game.  But it should not be passed over.
|                              Intro                                       |
|       When I made this FAQ I used Super Mario All Stars for the SNES to  |
|get myself familiar with it.  So if you find any problems with it please  |
|let me know.  My E-Mail address is: TGZ6@YAHOO.COM.      There are some   |
|variations in the SNES version of Super Mario Brothers 3.  Check out the  |
|SNES VARIATION section for more info.  And also if you have anyhting to   |
|give me that would make this FAQ better for you and everyone else.  E-Mail|
|me with the tip trick tactic etc.  Tell me your name and I'll give you    |
|credit.                                                                   |
|                          The Story                                       |
|       Long ago there was a kingdom that existed that was named the       |
|Mushroom Kingdom.  Of this Kingdom there are 7 worlds.  All of these      |
|worlds were plunged into a constant golden age.  That had lasted for years|
|and years.  But in this Golden Age there existed just one evil minded boy.|
|His name was Bowser.  He was a boy who wanted some excitement in this     |
|peaceful and boring world.  What happened when this boy growed up proves  |
|more than anything that it really takes only one person to really screw   |
|things up!  He wanted some excitement and he got it.  He used his 7 kids  |
|to conquer all of the worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom.  And turn everything|
|to chaos.  At that time a starnge prophecy by even a stranger man said:   |
|"There will be a humble and simple man who will save your kingdom from    |
|chaos!"  Many years passsed with all the signs that this "man" will appear|
|but nothing happened.  So then who is this man?!!  There is only one      |
|answer:                                                                   |
|Mario                                                                     |
|                         Basic Moves                                      |
|A) Walk-Push the control pad to the right to walk right.  Push it left to |
|walk left.  You might use this when you first enter an area and are       |
|unfamiliar with the terrian.  But once you are familiar it is easier to   |
|RUN.                                                                      |
|B) Run-Push the control pad in whatever direction as explained above.  But|
|this time along with the Control Pad press B.                             |
|C) Swan Jump-To execute this jump.  Run as mentioned above until the Meter|
|near the bottom of the screen hits the P mark at the end and will start to|
|whistle.  Press A now.                                                    |
|D) Jump-Press A to jump.  Tough huh!  You can also run then jump giving   |
|you more heighth and length.  Also if you press and hold down A you'll    |
|jump higher and farther.                                                  |
|E) Diagnol Jump-Stand on the very edge of a visible block and jump up.    |
|F) Slide-Run then press down on the control pad to slide                  |
|underneath low passages.  You can also hit low "?" blocks with this move. |
|G) Stomp-This move is Mario's trademark.  Jump and then use the control   |
|pad while in the air to position yourself so you will land on an enemy    |
|below.  Note: Some enemies like the Spiny can't be stomped.               |
|H) Tail Attack-To hit an enemy with your tail or to hit a "?" block.  Just|
|stand next to the block or enemy and press B.                             |
|I) Smash-To hit an enemy that it standing on a block above you.  Position |
|yourself under that block and press A.  You'll hit the block and destroy  |
|the enemy in the process.  Note: This doesn't work with some blocks.      |
|J) Climbing-To climb a vine that you find along your way.  Press and hold |
|B when near it and press up on the control pad.                           |
|K) Accelerator-By holding down the B button (like as if you were running) |
|Mario can build up a lot of speed.  And eventually take off and fly as    |
|Raccoon Mario (info in this Basic Moves section!  On how to Take Off!)    |
|L) Super Jump-Stomp on an enemy and hold down the A button after you stomp|
|him you'll be carried higher and farther than you would normally be.      |
|M) Fly-When your P-Meter is flashing and you hear a whistle.  Jump then   |
|press B repeatedly.  You'll take off and fly but only for a little while. |
|You will eventually start to fall down.  From flying.                     |
|N) Float-To float press B repeatedly after you jump.  You will wag your   |
|tail and you will slow your descent to the ground.                        |
|O) Slide-Press Down on the Control Pad when on a slope you'll slide down  |
|feet-first and eliminate all enemies in your path.                        |
|P) Kicker-Approach a stomped koopa from side while holding B to pick him  |
|up and carry him around.  Press B to kick him again.                      |
|Q) Swim-Rapidly press the A Button rapidly to swim.  Also press the       |
|control pad in whatever direction you want to swim.  Frog Mario can swim  |
|just by pressing the control pad alone.  However, Frog Mario can swim fast|
|if you hold down the A button.                                            |
|R) Pipe Entry-To enter pipes that are upside down.  Postion yourself      |
|directly under them and press and hold up on the control pad then jump.   |
|To enter normal pipes (pipes that have the end towards the sky) press down|
|its as simple as ABC.                                                     |
|S) Door Entry-When postioned in front of a door press up to enter it.  In |
|Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES.  The doors look like small pillars of |
|red light.  Some doors are revealed by hitting "P" Switch Blocks.         |
|                            Advanced Moves                                |
|A) Diagonal Jumping-Some blocks are in difficult-to-reach-places.         |
|Invisible blocks that are diagonal to a visible block.  Can only be made  |
|to appear if you stand on the corner of the visible block.                |
|B) Slide Under-While running press diaganolly down and the way you are    |
|heading to slide underneath a narrow gap.                                 |
|C) Jump Around Corners-To get on top of a block from one that is directly |
|below, stand on the corner of the lower block, jump up and bend your jump |
|around so you can come out on top.                                        |
|D) Jet Coaster Jump-On slopes which have small ramps at the bottom you can|
|slide down and jump at the last second on the ramp to make an extra long  |
|leap.                                                                     |
|E) Jump and Squat-To jump in a narrow passage run towards it and then at  |
|the last second press Down and then jump.  You will jump into the passage.|
|F) Fly Squatting-To fly squatting run until your meter builds all the way |
|up and then press and hold down then start to fly you'll come flying      |
|squatting.                                                                |
|G) Dash over Small Gaps-If you run and then run across some short gaps you|
|will make it acros them safely.  This can be safer than jumping.          |
|H) Free Fall Jump-When you're an overhang jump and then go over the edge  |
|of the overhang then press the control pad towards where you want to land |
|you'll land on the ledge.                                                 |
|I) Clearing Koopa-When you have a lot of blocks that need cleared.        |
|Sometimes a well-placed Koopa will do the trick.  In any cases a kicked   |
|Koopa will clear out blocks quickly.                                      |
|                        Tips and Tricks                                   |
        TRY TRY AGAIN: If you can't beat a Koopaling thier airship will    |
move across to a different place.  It will try to hide behind an           |
uncompleted area.  If you use an Anchor it will ukeep the Airship from     |
moving.                                                                    |
        Secret of the Whistle: The whistles let you visit any world.  Once |
you have found one.  You will be transported to World 9 the Warp Zone. Here|
is a list of where you will go.                                            |
                WORLD 1-4 WORLD                                            |
                WORLD 2-6 WORLD                                            |
                WORLD 7-9 WORLD                                            |
        Limited: You can only carry 28 items in your item box if you get a |
29th item it will erase the 28th power-up and put itself there.  So make   |
timely use of your items.                                                  |
        Special Turtle Techniques: Release a turtle 1 block away from a    |
another one it won't harm you as it bounces back.  Release a koopa as you  |
hold it next to a pipe or a block and it won't come bouncing back.  Hold a |
turtle in front of you as you can this will protect you from attacks.      |
        Increased Chances: Increase your chances of getting a Star Card    |
everytime you get to the end of a stage.  Go to the far left of the screen |
and run and as soon as you get to the block containing the card jump up at |
a 45 degree angle.                                                         |
        Short Runways: By running back and forth on a short runway you can |
build up speed to lift off in a smaller area than normal.                  |
        Treasure Ship: Heres how to change a wandering Hammer Bros. into a |
treasure ship.  Collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11.  (A    |
multiple of 11 is: 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, etc.)  Make the ten digits in   |
your score (the second number from the right match the multiple of 11.)    |
Stop the timer on an even number.  A possible combination would be:        |
COINS: 22                                                                  |
SCORE: 7,320                                                               |
TIMER: 222                                                                 |
        This trick works in worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6.                         |
        Ocean Adventure: To entirely exlore the Ocean World.  You must get |
a hammer from a wandering hammer bros.  And then use it to break the rock  |
right next to the path leading to the canoe once you get on the canoe you  |
can travel around the Ocean World and go to different islands that have    |
a dock on them and play bonus games there.                                 |
        Stay Close: In most worlds if you stay right next to a cannon ball |
launcher or a pipe with a piranha plant in it.  They will stop going in and|
out of the pipe or they will stop firing.  But in World 4 it doesn't always|
go that way.  Huge piranha plants won't notice you and still go in and out.|
        Tanooki Spook: The Tanooki suit gives mario the power to change    |
into a statue for 5 seconds.  During this time you are invincible.  But is |
also not known that you can defeat enemies with the statue.  Enemies like  |
Lava Lotus!  the statue can also fit through small gaps.                   |
        Thank You!: Get a different thank you from the king by defeating a |
koopaling while wearing the Frog Suit, Hammer Bros Suit, or by wearing the |
Tanooki Suit.  It is difficult but you will get a different thank you from |
the king.  Here is a list of the different Thank Yous.                     |
FROG SUIT: Oh me, oh my!  You've been transformed!  Shall I change you back|
           with this wand?                                                 |
TANOOKI SUIT: Thank you, kind raccoon.  Please tell me your name.          |
HAMMER BROS. SUIT: Hey, you!  How about lending me your clothes?  No dice?!|
                   What a drag.                                            |
        1-Up on the way down: Its possible to go back to earth from the Sky|
and on the way in the tower you can collect a 1-up.  Do this in World 5.   |
        Get a 1-UP at the end: When Lakitu follows you to an end of a stage|
in the 5TH World,  wait until he has thrown 4 or more spinys then tag the  |
card at the goal.  You'll score some points and a 1-UP.                    |
        Get pass the Guantlet: On Roy's Airship at the end of World 5. Very|
near the end there is a place where a lot of cannons fire at you.  Jump on |
one of the bullets to propel yourself on top of them.  then just run to the|
right.                                                                     |
        Gray in the Face: If you time it right and press B right when you  |
go down a pipe you will go into it gray-colored.  This only works when you |
are Tanooki Mario.                                                         |
        Mole Mario?: In stages with green land.  There is a tunnel at the  |
very bottom of the ground.  Get a P-Wing use it on the stage.  Fly into the|
Darker green Tunnel using the P-Wing.  You can fly aorund the stage as much|
as you want.  To get in the tunnel fly into it when you see a bottomless   |
pit in front of you.                                                       |
        The Might of the Suit: Mario's Hammer Bros suit can protect you    |
from fire just kneel while wearing it.                                     |
        NEVER underestimate the Hammer: The Hammers included with the      |
Hammer Bros suit can defeat enemies like The Blushing Ghost and Stone. They|
also can kill Roto-Discs.                                                  |
        Cooperate: In a Two-Player arcade game you can trade each other    |
cards by hitting the other player from below.  You can trade your cards and|
get rid of unwanted cards.                                                 |
        Hammer Bros Suit Galore!: THIS IS ONLY FOR SUPER MARIO-ALL STARS!  |
To get endless Hammer Bros suits!  Beat the entire game!  Then go back to  |
World 6 and fight your way to the first Mushroom House and pick 1 of the   |
chests.  Get a Hammer Bros suit.  And then select Save & Quit.  Then go    |
back to World 6 and do it again.  To change worlds in SMAS just highlight  |
the SMB3 box.  Then put the cursor on the file you wish to do it with and  |
then use left and right on the control pad to select which world you want  |
to go to.                                                                  |
        Tanooki Suits Galore!: Look at the above trick except at this time |
get the Tanooki Suit at the first Mushroom House in the Sky World.         |
        P-Wings Galore!: Look at the above trick entitled: "Hammer Bros    |
Suits Galore!" except get the P-Wings from the first world you can get 2   |
here.  One from the White Mushroom House the one after beating Larry.      |
        P-WINGS: To get a full inventroy of P-WINGS beat Bowser at least   |
one time and then start a new game after the credits are over.  Look in    |
your inventory you will have a full inventory of P-WINGS!!  TOOO COOOL!!   |
        Hammer Bros Suit Galore NES!: To get unlimited Hammer bros suits in|
the NES version of SMB3 use a warp whistle right after you had collected   |
one and go back to the same stage you were just on.  And collect it again. |
        Easy Bowser: To beat an easier Bowser go into his castle waering a |
a P-Wing.  And get all the way to the room where you fight Bowser but      |
before you go to fight him fly over the wall.  And then go fight an easier |
Bowser this Bowser doesn't breath fire.                                    |
       Tha Crossroads: Right when you get to the top of the wall with Roto-|
Discs on it.  There is a 1-UP in an invisible block right in the upper     |
right hand corner of the wall.  Get it.  And then jump into the space the  |
block creates crounching and stand up you'll go through this wall this will|
save a lot of energy trying to get back down.  Do this in Bowser's Castle. |
        Disappear into White: Kneel down on any White block for at least 6 |
seconds you will drop into the background!                                 |
        Roman Numeral: Look at the desert map where you get the third      |
whistle you will see a Roman Numeral 3 (III) in the upper right.           |
        Invisible...a little while: During the fight with Bowser let him   |
jump on top of you then don't move after he does you'll be invincible to   |
him a little while longer after you stop flashing.                         |
|                          Da Baddies                                      |
|A) Red Turtles: These brainless sentries just pace back and forth in a    |
|given patrol sector.  They look like a red shelled turtle.                |
|B) Green Turtles: These turtles will go straight for Mario.  They look    |
|almost identical to the Red Turtles.  Except for that they have a Green   |
|Shell on thier back.                                                      |
|C) Red Flying Turtles: Similar to thier brothers the Red Turtles these    |
|creatures fly around in a given area.  They fly in 2 ways either they     |
|bounce up and down.  Or they can fly in a straight line.                  |
|D) Green Flying Turtles: Similiar to their brothers the Green Turtles     |
|these flying turtles charge directly at Mario.                            |
|E) Red Giant Turtles-Identical to normal turtles they can be dealt with in|
|a like fashion.                                                           |
|F) Green Giant Turtles-Bigger bodies don't nesscessarily mean bigger      |
|brains for these giants they are stile easy.                              |
|G) Green Giant Flying Turtles-This big lugnut shouldn't big able to fly.  |
|But in SMB3 anything goes.                                                |
|H) Turtle Skeleton-A mummified turtles that will come back to life after  |
|you stomp it.                                                             |
|I) Black Beetle-The fireproof black shelled beetle returns to SMB3 with   |
|some new trciks.  Like hanging on the ceiling.                            |
|J) Flying Beetles-Flying members of the beetle family these red shelled   |
|insects will let you hitch a ride on thier backs.  They appear in 5-6.    |
|K) Throwing Beetle-He's not fireproof he likes the cold and attacks by    |
|tossing white blocks. Give him a taste of his own medicine.               |
|L) Squid-Another familiar foe from the SMB series.  He swims around by jet|
|propulsion.  He can't swim very close to the bottom.                      |
|M) Squid Mother-Looks exactly like a Squid with smaller Squids (babies)   |
|trailing behind it.  She lets them go to give you trouble by chasing after|
|you in 4 different directions.                                            |
|N) Spiked Turtle-This is a familiar sight to Mario veterans.  Don't try to|
|stomp him or you'll get poed.  Use fireballs to singe him.                |
|O) Meat Eating Plant-These dangerous plants rise up in and out of pipes   |
|to bite you.  Stand next to the pipe and they won't come in and out.      |
|P) Fire Breathing Plant-These plants are cousins of the Meat Eating       |
|Plants.  Being cousins they rise up in and out of pipes.  But instead of  |
|trying to bite you they breathe fire.                                     |
|Q) Hanging Meat Eating Plant-The same as the "Meat Eating Plant" only 1   |
|difference they come in and out of upside down pipes.                     |
|R) Giant Meat Eating Plant-These huge variation of the Meat Eating Plants |
|go up and down to thier own beat and ignore Mario.                        |
|S) Moving Meat Eating Plant-These plants walk around and juggle huge black|
|spike balls with thier oversized lips.                                    |
|T) Fly Trap-These plants are hiungry for Mario so hungry in fact that they|
|will jump to get at him.  Some breathe fire.                              |
|U) Munchers-Indestructible black plants that are often found in huge      |
|clusters.  Starman Help!                                                  |
|V) Goomba-The traitorius little brown mushroom from other adventures comes|
|back for more!                                                            |
|W) Para-Goomba-They look the same as the goombas but they have wings that |
|enables them to fly watch the skies.                                      |
|X) Micro Goomba-Dropped by certain Para Goombas.  These little buggers    |
|will cling to Mario and make it hard to run or jump.  Shake them off!     |
|Y) Pile Driver-These are blocks that will jump and try to squash you get  |
|the jump on them.                                                         |
|Z) Grand Goombas-Twice as big and twice as ugly these bigger brothers of  |
|the Goombas can be dealt in the same manner.                              |
|A1) Shoe Goomba-These Goombas are only found in 5-3 they use a shoe to    |
|jump and try to land on Mario.  Jump on them when they land and take thier|
|shoe from them.                                                           |
|B1) Fish-Flying fish that make more than a day at the beach out of today. |
|C1) Big Fish-These fish hops out of the water a short distance to swallow |
|Mario whole!  Even if you are Super Mario he can still swallow you.       |
|D1) Spined Fish-Swift swimming and spiny look out for these fish in later |
|water worlds.                                                             |
|E1) Baby Fish-They may be small but they are just as deadly as Toxic Waste|
|F1) Hammer Throwing Turtles-These roving bandits have returned from the   |
|other Mario games and this time they brought the family.                  |
|G1) Boomerang Throwing Turtles-These turtles throw boomerangs at you.  Get|
|the jump on the right after they throw 2.                                 |
|H1) Fire Spitting Turtles-These turtles want to give Mario a sunburn.     |
|Give them a taste of thier own medicine.                                  |
|I1) Huge Hammer Throwing Turtles-Huge turtles that shake the ground when  |
|they land.                                                                |
|J1) Spiny Eggs-These annoying little balls of spikes are Eggs that will   |
|hatch into Spinys when they hit the ground.                               |
|K1) Lakitu-The high flying antagonist that throws spiny eggs from its     |
|cloud at Mario.  Returns again for more.                                  |
|L1) Falling Brick-A nasty block of blue stone that will try to smash Mario|
|in the fortress.                                                          |
|M1) Feet of Fire-Foot shaped fireballs that rise up out of the lava to    |
|singe Mario.                                                              |
|N1) Electric Squid-Avoid a shocking encounter with this indestructible    |
|and immobile squid in the water worlds.                                   |
|O1) Fireball Tail-This Flamey tail hops around from ledge to ledge to     |
|attack Mario.  Use your raccoon tail to cool him down.                    |
|P1) Fireball Spitting Cannonball-It looks like what it name implies.  It  |
|floats above the Mushroom Worlds in World 5.  Onmce it spits out it supply|
|of fireballs it will chase Mario around for a while then explode.         |
|Q1) Chained Chomper-He is very frustrated.  He will bite you if you get to|
|close.  If you wait for a while he will detach from his chain and come    |
|after you.                                                                |
|R1) Walking Bomb-The only enemy from SMB2 to appear in here.  The Walking |
|Bomb explodes after being stomped.                                        |
|S1) Spikey-He may look cute walking around with his oversized lips.  But  |
|you won't think it funny when he throws a Spiked Ball pulled out of his   |
|mouth and you get pricked.                                                |
|T1) Rotating Disc-Unbreakable whirling balls that bar the direct path     |
|through fortresses.  They can only be killed by the Hammer Bros. Suit.    |
|U1) Wrench Thrower-These turtles will poke thier heads up from a hole and |
|throw wrenches at Mario.                                                  |
|V1) Lava Flower-An underwater flower that spits Lava Balls at Mario.  They|
|can also be killed by using the Hammer Bros Suit.                         |
|W1) The Angry Desert Sun-It is quite a shock when the sun comes down into |
|the  desert don't get singed.                                             |
|X1) Cowardly Ghost-This ghost will chase you when you turn away.  Kill him|
|using the Hammer Bros. Suit.                                              |
|Y1) Walking Fireball-This animal behaves like that above one chasing you  |
|if you turn away.                                                         |
|Z1) Block Ghost-This ghost lives inside weird white blocks, it moves on   |
|the surface of them.                                                      |
|A2) Bullet-This living projectile is fired straight at you from turtle    |
|cannons.                                                                  |
|B2) Missile-These look like exactly the above one a bullet but it has a   |
|red hue.  It travles back and forth in search of its target.              |
|C2) Rockets-These rockets on airships propel them and also burn intruders.|
|Sort of like a double duty.                                               |
|D2) BOOM-BOOM-This boss controls all fortresses on the world map they look|
|like an overgrown turtle.                                                 |
|                          World Maps                                      |
Note: All of the Power-ups listed in the "Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?"
are all in the order they appear in the chests.  And also included is what
you get by defeating the Ham,mer Throwing Turtles.
8A Grass Land
              |              |              |
              |              |              |
              |              |              |
----STRT------o              o----4---------MH1
              LD             |
              |              |
              |       MH2---o---HT1------END
              o             |
              |             |
8A1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH2=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
8B) Koopahari Desert
        LB----o----2       o------o
              |    |       |      |
              |    |       |      |      MH2-----o-----4-------o-R-MH3
              |    |       |      |              |             |   |
       o------o    o       o      3------HT1-----SS1           |   |
       |           |       |      |              |             HT3 o
       |           |       |      |              |             |   |
       1           F-------o      o------WP1     o             |   |
       |                          |              |       END   o   HT2-----o
       |                          |              |       |     |           |
       |     MH1----WP1           oR----o        5       |     |           |
       o            LD                  |        |       o-----SS2         o
       |            |                   |        |             |
STRT---o------o-----o                   LB-------o-------o-----o
8B1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH2=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH3=Frog Suit, Frog Suit, Frog Suit
8C) Island World   (Please Note that the "To A----" tells you to look where
you see the A in order to see the rest of the World.)
      MH1-----o----o----3      MH2-BR-o-BR--o-----6----o---7----o
              |         |             |     |     |             |
              |         |             |     |     BR            |
              2         o             4-----HT2   8----o---LB---F
              |         |             |     |     |             LD
              |         |             |     |     o--9----WP3   WP2
              o  LB-----F------o------o     o
              |         |             |     |
              |         |             |     |
              1         o-LD-WP1      5-----o-R--o----o----BD        To A---
              |         |


        |                                END--------WP3
8C1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Frog Suit, Frog Suit, Frog Suit
MH2=Leaf, Flower, Frog Suit
MH3=Leaf, Flower, Frog Suit
MH4=Leaf, Flower, Frog Suit
MH5=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
8D) Land of The Giants
|              MH4-----5-----o-----o      WP2-LD-F-----HT1-----3-----o-----2
|                      |           |             |                   |     |
|                      |           |             |                   |     |
|        END-----o---HT3-F         HT2-----o     o-----LB            MH2   o
|                      |           |       |     |                         |
WP2                    |           |       |     |                         |
                LB-----6-----o-----o       o-----4             MH1-R-WP1---1
8D1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Tanooki Suit, Tanooki Suit, Tanooki Suit
MH2=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH3=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH4=Leaf, Flower, Tanooki Suit
HT1=Juglem's Cloud
8E) Sky World
1st level of the World:
        o----2-----MH1     3------HT1
        |    |             |        |
        |    |             |        |
        1    WP1   WP1-----o        o-----SS (This one leads to a warp pipe)
        |          |                |
        |          |                |
        o    F-----o          o-----HT2
        |    |                |
        |    |                |
-----STRT    o------LB--------o
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                            MH3
2nd level of the World:                            |
=======================                            |
(This is an exit from the SS)==WP2           o-----5
                               |             |     |
                               |             |     |
                         o-LD--o-----4-------o     LB
                         |                         |
                         |                         |
                               |     |             |
                               |     |             |
           END-----o-----9-----8     o-----MH2-----6
8E1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Tanooki Suit, Tanooki Suit, Tanooki Suit
MH2=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH3=Leaf, Flower, Tanooki Suit
8F) Winter Wonderland
                                  |                                WP2-----o
                      o-----2-----o-R-WP1                           To "A"--
                      |           |
                      |           |
STRT-----o-----1-----LB       F-HT1-LD-----o-----WP2   o-----6-----o
         |            |           |        |           |           |
       WP1            |           |        |           |           |
                      o-----o-----3       LB-----4-----o     MH2   o-----o
                                                       |     |     |     |
                                                       |     |     |     |


      o-----o-----o           9-----o-----o
      |           |           |
      |           |           |
      F-----o     8-----o-----o     F-----o-LD-----o-----END
            |                 |           |
            |                 |           |
       -----o------7          o-----o-----10
8F1) Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Mushroom, Flower, Leaf
MH2=Hammer Bros. Suit, Hammer Bros. Suit, Hammer Bros. Suit
HT2=Juglem's Cloud
8G) Pipe Maze
STRT----o----o   WP3           WP1    F-----LB----6   7-----o-----WP8
|            |   |             |      |           |   |                 WP5
|            |   |             LD     |           |   |
1-----WP2    WP1 MH2   WP7-----SS-----o-----WP6   WP8 LB-----o---8---MH3
WP2-----WP3   o---4-----LB------o-----5-----WP5 WP7-----LD---9-----o-----F
|             |                 |            |                           |
|             |                 |            |                           |
2-------WP4  WP6                3-----      MH1            END-----o-----SS2

Whats in the Mushroom Houses!?
MH1=Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Bros. Suit
MH2=Mushroom, Leaf, Flower
MH3=Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Bros. Suit
(There are no Hammer Throwing Turtles in this world.)
8H) Castle Of Koopa
1st Screen
STRT         WP1     |
|            |       |
|            |       |

2nd Screen
WP4-----SS6   WP3-------o

3rd Screen
WP4-----o           WP6-----o-----o-----o
        |                         |     |
        |                         |     |
  o-----1                   F-----o     LD
  |                         |           WP3
  |                         |
4th Screen
WP6-----SS7-LD-----o-----o-----o-----CASTLE OF KOOPA!!!!
|                      KEY TO THE WORLD MAPS!                              |
1, 2, 3 ETC.       =Number of a certain stage.
WP1, WP2, etc      =Warp pipes, these pipes will put you in the place that
                   corresponds on the map.  If you enter WP1 you'll come
                   out at the other WP1.
LD                 =The locked door on the map that dissapears after you
                   defeat Boom-Boom.
o----o----o        =Step Markers on the Maps.  (In other words these are
                   places where you stop after you move once on the map.)
STRT               =Where you start on the Map.
END                =The end of the World Map.  Also, it is the mushroom
                   world castle in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 worlds.
F                  =Fortress.
MH1, MH2, MH3 ETC. =Mushroom Houses where you can get powerups
HT1, HT2, HT3 ETC. =Hammer Throwing Turtle's Location.  (This is thier
                    starting position.)
LB                 =Bonus Stages where you can earn extra men.
BD                 =Boat Dock (This are only found in the 3rd World.)
BR                 =Drawbridge this are also only found in the 3rd world.
SS, SS2.....etc.   =Stages that don't have a number.
|                     POWER-UPS & ITEMS                                    |
Mario-This is also known as regualr or small-mario this is how you start.

Giant Mario-Collect a mushroom to become Giant Mario.

Raccoon Mario-Collect a leaf to become Raccoon Mario.  You can fly or float
while in this phase.

Frog Mario-Collect a Frog Suit to become Frog Mario.  You can swim faster
when you are powered-up into Frog Mario.

Tanooki Mario-Grabbing a Tanooki Suit gives you all the capacbilites of
Raccoon Mario and it also lets you turn into an invincible Statue for 3

Hammer Mario-Getting a Hammer Bros. Suit will turn you into Hammer Mario.
The hammers you throw are powerful and the shell is fireproof when you

Firey Mario-Grab a Flower to throw fireballs to get the enemies sizzlin'.
Star-Lets Mario become invincible for a couple of seconds. Looks like a
star.  (With eyes that is.)

P-Wing-Lets you become a Raccoon thatr can fly for one entire stage.  Or
unti you get hit.  Looks like a wing with a P in the middle of it.

Jugem's Cloud-Lets you skip 1 stage.  Looks like a white smiley face.

Hammer-Use this item to break rocks that bar your path on the World Map.
Looks like a hammer.

Letterbox-This box will put the Hammer Throwing Turtles to sleep for 2
stages.  Looks like a square box with a musical note on the front.  And the
box has a rounded top.

Whistle-Three of these can be found they let you warp to a different world.
The Whistles put you in World 9 the warp zone.  These look like whistles.
They are hard to find but read on here to find out where they are.

Anchor-Use this item to keep the Koopaling's Airship from moving.  It looks
like an anchor.  A weak item but hard to find.

1-up Mushroom-These mushrooms give you a 1-up each time you collect them.
They look like an ordinary mushroom with green spots.

Blue Blocks: Find these in stages use them to kick at enemies.

P-Switches: These look like a half circle with a P in the center of it.
Drop on top of them to change Yellow blocks into coins and coins into
yellow blocks.
|                         White-Mushroom Houses                            |
11A) World 1 Grass Land
Stage: 1-4
Minimum Coins Needed: 44
Prize: P-Wing
Tips: Collect the first four cluster of 3 coins you see in this level.
After the last cluster there should be blocks like this:

Stand on the lowest ledge here and go to the right as far as you can so you
are under a block jump and hit that block again & again & again very fast to
get 10 coins.  Collect the next cluster of 3 coins that you'll see and right
after that there wil be 8 coins in a downward row jupm on the pillar that
appears to the right and position yourself so that you get all the coins
here.  Then jump off at the last second.  But don't relax yet go to the very
left edge of the platform you are on and jump up onto the block then jupm to
destroy a block then jump again and again to get 10 coins.  After this
continue on your way and collect the last 3 coins then head to the exit.
11B) World 2 Koopahari Desert
Stage: 2-2
Minimum Coins Needed: 30
Prize: Anchor
Tips: Collect the 3 coins right after the bouncing block.  Then go to the
pool of water and collect all the coins you see now along the way.  Then go
back to the first 2 blocks you saw (Remember over the pool of water.  Hit
the one on the left it will give you a coin.  Hit the other one a P-Switch
will form hit it then jump back on the platform and get all the coins that
were blocks and then right after you collect the last one run and jump off
the edge and try to hit a koopa on your way down he will propel into the
last four coins then head to the exit
11C) World 3 Island World
Stage: 3-8
Minimum Coins Needed: 44
Prize: P-Wing
Tips: Go to the right in this stage until you reach 2 blue blocks under a
yellow one get rid of the 2 blue ones and hit the block over and over again
for 10 coins.  Then after you go over 2 pillars and one block. collect all
the coins you see here by the vines.  Then after you get past the last vine
you'll see that you have 2 choice. 1, to take a higher road and 2, to take
a lower path.  Take the lower path and collect all the coins there after
you have collected all the coins hit the P-Switch to change the last 6
blocks to coins.  The other 2 blocks are up on the top under a 1-UP!  Then
head to the exit.
11D) World 4 Land of the Giants
Stage: 4-2
Minimum Coins Needed: 22
Prize: Anchor
Tips: This ones a_PAIN!!!  Towards the end of the stage when you see the P-
Switch_DON'T_hit it. Instead head to the right and collect all the coins
there that you see trying not ot damage the blocks then go back and hit the
P-Switch and collect all those coins that are right next to the P-Switch
then run through and collect all the blocks turned into coins to the right.
And exit.
11E) World 5 Sky World
Stage: 5-5
Minimum Coins Needed: 28
Prize: P-Wing
Tips: When you get to third pipe you see in this level hit the four blocks
to get a power-up and 3 coins.  (You could cheat here and go into the pipe
right before this one and come back out and collect this coins again and
repeat until you have 28.)  After you're done collecting those go to the
right and get all the coins on top of the Donuts there.  Then to get the
coins on the bottom of the screen wait until a platform drops you far enough
to get the con below then jump back up quickly and do this for all the other
coins here.  You will need to cheat using the above mentioned procedur here
at least 3 times to get the White Mushroom Hous to appear.
11F) World 6 Winter Wonderland
Stage: 6-7
Prize: Anchor
Tips: Make sure you are Fire Mario before you enter this stage.  And don't
lose the power-up.  Anyway, here at the very start of the stage and at other
placesyou'll have to let the donut lift drop so you'll be able to collect
the coins underneath them then jump.  Do this mentioned procedure for
all of the stage and at the end of it.  See all the coins frozen use your
Fire Power (ya better listened to what I told ya!) t unfreeze them and
collect them.
11G) World 7 Pipe Maze
Stage: 7-2
Minimum Coins Needed: 46
Prize: P-Wing
Tips: First off be Frog Mario before you enter this stage.  In between the
first and second pipe you'll see 2 "?" blocks hit the on on the right to
get a coin with the blue blocks underneath.  Then continue past the next
set of 3 pipes and drop down into the one at the end of a big hole in the
ground.  Swim to the right immediatly to avoid being pushed down.  Go to the
far left and collect all the coins next to the P-Switch then hit the
P-Switch.  And swim like mad when in the water to get the 2 sets of coins
that were once blocks.  Then exit this level.
11H) World 8 Castle of Koopa
        Ha there are no Power-Ups in my world. Quit trying to take the easy
way out and do the work.
                                HA! HA! HA! HA!

                                King of the Koopas
|                      Guides to the Matching Bonus Game!                  |
The Matching Game panel will appear on the World Map Screen after you get
over 80,000 points in your score.
About: If you clear the board you'll get lots of items and coins and a 1-up.
If you find a matching pair of cards (the cards have the kind of power-up on
them) you'll win that item on that matching pair of cards.
How to Play: If you miss twice you're out of the game.  There are only eight
boards in the matching game.  Don't worry about matching the charts here to
your game.  Bu to more certain of what game board you have turn over all the
cards in the 2nd vertical row you'll find which board you are looking at if
you remeber those cards.
CHARTS:  (Look to the next section for the keys!)
F--S--E--F--2--M | E--M--1--M--F--S | F--1--E--F--E--M | F--2--M--S--E--F |
1--M--2--E--M--1 | M--1--S--2--2--F | S--M--2--S--M--1 | E--F--1--M--2--S |
S--F--S--M--F--S | S--E--F--M--F--S | S--F--2--M--F--S | M--1--S--M--F--S |
M--F--2--F--1--S | M--F--2--M--1--S | M--F--E--F--S--S | F--S--E--F--E--M |
2--E--M--1--E--F | F--E--M--1--E--2 | 2--S--M--1--E--F | 1--M--F--S--M--1 |
S--M--S--M--F--S | S--F--S--M--F--S | 2--M--1--M--F--S | S--2--2--M--F--S |
|               Key to the Matching Bonus Game!                            |
|SYMBOL|WHAT IT MEANS                                                      |
|M     |Mushroom Power-Up                                                  |
|F     |Flower Power-Up                                                    |
|2     |20 coins are added to your coin total.                             |
|1     |10 coins are added to your coin total.                             |
|E     |One extra life is added to your lives.                             |
|S     |Star Power-Up                                                      |
|                         Kill the Koopalings!                             |
This section deals with those sons of Bowser's at the end of Worlds 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, and 7.  This part shows you how to beat them.
Basic Skills: All of the Koopalings except for Wendy & Lemmy have the same
types of wands don't get hit by the beams they shoot.  Also, you need to hit
each Koopaling on the head 3 times to knock him out.  Also, watch out after
you stomp them they wil fly up high in the air.
World 1 Larry Koopa: Run under neath him when he leaps and stomp him when he
lands.  Not much to this one.
World 2 Morton Koopa: He is the slowest however he is faster on the draw of
his wand.  Watch out for his wand.  And take advantage of his being slow
and rush him and keep on stomping him.
World 3 Wendy O. Koopa: Probably the hardest koopaling yet!  Wait until she
throws one of her rings to jump on her head.  She will throw out 3 of them.
Watch the way she moves accross the floor she bounces so it is hard to tell
when she is going to jump.  And she jumps most of the time after her 2nd
bop on her head.  She is a real B**ch.
World 4 Iggy Koopa: This guys my favorite...check out his hairdo!!  Anyhow,
watch for his speed.  Although this guy is fast he shouldn't be too much
trouble (thats also another reason why I like em.)
World 5 Roy Koopa: This guys burly.  When he lands from a jump he will make
his entire ship shake that means you can't move so time it so that when he
is just about to land you 'll be in the air from a jump.  Also watch out
after you bopped him on da head once he will bounce around twice.
World 6 Lemmy Koopa: Watch out for this sideshow!  Use the same principal as
you did when you fought Wendy.  After he makes on ball hit him on da head.
Avoid the balls he creates.
World 7 Ludwig Von Koopa: This guy combines all the PHYSICAL skills of
all the Koopalings so far.  Watch out when he jumps he makes he the entire
airship shake, watch out for his speed, watch out for his fast draw, and
watch out for his jumping skills.  There is one exception to the airship-
shaking jump when you hit him once he will hit the ground 3 times in very
short hops so jump really high, after you hit him.  This one shouldn't be to
hard for you to handle if you beat all the others.  (He can't create Wendy's
rings or Lemmy's balls with his wand.)
|                           Bust Boom-Boom                                 |
Allright first off Boom-Boom is the big turtle you meet at the end of all
fortresses and some other levels in world 8.  He can fly in level 8, and
probably can in other worlds as well.  And he can jump high as &$# in world
4.  Anyway, to beat him jump on him after he removes his spikes.  You need
to hit him 3 times before killing him.  What you can do to make this real
easy is to jump on him once, then time your jump on him so he loses his
spikes right when you land on him, and do the same for the last time.
|                              Break Bowser                                |
        To beat Bowser position yourself on the row of bricks in the center
of the screen.  Avoid his fire that he breathes at you.  He can breathe fire
before and after he jumps.  He can breathe fire downwards, anyway wait until
he jumps to crush you.  Wait until he starts to drop staright down and run
or leap out from underneath him.  And when he lands he will break out the
bricks he landed on then go underneath the door in the room.  And wait for
him to jump on to you again this time wait until he lands on top of the
door.  Then go back to where he broke those bricks the first time and wait
until he jumps then he will break out some more bricks.  Repeat this until
he drops down through the bricks and to his doom.  I recommend breaking out
the bricks in the center of this level so you'll have a straight shot to the
|                          The 3 Whistles                                  |
There are 3 magic whistles in the game which can transport you to another
World- World 9 "The Warp Zone".  At this world you can go to any other world
you wish...but you can only go up to certain levels if you have 1.  Get all
3 then use on one the map and you'll be over at World 9 then use the other 2
whistles at World 9 to skip to the end of the game.
1st Whistle
World 1: Grass Land
Level: 1-3
Tips: Get on top of the white block you see in a cluster of other blocks
towards the end of the stage.  Hop on the white block kneel for 5 seconds
you'll fall into the background then run to the exit.  You'll go behind the
exit wall and you'll end up in a Mushroom House that contains the 1st
2nd Whistle
World 1: Grass Land
Level: World 1 Fortress
Tips: Go all the way to the end of the first screen.  You must be Racoon
Mario...or if You're Big Mario hit the "?" block to get a Raccoon Leaf.
Now hit the koopa there on the ledge then right all the way back to the
door then start running back to the right and take off and fly up and then
fly to your right when you're offscreen you'll go over the wall.  Now run
all the way to the right, when you can't move to the right anymore press
Up you'll be in a room with a chest that contains the 2nd whistle.
3rd Whistle
World 2: Koopahari Desert
Level: Fire Spitting Turtles
Tips: Get a Hammer from the "Hammer Throwing Turtles then use to break the
rock on the map in the far upper right.  Then go right and find the turtles
on the map here.  Use a star power-up on the map.  And go and beat the
turtles with your invincibilty.  After you beat them a chest will appear run
up to it and you will get the 3rd and final whistle!
|                       Unlimited 1-UP Techniques                          |
|1st Technique: Oscillating Turtle Technique                               |
|Stages: 3-4, and 3-9                                                      |
|Tips for 3-4: Hit and grab the turtles shell when you see two of them side|
|by side and then head to your right until you see and upside down pipe and|
|2 blocks underneath it, and 2 blocks on either side of the ground.  Kick  |
|the turtle so it oscillates between the 2 blocks on the ground, after you |
|head to the right to lure Lakitu and head back.  Stand in the middle of   |
|the blocks below the pipe.  The spinys will be hit for points and 1-ups.  |
|Tips for 3-9: When you get to 2 paths a hgiher one and a lower one clear  |
|out the bottom paths bricks.  Then get a turtle shell and kick in between |
|the bullet launchers the bullet launchers will launch bullets and the     |
|shell will hit them for points and eventually 1-ups.                      |
|2nd Technique: Stomp Technique                                            |
|Stages: 1-2, and World 2 Fortress                                         |
|Tip for 1-2: Make sure you are Raccoon Mario before you enter this level  |
|at the beggining there are 2 pipes on and top of another, they will look  |
|like a "T" shape.  Wait until 2 goombas come out of the upper pipe on the |
|right side, hit 1 and press the A button at the same time you hit one.    |
|Then press A like crazy when you aree starting to descend to slow your    |
|descent.  And do this over and over again.                                |
|Tips for World 2 Fortress: Do the same here but wait until you meet 3     |
|turtles on level ground.  Use the same principal up above.                |
|3rd Technique: Multiple 1-UP/Coin Stages                                  |
|Stages: 4-1, and World 7 Fortress                                         |
|Tip for 4-1: When you come to a waterfall between to vertical pipes.  Fly |
|up around the top pipe and go up into the water. And then go left and     |
|enter the pipe at the left end of this pool.  Collect all the 1-ups here  |
|from the blocks but collect 1 at a time.  Lose a life and do this again.  |
|Tips for World 7 Fortress: This one is in the fortress with all the blocks|
|around the entrance screen.  At this screen look for 2 solid blocks to the|
|left of a block platform go underneath the "L" formation and hit the top  |
|block in the 4th row to the right of the 2 solid blocks you'll see a      |
|P-Switch, hit it and all the block will turn into coins drop down into    |
|them and collect as amny as you can you should have gained at least 2     |
|extra lives.  When you are at the very bottom floor of this screen go into|
|the door at the far right.  And enter this door you are inf front of now. |
|You'll be back in the satrting room, do the process again.                |
|                        SNES VARIATION!                                   |
|INTRO: It is now well-known that there is a SNES cartridge out now called |
|Super Mario All-Stars that has all 3 SMB games on it and a Japanese one   |
|called The Lost Levels.  There are some differences between the 2 versions|
|of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES.  And the Super Mario Bros 3 in Super  |
|Mario All-Stars.  This section touches on all of those variations.        |
|SMAS=Super Mario All-Stars.                                               |
|VARAIATION #1: The P-WINGS trick mentioned in the Tips and tricks section |
|doesn't work on SMAS.                                                     |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #2: At the very end of the ending the pic of Mario, Luigi, and  |
|the Princess doesn't show on SMAS.                                        |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #3: The graphics in the SMAS version are remodeled and better.  |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #4: There is an extra option in SMAS that lets you play the VS. |
|game at the title screen.                                                 |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #5: There are better backgrounds in SMAS.                       |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #6: The VS. mode has a better setup in SMAS.                    |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #7: Its easier to do some of the tricks in SMAS.                |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #8: The Easier Bowser trick will not work in SMAS.              |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #9: Better sound in SMAS.                                       |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #10: The VS mode has 2 screens that keeps track of your progress|
|such as win losses or ties.                                               |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #11: When you use the Musicbox in the original SMB3 it plays a  |
|different tune than it does if you would use the Musicbox in SMAS.        |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #12: The "Thank You!" trick doesn't work in SMAS.               |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #13: Some prizes in Mushroom Houses differ in SMAS.             |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #14: The "HAMMER BROS SUIT GALORE!"_CAN_only be done with       |
|SMAS.  (It is easier!  And also I know that there is  not a Hammer Bros.  |
|Suit in that Mushroom house in the NES version.)                          |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #15: Instead of the neding pic of Princess, Mario, and Luigi    |
|fading in on SMAS the words "PUSH START" fade in instead.                 |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #16: The kings of the Mushroom worlds are different in the NES  |
|version.                                                                  |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #17: Th creatures the kings are changed into are different in   |
|SMAS: Here is the complete list.......                                    |
|SMAS                                          |NES                        |
|WORLD 1 KING:TURTLE                           |WORLD 1 KING: DOG          |
|WORLD 2 KING:HOOPER (FROM SMB2)               |WORLD 2 KING: SPIDER       |
|WORLD 3 KING:LAKITU                           |WORLD 3 KING: SPIKEY       |
|WORLD 4 KING:TYRRONASUR                       |WORLD 4 KING: DINOSAUR     |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #18: There is a pic of Bowser on the World 7 letter from the    |
|princess in SMAS.                                                         |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #19: The doorway in Bowser's Castle leading to the Princess's   |
|chamber in SMAS flashes differently than it does in SMB3 for the NES.     |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #20: When Bowser falls down to his doom it makes a different    |
|sound in SMAS.                                                            |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #21: The room where you fight Bowser has a thinner row of bricks|
|in SMAS.                                                                  |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #22: The kings of the worlds are also different in SMAS.        |
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                         |
|VARIATION #23: In world 4-2 in the 1-up room mentioned in the above       |
|section.  You can get out only one 1-up at once here because if you hit a |
|second block and another one appears the first 1-up will disappear.  This |
|doesn't happen in SMAS.                                                   |
|                            Credits                                       |
|Thrashnet Ground Zero 6 for writing it!                                   |
|NO THANKS TO FIREBREATHE007 FOR DISSIN' ME!!!                             |
|And to Dark Angel for some memory on this webpage as of 5/4/98.           |
|Thanks to Dark Angel I mean!!                                             |
|                            Disclaimer                                    |
|AND GIVE ME CREDIT ON YOUR VERSION!!                                      |
|(TGZ6@YAHOO.COM)                                                          |

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