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Super Mario Brothers 3

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FAQ created by Steve Rusher
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Release #2
DATE: 4/19/00
  r2: 5/11/00


This document is simply a write-up of all the easter eggs and stuff that I 
could find in SMB3.  I've been mainly getting these off of the Mario 
All-Stars ROM file with my SNES emulator, using freeze states and such to 
simplify my life.

If you have anything to add, e-mail me!

When you get that tanooki suit thing, hold down and press the RUN key to 
turn in to an invincible statue.  When you duck with a Hammer Suit, 
fireballs can't hurt you.  Frog suits greatly increase your control 

If you hold DOWN on the white placards, you'll drop down and join 
the background for a while.  Most of the time, if you're in background 
when you reach the end of the level, you get a little secret.

To get star cards repeatedly, get a running start, and try to hit the card 
box perfectly diagonally.  It takes a bit of practice, but you'll get used 
to it...



| Legend |
| F = Fireflower         |
| L = Leaf               |
| C = Chest (Free Life)  |
| 1 = 10-coin            |
| 2 = 20-coin            |
| M = Mushroom           |
| S = Star               |

There are only so many card decks... When you find out which one you have, 
winning it is a lot easier...


Interesting though that on every single one, the lower-right card is a 
Starman...  You should use this to your advantage.

WORLD 1 - Grass Land  (Newbie Lane)


LEVEL 1-1: This is basic training.  Die here and you're a retard.

At the stretch before the first cliff, get a running start, take off, grab 
the coins, as well as the 1up in the block.  You can also take a running 
start off the clouds and grab a few more coins.

There's also a large, tall pipe.  Fly up to the top and go down it for a 
few coins.

LEVEL 1-2: More training.  This time, you can learn how to slide down hills 
to whipe out enemies.  If you're an expert, here's a great chance to land 
free lives.  Keep bouncing off the Goombas that come out of the pipes, 
catch a lot of air from each bounce by hitting JUMP when you stomp them, 
and if you can whack enough before hitting the ground, you start tallying 
up free lives.

When you see the coins, DON'T get 'em!  Instead, hit the bricks below 'em 
to get a P block.  Stomp it, go up the blocks, and down the pipe for a big 
fat wad of coins.

Before you clear the level, watch out and don't run in to the flying 

LEVEL 1-3: This is your first encounter with a Hammer Brother.  Pick up a 
shell and nail it.  Knock out the red turtle, pick up its shell, and toss 
it towards the note block.  Let it demolish the block set, and then go down, 
and hit the un-revealed Pink Note Block (It's two tiles right and two 
tiles down from the top White Note Block) from below.  Obviously, bounce on 
it to get some stuff.  I advise you grab a leaf first.

You'll get spat out near the end of the level.  Go back, and use the White 
Placard trick I mentioned earlier to net yourself a Warp Whistle.

LEVEL 1-4: This is your first scrolling level.  Not too difficult, I hope.  
When 3 platforms come your way, try to get to the lower one.  See that row 
of 4 bricks?  The third one contains a free life shroom.

The first brick on the row of five that the red turtle is walking on is a 
ten-coin block.

If you don't have a leaf, knock out the turtle, grab its shell, and toss 
it in to that brick at the end of the row of four.  It's shaped like this:

   # <-- 1up

See that column of two bricks?  The top one is a 10-coin block, but I don't 
think it's worth the risk.

Go to the 'shroom house and the card area, you have nothing to lose.

FORTRESS: DO NOT let yourself be small when you reach the final door here.  
Grab the leaf, stomp the skeleton, run down towards the door, turn around 
and run back.  You should be able to fly.  Keep going up, and try to go 
over the top of the cieling.  The screen will start going right if you 
succeed.  Keep going right until you can't do it anymore, and press UP.  
Congratulations, you've netted yourself another Warp Whistle!

LEVEL 1-5: When the path forks, go up.  See where the passage goes 
straight up?  Jump along the left side to reveal a pink note block.

The rest of the level isn't too hard.

LEVEL 1-6: In that little pit with the green turtle running around, the top 
block on the left has a coin, the top one on the right has 10, and the 
third block on the top has a 1up.

At the place with a 1-block gap, you can either drop down, OR run, take off, net 
yourself a few coins, and skip a lot of the board.  Either way, as long as 
you're not an idiot, this board is easy.

CASTLE: No secrets, just a really easy board.  The boss is easy too.  
Clock 'im 3 times and go to the next world.  REWARD: P-Wing

WORLD 2 - Desert Hill  (The Sandbox)

HAMMER BROTHERS: Music Box, Hammer

NOTE: You know how some blocks jump?  Well, you can tell 'em apart from the 
others.  It's not too hard.  In All-Stars, they have a gray outline 
instead of black.  In the NES version, they don't flicker like the rest.  
Spiffy, eh?

LEVEL 2-1: Before the first pipe thing, take off.  Bust yourself an 
entrance in to the space with the pipe, drop in, hit the P-block, quickly 
grab the coins, then enter the pipe thing for some more freebies.  You can 
go down the last pipe in the level for a P-Block, which is pretty useless, 


Level 2-2: I'm pretty sure there's a 1UP somewhere on this board... Can 
someone help me out with this?

FORTRESS: Ghosts and stomp block things... Oh my.  There's probably a 
reason you get a leaf before entering a cielingless room... I just forget 

MUSHROOM HOUSE: Normal powerups...

LEVEL 2-3: You should probably enter this level powered up...  Right 
before the first pyramid of bricks, jump back over the gap, get a running 
start under the placard pyramid, and take off.  Keep going right...  If you 
can get to it, you can grab a P-Block.  Grab the coins.  When you find a 
solid one, thonk it from below for a 1UP, which is located in the first 
brick/coin pyramid.

SAND LEVEL: OMG, a SUN!  Yeah, the thing's nasty.  Just keep your feet 
steady and this level is a snap!  If you can hit the sun with a turtle 
shell, it dies.  hehe...

MUSHROOM HOUSE: Normal powerups...

LEVEL 2-4: Enter this powered up or else!  Get a leaf ASAP, go back, run, 
and fly up the wall all the way to the left.  Burst through to get to a 
secret area...

In the pool, the third block on the right is a P-Block.  Not much here, 
just money and another P-Block near the end.

NOTE: By now you should have fought the Hammer Brother which gives you a 
hammer.  If you haven't, do it!!!  DO NOT use the hammer here, it's lame.  
It'll be very useful later though... :)

LEVEL 2-5: After a bunch of placards and a few goombas, peg that red turtle 
and shoot it left.  A vine will grow.  Climb it, go up, across the clouds, 
and down the pipe.  The bottom-middle block (NOT the one you're supposed 
to stand on!) is a P-Block

PYRAMID: Down, Up, Up-Left, Right.  Don't be careless, and you may be able 
to go up the pipe and net yourself a few more coins.  The rest of the level 
is pretty easy...

CASTLE: This boss's shots expand after firing, so watch it.  REWARD: Cloud

THIRD WARP WHISTLE: Use the hammer in the corner of the map!  Go challenge 
the Fire Brothers, and if you win, you get a third one!  Lame, eh?

WORLD 3 - Sea Side   (The Fish Tank)


NOTE: I think this is the second-most annoying world next to the Ice World!

LEVEL 3-1: Go below that squid-with-a-tail thing.  Survive it and the 
lotus, and you can get a 1UP.

LEVEL 3-2: ANNOYING!!!  Don't let yourself land in the water.  Getting out 
is hell.  There is a P-Block in the third block on the row of 6, but its 
usefulness is questionable...

MUSHROOM HOUSE: All it seems to vend is frog suits...

LEVEL 3-3: THIS LEVEL SUCKS!  I hate that damn fish!  If you have a 
fireflower in your inventory, arm it, and shoot the bastard whenever the 
water's too low.  When you find the P-Block (Pick up a silver block and 
shoot it straight left), smack it, and RUN RIGHT FAST!  When it's about 
to run out, stop or you're likely to be fish food.

FORTRESS: Door 5 = 1UP   Door 6 = Exit     Take Door 6 after nabbing the 
1up, go up and through the door.  Smack the miniboss and it's over.

LEVEL 3-4: Not too hard until that guy in the cloud starts dropping green 
spikeballs on you.  Get the P-Block below that inverted pipe with the 
flamespitter coming out of it.  You get a lotta coins for it.  The second 
block on that row of six is a 1up.

SECRET MAP AREAS: Get yourself a new hammer.  Break the rocks, and get a 
boat.  You can get yourself two new card house shots and three mushroom 
house visits!

LEVEL 3-5: Lame.  If you have a fireflower, this board is a snap.  You 
could use a P-Wing on this and get some free money, but I wouldn't 
recommend it...

LEVEL 3-6: Scrolling again!  Fun!  Cool trick: When you see the 3 silver 
bricks, go down, grab the last one, shoot it right, hit the P-Block, then 
thonk the single lone coin from the left (It's a 1up) and go right to get 
it.  Aside from that, just look before you leap, start off with a leaf, 
DON'T take the fireflower, and you'll be fine.

LEVEL 3-7: Easy level.  The second block on the top of that big cluster is 
a 1up.  The upper-left block in that little 6-block U-shaped cluster 
contains a vine.  Up it are a few coins and the most pointless P-Block I've 
seen so far.

FORTRESS: Frog suit comes in handy here!

LEVEL 3-8: Seriously, if you have a cloud, here's where to use it!  This 
level is ANNOYING AS HELL!  Use fireflowers, obviously, but this time, the 
water depth varies more, so think ahead or you'll be food fast.

LEVEL 3-9: Don't mess up here if you clouded over 3-8!  It's pretty easy 
once you get past the flying goomba bomber.  Just stay away from exploding 
bombs.  There is a 1up on this level, and you're an idiot if you can't find 
it.  When underwater, don't play chicken with the fish...

CASTLE: Again, don't mess up here if you clouded over 3-8!  Watch out for 
wrenchers: They can be a real bitch on this level.  There is only one 
powerup on this level, and it's in a really bad place, so it's a good idea 
to arrive powered up.  The boss shoots bouncy rings, so timing is 
everything.  Overall, an easy fight.   REWARD: Music Box

WORLD 4 - Big Island   (Jurassic Park...)

NOTE: This world is funny.  Leafs help a lot.

RED MUSHROOM HOUSE: Vends tanooki suits!  Get one, they rule!

HAMMER BROTHERS: P-Wing, Cloud, Star

LEVEL 4-1: Easy stuff.  Easier than the first level, IMO.  Anyhow, right 
before the waterfall thing, get a running start and fly above it to a 
little water tank thing.  Don't get hit by fireballs.  Go left and down the 
pipe to the far left if you want a challenge....  There is a 1up in the 
area, if you can find it...

LEVEL 4-2: hehe, looks like the only thing that didn't get larger in the 
giant world is that hungry fish... Actually, it got smaller.  Oh well, 
easy stuff, just trust your insticts.

LEVEL 4-3: Don't get bounced off near the end and you're fine!

FORTRESS: Damn candles!  Go down the middle pipe, look for hidden coin 
blocks to escape.  The third block from the end has a powerup in it.

LEVEL 4-4: Stay low.  That's all there is to it.

LEVEL 4-5: Later on, you'll see a brick in the sky.  Bounce off the bullets 
to hit it.  A vine will spawn.  Do the same thing to get up to it and 
climb it.  You get a tanooki suit!  Hit the P-Block and follow the coins to 

LEVEL 4-6: Easy!

FORTRESS: Hit the P-Block.  Yes, that is a hidden door.  Go in it!  I 
advise you ditch the fireflower if you have a leaf or tanooki suit.  When 
you get to the 1up room, fly up the left wall for some major coinage.

CASTLE: Not particularily easy.  The boss is a snap compared to the last 
one.  REWARD: P-Wing

WORLD 5 - The Sky   (Babel)

HAMMER BROTHERS: Lower: Star, P-Wing   Upper: Music Box

LEVEL 5-1: There's a secret here, but it's REALLY risky.  To make it 
easier, I suggest you use a star before you begin and promptly knock out 
the first ball-and-chan guy.

You have to run towards the ball-and-chain thing, spin around, run back, 
and take off.  Then, hold UP while pressing JUMP to go up the pipe.  Go 
all the way to the right and back up the next pipe.  Pump 4 1ups out of 
the bricks, then go left and allow yourself to be attacked by them 
ball-and-chain monsters until you're down to little mini-Mario.  Go back 
down the pipe, jump up, go left, jump along the left wall to get a coin and 
use the block to get up.  Then, run all the way across to get a Music Box 
and win the level without doing much at all.

LEVEL 5-2: There are two ways to do this level.  Up and Down.

Up means when you go down the pipe, hold perfectly still.  Then, bounce 
across and try getting to the pipe at the top.  Down means just drop 
down.  Down is harder.

UP: Go down the first pipe.  Don't go over the wall.  Grab the lives, and 

DOWN: Try to pick off the block throwers with unused ammo...

MUSHROOM HOUSE: Grab a tanooki suit now!

FORTRESS: Grab the leaf or use your tanooki suit.  Try to fly up that one 
spot, and don't stop for the powerup, keep going so you can go down the 
pipe, nab a few coins, and a 1up (It's hidden, but you should be slapped if 
you can't find it)

LEVEL 5-3: The best level in the game, period!  Not particularily hard 
either...  Hit the boot guys from below to steal the boots.

TOWER: Behind the pipe is a 1up.  If you have a P-Wing, this is relatively 
easy to get.

LEVEL 5-4: Timing is absolutely everything.  However, a leaf helps.  Using 
a P-Wing on this board is basically cheating.

LEVEL 5-5: Whoever thought up this level should be shot!  Go down the 
second pipe for a tanooki suit, but careful not to get any leaves or it goes 
to waste.

MUSHROOM HOUSE: If you're lucky, you get a tanooki suit.

LEVEL 5-6: Annoying as hell!  If precision jumping gets you going, go 
ahead, otherwise do 5-7 or skip this with a P-Wing!

LEVEL 5-7: Walk right near the edge when you're near that green pipe and if 
you can hit the brick right above the gap, you get a 1up.  There are 
really 2 ways to do this level: 1.) Keep going right while that guy in the 
sky bombs you out, which is fast but painful.   2.) Go down the green 
pipe, rack up about 20 coins, and still get bombed, but about 1/2 as much.

FORTRESS: Lava on floor and cieling!?  Sounds annoying.  It is.  Bear 
through it!

LEVEL 5-8: Ack!  DEFINATELY the most annoying level in world 5!

LEVEL 5-9: Annoying, yes, but difficult, not really.  Just be careful when 
you can't jump through the platforms anymore!

CASTLE: If you can get on top of the cannons near the end, you'll probably 
be able to keep your powerups during the boss fight.  This boss is more 
bark than bite.  Trash 'im.   REWARD: Cloud

WORLD 6 - Iced Land   (Slip-and-fall-off-a-cliff Land)

HAMMER BROTHERS: Part 1: Hammer   Part 2: Cloud, Star

NOTE: I hate this place.  Keep your fireflowers dormant, they can cause 
more trouble here than good.

LEVEL 6-1: Nothing too hard, just a preview...

LEVEL 6-2: Annoying, but easy.  If you can get that strayed brick, you get 
a 1up.

LEVEL 6-3: This is WHY the Ice World is so annoying...

MUSHROOM HOUSE: You can get a hammer suit here.  hehe.

FORTRESS: Trick the candle in to leaving its stand early.  Just time your 
jumps right before the first door and you're OK.  There are lots of leaves 
in the second half, so you have something to fall back on if you goof.

LEVEL 6-4: If you're not clumsy, you can net yourself a 1up pretty fast 
here.  This level gets annoying near the end, but that's about it.

LEVEL 6-5: Not worth the trouble it takes to win, really.  When you find 
the green turtle, bonk it, take the shell, fly up, and kick it to knock out 
the two snapping plants.  Difficult?  More than it needs to be.

LEVEL 6-6: Not worth it, do 6-5 instead.

MUSHROOM HOUSE: All it vends is hammer suits...

LEVEL 6-7: I have no clue how you're supposed to do this without a P-Wing, 
so either do so, or use a spare hammer to skip it.

FORTRESS: Easy, but frustrating.  Don't give up.

LEVEL 6-8: Easy stuff!  However, now I have a new cantidate for Most 
Useless P-Block...

LEVEL 6-9: Looks hard, but it isn't.

LEVEL 6-10: When you find a pair of normal bricks on top of a pair of ice 
bricks, pick up an ice brick and throw it at the right normal brick to 
sprout a vine.  Go up and nail a P-Block.  GRAB COINS!  Later in the level, 
what the Princess said in her letter will start taking effect...

FORTRESS: Take off at the start to grab a 1up.  Don't get confused when the 
conveyer direction changes suddenly!  In the ghost room, just wait for the 
door.  Duh.

CASTLE: Keep off bolts whenever possible.  The boss is difficult, but if 
you're powered up, you can beat him easily.  REWARD: P-Wing

WORLD 7 - Pipe Maze   (The Greenhouse)

HAMMER BROTHERS: There are none!

LEVEL 7-1: In that part where the red turtle is pacing around a thin green 
pipe, knock it off, then run in circles until you can take off.  Go up, 
and grab the coins.  Not a very difficult level, unlike many other boards 
in this world.

LEVEL 7-2: The most memorable level in the game, for me at least.  I don't 
even know why.  A pretty pointless board if you ask me...

LEVEL 7-3: This level is basically a race.  If you can keep hitting the 
right blocks while invincible, you'll get more invincibility!

Here's the basic order:
1.) The first block you see
2.) The lower-left one in the pack of 4
3.) Same as #3, but on the next pack
4.) The brick right after the green pipe
5.) Either brick to the side of the pipe

It takes practice, and obviously, this level is beatable without 
invincibility, but it's just plain not as fun!

LEVEL 7-4: This should be obvious by now: Before entering the actual 
level, run, take off, go above and to the right of the wall and net 
yourself 2 1ups.

This level is rather difficult.  If you're not concerned about the free 
lives, use a Frog Suit to ace this level.

LEVEL 7-5: After that long stretch with the Bab-ombs, jump up on to the 
upper ledge.  Take the middle pipe up, and go down the pipe all the way to 
the left for a fireflower.  However, if you take the last pipe and get a 
leaf, you can skip a lot of the level by breaking that brick set and 
sliding under.

The level isn't too hard, but it's annoying.  It may take two tries cuz 
the timer is the real killer here.  Before you go down the last pipe in 
that room full of ice blocks, etc., drop down in to the gap and jump for 
a 1up.

NOTE: On my emulator, I now have 99 lives.  I wasted 3 card-matches cuz my 
inventory is full and I've only gone to 6 card houses.  The rest is all 
from star cards and hidden 1ups.   >:)

MUSHROOM HOUSE: This one is interesting.  It only vends Tanooki suits, 
hammer suits, and frog suits.  hehe.

FLYTRAP: Yuk!  If you have a leaf, Tanooki suit, or hammer suit 
especially, you MIGHT be OK.  If you have flying ability, take out the 
first flytrap, then run back and forth until you can take off.  Go as far 
right as you can.  When you can't fly anymore, just keep hitting JUMP to 
hover.  You'll be blocked by a green pipe.  Go about 2 tiles left of it or 
you'll plummet to your doom.  You'll probably get shot, but it's easier 
than getting wasted by the chomper gauntlet.

If you get deadlocked by the two fire spitting plants, duck down on the 
edge of the pipe on the right, and right in front of the second one.  That 
should prevent you from taking the flak.

If you make it through, you get a P-Wing.

Enter and leave with 10 coins for a card table.

FORTRESS: The fourth block on the top of that overhang is a P-Block.  You 
can imagine what that does.... ;)     However, it'll create a door which 
has a Tanooki suit ready for you.  DO NOT get the fireflower or you're 
screwed.  Time is of the essence on this level.

There's a pipe on the cieling straight up from the space between the candle 
and the blocks shaped like a +.  Go in to fight the only resident of this 

LEVEL 7-6: Okay, you wanna cheat yourself outta this level?  Use a P-Wing, 
and fly right over the top of it!

Whoever designed this level was on crack when he did it!  Think carefully, 
or you'll be toasted.  Lots of time on this level, but don't think that 
means you can fool around.  Don't bother hitting every ? block you see.  
Most of 'em are just coins.

LEVEL 7-7: Run!  And stay invincible!  It's hard, but doable.

LEVEL 7-8: The block right above that vicious little fire spitting thing is 
a 1up.  Grab a fireflower if you want to ace this level...

MUSHROOM HOUSE: Another suit vender.

LEVEL 7-9: If you thought you could win this by just flying over the level, 
think again!  To win, I just take off, enter near that point with all the 
note blocks at the top.  When the road forks with two pipe splits, go up.  
It's not too hard in my opinion...

FORTRESS: I had 99 lives when I entered this, and I left with about 90.  
This one is HARD!!!  A hammer suit helps, but only use it if you're 
willing to lose it.

FLYTRAP: Hang tough, and you'll find this level is shorter than you think.  
The reward (Mushroom!?) is insanely meager though for all the hell you 
probably went through at the fortress...

CASTLE: Using All-Stars?  Looks like the king changed in to Yoshi, so why 
the hell would he want himself changed back?  :)

Stay off bolts whenever possible.  The boss shakes the ground and stuns 
you whenever he lands, so stay in the air.  Do that, and this guy's a 
snap!  REWARD: Oh no, the Princess has been kidnapped!  :)

WORLD 8 - Castle of Koopa   (Hell)

TANK: In All-Stars, the ground scrolls EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO.  
Oh well.  And yes, that weak little shxt you fight at the end is in 
control.   ;)   REWARD: Star

BATTLESHIP: I think this one's easier than the tank.  Don't get blasted 
by the big-ass cannon at the very end, because you have to be really 
careless to do that. says:
In the battleship on world 8, you only have to get past the first big cannon 
and you can swim underneath the two sections of the ship.  when you get to 
the end, wait for the ship to sink, then jump to the pipe

THE BRIMSTONE LEVELS: To my understanding, you only have to fight these if 
you land on them exactly when the circle is completely open.

BRIMSTONE 1: Like fighting hammer brothers?  Here's your chance to do it 
again!   REWARD: Leaf

BRIMSTONE 2: Simple platform jumping and timing exercise.   REWARD: Leaf

BRIMSTONE 3: Fish!?  This is the hardest Brimstone level, but it's still 
easy.   REWARD: (Surprise!) Leaf

AIR PLATFORM: Prepare to shift in to overdrive, this baby moves FAST!  If 
you have a few extra P-Wings, you might want to use one here.

LEVEL 8-1: Finally, a normal level!  Don't get bumped off by that pair of 
blocks on that pipe going down!  Don't think that normal implies easy 
though.  This level is rather difficult.   If you get sick of this, cloud 
over it and do 8-2 which is much easier!

LEVEL 8-2: Don't cloud over this one!  Deliberately let yourself sink in 
to the sand pit.  If you have a leaf, go right and grab some serious 
coinage.  If you don't and want one, go left.

FORTRESS: I tried to get through this, but got lost and ran out of time.  
This is an absolute pain in the ***.  For instructions, see EdTheMoogle's 
FAQ/Walkthrough at (Do a search for Mario Brothers 3)

If I were you I'd just cloud over this level.

TANK 2: Twice the cannonballs, half the level.  Persist and march on...  
No reward!

PALACE: There are many ways to do this, but here's what I do:
1.) At the start, run at full speed or you get zapped
2.) When you see the gap in the cieling, move over it.  A platform should 
appear and go right up the center.
3.) Step on the donut block, but hold right or you'll plummet to your doom.
4.) Go over the hill
5.) Avoid fireballs and try to get to one of the top two crevices
6.) If you get to the top, you won't have to worry about this.  If not, 
just work your way down, or try flying to the top one.  On the donut block, 
hold Right again
7.) Watch out, the first statue shoots lasers.  Getting flashbacks yet?

BOWSER: 5 hammers or 30 fireballs trashes him.  Don't wanna do it that 
way?  Fine:

The bricks on the bridge are destructable, but only by him.  Stand where 
you want him to land, and dupe him in to pummelling the way to his own doom.

This document is (c)2000 Orbiter Productions.  However, I am giving 
permission to anyone who wishes to edit this document permission simply by 
adding their name and e-mail address to the list below!   You may include 
this document on CD-ROMs and other file collections, as long as this file 
is included as NO ADDITIONAL COST!  That means that this document is free, 
and if you charge extra, expect your *** on a platter!

Steve Rusher <>
Your Name Here <Your Email Here>

Only one, and that's EdTheMoogle's FAQ on  I used it to 
complete my Card Game layout table.  Aside from that, this is all 
trial-and-error done through my Motorola StarMax 5000/225 603e running 
Super Mario All-Stars on SNES9X 1.0.9a for Macintosh in High-Quality/Small 
mode with 22kHz/Mono audio and a custom control set.  Memory-Freeze was 
overused to preserve taste.  Written in Alpha 7.2 (

Thanks to anyone who has added on to this document!  Your name is either 
next to your tidbits, or you've chosen to remain anonymous.

Document size: 30K

- Orbiter Productions :: Better Living Through Concept

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