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                    S u p e r   M a r i o   B r o t h e r s
        World 1 Walkthrough for the NES version of Super Mario Brothers
    This document is Copyright (C)2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.

   The latest version of this Walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs:


   For those of you readers who are familiar with my previous works, you will
soon realize this Walkthrough is a bit what you would say "out of the norm."
I honestly don't have the strength to type up a fully lengthed FAQ/Walkthrough
for Super Mario Brothers, therefore I am sticking down to what gamers really
need, the walkthrough. As you know, Super Mario Brothers is a very self-
explanatory game, and a FAQ (I feel) is unncessary. If you are looking for
controls, stories, characters, and all those other goodies, you won't have
much trouble finding them. Consider this an introduction to a rather "straight
forward" World 1 walkthrough for Super Mario Brothers.


   Please note, this document only contains the walkthrough for the first
world and all levels contained withing that world. Currently, I plan to create
separate walkthroughs for each world, and eventually combine each of the world
walkthroughs into one large walkthrough. Why? It's strictly for the purpose of
easy on my part. I find this an easier way to put together such a walkthrough,
and that's the way it's going to be.


Revision History:
V0.1 (07/07/2000): Initial Release. World Walkthrough Complete. Guide Complete.
                   Find any errors, let me know.


 W O R L D   1
Begin World Number 1 Walkthrough.

 L E V E L   1
   Head right, and jump up to hit the "?" block for a coin. Jump up and land
on top of the goomba (red enemy) to kill it. Continue forward a bit and hit the
first "?" block to release a growing mushroom. Collect the mushroom and watch
Mario's tiny body morph into one lean, mean, plumbing machine. First, jump up
and hit the "?" block to the right, proceeding to do the same to the "?" block
above the bricks. Once you've collected the coins, break the sets of brick
blocks in between the empty "?" blocks for some extra points.

   Venture right, over the 2 warp pipes where you will land in front of a 
goomba, waddling along in front of a shrub. Kill it and hop over the next,
tall warp pipe. Jump up and smash the 2 goombas into the ground. Now, coming
up, you will be faced with 3 options. You can either: a.) get an extra life,
and continue playing through the level, b.) warp through a pipe and collect
a bunch of coins and then warp near the end of the level, or c.) get nothing
and continue through the level.

   Your best bet would be the warp pipe and coins. By choosing this option,
you will not only get coins, but you will knock a bunch of time off the clock,
giving you even more points at the end of the level. Once you kill the 2
goombas, hop up onto the warp pipe ahead and press down to go inside into a
hidden area with a bunch of coins. Collect them all and warp out and near the
end of the level. If you decided to continue on, and get the extra life,
pass this warp pipe.

   Once over the pipe, kill the goomba and jump into mid-air around this area.
Continue to jump until you hit an invisible block containing an extra life.
Collect it and continue right. Now, if you went inside the warp pipe, just
hold off a bit, while I continue the walkthrough for the rest of the level
for those who didn't choose to warp through the level. 

   Move right, jumping over the gap. End the pathetic lives of the 2 goombas
who drop off the brick blocks above. Now is your chance for Mario to collect
fireballs, that is, unless Mario was hit by an enemy on his way, by which
Mario will once again get a growing mushroom. Hit the "?" block above to 
collect either the fireball plant or the growing mushroom. Now, break some
bricks for some extra points and continue right.

   Hop over the gap, and get rid of the goombas. You will now come to a 
solitary brick block, hovering in the air. First get rid of the oncoming turtle
so it won't interfere. Once the turtle is out of the picture, go back and jump
up to hit this mysterious block. Suprisingly, you will recieve a coin. Continue
to jump up and hit this block as quickly as possible to get the maximum amount
of coins out of it. If you do this task slowly, you won't get the full amount
of coins this block has to offer, so be quick about it.

   If you feel it is necessary, jump up and hit the "?" block above the bricks
for an extra coin. Continue right to come to a set of 3 blocks side by side and
1 block above. You will come to a series of 2 goombas. Kill them and start
hitting the "?" blocks. The 3 blocks on the bottom contain coins and the one
on top contains another fireball flower, or growing mushroom (depending on
Mario's contact with enemies during his journey through this level). Collect
the item and venture right.

   Smash the 2 sets of 2 goombas and collect the 2 coins in the "?" blocks
above. Break the remaining bricks and then hop up the stairway of blocks.
Jump over the gap and go down the stairway on the other side. Go past the hill
and up the stairway, over the gap, and down the other side. You will come to
a small warp pipe (which is where you would've ended up if you warped in the
beginning of this level).

   From this point, we should be all caught up, no matter what action you
decided to take in the beginning of the level. Kill the series of 2 goombas
and hit the "?" above where they were for 2 coins. Break the bricks (if 
possible) and continue right. Hop over the small warp pipe and go up the
large stairway of blocks. You have to run up these blocks to the top, where
you will do a monster jump. Your goal is to try and land on the tip top of
the flag pole, or close to it. In order to do so, you must generate enough
speed when you jump.

   The closer you get to the top of the flag pole, the larger reward you will
get in points. Mario will then jump off the pole and head into the castle. 
Mario will now be rewarded (in points) for the remaining time on the clock.
The more time, the more points you get. That ends the World 1-1.

 L E V E L   2
   From the start, Mario drops down from above faced with a double goomba.
The double goomba is simply 2 goombas connected to each other. You can kill
them both at the same time, one at a time, or none for that matter. Whatever
you do, just get rid of them. There are now 5 "?" blocks. Hit them all to
gain their contents. The first block contains a fireball plant or growing
mushroom, and the remaining 4 contain coins.

   Once the blocks are empty, continue right and over the stacks of small
blocks. You will land in a little ditch area with a goomba and a brick block
above. First, get rid of the goomba and proceed to quickly jump and hit the
brick block multiple times to drain it of all it's coins. The quicker you hit
the brick block, the more coins you receive, so move those feet.

   Hop out of this area and jump down the remaining series of block stacks
down to the ground again. Destroy the series of 2 turtles up ahead, followed
by collecting as many coins and breaking as many bricks in this area as 
possible. Another turtle will try and get in Mario's way, so kill it before
it does the same to Mario. The next area contains 2 sets of large blocks. If
you are large Mario, you will have to break blocks and jump over and out onto
the other side. However, if you are small Mario, you can just squeeze through
the tight space below the blocks.

   Either way, you must destroy the 2 goombas that walk in Mario's path while
doing this task. After making it to the other side, collect the coins above
head and break any bricks you find for some extra points. You don't want to
spend all day lingering around, smashing bricks, as that takes away time.
Be quick about breaking any bricks, and only break them if necessary. Move
right and break the blocks here. The end block contains several coins, so
quickly hit it multiple times to rid it of it's treasure.

   Just a bit right ahead you will find a large stack of bricks. Break the
first one or two on the right side to find another coin filled block. Hit
it quickly to steal the coins and continue going right. Hop over the large
gap and land either on ground or on top of the row of blocks. If you are
on top of the row of blocks, jump up and hit one of the blocks on top to
release an extra life. If you choose to do this, you must pace your movement
according to the rate the extra life mushroom moves, that way you will catch
it just in time when it falls up ahead.

   Go right, and get rid of the 3 stooges (goombas) up ahead. Now, hop over 
the warp pipes (which have flytraps in them) when safe. Move right over the
next 2 pipes, killing the goomba in between the 2nd and 3rd pipes. Once on 
the other side, hop over the gap and on top of stack of blocks, and down the
other side. You will soon come to a warp pipe with a gap to the right of it.
Hop over the gap and on land on top of the bricks. Hop over the gap on the
other side of the bricks and land on ground once again.

   Kill the 2 goombas coming down the steps and then proceed to climb the
steps afterwards. At the top you will find moving platforms going downward.
If you hit the extra life block, the mushroom will drop down here, time your
jump so you collect it. Now, hop onto one of the downward moving platforms
and quickly jump off to the right on ground. You will find a growing mushroom
or fireball plant on the end block here, collect it if necessary and continue
right to find some more platforms, this time moving upward.

   You can either go straight across through the warp pipe to end this level
or you can go upward to the top and hop off the moving platform once you are
level with the top bricks. Then walk to the back of this level to find a
hidden area which contains warp pipes to other worlds and levels. I am only
covering the normal path here, so if you are following this walkthrough, I
suggest you just exit this level as normal. Once you go through the exiting
warp pipe, Mario will appear at the bottom of a stairway of blocks. Run up
the stairway and super jump to the top of the pole if you can. You will once
again be rewarded with points for your time and end the 2nd level.

 L E V E L   3
   This level contains many platforms raised high in the air, so it creates
somewhat of a high hazard, just a fair warning ahead of time. Start right,
and hop onto the first platform, eventually climbing up the next 2 platforms
to find a turtle and some coins. Kill the turtle and collect the coins. Hop
down to the bottom platform for a coin, then jump up to the middle platform.
2 goombas will drop down from the high platform above, so get rid of them
before proceeding.

   Now, hop up to the high platform and back down to a lower platform.
There will be a moving platform here, so be careful, hop over the moving 
platform when safe, over to another low platform. Hit the "?" block for a 
fireball plant of growing mushroom. Venture right, and hop up to the middle
platform where you will find a flying turtle hovering. Throw a fireball at it
(if possible) otherwise you can either hop on it to destroy it's wings or you
can just all out avoid the sucker. 

   When the coast is clear, hop up to the high platform. Just to the right
is a horizontal moving platform with coins above it. Hop on for a free ride,
and collect the coins if you can do so without falling to your death. This
platform leads to another, similar platform to the right. Take this one to
the low platform to the right. Hop down onto the platform down below and then
up to the middle platform where a turtle is pacing back and forth.

   Use this little creature as ammo. to kill the flying turtle to the right.
Now, hop down a bit to the 2 middle platforms, cross these and jump up onto
the horizontal moving platform which leads to a giant stack of ground blocks
creating a stairway effect for Mario to climb. Climb the blocks to the top
to find the closing flag pole. Do a running jump and land as high as possible
on the top of the pole for some extra points to add to your score. Mario will
then enter a large castle and the remaining time will be added to your score,
closing out the 3rd level.

 L E V E L   4
   This is the boss level for World one, as you will face the World 1 boss
at the end of this level. This firey, molten filled level will surely cause
interference with Mario meeting up with the World 1 boss, due to the low 
celing above. Move right from the start and jump over the molten pit to the
other side. Go past the empty block, and make a death jump over the molten pit.
This is a high hazard because there is a fireball chainsaw on the platform in
the middle. You will also find a "?" block here, but I advise not to try and
get it because you will most likely be killed.

   If you were successful enough to bypass that chainsaw, hop right onto the
ground again. Continue right to find another chainsaw mounted to the celing.
Carefully pass it and continue right past the next 2 chainsaws, also mounted
to the celing. At the end you will find a chainsaw on the ground, down a small
step. Be careful of this one and only jump when it isn't going upward. Once
you pass this, venture right and do the same to the next chainsaws you find
on the celing and ground ahead.

   After the 3 chainsaws are out of the way, you will begin to have fire
shot at you by the boss of this world. Continue right, and down into the ditch.
Jump up and into the next ditch, which avoiding the oncoming fire. You will
see the bridge the boss is standing on just ahead. When there is no fire
in sight, jump up onto the bridge to face off against the World 1 boss, who is
a cinch to defeat. You simply must jump up onto the moving platform above to
go over the boss and hit the bridge key on the other side, which will cause
the bridge to collapse and the boss to fall into the molten pit. 

   Mario will then head right into the next area to find Toad (who has a 
mushroom on his head). Toad will thank Mario for defeating the boss, but he
unfortunately informs Mario that the princess is in another castle. This will
close out the last level in this first world, as well as finish off World 1.
Congratulations, you've just completed World 1! Please check back at for walkthroughs on other levels in Super Mario

   This now concludes this World 1 Walkthrough. For Walkthroughs on other
worlds, please check back at frequently. Questions? Comments?
Suggestions? Contributions? Send them to, and please
don't send crap, that just delays my time of helping out other needy gamers
all across the world. I give you my thanks, and a quick visit to my website
( would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

- Dallas -


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