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                    S u p e r   M a r i o   B r o t h e r s
        World 2 Walkthrough for the NES version of Super Mario Brothers
    This document is Copyright (C)2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.

   The latest version of this Walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs:


   For those of you readers who are familiar with my previous works, you will
soon realize this Walkthrough is a bit what you would say "out of the norm."
I honestly don't have the strength to type up a fully lengthed FAQ/Walkthrough
for Super Mario Brothers, therefore I am sticking down to what gamers really
need, the walkthrough. As you know, Super Mario Brothers is a very self-
explanatory game, and a FAQ (I feel) is unncessary. If you are looking for
controls, stories, characters, and all those other goodies, you won't have
much trouble finding them. Consider this an introduction to a rather "straight
forward" World 2 walkthrough for Super Mario Brothers.


   Please note, this document only contains the walkthrough for the second
world and all levels contained withing that world. Currently, I plan to create
separate walkthroughs for each world, and eventually combine each of the world
walkthroughs into one large walkthrough. Why? It's strictly for the purpose of
easy on my part. I find this an easier way to put together such a walkthrough,
and that's the way it's going to be.


Revision History:
V0.1 (07/08/2000): Initial Release. World Walkthrough Complete. Guide Complete.
                   Find any errors, let me know.


 W O R L D   2
Begin World Number 2 Walkthrough.

 L E V E L   1
   From the beginning, where Mario exits the castle, head right. The middle
brick in the row of 3 bricks ahead, contains a fireball flower or growing 
mushroom, collect it and continue on. Climb up the stairway, and drop into
the small area below where you will find 2 turtles, get rid of them and hop
over the steps on the other side to land back on the ground. Here you will
find 2 goombas in between the stairway and a warp pipe with a flytrap in it.
Kill the goombas and hop over the warp pipe when it's safe to do so.

   On the other side you will find 2 rows of "?" blocks, a turtle and a set
of 2 goombas. First kill the turtle, as he is there right when you fall. Next,
get rid of the 2 oncoming goombas so they won't interfere when you hit the "?"
blocks. Once the baddies are gone, start jumping and hitting each "?" block
in both rows to collect their contents (coins). The first block on the left
on the bottom row contains a fireball flower or growing mushroom to collect.
After a bit of time, you will see another turtle, followed by 3 goombas. Kill
them all and continuing going right.

   Break the lone brick here and hop over the warp pipe with a flytrap inside.
On the other side of the warp pipe there are 2 sets of "?" blocks, this time
side by side. Kill the 3 oncoming goombas first, and then hit the "?" blocks.
They all contain coins, so nothing special here. Hop over the large gap right
after the "?" blocks and kill the goomba that drops from the warp pipe. Avoid
the flytrap and jump over the pipe when safe to do so. 

   Hop over another gap and you will find a small warp pipe with another
oncoming, single goomba. Destroy it and hop over the pipe when the flytrap is
out of sight. Get rid of the goomba down here and hop over the large warp pipe
when safe to do so (avoiding the flytrap again). You will find a set of 3
warp pipes here: The tall one you are standing on, a mid-sized one in the
middle and another tall one at the end. There is only one way to get over
the last, tall pipe. You will have to jump down to the mid-sized pipe when
the flytrap is gone and jump up onto the last pipe from there when safe to
do so, and make it over to the other side.

   Once on the other side, hop over the gap and kill the hopping, flying
turtle on land. You can either throw a fireball at it to kill it instantly,
or you can hop on it's wings to destroy them and then kill it normally (if
you don't have fireballs). Hop over the gap, as well as the stack of blocks
while doing so. When you get to the other side go forward, and you will see
a single brick block. This is a coin block. Before hitting it, kill the 2
hopping, flying turtles, otherwise, they will get in your way when you are
trying to collect the coins.

   Once the turtles are gone, go back to the box and drain it of it's coins.
Venture forward and hit the lone "?" block for a coin, then jump over the
warp pipe when it's safe to do so. Get rid of the turtle pacing below and
then hop down off the pipe to the other side. Break some bricks here and you
will then find a trampoline, spring type gadget which will propel Mario to the
flag if jumped on correctly. Hop onto the trampoline, and press A when it's
going up to get a big push up to the top of the stacks of blocks. From here,
do a running job (as best as you can) and land as high as possible on the
flag pole. You will be rewarded for your time and that finishes the 1st level.

 L E V E L   2
   An underwater level! Swim right and near the bottom in the beginning. Swim
over the seaweed blocking your way and collect the coins on the other side.
If you have fireballs, kill the oncoming squid, if not, just avoid it while
collecting the coins. Swim up and collect the 3 coins while going over the
tall seaweed. Get the 3 coins down below and avoid another squid. Go past the
blocks and swim over the seaweed, where you will find another squid. Avoid
it and continue going right.

   Swim up and over the blocks, but be careful in this little ditch area with
3 coins. It is a suction pit and will suck Mario under if you don't swim up
to oppose the suction. If you can collect the coins without being sucked down
to your death, by all means do so. On the other side, beware of the fish as
well as the 2 squid. Swim over the blocks and continue going right. The key
to not being hit by fish or squid here is to stay near the bottom of the ocean
floor. Swim over the seaweed and walk along the floor, collecting the coins.

   There are a bunch of fish and squid swimming above, so look out for them.
Float up onto the block and collect the coins, then over the seaweed. You will
come to another suction pit here with coins down below. If you feel you are
masterful enough to collect the coins down below, go for it! Swim over the
pit avoiding it's powerful suction, over to the other side. Swim over the 
seaweed while avoiding coming into contact with oncoming fish. There are 2
seaweed pieces blocking your way here, one next to the other. Float over them
to find a very large suction pit. First, go up the blocks, near the middle of 
the pit. I advise to not try and collect the coins here, as there have been
many fatalaties resulting from attempts.

   Once you pass the pit, there will be 4 sets of blocks with fish swimming
in between them. You can either go through the blocks or walk along the floor,
it makes no difference. After passing the blocks you will find an underwater
warp pipe leading out of this level and to the set of stairs which lead to the
flag pole and castle. Go through the pipe, climb the stairs and do a running
jump onto the flag pole (aiming for the top). You will be rewarded for the
remaining time on the clock, finishing out Level 2.

 L E V E L   3
   This level is a high hazard area due to the flying fish everywhere. From
the castle, go right and climb up the steps onto the bridge. You will see
fish flying from below (this bridge is right over the ocean). It is crucial 
that you run all through this level (Hold B + Right) with the exception of
when you come to areas where you need to make careful jumps. Run across the
bridge, collecting coins and avoiding fish from below as best as you possibly
can. After running for a while, you will come to a gap in between the bridge.
Hop over it onto the other side of the bridge.

   There are a series of 2 short bridges with gaps after them, jump over the
gaps and you will soon land on a bridge fragment with a "?" block on it. It
contains a fireball plant or a growing mushroom (the growing mushroom here
can be very useful if you are small Mario, as it will reduce your chances of
death through this level). Hop over the gap and you will land on solid ground,
for a second that is. Soon after you land, you will go airborne again and
jump onto a tiny bridge fragment.

   Jump off of the fragment to a larger bridge piece, still avoiding the
flying fish as best as possible. Keep in mind that if you jump on the head
of a flying fish and knock it unconscious, you will gain a 200 pt. reward for
it. Make your way over the next 2 bridge pieces which will lead Mario to a
series of 3 small bridge fragments. Quickly, but carefully jump from fragment
to fragment until you land on the end of the bridge. From here, walk down the
steps onto solid land again. Hop over the gap, and climb the stairway to the 
top. Here, do a running jump, aiming for the top of the flag pole. Mario will 
exit, you will be rewarded for the remaining time on the clock and that will 
end the 3rd level.

 L E V E L   4
   Here you will find the boss level for World 2. At the end of this level is
the World 2 boss, but first you have to manage your way to the end of the level
before you can fight him. Move forward, down the steps, near the molten pit.
There will be a platform leading up with a flaming fireball that shoots up from
the depths of the molten. Once the fireball goes down, jump onto the platform
and up to the higher platform where you will find a "?" block.

   Hit the "?" block for a fireball plant or a growing mushroom. Jump back down
and to the right onto the lower platform. There is another flying fireball
from the molten below here, so when the coast is clear, make your move and land
on solid ground again. There is a sort of fork in the road here. You can either
choose to take the upper path, or the lower path. The difference? None. Both
paths have chainsaws awaiting ahead, so which one you choose is up to you.
Personally, I prefer to choose the upper path, but that's just me.

   Pass the 3 chainsaws to the end where there will be one last chainsaw on
the edge of the divider. Bypass it and continue going right. Hop up onto the
tall platform (once the chainsaw is going upward). Now, you will have to 
quickly jump onto one of the small, moving platforms moving upward to avoid
being hit by the chainsaw hanging above. Once you land on a small, moving
platform, hop over right onto another small downward moving platform. From
that one, jump right onto ground again.

   Watch out for the chainsaw when you jump off, as well as the fire that the
boss is breathing at you from his lair at the end of the level. Hop down off
of the tall platform into a lower area with an empty block and 6 coins (3
above, 3 below). Collect the coins (as many as you can) and then jump up onto
the skinny platform. From here, make your way over the molten pit onto the
next platform and finally over the 3rd molten pit onto solid land again. 
You'll have to do this while avoiding the oncoming fire as well.

   Once on the other side, drop down into the little ditch, and once there is
no fire coming toward you, jump up and into the 2nd little ditch. Once again,
when there is no fire hop out of the ditch and go right to face off against
the World 2 boss. There are 2 ways to avoid him, depending on the current size
of mario. If mario is small, he can't jump high enough to land on the moving
platform above, therefore he will have to run underneathe the boss when he
jumps. If you are large mario, you will have to first break the blocks
above head to clear a path to the moving platform. 

   Once the blocks are cleared, jump onto the moving platform and land on the 
bridge key on the other side. It will cause the bridge to collapse, taking the 
boss with it. Mario will walk right and meet up with toad, who, unfortunately
tells Mario the princess is in another castle, after thanking him. That 
finishes off the 4th level as well as the 2nd world. Congratulations, you've
just completed World 2.

   This now concludes this World 2 Walkthrough. For Walkthroughs on other
worlds, please check back at frequently. Questions? Comments?
Suggestions? Contributions? Send them to, and please
don't send crap, that just delays my time of helping out other needy gamers
all across the world. I give you my thanks, and a quick visit to my website
( would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

- Dallas -


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