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Ultima Exodus: Dzzy Strategies # 4
For the NES by FCI
This Guide is © 2000 James Dziezynski (
My site:

Version 1.0 The TEST page
Version 1.1 A few updates: The pray command answered and where to find 
the pick!
Version 1.2- Answered a few more questions regarding the picks and 
Hey thereóThis is going to be the beginning of my Ultima Exodus FAQ and 
walkthrough. I am utterly amazed there are no FAQ's out there for this 
game (and to think, there are probably lots of people out there with 
the strategy guide, something I have never had access to!) So I am 
doing it the old fashioned way: playing through it. Feel free to send 
in questions you may have. This is a VERY basic FAQ and it will grow 
over time! (For now it's a basic FAQ) I last played through it in 1989, 
so forgive me if my memory is a bit fuzzy.
Version 1.3 (5/7/00)óChanged the simple fact this game is by FCI and 
not Capcom. Added a few actual questions I have received. Yeah, I found 
the strategy guide, which isn't all that useful! ?

Q-What is the best party to have? What characters make the best group?
A-The best party is a BALANCED party. A good starting party would be: 
(human) Ranger or (Bobit) Paladin/(elf) Thief/ (bobit) Cleric/ (fuzzy) 

Q-What characters should I avoid?
A-The Barbarian and Alchemist both lack good qualities. Use them only 
for extra challenge. The Fighter is not that great either because he 
has no dexterity and no magic ability.

Q-What is the best race for each character?
A-Fighter=Dwarf, Cleric=Bobit, Wizard=Fuzzy, Thief=Elf, Paladin=dwarf 
or human, Barbarian=Dwarf, Lark=human, Illusionist=bobit, Druid=bobit 
or fuzzy, Alchemist=fuzzy, Ranger=human. 

Q-What the heck is a fuzzy anyways?
A-I'm not sure but they are have a lot of intelligence. 
Q-How do I earn experience in the beginning of the game?
A-Equip your front-row fighters with blow guns and use your magic users 
to cast REPEL and UNDEAD to boost Exp points. Earn a lot of exp points 
this way but keep your level at 3 or 4; any higher brings out tough 
creature you will not do that well against this early. Make sure to let 
your fighters kill a few enemies to earn exp points. 

Q-Help! I got to level 5 and I can't go any higher!! And the mean 
monsters have come out and are beating the crap out of me!! HELP!!
A-As mentioned in the previous question, keep your levels low until you 
visit Ambrosia and boost your levels up. At level 3 the pirate ship 
appears on the ocean but the ground enemies are still pretty weak. A 
good time to save money, hi jack their ship and head to ambrosia. 

Q-So what is Ambrosia?
A-A delicate food considered the feast of the GODS. Also a reference in 
the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge defines AMBROSIA as the food of 
paradise. It's also a desert my friends Jody's Aunt brings to picnics. 
She said it tastes, "Ok, not great."

Q-Ok, Mr. Smarty pants English major, what is it in Ultima?
A-OhhhhóAmbrosia is a hidden continent you reach by hi-jacking a boat 
and driving it into the whirlpool. Ambrosia is key to the game because 
it houses the temples where (for a generation donation of 100 gp) you 
can raise your attributes. There are also some other neat things in 

Q-Right,like the flower. What do I do with that?
A-When you find the flower (to the middle left from where you start, 
then down) GET it with all four of your characters. Return to Sosaria 
via the Boat/Whirlpool and visit Sherri (the big, scary pink Rosie 
O'Donnell look-a-like) in the Royal City. Have each of your characters 
GIVE her a flower and you will receive the COMPASS HEART from her. This 
is an essential item because it allows you to return to Lord British's 
castle at any time (even battle!!) This makes trips to Ambrosia a lot 
easier because you can return at any time. The bad news is you can only 
use each compass heart once; the good news is you can keep picking 
flowers and everytime you give one to Sherri she will give you another 
compass heart! She's got billions of 'em! A must have for increasing 
your levels.

Q-Ok, so I have the Ambrosia thing down. It's still early in the game, 
how do I know what attributes to raise with my hard earned money?
A-Raising your MAGIC users (i.e Wizard, Druid) is a great start so that 
they will learn the powerful spells to whoop up on the stronger 
enemies. Raising your THIEF's dexterity is a great idea as well, 
because it makes it easy for you to steal treasure chests in certain 
cities where you can earn money fast. Mo' money, mo' levels! Eventually 
build up your WILL power users (Clerics and such), then strength.

Q-And the temples areÖ?
Intelligence-upper right, then left, across lake.
Dexterity-Middle right, down. This is a tough one to get to. The 
easiest way to get there is to go to the LEFT and down to battle the 
pirates and get their boat (as if you were going back to Sosaria). You 
will probably have to get a powerful Cleric or Wizard to battle the Man 
O wars you will encounter on the way over. When you reach the other 
side, go up to the left of the pirate ship, and you will find the 
Strength-Left, down
Wisdom-Right, down.

Q-So what town is it that you can steal lots of gold?
A-In Death Gulch, you need one key and a thief with high dexterity. The 
Mark of Fire helps to steal a little more money. When you get to the 
second open area, go down and to the left and you will find a bunch of 
treasure chests ripe for the picking! Using the stop spell on guards if 
you get caught is a good idea to avoid unnecessary battles. Use the 
compass heart to warp out of the town if you get caught. 
Q--So what about the dungeons?
A-The Dungeons are essential because only in their cavernous depths can 
you find the marks of heroes. You can also find special items, such as 
the pick in the Dungeon of death. There are assorted springs and other 
items to be found as well. DO NOT ENTER THE DUNGEONS UNTIL YOU HAVE 
BEEN TO AMBROSIA!! You need to have fairly strong levels as the enemy's 
toughness does not correspond to your level, as in the overworld. 
Making maps is always a good idea. 

Q-Maps!! Ooo! Ooo! Do you have some??!!
A-Check out my Ultima info on I have 
great links to Stefen Wuepping's complete Ultima site ( in German) and 
some of his maps on my site.

Q-What and where is DAWN??
A-Dawn is a hidden city that only appears when both moons are new (not 
there)- To access Dawn, go to the river inlet above Montor West and 
line your self up with the river inlet pointing west. Go three steps 
into the forest and hit the B button until the moons are both new. Dawn 
will appear right in front of you. 

Q-What does he pick do for me?
A-The pick allows you to get the MYSTIC armor and MYSTIC weapon, which 
are simply buried in the ground! Where? Steal the gold pick counter in 
the guild in Dawn and use it to get the mystic aromor on a small island 
just south of the Montors. Get the Silver pick in the Dungeon of Death 
and find the mystic weapon near the island town ( Grey I believe) to 
the North of Sosaria. 

Q-Ok, so where do I learn the PRAY command? I heard that helps you out 
A-You must have the fire mark and walk across some fire rivers in the 
town of Yew. Talk to the man hanging out past the fire and he will give 
you the pray command.

Q-What is that big snake all about?
A-I assume that is the guardian of Evil or Exodus. Use the silver horn 
to get rid of him.

Q-Where do I get the cards?
A-Earn the cards by praying at the shrines. Use these cards to seal 
Exodus in the final castle. 

NEW NEW NEW (5/7/00)

Q-How can I get the boat to travel to Ambrosia? I don't even SEE a 
A-to get the boat, a few conditions must first be met. Number one, you 
MUST have a character of level 5 exp. (or higher) in your party. This 
is highest level you can reach before finding the Mark of Kings, so 
it's a pretty good bet you will have a Wizard or Cleric at level 5  
before other characters. Once you reach this level, grey and black 
pirate ships will appear randomly in the ocean. A good way to get one 
near the shore closest to you is to enter and exit a town until one is 
there. Once you encounter a boat, defeat the pirates and the boat will 
turn Orange, indicating it is yours to use! Remember, you have to talk 
to Lord British to get your level up, which goes up one level per 100 
exp points you earn.

That's my VERY basic FAQ (for now) I'll have much more soon, trust me. 
I just need to find the time to play through the game!!!!

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