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David Zabroski wrote this walkthrough solely. Know to his friends as 
Locke. Please feel free to post this on your website. I only ask that 
you e-mail me at to let me know you are posting 
it. If you have any problems please feel free to contact me.

I have worked very hard on this walkthrough by myself and will not 
tolerate plagiarism. If I find this walkthrough has been plagiarized I 
will take action.

Welcome to the Uninvited Game. This is the last of the NES series that 
was started by Shadowgate. This is indeed one of my favorite games. It 
took me days to figure out some of the secrets of it. Some items and 
seen look like they should be acted upon immediately while others are 
just plain confusing. 

I.	Tips
II.	Walkthrough
	a.	Car
	b.	Outside Mansion
	c.	Foyer
	d.	Library
	e.	First Floor Hallway
	f.	Second Floor Hallway
	g.	Master's Bedroom
	h.	Dracan's Bedroom
	i.	Guest Bedroom
	j.	Spiral Staircase
	k.	Closet
	l.	First Floor Hallway II
	m.	Parlor
	n.	Dining Room
	o.	Study
	p.	Kitchen
	q.	Pantry
	r.	The Servants Quarters
	s.	Foyer II
	t.	Game Room
	u.	Master's Bedroom II
	v.	Foyer III
	w.	Hunting Room
	x.	Outside
	y.	Greenhouse
	z.	Chapel
	aa.	Maze
	bb.	Cages/Bouncing Creature
	cc.	Magisterium
	dd.	Game Room II
	ee.	Magisterium II
	ff.	Lower Caves
	gg.	Study II
	hh.	Dracan's Bedroom II
	ii.	Secret Hatch
	III.	Secrets & Extras

Here are a couple of tips for the game for those who will bravely figure 
this out without my help.

Keys are important. They are hidden everywhere. The have many uses, but 
some locks can't be opened in a conventional way.

Ghost and monsters are attached or afraid of certain things. Show them 
to them and they will run.

The house is possessed and so will you if you don't make hast.

Always check the rooms you enter. Many things can be opened, and even a 
smaller item can have great value.

Certain items interact with each other. This goes for the ones in your 
inventory and tools in the game.

I.	 Walkthrough
You wake up in your car. Dazed and confuse you recall what happened. You 
where driving along a road. Everything was normal, but all of the sudden 
you had to swerve to miss a shadowy figure in the road. You awake in 
your totaled car, and you look for your sister and she is nowhere to be 
found. What to do?

a.	Car
The car is about to blow up. You have only a few seconds. Do not try the 
engine or look around, open the door and get out.

b.	Outside the Mansion
You see a large mansion in front of you. You can't just waltz in, or can 

Look around; make sure you catch every detail.
Open the mailbox and then open the envelope. There should be a letter 
and a pendent. Once you take the pendent the house will flash and the 
door will be open. Read the letter to find out a little about your new 

c.	Foyer
You enter the room and see a fireplace and some chairs. Take a close 
look at the chairs and you may see some flaws in the seat.

d.	Library
Once you enter go to the right door and enter the library. What to do? 

Open the book on the table and learn the entire spell inside. 
You will receive the following Spells:
Cloudisi, Stillini, Thundede
(Cloudisi I never had to use)

Now exit the library and return to the Foyer room you just left.
Try the other door that you haven't opened.

e.	First Floor Hallway
You are in a hallway with many rooms to your left and right. Just ignore 
them. If you open them a ghost lady will appear, she is harmless unless 
you try to open any more doors.

f.	Second Floor Hallway
Head up the stairs to another hallway.
There are more rooms to choose from. Here are them in order to of left 
to right. This will make it easier to understand.

g.	Master's bedroom
Check the diary on the table (Diary 2) and read it to get information 
about the house.  The diary gives an account of the trainings with 
Dracan in magic. He turned evil and wants power and used magic against 
the Master. The Master's servant was able to get the Star, an important 
item, back from Dracan and hid it in a hinge less box.
Ignore the bathroom.

h.	Dracan's bedroom 
Head to Dracan's room and see his diary. He has an interesting side of 
the story. 
Open the table to find a scroll. Read it and receive the Doll, Doll 

i.	Guest Bedroom
The guest bedroom is optional. Whatever you do, do not pick up the ruby. 
The house will possess you and make life living hell.
j.	Spiral Staircase
Next room over has a spiral staircase. Don't go up the stairs, but pick 
up the axe and leave.

k.	Closet
You can take what you want, but you only need two things from here
*No Ghost
It is always good to look at the items before or after you pick them up.

l.	First Floor Hallway II
Head back down stairs. If you haven't already tried opening one of the 
doors so the Southern Ghost will appear. Open the bottle of "No Ghost" 
and spray her with it. She's melting, She's melting, what a world, What 
a World!

Now you can open the rest of the doors freely.

m.	Parlor
You open this door, but there is nothing there, so head to the porch. 
You see a spider walking on the rail. When things move across the screen 
it is a sign of importance.
Spray some of the spray in the railing. Head back the way you can and 
return to the porch again. The spider walks right into the spray and 
gets stuck. Take the spider with you. No, this does not have to do with 
the Stillini spell. Return to the hallway.

n.	Dining Room
Open the lower left door for the dining room.
Take the bouquet off the table.

o.	Study
Enter the North door of the Dining Room.
Open the drawer and take the card.

p.	Kitchen
Take a knife with you, any one. Now head to the right door

q.	Pantry
Take the matches and return to the kitchen. Now head left.

r.	The Servants Quarters
Use the lamp to uncover a hidden vault. You will notice a book, and an 
old man looking at you. Use the spider and watch him run. How he was 
able to take the Star, and be afraid of spiders I don't know.
Take the diary and read it if you like.

s.	Study

t.	Foyer II
Head back into the hallway, but keep moving to the foyer with the 
couches. Use the knife to cut open the couch and take the Key1.

Return to the hallway and open the upper left door.

u.	Game Room
Open the cabinet with Key 1. Take the doll and use the Doll, Doll, and 
spell. He will teach you the spell O' Sesame. Note his clue for the 
Pious Brother.

v.	Master's Bedroom II
Now return to the Master's Bedroom upstairs. (Note: In the other 
Shadowgate games I don't remember using a key more than once. Here keys 
can open multiple doors)
Open the cabinet with Key 1. Take everything.

w.	Foyer III
Return downstairs and go to the Foyer. Use the matches to light the 
fireplace. Use the box in the fire. Remember a passage in one of the 
diaries about the Star? In fire it freezes, and ice it burns. The box 
burned, but the Star froze the fire. Take the Star and leave.

x.	Hunting Room
Go through the top door of the Game Room and enter the hunting room. 
Take the cage and go outside.

y.	Outside 
You will see a bird fly ahead of you. I spent hours trying to find out 
how to catch him, but he has more important matters with you later on in 
another part of the game.

You have three choices for areas. The Magisterium, Greenhouse, or 
Chapel. You can't enter the Magisterium, but you can enter the Chapel 
and Greenhouse. I went in the in the following order:

z.	Greenhouse (Middle Road)
Enter the Greenhouse and you might see a little goblin dancing around 
with a key, he is in a lot of other rooms, too. Ignore him. Grab the 
watering can and head to the front of the Greenhouse. Use the faucet to 
turn the water on. Use the Watering can on the faucet to fill it with 
water. Return inside and use the water on the empty pot. You will 
probable be able to use the can two times until you run out of water. 
Keep re-filling the water until you get a piece of fruit. Take the fruit 
and leave. DO NOT EAT IT!!!!!

Exit the Greenhouse and go the Chapel

aa.	Chapel (Right Road)
It is really simple here. Use the Thundered spell to send them running 
Enter the chapel take the Goblet and Candle sticks. The alter will move 
and if you try to go down the hole you will be warned there is a huge 
spider below. Don't even try the Stillini spell it won't work just yet. 
Ignore the passage.

Try the O' sesame spell the Pious Pole Face will open a door for you.
Before you use the door use the matches on the candle. 

bb.	Maze
If you meet the ghost he should just fly away, he is scared of the 
candles you are holding.

Tips for the Maze:
Use you pendent on any lone Zombie
Groups of Zombies will not hurt you as long as you keep moving
Relax and take time exploring.
All right you want the solution? Here it is:


Tip: You are always facing north so you don't have to rotate your 

Place the Bouquet of flowers at the grave and the grave will open.

cc. 	Three Cages, Bouncing Ball
Open the Cages with Key 1. Use your cage on the Hawk. Any other 
combination will mean your death. The Snake will eat the Cat.

The Bouncing Creature with the Blothney Gem
Simple Open the cage and the Bouncy creature will be distracted so you 
can grab the gem. Use the Telemaze Spell to exit the maze. You should be 
outside of the maze now.

dd. 	Magisterium
Return to the Magisterium the left path.
Use the Blothney Gem to open the door.
Once inside give the creature flying around the fruit. He'll let you 
pass. Enter the Observatory. Use the combination 794780. You can get 
this by matching the card with the Metal names on it. It is Gold Silver 
Mercury. 79-47-80.

There is a jar in the safe. Try hitting it and it won't break. Use the 
axe. Take the cookie, and leave. Why they would put a cookie in a safe 
is beyond me.

ee.	Game Room II
You know that annoying little gremlin always dancing around with that 
key? Well use the cookie on the plate and he will come dancing by and 
drop his key when he eats the cookie. Finally!

ff.	Magisterium II
Go to the Magisterium and use the Key2 on the floor hatch. Go down and 
you will see a cave. You can go past the first cave if that spider 
bothered you before, go to the end of the cave and use Stillini to 
freeze him, now you can walk up to the Chapel, but there is no need to 

gg.	Lower Caves
If not then enter the first cave door. A Ghost will talk to you and give 
you some information. Use the star on the ice, (Fire Freezes, Ice Burns, 
remember) the ice will melt and flush Dracan's body away from the cave. 
Follow it and you will see a well with Dracan lying next to it. Quickly 
pick him up and throw him in the well. (If you can't figure out how to 
do that you are really bad at these kinds of games. Just use Dracan and 
point to the well)

Yippee you saved the world!!!! What you sister? Oh Yeah
There is a exit north take it. You will end up in the study

hh.	Study II
Your sister screams from the floor above and suddenly stops.

ii.	Dracan's Bedroom II
Head to Dracan's bedroom on the second floor and go into the bathroom. 
Turn on all the faucets. The door will lock and the room will start 
filling up with water. Keep pressing open and point to the light on the 
ceiling. Eventually the water will fill up enough for you to open the 
light, which reveals a hatch. Once you open it you must go through it 
ASAP or you will die.

jj.	Secret Hatch
You sister is alive!!!
What she isn't responding? Hit her.
A demon that possessed her will exit her body. She will escape out the 
window. Use the Goblet on him that will shut him up.

Exit through the window and you are done! Congratulations!!

III	Secrets & Extras
(Save your game before you try any of this)
Here are a few things that you can do that are really funny in the game.
Cast Spells on yourself just to see what happens.
Drink the potions you find.
Open the cage on top of the spiral staircase and make new friends.
Use the Axe on yourself.
Locate the Secret Gravestones in the Maze.
Hit a Gravestone to meet the residents.
Open the coffin and sit in it.
Try deadly items on yourself
Play with Dracan's body
Follow Dracan into the well
Secret Areas of the Maze

Ace Harding's Grave (DÈj# Vu I & II)
If you read the tombstone the name will sound familiar

Talimar's Grave

Marble Coffin

This walkthrough was created, edited, produced by David Zabroski.

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