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64:  The Second Attack

Complete Custom Part Guide

Table of Contents:

  Custom Part Guide
    1.  Lost Planet: Alcatraz
    2.  Ocean Planet: Aquanet
    3.  Sky Planet: Horizen
    4.  Game Planet: Starlight
    5.  Nature Planet: Neverland
    6.  Amusement Planet: Epikyur
    7.  Prison Planet: Thantos
    8.  Merhant Ship Frontier
    9.  Guardian Armor Guide
  Customizing Your Bomber
  Credits & Contact Info
  Legal Stuff


This is my very first FAQ ever, at least one written for  I once
wrote a FAQ that contained a complete guide to all of the gold cards and custom
pieces of the first Bomberman 64, but I only uploaded that to a
file library.  If you want that, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.  I
think that the original, although it had fewer custom pieces, was more
challenging.  If you've never played it before, you'd get the biggest headache
that you've ever gotten trying to beat Rainbow Palace.  Anyway, enjoy.


Finished first version of FAQ

Made minor changes
Corrected Guardian Armor Section
Added Merchant Ship Frontier Custom Part Descriptions

Made some minor changes


1.  Lost Planet: Alcatraz

Alcatraz, being the first planet, is the easiest planet.  I don't know why, but
the first planet that I got a "*COMPLETE" on was Thantos.  Alcatraz was the

Head Piece:  Full Helmet
Needs:  Nothing special
If you looked carefully, there is a large crate above the area where you begin.
How do you get to it?  Simple.  As you progress through the level, you'll
eventually find yourself on a narrow bridge with two cannons and a couple
blocks.  Jump off of the bridge on the side that's closer to the top of your TV
screen, and you'll find yourself right next to the crate.  The Full Helmet
piece is inside.

Body Piece:  Warrior's Armor
Needs:  Beaten Baelfael
In the room where you begin, there is a small building in the bottom right that
looks similar to an outhouse.  The door is closed at the very beginning of the
game, but once you've defeated Baelfael, Alcatraz's Astral Knight, the door
will open.  Inside is a box with the Warrior's Armor custom piece.

Arms Piece:  Gauntlet
Needs:  Beaten Baelfael
After you beat Baelfael, you have to destroy the water pump in the bottom left
of the room.  This drains water from a pipe the you have to go through, and
also the water in the room you're in.  Drop down to the newly drained floor,
and go to the top right of the area.  There is a hidden door that you can go
through.  Inside is a crate with the Gauntlet custom piece.

Legs Piece:  Armored Boots
Needs:  Glove item, detonator
In the room before the gravity generator room is a large machine enemy.  Kill
him.  Make sure that the big steam machine is destroyed, too.  After that, pump
up a bomb and place it in the little area between the two platforms.  Climb the
ladder and jump onto the bomb, and you'll bounce over to the other platform
with a box.  Inside is the Armored Boots custom piece.  If you don't have a
glove, drop a bomb in the center of the little area between the platforms.  You
should be able to get to the other platform.

2.  Ocean Planet: Aquanet

Aquanet contains one of the hardest custom pieces in the game to get, and the
others are no cakewalk, either.  It also contains a piece of guardian armor
(see section C, part 9).

Head Piece:  Plate
Needs:  Nothing special
In the 4th room (not counting the area where you start) are four dragon heads
pumping water into the center of the room.  They take two hits to destroy.
Destroy the first two, kill the octopus-in-a-jar, and then destroy the other
two.  The water in the room will drain out.  Go into the area where the water
used to be, and walk off of the bottom.  Inside is a room with a few items and
the Plate custom piece.

Body Piece:  Frog Suit
Needs:  Ability to lay 4 bombs, glove
This piece is probably one of the hardest in the game to get.  After you cross
the bridge where Pommy sees the underwater city and talks about treasure,
you'll be in a room with an elevator (it's closed off if you're playing the
level for the first time) and a bunch of Tritons (the green guys with
tridents).  Kill the Tritons and blow up all of the columns next to the
elevator and drain the water by laying a bomb on one switch and stepping on the
other switch.  Here come's the tricky part.  Stand to the right of the
elevator, up against the wall.  Pump up a bomb and lay it in the corner where
the elevator meets the wall.  Pump up another bomb and throw it on top of the
first bomb so that it bounces up and down.  Pump up another bomb and put it
just to the right of the first two bombs.  Pump up one last bomb and drop it
just to the right of the first three bombs, so that it is in the area where the
water used to be.  Now, jump down on the 4th bomb so that you're bouncing up
and down.  Bounce onto the 3rd bomb, and the bounce up onto the 2nd bomb, and
then finally, bounce up on top of the elevator.  Whew!  Now, blow up the bombs
(and try not to get hit by their blasts), and you'll see an item block.  Inside
is the Frog Suit custom piece.

Arms Piece:  Webbed Gloves
Needs:  Beaten Behemos, had conversation with Lilith
Go back to the room with the three crabs, the second to bottom room in that
area.  Jump into the trench where the water used to be and exit through the
top-left door.  Continue walking through the trench to the next room, which
contains a block with the Webbed Gloves custom piece.

Legs Piece:  Frog Feet
Needs:  Hurricane bombs
In the last room before the gravity generator room, there is a block next to
one of the spitting dragon heads.  Destroy it, and then from the very left edge
of the last platform hurricane-bomb over to it to get the Frog Feet custom

3.  Sky Planet Horizen

Head Piece:  Helmet
Needs:  Earth bombs and glove OR detonator, glove, and ability to lay 4 bombs
Go to the area southeast of the start.  Kill all the enemies to go to the room
under it.  Above the entrance is a block with the custom piece in it.  One
[easy] way of getting it is to destroy the block and use earth bombs to shove
it off of the platform.  An earth bomb that isn't pumped (it doesn't work with
pumped earth bombs) will shove any item, including custom pieces, around a bit.
The harder way of getting it is to kill all of the enemies in the room and
destroy the torch in the bottom left.  Drop a pumped bomb there, drop another
pumped bomb just to the left of the platform with the block on it up against
the wall, drop a third pumped bomb under that and a bit to the left, and drop a
small bomb between bombs 1 and 3.  Fall down on bomb 1 and steer yourself to
bombs 4, 3, and 2, and then onto the platform.  The Helmet custom piece is also
one of the hardest to get in the game.

Body Piece:  Biker Suit
Needs:  Nothing special
In the room under the area northeast of the starting area, there is a box that
is barely visible under the first staircase.  It's hard to see.  It's near the
top- right corner, on the same level as the door.  Be careful getting to it
because there are a lot of holes in the floor.

Arms Piece:  Leather Gloves
Needs:  Beaten Ashtarth
After you beat Ashtarth, there are three torches on the platform above his
arena.  The Leather Gloves custom piece is in the leftmost one (blow it up,

Legs Piece:  Leather Boots
Needs:  Nothing special
In the room before the gravity generator room, take the lower-left exit.
Staying on the right (as in not the left) half of the platform, hurricane-bomb
yourself over the hole in the bridge.  Push the statue into the hole, and then
continue on.  Follow the walkway until you get to a dead end.  In that room is
a block containing the Leather Boots custom piece.

4.  Game Planet Starlight

Head Piece:  Beret
Needs:  Glove, detonator, ability to lay 4 bombs
After you destroy the limo in the room before the revolving door, you might
notice a statue appear to the left of the casino sign on the roof.  The Beret
custom piece is inside that statue.  To get up there, you'll have to make sure
that you didn't destroy the two lamp posts in front of the revolving door.  If
you did, re-enter the room and try again.  Stand between the poles and throw
two pumped bombs on each other against the left pole.  Drop another pumped bomb
just to the right of those two, and then face the other lamp post.  Throw a
small bomb against it so that it hits and stuns you.  This should bounce you up
onto the third bomb and then onto the other two bombs and then on top of the
left lamp post.  Walk up to the statue and destroy it.  If you ended up between
bombs 1 and 2, just pick up bomb 4 and try again until you get it.

Body Piece:  Artist's Smock
Needs:  Kick
Go up onto the roof of the first room.  Kick a couple bombs down to the floor
and to destroy the black speakers near the door.  When you destroy both of
them, a statue will appear to the right of the blue ceiling.  Inside is the
Artist's Smock custom piece.

Arms Piece:  Paint Set
Needs:  Nothing special
In the room where you had to destroy the slot machines in a certain order to
open a door, you have to destroy them in reverse order.  You'll know if you did
it right if you got three pictures of Zhael.  After you do that, a statue will
appear that contains the Paint Set custom piece.

Legs Piece:  Slippers
Needs:  Beaten Zhael
After you beat Zhael, leave and re-enter her arena.  A statue will be onstage
that contains the Slippers custom piece.

5.  Nature Planet Neverland

Head Piece:  Robot Head
Needs:  Nothing special
Go to the third room (not counting the room where the ship lands) and destroy
all of the enemies to open the door.  Go up to the crane and destroy it, too.
Standing on the dark strip of metal floor closest to the door near where the
crane was, hurricane-bomb yourself to the left.  Blow up the block there if you
want a heart.  Go through the door under you.  Blow up the flamethrowers in
this room to open up a room that contains a detonator item.  The Robot Head
custom piece is in the block that is on the left ledge of the room with the

Body Piece:  Robot Suit
Needs:  Glove, detonator, ability to lay three bombs
Go to the room that contains the moving platform that you use to move between
two ledges in that room.  Kill the cranes and all of the enemies, and then go
to the side at the top side of the room (top relative to your TV screen).  On
the ledge in the top left is a block that contains the Robot Suit custom piece.
Against the top wall, drop a pumped bomb next to the ledge.  Drop another
pumped bomb off of the ledge to your right.  Drop another small bomb to the
right of the first bomb.  Jump off of the ledge onto bomb 2 and bounce back up
onto bombs 3 and 1 and then onto the ledge.

Arms Piece:  Robot Arm
Needs:  Kick, beaten Molok
Go to the room after the room described above.  If you've beaten Molok, you can
see a door open just under the entrance, but you can't quite get to it.  Kick
an ice bomb into the lava to create an ice platform, and then drop down onto it
and walk through the door.  Inside is a block containing the Robot Arm custom
piece.  When you go back up, you'll be at the original entrance, so don't worry
about falling in the lava.

Legs Piece:  Robot Boots
Needs:  Beaten Molok
After you defeat Molok, go back to the room before his arena and climb the
ladder again.  Go through the door in the top-right, and you'll be on a
platform above his arena.  There is a block on the righthand side of the
platform.  Inside is the Robot Boots custom piece.

6.  Amusement Planet Epikyur

Head Piece:  Pointed Hat
Needs:  Museum Pass
Use the Museum Pass to get to the rollar coaster.  Instead of getting on it,
walk off of the tracks.  Jump off of the tracks to the left.  There should be
a ghost and a few blocks.  Inside the blocks are a detonator and the Pointed
Hat custom piece.  To get back, walk along the south fence to the right.

Body Piece:  Clown Suit
Needs:  Nothing special
In the first room of the haunted house, there is a door in the top-left of the
room that is hidden by the balcony.  Go through it to find a room with a bunch
of blocks.  One of them contains the Clown Suit custom piece, but others might
contain a ghost, so be careful.

Arms Piece:  White Gloves
Needs:  Nothing special
Go up to the balcony of the first room of the haunted house (use a hurricane
bomb to get up the slide-turned stairs).  On the left side is a burning door.
Use an ice bomb on it and then go through.  You'll be on a ledge with a block
and the door burning again.  Destroy the block and then ice-bomb the burning
door again to go back.  The block contains the White Gloves custom piece.

Legs Piece:  Clown Shoes
Needs:  Earth bombs, glove
Go to the museum.  Using the map in the top-right, destroy the fossils in the
order indicated.  The order is the one in the top-left first, the one in the
bottom-left second, the one in the bottom-right third, and the T-Rex skeleton
last.  Go through the newly opend door to the right.  Kill all of the enemies
here, and notice that there is a display case with a block on top of it in the
top-left.  Destroy the block.  The display case is indestructable, so you're
going to have to use the same tactic with the earth bombs that you used to get
the Helmet on Horizen.

7.  Prison Planet Thantos

Head Piece:  Mohawk
Needs:  Light bombs
Get to the room that is north of the room that is east of the room that is
north of the start.  There should be a few enemies, a destroyed train car, and
an escalator.  Kill the enemies if you wish, and then light-bomb the escalator.
Go up it into another room.  One of the blocks in this room contains the Mohawk
custom piece, but only walk around the edges because there is a crusher in the
middle that can kill you instantly.

Body Piece:  Leather Jacket
Needs:  Train batteries (2)
Use the train batteries to power up the train.  Ride it to the other stop.
Between the train cars is a ladder going into a ditch.  Inside the ditch is a
block with the Leather Jacket custom piece inside.

Arms Piece:  Brass Knuckles
Needs:  Train batteries (2)
>From the room described above, continue on for two rooms.  In this room, kill
the enemies.  Instead of hurricane-bombing across the chasm, earth-bomb the
manhole.  Inside is a couple of blocks, one of which contains the Brass
Knuckles custom piece.

Legs Piece:  Boots
Needs:  Nothing special
Go two rooms north of the start.  Kill the enemies, and then as before, blow
up the manhole cover with an earth bomb.  Inside is a couple of blocks, one of
which contains the Boots custom piece.

8.  Merchant Ship Frontier

In this section, I'm going to describe what custom pieces can be purchased at
the Merchant Ship Frontier.  What's in quotes is the merchant's descriptions of
the custom parts.

After Alcatraz:
  Beard           300g    "This'll make ya look all rich and smart!"
  Tank Body      2000g    "This'll toughen ya up!  It's sure to make an
  Fan             300g    "Perfect fer coolin' ua off on those hot days!"
  Bigfoot Shoes    16g    "Put these on for a real kick!  har har har!"
  Topknot         200g    "Why don't ya get rid o' that pink ball and try
  Kimono          400g    "This here's one o' them samurai robes!  Try it on!"
  Sword           500g    "These 'ere look sharp, but they won't cut much."
  Sandals         100g    "These slippers're made out o' grass--mighty soft!"
After Aquanet:
  Cat Ears        300g    "Here's a hood with cute little cat ears on it!"
  Cat Suit        300g    "See here?  The suit comes with a bell an' tail!"
  Cat Gloves      300g    "Get these, and you'll have a complete cat outfit!"
  Cat Slippers    300g    "You can use these for cleanin', too!"
After Horizen:
  Headgear        400g    "This one'll protect yer noggin if ya get hit!"
  Elephant Suit   400g    "Cute, ain't it?  I loves elephants!"
  Gloves          400g    "This here's a pair o' boxing gloves."
  Kung Fu Shoes   400g    "These are just like Bruce what's-his-name's!"
After Starlight:
  Ribbon          800g    "I bet you'd look mighty cute with this one on!"
  Pink Dress      800g    "This here frilly dress is perfect for parties!"
  Slash Claws     800g    "From the original Bomberman 64!  As good as ever!"
  High Heels      800g    "They're purty, but don't go running around too
After Neverland:
  Rabbit Ears     500g    "What ya see is what ya gets--rabbit ears!"
  Duck Suit       500g    "This is a plain ol' duck suit."
  Drill           500g    "Nice an' shiny, ain't it?"
  Sneakers        500g    "These're top o' the line!  Good lookin' and comfy!"
After Epikyur:
  Bald Head        30g    "Ya wanna look good, use this with the glasses!"
  Apron          1000g    "If yer gonna do any cooking, this is for you!"
  Hand Puppets    700g    "Use these to keep the kiddies happy!"
  Pommy Slippers 1000g    "These here are made to look like yer friend, Pommy!"
After Thantos:
  Gold Helmet    6000g    "Like the name says!  Think ya can afford this one?"
  Gold Suit      6000g    "Solid gold plate!  'Course that means it's
  Gold Gloves    6000g    "These go with the suit!  Gotta have 'em all, right?"
  Gold Boots     6000g    "These here are made of gold, but they're light!"
After buying ALL
other parts:
  Cowboy Hat     1500g    "If ya buy this, I won't have anything for me head!"
  Cowboy Vest    1500g    "Whatcha doin', takin' my clothes fer?"
  Cowboy Gloves  1500g    "These haven't been washed fer 3 years!  Want 'em?"
  Cowboy Boots   1500g    "I've worn these boots for 9 years!  They're broken

9.  Guardian Armor Guide

There are four pieces of Guardian Armor in this game:  The Guardian Helmet,
Guardian Mail, Guardian Gloves, and Guardian Boots.  Each one is hidden on
a different planet.  If you beat the Warship Noah, you can find a demo in the
Merchant Ship Frontier for 500g for how to find each piece of Guardian Armor.
The armor serves different useful purposes.  The helmet makes it so that you
never lose the detonator, the boots make it so that you never lose the bomb
kick ability, the gloves make it so that you never lose the bomb throw ability,
and the mail makes you recover faster from knock outs.  Whenever you find a
piece of Guardian Armor, it is always in its own room and on a pedestal filled
with light.  You can't directly pick up the armor, but if you destroy the
pedestal with a bomb you can then pick up the armor.  **The order that you get
the armor is always the same.  You can get any piece on any planet at any
time.  The order that you get the pieces is always the boots, then the gloves,
then the mail, and finally the helmet.**  The order here is in order of
difficulty (from easiest to hardest), in my opinion.

(thanks to for helping me figure out the part between
the **'s)

Planet:  Starlight
Needs:  Beatem Zhael
In the second room, there is a statue on the left side.  After you've beaten
Zhael, the statue disappears.  Behind it is a door to the room with a piece of
Guardian Armor.

Planet:  Aquanet
Needs:  Earth bombs
>From the start, hop down onto the lower platform.  Go to the right and up and
destroy the two columns there.  Using an earth bomb, destroy the metal column.
Behind it is a door to the room with a piece of Guardian Armor.

Planet:  Horizen
Needs:  Detonator, glove, bomb fire power of 3, and lightning bombs
Go to the room where you had to push the statues on switches to make them
reappear on platforms.  Climb the staircase on the right side of that room.
Throw a lightning bomb towards the purple column on the left and detonate it
in mid-air so that its explosion barely destroys the column.  Hurricane-bomb
yourself over.  Inside that room is a piece of Guardian Armor.

Planet:  Neverland
Needs:  Shadow bombs
Go to the third room (not counting the room where your ship lands) and kill all
of the enemies there.  Use a shadow bomb to destroy the door north of the lava
pool.  Using an ice bomb, make an ice platform in the lava to get to the newly
created door.  Inside is a piece of Guardian Armor.


My personal favorite is the gold bomber, made up of the four gold parts.  If
you use all four parts of a specific outfit, your bomber will make a unique
victory dance in battle mode.  If you mix and match, however, your bomber will
make the standard victory dance.  There is one other important use of custom
pieces, though.  If you're wearing a custom piece on your legs, you can use the
bomb kick in battle mode without getting the item.  If you're wearing a piece
on your arms, you can use the bomb throw in battle mode without getting the
item.  I'm not sure, but I think that if you have a custom piece on your body
that you recover faster from knockouts.  If you're wearing a piece on your
head, though, you cannot use the remote control bomb detonator without the
item.  I don't really think that an explanation on HOW to make your bomber is
really necessary.  It's explained in the instruction manuel.


I, Adam Rosenfield (, wrote this.  However, many thanks to (a.k.a. ACavalli) for his walkthrough which contained tips on
how to get a few of the pieces that I did not have.  If anyone helps contribute
to this, I will put there e-mail address in here to give them credit.  So far,
the contributors are:


What you CAN'T do:
*Put a direct link to this page
*Copy any of this information without giving credit where it's due

What you CAN do:
*Put a link to (that's not
that actual address, but you get the point)
*Use this information with my permition and give me credit
*Contribute information to get credit

This document is Copyright (C) 2000 Adam Rosenfield
All rights reserved

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