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                                             Pommy 1.2
                                            By SuperPsyze
                                            Started on 6/6/00
Note that this is my first Strategy guide, so bear with me. If you have any
questions or comments from this FAQ (not for game strategies) email me at I will get the rest of the stages as soon as I can. Do not
email me about them unless it is some secret character of some sort.

Table of Contents
  I. What is...
     A. Bomeberman 64: The second attack
     B. Pommy
  II. Pommy Food Guide
  III. Pommy's Growth Chart
  IV. Descriptions of types
  V. Tips and Tricks

1.5- Okay, I'm back from my vacation! I corrected the Secret Pommy code. Thanks
to everyone who sent it in (there were too many people to give credit too, so i
can't really list everyone). I'll add the descriptions in the next update,
please don't email me about them.

1.2- I just got news from on how to get the two secret
types!!! Check below for details!

1.0- I got some information from Alex Rito about the Secret Pommy Type.
Apparently there are two. Check at the bottom for more info. I'm running out of
things to put on this FAQ, so please send in any tips you have or any
information on anything about Pommy. I removed the section about the different
foods to the guide, it's already in the manual, so I guess that isn't too
important. THis wasn't much of an update. ALso, I'm going on vacation for about
a month, so i won't be updating until i get back. Keep sending in info, though.

0.8- Suddenly I got a bunch of emails! Thanks to CyberToad 20, Super Saiyan,,, and Don, I was able to finish up the chart.
Also, Alex Rito gave me some very good details on those types. I'm Trying to
get even more detailed (ASCII?) on these guys. Oh yeah, I also added a pretty
cool trick in the Tips section.

0.7- I added basically all I know right now. I basically need to add some tips
(please send them in if you can), Food types (I'm trying to get detailed on
that). I'm still trying to get the rest of the forms of Pommy, which will be
added in the next update. I'll probably add some other stuff as I think of them

I. What is...

  A. Bomberman
	Bomberman 64: The second attack is the sequel to the N64 series. The story
basically goes like this. Bomberman's ship is sucked into the black whole, and
Bomberman must collect several crystals to destroy the black whole and get
home. The Crystals allow Bomberman to use several different bombs, including
wind and ice bombs. It contains a simple battle mode, custom Bomberman mode,
and the works.

  B. Pommy
       Bomberman found this Kirby like creature as an egg in a Hot-Springs
planet. Basically he assist Bomberman in getting the crystals (yet he's no good
against bosses or the Gravity generator rooms), and providing comedy relief.
Pommy can transform into different shapes due to the type of food is fed to it.
Meat gives Pommy Strength. Fruits and Vegetables make Pommy Smart. Cakes and
desserts make him faster, but I'm not sure if this contributes to Pommy's

II. Growth Chart
I set up a chart on Pommy's different transformations and I have details about
each one. I'd include pictures, but this is text, so put them on. Besides, it
takes too long to upload them into my computer.

Pommy's Growth Chart

                                               Meat- Dinosaur Type
                                Meat- Beast Type-|
                               |       |         |
             Meat- Animal Type-|  Cake- Black Type    Fruit- Dragon Type       
                             |                  |       |             Meat-
Chicken Type
            |                  |       |            |
            |                   Fruit- Penguin Type-|                       
??? Type
Basic Pommy-|                                       Fruit- Bird Type
            |                                        Meat- Cat Type
            |                      Meat- Slash Type-|
            |                     |        |          Fruit- Devil Type
            |                     |  Cake- White Type
             Fruits- Knuckle Type-|        |
                                  |        |             Meat- Knight Type
                                   Fruit- Hammer Type -|
                                                        Fruit- Magic Type

III. Descriptions
     Basic Pommy - This is Pommy's first form. He can't do anything right now
but punch out enemies, making them dizzy.

     Animal Type- After getting a lot of meat, Pommy would soon transform into
this type. It looks like sort of a pig. If you've seen the Digimon show, it
looks kind of like a Tokomon. All it can do is a little head-butt thing that
makes enemies dizzy.

     Knuckle Type- You get this guy by eating a lot of fruit. He looks more
like Kirby, but his head is pointed and his fist stand out. All he can do is
punch enemies till they are dizzy.

     Beast Type- Evolved from an animal type by eating meat, this guy is
basically a good way to go. He changes into a yellow color and grew fangs and
barbs on its back. Its attack is a rolling type attack using its barbs and
actually does damage.

     Penguin Type- Evolved from an animal type, fruit-wise. I don't think I
need to describe this dude. His attack is a simple peck that does nothing. Just
does a simple dizzying.

     Slash Type- Evolved from a knuckle type by eating meats, this guys does a
lot of damage. Pommy gets a grayish rat coloring and gains claws. Its attack is
a tri-slash that does good damage, but leaves Pommy right in the center of the

     Hammer Type- Hammer Type Pommy is a round little ball with a spiked helmet
who carries a giant mallet.  His attack is a hammer blow.  It has fair
strength, but nothing great. (Thanks Alex Rito)

     Dinosaur Type- Evolved from a Beast Type by eating meats, this guy is one
of my favorites. He turns into a basic dinosaur with a horn. Its attack is a
horn throw that has the distance of about two Bombermans. The attack is slow,
and so is the creature itself, but the attack is electric, stunning the
creature and doing damage.

     Dragon Type- Another one of my favorites. He evolves from a Beast Type by
eating fruits. What's interesting about this one is that it flies. This makes
it able to attack enemies with less risk of being knocked out, but it cannot
collect items. Pommy still looks like a beast type, but red this time with
wings and a pointed tail. His attack is a continuous flame breath. The only
problem is that he is hard to aim with.

     Chicken type- Evolved from a penguin type by eating meats, this guy is one
of the worst ones. It looks like a black chicken and its attack is a tri-peck
thing that does little damage and leaves it in the center of the enemy. Avoid
getting this guy.

     Bird Type- Evolved from the Penguin Type by eating Fruits. Pommy in this
stage looks very strange. It has a large head, skinny neck, and wings like a
bat. And the color on it is light blue! Its attack is pretty useful, as it's
like a whirlwind attack like the enemies on the Wind Planet. This type can also
fly, so it can't get items.

     Cat Type- Evolved from the Slash Type by eating meats. Pommy looks next to
human, as he stands up on two legs, but has cat-like attributes (paws, tails,
etc). Pommy also gains pink hair. His attack is a dash type attack that ends
with a flip back. Semi-useful on some enemies, but very hard to control.

     Devil Type- Evolved from a Slash Type from eating Fruits. Pommy is still
strangely cute. Pommy looks like a devil with a cute face. His attack is sort
of useful. Basically he stabs the enemies with his fork. He's also a flyer.

     Knight Type- Pommy wears a full suit of armor.  His helmet even has a red
feather at the top. He carries a shield in his left hand and a sword in his
right.  He's sort of slow, and doesn't seem very intelligent for twice fruit
evolved, but his attack is awesome.  Knight Type Pommy's sword swing is lethal.
 He can kill small enemies (like rats and bats) with a single attack, and large
enemies with two attacks. (Thank you Alex Rito)

     Magic Type- Evolved from Hammer Type, this Pommy floats in the air above
danger, but also above powerups. He wears a blue cloak and carries a short
wooden staff with a curled handle. He attacks by throwing magic bursts from his
staff. They appear as little yellow stars that explode when they hit the ground
or an enemy. His attack does decent damage, and because he floats, he rarely
gets knocked out. This Pommy is pretty intelligent. I've even seen him use the
Pommy-recall (the same thing you can do by pressing C-up) on his own to jump
out of danger or get closer to help me (thanks Alex Rito).

     Shadow and Pixie Type- Thanks to SeelSurf06, The Secret types have been
revieled! Simply get to the third level (slash, penguin, hammer, or beast) and
eat 16 cantelopes, 16 meat on a bone, and 32 whole cakes (64 peices in total,
but you can get extra just in case). Ta Da! I will have details as soon as I

Tips and Tricks
   If you finish the Warship Noah level and beat the Angel, the title screen
will change from a starry background with the basic Pommy to a blue sky filled
with clouds and a random evolution of Pommy will appear every time you go to
the title screen.  If you can go to the title screen, press start to bring up
the menu then press B to exit to the title screen again, you will get to see a
different random Pommy each time. (Thanks Alex Rito)

 This Document is Copyright 2000 of Duy Nguyen

Contact Information
 If you have any comments or question associating with Pommy, Email me at

Also email me if you have anything to add. You will get full credit.

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