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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:04:31 EST

****The Ultimate Guide to Castlevania****

Iíve been expecting this game for awhile,and I thought it woudnít do well in
3-D. But when I played it--wow! The
graphics are amazing,and the sound is great. I recomend at least renting this
game,itís great.

(1) Updates
(2) Controls
(3) Characters
(4) Items
(5) Weapons and Red Jewels
(6) Getting Started
(7) Reinhardt Schneider Walkthrough
(8) Carrie Fernandez Walkthrough
(9) Enemies
(10) Bosses
(11) Secrets
(12) Tips & Tricks
(13) Credits
(14) Legal Stuff
(15) Final Notes


Version 0.1 2/9/99-Finished typing up the guide. Got a lot left to do,but
added some stuff to start.



These are the default controls for Caslevania. You can change them at the
Options screen if you wish.

B-Use Primary Weapon
CUp-Change View
CLeft-Use Secondary Weapon
CRight-Pick up Items
CDown-Use Special Weapon
L-Not used

Special Moves

Run and Z-Slide
Press and hold A-Grab 
Hold B-Charge Weapon (Carrie Only)
R-Face Foward

The special moves must be mastered in order to beat this game. Practice on
Level 1 where you can get a head start.


Reinhardt Schneider-Reinhardt comes from the Belmont family of vampire
killers,which for generations has battled
Dracula. Will he be the one to kill the dark lord? Only time will tell.

Reinhardtís  Weapons


This is a powerful weapon with medium range. The farther you are from the
enemy,the more powerful it is. Although
it is strong,it cannot hit enemies far away leaving Reinhardt open to
projectile attacks.


The dagger is not as strong as the whip,but it is useful for enemies who are
in your face.

Carrie Fernandez-A young girl gifted with magical powers. Her destiny is clear
and she cannot turn away from it.
Armed with her magic and courage,she sets off defeat Dracula!

Carrieís Weapons


This attack has very long range,but it gets weaker if is fired at an enemy
that is far away. Hold B to charge the magic
and make it more powerful.

Secondary-Ring Smash

Like the Dagger,this is useful for enemies that are in your face.

Other Characters

Dracula Vlad Tepes-The lord of darkness,he awakens every 100 years just for
another Belmont to destroy him.

Charlie the Great Vincent-Charlie is also a vampie killer who believes he can
destroy Dracula. But it turns out he may
need a little help.....

Rosa-A young girl that was taken and transformed into a vampire. Reinhardtís
wish is to have her returned to normal.

Actrise-A very evil witch who Carrie must defeat.

Renon-A demon salesman who sells items in exchange for gold. Odd...



Roast Chicken-Refills 50% of your lifebar.

Roast Beef-Refills 80% of your lifebar.

Healing Kit-Refills 100% of your life and returns your status to normal.

Sun Card-Moves time to sunrise (6am)

Moon Card-Moves time to sunset (6pm)

Red Gold Bag-Gives you 100 gold.

Green Gold Bag-Gives you 300 gold.

Brown Gold Bag-Gives you 500 gold.

Cure Ampule-When you are poisoned,use this to return your status to normal.

Purifying Crystal-When you are bitten by a vampire,use this to remove the

Power-up-Increases your attack power. Up to two can be collected. Whenever you
die or shut off the game,you lose
all power-ups you previously collected.

White Jewel-Use these to save your game.

Green,Purple and Blue Jewels (Specials)-These allow you to access secrets when
you finish the game. 


(5)Weapons and Red Jewels

These are special items you can use to attack enemies. Some allow you to
attack from a distance while some are
close-range but are very powerful. Red Jewels are the ammo for these weapons.

Knife-The damage is causes is pathetic,but it allows you to attack from a

Axe-Slightly stronger than the knife,this allows you to defeat enemies from a

Holy Water-This is close range,but very powerful. When you toss it at an
enemie,flames will engulf it and cause more
and more damage.

Cross-The best of all the sub-weapons,this is powerful and also allows you to
attack from a distance.

Red Jewel (Large)-10 Red Jewels.

Red Jewel (Small)-5 Red Jewels


(6)Getting Started

Plug in a controller and memory card and turn on the game. After the intro,go
the select file screen. Choose a file and
press start. Select either Easy or Normal (I suggest Normal),then pick
Reinhardt or Carrie.

There are two differences between the two characters: the story,and they both
at times do different stages.


 1.Forest of Silence                                       Both
 2.Castle Wall                                               Both
 3.Villa                                                         Both
 4.Underground Tunnel                     Yes                  No
 5.Underground Waterway                No                  Yes
 6.Castle Center                                            Both
 7.Duel Tower                                  Yes                  No
 8.Execution Tower                          Yes                  No
 9.Science Tower                              No                 Yes
 10.Sorcery Tower                             No                 Yes
 11.Room of Clocks                                        Both
 12.Clock Tower                                             Both
 13.Castle Keep                                              Both

Also,at times one will face a boss while the other faces a completly different
boss (Room of Clocks,for example)

One last thing: These levels are HUGE,so make sure you have plenty of time to
do them!


(7)Reinhardt Schneider Walkthrough

Level 1-The Forest of Silence

Enemies-Skeletons,Explosive Skeletons,Bats,Werewolf
Mini-Bosses-Giant Skeleton,Giant Werewolf
Boss-Giant Skeleton Rematch

As you begin the level,a few trees will crash down in front of you. Jump over
them,then use your dagger to destroy
the torches and grab the knife and red jewels. Then climb atop the broken
pillar and leap to the other. Destroy the
torch to get some Roast Beef.  Jump down,then follow the path until you see a
cinama. After this,three skeletons will
come to life and attack you! Whip the first two,then get the last one with
your dagger. 

Continue along until you reach a door. Use your whip to destroy the metal seal
in the middle,and then get ready for
battle. A giant skeleton will come crashing out. He isnít that tough to
defeat. Run under his legs then attack him from
behind. During the fight heíll call out little skeletons by banging his club
on the ground. When this happens,defeat the
skeletons and then attack the big guy again. Be on the look-out for Power
Ups,theyíll help out a lot. After youíve
done this about four times,heíll jump off a cliff and prepare to ambush you

Two platforms will rise up. Carefully jump across them,and defeat the
skeletons that appear. Follow the arrow to the
White Jewel and save your game,then head in the other direction. Go in the
little buildings and destroy the torches to
get Sun & Moon cards. Then use the stairs to leep atop the buildings and get
some red jewels and roast chicken. 

Now continue foward and leap over the ledges to reach a switch. Pull it,and be
prepared to face the second mini-boss.
This guy is a cinch. Just use your whip. But donít get too close,or heíll toss
you around and cause some damage.
Then leap back across the ledges and go back to the white jewel. Save
again,then go through the gate that just

Destoy the torch and grab the cross,then check the block to find some Roast
beef. There is also red jewels and a
power up in the other torches if you need them. Now,go foward and save you
game. Destroy the next two torches on
the path to find some Red Jewels and some more ledges you must leap across.
Pull the switch. Thereís no mini-boss
this time,but youíll have to make carefully timed jumps to get back across.
This will probaly take a few tries.

Go through the next gate,and destroy the skeletons for some much-needed items.
Enter the crypts to find some red
jewels and some roast chicken. You should see a skeleton standing on a ledge.
Use a cross or axe to kill him,or else
risk a trip into the poisonous water. Then leap to where he was standing,and
make another jump to reach the torch.
Inside is Special #1 (See Secrets section). Then jump back and leap over to
the other cliff.

Defeat the bats,and then head foward and a werewolf will appear. This guy is
tough. He is vicious at close range,so
use your whip to keep him away. Use a cross if you have it. When heís
dead,enter the crypt to fin a sun card. Then
save at the white jewel. Check the statue to find some roast chicken,then
follow the path. Defeat the skeletons and go
down the platforms carefully. Press the switch at the bottom,then climb back
up. Save,then head back to the area with
the 3 crypts. Press the switch there and grab the roast beef. Then go back to
the werewolf area,save,and go through
the next gate.

Now youíll have to face the Giant Skeleton again. Check the Boss section for
info on this fight. Now walk foward
and youíll see a cinama,and then enter the Castle wall. Congrats,you beat
stage 1.


(8)Carrie Fernandez Walkthrough 

Coming Soon



Skeletons-The first enemy youíll face. Just stand a safe distance away and
whip them or shoot them with magic. 

Explosive Skeletons-These guys are annoying. If crash into you,theyíll cause
damage,and if you kill them too
close,youíll also recieve some damage. I think you know what to do,but be

Bats-These guys are annoying,but not dangerous. Use your secondary weapon.

Werewolf-This is a cool enemy. Too bad he only shows up twice. He fast and
dangerous,so use a Cross if you have
it,or use your primary weapon and dodge his attacks as best you can.



These are,of course,the toughest enemies of all. They can be quite tricky,so
hereís how to beat them.

1.Giant Skeleton Rematch
Appears at The Forest of Silence

The giant skeleton is back,and heís meaner than ever! Take out his motorcycle
buddyís first or else theyíll bother you
the whole match. Then go after big boy. Heís faster and heíll attack you
more,but besides that,this match is pretty
much the same as the first. Heíll start losing limbs as you hurt him,starting
with his hand,his arm,and then his legs! He
may look defenseless now,but he still whack you and score some major damage.
Many players donít realize this.
Now,run in and give him the final blow!



Castlevania isnít complete without secrets! All of them found so far require
you to beat the game,so donít think you
can just cheat your way through the game!

Secret #1-Inside the forest of Silence,before you fight the werewolf there is
a torch in midair. Jump over and destroy
it,then grab the jewel. When you finish the game with this,you will be given
Hard mode.


(12)Tips & Tricks

Coming Soon



Nintendo-Iím playing on their system

Konami-You made the game!


(14)Legal Stuff

This guide cannot be copied without my permission. If you wish to use any info
from my guide,ask me first at

(15)Final Notes 

And that ends my far. I still have plenty of stuff to do. If
you know of any new secrets,feel free to e-mail
me. So long!

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