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<({[-Donkey Kong 64-]})>

____Jetpac/Donkey Kong arcade guide V1.4 (final version)_____

  By Mecha Mr Ed (

Update history: 
8th Feb '00 V1.4-  A lot of people, rather worryingly, keep mailing me on controls for
                   these 2 games (so many, I didn't get round to replying to some). So I
                   popped them in. This is the last version. For ever and ever and ever
                   and ever and ever and ever amen. That was extremely childish of me.

11th Jan '00 V1.3- Well, a couple of people mailed me about stuff on playing these 2 games
                   for fun. This guide was ment to just help people get the Nintendo and
                   Rareware coins, but, I thought I'd add some sections to help get
                   high scores. Added some tips for DK from Brend Gaudecki.

10th Jan '00 V1.2- Hrumfh. As I updated the Hideout Helm FAQ, I thought I'd do this one.
                   More Jetpac stuff from Mr Crane. Oh, Jetpac was on the 16k model,
                   not the 48k. Remembered some stuff on DK too.

9th Jan '00 V1.1-  Andrew Crane sent in facts on Jetpac history and it's date.
                   So, I added it and created a credit section and shoved him in there,
                   and now is name is in lights for all to see! Or something like that.
                   And added a contents bit to boot. Booyaka-sha!

8th Jan '00 V1.0-  First version ever. Everything is as new as a new thing.

Note, the highest update of this Faq is always at Gamefaqs ( so check
there before sending in a correction.

Well, DK64 is finally here. It may not be as ground breaking as DKC for the snes,
it is surperb game. It may not be _quite_ as polished as Banjo-Kazooie in my opinion,
but it is another gobsmacking game from Rareware. Anyway, enough with the blurb, time
to get on with the guide, which focuses on getting the Nintendo and Rareware coins,
which are needed to beat the game. To get them, you must complete tasks on 2 creaky old
games hidden in the bowels of DK64. Ewwww..
1. Donkey Kong Arcade
 -Very brief history
 -Date of first release
 -The task you must do
 -Where it is found
 -The guide
 -Tips on playing for fun
2. Jetpac
 -Very brief history
 -Date of first release
 -The task you must do
 -Where it is found
 -The guide
 -Tips on playing for fun
3. Credits
4. End bit and contact info
Very brief history: Shigeru Miyamoto's (who would later do StarFox, Mario Bros, Mario 64, 
                    Zelda 64, Metroid etc) first game.
                    The first ever platformer, started a whole genre. Originaly planned 
                    to be a Popeye game, but after licensing stuff fell through, Shigs 
                    designed his own characters. Shig's Jap to english dictionary suggested
                    "Donkey" as a translation of sturborn. Thanks to his crappy dictionary,
                    a new star was born. 
                    You control Jumpman, the first incarnation of Mario, who became to called
                    Mario as thanks to a guy who helped Nintendo with warehouses (who was 
                    called Mario, duh..). DK has had tons of sequels, most notably DK Jnr 
                    and DK 3. Rare made some sequels of sorts DK country 1, 2 and 3, and of 
                    course, DK64. DK has appeared in _loads_ of Nintendo games since such as
                    Mario Kart, Golf and Party, and Smash bros.  

Date of first release: 1981, in the arcades, later ported to NES and gameboy.

Controls: A-Jump
          Control stick/D pad left/right: Move left or right
          Control stick/D pad up down: Climb ladder/ go down ladder

The task you must do: Complete 4 levels twice. The second time round is harder, and you chase
                      the Nintendo coin instead of the princess.

Where is it found?: Frantic Factory, use the 1 warp pad in the lobby, and in the new room,
                    shimmy up a pole next to a Kasplat (blueprint Kremling). Make sure you
                    have the gorrila grab move from Cranky to pull the lever to activate 
                    the machine as DK.

Notes: The second time you must pay the parrot to play again (just the once).
       You earn an extra life when you get to level 4 the first time round,
       and level 3 the second time. 
       When you get the coin, you can play it on the mystery menu with the Rambi and Engaurde

Difficulty- 5/5 (no really, you WILL cry)
Pull the lever as DK to start the game.

--Level 1---
This is hard at first, but after you've learnt the barrel's patterns, you shouldn't have
a problem. You want to get up as fast as you can, so don't bother with the hammer. The second 
time the barrel's patterns change, but it is still easy-peasy. Practice is the key.

--Level 2---
The first time, this is easy. Just collect the hand bag to make the flame go to the right. 
Shimmy up the ladder and onto the conveyer belt (look out for the pies) and up the next 
ladder. Jump to the left, up the ladder, and onto the next conveyer. Climb up the ladder 
(even if it is not fully extended) to avoid the pies. When it is fully extended climb up
(as long as DK is out of the way). Strangely, you do not have climb up to the Princess now,
and you have complete that level.

The second time, do the same, but grab the hammmer on the first conveyer belt, and stay to the 
right. Smash pies with the hammer and when a flame comes down on the left ladder, smash it.
It should be a lot easier now with just the one flame.

--Level 3--
Aiiieeeee! This.. level... Well, it's hard, to say the least. You will finding yourself
cursing Rare for putting this in, Miyamoto for making it, Nintendo for employing Miyamoto,
yourself for being unable to do this and anyone else for making the slightest bit of noise
while you're playing. And the supreme being for letting such a thing of evil exist. Anyway..

Climb to the top and get the umbrella, and go back down to the middle platform. When the 
flame starts to move down the ladders, jump on to a platform moving up WHEN IT IS ON YOUR
LEVEL! If you don't, you fall an eency-wincy-teeny-weeny distance and die. Sad eh? Being 19
years old is no excuse... 

Jump off at the top of the ladders, and exercise the same caution 
when going on to the downs. Jump up the platforms, avoiding the pipe (as soon as passes the 
platform, jump before another one comes) up to the one with flame of evil(tm). This little
flame is quite nice on the first go, when he goes up the ladder, he usually goes all the way
to the top, so when he leaves, jump on to his platform, and time your jump onto the next
one so the pipe just misses you. The second time, he's a random little begger, so random,
you'll punch the screen and shout "Get out of the ****ing way you daft little ***t!".
I don't know how to make him move out the way, but when he finally goes up the second ladder,
get on to the platform and time your jump on to the platform with the pipes falling onto it.

Get up to the ladder leading to DK's level, and time so you don't get hit by pipes. Stand just
in front of the ladder to the Princess/coin to be safe from the pipes. As soon as the pipe 
passes, get up that ladder! You must be quick, as you can still be hit by a pipe when at the 
top of the ladder. If you survive that... you get ANOTHER level whoopee.

--Level 4--
It's the final countd.. er.. le-vaal! And it's quite easy. Touch the yellow blocks to make them
disappear, but make sure you jump as soon as you touch them (you don't want to fall now).
Do it level by level. Take your time, grab the hammer to kill flames to make your job easier.
Don't touch DK, he's dangerous. When every block disappears, you will freeze, the platform will
collapse, and DK will look, well, in a degree of pain. And Mario will get his beloved girl/coin 
back. Yes, is does look like Mario wants to have a relationship with the coin. Hmm.. Anyway,
when YOU get the coin, you will want to hug it. Possibly.

WELL DONE! YOU HAVE THE NINTENDO COIN! (unless you've scrolled down here to look at the FAQ,
or seen it by accident when looking at the level 4 guide. Which you probably have)

Tips on playing for Fun:
Collect all items. Grab hammers to smash flames as they are worth quite a bit. Be fast.
If you haven't noticed, there is a number of points in the corner of the screen which 
counts down. The quicker you are, the more points! The first run, you'll be on difficulty
level 1. When you finish the 4th level, you'll go back to the start, on difficulty level
2 (same as getting the coin). This gets higher and higher, the best I've heard anyone
getting up to is 6. Be warned, it can get INSANELY hard. Playing for fun? Masochists...
Bernd Gaudecki has some hints here. Take it away Bernd.
"So, here is my hint to break every high score: Be fast! You don't have to go down the
ladder when you are on the middle platform! Try to jump on the lift as soon
as possible (before it is on your level), run and jump again. You can avoid
the flame, get the maximum bonus and leave your tag on every machine in
town. Oh, sorry. That's history. Anyway, it worked in '81 and it still does.
Try it."

You see kids, in the olden days, there were no fancy graphics. Just girders. You have it too
easy these days. Ay, I remember when you could leave your console out in the yard, and it'd
still be there when you got back from t'shops. Of course, in them days, you 'ad to power
the console yourself. With an 'amster.
Anyway, have fun, and be thankful for trilinear MIP-map interpolation, inverse kinematics, 
z-buffering and those good old texture mapped polygons*. Of course, in 2020, in our space 
stations, with our servant androids, wearing our shiny tinfoil suits, we'll have a good 
laugh at the rubbishy blocky old Half-Life and Soul Caliber, chuckle at the "graphics" of 
Jet force Gemini and Perfect Dark, and mock the pethetic shallowness of Black and White
and Giants. Can't wait.

*Don't e-mail me on these, if you care what they are (which I seriously doubt)
go to: on Nintendo's website. Look at the
hilarious joke next to resolution. My aching sides.

Very Brief history: Jetpac was released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. It took sixth months
                    to program, and was released on cassette tape for the Sinclair Spectrum 
                    (16k model). It was later released in 1986 on cartridge for the Sinclair 2
                    joystick adaptor. 
                    Jetpac had two sequels - Lunar Jetman in 1984 (for the 48k Spectrum), 
                    which was a complicated side-scrolling shooter. 
                    The other sequel was Solar Jetman, for the NES in 1990. 
                    Ultimate Play The Game eventually became Rareware. 

Date of first release: On the Sinclair Spectrum (16k model) in 1983.

Controls: A: Hover
          B: Fire
          Control stick/D pad left/right: Hover or walk left or right.

The task you must do: Get 5000 points, then collect the Rareware coin when it falls from
                      the sky.

Where is it found?: In any Cranky Lab in the game. However, he won't let you play it until
                    you give him 15 banana medals (collect 75 out 100 of a Kong's bananas
                    on a world). I suggest doing Hideout Helm first as it gives you 5 medals
                    when you finish (see my Hideout Helm Guide at gamefaqs).

Notes: If you don't collect the coin after you get 5000 points, and you die, you'll have to do
       it again. My guide will tell you how to get the Rareware coin, not to get really high 
       scores. Al la Pac man, if you go off one side, you come out the other. Try not to do 
       this, as you can be hit without warning.
       When you get the coin, you can play it on the mystery menu with the Rambi and Engaurde

Difficulty- 3/5
Give the Banana medals to Cranky and press A to begin.

First, press A to hover up to the rocket parts, and carry them over to the rocket, where you
will automatically drop them on to the base. Now, two things will start to fall from the sky-
Fuel containers and items. The items look different (triangles, radioactives, gold bars, etc)
The containers you carry and drop in rocket like the parts. The items are automatically added to
your score.
Stick around the top and collect the items and fuel tanks till you get 5000. Shooting aliens
also gets you points. If a item or tank falls down, you'll have to time your trip down to avoid
the aliens, and go down with guns blazing, as the items never disappear by themselves. When
you fill the rocket with fuel, don't touch it, as it'll send you to the next, trickier level.
If you collect lots of items and tanks and get 5000, the coin will fall. Grab it, and when you
do, keep going or kill yourself. When you run out of lives it will say-
"Rareware coin collected"

WELL DONE! YOU HAVE THE RAREWARE COIN! Now go get the final boss key.

Tips on playing for fun:
I far prefer playing this one for fun than DK arcade, as it's far less difficult. If you want
a huge high score, go to the second level, stand in the top right hand corner, and blast away
left and right. Repeat for hours. With this, you could go on for ages, and amass an enormous 
score. And die of boredom.
Much more fun is trying to get to the highest level you can. The aliens change on each level.
Here's a list:

Level 1: Duh, comet things. They either go straight or drop diagonaly.

Level 2: Ghosts? Furry things? Well, whatever they are, they move more randomly, and bounce off
         the platforms.

Level 3: Balls? Bubbles? These old sprite graphics really do suck. Anyway, they just change 
         direction randomly. Nasty little beggers.

Level 4: Err... Aeroplanes methinks. These are the same as the last ones, but with different
         "graphics". Yes, speccy owners, I hate your system. I could pedal faster than your 
         cheesy "computer". It is "pants".

Level 5: Flying saucers or something. Nasty things, they go all over the place, back and forth,
         attacking you relentlessly.

And so on: The saucers follow you for ever and ever now, I very much doubt they ever change.
           If you get through 100 levels, you'll face the final boss. Note, that was a lie.
           You cannot beat Jetpac. I bet a gamesharker would have found something if you
           could. If you can beat it, I'll eat my hat. But the joke'd still be on you, as
           I don't own any hats. Ha!


Me!- ( for writing this FAQ.

My muscles and brain for working together at moving my fingers to type.

You- ( for actually reading this!

Jeff "CJayC" Veasy- ( For making gamefaqs, accepting my FAQs,
and updating every 5 minutes even when he has the 'flu.

Andrew Crane- ( for giving me some info on Jetpac.

Brend Gaudecki ( for some tips on DK Arcade.

Well, there you are. DK arcade 'n' Jetpac. If you have a DK question, a correction, a thankyou, 
a letter bomb, a free shampoo sample or a copious amount of money (real money, y'know, cash)
then send it to 

If would like to use this FAQ on your site (what? really?)
then e-mail me first. Or face the wrath of ancient oriental curse.

If you send a mail, please put in the subject if it is a correction or a question. Thanks!

If you send me a mail thanking me, chances are I won't reply, but I appreciate any thanks.
It makes FAQ writing worthwhile...  

Oh, and check out my other FAQs.

Jet Force Gemini Boss Faq
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This document copyright Mecha Mr Ed 2000 AD.

Donkey Kong 64 was developed by Rareware ( A really funny site.)
It is was published by Nintendo  (
I am not associated with Rare or Nintendo in any way (no really! I would like to be, mind..)

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