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Donkey Kong 64 Glitches FAQ
by Francis Rogers (
Donkey Kong 64 is one of the best games of all time. It's also the 2nd
most buggy game of all time (Pokemon is first). Many of these glitches 
are polygonal glitches, not easy to make happen. I'll rate the 
difficulty of performing the glitch from 1 to 5.

Version 1.0 (3/19/2000) The first release. You're reading it.

The Secret Computer Room (Difficulty:5)
If you've beaten the game, or at least Hideout Helm, you've probably
seen the cut scene where K. Rool's in his ship. Well, a very similar
room is hidden WAY under the DK Isles. Here's how to get there:
First, get to Crystal Caves and get the Monkeyport ability for Tiny.
Then, monkeyport to the top of Crocodile Isle via the Tiny pad on back,
then blow your Sax on the Saxophone pad. A Chunky barrel will appear.
This barrel is for getting a golden banana, but there's another use for
it. Bring Chunky to the barrel and become Hunky Chunky, then go over to
the two huge stone steps leading up the island. Go to the second step,
then fall to the first. While falling, hold the control stick torwards
the second step. You should fall into a glitchy room under DK Island.
Go over to the waterfall pond, then start swimming under it in thin
air! Go torward the large green objects in the sky. Swim up to the
suface of the "Water". Swim around, and Chunky should disappear. Adjust
the camera a little bit, and you'll be in the Secret Room. Jump out of
the "water" to stand up. Now, brag about your discovery. Snap a photo
if you want. If your friends want to know how to do it, show them this 

Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect 201 Bananas. 
A really funny side trick of the secret room is the Jail trick. Repeat
the secret room trick, but instead of swimming torward the green 
objects, swim torward the bars and jump to them. Chunky will be in 
jail! Laugh if you want.

Armed and Waterlogged (Difficulty:4)
Another side-trick of the secret room. While standing up in the glitchy
room below the island, arm your gun. Then start swimming in the glitch
pond. You'll still be armed! You can even swim outside the glitch room,
and it'll still work!

Chunky Likes Banana Fairies (Difficulty:3)
Chunky seems to be very glitch-prone. Go to the Fairy Island. Swim in
the water in front of the tiny entrance, then go to the shore very 
slowly. When you begin to slide, dive with Z. You'll end up under Fairy
Island! Go up into the glitchy room, then jump on the tunnel. Walk and 
jump around, and you'll go into the Fairy's Room. And you thought only
Tiny could get through such a small hole.

Chunky's Big Criminal Record (Difficulty:3)
If you repeat the Fairy Island trick, but jump torwards the bars in the
glitchy room, you'll and up in another jail. Bad Monkey!

Big Chunky Everywhere (Difficulty:2)
In Jungle Japes, when you use the Chunky Barrel, you usually lose the
Hunky Chunky ability when you exit the clearing. However, jump on the 
beehive, and you'll bypass the tunnel completely. Now, worry about your
crystal Coconut Supply.

Lanky the Burglar (Difficulty:1)
Finally, a non-Chunky glitch, and no, it's not Lanky in jail. If you
reach behind B. Locker with Lanky's arms, you can break into a level!

Penetrate K. Rool's Defenses (Difficulty:2)
If you swim into a place where 6 edges come together under Crocodile
Isle, you'll enter a glitchy room. Swim torward a gate, and you're now
in the Gloomy Galleon Lobby!

Teleportation Room (Difficulty:3)
When you enter the rotating puzzle room in Crystal Caves, (entered with
DK & his Bongos), hit the right switch, then jump into the right wall.
You'll end up under the room. Walk away, and you'll be teleported to 
the beginning of the level.

Kasplat Killer (Difficulty:1)
In the Creepy Castle Lobby, goto Lanky's door with any Kong. To the 
left a Kasplat will greet you through the wall! You can kill him 
through the wall!

This Document is Copyright (c) 2000 Francis Rogers.
Don't copy it or else.

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