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        <({[-Donkey Kong 64-]})>

____Hideout helm guide V2.3 (complete)_____

  By Mecha Mr Ed (
Update history: 
29th Jan '00 V2.3- A lot of people have been mailing me about un-pickup-able banana medals.
                   If you don't pick them up before you finish Hideout Helm, they go transparent
                   and cannot be picked up. If you know how to get them, mail me. On a lighter 
                   note, got DK64 back in my hands and got the 101% ending. I'd highly recommend
                   it, it's hilarious. Those Chunky timings helped a lot. Shortened update 
                   history, as it was too big. Please be the last update. Please. Pleeease.

21st Jan '00 V2.2- As soon as I send off V2.1, look at this. Alex Hammerling sends in
                   tips for Chunky timing and the correction for Lanky's maze. How ironic.
                   Well, it's not real irony, but who the heck cares. I think this will
                   be the last update. Well, I hope it'll be.

20th Jan '00 V2.1- Tips for Chunky timing from Martin Van Wijk. Booyaka! Ahem.

15th Jan '00 V2.0- Added beating K.Rool to the end as a couple of people asked for it, and I 
                   was bored.
                   Added a warning thingy at the begining of the FAQ which you must follow.
                   No, you must, it's for your own safety, or rather your game of DK64's...
                   Thanks to Brendan Clark for that.  
10th Jan '00 V1.2- D'oh Mk2! Although "Shadow ..." was partly right, you get 1 min per print
                   PLUS 10 min. Thanks to Robbie De Arras for that info. Hopefully my FAQ is
                   as clean as an amusingly ironic clean thing now.

9th Jan '00 V1.1-  D'oh! "Shadow ..." told me that Snide gives you 1 minute per blueprint,
                   not 27 no matter how many you collect. Corrected that, made credits,
                   dumped him in there and made contents. Take it to the fridge! (No, I 
                   have no idea what that means either)

8th Jan '00 V1.0- First version ever. Everything is brand spanking new.

Note, the highest update of this Faq is always at Gamefaqs ( so check
there before sending in a correction.

Well, DK64 is finally here. It may not be as ground breaking as DKC for the SNES,
it is surperb game. It may not be _quite_ as polished as Banjo-Kazooie in my opinion,
but it is another gobsmacking game from Rareware. Anyway, enough with the blurb, time
to get on with the guide, which focuses on Hideout Helm, the final level and K.Rool, the 
final boss.

1. The Hideout Helm guide
 #1 Accessing Hideout Helm
 #2 Reaching the ridiculously named Blast-o-Matic machine
 #3 Opening the doors
 #4 Deactivating the five "barriers"
   -Donkey's mini games
   -Chunky's mini games
   -Tiny's mini games
   -Lanky's mini games
   -Diddy's mini games
2. The Main Event of the Game- The Kongs Vs King K.Rool
   -Round 1 Donkey Kong
   -Round 2 Diddy Kong
   -Round 3 Lanky Kong
   -Round 4 Tiny Kong
   -Round 5 Chunky kong
3. Credits
4. End bit and contact info.


There is no need to anyway. Wait until you complete it until you save. It is possible
that your game will be permently stuck at 87%. This may not be true for all versions, but
do you want to take a chance? Just don't do it kiddies. Silly old DK64. Rare should kick those
testers up the arse. Lazy good for nothings... 
(note: In a game as big as DK64, glitches are bound to go unseen in testing. Being a games 
tester is hard job and I mean no offence to any testers. Still, I'd dock their pay.. :-) )

Wait children... here comes another one...

If you don't, they turn transparent, and to my knowledge, you can never get them, thus never
able of getting 101%. If you know how to get them while transparent, mail me. But I doubt you
can. I think these 2 warnings in a FAQ for _one_ level shows that they rushed the testing for
Xmas time.   
Step 1- Accessing Hideout Helm

Beat Crystal Caves boss (Army Dillo reborn) and Creepy Castle boss (Kardboard K.Rool)
and take the keys to K.Lumsy. Both keys will open the mouth of K.Rool's island. Turn into
Tiny and go round the back of the island. You will find a Tiny pad. Stand on it and press
Z. You will be transported to top of the island. Go round the front, and go into the mouth.
 Now, turn into Chunky and stand on the Chunky pad and press Z. Don't forget to activate
the warp pad, and collect the homing ammo, as you'll need it in the tasks ahead. Just swing
across the vines that appear and as long as you have 100 golden bananas, you're in!

Step 2- Reaching the ridiculously named Blast-o-Matic machine

Listen to Snide. He will tell you that the blue-prints you found have helped him deactivate
the Blast-o-Matic for a while, 1 minute for each print you have given to him, plus 10 minutes.
After that K.Rool can use it at Kong Isle and turn it to rubble. 
And we don't want that.
 Activate the new warp pad, and use the tag barrel to turn into Lanky. Use the Orang-stand
(Z+B) to go up the ramps. Next, turn into Chunky, and shoot the switch with your pineapples.
Swing across the lava with the vines, then turn into Tiny. Go into the Tiny Barrel to turn
small, then go through the nearby pipe. Easy? The Real challenge is yet to come...

Step 3- Opening the doors

Turn into Donkey, and pull the switch to make rings appear round the Blast-o-Matic. Quickly,
run into Tag barrel, turn to Diddy, and jump into the Diddy barrel to jet-pack through the 
rings. This is pretty hard. The best way to do it is to press A to get near a ring, then,
to get through, tap A really fast to go almost go directly forward. If only the team had copied
the Jet Force Gemini team's effort at a jet pack, this would be a lot easier. When you struggle
through all of the rings, the doors will open. 

Step 4- Deactivating the five "barriers"

Since this level is a blatant rip-off (apart from the timing) of Ganon's Castle in Zelda 64,
I will call the electricity conduits that feed the Blast-O-Matic barriers.
Anyway, turn to Chunky, and knock down the grating that blocks the the four doors you can reach
with your Primate punch (Z+B). Turn back into Donkey, and go into the lowest door and play
your Bongos on the pad (Z+C^). Go in to the room, and as you don't have light arrows, jump 
into a barrel next to the barrier.

---Donkey's Mini games:---

1. Control Rambi and smack enough Kremlings before the time expires. Just stay away from 
the pylons and you should be okay.
Difficulty- 1.5/5

2. Flip into the barrel and shoot at the targets. It may look hard, but you should do fine.
There's not much I can say to help. After 3 target hits, you're through!
Difficulty- 1.5/5

The barrier will deactivate. Go collect the banana medal that used to be protected by the 
electricity. A new music pad will appear outside another door. Turn into Chunky and go play
your triangle on it (Z+C^). Jump into the mini game barrels like you did with Donkey.

---Chunky's Mini games:---

1. Jump into the Chunky barrel to become big. Smash the boxes with Z+B to find the Kremling.
Walk over him to kill him. Stay clear of the pylons, of course. I had some trouble with this
the first time I played as I couldn't find the bugger anywhere. I think it is random which box
he is in, but if you know which one it is, send it in via E-mail.
Difficultly- 1/5 (with a bit of luck) 3/5 (without)

2. Shoot 5 kremlings with sniper mode. This is why I told you to collect the homing ammo near
the entrance. Don't worry if you didn't, you'll just have to actually aim. Don't go mad with 
the homing ammo, try to save some for later.
Difficulty- 1.5/5 (with homing) 2.5/5 (without)

Collect the banana medal, and turn into Dix.. er.. Tiny Kong and go play your saxaphone on the
new music pad (yes, it's still Z+C^). Go into the room and jump into the b.. oh, you've already
guessed that. What do you want, a medal? Oh you do eh? Best get on the mini games then, smarty

---Tiny's Mini games:---

1. Use the pony-tail swirl (A in mid-air) to glide through the rings without touching the floor.
The last one is quite hard, you'll have to make a quick mid-air detour to get it on your journey
between crates. Then just float to the last crate and stand on the switch.
Difficulty- 3/5

2. Jump on the mushrooms to bounce up high, then activate your swirl to glide through. If you're
not on the same level as the ring, then just hover above it and will float down through it.
Make sure you change the camera angle BEFORE you jump on the mushroom, it makes it a lot easier.
After 3 rings, that's Tiny's mini games finished.
Difficulty- 3/5

Collect banana medal, turn into the rather disturbing Lanky Kong and go play your halarious
trombone on the new music pad. Righty-ho, go hop into those mini game barrels, boy! Or girl.
Or hermaphrodite.

---Lanky's Mini games:---

1. Hop into the Lanky barrel to speed through the maze to find the switch. The finish is very
near the switch, here are the directions:
First take a right. Then a left, then left again to hit the switch. Then run
back, go straight at the junction to the finish line. See? Piece o' piss.
Difficulty- 1.5/5

2. Shoot the Robo-Zingers with your grape pipe. This is why you had to conserve your homing
shots with Chunky. Stand on a crate and make use of your sniper scope, each one takes 2 hits,
and you must hit 3. Quite hard.
Difficulty- 3.5/5

Go collect that glistening banana medal, up in banana tree. Oh hang on, it's next to you.
Never mind. Go turn into little chimp Diddy and go in the Diddy barrel. Jet pack up to the top
of the Blast-o-Matic, and look for a door in the wall. Go play your guitar (sigh.. Z+C^) on the

---Diddy's Mini games:---

1. Jump into the Diddy barrel to jet pack up to the targets. Hover in front of the targets with
Z and blast them with your pop-guns, changing altitude with A or depressing the button. Hover
near to the targets one by one rather than hovering in the center and hitting them from there.
I suppose homing ammo would be useful here, but you'd have had to been accurate on the other 2 
shooters to have any left, or had a lot left from other levels. When all the targets are shot,
a cage will lift. Pound the switch under it. Possibly the hardest mini-game.
Difficulty- 4/5

2. Smack the Kremlings until there is a chime sound. Then go into the center and smack the 
switch. Oooh, that was hard.
Difficulty- 1/5.

Well done! You have deactivated the Blast-o-Matic! Don't forget that banana medal, and go 
through the newly opened K.Rool door. Don't worry about time now. Go through the corridors 
until you reach a door with a crown and a number on. If you have enough battle crowns, you can
proceed. If not, you can get on from the K.Rool pad on top of the Blast-o-Matic (use Diddy's
 Keep going, until you get to the throne room. There is a door at the end, which to
open you need the Rareware and Nintendo coins (see my other FAQ at Gamefaqs). When you get these
you get the final boss key, which you can give to K.Lumsy to access the final battle. There is
a fairy there too (although you can photograph it through the window, without the coins).

               "And it's only on pay per view!"

Hop into the top of the wreckage to start the match. (trying to not reveal plot details there,

What to do: You must knock out K.Rool 5 times. Because of the "completely unbiased timkeepers"
he will be saved by the bell everytime he gets knocked out (the round will end before he's
out cold for 10 counts). Each round is 2 minutes 30 seconds long (not 3 as the microphone

Each time you win a round, you move on to the next Kong.

If the time runs outs in a round before either you or K.Rool are knocked out, you have to 
start that round again, with the amount of health you ended the round with (no bucket 
of water in the face). You get all your health back when you move to the next Kong.

If you get Knocked out at any time (lose all your health) it's right back to the start.
Really, you should aim to win each round on your first go.

Right, leeeets get rrrrready tooo ruuuuuuuuummmmmmmblllllle!

---Round 1 DONKEY KONG---

A nice easy start. Jump on to one of the posts on the corners of the ring. Climb up by pushing
up on the stick (I know it sounds obvious, but the camera can make it confusing). When the
barrels appear, push up to jump into one. When K.Rool drops his guard to wave to his fans, fire
yourself at him. If you hit him, move on to the next corner, and the next barrel. He drops his
guard for less time each time, so on the last 2, only shoot when he drops his guard when the
barrel is on top of him. You have more than enough time and health to do this round, so you
should get through with ease.

---Round 2 DIDDY KONG---

Run round avoiding K.Rool's boomerang style glove. After 2 throws, a Diddy barrel will appear.
Jump into it and fly up to the light fitting over K.Rool. Line yourself up with the target,
then release A to fall, and press A again to hover back up. 
Shoot continuously on your way up when you get near it, and you should hit it. 
Make sure you are in range, but don't get too close, or you'll get hit by Mr Rool's glove.
When you shoot both targets on both sides of the fitting, it'll, yes, you guessed it, crash 
down on his bonce. Ouch. I hope that they insured this ring...

Then, he'll throw it away. Repeat on the next 3 fittings. His glove gets faster every time,
but it doesn't cause much more trouble. The last fitting will knock him out cold.

---Round 3 LANKY KONG---

Yes, K.Rool still has that last light fitting on his head. Tsk, Tsk. Bowser wouldn't let Mario
humliate him like that. Still, I found it really funny the first time I saw it, and found
it hard to concentrate. Hee hee! Rare are great huh? And.. Oh, the guide?

The arena is darkness because of that little anarchist Diddy. Avoid K.Rool, which shouldn't
be too hard because he can't see you :-). 

After a while, 4 post with buttons should pop up round the edges of the ring. Walk over to 
one that camera can see, and hopefully it'll stay behind you. Punch the button with your 
extra long arms. If the camera isn't behind you, use the blue pad on the floor to line 
yourself up with the button.

When you punch the button, the blue pad will rise with a barrel. Press B to pick it up.
Throw it into the centre of the ring, to release a banana skin.. Hop on to a music pad, 
and when K.Rool is lined up with you and the banana, play your trombone (Z+C^ anybody?)
to make him run, and slip up on the banana. If you throw the banana wrong (or K.Rool
tramples on you while you have the barrel), you can just get another one by hitting the switch

The game is quite kind, if K.Rool just touches the banana while charging, he'll slip. If you 
play while he's standing on the banana, he'll also slip.
Repeat this another 3 times, and he'll be K.Oed.

---Round 4 TINY KONG---

Well, they do seem to be insured, as the lights are back up. And as you've seen from the 
cutscene (which you don't have to watch every time, just the first time each time you play the
game, if you quit, it'll play next time) he is free from the light fitting.

Climb up a post in a corner of the ring like you did with Donkey to avoid the shockwaves.
After a couple of butt stomps, K.Rool will hurt his arse and have to rub it better and a Tiny
barrel will appear. He does rub his behind once and Tiny barrel does not appear, this is a
dummy, ignore it, he does it at the begining of this round every time.

When he's in considerable pain (possibly due to him dislocating his coccyx) push up on the stick
to jump of the post and press A in mid air for your pony tail swirl and glide towards the barrel.
Stop dead under it and do a backflip into it (make sure you stop, or you'll long jump into him).
Now you're small, walk up to the hole in his shoe.

Now, this is an authentic boxing simulation, no? You are inside K.Rool's shoe and have to dodge
his toes. You can tell when they are going to move, as they wiggle. They also alternate, eg:
when his 2 outside toes move, the 2 inside toes will move next. When a toe lifts up, press
B to fire at it.
When you've damaged a toe enough, you'll automatically exit. Climb up the corner again, and
wait to go back in. As with the other rounds, 4 is the key. The second toe will take 2 shots,
the third 3 and the fourth 4. The clock does not count down in the shoe. When you take out
the fourth toe, he'll be K.Oed. Why? Loss of blood probably. That is blood around his toe,
not swelling. Ooh, that's painful. "I wouldn't wish that upon anybody" you may say. Yeah,
wait till the next round, you'll think he'll deserve every minute of it. 

---Round 5 CHUNKY KONG---

This round is hard. The way you'll lose is not running out of time, but by being hit,
which is a shame, since it's the last match, and if you die, it's back to DK's round. Grr.

K.Rool will bounce back and forth off the ropes, and turn invisible. Go into the centre,
and hit the switch with your simian slam, avoiding K.Rool's shadow. Chunky Pads will
appear in the ring, go stand on one to become invisible and K.Rool will be visible again.
Back flip into the Chunky barrel in the middle of the ring (again, careful not to long
jump) to become Hunky Chunky. 

You are now stuck in the corner of the ring, and K.Rool is ready to charge! Crouch (Z) and the
right moment (not too early or you'll miss, not too late or he'll smack you while you're 
pulling back your hand) press B to primate punch him.
If you hit, he'll go flying! Satisfing? Very.

Altogether you must hit him, yes, you can put your hands down now, 4 times to win. 
The second time he'll do the same as the first, only slightly faster, the third he'll
go invisible, and the fourth he'll be invisible and go all over the place before he comes near.

My tips for timing err.. I hand you over to Mr Alex Hammerling here.
Take it away, Mr Alex Hammerling. 

"Use K Rool's picture in the center to time your punch.
1st run: When he's slightly over the center.
2nd run: When he's approximately exactly at the center.
3rd run: Just before he hits the center
4th run: Watch as he runs from side to side. When he's on your left just
before he punches you, charge up your own punch and you'll hit on exactly
the right time. That about covers it. You need to use your own feel to know
exactly when to punch and you're fine."

Right, get off you've had your spot. I pressed B just before he got to the left on the 4th 
punch, for the record. Otherwise, they were great tips.

Mr Martin Van Wijk's tips now. Take it, it's on... <feedback>

"The first hit I thought I pressed B (and holding Z of course!) just after K. Rool started 
The second hit I pressed B just before or at the point he started sliding (because he runs 
a bit quicker)
The third hit I pressed B within a second after the shade starts moving.
The fourth hit I pressed B at the moment or just after the shade was at the left hand 
side (I'm not sure but I think it was the second time it was at the left hand side). The shade
was already pretty close."

Right, give it back... <more feedback>. 
Well, give them a try. If you'd like to add something to them, please, E-mail
me. If you don't know what he means by sliding, look at K.Rool's feet. He gets up speed, then
slides towards you to increase the strength of his uppercut. 

With those two tips, you're bound to kick his reptilian behind.

Really, you've gotta have a bit
of luck to beat him. Or skill, like me. Cough, cough.

If you hit him the fourth time, let some other Kongs take care of him... 

Well Done, you beat the game! If you got all 201 bananas that is. What do you mean you
haven't? Better go back in there and collect them, eh? Go on, off with you. Tsk.

Oh, BTW, how can K.Rool have a shadow when he's invisible? I mean, isn't reflecting light,
therefore, he won't be blocking it. So how does he have a shadow? What do you mean you don't
care? It's just a game? Shut up, this is my FAQ, and I'll waffle about what ever I want.

-Me! ( for writing this FAQ.

-My muscles and brain for working together at moving my fingers to type.

-You ( for actually reading this!

-Jeff "CJayC" Veasey ( An insane insomniac who runs the site where
all my FAQs are, and makes a cool site, that has saved many gamers from loss of hair.
Whatta guy. He gets my stamp of approval. He is da man. Right, I'll shut up now.

-"Shadow ..." ( for telling me that Snide gives you a minute per 
blueprint, not 27.

-Robbie De Arras ( For adding that, as well as the above, you get
10 minutes.

-Brendan Clark ( For the info on the evil game-threatening glitch on
Hideout Helm.

-Martin Van Wijk ( for those tips on kicking K.Rool's arse with Chunky.

-Alex Hammerling ( More Mr Rool arse kicking tips, and the Lanky
maze directions.

Well, there you are. Hideout helm. If you have a DK question, a correction, a thankyou, 
a letter bomb, a free shampoo sample or a copious amount of money (real money, y'know, cash)
then send it to 

If would like to use this FAQ on your site (what? really?)
then e-mail me first. Or face the wrath of an ancient oriental curse.
If you send a mail, please put in the subject if it is a correction or a question. Thanks!

If you send me a mail thanking me, chances are I won't reply, but I appreciate any thanks.
It makes FAQ writing worthwhile...  

Oh, and check out my other FAQs.

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This document copyright Mecha Mr Ed 2000 AD.

Donkey Kong 64 was developed by Rareware ( A very good official site.)
It is was published by Nintendo  (
I am not associated with Rare or Nintendo in any way (I know it's hard to believe..)

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