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First Update-12/31/99                       Special Edition
Haunter120 presents...                      Exclusive......

H  A  R  V  E  S  T    M  O  O  N    6  4

A  R  V  E  S  T       O  O  N       4

R  V  E  S  T          O  N

V  E  S  T             N

E  S  T

S  T


CREATED BY-Haunter120 (Haunter12O [Thatís the letter O] in the message 

And for the walkthrough writersÖ

System-Nintendo 64


You will find lots about Harvest Moon 64 in this FAQ. Here are some common 
things you will find:
1.	A fame walkthrough
2.	A fortune walkthrough
3.	A both Fame and Fortune Walkthrough
4.	A LOT of secrets
5.	Full Photo Album plus the second photo album and the grand hall
6.	Secret Festivals have been revealed!
7.	Where to get Harvest Moon 64 if you donít already have it
8.	35 recipes
9.	Moon Drop, Music Box, Weather Vane, and more!!!
10.An original Q&A
11.How to get the girls
12.How to use the tools
13.Info on the Jumper
14.An instruction booklet for beginners
15.A full festival guide
16.And much, much, more!

FAQ NEWSóNinth Update

I got º of Moonfreakís FAQ. Well, Moonfreak17 finally replied (but yet a 
tragedy it was for him on what happened why he didnít reply for a long 
time). I want to do another walkthrough, but I donít know what about. I was 
thinking of doing a walkthrough for SECRETS. But maybe not, you email me and 
give me suggestions. Also, Iíve resumed working and I will try to make this 

Be sure to read this before doing anything to this FAQ!

1.Do not post it in magazines or copy it and put it somewhere else.

2.I allow putting this into a web page.

3.If you do that, follow the rules below:
-Do not modify it under any circumstances.
-Leave my name up there.

4.I suggest that you e-mail me some Q and A. Iíll post it in that section.

5.If you know what recipes do, then PLEASE tell me!

6.It is ok for GameFAQs, GameWinners, and vgstrategies to have this FAQ 

Heh heh heh. Well, how should I say thisÖ First of all, this FAQ is 
copyrighted by Haunter120(me) and MAY NOT be used in any non-gaming site. 
Consequences include a courtroom sequence in which you will be guilty. You 
must ask permissions by e-mailing and asking 
permission. Read the disclaimers above for more.

TABLE OF CONTENTS---     Harvest Moon 64.
1) Version History
2) Introduction
3) Characters
4) Basics
5) A walkthrough/strategy
       Normal Life Files
            -Spring 1
            -Summer 1
            -Autumn 1
            -Winter 1
            -Spring 2
            -Summer 2
            -Autumn 2 ND
            -Winter 2 ND
            -Spring 3 ND
       Rich Life Strategy
		By Headbake
            -Spring 1
            -Summer 1
            -Autumn 1
            -Winter 1
            -Spring 2
            -Summer 2
            -Autumn 3
            -Winter 3 ND
            -Spring 1 ND
	Fame Life Strategy
		By MoonFreak17
		-Spring 1
		-Summer 1
		-Autumn 1 ND
		-Winter 1 ND
		-Spring 2 ND
		-Summer 2 ND
		-Autumn 2 ND
		-Winter 2 ND
		-Spring 3 ND
		-Summer 3 ND
6) Tools and crops
7) Livestock
8) Foraging and Health
9) Possessions
10) Recipes
11) Getting married
		   -Popuriís Spots
12) Tips/Tricks/Special Events
13) Weird Yet Cool
14) Rumors
15) Others
16) Credits
ND=Not done


6.4- 4/5/00
-Added ìextrasî

I kind of like this FAQ. I guess I should stop working on my others and  
start bunching up on this one. Iím working very hard, but Iím not done with 
the walkthroughs section.

6.2- 3/8/00
-Added Weird Yet Cool Section
-MoonFreak has finished first year
-Any suggestions? E-mail me!

Oh well, Iím back to work. I had my birthday and I didnít feel like typing 
so I took the week off and bought SaGa Frontier II, which is very awesome. I 
got Pokemon Stadium too, which is cool. My Mario Party II FAQ isnít doing 
good at allÖ I guess Iím struggling. Stay tuned.

6.0- 2/20/00
-Added second part of Moon Freak17ís FAQ
-Added little more of Normal Life Files
-Added legal info

Iím getting a little tired of writing thisÖ *Yawn*, need some sleepÖ
5.8- 2/16/00
-Added extra info
-Added MoonFreak17ís FAQ
-Finished Tips section

Cool FAQ MoonFreak! I got his FAQ on Fame and Fortune BOTH and posted it up. 
Iím hoping to see an update soon!
4.5- 2/1/00
-Added Headbakeís FAQ

Added a nice FAQ by Headbake on Fortune. Oh well, back to workÖ
4.06- 1/23/00
-Finished ìGuide around townî section

Did someone try to modify my FAQ and put it on their site? Iím not happy 
with this, but Iím not sure if this is true. Oh well, I added a small 
section. Iíve also started a FAQ for Mario Party 2.
4.0- 1/15/00
-Added second year first day
-Organized this FAQ more
-Added info on the music box (thanx to Harvest Bauler and Trev79)
-Added more info in the tips section

Going good! Croco64ís FAQ is up, and itís very cool. I guess there is not 
much more to add. Iíll look for more secrets.
3.4- 1/11/00
-Added half of Special Events section
-Organized the FAQ
-Added FAQ Facts

Ok. Faring well. This FAQ isnít so big right now (about 45K), but I got lots 
to add.
3.1- 1/10/00
-Added Tips section
-Added special thanks
-Added Q & A

I just finished the Girlsí section and the Items and Tools section. Geez I 
hate school, itís so stupid.
2.3- 1/2/00
-Finished last two sections completely
-Added new recipes
-Added livestock tips

Oh no! Schoolís tomorrow! Crap, the worst thing about school is always 
Homework, it disturbs your FAQ times. But in my school, weÖ Oh, itís a long 
1.4- 1/1/00
-Happy New Year!
-Finished all the sections
-Added info in sheep and eggplants, also added info on greenhouse

Ainít tired at all. Iíve been sitting here writing this FAQ since 1:00AM. Oh 
well, Iím not sleepy. PS-Itís 3:44AM right now.
0.1- 12/31/99
-My first version ever.
-Made the table of contents, all sections with very little info.

I got the game for Christmas, and I started a FAQ for it. Not many FAQs out 
there for the game right now. Just 3, oh well, who cares? Uh-oh! Gotta save 
gotta save gotta save!!! Itís 11:59:27!!! What if Y2K really strikes! Where 
is my floppy disc? AAAARGH!

Hello, Iím Haunter120 and this is my first FAQ. Although I have posted 
dozens of reviews, I feel like making a FAQ for this game. Please feel free 
to e-mail me about any help or missing info.

Harvest Moon 64, eh? Well, you know how to play if you played any other 
Harvest Moon game; itís just like that, except better.

How did Harvest Moon 64 appeal to me? It all started when my friend 
Wiseone444 told me about Harvest Moon SNES. I thought ìwho cares,î and 
ìnatsume should make more games that are GOOD.î Thatís because I didnít like 
the Lufia games that much. When my friend got Harvest Moon SNES, he told me 
to come over to his house. So I did.

When I did, we played the awesome game Harvest Moon. I wanted to play it 
badly but my friend is VERY greedy. So after I left. I started collecting 
money for the game. But then I got a bunch of cash from passing a darn 
karate test. So I had to go about 30 miles away from our house to buy 
Harvest Moon. I did, and when I came back home I played all night and all 

Well, I finally got bored of it and found out that Harvest Moon GB is coming 
out too. Since Harvest Moon was great, I thought of getting the Game Boy 
version. But my friend, of course, got it first. When I played it, it didnít 
appeal to me very much, so I just dumped it and havenít played it since.

When my friend once came over to my house just to show me one screenshot of 
Harvest Moon 64, I was surprised. The screenshot looked cool. But it was 
like a side-screen one. I still didnít know either to buy HM64 when it comes 
out or get Donkey Kong 64.

Finally, my decision was made. I played Donkey Kong 64 and beaten it. I got 
HM64 for Christmas, and when I started playing it, it seemed boring. But 
then a few hours later when I played it, I played for 48 hours straight with 
about 2 breaks. Harvest Moon 64 is probably the best RPG around currently.

Although I got lots of help from cool people like Headbake and Moon Freak 17 
on helping write my FAQ, I would also like to thank them. They did some of 
the more important parts of my FAQ.

This is the third installment of the Harvest Moon series. Starting from the 
Super Nintendo game, going to the game boy game, and finally here. Natsume 
is also making Harvest Moon for game boy color, although it will probably be 
the same as the regular game boy harvest moon. Rumors say that Harvest Moon 
is also coming out for PSX, I think itís true.

Any changes? Yes, Natsume has changed a lot of things in Harvest Moon 64. 
The basics are the same, with a few added elements. Want to know the 
changes? Here they are:



HARVEST MOON 64-Huge, a farm, a town, a mountain, a mine, a vineyard, a 
ranch, and a beach. 8

HARVEST MOON SNES-a town, a farm, and a mountain. 5


HARVEST MOON 64- Horse, dog, cow, sheep, chicken. 7

HARVEST MOON SNES- Horse, dog, cow, chicken. 5


HARVEST MOON 64- Forever! But you may get bored of it. 7

HARVEST MOON SNES- 2 1/2 years. 7

Money Routine-

HARVEST MOON 64- Just gather stuff from the woods or ship your daily 
crops/items. 9

HARVEST MOON SNES- More challenging but more boring. The same thing except 
harder. 7


HARVEST MOON 64- From 6 AM to 6 PM and then you can play till 5:59 AM, and 
you can get sick. 5

HARVEST MOON SNES- Night stays forever, giving you more time to plow/gather. 


HARVEST MOON 64- A lot, so much you will probably never stop looking. 10

HARVEST MOON SNES- Yes there is a lot, but not as much as Harvest Moon 64! 8


HARVEST MOON 64- About 5 each season. 10

HARVEST MOON SNES- There is almost none so you will get bored waiting. 4

Livestock Cost-

HARVEST MOON 64- The livestock cost 1000 more than Harvest Moon SNES. 7


Livestock Routine-

HARVEST MOON 64- 8 stalls, and easier care. 5

HARVEST MOON SNES- 12 stalls. So boring (it gets slow when there is a lot of 
livestock) that you just want to quit playing the game. 0


HARVEST MOON 64- You will enjoy this game a lot. 7

HARVEST MOON SNES- Pretty fun, but more boring than fun. 4



Of course it had to be the winner, Itís the newest version, Harvest Moon 
Game boy didnít make it (it wasnít good enough, heh) anyway, back to the 
game, Harvest Moon 64 is a really good game. This isnít all of it. If you 
want to know some pretty cool stuff, read my review at GameFAQs for more! 
Letís get back to the game and here is the story:

At the beginning you see you walking in the square and the people talking 
about your grandpaís passing away, then you tell your father
That you want to inherit the farm. Your father leaves for the big city as 
you are pondering in your new farm.

Jack (aka you) took over your Grandpaís farm after he passed away. You hope 
to have a wonderfull life until your dad comes back, which will be on the 
third year. But even after that, you can play forever, I think.


You must be-RPG player, know how to push the A button fast, know how to 
respond, know how to read.

What does this game do for you-Not much, just tells you how hard it is to 
work on a farm.

Advice-Feed and brush your cows/sheep every day. Feed your chickens and get 
their eggs.

Time to Complete-Huh? Time? Infinity.



Name yourself- Name whatever you want, up to 6 letters can fit. So put your 
initials in if your name is Ghfghgrtglyptyrgve (j/k).

Name your dog- Same thing here, except name your dog this time.

Your birthday- Choose which season you want your birthday to be in. Your 
birthday will always be on the 25 of that season. So, for example, if you 
choose Summer, then your birthday will take place on Summer 25.

Ranch- Name your ranch.

After doing all this you will see yourself eating in the morning. Walk to 
your T.V, you can watch the programs by pressing the C buttons. Initially, 
it is set to the weather channel. You can change it to the news channel, 
tips channel, or the entertainment channel. The entertainment channel never 
works.. I wonder if it ever will?

Leave your house to meet the mayor of the town. He will guide you around 
Flower Bud Village, the local town. If you want him to, then choose that 
option, it will not take any time off your first day.

The mayor will guide you around. You will meet people like Lillia, the 
florist, Rick, the local tool shop owner, and Maria, the bookkeeper. After 
that go to the green ranch to meet will Ann. She will let you have a horse. 
Name it like you did before. The horse is important to the game because of 
shipping and horse racing. Now you know the basics. Spend the rest of that 
day dong whatever you want. Now comes the list of mostly all the characters 
in Harvest Moon 64!

The Characters---      Harvest Moon 64.

1.Jack (you)-The main character.

2.Koro-Your dog. Heíll race in the dog race during winter.

3.Foal-Horse, found in the Green Ranch on the first day of Spring, race on 
the Horse Race.

4.Elli-The restaurantís ownerís daughter, you can woo her by buying cakes.

5.Maria-The mayorís daughter who you can woo. She likes it when you read the 
books in the library. If you plan to woo her, give her flowers and berries, 
otherwise Harris will.

6.Ann-She gives you the horse. She likes animals and livestock. Try giving 
her squirrels or rabbits. She hard to woo because she goes in a lot of 
places you least expect to see her. She has a mean brother.

7.Popuri-The flower shop ownerís daughter. She simply loves flowers. Give 
them to her everytime. Give her cat mint flowers to have her be amazed. 
Sheís very easy to get, literally.

8.Karen-Another person to woo. Sheís pretty hard to woo because she has a 
huge temper. Once sheís friendly with you only then sheíll introduce 
herself. She likes very berries.

9.Mayor-Self explanatory. He leads nearly all the festivals. Sometimes 
mistaken for a gangsterÖ?

10.Midwife-A mysterious woman living in the south part of the town. She 
gives you advice once youíre married. And no, you cannot marry her.

11.Gray-Annís brother. Heís a mean dude through the first year. Once the 
third year heíll have flowers in his place. You can steal them ;p.

12.Cliffgard-Grayís horse, it seems to be, he rarely races at the horse 
races though.

13.Potion shop owner-The old man has a few grand children. Give him herbs.

14.Rick-He runs the tool shop. Be sure to stop by to see whatís new. He 
likes to cheat during the Egg Festival using a detector. Heís also Annís 
Cousin. I donít know what happens if you give him minerals found in the 
mine, maybe a surprise?

15.Lillia-Popuriís mom, she runs the florist shop and is helpful. Buy the 
seeds she sells. She also sells flowers, the more you buy, the more points 
you get on your card. There is a raffle there at the end of the year. Draw a 
ticket for every 10 points!

16.Popuriís dad-Heíll visit you on Spring and leave sometime in fall. Heíll 
inform you of some of the festivals. Also, if you are planning to have 
Popuri, heíll come to save her but fail?? Anyway, you save her from falling 
down the mountains.

17.Jeff-The owner of the restaurant. Not Elliís father but her boyfriend. He 
races at the Sea Festival.

18.Kent-The Potion Shop ownerís son.

19.Stu-The Potion Shop ownerís other son.

20.Bald Craftsman-Speak to him daily for working hints. He will upgrade your 
house and extend it. Also he will add add-ons. To do this, go to the little 
print in the house wall. He usually stands and guards the house, I donít 
know why.

21.Harris-The mailman. He has a crush on Maria, the mayorís daughter. Be 
sure to check your mail everyday for leaflets and notes. During fall heíll 
come over and give you a mushroom.

22.Kai-The guy with the pink bandanna. He has a crush on Karen. Give him a 
wild grape for a recipe. When it comes to swimming, he is good.

23.May-A girl in the village. I donít really know much about her though.

24.Karenís dad-He seems mean and he is. Thatís maybe why Karen always argues 
with him.

25.Karenís Mom-She is Karenís Mom. She is very worried about Karen and her 
dad arguing with each other all the time.

26.Craftsmen-Oh yeah, thereís a lot of them. They always give you a bunch of 
useless crap info. Donít listen to them.

27.Fisherman-Be sure to talk to him to get the fishing rod. There are three 
kinds of fish you can catch, fishing is tough, but you have to be quick.

28.Jeff-Elliís friend who owns the restaurant. Buy cakes to make Elli happy. 
Like the local florist, youíll get points on your cake card when you buy the 
food. He is slow when it comes to swimming.

29.Livestock dealer-Heíll sell you cows, sheep, and chickens, but for a 
expensive amount of money. Trust me, youíll need at least on cow by summer 
15. The earlier you buy it, the more chance it can enter the first cow 

30.Shipper-The big tough guy had to become a shipper, not a wrestler? Well, 
he comes everyday at 5:00pm. Be sure to ship all your stuff before that 
time. If you ship stuff after that time, it will be all trash the next day, 
so watch out!

31.Mayorís Wife-The vice president of festivals.

32.Gen-Next door to Rick, once in a while heíll have the ocarina to sell to 

33.Jiji and Baba-They seem to be running the restaurant on the mountain. But 
it has no point. Just give them stuff for recipes (go to recipes section for 

34.Entomologist-He will visit on the second year looking for the blue 
butterfly. To find it, by the blue mist seeds in the flower shop, then plant 
them in the mountain. Water them everyday, because if you miss one day, you 
have to restart the whole process. Blue mist seeds cost 500g.

35.Old lady(Elliís Grandma)-Yes, the old lady rocking in her rocking chair 
everyday outside of the restaurant. Sheís very nice :).

36.Duke-Iíve only seen him in the bar. No point but the Old Wine (Heavenís 

37.Woman-Winter the first year, she shows up with her son for thanking you. 
I donít know though. Maybe taking care of cows.

38.Pastor Brown-A teacher and priest. He is at the church and he seems nice. 
I donít know much about him, though.

39.Your Grandpa-He passed away and you inherited his farm. The only place 
you get to see him is the album in your house.

40.Dad-Will visit you summer 1 the third year. That is the ending, but after 
that you can play forever.

41.Cliff-The guy with the weird orange hair. He shows up in Spring when heís 
hungry at your ranch. Also, he leaves in Winter, I donít know if he comes 
back or not, though.

Few, thatís done for, whats next?

A Button-Talk to people, grab stuff, throw stuff, use A button item.
B Button-Use B button item, cancel.
Z Button-View Explanation of item youíre holding.
L Button-Rotate Farm Angle.
R Button-Rotate Farm Angle.
Up C-Put item youíre holding in Rucksack.
Down C-Eat item youíre holding.
Left C-Call your horse.
Right C-Call your dog


The Florist-
The local florist, Lillia, will be able to sell you seeds of any kind, which 
youíll be able to plant. Buy these all the time, whether you need money or 
now, otherwise youíll end up going broke in the middle of nowhere.

Next to the Florist is the Church. Here the kids learn like in school and on 
Sundays people gather there. Pastor Brown is here, and yes, he will give you 

Next to the church is the bar, which is only open at nights. The barís 
owner, Duke, has a secret behind him. And if you are lucky enough to get it, 
your rep will go up. What is the secret? The old wine is available anytime 
when youíre not married. Anyway, the bar gives you some boosts when you are 
tired of working during the night. You will usually meet single guys looking 
for chicks to pick up here. This is how Karen drinks a lot.

The restaurant sells cakes and pies and cookies. You can also dine here and 
speak to Elli. The owner Jeff sometimes holds the raffle thing and you can 
get points on your cake card. Buy cakes and give them to the girl you try to 

Antique Shop-
Here you can get a few items of importance such as the ocarina. But then 
thatís all including a secret item. Open everyday except for weekends and 

Rickís Shop-
Annís cousin, Rick, runs a tool shop right next to the antique shop. The 
tool shop will sometimes have items you will need, such as the milking 
machine for milking cows. This is a good place to buy house utilities, 
livestock tools, and special items. Rick doesnít always have these items, 
and they come for a high price, so save some of your money on these!

This is where most of the festivals and events are held. The townspeople set 
up stands and tables for the festivals. These include the planting Festival, 
Flower Festival, Horse and Dog Races, and the Harvest Festival. There are 
many more too.

The library is usually closed at the beginning of summer and winter, but 
when itís open, you can go in and talk to Maria. Read Mariaís books for her 
to like her. Otherwise, there is not much to do or see here.

Mayorís House-
The mayor has a very small house (smaller than the one in Harvest Moon for 
Super Nintendo). You can talk to his wife and his daughter, Maria, on rainy 
days. Again, there is not much to do here.

Midwifeís House-
The old lady who lives here will give you hints on marriage and how to get a 
baby. Sheís not like the fortune teller from Harvest Moon Super Nintendo, so 
once again, there is not much to do or see here.

Potion Shop-
Another shop. Here you can buy medicine buy checking the bottles on the 
right. There is some pretty good medicine and some vitamins. Later, you will 
be able to buy a vitamin that increases the usage of the regular vitamin, 
give the potion shop owner some edible herbs too. He is usually the one who 
wins most festivals and contests and events.

Any livestock who dies in your farm will be sent here. You can always come 
back and check their grave to remember them.

Livestock Shop-
This is where you will be able to buy livestock and feed. Also, you can buy 
the cow potion, which will make a cow pregnant, and medicine, which will 
cure cows or sheep. I suggest using grass as fodder instead of buying it 
here, itís way better.

Carpenterís House-
This is where you will be able to buy house upgrades and extensions, they 
are a bit pricey, so you will need to cut a lot of logs to get enough lumber 
for these. Find more about this near the bottom of my FAQ.

Old Coupleís Restaurant-
The old man and woman do nothing. But you can give them some special things 
for recipes. They live near the summit of the Moon Mountain.

A map is coming soon. So stay tuned, here is the regular guide around town. 
My maps suckÖ

B=Building, roof, etc
E,P,K,M,A=The girls usually walk around these places
-=Barrier(Fence, etc)

xxxxxxxxBBBBBxxxxxxxBBBBBBxxxxxx <--exit
Top Left-Bar
Middle Top-Church
Top Right-Florist and Greenhouse
Bottom Right-Restaurant/Bakery
Bottom Left-Rickís Tool Shop, Accessory Shop

MAIN ROAD-Northeast, Mountain; Northeast, up the hill, Vineyard; South, 
Green Ranch; Southeast, your farm; West, lower town; Northwest, Upper Town.

In the game, there is time. Every 15-30 seconds is an hour. Time passes 
everyday till 6:00pm, when everyone goes to sleep and everything closes. It 
wonít pass when youíre inside anything besides the Moon Mountain cave or 
mine. You will wake up at 6:00am in the morning. Here is how your time 
routine should go:

TIME ROUTINE #1-Beginning

6AM-8AM-Water Seeds
8AM-11AM-Buy stuff at town and/or take care of livestock
11AM-2PM-Gather stuff at mountain
2PM-8PM-Plow your filed or cut logs or search for secrets
8PM-Go to bar if you would like to

TIME ROUTINE #2-Flirting with Girls

6AM-8AM-Gather harvested crops/water them; and give them to your girl
8AM-10AM-Buy some flowers or cakes for your girl
10AM-6PM-Give or buy your girl gifts
6PM-Go to bar if you want Karen, give her gifts there


6AM-8AM-Gather or water seeds and take care of livestock
8AM-10AM-Buy more livestock or more plants
8AM-5PM-Help Craftsmen or go to the mine
10AM-3PM-Gather stuff from Moon Mountain; ship it
3PM-6PM-Finish any unfinished business

TIME ROUTINE #4-Already married

6AM-Talk to your wife
6AM-8AM-Water seeds and/or take care of your livestock
8AM-Just give at least 1 gift to your wife
8AM-10AM-Go to town and buy a cake or two
10AM-5PM-Do your business
5PM-Come home for dinner

Those are the time routines. You can find many more routines as you play the 
game, but the ones above are some of the more important ones.


Ok, I did this. Me, Haunter120. Well, it might not be real cool, but this is 
a Regular walkthrough. Not perfect, the walkthrough will tell you tips about 
some of the other secrets in the game. It also provides tips on foraging and 
plants. Beginners who just started their first file should read this 
walkthrough first, then go on to the others.

DAY 1-:Festival: Homecoming-
Not exactly a festival. You get to meet some neighbors and the townsfolk. 
Visit the vineyard to meet olí Karen. Go to the green ranch to meet Ann. She 
will give you the horse and youíll meet her brother Cliff. One thing I donít 
understand is, she says Cliffís brother is a horse??

DAY 2-Gathering

This day go to the florist shop and buy cabbage. Then go to the mountain and 
gather the medicinal herbs and veryberries. Remember, you can carry up to 8 
items so press up C to put it in your rucksack. Ship them and dig a 3x3 
square with your hoe looking like this:


Go into the middle and plant your cabbage seeds. Then water them. Refill 
your can at the pond in the northeast corner. Also, the tree in the 
northeast is mysterious. Search there for a treasure map. It will help you 
find the Music Box, to find the music box, I constructed a map for you, here 
it is:

X=Where you dig (Dig 10-16 times to find the music box)

Your house                  Tree

Once you find the music box, you can keep it. The problem is, itís broken, 
and Rick can fix it. But, Rick needs a Rare Mineral, found in the Mine in 
winter, to fix it. So you will have to wait a while. Then you can give it to 
your favorite girl and she will like it.

DAYS 3,4, and 5-Planting

Do the same thing that you did on Day 2. You should have about over 1000 
cash by now. Save it ñor- buy more cabbage seeds.
You should clean your land also.

DAY 8-:Festival: Planting Festival

Nothing special here, you wonít be the king so you can just watch. Itís rare 
for someone to take you for a ride, but it can happen. Talk to Lillia to get 
your balloon. The festivals coming up will actually be real!

DAY 12-Harvest

Your cabbage seeds from spring 2 shouldíve harvested by now. Ship them. 
Brush your horse and ride it a little bit too. I suggest buying some grass 
seeds and if youíre planning to get Popuri, buy flowers, theyíre only 
available in spring.

DAY 13-Buy more Seeds

Yes, you should buy more seeds.  Buy potato or cabbage seeds BUT NOT turnip 
seeds. Although they grow fast, they sell for a very small amount of money. 
If you are planting a 3x3 square with them, youíll get 8 plus a 9th one 
later. This will earn you 280 cash only (200 spent on buying the seeds). And 
youíll get 540 if you ship one more.

DAY 16-Deadline for Horse Race

For you it just a normal day. You cant enter the race cause your horse 
hasnít grown up yet. Do the normal stuff today.

DAY 17-:Event: Horse Race-

Go to the race at 8:00. Be sure to bid on a horse before the race starts. 
Since youíre not participating, talk to Maria and the three girls. No point 
in buying the food from the shipper. Once the race starts, root for the 
person you predicted that would win. If heís not first place, you donít get 
any medals.

After the first race, you can talk to the people here. Go back and cast your 
bid on the horse with the short shot. Bidding on long shots is not good, 
they rarely win. The races go for 2 more, then they end. The bar is closed 

DAY 18-Preparing

Be sure to harvest and buy cabbage today. Buy potatoes if you want, but not 
turnips if you havenít bought them already. Youíll find a hungry man 
outside, if you leave the screen. He wonít be there, so try to have some 
food in your belongings and feed him. Do the usual this day. By now all your 
stumps and rocks should be cleared. Make sure to buy some flower seeds 
before summer if you want to impress Popuri. Gather veryberries for Karen 
also. If you have enough money I suggest you buy an organizer from Rickís 

DAYS 19-22-Vote for Flower princess

Stop by the Flower bud village square and go left, vote for the flower 
princess. It will be the choice of five of the girls you can woo. I suggest 
you vote for the one you want to woo. Do the usual again. Itíll be raining 
today probably. Also if you are planning to have cabbage get them before day 
21. Because it takes them 9 days to grow and Spring ends Day 31.

If you are planning to date Popuri, Spring 22 is her birthday. Gather some 
flowers and give them to her, then, dance with her on the Flower Festival.

DAY 23-:Festival: Flower Festival

This is the most important festival in spring. It is important that you buy 
the cat mint seeds from the florist. If you have enough money go to the 
masked man in the top right to buy a power nut for 1000g. Itís pretty 
pricey. Also you can buy the bottle from Rick for a cheap price. You can 
store liquids in it and drink anytime to replenish your energy. In a few 
minutes the princess will come, it usually is not the one you voted for, but 
thatís alright. Next youíll choose which girl youíll be dancing with, choose 
one to dance with, and then the day is over.

DAY 24-Free Time

>From days 24-30 youíll have plenty of free time. Donít buy anymore crops, as 
they wonít harvest until summer 1, which they will die. Buy 1 or 2 grass 
seeds. Now you should start saving up for a cow. Gather as much as you can 
from now to the thirtieth.

DAY 30-Last day of Spring

You should have a lot of money by now. If you donít have 6000g yet, keep 


Medicinal Herb-sell for 70g
Edible Herb-Sell for 30g
Veryberries-sell for 40g


Turnips-grow 6 days, give you 60g apiece.
Potatoes-grow 7 days, give you 70g apiece.
Cabbage-grow 9 days, give you 90g apiece.


You cannot buy flowers in summer, fall, or winter. So be sure to buy them 
before the first of summer. Summer is the season of working. Although it 
should be called ëlazyí, itís when you have to buy a lot of crops, and even 
a cow if you donít already have on. Moonfreak17 says that you should have a 
greenhouse by the end of summer. That is nearly impossible, but if you work 
hard, you can get one!

DAY 1-:Festival: Fireworks

The festival is at night, so you can do the usual. Gather walnuts and wild 
fruits. Medicinal herbs are also available in the cave. At night go out with 
your favorite girl. Where they should be:

Maria is at the Town Square.

Ann is at the Green Ranch.

Popuri is at the summit of Moon mountain.

Karen is at the beach.

Youíll spend a little time with your girlfriend before going to bed. Get 
ready for the next day, cause itís a blast!

DAY 2-Moneymakers

This is a very hard working day. First, get to the field quickly and rid the 
bushes. Right now you should have about 5000g. Go to the town and buy one 
corn seed and one tomato seed and no more. That leaves you with 4400g. Now 
go to the mountain and gather a lot of stuff before nightfall. Now go to 
your house and let the dog outside if it isnít already. Last, visit Rick if 
you have time. Remember to water your plants!

DAY 3-Fishing

I have caught so much fish this day that I got over 1000g! Quickly go to the 
river and fish. Try to catch the big fish. Once itís about 4 go home and sip 
it. If you were lucky you should have 5000g or more.

DAY 4-The Brush

Buy a brush. Then quickly get to the mountain and start gathering.

DAYS 5 and 6-Gather more!

Easier said than done.

DAY 7-Your first cow

This should not be a Thursday, if it is, buy a cow tomorrow. If it isnít, 
then go to the Livestock Shop and buy one. Itís young, so you donít need a 
milker yet. But if you enter the cow festival, your rep will go up.

DAY 9-:Festival: Vegetable Festival

What? Another festival? Well, if you saved any cabbege or turnips or 
potatoes, you can bring them here. No vegetable can harvest this early in 
summer. So if you donít have a vegetable, tough luck. You can go there 

DAY 11-Harvest

Tomatoes should be harvested by now. Note that once they are, and you water 
them, theyíll grow back in 3 days, same with corn. Get used to feeding, 
brushing, and talking to your cow.

DAY 17-:festival: Firefly Festival

This is the boring festeval. If you have a lantern (buy at Rickís shop), you 
can bring it here and celebrate, otherwise, you can watch the lanterns swim 

DAY 24-:festival: Sea Festival

This is a fun and easy activity. Be a participant and win a weird pig (oh 
wow!), tap the A button as quickly as possible. Chances are Kai will be 
second. Heíll usually be tied with you while swimming.

DAY 25-Girlfriend

Your girl should be friendly with you by now. Try giving her what she likes 
today through summer 28. You can get married + be rich!

DAY 29-A Fully Grown Cow!

Yep, it should be grown right now or tomorrow. Buy a milker today if it 
isnít Wednesday or the weekend. Itíll give you small milk. Try not to get 
your cow sick!

DAY 30-Last But Not Least

Get all the harvested corn or tomatoes out today, also gather all the 
flowers you planted and put it in your organizer or give them to your girl. 
Thatís pretty much it for summer.


Walnuts-sell for 70g
Wild Fruit-Sell for 40g


Corn-Harvest 13 days, repeat, sell for 120g
Tomatoes-Harvest 9 days, repeat, sell for 100g


DAY 1-Cow Preparations

Brush and feed your cow. Brush your horse also, and you should have done 
that all through the seasons from the start (brush and ride the horse a 
little bit, that is).

Gather mushrooms and put them in the shipping box. Also get the medicinal 
herbs. Give the wild grapes to Kai and Karenís father, youíll get two 

Day 4-:Festival: Cow Festival

If you entered your cow, chances are you wouldnít win cause it still 
produces small milk. But your reputation with the villagers will go up, and 
your cow will like you more =).

DAY 12-:Festival: Harvest Festival

This is like the Flower Festival. Talk to everyone and even the guy with the 
big lips. Once you do Elli will come out of the racetrack door. Talk to her 
and eat her cake. If there is a coin inside, youíll be the Harvest King and 
you get to play your ocarina during the Spirit Festival. Be sure to talk to 
Maria before you talk to Elli!

DAY 16-Extension

By now you should have at least one or two extras in your house. If you 
donít, I suggest getting a bathroom or kitchen and stairs first. These donít 
have a point, I think.

DAY 20-:Festival: Egg Festival

This is a hard festival. You have to find a lot of eggs in order to win. See 
those holes around the village? Search them for eggs. The mayor will show 
you the egg, you try to find it. Itís hard because whenever mayor yells 
ìTimeís up!î it means someone else has got it. If you win you get a power 
nut for now.

DAYS 23-27-:Event: Bridge work

The carpenters want to build a bridge to the other side of the mountain. 
Youíll get 1000g each time you help them. Helping all five days will give 
you 5000g! Itís a lot for now.

DAY 28-:Event: Horse Race 2

This is your chance to race in the local horse race. Youíll race for one 
round. Tap A steadily as you go, the more you brushed and rode your horse 
everyday at the farm, the faster itíll be and the better stamina itíll have. 
I have also never had bought anything in the mayorís souvenirs. What does 
the sustaining carrot do? Itís the only thing I have right now.

DAY 30-Recipes

There are lots of recipes in fall. If you donít have all of them, then you 
should read my ëotherí list. Do it before Winter comes. Also, cut all your 
grass and eggplants if you have them.


Mushrooms-Sell for 70g, scattered around every corner of the mountain.
Poison Mushrooms-sell for 30g, no point in getting these.
Wild Grapes-sell for 40g, get these once you get all the medicinal herbs and 


Eggplants-Sell for 80g (or 70? Forgot). Donít waste money on this crap. Grow 
back three.


DAY 1-What?! No crops?

Thatís right, your land has been fully covered with snow. You canít plant 
anything unless you have a green house. So you have to wait a little. The 
livestock dealer will come and give you cows so youíll need to keep them 
till the fourth. Make sure theyíre not sick or you wonít get such a good 

DAY 2-Annex

Get a bathroom/kitchen today. Start saving up for a Log Terrace.

DAY 4-Cows

A woman and her son will drop by today and tell ëthank youí to you. I think 
what they mean is the cows. The livestock dealer will come and take them 
away. You should have about 8000g or more right now.

DAY 8-30:Event: Mine open to Public

This is a good way to make money in winter. Get your hoe and go down to the 
mountain cave near the craftsman house. You have till 5pm or till when you 
faint in the mine. Itís a lot easier if your hoe is level 2. Iíve gotten a 
power nut here before, but what you always seem to get are the iron ores, 
coins, and pontata roots. Give a root to the potion shop owner. Find holes 
to go deeper in the mine.

DAY 10-:Festival:Thanksgiving

Go to Flower Bud Village and talk to the girls for cakes. If you have a 
wife, sheíll give you a cake. All you really need to do is brush the cow.

DAYS 12-16-:Event:Work on Hot Springs

Like bridge work, just go to the mountain and help the carpenters work on 
the hot springs and youíll get 1000g. That makes an extra 5000g earning for 
5 days. Be aware that 3 logs will disappear, so you wonít be able to get 
that much lumber.

DAY 18-Deadline for Dog Race

Enter, if you fed your dog a lot, itíll be fast. Take care of your dog also. 
After that, go to the mine and start gathering!

DAY 19-:Event: Dog Race

This is pretty much the same as Horse Race, except you can get new prizes. I 
have never won a dog or horse race, so donít ask me what you get if you do. 
Remember, cast yours in on the horse or dog with the least medals, its 
likely he/she will win.

DAYS 20-24-Mine Time

These days you should go to the mine and get more stuff. Also you should buy 
a Log Terrace now, if you have enough lumber. Donít buy the baby bed yet.

DAY 24-:Festival:Starry Night

At night you can hang around with your girl somewhere. Popuri is at the 
summit of moon mountain, Karen is at the beach, and Maria, Ann, and Elli 
should be at the church. This will raise your heart level a bit.

DAY 25-Huh? Christmas

I wonder why they donít celebrate, anyway, wrap everything up today. The 
yearís almost over. So do whatever you need: Go to the mine, gather money, 
you really need something right now, donít you?

DAY 27-:Festival: Spirit Festival

At night youíll celebrate this festival. Go to the square. If youíve won the 
Harvest Festival, and bought an ocarina from the ceramics shop next to 
Rickís, youíll be able to participate in this festival.

DAY 30-:Event: Church

Go to church at night and celebrate New Yearís Eve, then you can go with 
your girlfriend anywhere she wants.
Winter is over. Yay!

SPRING 1-New Yearís Day

Go to the square. Whenever you talk to a person, theyíll give you something 
to drink and youíll fall asleep. That wraps up the day. I suggest talking to 
your girl.

Iron Ore-Sell for 100g
Moonlight Rock-Sell for 500g
Blue Rock-Sell for 700g
Rare Metals-Sell for 1000g


Can only be bought if you have a greenhouse.
Sell for 150g each strawberry. Will not grow back.

S E C O N D   Y E A R-

Now that the first year is over. You will kind of get to the point of the 
game. Here is the walkthrough for the second year and third yearís spring, 
after that your dad will come and you will get to play forever.
Iím not going to have the walkthrough go forever, though.



This is New Yearís day, and you will get a letter from your dad telling that 
he will be coming home sometime. You might also get a letter from your girl 
and a letter from Cliff. Go celebrate the New Yearís!

SPRING 2-A new start

Now that it is Spring, you can go buy seeds, ANY KIND. Buy flowers and 
grass. If you do not have a cow yet buy it now, or else buy a sheep. Your 
girl and you should be flirtatious by now, if you are not, shower her with 
gifts until she has a green heart on the bottom right of the text box. You 
should start gathering on recipes, as they will do you good and give you a 
better ending. Anyway, do everything you need to do and there you have it, 
on your second day of second year, you are doing good.

SPRING 4-Money

Since you might have lost a lot of money in Winter, you should start getting 
it now. Go to the mountain and get very berries. Give any leftover berries 
to Karen. I suggest you do this until itís the ninth, it is very helpful.

SPRING 9-:Festival: Planting Festival

If you won at the harvest festival last year, then you have a good chance of 
winning this sowing festival. If you win this, you have a better chance of 
winning the harvest festival in fall. You will also get a picture if you 
won. Itís pretty cool to see yourself flying on the hot-air balloon if you 
win or get picked to go with. I have never won, but I was chosen to go with 
by Harris, the mailman.

SPRING 12-Tool Level Up

Now that you are this far, you need to level up your tools. Hammer is the 
easiest, if it is level 2, just pound the ground a few times and it will 
become level 3. You watering can should be level 2, your axe should be level 
2 1/ 2, your hoe should be level 2, and your sickle should be either level 1 
going to level 2 or just level 2. Spring would be a good time to do this.

SPRING 14-Horse Race is coming!

Have you been taking care of your horse by riding it every day? Have you 
been brushing your horse? If so, you have a chance of winning the local 
horse race coming up. If you win you will get a picture. Remember, even if 
you donít thin youíll win, itís doesnít mean anything. Give it a chance, you 
might win.

SPRING 16-Deadline for Horse Race

The livestock dealer will come by and tell you about the Horse Race and ask 
you if you want to enter. Say yes. Then go to town. Your girlís heart should 
be yellow, or nearly yellow. Spring is the best time for marriage, at least 
with Popuri and Elli. Anyway get ready for the Horse Race.

SPRING 17-:Event: Horse Race

Go to the square for the first race. Donít miss it. It might take a few 
tries to win any race, just remember to press the reset button if you lose 
on this race. One good trick is when racing, do nothing until near the end 
when all the horses are exhausted, then start pressing the A button to get 
ahead. I found this handy and won one of the races in Fall. Bet on the 
lowest number, if you lose, reset.

SPRING 18-The Muzak

Not much to do. If you try to marry before Fall 4-8 you wonít get the old 
wine. Unless you buy a cow on Spring 12-15 on the first year and win that 
cow festival (physically rare). Go to your yard and go south from the start 
of the north soil end near the tree 11 spaces. Dig on the eleventh space for 
a music box. If you want to date all the girls at once, then give the box to 
anyone but the one you try to woo. Do everything else today.

SPRING 19-22:Event:Vote for Flower Princess-

*sob sob* my girl never won any festival yet. Anyway go to the square and 
vote for the flower princess (just vote for your girl) the person I vote for 
all the time never won. 3 girls: Ann, Karen, and Maria always win. Popuri 
never wins *sob*.

SPRING 23-:festival: Flower Festival-

Go around and talk to everyone. Hope your girl wins. If she doesnít or does 
dance with her. After that the Festival will be over.

SPRING 24-Planting-

Unless you already have a greenhouse, DO NOT PLANT ANYMORE vegetables. At 
this time your girl must be at a yellow heart. Give her lots of stuff so she 
will like you more. Also donít just ditch other girls give them stuff too. 
And give stuff to Harris, Gray, Cliff, Jeff, and Kai and they might end up 
married with someone.

SPRING 28-Pink Heart

This or before is when your girl should be on a pink heart. If sheís not 
just keep giving her stuff until itís pink. After it is wait till Rickís 
shop has a blue feather and buy it. You girl will say that she will marry 
you next Sunday.


On this day, if you still have vegetables, save them. If you bought the 
organizer from Rick, or the kitchen, you can put it there. If you havenít 
just keep it in your rucksack.

SUMMER 1-:event: Fireworks

Spend time with your girl on this festival. If you forgot where they go, 
look below:

Ann-Green Ranch Field

Maria-Town Square

Popuri-Summit of Moon Mountain



If you do spend time with any girl they will like you more. So donít always 
spend time with your girl/wife. Your wife wonít cheat on you and you wonít 
cheat on her. That wonít happen in this game.

SUMMER 3-Marriage

Heh heh. Today you will need to get married. It should be a Sunday. You will 
automatically be sent to the church and married (harvest sprites will feed 
your cows/sheep). After the marriage it shifts on to the next day. You also 
get a picture.

SUMMER 4-Herb Rice Cake

There is a glitch in getting this recipe. If you havenít got it yet, then go 
get a walnut and give it to Elliís grandma for a Herb Rice Cake. Also if you 
want to win new yearís go to bar at nights and drink a lot. Your wife wonít 
leave you, so donít worry.

SUMMER 5-Working on the Farm

Do everything in the morning you need and give eggs to your wife or Elli if 
you want to. You need to collect a lot of money, so know that.
Remember, ship your milk and buy a lot of corn and tomatoes, because youíll 
get a lot of money like that.

SUMMER 9-:festival:Vegetable Festival

On Spring 28, I told you to save a vegetable. Did you do that? Bring that 
vegetable to the city and talk to the Mayor/Jeff at 9:00AM (hold the 
vegetable in your hand). When you enter just talk to everybody like you do 
in the other festivals and then the Mayor will announce the winner. 
Eggplants usually win, but bring corn if you have it. I brung an eggplant 
and lost.

SUMMER 10-Work

Back to work, be sure to water your plants every day for the greenhouse if 
you donít already have it. Also save money for a cow if you donít have one. 
Remember, you want the Great Hall, so try your best to get everything and 
MAKE A BACK UP COPY BEFORE THE THIRD YEAR. There is one photo required on a 
certain date and if you skip it without having a back up copy before it, you 
have to start a new file in order to get all the photos.

SUMMER 11-Game Check

Youíre about more than halfway through the beginning(the beginning ends on 
Summer 1, year 3). Someone told me there are 99 years only, but I think it 
goes forever. Anyway here are the requirements you should have by now:




-Over 20000 Gold





-Baby Bed



-Level 3 Hammer, Watering Can, and Axe

-Invincible Katori

-At least 15 recipes

-At least 4 power nuts

-At least 250medals (Remember, Watsonz Trick)

-At least 5 pictures

If you donít have one or two or more of them, I suggest you try to get them 
(besides recipes, power nuts, and pictures) by the end of Summer.

Annís birthday is today. So be good to her, if you havenít married her yet, 
give her all you can today.

SUMMER 12-MoonLight stone

If you have a moonlight stone, give it to Rick. Heíll be able to get you a 
lantern in time for the Firefly festival, coming on the 17th. On the 10th 
the library should have opened. Ann should be nicer to you, and Gray too. 
Finish the day by foraging and being nice to your wife.

SUMMER 13-Weird Yet Cool Tricks anyone?

Try ëem. Theyíre at the bottom in the Weird Yet Cool section. Not much to 
say but just keep planting and watering and harvesting your corn and 
tomatoes. You should have a greenhouse by now.

SUMMER 14-Donít try this

MORE COMING SOON! Now hereís Headbakeís Millionaire FAQ.



On the first day, chop as much as u can while spending time gathering in the 
mountain and get a 9 by 9 square of crops seeded and watered and if u can 
get some fish from the ponds and other areas after u get the fishing pole 
from the fisherman.


You will need it later in the game, and you have time to do it now so do it. 
I suggest going to the mountains and chopping wood there if you run out in 
your yard.

The next few days keep fishing buying more crops and watering and make sure 
to get your horse also look around for a girl that you might be wanting to 
marry there are 5 choices but I recommend Karen, she is the hottest, but if 
you are gonna go for money stay with me on this faq, you, donít really need 
to get to know her till the second year if you wanna get married before your 
dad comes.  A suggestion is that you might want to go for Elli because she 
is the biggest help on the farm, but all of the others get more helpful 
around the farm too after u are married to them for a few years. Actually, 
this Millionaire FAQ isnít about marriage, but money, so, donít do anything 


After you get your first harvest keep getting more 9 by 9 plots, by the 15th 
you should have at least 7 of them growing if not more, and make sure to 
fish in the morning if you can have time that day keep on a chopping too.


Get some pies too and try for the berries if you can so you can keep you 
strength up and try to clear up the rocks from the farm one of these nights 
with a hammer and u donít need to use the sickle to clear weeds, just use it 
anyway if you have enough energy because it will help it level up when you 
are growing grass.


Today is the horse race. But you canít race. If youíre planning to get a lot 
of medals do Watsonz trick (go to bottom of the page in the tips section).

By the 22 you should have around 12 plots of Veggies growing and 150 lumber 
if not, step it up a notch, you are trying to get the greenhouse soon and 
some cows and chickens after today do not plant cabbages

After the 24 do not plant anymore veggies


You should have at least 14 plots of crops growing.

Buy a cow today and some fodder, and with the leftovers money buy as much 
grass and food as you can for the next season because you are gonna be 
working a lotÖ.

On the 30 you should clear your crops that havenít harvested, if you didnít 
listen to meÖ


If you got a girlfriend watch the fireworks with her, otherwise, back to 
being a stingy miserJ.

Go for some new crops, get mostly tomatoes and a few corn if you want, but 
if not in the greenhouse the corn are worth less than the tomatoesÖ   and 
keep chopping and gathering if you can manage invest in lots of health 
potions too if you want too so you can stay up all night, I only used this 
method after the 3rd year because of the cost, but if you want to plot a lot 
of extra crops do this.

Buy another cow and plant more grass, by now you should have a lot of grass 
growing on your field so you can start buying mass amounts of cows, and so  
you can support them donít invest in sheep unless u want the wool for a girl 
of you want some extra money some days instead of a more worthwhile steadier 
flow that yields a higher profit.

Summer 15

-You should have lots of dough and cows buy now from your first harvest, and 
your horse should be maturing soon too, also if you feel like chicken, get 

Summer 25-

-you should be nearing the mark of 20000g now keep it up, if you got some 
extra money and you want to fill up on cows before the greenhouse then do 
it, I went for the cows and chickens, because time doesnít waste in 
buildings and I could leave them outside if I wanted to for a few days.

Summer end-

Almost to the greenhouse if you have been getting wood and gathering, and 
fishing too, also cut the plants that didnít harvest on the 30 again and get 
your gathering on.

Should have a full pen of cows if you went that way


Gathering is still a must, and buy a lot of eggplant, even though they donít 
earn much they grow fast, and you need to get to the 30000/850 mark so you 
can get the all important greenhouse and chop wood till u die, also donít 
worry about hoeing anything extra unless you know you can handle it.

Fall 20-

you should have almost all of your cows pumping milk now and some going 
medium and maybe even large if you treated them right also at least 2 
chickens for a little extra money

Fall 25

you should have the greenhouse building by now or elseÖ you will have to 
wait a while for it that you donít want to do that.


Winter 5-

Try and have the full pen by now. Invest in more food to keep you more 
workable for the mine when it opens on the 8. Greenhouse should be up and 
running by now, use it as you normally would use outside and you should plow 
half of the spaces in the greenhouse for watering, you should have almost 
all of the upgrades by now except the hoe and the sickle. Lots of milk and 
chickens too.

Winter 20-

Use all of you money and wood, which you should have enough for the kitchen 
if you can. So you can work all day and not get tired it is very helpful to 
have the kitchen, but not a necessity.

Winter 30-

By now you should have most of the power berries I have listed and go to one 
of the parties for new years I recommend getting some drinks with Karen at 
the bar, because I donít like church.  Everything should be full by now the 
greenhouse cows filling the stables, and a full chicken coop.

You should also have a bunch of fodder

Step 2 rinse

Step 3 repeat



Plant all corn in your greenhouse because you get the same amount from them 
as tomatoes and your have to make less harvests, or you could plant all 
grass in your greenhouse and leave all of your animals in there all the time 
without having to worry about feeding them.  This would make it so you would 
have to plat outside though which could be a time problem, so I recommend 
this only if you want to lose a little money, but make real time easier to 
cope with playing this game.  Also planting grass inside only constricts 
what you can grow to the seasonal things. Try to out drink everyone at the 
new years festival.


Buy the special flower from the shop when you can because you get a picture 
in your album for it, and it will also get rid of that entomologist (green 
guy) Also if you want keep getting wood to get all of the extensions for 
your house so you can have a party at your house, the baby bed is necessary 
for your wife to have a baby.


Not much new just keep harvesting as much as you can and keep making 
friends, if you arenít using all of your time, plant some veggies outside, 
or chop some wood, fishing is fun too, but seems to waste too much time 
unless u got the pole upgraded.  Also it is a good idea to have a girl in 
red by now so you can get married before your daddy comes.


Buy a lot of food for this because I think this is the most fun season, You 
will probably want to buy cakes instead of other things so you can get some 
points on your card, or medicine, Do your usual routine in the morning, then 
talk to whomever you need to talk to, then go to the mine with your hoe and 
a Omega or º bag of cake, Hoe away all through the day, and you will usually 
find some nice things in the cave worth some hefty sum of money, and this is 
semi entertaining, the only thing I wonder is if all this hoeing is worth 
anything towards your hoes exp level. After the work go to the springs a few 
times then do whatever work needs to be done.  Have some fun and get some 
sleep. More years to come in a few days.

Have a nice harvest, Headbake

Secrets of the many years to come and weird things (Headbakeís version)

-You get a crop harvester in the 15 year if you give the man in black who 
comes to the farm and yells at you for farming too much a full moon berry.

-Full moon berry- You get this at moon mountain on the 10-12 of fall you 
have to pick it.

-Get the watering system parts on sometime after the 15 year, I am not sure 
exactly because I am not sure yet, but I have seen them.

-Rick is a loser of an inventor.

-Do not pay attention to anything the guy in black says from the 5 to 10 
year, he lies about those wannabe ìsecrets of the gameî.

-Donít spit into the wind.

-The invincible katori is a must if you want to keep your greenhouse.

-And the rug that you can get is so stylish, you think it has a better 
purpose, maybe it doesÖ  your dog pisses on it.

-Donít talk to a dead grandma, they donít talk back.

-Give elves lots rare metal for a surprise, give them a vane for that to 
come true.

-On the contrary Michael Jackson is not in this gameÖ

-You donít get fat, so eat as much as you want.

-The honey you get from the raffle at the end of the year looks a lot like 

-Only buy flowers if you want the power berry, otherwise they are pretty 
much useless.

-Girlfriends cook food for you sometimes, so be nice if you want some grub.

-To get into the carpenters on an ìillegal day for workî wait in that are 
till 8 then go right the extension wall for the upgrade, ignore the fact 
that no one is in thereJ.

-Only 7 stages of childhood, you need to be done with year 20 for the last 2 
where they leave the farm.
-Free betting medals, from the guys at the message board or e-mail
Bet all you want on the horses with the best odds, then press B like you 
cancelled the order, but they still we be present as a bet.

-----------HARVEST MOON 64 FAME WALKTHROUGH----------


Ok, this is a walkthrough to get what some of you might call a "perfect" or 
it's at least "semi-perfect".  This walkthrough will get you the great hall 
and all the photos and a great farm and secrets in order that I recommended 
you get them in. I will start with spring 3(since that is the first day and 
go from there but I hope you enjoy this walkthrough I know I will have fun 
typing it =)

Spring 3-

Today is your first day so your going to have to work real hard the first 2 
seasons to get some cash flow your immediate goal is to save money and wood 
to get a greenhouse around the end of summer. So today go to the mountain 
and pick everything there are nine things pick them all (you will not be 
able to put all 9 things in your rucksack your going to have to hold one of 
them) then go ship them all, then go buy some potato seeds (if you do the 
math in the long run they make you more money). Ok your going to have to 
plan here you don't want to use to much strength today but you need to clear 
the area near your shipping bin don't clear too much because you do not want 
to have a cold when you wake up in the morning so clear enough land to hoe a 
3x3 square then plant your potatoes then water them then go to bed. (Also if 
you find time swing by Green Ranch to get your horse and, go talk to the 
fisherman to get your pole)

Spring 4-

Ok, to start off go and get and ship all 9 things in the mountain to your 
shipping bin if you've done this correctly you will have enough money to buy 
2 more potato seeds then go home and clear just enough land to hoe 2 more 
3x3 squares (pretty close to your first one is most convenient) then plant 
them and water all your seeds. Go quickly because the later you stay out the 
more chance you have of catching a cold.

*GAME CHECK*: Here is where you can see if you got most of the stuff up to 
this point so far you should have,Ķ

3 3x3 fields of potatoes

A horse

A fishing pole

At least 400-500G

Spring 5-

Today is not much different other than you will need to go buy one more bag 
of potatoes and pick all 9 things in the forest today spend time clearing 
land and plowing an extra 3x3 field by now you should have 4 fields of 
potatoes that is enough for the first year, also tonight grab a flower and 
give it to Duke (the bartender) if you keep doing this most days he will 
give you the "Old Wine" which you will need later.

Any rainy day after this point should be taken advantage of chop wood every 
rainy day, you can get 42 pieces a day but also make sure to pick all 9 
things that's very important, also remember to talk to your horse every day 
so he will be happy and be able to win the horse races and grow up faster.

Spring 6-

Today will be a little different have your fishing pole ready and while your 
in the forest picking, spare some time to fish in the pond behind the 
fisherman's tent if you catch a fish throw it back in there you know you've 
done it right when you see a plop of water spout out then a water imp will 
give you a blue power berry you will need this also be sure to drop by the 
flower shop and buy as many potato seeds as you can you need I would 
recommended you buy 4,Ķok then regular stuff today pick all 9 things, clear 
more land, water your crops, and be sure to give Duke the bartender a 

Spring 7-

Today you will want to do the same things as previous days, (water crops, 
Pick all 9 things and ship them, clear more land) but also while you are 
picking fish at the river left of the fisherman's tent catch a big fish and 
throw it into the pond behind the fisherman's tent the water imp will come 
out and give you a red power berry (which increases strength).

Spring 8-

Today is the Planting festival, also your first potatoes will be in so 
quickly harvest these and plant new potatoes in there place water the rest 
of your crops then go to the festival.

Spring 9-10-

These days just harvest any crops that come in and be sure to plant new 
potato's in where they were and be sure to water all your crops every day 
and to give duke the bartender flowers (NOTE: the bar is closed on Sunday)

Spring 11-

Today you will want to make a stop to Rick's shop to buy the
brush, be sure to brush your horse every day after today so you can have a 
good chance to win the horse race the first year. But otherwise today like 
any other pick and ship the 9 thing's, water all your crops and be sure to 
give a flower to Duke.

Spring 12-17-

These days you will have several pickings of potato's be sure to pick them 
and ship them, and also be sure to replace them with new potato's you will 
also want to make a stop or two to the flower shop to by more seeds of 
potato's more importantly by a few grass seeds and plant them near your 
barn's at the end of spring try to have about 5, also be sure to brush your 
horse every day and be sure to pick all 9 things in the woods, and last but 
not least give a flower to Duke at nights. Also take a break at the local 
horse race its good to use the "Horse Race Coin Trick" here just bet 99 on 
the highest bidding and keep resetting until he wins try to get at least the 
Stamina Carrot.

Spring 18-23-

These days do ALL the normal chores (you should have the
routine down pat by now) Around the 18-20 you should have about at least 4 
grass fields recommend 5 when you do go to Green Ranch and purchase your 
first cow you should have about 20-30 or so grass already in your silo just 
feed it that be sure to brush it and talk to it everyday and also be sure to 
check the weather and let it go outside on sunny days you will be surprised 
how quickly your cow will produce L size milk this way! When you get done 
with that be sure to vote for your favorite girl in the village square. On 
the 23rd of Spring go to the flower festival but be sure to pick any grown 
potatoes, when your there purchase the bottle from Rick and the power berry 
from Samuel the Salesman in black, then dance with your favorite girl.

*NOTE* After this date do not plant any more potatoes they will not grow 
before the end of Spring.

Spring 24-30-

These days you can kind of take it easy. You won't have many more harvest of 
potatoes but be sure to pick all in the woods so you can get  maximum money. 
Here is a trick with you empty bottle find time to visit the wine cellar in 
the vineyard and fill your bottle up with wine use your tools to build them 
quickly to the next level when you get tired drink wine. Some time Duke will 
give you the Old Wine which you will need later you've done good this Spring 
lets hope you do as good in Summer. Also be sure to save on of your potatoes 
for entering the Harvest Festival.


Have 4 empty 3x3 fields for growing veggies

Have a cow (preferably M size milk)

Have AT LEAST 5000G

Have AT LEAST 250 wood

Have Old Wine

Have empty bottle

Have Lv.3 Hammer, Lv.3 Watering Can, and the rest at least Lv.2

Have 5 grass fields

Have Stamina Carrot

Saved a potato for Harvest Festival

Have everything on all other game checks.

Quick Talk about Summer: This season your going to have to work very hard. 
You need to make a back-up copy of each day you play this season in case you 
have a hurricane and we don't want that, hurricanes are bad. You won't have 
to work as hard as in some cases (In this walkthrough its more than about 
money) but you will have to work towards your goal of getting a greenhouse 
at the end of summer this is one of the most important things to having a 
"Perfect Game" you wont have much time to socialize with the townsfolk and 
you wont be able
to see girls much either but it will pay off trust me. Now for the summer 1 

Summer 1-

This day will probably be the most easy going day of the season you get a 
break of with the Fireworks Festival but its soon back to work again today 
get yourself familiarized the summer season get the location and best route 
to pick all 9 things in the forest. You first of course, brush and feed your 
cow then, when your familiarized, pick all 9 things but here is a tip you 
will have that potato from spring still in your inventory so what you will 
need to do is when your first one your route don't pick the edible grass 
near the fisherman's tent save that then pick and ship the rest then come 
back and pick and ship it every penny counts in this game so do that and 
your well on your way. After that go to the flower shop and purchase 6 bags 
Of tomatoes and be sure to hoe 2 more 3x3 squares near the rest of them then 
plant and water them
watering should be a breeze since you have the gold watering can then go to 
the fireworks show with you favorite lady. One thing I forgot to mention on 
the spring walkthrough always cut your grass when it's
at length always. Remember to brush your horse everyday also don't worry 
about feeding your dog you have next year to win the dog race but you want 
to win the horse race every time so people will like you faster.

Allow me to summarize everything I just said here is the objectives for

Pick all 9 things and ship them

Hoe 2 more 3x3 squares

Purchase 6 bags of tomatoes and plant them and water them

Brush and feed your cow

Go to Fireworks Festival

Ok the rest of the days are not as confusing.

Summer 2-8

These days do the same stuff (9 things I think I've sort of stuck
that in your mind, feed brush cow, and water tomatoes) But find time in
between to go by Rick's and purchase The closet and the milker both of these 
items will come In handy. Once you have the closet find some time if you can 
to stock it with flowers just pick one a day until its full but you need a 
closet full of flowers before the end of spring trust me. Also find time to 
purchase one more bad of grass and plant it you should know have 6 3x3 
squares growing.


Have closet

Have milker

Have 6 3x3 squares of grass

Have not been hit by hurricane

Still have cabbage from spring

Have all things on all other game checks

Summer 9-

Today is the Vegetable Festival, don't worry about picking in the woods 
today take a break. Be sure to water your tomatoes and feed your cow. You 
may or may not win good luck

Summer 10-16

These days are very important your tomatoes will have grown and your cow 
will have grown if you have taken him outside every sunny day he should be 
producing at least M size milk but be sure to take him out side every sunny 
day. The days you tomatoes are in spend time doing nothing but picking them 
all use your horse for more convenience but it will probably take you all 
day to pick them so every day that your tomatoes are not in pick all 9 
things and milk your cow everyday and feed him ad brush him so remember 
every 3 days from now on are spent only on picking tomatoes. You're doing 
great so far keep it up almost there.


>From this point on you should also chop wood like crazy even at night if you 
have to just go to the bar and drink water so you wont get a cold.

Summer 17-

Ah, finally a break. Just today do anything you would any other day(pick, 
water, brush, feed) But at night go to the Firefly Festival and take a load 

Summer 18-23-

Work, work, work, these days do everything you would any other day you get 
the routine. *Remember* every 3 days pick tomatoes when they are in.

Summer 24-

Ah now here is a fun festival when you wake up take care of your cow and 
ignore any tomatoes if theyíre grown (theyíre evil) you're gonna go have a 
blast at the SEA FESTIVAL! Tap the A button as fast as you can and win the 
Invincible Katori. Ah doesn't it feel good to take a break. Also you get a 
photo. The racers are Cliff, Gray, Harris, Kai, Jeff and you. Kai is the 
fastest but you can still win.

Summer 25-30-

Now down to business hopefully if you've been doing what I have
told you should have well more than 30,000 dollars and 580 wood then go with 
pride that you made a huge record of getting the green house so fast YAH!!! 
You did it!! After you got the greenhouse say GOODBYE to picking in the 
woods. And go and purchase lots of corn about 8 corn seeds should do it for 
know and fill the greenhouse with corn! Then you can relax a lot know be 
sure to take care of your horse and cow and now feed your dog also since you 
wont be needing to pick berries anymore feed him I hope you got those 
flowers I was telling you about you want to impress the ladies don't you. 
Fall and Winter are going to be a blast! Youíre well on your way to getting 
the Great Hall, keep it up!


Have Greenhouse (YEAH!)

Have Invincible Katori

Have not been hit by any hurricanes (make back up copy)

Have Cow producing L size Milk

Have all Tools Level 3

Have much enthusiasm your going to get the great hall!

Have all things on other Game Checks

T O O L S   A N D   C R O P S---     Harvest Moon 64

Remember one thing-When your tools level up, you press and hold the b button 
to power them up!

1.Axe Regular-Take 6 hits to break a stump.

2.Axe Super-Take 2 hits to break a stump.

3.Axe Gold-Takes 1 hit to break a stump.

4.Hoe-Digs one space.

5.Super Hoe-Digs 4 spaces lined.

6.Gold Hoe-Dunno, I donít have it yet.

7.Sickle-Cuts a space

8.Super Sickle-Cuts 3 spaces

9.Gold Sickle-Cuts 9 spaces

10.Hammer-Take 6 hits to break a rock

11.Super Hammer-Take 2 hits to break a rock.

12.Gold Hammer-Take 1 hit to break a rock.

13.Watering Can-Waters one space.

14.Super W.Can-Waters three spaces.

15.Gold W.Can-Waters 9 spaces.

16.Fishing Rod-Used to fish.

17.Super Fishing Rod-???

18.Bottle-Fill with water in pond/sink/etc.

19.Seeds-Plant them 9x9 square dug up with your hoe.

20.Bell-Use this to have sheep and cows come to you.

21.Brush-Brush your horse, cow, and sheep every day.

22.Milker-Used to mil cows.

23.Shears-Used to cut Sheepís wool.

24.Lantern-Used in Firefly Festival.

25.Organizer-Organizes your room, put belongings in here.

26.Ocarina-Buy at souvenir shop, used in Spirit festival.

27.Blue Mist Seeds-Plant and water them in the mountain.

28.Harvested Vegetables-Ship them.

29.Carpet-Makes your room pretty

30.Flower Seeds-Plant them in Spring or Summer.

31.Cattle Feed-Used to feed cows and sheep with.

32.Cow Potion-Used to impregnate a cow.

33.Chicken Feed-Used to feed chickens.

34.Eggs-Chickens lay eggs.

35.Milk-Cow gives milk.

36.Wool-Sheep gives wool.

37.Cake/Pie/Cookie-Buy at Restaurant to impress Elli.

38.Fish Any size-The bigger itís size, the more money its worth.

39.Flowers-Grow all the time except for fall and winter

40.Blue Feather-At Rickís shop after your girl has a pink heart, give it to 
her to propose marriage the next Sunday.


How to plant them: Plant crops 9x9 squares. Here is a good example of how 
your crop field should be:



The 9 Xís represent each crop space. Although you canít water the middle 
space, itís still alright to have one leftover at the end. Here are some 
other shapes:

8-   XXX

     X X



     X X


     X X



1x10-   X   X
        X   X
        X   X
        X   X
        X   X

Here are some others:

X     X    - This is cheesy. You can go in and plant them,
XXXXXXX      but it still is weird.

X  X  X
X  X  X    - Like the 1x10 one, except three lines.
X  X  X
X  X  X


You can buy crops at the Florist Shop. Each season the crops will change. On 
winter there will be no crops, so keep that in mind. What you need to buy 
mainly is grass, if you have livestock or plan to have livestock, then buy 
it in Spring or Summer.

Sale-Spring, Summer.

Grass is probably the most important seeds. Plant them like you usually 
would with other seeds. You do not need to water them. After a few days the 
grass will fully grow. You your sickle to cut it, each grass space equals a 
piece of fodder for your cows and sheep. You can buy fodder 30g apiece in 
the green ranch, I suggest you buy grass instead, because it will always 
grow back.


Summer is the best season to harvest to get money. Corn and tomatoes are 
some of the best crops ever. Although they take quite a lot of days to grow, 
they will grow back in about 3-4 more days. They will also sell for a lot of 
money, so on your first summer, gather these, and you will get plenty of 


If you plan to get a few bucks in Spring, get the potatoes. Cabbage will.


-Plant your first crops near the Shipping Bin and they will be easier and 
faster to harvest.

-You donít need to water your plants on rainy days. If you work hard in the 
rain, youíll get sick.

-Vegetables grow at different rates, and are worth verifying amounts, so 
plan carefully.

-Crops that have not been harvested by the end of the season will die, 
unless theyíre in a greenhouse, so keep track of deadlines.

-Saddlebags for your horse can hold veggies, making it easier to harvest 
your entire spread.

-Watch the clock. Working too late into the night increases the likelihood 
of getting sick.

-Check your mailbox regularly for reminders of special events going on 
outside your farm.

-Your dog will be a lot happier if you feed him and keep him inside during 
inclement weather.

-Be careful handling your tools. You can accidentally ruin crops that youíve 
already planted.

L  I  V  E  S  T  O  C  K---       Harvest Moon 64

Livestock play an important role in Harvest Moon, when you have one, it will 
usually produce products that you can ship for money. If you have played any 
other Harvest Moon, you can find out that cows and chicken produce milk and 
eggs. In this game, sheep are added. The sheep produce wool about every 6 
days. Remember that cows and sheep have to grow up first before they can 
produce anything. Also, not taking care of livestock can lead to death of 
livestock. And that should not happen due to the money you spend on the 

COWS- 6000g
It takes 21 days for a cow to grow up. Once they do, you can use a milker to 
basically get small milk from it. The more you brush, feed, and talk to it, 
the larger the milk will be.

Small Milk-Basic milk. 100g
Regular Milk-Usually, the cow will get sick before producing this type of 
milk. 150g
Large Milk-Hard to get, once you have this milk, you can be sure that youíll 
win the cow festival. 300g
Gold Milk-If youíre first place in the Cow Festival, you will get this. 

SHEEP- 4000g
Sheep have wool, which sells for a huge amount of money. Like cows, the take 
21 days to grow, and can get sick. The wool, however, is different usually. 
It starts out regular, it can go up to quality, but it can go back to 
regular. So be sure to take very good care of your sheep! Sheep will not 
produce wool on a daily basis.

Regular Wool-Basic Wool. 900g (Whoa!)
Good Wool.
High Quality Wool-Sell for a lot of money. 1800g

Perhaps you donít need to waste your money on these cluckers. Chickens 
produce eggs every day, eggs ship for 50g. You can also make an egg hatch by 
putting your egg in the hatch bin. It will hatch, and in 3 days it will 
grow. There is only one type of egg, which sells for 50g. Also be sure to 
feed your chickens and chicks every day, because they die quickly!!


-	Get in the habit of brushing all your cows, sheep, and horse every day. 
Theyíll appreciate it.

-	To insure a happy and healthy bunch of animals, never leave them out in 
the rain or snow.

-	A particularly healthy and happy cow could win you a prize at one of the 
local festivals.

-	Animals can graze outside on grass youíve planted, but they should be 
fenced in for protection.

-	You can purchase medicine for sick cows or sheep from Doug, the Green 
Ranch owner and the livestock dealer.

F O R A G I N G---    Harvest Moon 64

There are a lot of things that I mentioned in the walkthrough that deal with 
gathering. They are always different in each season. They can only be found 
in the Moon Mountain area. Here are the items you can get, and use, in HM64.

Flowers: Canít sell these, but give them away. Found in every season except 
Fall and Winter.

Very berries: These are in Spring, and you can pick them up and give them to 
people, or sell them for a fair amount of money. Good for the vineyard 
people. Found only in Spring.

Medicinal Herbs: There are only a few of them, but these sell for more than 
Very Berries a piece. Give these to the Potion Shop owner. Found in every 
season except Winter.

Edible Herbs: Again, there are only a few of them, and they sell extremely 
low. But the Potion Shop owner is looking for these, so itís advisable to 
give these to him. Found in every season except Winter.

Small Fish: Caught a lot. These are usually caught in the regular pond, and 
donít sell for a lot.

Fish: These are caught in various places. Sell for an average price and good 
for health.

Big Fish: These sell for a lot. Catch them in the river and either give them 
to Saibara, the fisherman, or ship them.

Wild Fruit: Only found in Summer. Sell for an average price and good for the 
vineyard people.

Walnuts: These sell for a higher price and found in Summer. They are the 
small things that look like green corn seeds ;).

Wild Berries: Found in Fall. Sell for an average amount and good for gifts 
and the vineyard people.

Mushrooms: Found in Fall also. Sell for a high amount and good for gifts. 
Give these to the Harvest Sprites and get good luck. Find more in the Tips, 
Tricks, and Special Events section.

Poisonous Mushrooms: Another thing found in Fall. Sell for a low price. 
Donít give these to people, as theyíll hate it. Actually, donít give these 
to anyone for best results.

Iron Ore: Found in the mine in Winter. Sell for a small amount (compared to 
the other minerals) 100GP. Dig to find these, donít give them to anyone.

Moonlight Stone: Found in the mine in Winter also. These sell for 500GP and 
Rick is looking for these. Donít give them to anyone else though.

Blue Rock: Give one to Gen, the Artisan shop owner, to get the Blue Vase. 
They sell for 700GP. Once again, they are found in the mine in Winter and 
are there so you wonít give them to anyone.

Rare Metal: This is the best thing besides ìWeather Vaneî thatís found in 
the mine in Winter. They sell for 1000GP, and you are needed to give one to 
Rick for him to fix the Music Box. I havenít tried giving them to anyone 

Pontata Root: Also found in the mine in Winter. They sell for a big price. 
Give them to the potion shop owner for best results.

When you work, your power goes down, and down, and down, and down. Until you 
finally fall down and canít work anymore unless you eat a crop or item 
thatís eatable. Here is the procedure of the strength:

100% - Your beginner status. Can get when you wake up, or when you eat 
something like a Big Fish or go in the hot spring.

75% - No expressions on this one. But a few hits will get you to this 

50% - There will be an expression on this one. Get this by eating a cake, 
pie or cookie and recover.

25% - Another expression on this one. Recover with a elite herb such as 
Medicinal. Be careful on this one, because itís near 0%.

10% - Another expression. Recover this with anyone regular item you eat.

3% - One final expression. When you see this one, eat up.

0% - You will faint and you canít work unless you eat something fast.

Remember, you can fill your bottle up with water and carry it, it restores 

P O S S E S S I O N S---     Harvest Moon 64

On your right window in your pause menu, you can see the possessions you 
currently have. You canít take them and hold them, and all you can do with 
them is check what they are by pressing ìZî. Here are the possessions and 
their explanations.

Flower Card:
Where to get it ñ The floristís shop, you need to buy a flower.

Each time you buy a flower, you get a point on this. The more you buy, the 
more flowers points you will have for the end of the year lottery.

Cake Card
Where to get it - Restaurant, you need to buy something like a cake.

Each time you buy anything in the restaurant, (besides dine-in) you get a 
point. You can participate in the lottery at the end of the year like in the 
Floristís shop.

Medal Bag
Where to get it ñ First horse race. I think you need to get medals first.

When you win medals, they are put in this bag. Use medals to buy the prizes 
at the Horse and Dog races.

Treasure Map
Where to get it ñ Check the tree on the northeast corner of you ranch.

This will help you find the Music Box. Find more about it in the tips and 
tricks section. You must have this before you go look for the Music Box.

YAWN. Iím tired. Gonna update later.

R  E  C  I  P  E  S---     Harvest Moon 64

Recipes will only make the big fat French lip guy not taunt you in the dad 
point ending, also you will get a better ending.
It seems that you can only collect them, but maybe Natsume is just hiding 
something. Here are some of the recipes that I got.
Below is the listing of all 34 recipes.

THANKS TO-Adamace1010 ñand- Alex McQuinn

          Rolled Cabbage: Maria.

          Corn Fritter: Ann's father
          Corn Pasta: Basil

          EDIBLE HERB
          Miso Soup With Sprouts: Potion Shop Owner

          Bread Pudding: Elli
          Stuffed Omelet: Ann's Brother
          Spa-Poached Egg - Little Boy In Yellow
          Spice Tea: Cliff

          Eggplant With Miso Paste: Midwife

          Grilled Trout With Cheese: Carpenter
          Fried Char: Fisherman (Saibara)

          Cinnamon Milk Tea: Elli's Friend (Jeff)
          Handmade butter: Rick

          Mushroom Salsa: Harvest Elf
          Mushroom Rice: Lead Carpenter
          Char Stuffed With Mushrooms: Carpenter

          Sesame Dandelion Greens: Artisan

          Garlic Beef Potato: Harris
          Mashed potato: Ann
          Fried Potatoes and Bacon: Mayor
          Potato Pancake: Little girl in red

          Twice Cooked Tomatoes And Greens: Lillia
          Simple Tomato Soup: Town Priest
          Tomato Cream  Soup: Shipper
          Tomato Rice: Karen's Mom

          Turnip and Cabbage Preserves: Old Man
          Cream Of Turnip Stew: Maria's Mother

          Strawberry Champagne:  Karen
          Strawberry Jam: Popuri
          Strawberry Dog: Little Boy In Yellow

          VERY BERRY
          Veryberry Wine: Kai

          Herb Rice Cake: Elli's Grandma

          WILD GRAPES
          Hot Spicy Wine: Bartender
          Steamed Clams with Wine: Karen's Dad

Thanks to Jeff Lamb

1.Corn Fritter: Give corn to the Livestock dealer.

2.Veryberry Wine: Give Kai a wild grape.

3.Steamed Clams with wine: Give Karenís Dad some grapes.

4.Vegetable Tomato Stew: Give a tomato to Lillia.

5.Bread Pudding: Give milk to Elli.

6.Miso Soup with sprouts: Give an edible herb to the potion Shop owner.

7.Twice Cooked Sesame Greens: Give the ceramics shop owner a medicinal 

8.Mushroom Rice: Give a mushroom to the bald craftsman.

9. Cream of Turnip Stew: Give a turnips to Mayorís wife.

10.Tomato Rice: Give tomatoes to Karenís Mom.

11. Rolled Cabbage: Give cabbage to Maria.

12. Grill Trout: Give fish to the craftsman, not the master.

13. Strawberry Dog: Give strawberries to Stu, the kid with the black hair.

14. Mashed Potatoes: Give potatoes to Ann.

15. Fried Chars: Give the guy who gave you the fishing rod a big fish.

16. Handmade Butter: Give milk to Rick.

17. Stuffed Omelete: Give eggs to Cliff.

18. Mushroom Salsa: Give a mushroom to the little people.

19. Corn Pasta: Give corn to Basil(Popuriís Dad).

20. Tomato Soup: Give tomatoes to the pastor.

Thatís all Iíve gotten, thereís WAY more, Iíll keep looking!

G  E  T  T  I  N  G    M  A  R  R  I  E  D---    Harvest Moon 64

There are five girls in the town you can go out with, and they can marry 
you. How? It will all be explained in this section.



Favorite Season-Spring

A flower lover, she loves every kind of flowers, and was born the 22 nd of 
Spring, which is right before the Flower Festival. Give her lots of flowers 
to raise her heart level. I donít know what she hates besides poisonous 


Monday-Next to florist shop, she is watering the ground(?)
Tuesday-Same thing.
Thursday-Usually to the right of the florist shop.
Friday-In the mountain left of the cave, north of the craftsmanís house.
Saturday-In the forest west of the craftsmenís house.
Sunday-On the lowest part of the cliff in Moon Mountain ñor- in the green 


Favorite Season- Spring

She is the restaurant owners daughter and likes it when you buy the cakes in 
the restaurant, and she is pretty tough to marry. She hates squirrels.


Favorite Season- Fall

Has a big temper. She likes berries. She will only introduce herself once 
she has a blue/purple heart. However, she is one of the easiest people to 
marry. Just donít let Kai get her.


Favorite Season- Summer

The hardest to get! She goes everywhere anytime. Usually at the green ranch, 
Ann brushes and feeds horses, however, she goes at different places too. She 
likes it when you buy livestock. She also adores animals, so you can give 
her the ones in the forest, has a very mean brother. Usually wins at Flower 
Festival. Also, give her wool and corn, this is what she likes the best.


Favorite Season- Winter

She is shy and Harris likes her. Go to the library and read the books for 
her to like you. Thatís basically all she likes besides berries, give her 
berries and mushrooms too.


Hearts are the things on bottom right corner of the text box when talking to 
a girl, the heart color depends on how much the girl likes you. Here are the 

White- Doesnít even know you.
Blue/purple- Likes you a little.
Green- Like a girlfriend to you, flirty.
Yellow- Likes you a lot.
Red- Loves you.

Once the heart is red, go to Rickís shop to buy a Blue Feather, show it your 
girl, and you will automatically get married the following Sunday.


Difficulties on how hard or easy it can be to marry a girl. Ranging from 1 
to 5, 1 being the easiest.


Here are the girlsí recommendations and who I recommend to marry the most, 
etc. 5 being you should really woo her.


If you are tired of your wife, you can divorce. Itís easy. Go get a bunch of 
weeds and fill up your rucksack. Do this for a few days and your wifeís 
heart will be green instead of pink! Then she will leave you along with the 
baby if you had one. Go to her house where she lives and make up with her. 
Now you can choose anyone to marry!




You can get a baby once after 1-3 seasons of marriage. Once your wife tells 
you you have a baby, wait for 2-4 seasons to pass and youíll have a baby. 
You can carry your baby around anywhere you want. The baby grows and grows, 
there are 5 stages Iíve gone through so far.

Dancing increases half a heart of the girl you like. Since there are 2 
festivals you can dance in, Harvest and Flower Festival, I suggest you dance 
with the girl you like most.

Annex and Extension-
There are 6 types of things you can add to your house and farm. You can 
check them out at the craftsmanís house anytime besides Tuesday (sometimes 
the craftsman is guarding the door and wonít let you in). Anyway, go to the 
back of the house and check the list for 2 add-ons, 2 extra ëthingsí, and 2 
outside things you can put in your house. However, it costs and lot of 
lumber and a lot of money too! But itís worth getting the greenhouse(I got 
it) because it is REALLY good. I mean REALLY. Speaking about REALLY, I 
REALLY forgot the costs of the extensions, so Iíll include that in later 

Baby Bed-

The cheapest thing the craftsman can build. With the baby bed, you can get a 
baby, you can carry babies anywhere you want to. Get this last, or right 
after going through marriage.


The kitchen costs a lot of dough, but only with this will you be able to 
find all the recipes you got, the power nuts you got, and what your wife 
will cook. The fridge is good for strong items like cakes, pies, and fish. 
Get this before your marriage, it is pretty expensive and pretty useful.

Green House-

Whoa! Thatís a lot of money! The greenhouse costs 30,000GP and 580 lumber. 
Although you can still win that lumber in the Sea Festival, you will need 
plenty more. This might hopefully be the last thing you get, because itís 
that expensive. The greenhouse is the best annex you get. Once you get it, 
you can buy any kind of crop in any season, including winter. Also you will 
be able to buy strawberries in winter that will sell for a lot of cash. 
There is also a place inside where you can ship and fill up your watering 
can. The green house inside is nearly as big as your farm.


The dullest thing. Get this first, it doesnít really do anything special and 
is not that expensive, it leads to the roof. Oh wow.

Log Terrace-

Another strange thing.  This is like a back deck, and your wife will enjoy 
it sometimes. Basically, itís just a high elevation with a picnic table, 
need I say more?


Pretty self explanatory. When you get it, youíll be able to go take a piss 
and take a shower. Itís pretty weird, though. You can also fill up your 
bottle canteen with water here from the sink. The shower looks like hot 

Thatís pretty much it for the annex and extension part. Now on to more tips 
and tricks!

Music Box-
               THANKS TO-Harvest Bauler and Trev79
The treasure map has nothing to do with power nuts. What it does is guide 
you to the music box, have your view normal. Then go to the doghouse and 
face north. You should be facing the shipping box. Now walk straight around 
the box and you will reach the tree, go south to the soil. From the first 
soil, walk 11 spaces down and dig 16 times here like this:


0 marks the spot. T stand for Tree. X is the soil. Dig and youíll get a 
spoiled looking music box. Take it to Rickís shop and he will fix it, now 
give it to the girl you like or to your wife.

Moon Flower-
               THANKS TO-TheCat37
To get check the tree that is near the old manís and womanís restaurant on 
the Moon Mountain. Get it on the 10th through 12th of Fall. You canít see 
this item. It is found near the tree SOUTH of the restaurant.

Blue Vase-

This particular item is pretty easy to get. To get it, just go to the mine 
in winter and dig for a Blue Rock. Give the Blue Rock to Gen the antique 
shop owner and you will get the Blue Vase. It will make your house better 
and your family life better.

Old Wine(Heavenís Gate)-
                        THANKS TO-Shy Guy, Harvest Bauler, and almost 
everyone in the messageboard.

This item will solve the crisis in the vineyard. To get it, go to the bar at 
nights and drink a lot. Once your cow produces gold milk, give it to Duke, 
the bar owner. You will NOT be able to get this item if you are married.


Sowing/Planting Festival-
The first year you will not be the king of the sowing/planting festival. It 
is impossible. In this festival you can talk to the people and then talk to 
the florist shop owner to lift the balloons, if the winner chooses you to go 
with him/her on a parachute ride, you are a little lucky. The only way to be 
the king of the sowing/planting festival is to be the king of the Harvest 
Festival, which comes in Fall.

Horse Race-
You cannot enter the first horse race because your horse hasnít grown up 
yet. So you can put your money on other horses to see if they win or not. 
Medals are the currency in the races, you will win them depending on which 
horse will win. I suggest you put money on the horse with the least numbers. 
Here are the prizes you will get for winning the races:

STUFFED HORSE--------1500Medals
NEW STABLE-----------3000Medals

Vote for Flower Princess-
Usually, this will raise your girlís heart a little if she wins, but who 
ever does win, I suggest you vote for Popuri no matter what. Sheíll get 
pissed if you donít. Since she was born the day before the Flower Festival.

Popuriís Birthday-
Yep, Popuriís birthday is right on the twenty-second of spring. Give her 
flowers for a change.

Flower Festival-
There will be a lot going on on this day. Buy a power nut from the guy in 
black in the top right corner of the square, then talk to Lillia and Basil 
for a special cat mint seed that plants some cool flowers if you want. Talk 
to Rick for a bottle for 200gp, you can fill it up with water and drink it 
whenever you are in bad conditions. After a few minutes the girls will come 
and youíll see the flower princess. Dance with your favorite girl on this 
festival. (This festival was also included in Harvest Moon SNES).

Hang out with your favorite girl today. If you donít know where they hang 
out, read my Walkthrough section. Be sure to go there before 12 am.

Vegetable Festival-
This is a tough competition fest. You have had to save your vegetables 
(turnips, potatoes or cabbage) before the end of spring unless you have a 
green house. I havenít actually participated in this festival before so I 
donít know much about it.

Firefly Festival-
If you have bought a lantern from Rickís shop, then you can play a role in 
this festival by throwing the lantern in. I skipped buying the lantern and 
didnít participate in the first year. It seems that you canít buy a lantern 
after that anymore.

Sea Festival-
This is the easiest competition festival ever, all you have to do is press 
A, it is very easy. You will get a pig statue and a photo of you, Harris, 
Cliff, Craftsman, Cain, and the restaurant owner.

Cow Festival-
The second easiest competition festival, but you wonít win at first unless 
you are a super duper oí mighty expert. Your cow will only win if you have 
large milk. The only way to get it on the first year is to buy a cow before 
spring 14. In return you will get gold milk which sells for 500gp.

Harvest Festival-
This is like the Flower Festival. Talk to the people and then talk to Elli 
for a cake, if you win, you will be the winner of next yearís 
sowing/planting festival ñand- you will be able to play the ocarina in the 
spirit festival. The festival returns from the Harvest Moon SNES.

Egg Festival-
A fun and tough competition race game. When you can walk around talk to the 
people who will also be playing. Although Rick uses and egg detector it 
doesnít matter because itís normal (that tells you why it takes one hour to 
detect the egg ñ-Rick). Once you talk to everybody go to the mayor to start 
the egg game.

The eggs are always found in the boxes around the town, go to them and press 
the ëAí button to check. The box on the northern left usually doesnít have 
eggs, but check that one anyway. When mayor calls ëtime upí that means that 
someone already caught that egg. He calls time up at random times. And even 
though the people look like they are doing nothing, they are actually 
participating. There are a total of 6 rounds. I have never won all of them, 
and I donít know what happens if you do. If you win on the first year you 
will get a power nut. If you win the second year you will get a turtle 
statue that looks like the same turtle statue in Harvest Moon SNES. This 
festival was also included in Harvest Moon SNES.

Bridge Work-
In Autumn the craftsmen will ask you to help fix the bridge on Moon 
Mountain. The bridge will lead to Moon Mountain Restaurant and the Moon 
Mountain summit. This really doesnít matter, because you can get up there 
BEFORE they build a bridge. To do this, just go to the craftsmanís house 
area in Moon Mountain and go north from it and press the ëAí button when 
standing next to the tree and you will climb it, this leads to there. I 
still strongly recommend you help the carpenters with the bridge work, it 
lasts from the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh of Fall. And as a reward, 
you will get 1000GP everyday if you work. That equals 5000GP, not bad for 
the first year, eh?

Horse Race #2-
Now in this race you are legal to enter. To win a race, brush your horse 
every day and ride it a little. Donít axe it. The livestock dealer will 
enter you in one or two rounds in the Horse Race. Like I said before, I have 
never won a Horse Race, so I donít know what happens if you do. My guess you 
will get a photo or you will get some medals. Donít forget to put your money 
on a horse when you are not a participant!

The horse races are different from any other festivals or events. To win you 
have to press the ëAí button as steadily as possible, if you press it too 
much your horse will run out of stamina and get slow. Press it every second.

Mine Open to Public-
On the eighth of winter the mine will open up letting you in. The mine is a 
place where you can get real loot by finding the minerals here. The mine 
will close up on day 30 of winter. You have until 5 p.m till you officially 
exit from the mine or until you faint. So? How do you find the minerals 
inside the mine? Itís like this, you MUST have a hoe to enter. The higher 
level your hoe is, the better. Donít even think about entering the mine 
without a hoe, if you do, then take out your axe or whatever tool you have 
and keep axing the ground until you faint, otherwise you will waste a whole 
day doing nothing.

You will enter an empty room about the size of the room you have in your 
house. When you dig, you will come up with items like iron ore, pontata 
roots, coins, and moonlight stones. There are people wandering around also, 
and you canít give them anything. When you dig you will uncover holes 
leading deeper into the mine. I have never got to the most bottom level, or 
maybe it just goes on forever. The deeper you go, the better stuff you find, 
such as Blue Rocks and Rare Metals, which sells for about 1000GP. Donít go 
to the mine every day, though. It will get boring, really. Also you will be 
able to find the weather vane on the third floor if you dig.

If you are not married. Go to town and get special cakes from the girls. If 
you are married, you can get a cake from your wife during dinner time 

Dog Race-
More coming up.

Starry Night-
More coming up.

Spirit Festival-
More coming up.

New Yearís Eve Festival-
More coming up.

New Yearís Festival-
To drink down a lot of people in the New Year's Festival, just keep talking 
to them (meaning keep drinking w/ them), this will only work if you drink a 
lot in the bar. A lot of people usually collapse after 1 or 2 drinks.  
However, beware of Karen!! She can drink a lot!!! So far, I
haven't been capable of drinking everybody down yet, but I'm sure
something might happen if you were able to.


Q. Where is the baby?
A. Read the Tips section

Q. There is a hole in the Harvest Spritesí house, I canít get in, how do I 
get in?
A. You canít. Itís there for the Harvest Sprites to go through and they will 
do that to get in your cow/sheep shed and Chicken Coop (there are holes 
there) whenever you are sick and feed your livestock.

Q. How do you get to mate your dog with Taro and get puppies?
A. It just happens.

Q. Can you divorce?
A. Yes

Q. My cow doesnít give me gold milk anymore!!
A. You might have axed it too much.

Q. What are the stairs for?
A. They lead to the roof, there is no point being what the stairs are for. 
They are not for chickens to graze on the roof, I tried that and they died.

Q. WhaT is the Jumper?
A. A black fish I caught on the fifth year of Spring 6. I donít know what 
this thing is, and PLEASE DONíT FLOOD MY MAIL WITH THIS. I got it by 

Q. What are the raffle tickets for?
A. I never used them.. Soooo, they are probably used in the New Year.

Q. Is there anyway I can avoid the stuff the people give me to drink in the 
New Year Festival?
A. I donít know. But you can outdrink the people there.

Q. What happens if my cow wins the Cow Festival?
A. You will get Gold Milk, ship these for 500gp.

Q. How do I play the ocarina is the Spirit Festival?
A. I think youíre supposed to win the Harvest or Sowing Festival?

Q. Where are the eggs?
A. In the crates around town.

Q. What is the green house for?
A. When you get it, you can plant stuff there anytime, you can also buy any 
kind of seed once you get it.

Q. What happens when the Blue Mist Flower grows?
A. The entomologistís butterfly will be flying around and he will take a 
picture of you and Popuri.

Q. What does the Treasure Map do?
A. Dig near the tree to find a music box.

Q. How do I win the Sea Festival?
A. Easy, just keep tapping A like you would tap O in Metal Gear Solid 
torture room and you will win.

Q. Iíve been waiting for AGES and Harvest Moon 64 has NOT come out near a 
video game store yet! I want Harvest Moon 64!!!
A. Your only choice is go to and buying it over the Internet 
there, it should be there. And if it takes a few weeks, itís still better 
than waiting for the release in you local video game store. Because since 
the time is already March, I donít think itíll EVER come out in you local 
video game store.

Q. Iíve heard of secret festivals, is this true?
A. Yes, if you revive the tree in the Vineyard, and is good with Karen, 
there will be a Moon Keifu Dance. There are more such as the Bamboo Float, 
but I havenít gotten those yet.

Q. How do I win the Horse Race?
A. Everyday brush your horse and ride it a little, in the Horse Race tap A 
every second, not like you did in the sea festival.

Q. What happens when I win the Horse Race?
A. You get a picture. Once I put 99 medals on a horse(without using Watsonzí 
trick) that won and I got a lot of medals.

Q. What do the prizes you get in the horse or dog race do?
A. Iíve only gotten the Sustaining carrot and Stuffed Horse, I donít know 
what the carrot does. It says it tames horses, but it never did.

Q. How much recipes are there?
A. There should be 34 (Not 48).

Q. On other FAQs, when I go there, it just gives me a bunch of crap letters 
and I canít read it.
A. Itís because you donít have that program they used to type. For example, 
if that person wrote his/her FAQ on Wordpad, and you donít have Wordpad, 
then you canít read it.

Q. Will there be a PSX version?
A. Natsume just released it in Japan. Itís gonna include things that will 
make N64 mad. Like a mall, hospital, etc. If you want to know more just 
search for ëharvest mooní and click on ìMakiba Montogari Harvest Moonî and 
read Lickitungís FAQ.

Q. I read this FAQ, it is great! I have a site and I want this FAQ to be 
A. As long as itís a video game site, and itís appropriate, Iíll allow it.

NEW SECTION: W E I R D   Y E T   C O O L---     Harvest Moon 64

How did this section appear? Well, I was playing the game when I called my 
dog on the farm. It kept running after me and I got annoyed of it. So, I 
made a 9x9 area on the farm and I called it ìThe Dogís Playhouseî. What I do 
with it is make fences surrounding all the area (no entrance), then I put 
the dog in there and get out of there and CALL my dog. The dog will go after 
me, but wonít be able to get across the fence. Therefore, thatís why I 
called it the Dogís Playhouse. You can work while the dog keeps running! It 
trains the dog for the Dog Festival also. Here are some other weird and 
quirky things I made up during the game.

Usefulness-For the Dog Festival
What to do-Look Above.

What to do-Ever get tired of your dog? Hate it because it never wins the Dog 
Races? Well, this trick will fix it all. Go to the Old Coupleís Restaurant 
on the Moon Mountain with your dog, enter the restaurant, and leave the dog 
there! Now act like you gave away the dog to the Old Couple because it 
wasnít allowed. You can come and visit it anytime, or take it back! If you 
still hate the fact the dog exists, get to the event where you can enter a 
girlís room, put the dog in it, and leave without it! Youíll never see it 
again, unless you call a divorce and make-up with your wife.

Usefulness-Fun, but has no point in the game.
What to do-Ever get bored of repetition, working, foraging, etc? Well I came 
up with this corny but cool idea. Make an RPG out of the game! First make 
the evil and good guys, then the setting (i.e day, night), then choose the 
weapons, and start playing! I made up an RPG out of the game, I call it 
Night Call, here is how you would play it:

You start out in the bar at night (PS, in the RPG I made the darkness of 
night be the evil sucking out the land and the doors are locked because 
everyoneís afraid). Talk to Harris, he is an evil guy disguised as a 
mailman. You donít have any weapons though. Head out of the bar and to your 
farm and your house. Pretend your house is actually a huge building that is 
the only one open. Go in, pretend your wife is a girl you like. Talk to her, 
and search the tool box for your weapons, they are all equal. Now head into 
the Kitchen and pretend the baby is an evil life form. Axe it(I used Axe as 
a weapon)once. Go into the bathroom and into the lavatory. Pretend itís a 
time machine and when you step in it, it leads you 1 hour further. Once you 
do this head out of the house and pretend that the horse, dog, cow, etc. are 
the normal enemies you fight in the area (use axe). Head back to the bar and 
axe Harris three times. Talk to the bartender (NOTE-No drinking ANYTHING) 
and axe him, he is evil too. Now go outside and head to Mt. Moon summit and 
stand at the end and look (look until itís morning) you will be sent back to 
your house at 6:30AM. Since you looked, you drove away the evil shadow. Now, 
the evil is lurking somewhere in town, disguised as a towns folk. Go to town 
and talk to everyone twice. Head into the church. Anyone who is there is the 
Evil Lord (besides Pastor Brown, pretend he was stabbed). If no one is 
there, come back a different day. Axe that person and BOOM! He/She explodes! 
Congratulations, you beat the game! Itís very stupid anyway, make your own! 
Send me YOUR OWN ideas to, Iíll post them!

Usefulness-Uh, noneÖ
What to do-Well, there are Horse and Dog Races, but no Cow Races! And guess 
what, you make em! First, get at least 6 cows, send them outside, and make 
the race slots for each cow on the soil, like this:

Soil Track
Soil Track
Soil Track
Soil Track
Soil Track
Soil Track

The ñ equals the FENCE. Make each cow a race slot, like above, and make them 
start at the right side. If you donít want to, donít make race slots, itís 
easier. Get to the left side now, and ring your bell! The race has started! 
The first cow to get to you wins! This is usually a tie, but not if you 
donít have race slots. Try both. Any Cow getting off the soil except for the 
finish is disqualified, have fun!

Usefulness-Not much
What to do-Ever wanted to play tag in the game? Well, hereís your chance. 
First, go outside, and call your horse. Now while itís trying to get to you, 
walk slowly around the field. If the horse gets to you, you have been 
tagged! Seriously, this is pretty boringÖ

What to do-You can carry your chicken anywhere anytime when you have it. 
When you talk to people holding it they will say different stuff. So, you 
can call it ìThe Chicken Friendî. This is pointless, but you can walk around 
with it everyday and do your work while it watches. So letís say you need a 
cake, go to the Bakery and put your chicken there to roam around while 
getting the cake. At night, leave it at your house to sleep in (put the dog 
in another room). Donít forget to feed in the morning!

Usefulness-For Cow Eating, yes
What to do-Want to make a block for livestock? Or is the cow bell not 
working when you call your cows and sheep? Well, hereís what to do: Plant a 
3x3 grass square and surround it be fences. Plant a lot of these like this:

------------            -=Fences
|xxxxxxxxxx|            |=Fences
|xxxxxxxxxx|            x=Grass(each X is NOT an original grass square)

Now, call you cows and sheep out and place one in each fenced grass area 
(A.K.A Block). Keep them there and they will eat there! When you feel like 
getting them back to the pen, just take one fence out and bell them up one 

Thatís all for now, send me your ideas at, Iíll 
gladly post them and give you credit!

R U M O R S---       Harvest Moon 64
Ok, Iíll start off with some of the funnier UNTRUE rumors. Note: THESE ARE 
UNTRUE. They are funny, but 0% (even less) true. Ok? After that Iíll go into 
some other rumors that might be true. Oh yeah, donít try fake rumors, 
because it has stuff that is virtually impossible.

Fake Rumor:
In real life, if you shoot a blue bird on a mountain, and get itís feather, 
and give it to the girl you like, sheíll propose to you. HAAHAHHA! Thatís 

Fake Rumor:
If you buy the HM64 cartridge and take an egg and put all the egg stuff in 
it on your HM64 cartridge, and put it in the box, in 50 years, the Shipper 
will come to your house and take it. Heh Heh Heh.

Fake Rumor:
Dig up the old shotgun in the backyard of your house, then take the Weather 
Vane and tie up your family in the bathroom toilet. Then take your recipe 
list and erase it. Make copies of invitations to your house for a party, and 
put it on the doors of the houses in town. Then at Saturday night they will 
come to your house (make sure all of them come). Once theyíre all in, go 
outside and light up a match and throw it in the house to set it on fire. If 
anyone tries to get out just shoot them with the gun. When theyíre all dead, 
you can control the town! You can go to the girlís bedrooms and see them. 
ButÖ this is virtually impossible.

Fake Rumor:
There is a secret Club Underground below the city. But, the bartender wonít 
let you. If you get drunk in New Yearís and go to the bar every day and 
drink 5000 times for a season, the bartender will let you in. Youíll see all 
the cool stuff there. This is the real Harvest Moon worldÖ

Ok, here are the good rumors:

There will be a Harvest Moon PSX.

You can enter shops at times when theyíre closed.

O  T  H  E  R---     Harvest Moon 64

Dwarves-I donít know what these guys do, but give them herbs and youíll see.

Photo Album:
            Much thanks to TheCat37!

1. Wedding ceremony - Get married

2. Baby delivery - When you get your first kid

3. Rode a balloon - Be spring festival king

4. Horse Race championship - Win Horse Race

5. Swimming Championship - Win Swimming Event

6. Dog Race championship - Win Dog Race

7. Completion of Hot Springs

8. All building extensions

9. Sightseeing with 3 girls - Win Cow festival, this will be available when 
you have your cow graze the day before the cow festival, and on the cow 
festival, a glitch occurs, making the picture on the day when your cowís 
out. It doesnít matter, you still get the picture.

10. Firefly night - If on good terms with Maria, during Firefly

11. Blue Mist flower event

12. Moondrop Potion? - During the fall at evening, Elli and Spring Goddess 
(must be good terms with Ellie)

13. Pika Bunny - On good terms with Ann, during the winter, she takes you to 
see an animal

14. Keifu Fairy Dance - During fall evening, if the tree is revived, Karen 
takes you to the vineyard (must be good terms with Karen)

15. Party with Everyone - If you are friends with everyone, married, house 
has all extensions, have
a kid, then there will be a party at your farm.

Power Fruit:

1. Randomly found from plowing your field
2. Throw a fish into the pond
3. Fishing at the beach
4. During winter, break the boulder across pond with gold hammer
5. Randomly found from mining on the 3rd floor in the mines
6. Throw a crop into the pool in the forest and ask for strength from the 
spring goddess
7. Give a marble to the sprites/elves/dwarves.
8. Buy it for $1000 from Samuel the con man at the spring festival
9. Win the egg festival for the first time
10. Become friends with Basil (Popuri's father) and he will come to the farm 
and give one to you.

If you throw a vegetable in the pond in the flower forest standing at the 
center of the bridge, a goddess comes out. Sheíll grant you a wish, weather, 
strength, or love. Choose strength if youíre married, youíll get a power 

These are done by Moonfreak17 also.

Weather Vane-
Get it one the 4th level of the mine it decreases chance of getting bad 
weather. Give this to Rick.

Fullmoon plant-
It grows in fall on top of Moon mountain(appears on the 10th through 12th of 
Fall) it sells high and makes a great gift.

Lucky Braclet-
Given by Karen on your birthday prevents earthquakes.

Given by Popuri on your birthday makes vegetables grow faster.

Given by Maria on your birthday makes everyone like you better.

***2nd Album Pictures***(BIG SECRET)

To get the second album you need to collect all the pics in the first album 
then if your real good friends with the harvest sprites they will give it to 
you...hereís the pics

Mens' Night Out-
Give an egg to Gray, the Priest, and Rick.

School's In-
Become Great friends with the Priest and your son must be walking.

Anniversary Celebration-
Give the correct juice to your wife on her anniversary.

Day in the City-You must have stopped Karen from leaving by her having a 
pink heart.

Now youíre Cooking!-
Elli must be on a pink heart. Give her an egg.

Working Hard on the Farm-
Get the first 15 pictures in the first album and the second album.


Friends Forever-
Throw a strawberry in the pond and wish for peace.

Horsing Around-
Give Ann your horse's calf when your horse has it.

Angel's Grace-
Buy the perfume from the Goddess.

Goodwill Towards Men-
Become great friends with Basil and take the fall for him.

Have Maria on a pink heart and read the fairytale book when she
offers it.

Field of Flowers-
Grow 10 squares Pink Cat Mint flowers and have Popuri married to Gray or you 
(but she must be married).

Grandmother's Funeral-
Keep Elli's Grandmother alive by making friends with her and she will die in 
Winter once you get the 2nd album.

Grand Birthday Bash-
Be the Harvest King and there will be a big celebration on your birthday.

Become great friends with Kai and you'll shoot some fireworks on the first 
of Summer.

Welcome Home-
Find your son at the mountain restaurant after he runs away.

*all pictures can only happen after receiving the second album.



1st Prize-
A Blue and white tablecloth that goes in your
house(Bedroom) on the table. Put a Blue Vase on top of it.

2nd Prize-
A white and blue mug that goes on your kitchen table.

3rd Prize-
Dish(Luncheon Mats)-
Mats that go on your kitchen table.

4th Prize-
Fills your empty bottle with honey which completely restores your strength.


1st Prize-
Donít remember...

2nd Prize-
Flower Bath Crystals-
Makes you recover more strength when taking baths.

3rd Prize-
Flower Seal-
Makes more symbols appear on your
calendar(flower, star, etc...).

4th Prize-
Pink Cat Mint Seeds-
Gives you one box of Pink Cat mint seeds.

By the way you get lotto points by purchasing flowers at the flower shop and 
cakes at the bakery, the owners will give you the card first then will add 
points. 1 point for each cake purchase and one point for each flower 
purchase. Flowers can only be bought at Spring. So get a lot of points, they 
can be used on Winter 25-29 only!


Karen--Winter 29

Elli--Fall 1

Poruri--Spring 22

Maria--Winter 11

Ann--Summer 11

The game has a dark side too. The glitches could get annoying, I discovered 
some. Some can freeze your game, so donít try themÖ

-If you watch the educational channel, sometimes your game will freeze.

-If you go to the forest and cut wood, it might freeze.

-If you marry to anyone but Popuri, and go talk to her in the forest, she 
will say ìSo, you married * your wifeís name here * how is HE?î

-If the Harvest Sprites donít like you a lot, and you give them a mushroom, 
it will show the artisanís face instead.

-MANY spelling mistakes.

-It showed Annís face when I was talking to Gray.

-In the cow barn, if you have a lot of cows or sheep it will slow down.

-When pushing Z to see what the Jumper is, the words overlap the text box.

-When taking a picture of winner of the cow festival, the girls come at the 
time when your cow is waiting for you in the cow festivalÖ

-There are MANY MORE. These are just some I see a lot.

-If you bring your dog into someoneís room (ie elli) you will lose him for 
some reason. He can still enter the races.

-If you talk to your wife on your horse, a glitch will occur and you will 
lose your horse.

For those of you who use Gameshark (I donít) you need these codes. Although 
it makes you cheat big time, they are pretty helpful to all you people who 
donít know how to playÖ

Thanks to GameShark Code creatorsí club.

Item Modifier Codes

00 - Nothing
01 - Weeds
02 - Boulder
03 - Lumber
04 - Moondrop Plant
05 - Pink-Cat-Mint Plant
06 - Blue Plant
07 - Cake
08 - Pie
09 - Cookie
0A - Blue Feather
0B - Pink Liquid In A Bottle
0C - Red Box
0D - Turnips
0E - Potatoes
0F - Cabbages
10 - Tomatoes
11 - Corn
12 - Eggplant
13 - Strawberries
14 - Eggs
15 - Milk
16 - M Size Milk
17 - L Size Milk
18 - Gold Milk
19 - Sheared Wool
1A - High Quality Wool
1B - Wild Grapes
1C - Very Berry Fruit
1D - Tropical Fruit
1E - Walnuts
1F - Mushrooms
20 - Poisonous Mushroom
21 - Green Box
22 - Berry Of Full Moon Plant
23 - Medicinal Herbs
24 - Edible Herbs
25 - Small Fish
26 - Fish
27 - Big Fish
28 - Dumpling
29 - Cotton Candy
2A - Fried Octopus
2B - Roasted Corn
2C - Candy
2D - Chocolate
2E - Iron-Ore
2F - Blue Rock
30 - Rare Metal
31 - Moonlight Stone
32 - Pontata Root
33 - Chicken
34 - Chocolate Bar Picture
35 - ???
36 - Blue Egg Shaped Device
37 - ??
38 - Chocolate Bar Picture
39 - Fodder
3A - White Bag
3B - Tan Bag
3C - Green Bag
3D - Red Bag
3E - Yellow Bag
3F - Purple Bag

Quantity Digits to Accompany Tool Modifier Codes

00 - Nothing
01 - Sickle
02 - Hoe
03 - Axe
04 - Hammer
05 - Watering Can
06 - Milker
07 - Bell
08 - Brush
09 - Clippers
0A - Turnip Seeds
0B - Potato Seeds
0C - Cabbage Seeds
0D - Tomato Seeds
0E - Corn Seeds
0F - Eggplant Seeds
10 - Strawberry Seeds
11 - Moon Drop Grass Seeds
12 - Pink-Cat-Mint Seeds
13 - Blue Mist Seeds
14 - Bird Feed
15 - Ball No Picture
16 - Feeding Bottle
17 - ??
18 - Fishing Pole
19 - Miracle Potion
1A - Medicine For Cows
1B - Grass Seeds
1C - Blue Feather
1D - Empty Bottle
1E - ??
1F - Weeds No Picture
20 - Boulder No Picture

Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes

00 - Nothing
01 - Ocarina
02 - Flower Card
03 - Cake Card
04 - Broken Music Box
05 - ??
06 - Old Wine
07 - ??
08 - ??
09 - Book From Library
0A - Scroll To Bury
0B - Marble
0C - GoodLuck Charm
0D - Empty Metal Bag
0E - Horse Race Ticket
0F - Dog Race Ticket
10 - Potpourri
11 - Embroidered Handkerchief
12 - Hand - Knit Socks
13 - Lucky Bracelet
14 - Flower Bath Crystals
15 - Stamina Carrot


-Have your cow go outside frequently.

-Visit every festival.

-Give a girl presents at least every day.

-Donít go to the mine EVERY day.

-If you run out of money on winter, go to the mine.

-Donít always ship milk, eggs, or wool. Give them to a girl.

-Donít talk to Karen too much.

-Brush and ride your horse every day.

-Donít try to kill any people, you canít.

-There is no sprinkler.

-Maria is not a stripper.

-There are no secret buttons on your controller.

-Donít put your chickens on the roof. I tried it they die.

-After you marry, give Harris, Kai, Cliff, Jeff, and Gray stuff so they can 
give them to the girl they like.

-Feed your dog and walk around with it.

-Rickís Tomato thingy is a fake.

-Donít forget to put your cow outside the day before the cow festival, or 
you wonít get a picture.

-Even if you did marry, give flowers to other girls so they will like you.

-Donít try to kill Popuri if she calls your wife a He.

-Reel Amarakin is NOT in this game.

-The game goes on forever.

-Talk to every person you see, you might get something.

-Please donít shorten this FAQ.

-There is a second album in the game.

-Be nice to the Harvest Sprites.

-Give stuff to the mountain old guys.

-Donít try to milk, brush, or feed the animals in the green ranch, you 

-You canít kill Karen.

-Attend nightly festivals.

-Go to the bar twice every week and drink there so you can get everybody 
down in the New Yearís Festival.

-The beach is just to the right of the green ranch entrance.

-Fish at the beach.

-Donít forget the big dinners your wife cooks you on your anniversary and 

-Your baby has over 4 stages.

-Honey will recover all your energy.

-Donít believe any rumors. They are funny, though.

-Donít try to cook or ship the baby.

-Save room in the green house.

-Buy every extension before the 3rd year.

-On Fall 30th, donít take a sickle and put a mask on and go to the bar at 
night and kill everyone, there is no Halloween in this game.

-You canít die.

-The PSX version will come and a year or more probably.

-Be nice to Karen and give her stuff so she wonít leave.

-The mine is I think 3 floors.

-There are no trucks in this game, not like the original HM.

-HM PSX will be a more future game with 10 girls, a mall, a hospital, and 
you can die *Grumble*.

-They always make stuff that was made to N64 better on PSX.

-You live for 30 years in HM PSX.

-Donít buy or subscribe to EGM anymore. They think Dreamcast will rule the 
world and Nintendo 64 is dead and Playstation is not faring very well.

-Save your money for Playstation 2 and Dolphin. They will be better.

-Sorry for all those non Harvest Moon tips. I was just reading EGM.

-You can buy HM64 at EBX, Babbages, or any other store. If you canít find it 
get it from

-Make sure to talk to every person who comes to your ranch, they have useful 

-Check your mailbox every day, it might have important letters.

-Donít give girls weed. Just give them what they like.

-Donít show anyone except Ann animals.

-Visit one place often.

-Attend Horse and Dog Races, you never know if you win.

-Donít give stuff you find in the mine to the girls.

-Give the full moon berry to your girl.

-Some events will go one in matter what wife you get.

-The matter egg-shaped device is not possible to keep, unless you use 

-You can throw in more than 1 offering in the pond for the water goddess to 

-You canít get 2 babies, so donít even try.

-Donít forget, the Jumper can be found at Spring in the 5th year ONLY. And 
you can find it at 5:30AM or higher.

-You can stay up late till 5:59AM. But you will automatically start a new 
day at 6:00AM always.

-Every starting tool levels up to level 3.

-Your baby has about 5 stages.

-The weathervane is found in the mine.

-Give the weathervane to Rick.

-To get the cow festival picture, have your cow graze BEFORE the cow 
festival DAY.

-You must have all pictures to advance to the second album.

-For the flower princess voting, always vote for your wife.

-Donít forget about the raffle on the 25th to 30th in the bakery and flower 

-Flowers are available only in Spring.

-You canít give or take out stuff in the festivals.

-If you participate in the carpenterís part time jobs, you will get 1000GP 
every day.

-Your dog likes to piss on the carpet.

-Try not to get sick before having the blue power berry.

-Try to plow your field in the first 4 days.

-Fireworks should be on Summer 4th not Summer 1st.

-There are so many glitches in this game.

-When youíre having a party and your friends come over(btw real life), be 
sure to hide this game in a safe place because they would all want it.

-IMO Karen is the best to marry.

-Be nice to your wife.

My review below is also available in the GameFAQs review section of Harvest 
Moon 64. But you can read it here also.

This game rules. You will want to play it for a long time. I can't say how 
good it is, cause it just is. Play it and you'll see.
Most of the sound is good even though there's not much. Some of it sucks but 
it's alright. It can get annoying and I don't know why they start the sound 
over on each screen. I gave it a 9 because of course, it rocks, and the 
rarest sound music is probably the best.
Ah...Country Life, if you have played any other Harvest Moon title then you 
know what this is about. You are a farmer and you try to get a lot of money. 
By playing forever, you plow seeds, go to festivals, upgrade your house, get 
chickens cows and sheep, and probably the best, get a girlfriend and marry 
her (Certainly you don't need to give her THAT much stuff to have her be 
truly in love with you) Some boring parts are taking care of cows, sheep, 
and chickens, watering or plowing seeds and flowers. But the whole plot is 
fun. Now you're not thinking of doing this in real life, are you? Note-it's 
way longer and better than Harvest Moon GB, even better that Harvest Moon 
Yes, you will want to replay this game. But why would you if it goes on 
forever? it's the funnest and most innovative simulation game ever.
Certainly buy. If you rent it you must be stupid.

C  R  E  D  I  T  S---     Harvest Moon 64

Dude... I got a lot here...

First of all Iím giving full credit to...

MoonFreak17-For the Fame/Fortune Walkthrough part.

Headbake-For the ìRichî Walkthrough part.

And Iím giving bits of credit to...

Wiseone444-Giving me a few tips on the game.

Shy Guy-Tips on The New Yearís Day and Old Wine.

Harvest Bauler and TheCat37- More tips and secrets on the game.

BdayEeyore- For a lot of tips and tricks.

Trev79- Giving me a more better solution to finding the music box than 
Harvest Bauler.

A lot of people who e-mailed me and a lot of people on the messageboard- 
Giving me some extra info and help. Some of them like Pierce and Warlock for 
the girlís spots.

Watsonz-For the really really really awesome medal trick. THANKS DUDE!!

Natsume-Making this cool game.

GameFAQs-For posting my FAQ.

Adamace1010 and Alex McQuinn-Giving me the recipe list.

Gyro672-For telling me about the Blue Feather.

My Computer-For letting me type this FAQ

CJayC-for posting this FAQ

Lickitung (Omanyte)-For telling me about the coming of the psx version of 
Harvest Moon 64.

Dallas-For letting me know about the guidelines and to e-mail CjayC a second 
time to really post my FAQ.

Cybersushi-Many corrections and typos, also some few tips.

And much much more people that e-mailed me on tips.

I get way too many e-mails on this game, so I decided to add this little 
section. Here are the rules of e-mail, follow them!

*Help on anything serious
*Walkthrough Info
*Sections to add
*Thanks Mail
*FAQ usage (to put in in another site)
*PSX Harvest Moon info

*Hate Mail
*Nothing about HM64 mail (i.e îHow do I enter the messageboardî).
*Repeat Mail
*Pointless Help Mail
*Spam Mail
*Worldwide Hacks
*Worst Virus ever
*The.. Ok, you get the point..
*Cause you want help in the game
*Cause you want help NOT in the game
*Cause youíre bored
*Cause you want me to help you write some parts to your FAQ
*Cause you want to fix something in the FAQ
*Cause you want to give me some secrets
*Cause youíre a fellow FAQ writer
*Cause youíre looking for someone to help you write your first FAQ
*Cause you can smell what The Rock is cookiní
*Cause you just want to send me a mail thatís pointless so my e-mail box 
will be flooded with these

-	Hehehe. Well, thatís about a lot of the messages I get, try to see what 
you mailed me, itís on that list
*I didnít get that message
*The stuff you needed help on was INCLUDED IN MY FAQ
*I try to reply to you but it comes back saying ìADDRESS NOT FOUNDî (get a 
new back-up one)

Harvest Moon 64. Created by Natsume and Victor Interactive. FAQ Copyright 
1999 Haunter120. If you want to meet Haunter120, you can meet him at:

A.	Current Events, RPG Games, and many other games boards on GameFAQs.
B.	Starcraft/Brood War Battle.Net, my handle is ~{ITDI}Quasar18. Yay, we 
recovered our clan and divided it into two. Not much going on right now, if 
you want to know
C.	ICQ or AIM, search for Haunter120
D.	Other places, but thereís way more, so I canít tell you all of them.


A.	Mario Party 2 - Not done at all
B.	Legend of Legaia ñ Done
C.	Breath of Fire II ñ Not Done
D.	Final Fantasy Tactics ñ I havenít sent it in yet but it looks to me like 
a good FAQ.

NOTE-The FAQ facts are not updated a lot, so sometimes the information will 
be wrong. I HATE updating the FAQ facts, but itís important for the people 
who want to print.


Pages to print- 76

Words- 24, 083

Paragraphs- 1,694

Lines- 4, 097


Thatís the end!

<---------------------------END OF DOCUMENT--------------------------->

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