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This Walkthrough/FAQ written by Maniacal Clown.

1.0: Completed 07/30/2000
     -All sections added.
1.04 Completed 08/09/2000
     -Various proofreading and editing done.
     -Section 8e (FAQ: Ending FAQ) updated.
     -Section 6 (Mizar II) updated with new information about Mizar's 
attacks and strategy.
     -No new sections added.


Section 1: Legal Crap
A: Nintendo Copyrights
B: Personal Copyrights

Section 2: Who This Walkthrough is For
A: Non-Players
B: Not-So-Good Players
C: Expert Players
D: Average Players

Section 3: Mizar I
A: Attacks
B: Strategy

Section 4: Getting to Mizar II
A: Spaceship Parts
B: Tribals
C: Weapons Requirements
D: Back to King Jeff!

Section 5: The Asteroid
A: Mizar's Lair
B: The Final Room

Section 6: Mizar II
A: Attacks
B: Mizar II, Stage I
C: Mizar II, Stage II
D: Mizar II, Stage III
E: Mizar II, Stage IV

Section 7: Afterwards
A: Who is Mizar?
B: Floyd's Final Mission
C: Cheesy Ending
D: Disco Fever!

Section 8: FAQ
A: Mizar I FAQ
B: Getting to Mizar II FAQ
C: Mizar's Lair FAQ
D: Mizar II FAQ
E: Ending FAQ

Section 9: Contact Information


1a: Nintendo Copyrights

Jet Force Gemini and all the characters, places, etc. within are trademarks 
and copyrights of Nintendo and Rareware. Unauthorized use of these 
characters for personal gain is, of course, highly illegal. Violaters will 
be shot. Oh wait...that's illegal, too. Violaters will be prosecuted. There 
we go.

Oh, by the way, Mizar is in fact a star in the constellation Ursa Major 
(Great Bear). If memory serves, it is the second star back from the bowl of 
The Big Dipper (Part of Ursa Major). It's the one with the faint companion 
star. You can't miss it! Of course, this means that you can use "Mizar," but 
only if you're talking about the star and not the big bug dude from Jet 
Force Gemini. Oh well.

1b: Personal Copyrights

I've spent forty hours of my life to successfuly complete Jet Force Gemini. 
I even had to start over from the BEGINNING after my game file erased 
itself. That wouldn't be so bad except that I had ONE REGION left to collect 
Tribals in. Therefore, if you feel that this Walkthrough/FAQ would look good 
on your website, please give credit where it is due. All I ask is that you 
send me an email at letting me know where you've 
put my work and list the author as Maniacal Clown OR D.J. Perry. Your 
choice. Don't think you can get away with not complying. I *will* find it, 
and I have this nasty habit of taking legal action against those who 
plagerize me.

If you've searched the Net and ended up in this decrepit little corner only 
to find this little walkthrough/FAQ, chances are you're one of 4 types of 

2a: Non-Players

If you've never played Jet Force Gemini in your life, this walkthrough/FAQ 
really isn't for you. In fact, I'm rather curious why you're here. BE GONE! 

2b: Not-So-Good Players

There is a chance, albeit a small one, that you've somehow managed to play 
through the first third or so of the game, beaten Fet-Bubb, Lurg, and the 
Mechantids...and now have absolutely no idea on how to defeat Mizar at 
Mizar's Palace even though he's easier than Ganon on Zelda 64. For that 
reason, I've included a section on how to beat Mizar I and how to get to 
Mizar II as well. Consider yourself lucky.

2c: Expert Players

These are the people like me who beat a game and like to go back and see how 
the did, or should have done it. You know who you are.

2d: Average Players

Ahh..the target audience. Average players are those of you who, with great 
difficulty, fought your way through 15 worlds, rescued hundreds of tribals, 
and found 12 spaceship parts, only to find a final boss that you are 
absolutely stumpted on how to defeat. Have no fear...THIS WALKTHROUGH/FAQ IS 
FOR YOU!!! Inside you'll find a step-by-step strategy to blow Mizar out of 
the stars. Well...out of his asteroid anyway.
If this is you, go ahead and skip down to Section 6!

If by some strange twist of fate you're actually having trouble fighting 
Mizar I, I'm here to help. Although I'm a bit curious how you managed to get 
through everything else if you can't beat Mizar I...Oh well...


3a: Attacks

Mizar has three basic attacks that he will throw at you during this battle. 
That's ok, though, because they're incredibly easy to dodge!


Mizar will slam his claw into the ground sending twin rings of fire hurtling 
in your direction. (This attack is almost identical to that of Fet-Bubb, 
Juno's boss at Tawfret: Castle) To avoid this attack, simply jump. That's 
it. Jump over the rings. That way, you don't get hurt!


Mizar will charge up is eyes and send twin purple lasers screaming in your 
direction. (Oddly enough, they go splat when they hit the ground. ???) To 
avoid this attack, strafe left and right as Mizar's eyes turn purple. Mizar, 
like all stupid game bosses, will target where you've been instead of where 
you're going. This trait carries on to when you fight him a second time. 
Then we can *really* use it against him!


Mizar will take a deep breath and spit out a stream of his freezing cold 
vapors at you. To avoid, strafe away from the stream. Luckily, it only lasts 
a few seconds.

3b: Strategy

Like I said before, Mizar I is surprisingly easy to beat. (Even though he 
looks like Ganon on steroids...)
While avoiding his attacks like I explain above, target his head and let 
loose with a homing missle or Tri-Rocket. I suggest rockets as they do more 
damage. If you score a hit, Mizar will shield his face and writh in pain for 
a few moments before attack again. Ah yes...if you hit him while he is in 
mid-attack, he will wait until that attack is finished before showing you 
he's hit. In other words, one rocket per attack whether you hit him or not 
because you really don't know! It isn't too hard to score a hit on 
you should get him with every shot.
After a number of hits, not too many I might add, Mizar will fall and start 
squirting that wonderful yellowish blood of his all over the place. Just 
when you think you've beaten the easiest final boss in the history of 
gaming...he gets up, tells you off, and flys up to a handy asteroid and 
turns it straight for Earth! Oh smeg...

Once you've defeated Mizar for the first time you've only completed about 
1/3rd of the game! Ouch. There's a long road of hardships to get to Mizar 
II. If you're having trouble, here's an overview of what you have to do with 
a few hints thrown in.

4a: Spaceship Parts

After the character's individual quests, their Jet Force ships are, well, 
burned out. To catch up with Mizar's Asteroid, they need something faster. 
King Jeff has just the thing, an ancient spacecraft his people used to reach 
Goldwood. Only one problem, 12 vital components have gone missing. (Can 
anyone say Commander Keen???) He's laying it upon you to find them. 
Gee...*he's* a big help. What's worse, he has the 12th part but won't give 
it up until ALL the tribals are freed. Oh smeg...
Here's a list of the spaceship parts, where they are, and how to get them.

Power Cell: (Character: Any) In the posession of Ivana the Bear on Water 
Ruin. For him/her/it to give it up, however, you'll have to provide some 
earplugs so he/she/it can get some sleep with all those noisy Tribals 
hanging around. Earplugs? What earplugs? To obtain the earplugs, find the 
Floyd mission on the SS Anubis. All you have to do is earn a Gold medal 
ranking on that mission, and the earplugs are yours! To get gold, simply 
complete the primary and (I believe) at least two of the secondary 
objectives in under a minute.

Oxygen Tank: (Character: Any) Located in Eschebone: Cortex at the top of the 
final "Brain" room. The Enterance to the Cortex is located on top of the 
first room of Eschebone: Thorax. (The one with the four pillars.) To get up 
there, step outside through the slit things on the sides of the room, find 
the wooden door, and blast it to find a fuel pad to fly up to the top.

Stabilizer: (Character: Any) This piece will be given to you by King Jeff 
once you have rescued every...last...little...smegging...Tribal. You'll find 
him hanging out in the big pyramid at Mizar's Palace. You may have to talk 
to him twice for him to figure it out.

Juno's Hatch Key: (Character: Juno) Located in the Spawnship. In the big 
room filled with lava, drop down and look to the left. There should be a big 
hallway that branches out. Not only can the key be found back here, but tons 
of handy capacity upgrades!

Cargo Bay Key: (Character: Vela) Located in Tawfret: Bog. In the large area 
with tons of bugs and the island with the big tree in the middle of a pond 
(You know...where you found Gimlet's pants? *snicker*), swim under the water 
to an opening at the bottom of the island. Inside you'll find a very happy 
Gimlet who will gladly hand you the key. Easy.

Deflector Shield: (Character: Vela) Located in Rith Essa: Mine. Another easy 
one to get. In one of the first few rooms, at the top of the cliff, you'll 
find the last of the moles. Talk to him and he'll give you hurrahs, yeah 
yeah. You figure he has a spaceship part, and seeing as how he won't give it 
up, you get to thinking he's not as nice as he says. But how to get the 
part? Clever deception, my friend! Towards the rear of the mine you'll find 
a handy Tribal transformation pad. Now, as a gun-toting Tribal, go talk to 
the mole again. He'll give the the Deflector Shield and tell you to get rid 
of it. What a maroon.

Vela's Hatch Key: (Character: Vela) Located in Goldwood: Lodge. To find this 
key, enter the Life Force Door at the end of a long, curved, foggy path. (If 
you enter to a Tribal village, you went in the wrong door.) Kick some drone 
butt and then enter the Life Force Door on the ledge area. Inside is the 
key, not to mention a few tribals!

Radar Dish: (Character: Any) Located on Gem Quarry. To get Magus to give you 
this part, you must help defend Gem Quarry from falling asteroids by loading 
a machine with gems. I've heard horror stories about people needing to take 
two hours to do this, but that's just stupid. Just sit on the ledge and 
shoot the gems over towards the machine so it can suck them in with the 
vacuum. It takes about twenty minutes so be patient. After a sweeeeeeet 
cut-scene, head back to the hut with Magus for your prize. (The spaceship 

Fin: (Character: Any, though Juno or Vela is recommended due to their abilty 
to grab ledges) Located in SS Anubis: Passageway. Towards the end of the 
level you find a huge room with water in the middle and some flying things. 
On either side of the room is a door. In one door, I believe the near one, 
is Midge. He'll give you the Fin. Nice guy. In the other door is one of 
those Brown drones that like to kill Tribals. Not a nice guy. Kill him 
quickly or be forced to endure the level again.

Lupus's Hatch Key: (Character: Lupus) Located in Ichor: Military Base. 
Towards the end of the level is a room with several Tribals and a bunch of 
platforms whizzing through the air. Fuel up your jetpack on the handy pad 
and fly over the pipe-looking thing sticking out of the wall. (It took A LOT 
of trial and error for me to figure out that neither Juno NOR Vela could 
open that stupid door.) Inside is the key.

Fuse: (Character: Any) Located in the central area of Mizar's Palace. To get 
this piece, search around in the big central area for a while. You should 
find a small pyramid. Inside is a fuel pad and a large pillar. Fly to the 
top to find a drone transformation pad. The door you came in will close and 
another open. Go through it and jump onto the platform. You'll be taken down 
to the racetrack! Yeehaw. Drones like to go fast. Find the open car, second 
or third stall on the left, and scoot on through the doors. Win Mizar's 
Race, and you'll be awarded with the Fuse.

Nitrogen Tank: (Character: Vela) Located on Water Ruin. Simply swim around 
the island until you find an underwater cavern. Inside is the part. Easy, 
easy, easy!

4b: Tribals

I'm not going to go through and list the location of every last Tribal. I'm 
simply going to go through the numbers and a few hints if I can remember. I 
will list each world, followed by total number of tribals and which 
character you need to get them all. Plus, I'll list the regions for each 
world and the number of Tribals in each.

Outset - 7 Character: Any
Lodge - 15 Character: Vela
Rim - 11 Character: Lupus [Note: There's three traps in this level to lure 
you into killing some Tribals, I'll go into detail at the end of this 
Interior - 9 Character: Any

Landing - 5 Character: Any

Abandoned Wreck - 12 Character: Any

Lost Island - 8 Character: Lupus

Peak - 6 Character: Juno

Bluff - 8 Character: Juno or Vela
Ascent - 6 Character: Juno or Vela
Interior - 4 Character: Any
Mine - 16 Character: Vela

Lobby - 14 Character: Juno
Flume - 6 Character: Vela
Chasm - 10 Character: Lupus

ICHOR - 24
Military Base - 16 Character: Lupus
Perimiter - 8 Character: Juno or Vela

Thorax - 12 Character: Vela
Approach - 6 Character: Any
Cortex - 6 Character: Any

Bog - 10 Character: Juno
Bridge - 12 Character: Juno
Castle - 6 Character: Any

Battle Cruiser - 15 Character: Juno

Dune - 8 Character: Any

Hold - 10 Character: Any
Passageway - 8 Character: Any (Juno or Vela recommended)
Depository - 14 Character: Any

Troop Carrier - 15 Character: Vela


Tribal Traps--You'll find along your journey certain areas where you'll be 
tricked or such into killing Tribals. Then you have to redo the level later. 
Bad news. Here are a few I can think of. If you have anymore, feel free to 
send them to, and I'll add them.

Goldwood: Rim
There's three on this level. Nasty ones, too. First, you'll find a room with 
two tribals and Cyclops Drones that come down. Get the tribals first!!! If 
you kill the flying drones, they'll come crashing down and splatter some 
Tribal brains. Second, you find a room with two tribals and a bunch of 
proximity mines around. What you DON'T see is the Brown Drone hiding behind 
the rock formation to the Tribal's left rear. To get the Tribals, hover in 
QUICKLY and grab them while shooting the drone. Take too much time and Mr. 
Drone throws Mr. Grenade and you have to start over! Third, you'll find a 
room at the top of an incline with drones and a bunch of toxic waste cans. 
What you DON'T see is the Tribal right in the middle. Hit one of those cans 
and KABOOM. Back to the start you go!

Walkway: Peak
In the underground tunnels, two Tribals are hiding. As you'll probably 
already be using heavy explosives for the stupid Barricade Drones, be 
careful not to send a rocket or a missle at the Tribals!

Rith Essa: Ascent
There's one room where there's Tribals working and a few drones standing 
next to them surrendering. Be careful not to make a reflex shot.

Spawnship: Troop Carrier
In the room with the two pipes in the wall with the Sniper Drones shooting 
at you, there is also a pesky, Tribal-murdering brown drone below. Deal with 
him first before he starts executing Tribals!

SS Anubis: Passageway
In one of the final rooms you'll find a few Tribals...and a brown drone. 
Kill him first!

4c: Weapon's Requirements

In order to have a remote shot at defeating Mizar for good, there's a few 
requirements Juno must have on his weapon capacities. Namely Homing Missles 
and Tri-Rockets.
The MINIMUM capacity requirements are FIFTEEN Homing Missles and FORTY 
Tri-Rockets. You've probably seen people say you need at least fory missles, 
but that's completely unnecessary! However, there is room for error so I 
suggest more that fifteen. I did it with twenty-five and had four remaining 
when they out-lived their usefulness. The Tri-Rockets are absolutely 
imperitive for the 4th stage of the fight, and you need a lot. I had forty 
and actually ran out! However, the plasma shotgun makes a good back-up. But 
we'll get to that later on.

4d: Back to King Jeff!

Once you have rescued all 282 Tribals and found all the spaceship parts but 
the Stabilizer, head back to Mizar's Palace with any character. Simply reach 
the big pyramid where you fought Mizar I to find him. Talk to him once, and 
he'll repeat the charge. Talk to him twice, and you'll get the final 
spaceship part. Talk to him one more time, and it's off to the 15th and 
final Jet Force Gemini world, Asteroid!

Once you complete the requirements for King Jeff (What a stuck-up maroon, ya 
know?), you'll be flying off to Mizar's Rouge Asteroid and the final, 
climatic showdown. But first, however, you have one more level to complete. 
Asteroid: Mizar's Lair.

5a: Mizar's Lair

I'm not going to go into huge detail about this for two reasons. One, the 
level is pretty much straight forward. Go in and kill everything on your way 
to Mizar. And two, I can't remember details even though it was only 
yesterday. By this time, the adrenaline has built up so much that the level 
goes by in a blur.

The whole basic gist of it is this. The ship is struck by a fragment of the 
asteroid and makes a crash landing. Vela and Lupus hang behind with Jeff to 
fix the craft, while Juno charges ahead. All you have to do to get to Mizar, 
is battle through ten minutes of Barricade Drones (big shields) and a ton of 
them big bugs. The only problem is that there's exactly one room with health 
the entire level. Ouch.

Only other thing I'll mention about this region is the ice room. There's 
about six or so really big bugs, and a few Barricade Drones. Luckily, all 
the big bugs are behind sheets of ice. However, one stray bullet and you're 
in for a bigger fight that before. That's where the Shocker *finally* comes 
into play. About six hits with the thing on the drones should do the trick. 

Eventually, after a bunch of fighting you'll come to...

5b: The Final Room

You'll know this when you see it. It's just a barren room with a foggy 
entrance and exit. Along the left wall are full-ammo crates for all the 
weapons you need. However...there's no health. For that reason, you probably 
won't be able to defeat Mizar the first time through. Of course, it's rather 
difficult to beat him the second or third time through, anyway, so it 
doesn't make much of a difference.
If you *really* want some health, head back to the room with the four purple 
gems and collect them, leave, re-enter, collect them again, etc. until 
you're full up on health. But like I said, there's really no point. 
Defeating Mizar takes patience and practice.
Anyway, grab your ammo, and exit the region through the far tunnel...

This is it. The section you've all been waiting for. How to successfully 
defeat Mizar. This will start out with his attacks, and then I will have a 
STEP-BY-STEP process on how to beat Mizar and Jet Force Gemini. If you're 
one of those people that haven't really gotten far in the game or haven't 
started yet...SPOILER ALERT!!!! Plus...reading this is rather daunting. 
Proceed with caution...

VERSION 1.04 NOTE: Upon further review, new facts about the Mizar battle 
have been discoved.
1. Although the number of direct hits needed to defeat each of Mizar's first 
three stages is 5, I one, and only one, time managed to beat his first stage 
with 4 direct, plus one indirect hit.
2. I have noticed that the wiggle room for timing that precise direct hit 
shot decreases as you advance through the stages. In stage I, you can fire 
at about any time as he turns around. In stage II, you must wait a 
split-second longer. And in stage III, you MUST wait until he is completely 
turned around to shoot. No if's, and's, or but's about it.
3. I have found that the medium-speed lightning attack can also be dodged by 
stepping to the side of the ledge and jumping when the lightning gets near, 
thus landing after it goes back the other way. Unfortunately, however, the 
timing must be more precise. You should jump right as the ball is on top of 
you if you are forced to evade this way.

6a: Attacks

Mizar I had only three attacks. Those attack return plus there's two more. 
That makes five for those of you who aren't quite as good at math... To make 
matters worse...Mizar is FLYING this time. Joy...


This attack occurs only at the beginning of stages 1, 2, and 3 of the 
battle. Mizar will sit  on his perch, raise his hand and claw, and becokon a 
number of small meteoroids in your direction. These can be taken out with 
your machine gun OR a friend playing as Floyd (Recommended). I, however, had 
no one as Floyd when I beat him so it is not necessary. I also found that it 
helps to strafe while firing as the meteoroids seem to be heat seekers. 
Ouch. Each meteoroid does 1 unit of damage.


Mizar's fire claw returns from the first battle, except a bit more powerful. 
Mizar will fly quickly to the platform you're on and slam his claw to the 
ground creating a ring of fire (two rings in stage 4). The claw also throws 
up rocks that can hurt you as well. This, like last time, can be avoided by 
jumping. However, you can also lure Mizar to doing this attack on one side 
of the platform while you high-tail it to the other. That way you don't have 
to avoid it at all. I'll go into more detail on that later on. This attack 
does varying damage.


This attack is identical to that of Mizar I. (And they still go splat! ???) 
Mizar will charge up his eyes and release twin purple laser things at you. 
Avoid by moving left and right as his eyes turn purple. This attack does 
varying damage.


This attack is ALSO identical to that of Mizar I. Mizar will take a deep 
breath and send a stream of freezing cold, green vapors in your direction. 
Simply move out of the way. I've found that sometimes you can move through 
the stream and not get hurt. Odd...but true. If you *do* take on damage, it 
will most likely be only 1 unit's worth.


Simply put, the single most devastating attack ever devised in videogame 
history. Mizar will raise his bionic hand high above him and send a charge 
of electrical energy down to the platform. If that weren't enough, he moves 
it back and forth across the platform SEVERAL times. Can't get any worse? 
Wrong. It comes it three speeds. Let's call them slow, medium, and fast. For 
the slow speed, wait until the lightning is just about on top of you before 
jumping. If you jump too soon, you'll land in it and take MAJOR damage. The 
medium speed is the easiest to avoid. Stand in about the middle of the 
platform, and jump when it's just a bit away from you. More than the slow 
speed, but not TOO much. Jump too soon, and you'll land in it. Jump to 
late...and it'll run you over. Either way, MAJOR damage. The fast speed is a 
little tricky NOT to take any damage on. For one, you can't avoid it by 
standing in the middle. It goes by too fast. You have to get to an edge and 
jump right before it gets to you. That way, you should land after it goes 
back the other way. The real problem is, if you aren't at an edge to begin 
with, you're probably going to take some damage in the time it take to get 
there. Luckily, as it goes so fast, it'll only be 1-3 units.
How much damage does this lightning atack do, anyway? Well, if you stand in're dead in three seconds. And that's with full health!

6b: Mizar II, Stage I

Before we begin, let's cover the basics. For stages 1-3, the ONLY weapons 
you should be using are the machine gun and the homing missles. The only 
thing the machine gun is for is taking out meteoroids. The homing missles 
are for Mizar, himself.

Mizar's only vunerable spot in stages 1-3 is a little metal thing at the 
base of his neck. Don't shoot at anything else or you're just wasting ammo.
Here we go.

After an extended cut-scene (where it seems Vela and Lupus took the EASY 
route, or something...), Vela and Lupus are down for the count, leaving Juno 
to fight the battle. That's knew that already.

Mizar immediately retreats to his distant perch for the first round of 
meteoroids. Take out as many as you can with your machine gun/friend as 
Floyd while strafing. Once the meteoroids have passed, Mizar will rise into 
the air. At this point Floyd should be turned off. There's no more need for 
him for a few minutes.

Immediately get out your homing missles and stand to one side of the 
platform. Mizar will start flying to the platform for his fire claw attack. 
As soon as he starts towards you, move to the other side of the platform. 
The fire claw will fall harmless. Mizar will turn around exposing the device 
on his back. Move your targeting cursor over it to establish your lock, but 
DO NOT FIRE!!! You do not have time to get both a lock and a shot off that 
will score a direct hit. Now that you have a lock, DO NOT HIT R! Hitting R 
will break the lock, wasting valuble time and precious firing oppurtunities.

Mizar will fly away, before turning around and executing the fire claw once 
again. (Use the same evasive procedure you did before for every instance of 
the fire claw in stages 1-3!) This time, you have a shot at him. Wait until 
he's completely turned around to lay a homing missle on him. This shot is 
rather difficult to time correctly so it may take several tries to get it 
right. If you shoot too soon, it hits his leg. Too late, and it misses/he 
turns around. If timed correctly, you should score a direct hit! How do you 
know? You'll hear a distinctive "circuit board" sound along with Rare's 
trademark blood splatter. Mmm. Delicious. He'll do one more fire claw, but 
this time will not turn around.

Now that you've succeeded in getting him a trifle bit angry, he'll proceed 
to the major attacks. At this point, he'll fly around to different points 
and attack with either lasers, breath, or lightning. After an attack, he'll 
move to another spot. Attack at random again. Move to another spot, and 
attack at random once more. Simply use the techniques outlines earlier to 
avoid much, if any, damage, and hope and pray he doesn't do lightning! =P

After three attacks, it's back to the Fire Claw. I realize you probably 
won't get an edge in time. That's OK. Just avoid by jumping. Once again, 
when he's completely turned around (You should still have a lock), launch a 
missle. Boom, splatter, repeat for his second time wih the fire claw. Boom, 
splatter. You have three direct hits. (Hopefully) Once again, there's one 
more fire claw without turning around. (The smeghead!)

He'll return to his three random attacks now. Unfortunately, it seems as the 
battle progresses, he's more and more likely to choose lightning. Lucky you, 
huh? After his three attacks, it's back to the fire claw. (Notice a 
pattern?) As before, fire when he turns around. Boom, splatter, repeat for 
the second time. Boom, splatter. What's this? If that was your 5th direct 
hit, it'll be a bigger boom and splatter than usual. A few pieces of his 
bugginess will fly off and explode, splatter, boom, boom, etc. At this 
point, Mizar will retreat to his distant platform signaling the conclusion 
of stage 1. Congratulations, you'e 1/4 of the way there!

6c: Mizar II, Stage II

Rare chose to make it slightly easier on us by making Stages I, II, and III 
virtually identical. There's only two differences in stages 1 and 2. One, 
the meteoroid shower lasts twice as long, and two, Mizar is more likely to 
favor the lightning attack.

Once Mizar returns to his distant perch, have your friend turn Floyd back on 
if you have someone helping. Once again, Mizar raises his hand and claw into 
the air and beckons a bunch of meteoroids in your direction. Only this time, 
twice as many. Joy. Like in stage 1, avoid them by shooting with your 
machine gun/Floyd and moving left and right.

Mizar will eventually get tired of the meteoroids and come at you with his 
fire claw. Remember how to avoid it as you probably don't have as much 
health to give up at this point as you did before. You lost your lock on him 
at the end of stage 1 so you'll have to get it again when he turns around. 
Remember, the first time is for getting a lock. DO NOT FIRE! He will fly 
away a bit before returning with another fire claw. This time when he turns 
around, launch a homing missle. If you've timed it correctly, you should 
score a direct hit. Boom, circuit board noise, splatter, splatter, growl. As 
before, there's one more fire claw, but he doesn't turn around. (He likes 
doing things in 3's, don't he?)

Time for the main attacks again. As in stage 1, Mizar will fly to one of 5 
or 6 points and randomly select one of three attacks. (Lasers, breath, or 
lightning) Remember how I outlined  to avoid these attacks earlier!

After three attacks, it's back to the fire claw. Avoid it like before and 
launch a missle when he turns around. Boom, circuit board, splatter, 
splatter, growl. Another fire claw follows. Wash, rinse, and repeat. 
Boom...that's 3 direct hits. Like stage 1, you need 5. One more final fire 
claw without turning around finishes.

OK.... now he's angry. Back to the random attacks. He'll do three of them as 
usual. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Avoid them. Hope and pray for no lightning. You 
know all that by now.

Once he's finished with his three attacks, it's back to the fire claw. 
(Geez...predictable, ain't he?) Like so many times before...avoid, shoot 
when he turns around. Boom, circuit board, splatter, splatter, growl. Wash, 
rinse, and repeat for the second time. Hopefully that will be your 5th 
direct hit. If that's the case, bigger boom than ususal, lot's more 
splattering, and pieces of Mizar fly off everywhere and explode. Sound 
familiar? Of course it does...

Oh well...that's the end of stage 2.'re halfway there...

6d: Mizar II, Stage III

Getting close now...This is the hardest stage and is virtually identical to 
stages 1 and 2. There's just two differences. One, Mizar will throw three 
times as many meteoroids at you as he did in stage 1, and two, Mizar is VERY 
likely to pick the lightning attack. No wonder it's the hardest stage.

Once again, Mizar returns to his distant perch. (Time for help with Floyd 
again!) Up go his hand and claw, and suddenly there's tons of meteoroids 
coming at you. Strafe left and right with your machine gun while a friend, 
if you have one near, shoots with Floyd. After a painfully long bout with 
the meteoroids, Mizar rises back into the air. Time for some more fun!

It's back to the fire claw again. Lure him to one side and race to the other 
so you don't have to worry about damage and can get a lock with your missles 
when he turns around. Once again, DO NOT FIRE! Wait until he does his second 
fire claw on you. When he turns around, fire away! *Various delicious 
noises* There's one more fire claw sans firing oppurtunity before...

Back to the three random attacks. (Lasers, breath, lightning) Sadly, by this 
point in the battle, Mizar favors his lightning attack. Good for him. Bad 
for you. Expect to lose some major health if you're not careful.

We're very lucky that Mizar seems to be obsessed with patterns because, 
after three attacks, it's back to the fire claw! Avoid it, and launch a 
missle when he turns around. Two direct hits. *various delicious noises* 
Take a moment to blink, and then repeat on his next attack. After another 
direct hit, one more fire claw, but, of course, he doesn't turn around!

Instead, he prepares for his main attacks again. He'll attack three times as 
always, but at this point, don't be surprised if it's all lightning. 
However...if you're lucky, you won't have to deal with that pesky lightning 
anymore after this.

Back to his fire claw. Lure him to one side, run to the other, wait until he 
turns around, fire away! *Various delicious noises* That should be 4 direct 
hits. As always, you need 5! more? Oh yeah... He'll fly back at the 
platform one more time. Avoid the fire claw as always...wait until he turns 
around...aaaaaand...FIRE! If you (finally) score the 15th direct hit on the 
little bugger, you get treated to a beautiful cut-scene with Mizar spasming 
and fidgeting around in the air while splattering blood all over the place. 
(Thanks, Rare!) You think it's all over...but noooooo! Mizar's wings expolde 
in a ball of yellowish blood, and he slams into the ground. Luckily taking 
out your platform along the way so you're right there with him.

And that would be the end of stage 3! Congrats! You're 3/4 of the way there!

6e: Mizar II, Stage IV

This is it. The last stage of Mizar II. By now you're probably sweating 
profusely with heartrate of about 200 beats per minute. That's ok, though. 
This part's easy. So easy, it's exactly like Mizar I, with a few minor 

Mizar will rely on just his fire claw, lasers, and breath attacks now. 
Luckily, all are easy to dodge. (You'll have to jump for the flre claw now!) 
Mizar simply sits in front of you and does these attacks. Simple. Here's how 
to beat him...

Ok...first target is his bionic hand. Target it if you still have homing 
missles and let loose a few onto him. After just a few hits, you're treated 
to a short cut-scene of Mizar's bionic hand falling limp and breaking off in 
a massive splash of blood. (Thanks again, Rare!) Next target is his claw. By 
this time you *should* be out of hoaming missles unless you had a crapload 
to begin with. That means, time to get out the rockets! Fire away in the 
direction of his claw. After a few hits, you're treated to *another* 
cut-scene. This time it shows his claw breaking off in a huge splash of 
blood. Mmm..bug...delicious. At this point, your target becomes his head. 
Mizar will frantically use his laser and breath attacks. Simply strafe to 
avoid. Let loose a rocket. You'll hit him, he'll growl. You know the drill. 
Keep hitting him with rockets, it takes a few more than the arms. 
Eventually, if you've been blessed with great Jet Force Gemini luck and get treated to the next-to-last cut-scene of the game!

Mizar convulses in mid-air while spurting blood all over the place. Finally, 
there's an explosion launching his head to the ground next to you and 
throwing his body into space where it explodes in a huge KABOOM!

Congratulations, you've beaten Mizar.


******SPOILER ALERT!!!!!******

VERSION 1.04 NOTE: I've learned after beating the game a second time, that 
Barry's eyes aren't blue after all, although I stand firm that they were the 
first time around. I am, understandably, slightly confused. Regardless, the 
FAQ has been modified accordingly.

7a: Who is Mizar?

The cut-scene continues to show Vela and Lupus recovering and King Jeff 
(finally) showing up at the scene. Various congrats, hoorahs, etc. before 
the picture changes to Mizar's head. The metal thing on the back opens 

A TRIBAL!!!???

Turns out it's Barry, Jeff's brother, who created Mizar and had been 
controlling him all along. Why? Well...Barry is a little bitter about his 
brother getting all the magic and getting to be king. He wanted a share of 
the spotlight! (CHEESY!!!)
In fact, he never intended for the asteroid to hit the Earth at all! He was 
gonna blow it up, before hand!

Wait a mean to tell me we did this ENTIRE GAME for absolutely 
nothing!!!??? Grrrrrrrr....

7b: Floyd's Final Mission

It takes a few moments of bickering, but someone FINALLY realizes that the 
asteroid is still heading straight for Earth. Only problem is...there no 
time for them to get the explosives to the core. All is woe, until valiant 
Floyd offers his services. You know what that means. 
One...more...Floyd...mission. And you thought you had beaten the game! 

Oh well...step onto the pad, hit A, read the objectives (pretty straight 
forward...Locate the core before time runs, and hit A again. All 
you have to do is fly to the end of the run. You don't have too much time, 
but that's ok. This is easy. You should finish with plenty of time left. 
Unless you get stuck a few times...than you should finish with a few seconds 
left. (Like I's easy!) There's no targets to destroy (aside from a 
few barriers of ice to get through) and no objects to pick up so just 
concentrate on getting to the finish, and you should have no trouble.

Get there in time, and you'll see a sweet cut-scene with the asteroid 
exploding. Look closely to see the top of Floyd (the propeller) fly off 
right by the screen to the left. It's got red on it so it should catch your 
PLUS: You can also see the rest of Floyd's body fly off towards the bottom 
of the screen.

Makes you wonder how a blast strong enough to reduce that asteroid to cosmic 
dust, only breaks a tiny robot into *two* pieces...

NOW you've beaten Jet Force Gemini! Champagne, anyone? Club Soda for the 

7c: Cheesy Ending

I won't go into much detail about this besides that it's absolutely RIPPED 
FROM STAR WARS! Hey...a lot of the game is, after all!

Oh, if you thought Magus looked a little like Yoda, you'll REALLY think so 
after seeing this!

7d: Disco Fever!

The best part of the game, right here...the credits! I won't give it away, 
but think Big Big Fun Club and some incredible animations. lol This is 
hilarious! Makes the whole game worthwhile!

Anyway, once the credits are finished, you return to the title screen. (It 
changes, in fact!) That's it. Jet Force Gemini is complete.

Here's where you'll find frequently asked questions about material covered 
in this walkthrough. Granted, this section is pretty small so far so if 
there's anything that you *still* are unsure about after reading both the 
walkthrough *and* FAQ portions of this, please feel free to send me an email 

8a: Mizar I FAQ

Q: Why can't I beat Mizar?
A: Because you had a friend do the majority of the first third of the game 
for you.

Q: Can Mizar be fought with anyone besides Lupus?
A: No, Lupus chooses to fight him as he is the only one able to fly over the 
protective fire.

Q: Can you actually kill Mizar this time around?
A: No...that would be unfair to the rest of us poor people that had to do 
the whole game.

8b: Getting to Mizar II FAQ

Q: Do I have to rescue *every* Tribal?
A: Yes. Stop complaining.

Q: How do I get _____________ <--Fill in spaceship part ?
A: I'm not telling. Why don't you read Section 4a of this Walkthrough/FAQ?

Q: Where is King Jeff?
A: Hangin' out in Mizar's Pyramid, oddly enough located in Mizar's Palace.

Q: I've gotten every tribal, but Jeff still won't give me the last part. Is 
my game broken or something?
A: You've probably killed some Tribals. Look in the Tribal menu and make 
sure only the middle columns (The ones marked with the smiling Tribal head) 
have numbers in them. The rest should be zeros.

8c: Mizar's Lair FAQ

Q: Is there anywhere I can get health on this level???
A: There is one room with four 5-unit geminis. That's it.

Q: Can I get any AMMO on this level???
A: In addition to the final room, there is one room with ammo. In the room 
with the branching paths to the left and right. (Big room) Take the left 
path. Kill the big bug and you'll find some precious ammunition.

Q: Why do I keep ending up at the beginning?
A: You're going through the doors marked with a red symbol instead of the 
green one. Geez...they taught you that when you started...

8d: Mizar II FAQ

Q: How do I beat Mizar?
A: Read this FAQ to learn alllll about it!

Q: How long is this <random expletive> battle, anyway?
A: Very long. It requires a degree of patience.

Q: Does Mizar *really* have to do that awful lightning attack all the time?
A: Mizar is an evil tyrant. He'll do whatever he pleases!

Q: What's that thing on his back?
A: It's what you shoot at.

8e: Ending FAQ

Q: Who's Barry?
A: Jeff's brother.

Q: Why are Barry's eyes blue?
A: Apparently, they're not. However, I will swear on my stack of Dave 
Matthews Band CD's that they were the first time I beat the game. If they 
*were*, however, it'd be because he was a homicidal maniac.

Q: Why was Barry lucky enough to have Mizar's head land on the platform 
instead of floating off into space and exploding with the rest of the body?
A: If Barry died, the whole game would have made no sense at all. He was 
blessed by the sacred programmers.

Q: Is Floyd dead?
A: Yes. He got blowed up.

Q: Hey, this ending reminds me of Star Wars. What do you think?
A: It's a serious rip-off of Star Wars.

Q: Doesn't Magus look A LOT like Yoda?
A: It's been speculated that Magus is Yoda reincarnated.

This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Maniacal Clown
Maniacal Clown's real name is D.J. Perry.

ICQ: UIN 25968740
AIM: Maniacal Clown
WWPager: (Send an email to that address)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, complaints, etc. about 
this walkthrough. I enjoy talking to people!

So concludes this walkthrough/FAQ. All that's left to do is thank Rare and 
Nintendo for bringing us such an AWESOME game! And of course...the shameless 

Zelda Fan? Visit Ice's Zelda Central!

This Walkthrough/FAQ is ©2000 D.J. Perry. All rights reserved.

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