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Guide Version 0.6
By Nin64Dude (
Date: 2/22/99

1. Updates
2. Characters
3. Mushroom Village
4. Items
5. Spaces
6. Boards (SOON TO BE UP)
7. Types of Minigames/Minigames (MINIGAMES SOON TO BE UP)
8. Tips/Tricks/Rumors 
9. Credits
10. Suggestions/Comments/Help


0.1 - Starting to get things up and running
    - "Boards" section will be added soon
    - "Minigames" section will be added soon

0.2 - Some mistakes fixed
    - A couple of codes added

0.3 - MORE mistakes fixed
    - Secret items added

0.4 - Policy of contribution added

0.5 - A few minor changes

0.6 - "Boards" section will be added soon
    - "Minigames" section will be added soon
    - Rumors added
    - Shortened WAY too big updates section
    - Fixed trick to get Magma Mountain   


All the characters are said to be the same, but I've concluded that 
there are some distinct differences in some of them. DK seems to get 
caught up when in a group of characters and slower than the rest, but he 
jumps higher and is good at blocking people (such as people trying to 
get ahead of you). Others, like Yoshi, seem to out maneuver DK and 
Wario. Some characters are better than others at certain minigames, like 
Princess Peach who is good at the "Bumper Balls" game. Please mail me if 
you want to voice your opinion on this and I will put your responses up 
in this section.


1. Warp Pipe: This goes to the main game or a tutorial. When you enter 
the main game Toad will ask you things like how many players, character 
selection, etc. He/She/It (Toad) will also ask you to choose between 20, 
35, or 50 turns. 20 turns is called "Lite Play" which is about 30 
minutes, "Standard Play" is about a hour and a half, while 50 turns 
("Full Play") will keep you playing until your eyes close shut from 
irritation. You can choose a board here also . . . check out the boards 
section when it is up for more info.

2. Option House: You can change mono/stereo and erase saved data. You 
can also buy the talking parrot and jukebox record at the Mushroom Shop 
to listen to some tunes here.

3. Mushroom Bank: Coins and stars are put here as well as the items you 
buy from the Mushroom Shop.

4. Mushroom Shop: You can use the coins you earn to buy items that will 
help you in the normal game and do other little fun things. Check the 
items section for more info on them.

5. Minigame House: Here you can do a number of things. You can view the 
minigames you've played, rent them for once at a time, or buy some to 
play over and over again. Most range from 50-450 coins (1-player games 
cost the least, 4-player games cost the most). You can also go to 
Minigame Stadium, where players compete for coins. Basically you go 
around a star shape which determines if you are "red" or "blue" (see the 
spaces section) and play minigames until the set amount of turns are up.  

6. Minigame Island: Here you go from minigame to minigame until you pass 
all 50 minigames. A good way to practice your minigame skills. You can 
also get some special minigames here.


There are various items in the Mushroom Shop. I will try to explain them 
as best as I can, but I haven't gotten all of them yet so I just took 
most of the text right from the game. The number next to the title of 
the item is the amount of coins needed to purchase it.

Plus Block (x200): This appears randomly, and you get the number of 
coins shown.

Speed Block (x200): This appears randomly, and only numbers 8 to 10 will 
appear on the block.

Minus Block (x100): This appears randomly, and you lose the number of 
coins shown.

Slow Block (x100): This appears randomly, and only 1 to 3 will appear on 
the block.

Warp Block (x200): This appears randomly, and players change positions 
on the board.

Event Block (x200): This appears randomly, and Boo, and Koopa Troopa, or 
Bowser will appear.

Casino Box (x300): Bet your coins and recieve double or lose half of 
your coins depending on if you won.

Lucky Box (x400): Get 10 percent interest on the coins you collect.

Mecha Fly Guy (x100): This counts how many times you rotated the control 
stick. Use it in the Minigame House.

Talking Parrot (x50): This parrot is good at mimicing other characters 
voices. Use it at the Options House.

Record (x50): Use this record at the jukebox in the Options House.


Magma Mountain (x980): This will let you go to the hidden board map of 
"Magma Mountain".
How to get it: You need to play through all the normal stages to get 
this Bowser-themed stage.

No Boo (x500): No Boo on some stages.
How to get it: Get 'Eternal Star' stage (see tricks section)
Submitted by: various people

No Koopa (x500): No Koopa on some stages.
How to get it: Get 'Eternal Star' stage (see tricks section)
Submitted by: various people

Credits (x100): See the credits.
How to get it: Get 'Eternal Star' stage (see tricks section)
Submitted by: various people


Blue and Red Spaces:
Most of the boards have blue spaces with some red ones. The blue reward 
you 3 coins, while the red take three coins (except for the last 5 turns 
which is double for both red and blue). In Minigame Stadium, these 
spaces don't take away or give any coins. The spaces determine the type 
of minigames you play. If one person would land on red and the other 
blue, a 1 vs. 3 minigame would result at the end the round and so on.

Blue Minigame:
If you land on this star space you will go into a one-player minigame 
where you try to get coins.

Question Mark:
These do different things for different boards. Some switch Toad and 
Bowser, while others change where you go or move you to another space.

Blue Mushroom:
A Blue Mushroom can be really good or really bad. When you hit the 
spinning mushroom you either get a red mushroom which grants you another 
turn or a purple mushroom which sits you out for a turn.

Blue Exclamation Mark:
This pulse-pounding game can mess up your chance at winning or knock an 
opponent out of the competition. There is three spinning blocks, the two 
outside blocks are one of the characters while the middle shows what's 
going to happen. There are different middle blocks, such as giving your 
opponent 10 or 20 coins, trading coins and trading stars.

Red Bowser:
This space chooses a random "Bowser" minigame for you. The Bowser 
minigames include "Coins for Bowser" which is basically stealing all or 
some of your coins. "Bowser Balloon Burst" is where the losers lose 20 
coins and the winner wins nothing. "Bowser Revolution" makes all the 
characters coins the same amount (usually a low one). "Bowser's Face 
Lift" is a Bowser head similar to Mario's head in Super Mario 64 where 
you need to change the face to what it shows (this also is a winner gets 
nothing, loser loses 20 coins game). "Bowser Roulette" is just like the 
blue exclamation mark game but one block it stuck on Bowser, making you 
give different things to him. There is always a gold titled game usually 
called "100 Star Present" or "1000 Coin Present". YOU CAN NOT LAND ON OR 
WIN THESE GAMES! Whenever your about to land on it it speeds up or goes 
back one.





Bonus Games - In these games you can earn more than ten coins (except in 
Memory Match). If you do lose, you won't lose any coins.

Success Games - If you win a Success Game, you earn ten coins. Losing 
costs you ten coins except in the Pipe Maze Challenge, which you won't 
lose any coins at it.

Chance Games - Chance games take other players coins if you win and give 
your coins to the other players if you lose.

2-on-2 Games - You team up with another player and win ten coins each if 
you win. Losing, however, will make you shell up ten coins each to the 
other two opponents.

Racing Games - If you win at these games you win ten coins. When you 
lose you don't have give up any coins.

Point Games - Like racing games, winning gives you ten coins and losing 
loses you nothing. If there is a tie, both of the tied people win ten 

Survival Games - The last player standing wins. Again, ten coins goes to 
the victor and nothing is lost to the losers.




This section will be scant on tips and hints because I plan on adding 
way more with my next update (which will also include the Boards and 
Minigames sections). I just added some various codes from Gamesages. 
Gameshark codes fall under the "tricks" section which will be added 
soon. Please feel free to mail me if you have anything you would like to 
add. All submitted tips, tricks, or rumors can be edited for content.



If you are playing solo but want to get all the coins and stars from the 
other CPU players, try this. Right at the end of the game go to the 
options screen and change all the CPU players to 2P, 3P, and 4P. All the 
coins and stars they earned will be put in the Mushroom Bank. This will 
also work for 2 and 3 player games.


If you beat the normal game with a character, the character that you 
chose will have his or her graphic on the title screen.


To access the minigame "Bumper Ball Maze 1" you must reach the goal of 
Minigame Island and defeat Toad in a game of "Slot Car Derby 2." 
Submitted by Jim L. Patzer (from Gamesages)


To unlock Bumper Ball Maze 2, you must clear all 50 minigames on 
Minigame Island and then go talk to Toad at the Goal. 
Submitted by Jim L. Patzer (from Gamesages)


Once you have set new records on Bumper Ball Mazes 1 & 2, Bumper Ball 
Maze 3 will become selectable. 
Submitted by Jim L. Patzer (from Gamesages)


To unlock the Eternal Star stage, get 100 stars and it will open up. 
Submitted by Gamemaster01 (from Gamesages)


-After you beat the game with Donkey Kong, Cranky comes up and
actually pats him on the back!
Submitted by Websearcher

-If you get over 25 stars for each level Boswer gets hit in the head 
with a star and gives you a whopping 150, plus the 150 you got from the 
other levels equals 300 STARS! 
Submitted by Websearcher


If you have submitted anything I use in this guide your name, e-mail 
address, or whoever you want to be known as will be put here.

MetroidMoo - Thanks go out to MetroidMoo ( who I took 
a lot of his layout from his PokÇmon guide for this guide.

Nintendo Power - For the "Types of Minigames".

Gamesages - For the numerous codes.

People who have submitted tips, tricks, or rumors - Websearcher, Jim L. 
Pazter, Gamemaster01.


E-mail Address: 
Please head your mail "SUGGESTIONS". At the bottom of your mail put what 
you want to be called, whether it be your name, e-mail address or alias.
Please contribute to this guide if you think anything is missing, in 
need of correction, or something that you think would be cool to add.
Also if you need help on a certain part of the game that you don't 
understand, I will try to explain it as best as I can and will put your 
mail in the future "FAQ" section.

If anything is contributed to this guide, the person will get credit. An 
exception to this rule is when codes (or other things like tips or 
rumors) are sent in after others were sent in just like it. This works 
on a one day basis. If many submissions are sent in on the same day, all 
the names from that day will be given credit. After that day, if the 
same thing is sent in, it will be the said as "submitted by:
submitters name(s) and various others."

This guide can be seen at GameFAQs ( and Console-Gamer 

(c) Copyright 1999 Nin64Dude. If you want to use this guide on your 
site, please contact me via e-mail. Do not change, steal, or sell 
my guide for profit. And remember to add updates when they are made if 
you use it on a site!

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