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                           M a r i o   P a r t y   2                           
                   FAQ for the N64 version of Mario Party 2
   This document is Copyright (C)1999-2000, Dallas (

      The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs:

=Table of Contents=
   i. Introduction & Version History
   I. Game Information
  II. Story
 III. Controls
  IV. Character Bios
   V. Mini-Games
  VI. Items
 VII. Walkthrough
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
  IX. Differences in the Sequel
   X. Release Date
  XI. My Review
 XII. Credits
XIII. Contact Information
 XIV. Legal Disclaimer
  XV. Closing


=i. Introduction & Version History=
Man! I was aiming for the first FAQ for this game, however I didn't send 
it in fast enough. Oh well, this is the 2nd FAQ ever written for MP2. 
Anyway, Mario and the gang are all back in this Fun-filled sequel...Mario 
Party 2! Now with many more boards, tons of new mini-games, everything you 
could want in a party game! This is probably the BEST Multiplayer game ever 
made In my opinion. Grab 3 friends or play alone, you choose. Either way I 
have made this FAQ to help you all out with the game...

Version History:
V1.4 (05/22/2000): Reformatted FAQ again. Added new art.


Version: 1.3
Date: 1/31/00
Additions/Updates: ï Re-formatted FAQ
                   ï Changed Version History as you can see
                   ï Got the game (January 28, 2000) 
                   ï Added "My Review" Section
                   ï Added "Controls" Section
                   ï Added "Story" Section
                   ï Added more F.A.Q.s
                   ï Made better descriptions of MOST Mini-Games
                   ï Added some new Item Info, including prices
                   ï Pretty Big Update
                   ï Next Update will focus more on Walkthrough
                   ï I'll also put up more Mini-Game Descriptions
                     on the next update.
                   ï More Updates coming soon... 

v1.2 - Added A LOT of things, this is a MAJOR update. I added almost 
every mini-game in the game + Changed the items around and added the 
rest of the items in the game. Also updated the Walkthrough section. 
More coming when I get the game...Oh also spell checked the entire 
document and added a word count at the bottom of the document.


v1.1 - I forgot to give credit to 1 person, Likitung, as I used some 
of the previous character info. from his FAQ, sorry Likitung, an honest 


v1.0 - First Version, added all the info. I have gotten so far. I'll 
update MAJORLY when I actually get the game.


=I. Game Information=
Title: Mario Party 2
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Expansion Pak: Compatible (Guessing??)
Controller Pak: Un-Compatible 
No. of Players: 1-4 
Rumble Pak: Compatible 
MSRP: $49.99 
ESRB Rating: Everyone (Mild Animated Violence)
Release Date: January 24, 2000.
Previous Game: Mario Party (This is the Sequel)


=II. Story=
Yep, a different story, here's MY version of the story from what I've seen:

Mario and his friends are putting on a play, a new setting in the play
is introduced. Mario Decides to name it "Mario Land", however all of his
friends (Peach, Wario, DK, Yoshi & Luigi) disagree with the name, becuase
of course, it all focuses on Mario rather than them.

Wario then decides to drop in and name the place "Wario Land" but none
of the other friends agree with him either. So Peach thinks she has a
reasonable solution to this problem, and it name the place,
"Peach Land"! None of the others agree, and they all begin to argue
on what the new area should be called. 

The scene then closes and Koopa is taken to where bowser is located.
Bowser has plans to destroy and cause havoc on the newly found land
(we'll just call it Mario Land for now), and Koopa overhears his plans.
Toad then comes up with a sensible idea!

Koopa returns to Mario and the Gang and reports what he has heard. Toad
follows and presents his idea to the gang. He says that whoever can
defeat Bowser (become Super-Star) shall have the new land named after
them. Sounds great!

The audience begins to clap and you are taken into the scene to begin
your quest of Mario Party 2!


=III. Controls=

A Button: Confirm Descisions; Hit Dice Box

B Button: Cancel Descisions; Use Items

Z Button: View Adventure Board Map

START Button: Start Mini-Game(s); Bring up Pause Menu

L Button: Taunt other players while they are rolling

R Button: Go into "Practice" Mode; View Adventure Board Map

C-Right: Go to next screen

C-Down: N/A

C-Up: N/A

C:-Left: Go back a screen

D-Pad: N/A

Joystick: Move Cursor; Move on Map; Menu Select


=IV. Character Bios=
Here are the Characters you can play with in the game, I have included  
my rating on a 10 scale, previous games, and a Description of each:

This wouldn't be a game at all if it weren't for Mario. If you have no 
idea who Mario is, then something is wrong! He is the star of the game, 
hence the title....MARIO Party 2. For those who don't know Mario, he is 
a plumber and has starred in nearly every if not every single Nintendo 
made game (except for Zelda 64). Mario is the probably the best character 
in the game, as that is who I chose all the time in MP1 but anyway Mario 
is great and now he's back in his latest game!

My Rating:
9/10 -- Great Character!

Previous Game(s) he has been in:

Original Donkey Kong -- Arcade

Donkey Kong Classic -- NES
Dr. Mario -- NES
Mario's Picross -- NES
Super Mario Bros. -- NES
Super Mario Bros. 2 -- NES
Super Mario Bros. 3 -- NES
Yoshi's Cookie -- NES

Mario & Wario -- SNES
Super Mario World -- SNES
Super Mario All-Stars -- SNES
Mario's Time Machine -- SNES
Mario is Missing! -- SNES

Super Smash Bros. -- N64
Super Mario 64 -- N64
Mario Kart 64 -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64

Donkey Kong -- GB
Game & Watch Gallery -- GB
Game & Watch Gallery 2 -- GBC
Game & Watch Gallery 3 -- GBC
Mario's Picross -- GB
Yoshi's Cookie -- GB
Dr. Mario -- GB
Super Mario Bros. DX -- GBC
Super Mario Land -- GB (Not sure about this)
Super Mario Land 2 -- GB (Not sure about this)
Super Mario Land 3 -- GB (Not sure about this)

Mario Tennis -- Virtual Boy
Mario Clash -- Virtual Boy

(Note that some of these games were given by Likitung)

What would this game be without a girl character? As you can see, she is 
the only female character in the game. No Mario Game would be complete 
without Peach would it? Anyway, Peach is a great character to choose, but 
in my opinion I would rather choose Mario. No offense to anyone out there 
but Peach is more for the female Gamers.

Rating: 8/10 -- Great as playable; Dangerous as the CPU player!

Previous Games:

Original Donkey Kong -- Arcade

Donkey Kong Classic -- NES
Super Mario Bros. -- NES
Super Mario Bros. 2 -- NES
Super Mario Bros. 3 -- NES 

Super Mario World -- SNES
Super Mario All-Stars -- SNES
Super Smash Bros. -- N64
Mario Kart 64 -- N64
Super Mario 64 -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64
Donkey Kong -- GB
Super Mario Bros. DX -- GBC
Game & Watch Gallery 2 -- GBC
Game & Watch Gallery 3 -- GBC
Mario Tennis - Virtual Boy  
Another great addition to MP2, of course DK may be receiving a lot of fame 
in DK64 (which I also have a FAQ for :p) but his latest game is now MP2! 
Donkey Kong may be a big dumb slow monkey but if he can star in his own game 
I think he should be able to walk around on a game board, don't you?

Rating: 8/10

Previous Games:

Original Donkey Kong -- Arcade

Donkey Kong Classic -- NES
Donkey Kong Jr. -- NES
Donkey Kong Country -- SNES
Donkey Kong Country (Blockbuster Special) -- SNES
Donkey Kong Country 3 -- SNES
Donkey Kong 64 -- N64
Mario Kart 64 -- N64
Super Smash Bros. -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64
Donkey Kong -- GB
Donkey Kong Land -- GB
Donkey Kong Land 2 -- GB
Donkey Kong Land 3 -- GB
Mario's taller, skinnier buddy Luigi also a former plumber. It's a shame 
that the fatter friend steals all the glory. Luigi has never starred in 
his own game! Don't you think he might be just a TAD jealous of Mario? 
Well now is his chance to get back at his friend by proving he is the 
true superstar!
Rating: 6/10 -- Luigi is simply OK.
Previous Games: 

Super Mario Bros. -- NES
Super Mario Bros. 3 -- NES

Super Mario All-Stars -- SNES
Super Mario World -- SNES

Mario Kart -- N64
Super Smash Bros. -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64

Super Mario Bros. DX -- GBC
Mario's EVIL brother Wario is back as well in the sequel. I don't know 
how he earned the reputation of "EVIL" as I haven't played many games 
with him in it. But I don't really like him too much, in fact I think he 
just plain SUCKS!

Rating: 6/10 -- Although I hate him, he still is an OK character.

Previous Games:

Some NES Games (I haven't played any with him in it)

Mario & Wario -- SNES

Mario Kart 64 -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64

Game & Watch Gallery -- GB
Game & Watch Gallery 2 -- GBC
Game & Watch Gallery 3 -- GBC
Wario Land -- GB
Wario Land 2 -- GBC
The last playable character in the game yoshi is great. Although I hate 
the noises he makes, you have got to admit that he is pretty good when it 
comes to game boards! He has starred in a few of his own games (which sucked) 
but at least he has been in his own games unlike Luigi and Peach.

Rating: 8/10 -- A great character!

Previous Games:

Yoshi's Cookie -- NES

Mario Kart 64 -- N64
Super Smash Bros. -- N64
Yoshi's Story -- N64
Super Mario 64 -- N64
Mario Party -- N64
Mario Party 2 -- N64

Some GB and SNES games as well (I have played VERY few games with 
Yoshi in them).

************************NON PLAYABLE CHARACTERS***********************

The EVIL of all EVIL, bowser is back in MP2, and meaner than ever. Try 
to save the boards from destruction while Mario's ARCH enemy as well as 
peach's destroys the boards 1 by 1! But he didn't come alone, he also 
brought a few of his kids...

If you remember back to MP1, these little guys appeared late in the game, 
well I have a strong feeling that you will be seeing much more of them this 
time than you did before!

Good ol' Toad. No he is not EVIL, he is GOOD! Toad may be Mario's 2nd 
best friend (Luigi being first). Toad helps you out through the game by 
giving out stars and just about handling everything else that happens in 
the game. I guess you could consider Toad as your "GUIDE" to MP2.

Remember these baddies? They may not be evil in this game, but in others 
they are. If you don't know who these are, they are the little guys who 
fly around with helicopters on their heads and they look like DEATH only 
10x smaller! In previous games they would spit out Fireballs at you. 

Hehe, Boo is a funny character, in Super Mario 64 he is evil but I still 
like him. For those who don't know, Boo is the ghost in the game. You 
should recognize him from other games starring Mario.

You know Koopa! The turtle guy! Well, he's back and his main purpose
is to serve as "items" in mini-games, such as the Bowling Ball in 
Bowl Over, but he also can serve as narrarator like Toad sometimes

More to come on this section...


Here are all the types of mini-games PLUS SOME of the mini-games from each 
part. I have included the mini-game names + a description of each one, 
these aren't all of the games, they are just some of the games:

                         | Duel Mini-Games |
One of the new additions to Mario Party, there is now a Duel option of 
Mini-Games. What these do is let you face 1 player 1 on 1! So it's you 
vs. another character. To use this option of Mini-Games, use the Duel 
Glove (see items section).

Saber Swipes 
-Basic Description-
This is a mini-game from Pirate Land, your goal is to finish the button 
pattern first. If you can finish the button pattern before your opponent 
you win.

-In-Depth Description-
OK, basically you have to be quick here. You and your opponent (1 of the
other 3 characters) will be put together in a dueling match with swords.
Controls appear on top of the screen and you must press the as QUICKLY
as possible, otherwise your opponent will defeat you. It's really as 
simple as that.

Quick Draw
-Basic Description-
This fun game comes from the Western Land. Your goal is to be the first one 
to draw your popgun. You take 10 paces and you must wait 3 seconds before 
you can draw. First one to get they're gun out wins!

Time Bomb
-Basic Description-
Well the goal here is to defuse the bomb before the time on the clock runs 
out. Think you can do it?

Mushroom Brew 
-Basic Description-
The goal in this mini-game is to finish your recipe before the other 
characters do. Commands of which buttons to press will flash on the screen 
and you press them. The first to complete they're recipe wins some coins.

Psychic Safari
-Basic Description-
This game is rather odd. Your goal is to charge up your mushroom with the 
most Psychic Energy first. To do so, press the A and B buttons alternatively 
and quickly. First one to charge up their mushroom wins the match.

Rock, Paper, Mario
-Basic Description-
This is a version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, only you will be playing 
with Mario, Bowser and Peach! You choose who you want. Here are the standings:

Mario Beats Bowser
Peach Beats Mario
Bowser Beats Peach

So you could say Mario is the Scissors, Bowser is the Paper and Peach 
is the rock! 

Previous Dueling mini-games
None, there were none in the previous Mario Party :p

                           | Item Mini-Games |

Another NEW addition to the game. These mini-games allow you to win useful 
items necessary throughout gameplay (see Items).

Roll Out the Barrels
-Basic Description-
This game is pretty fun. There are 6 barrels, some contain good items some 
contain bad items. Watch when the barrels life to see what the item is, then 
keep a good eye on the barrels as they spin to get the item you want!

-In-Depth Description-
OK, to be brief, let me first say that these types of levels are hard
to get on to, because you have to land on a special type of pad in order
to play this game. Once you do manage to play this game, you will need 
to have a quick eye. 6 Items are placed under 6 barrels. First the barrels
are quickly switched around and then they are layed on their sides and
spun quickly around making it almost impossible to keep track of unless
you have a really quick eye. If you do lose track, don't worry, just
pick any one and the odds are it will be something good, there are only
like 2 bad ones out of all (Baby Bowser and Bowser Bomb). This is very
useful to collect the items you need.

Give Me a Brake!
-Basic Description-
You are in the middle of a train and whenever the train stops, you get the 
item that is in front of it. With practice you will be able to know the 
length of time the train moves, to get the items you want.

-In-Depth Description-
You are surrounded by a moving train and the brake is right in front 
of you, you can pull it whenever you want (within 10 seconds) to stop
the train from moving, or "brake" it. This is pretty tough to get the
exact item you want, you will have to know the right timing of when
to stop the train to get the item you want, it takes time and practicing.
A good way to do it is to "Practice" the level a lot rather than playing
it, or you can just buy it.

Hammer Slammer
-Basic Description-
You are carrying a hammer and your goal is to hit the bell to rise it up 
to the top (you know those games at carnivals). The bottom of the pole 
contains Bowser so try and hit is kind of hard, but not TOO hard. Whatever 
it lands on that is your prize!

-Basic Description-
There are 6 platforms which spin like a merry-go-round. 5 contain items and 
1 contains a Baby Bowser. Hit the platforms twice when the come around to 
get the item but make sure you avoid the Baby Bowser.

Coffin Congestion
-Basic Description-
Well another game similar to "Roll out the barrels". This time there are 6 
coffins. 5 of them contain items and the last one contains a Baby Bowser. 
Watch them closely as they spin to choose the right one, the odds are great 
since there is only 1 bad coffin :)

Bowser Slots
-Basic Description-
A slot machine of course! This gambling money maker machine is in the shape 
of bowser. Stop the first wheel on the item you want and then match up the 
other 2 wheels with the same item and that item is yours to keep!

Previous Item Mini-Games
None, this is a new addition to Mario Party 2 :p

                         | Battle Mini-Games |

The battle games are just as the name says it, you and 3 other characters 
do battle in arena's or other places (see the Previous Battle minigames to 
get a feel of what I'm talking about). Here are some of the new Battle minigames:

Bumper Balloon Cars
-Basic Description-
This game is fun! You are in a bumper car with a Sharp steel spike 
attached to the front and a balloon in the back. Guess what you'll be 
doing? That's right, popping your opponents balloons. The one who pops 
the most balloons wins.

-In-Depth Description-
You are in a car. On the back of your car is a balloon, on the front is
a set of steel spikes. Your mission...pop the balloons of all 3 other 
characters (or however many other characters you have playing). I found
this Mini-Game very easy to beat, it's not to hard. Just drive forward,
pop the balloon, and if someone gets near you just spin in circles to
avoid being popped.

Day at the Races
-Basic Description-
Well, this is much of a "game" but you bet on which horse you think will 
win and watch the race. Watch out for ghosts, walls, etc. that will get in 
your way (not that there is anything you can do :). 

Rakin' 'em in!
-Basic Description-
Ever played the board game "Hungry Hippos"? Well this is exactly the same 
thing only you will have rakes and you rake in Mushrooms. Try and get gold 
mushrooms if you can, but stay away from the purple mushrooms as they will 
count against you.

-In-Depth Description-
OK, all 4 players get "claws" or rakes, whatever you want to call them.
There are 3 types of mushrooms on a middle spinning platform. There are
normal mushrooms which count for 1 mushroom, Golden Mushroom which count
for 3 Normal mushrooms, and Poison mushrooms which make you lose a mushroom.
Rake in as many as you can, you have to get the timing right when it comes
down to very few mushrooms left. Just try to avoid the purple mushrooms 
and you'll be fine, if you don't win, you don't win, just keep practicing.

Bowser's Big Blast
-Basic Description-
There are 5 switches. One of the switches is a detonator to a bomb. The 
other 4 do nothing. Each player takes turns and if you hit the detonator 
you are out of the game. Each time a player is eliminated, 1 switch will be 
eliminated as well. So try and stay alive to win.

-In-Depth Description-
You and all other players will form a line. Each player will take turns 
going up a set of stairs to where a big bowser head is. In front of this
head are 5 switches. Push one down when it's your turn and just hope it's
not the wrong one. 1 of the 5 switches is the detonator to the big bowser
head which is actually a bomb. If you do hit the detonator, you will be 
blown out of the game. Each time a character is blown away, one of the 
switches will be removed making it 4 switches, 3 switches, etc. Remember,
only 1 switch is the detontaor, so this is based on pure luck.

Previous Battle Mini-games
Grab Bag - You should know this. You and all other characters playing
have backpacks on, your goal is to grab as many of the other characters'
coins from their packs as possible. The more you steal, the richer 
you become :p

Face Lift - Face Lift is the same (sort of). Your basic goal is to shape
the face that is shown on the screen the same as yours. If you score a 
perfect 100 you are a MASTER at this mini-game. Get as close to 100 as 
you can, the one who gets the HIGHEST score at the end will win this

Crazy Cutters - Another fun one! You are on a jackhammer and your goal
is to cut out the shape of the face that is on the floor. Just stay on
the outer line of the shape and go all the way around and you should
be fine. The more accurate you are in cutting the higher score you will
get. You ONLY get coins (win) if you cut it good enough to allow the
character trapped underneath to break free.

Hot Bob-omb! - Well, another returning mini-game, Hot Bob-Omb. All 4
characters are placed in an "arena" and they are throwing a bomb around.
This is exactly like "Hot Potato". You throw the bomb from character
to character and whoever it blows up on is out of the game, it then 
continues until there is 1 person left. The last man or princess standing
will be the victor!

                        | 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games |

These can be very fun to play at times as well. 2 Players team up and play 
a mini-game against the other 2 players. Here are some of them:

Sky Pilots
-Basic Description-
Here you and your partner will be teamed up in an airplane and you will be 
flying through rainbow rings. One person steers the plane and the other flaps 
the wing of the plane. Watch out for the cannons and mines which slow you down.

-In-Depth Description-
You are teamed up with another player and you are in an "airplane". One
person's job is to flap the wings (hard job) and the other has to steer
the plane (easier). Flapping the wings to me is the hard job because you
need to press UP and DOWN on the joystick and it just gets frustrating.
However, the steering man is much easier, you just get to relax and steer
the plane to the goal while the other has to work his butt off flapping
the wings. First team to the goal line wins!

Speed Hockey
-Basic Description-
Well as the name suggest you and your partner will be facing your opponents 
in a game of hockey! The puck is a Koopa shell, and your goal is to score 
3 goals to win. Hit the puck multiple times to make it go faster.

-In-Depth Description-
Ok, this is sort of like the game "foozball" or table hockey. You and
your teammate are 2 of the little "men" on the table and your goal is
to basically score a goal in your opponents goal :P. Block and hit the
puck in the other direction when it comes towards you, with your opponent
helping it makes it a lot easier. The first time who scores 3 goals 
wins this game!

Cake Factory
-Basic Description-
Here your goal is to grab cakes from a moving conveyer belt and put 
strawberries on them. One person will be grabbing the cakes (time your 
grabs correctly) and the other will be putting the strawberries on, who 
ever strawberries the most cakes wins.

-In-Depth Description-
OK, this can be random sometimes. Either you will be putting the cakes
down or the strawberries, either way it really makes no difference. If
you are placing cakes, you must place them down first and your partner
then places a strawberry on top of it and vise versa. Remember, if 2
cakes are placed on one another or a strawberry is placed down before
a cake is, you lose that cake. The team with the most cakes done at 
the end of the time limit wins. Be careful though because the conveyer
belt moves faster and faster as you create the cakes.

Looney Lumberjacks
-Basic Description-
You and your partner will be cutting wood! One player presses the A button 
and the other presses the B button. If you can get a rhythm of alternation 
(A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B...) you will surely win this game. The first to get their 
wood cut wins.

-In-Depth Description-
This is probably one of the easiest mini-games in Mario Party 2. All you
really have to do is press A and B alternating very quicly and you'll have
this game won. It may be different however if you are playing with an
actual human player. Anyway, just press A and B alternating very quicly
and you will have the log cut in no time!

Torpedo Targets
-Basic Description-
Well, the name says it all. You and your partner will be shooting targets 
from a submarine! One person steers the submarine the other fires the torpedoes. 
Try and get as close as you can to the targets before firing.

Destruction Duet
-Basic Description-
What could be more fun than destroying a bowser statue? Here you and your 
partner will be destroying just that. The team who has the best attacks and 
destroys their statue first wins!

-In-Depth Description-
This is actual easy, but time consuming. The Statue takes forever to destroy
by just "punching it". Try using different combos (butt slam, Jump Kick) on
the statue to make it break faster. Remember to move quickly though because
you are racing against your opponents. The first team to destroy their 
bowser statue wins!

Magnet Carta
-Basic Description-
You and your partner will be driving bumper-car like cars which are attached 
with magnets. Go around steering your car in the right direction to pick up 
the coins with the magnet!

Previous 2 vs. 2 minigames
Toad Bandstand - You remember this! Good ol' Toad Bandstand. All you have
to do is play your instrument at the right time and follow Toad's notes
and the glory as well as coins will be yours!

Bobsled Run - The Bobsleds have been re-drawn, they now have "wings" on 
them for flying when going off small cliffs. Other than that, the game
is the same. First team to the goal line wins!

Handcar Havoc - Same as before, graphics have been re-done. Be careful
not to fall off or else you lose. First team to manage to make it to
the goal line will win.

Balloon Burst - One of my favorites! Balloon burst is back and better
than ever. The background has been re-done here. Pump your Bowser balloons
full with air by pressing A and Z or A and B alternatly. Don't go super
fast with tiny pumps or you will never win. Try to get a FULL pump as
quicly as you can to pop your balloon first and win.

                            | 3 vs. 1 Mini-Games |

These can be fun IF you are one of the 3 people, however if you are the 1 
person it might not be so fun! 3 players gang up on 1 character trying to 
steal and distribute his/her coins divided by 3! HOWEVER the tables can turn 
and the 3 characters would be the ones giving to the 1 single character, 
it all depends on the game you play. Here are some of the 1 vs. 3 minigames:

Move to the Music
-Basic Description-
OK, the 1 player has to think of a dance combination and the other 3 must 
quickly learn it. If you are the lone player try to pick confusing and 
difficult combos to make the other 3 players lose. If you are one of the 
other 3 players try and get all of the combos down so you don't miss a turn.

Bob-omb Barrage
-Basic Description-
Well the lone player is on a wooden raft in a pool while the other 3 players 
are shooting cannon balls at the long player trying to knock him/her off of 
the raft. If you are the lone player, try moving to different areas or an area 
that is hard for the shooters to target you, if you are the shooter concentrate 
on the lone players movement to get a nice clean shot. If the lone player 
is still standing when the clock runs out they win but if they are knocked 
off, they lose.

Look Away!
-Basic Description-
This game is a bit challenging, the lone player is looking in one direction 
and the other 3 are trying to look in an opposite direction than the lone 
player. The lone player gets several tries so try and stay away from the 
same direction as the lone player. If you are the lone player, try to fake 
out the other 3 by looking one way and switching quickly to another.

-Basic Description-
The 3 other players are the targets and the lone player is the archer! If 
you are one of the 3 others try and spread out as thin as possible, if you 
are the lone character, try and focus on one player and pin him/her with 
an arrow!

Shock, Drop or Roll
-Basic Description-
This is one fun game! The 3 other players are on a metal spinning cylinder 
and below is electric bolts. The lone player is the controller of the 
cylinder, he/she can make it switch directions whenever he/she wants to. If 
you are the lone player try and switch directions suddenly to send the other 
3 tumbling down. If you are the one of the other 3 just try to keep running 
in the opposite direction than the cylinder.

Lights Out
-Basic Description-
The lone player here is the hammer man, he/she hits the other 3 players 
in the darkness, so the lone player will not be visible. The other 3 players 
are lit up by a single beam of light and the lone player is capable of 
hitting them with the hammer for coins. If you are the lone character try 
hitting in the middle of the screen and if you are one of the other 3 try 
staying away from the middle of the screen :)

Filet Relay
-Basic Description-
This is just basically a relay race, it's 1 vs. 3. Just try to go fast but 
when you come to slippery surfaces (i.e. - Ice :p) make sure you slow down 
or you'll fall. The first one to the finish line wins!

Quicksand Cache
-Basic Description-
Here is a chance for the 3 other players to get some coins. The 3 others 
are in quicksand and coins roll down and get sucked into the quicksand. 
If you are the lone player try and keep the other players unbalanced so 
they don't get the coins, if you are one of the 3 players try and get as 
many coins as you can :)

Previous 1 vs. 3 Mini-Games
Bowl Over
Crane Game

                              | 4 Player Mini-Games |

The only type of games left, these are just free for all, 4 player action 
games. Very fun to play! Here are some of the 4 vs. 4 Minigames in MP2:

Lava Tile Isle
-Basic Description-
You are all in a pool of lava with only Un-stable wooden platforms to 
stand on. It is very probable that you can fall off of these platforms 
because they aren't too safe. Every man for himself, so be on the lookout 
for 3 other players trying to shove you into the hot molten.

Shell Shocked
-Basic Description-
Each man for himself again, all of you will be shooting shells at each other. 
The last one standing wins. Try and take cover behind the barrels on the 
floor. Good Luck!

Toad in a Box
-Basic Description-
Each player is on a stack with a spinning block on top of them, jump to 
hit the block. Some things will raise your stack and some won't. If you 
manage to hit the Toad face on the block you will be raised slightly ahead 
of the other players. Each time you raise your stack the box will spin faster.

Mecha Marathon
-Basic Description-
Well, the key to this is winding your shy guys ALL the way before the race 
starts. To wind them up press the A and B buttons alternatively and rapidly 
to wind it to it's fullest. The shy guy that gets the farthest wins the 
race, but remember, if you don't wind it up enough it will run out of 
power and stop.

Roll Call
-Basic Description-
There are a bunch of bob-ombs and your goal is to see how many there will 
be at the end of the minigame. Count all of the bob-ombs before the game 
starts and subtract from that amount as they blow up. The player with the 
most accurate number is the winner!

Abandon Ship
-Basic Description-
Your goal here is to make it to the top of the ship before the other 
players. The water is rising quickly (the boat is sinking) and there are 
a bunch of nasty critters that keep jumping out of the water which will 
slow you down. If you don't climb fast enough you will fall into the water. 
First one to the top is the winner.

Totem Pole Pound
-Basic Description-
This is sort of like "Toad in a Box" only you will be trying to pound your 
totem pole into the ground rather than going up. Butt-slam the poles into 
the ground, the higher you jump the farther the pole will be driven into the 
ground, so you can go 100 mph but someone who jumps to their fullest will win.

Honeycomb Havoc
-Basic Description-
Items will be falling from the trees and you will need to catch them in 
your basket. Make sure you check the items you catch for bees or you'll 
get stung :p.

Sneak 'n' Snore
-Basic Description-
This is a race but not a fast one. There is a Chomp (big black dog thing 
that barks, he's connected to a chain) at the end of the corridor who is 
sleeping. When the Chomp awakens you duck into the barrels on the floor. 
Don't rush or you won't be able to duck in time when the Chomp awakens. 
The first one to the end of the race wins!

Dizzy Dancing
-Basic Description-
There is a music note in the middle of a giant record. All of the players 
are standing on the record and it starts to spin. Once you get the controls 
down, make your way to the center of the giant record to collect the music 
note and win the minigame.

Tile Driver
-Basic Description-
First organize the panels to look like the picture on screen and once they 
are all arrange start pounding them. The first one to reveal the picture 

Deep Sea Salvage
-Basic Description-
Dive down and collect the shiny treasure that is being thrown into the 
water, try and stay close to the surface but not too close because mines 
will also be thrown into the water as well which will temporarily paralyze 
you. This is just a game to collect coins, there aren't really any winners.


=VI. Items=
There are 2 ways to receive items in MP2: You can either buy the items 
from the item shop (I have listed the prices here) or you can win them by 
playing Item Mini-Games. I have listed mostly all of the items in the game 
here. Thanks to Nintendo Power Magazine for these descriptions:


Item Name: Mushroom

Price: 10 Coins

Basic Description: This garden-variety fungus provides a cheap and 
effective way to zip ahead of your opponents: Two dice blocks instead 
of one. Let's hope you don't roll ones.


Item Name: Duel Glove

Price: 15 Coins

Basic Description: Is there a particular player who needs lessons in 
civility? Take that Boo Bell-ringing rival behind the woodshed for a 
Dueling Minigame.


Item Name: Golden Mushroom

Price: 20 Coins

Basic Description: If a Mushroom is good, then a Golden Mushroom must be 
better, right? This yellow toadstool will give you 3 turns, moving you 
a potential 30 spaces!


Item Name: Skeleton Key

Price: 10 Coins

Basic Description: There's no reason to walk away from a locked door 
when you have a Skeleton Key. Open up the lock to move into more rewarding 
areas of the board.


Item Name: Warp Box

Price: 15 Coins

Basic Description: If you're in a tough spot, you may not need to move 
through dangerous territory. If you have a Warp Box, you can let one 
of your rivals take your place. 


Item Name: Plunder Chest

Price: 15 Coins

Basic Description: The Plunder Chest is a kind of promissory note for 
another item -- one held by one of your opponents. If someone has 
something good, take it away.


Item Name: Bowser Suit


Basic Description: Put on this get-up to begin a lucrative, if fleeting, 
life of crime. Once outfitted, you can hunt down your opponents to 
steal their coins.


Item Name: Magic Lamp

Price: 30 Coins

Basic Description: It may be magic, but the reward it provides is no 
illusion. This little beauty takes you directly to Toad, which means 
it takes you directly to a star.


Item Name: Bowser Bomb 


Basic Description: Turn Baby Bowser into a full-grown, greedy adult. 
Most players might want to avoid this item, unless they're sure they're 
out of Bowser's range.


More Items coming soon...


=VII. Walkthrough=
This section is under way. I have included maps of each area, along 
with what they mean, so far only Pirate Land and Horror Land have been done, 
but more will come with the next update:

Pirate Land
Difficulty: 1/5

Map: (I know the map may be confusing but try to bear with me, after all 
this is ASCII Art :p)

|                                   =======    =         |
|  =========                        = 4 ===  =====       |
| ==== 2 ====   ======== 1 ======== ======= =======      |
| ===========   ===================   =============      |
|  =========                        ===============      |
|                          ========================      |
|                          = 3 ====================      |
|       ==========         ========================      |
|     =============                ================      |
|      ===========                 ================      |

1.) Bridge
    ï The ? spaces on the bridge are dangerous.
    ï Stepping on one fires the cannon which 
    ï So stepping on one will result in all players going back
      to the beginning of the board.
    ï Be Careful of the bridge, try and roll high numbers when
      passing it.

2.) Island
    ï There are thwomps located here.
    ï To move the thwomps pay them some coins.
    ï Later the rates of the fee will increase so try and pay
      the fee now, rather than later when it is a high price.

3.) Dock
    ï There is a shark here who will MAKE you go with him.
    ï You will HAVE to pay the shark 5 coins.
    ï The shark then takes you to another dock on the other
      side of the board.

4.) Shortcut
    ï To open this area you will need a Skeleton Key.
    ï This shortcut is great for 1 reason.
    ï It takes you past the bridge which is a very dangerous
      area to cross!

Horror Land
Difficulty: 3/5


|   ==============         =========                      |
| ======= 3 ======== ---- =========== ---------- ======   |
|  ===============  ------ =========  ---------- ======   |
|        \\                     ___________      ======   |
|         \\                   //                ======   |
|          \\                 //   ========      ======   |
|          //                //   =========      = 2 ==   | 
|         //                //__ ==========      ======   |
|    === //================|__ ===== 1 ====      ======   |
|   = 4 =  ================    ============      ======   |

1.) The Eyeball
    ï This eyeball rolls down the street :p
    ï It serves as a warp pad.
    ï Pay 10 coins for it to warp you diagonally across the 

2.) Day/Night Spot
    ï The effect takes place when you land on the ? Pad
    ï It will turn night to day or vise versa when you land on 
      the ? Pad.
    ï Depending on what it is, different things will take place
      on the board.

3.) Mystery Mansion
    ï Here is where you can turn out the lights!
    ï For a fee of 10 coins you can turn on a magic lamp.
    ï This lamp turns on the night.

4.) Thwomp Area
    ï This place has a bunch of Thwomps in it.
    ï For a fee of 5 coins the thwomps will move out of your 
      way letting you pass.

Space Land 
Difficulty: 2/5

Map: Coming Soon...

Western Land
Difficulty: 1/5

Map: Coming Soon...

Mystery Land
Difficulty: 2/5

Map: Coming Soon...

Minigame Land
Difficulty: ??

Map: Coming Soon...

Bowser Land
Difficulty: ??

Map: Coming Soon...


=VIII. Frequently Asked Questions=
A little Q & A here:

Q. How do I get the "Mini-Game Coaster"?
A. You must buy EVERY single mini-game, that's 65 in total.

Q. I'm missing some mini-games, any hints?
A. One is Magna Carta. It can be found in Pirate Land and
   it is a bonus Mini-Game.

Q. Where do I buy mini-games?
A. From Woody the tree in Mini-Game Land

Q. How do I view my stats?
A. Go to the Professor in his lab.

Q. When was Mario Party 2 released?
A. January 24, 2000! 

Q. How many playable characters are in the game?
A. Same as before, 6!

Q. Is this game fun?
A. YES! Especially for Multiplayers.

Q. What if I've never played the 1st one, will I get this one?
A. Yes, gaming companies make it so that gamers of previous games
   will know what's going on but new gamers will too.

Q. Should I rent this game first?
A. It all depends, if you liked the first, buy this, if not you should
   rent first.

Q. These questions are stupid, when are you going to get real
A. When people start asking more...


=IX. Differences in the Sequel=
There are quite a few differences from the first Mario Party, here are some 
of the more noticeable ones:

o New Areas to discover

o New "Mini-Game Coaster"

o Many new features

o 65 Mini-Games in total!

o The Graphics are all MUCH MUCH better than before.

o There are TONS of new Mini-games!
o Remember those games where you got blisters on your hand from 
  rotating that Joystick so fast!? Well they are GONE! WOOHOO!
o The Mini-games take longer to beat!
o There are a LOT of new items in the game.
o New types of Mini-games including 1 on 1 and Item games.

o 3D is removed from outside Mini-games

o More 3D in the Mini-games!
=X. Release Date=
The game was released on January 24, 2000 here in the US. I just got 
the game (January 28, 2000) so this section shall be removed on the 
next update...


=XI. My Review=
I got this game like 3 days ago (January 28, 2000) and it is probably 
one of the best sequels EVER on the N64. Now you might be saying, ''This 
game sucks! It's just the same as before'' Well first let me start by 
saying no. There is a total of 65 mini-games in all, new boards, new 
items, new costumes, better graphics, mini-game land, and much more. 
This game is ''most electrifying''.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics have been re-done! In all returning mini-games, the 
graphics have been re-done, plus menus, screens, etc. all have new 
graphics. So you're saying, ''Hey, I never played the first Mario Party, 
what are the graphics like when not comparing them to the first game!?'' 
1 word, excellent! The boards themselves may not be too 3D but all 
mini-games are 100% full 3D and look great, the graphics are just 
wonderful in this game, the reason I marked them down a point is because 
I have seen some better lookin' graphics on the N64, in otherwords, they 
aren't perfect but great!

Sound: 8/10
The Sound has been re-done as well! Returning mini-games have new music, 
as well as new mini-games. The board music has changed (I don't care for 
it too much but it's still good) and the bg music is splendid! Good 
sound in this sequel.

Gameplay: 10/10
The best 4 player game EVER, IMO (other than SSB)! Now, while Mario 
Party 2 may be played alone (you vs. 3 computer players) it is really 
designed for 4 players. Now you may be saying ''What makes this game so 
darn good!?'' Well, the main ''funness'' of the game is collecting 
items, trying to defeat your friends (in many ways) and of course to 
become the superstar of the game! However while playing alone, I tend to 
concentrate more on collecting coins in order to buy mini-games, but 
when playing with friends you forget all about this and just concentrate 
one defeating your 3 buddies and becoming the Superstar! The gamepaly is 
excellent in this game, 65 Mini-Games + 3 Friends (or Solo) + Fun-Filled 
boards + all the features = One of the best party and/or 4 Player games 
ever made!

Features: 9/10
Normally I wouldn't put this in my reviews but this game needs it. The 
features in Mario Party 2 are some of the best you will ever find! Here 
are some of them: New ''Practice'' mode allowing you to practice 
mini-games as many times as you want before playing them; 65 Mini-Games 
in total!; Brand New Levels; Baby Bowser is in each level now; Items can 
be bought in each level; Mini-Games are for sale in the ''Mini-Game 
Land''; A new ''Mini-Game Coaster'' which is similar to a Roller Coaster 
has been put in the game; Characters have their own different outfits in 
each level to suit the setting (i.e. - In Western Land, all characters 
have boots, hats, guns, etc.); The menu graphics have been re-done; Many 
more features have been added to each level including Banks, Baby 
Bowsers, and a bunch of other stuff (too many to list); and many 
more...The features are excellent in this game!

Re-Playability: 10/10
Don't even get me started on replayability for MP2, If you have ever 
played the first Mario Party, you will know what I'm talking about. 
Mario Party is sort of like Goldeneye in a sense. You just simply don't 
get tired of it! First you may have beaten all the levels, but there are 
still 65 Mini-Games to buy, Mini-Game Land, Mini-Game Coaster, and not 
to mention just playing with friends. Mario Party 2 as well as Mario 
Party 1 have excellent Replay value, maybe the best I have ever seen in 
an N64 game.

While I hate to say, this would make the perfect game to rent. But I 
bought it as many of you will do as well. I suggest buying because it is 
a Grade A game that is a must-buy, but it is also great for renting if 
you want to play with friends. I suggest you buy, but you may want to 
rent too because you don't want to cough up the $50. Well, good luck if 
you rent, when Blockbuster gets them in, they'll be gone in a day!

Overall: 9/10
Great gameplay, great graphics, Good sound, excellent replay value + all 
the features this game offers makes it one of the best of the year. The 
only complaint I have is that Nintendo should have made it Expansion Pak 
Compatible, but the game doesn't really need it. If you do plan on 
getting this game, do it quick because I got the 2nd to last copy 
(depends on when you're reading this). This is one of the best Party 
Games ever made!

Overall Ratings:
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Features: 9/10
Replayability: 10/10
Overall: 9/10


=XII. Credits=
I would like to thank the following people/companies:

Likitung - I used some of the previous character info. from his FAQ.

Nintendo Power - For their useful item descriptions as well as part of 
the maps.

Myself - For typing this up ^_^

Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey - Owner of GameFAQs, thanks for posting this and running
                      the best Gaming site on the net!

Nintendo - For making this Fun-Filled sequel as well as the first one!


=XIII. Contact Information=
Before sending me any e-mail, I have specified certain guidelines you
must follow. I receive far too much e-mail a day that is nonsense, so
please follow all guidelines if you expect a response from me.

Here are the types of e-mail I will not accept:

* SPAM - Get Rich Quick Scams, Home Loans, any Advertisements.
* Chain Letters - Letters trying to break records, etc.
* l33t Speak - ! d0n'+ w/\n+ l33t $p3/\k 3-m/\!L
* Unconstructive Criticism - Saying my FAQs suck with no reasoning, etc.
* Hate Mail - Same as unconstructive criticism.
* "Rude" mail - Demanding you be credited for something, etc.
* QAA - Questions Already Answered in this FAQ won't be answered.

Here are the types of e-mail I will accept:

* Contributions - Want to contribute something to this FAQ?
* Praise Mail - Praise on any of my FAQs.
* Questions - I accept FAQ questions, or general FAQ writing questions.
* Suggestions - Want to suggest something for my FAQ(s) or writing style?
* Comments - Any positive OR negative comments are accepted.
* Other - If you just feel like chatting, drop me a line.


=XIV. Legal Disclaimer=
This document is Copyright (C)1999-2000, Dallas (
It is intended for the sole, non-commercial, private, and person use
of it's audience. This document may not be retransmitted, edited,
altered, published, sold for a profit, given as an incentive to buy,
nor is any of the above to be attempted without the sole consent of
the author himself. This document may only be read and printed both 
for prive, personal use be all viewers. No individual, company,
corporation, incorporation, etc. is exempt from the above terms. If
the above terms are not abided by, legal actions shall take place.                                                                  

=XV. Closing=                                                        
This FAQ now comes to a close. I'd like to give my thanks out to all
of you many readers who have read this, and I want to give a big 
thanks to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for posting this FAQ and for running the
best darn gaming site on the web today.

Please support the author of this FAQ by visiting his website at:



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