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|       Mission Impossible Walkthrough/FAQ  Version 1.2.4      |
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|    By: Joca64 (Joaquim Mendes) Email :      |
|   And: Luigie (Luis Albino) Email :   |
|                                                              |

Last updated: 22/06/2000

- Table of Contents -

1. What's new?
2. Introduction
3. Weapons
4. Gadgets
5. Walkthrough
6. Codes
7. Conclusion
8. Credits


1. What's new?

Version 1.2.4 ñ Corrected a few errors.

Version 1.2.3 ñ Spell checked the FAQ, Luigie has a new email address, 
check it at the bottom of the FAQ.

Version 1.2.2 - Corrected some errors.

Version 1.2.1 - Added the codes Big Head mode, Super Big Head Mode, added 
information about earning extra weapons, Spell checked the entire FAQ.

Version 1.2 - Added What's new section, added Codes section and some 
minor details on the Walkthrough.

Version 1.0 - Added everything!


2. Introduction

- Hello! Are you wondering what you need to do in order to finish a level 
in Mission Impossible? Come on in and make yourself comfortable.
Through this FAQ we will mention two types of objectives, normal and 
special. Normal objectives are the ones you see when you first select the 
level. Special objectives only appear when you are already on the level. 
The walkthrough is only for Impossible difficulty (but if you can make it 
on Impossible, I don't see why you won't make it on Possible).
The Weapons and Gadgets sections were removed from the game's manual.
If you want to use any part of this FAQ on your own FAQ, Site or 
something of that kind please email us both.


3. Weapons

- Blow Pipe

Primitive weapon best utilized when discretion is essential. One 
advantage is that it doesn't trigger metal detectors.

- Dart Gun

Used with sleep-inducing darts. Up to 20 rounds can be stored in one 
clip, moderately powerful and silent.

- 7.65mm Silenced Gun

Silenced, very deadly. No IMF agent would risk death without it.

- 9mm Hi-Power Gun

Standard street weapon, needs no introduction. Inaccurate, noisy, 
hazardous when pointing at you.

- Uzi Sub-Machine Gun

Popular black market item. Compact, automatic, frequently used in 
criminal circles and major motion pictures.

- Mini-Rocket Launcher

A nice little hand rocket launcher, very portable. Ideal for agents on 
the move.

- Sniper Rifle

High precision rifle with very powerful telescope.

- Electro-Stunner

Sends 40.000-volt shock that will positively electrify recipient. Leaves 
victim unconscious but doesn't kill.

- Gas Capsules

Small capsules, when thrown to the ground produce same results as the 
Gas Injector. Work well in open spaces, but their effects dissipate 

- Sensor Mine

Standard IMF sabotage device. Detonation can be set to trigger on 
contact, depth, or height.

- Plastic Explosive

Can be used in minute quantities to blow away small items of equipment. 
Shoot to activate if without fuse.

- Hi Power Explosives

Combined with radio-controlled detonator make great fireworks.

- Gas-Injector

Very powerful hand compact spray device. Used in closed area can render 
almost an entire army asleep in seconds.

- Explosive Gum

Looks like Christmas, press red to green, stick somewhere and rapidly 
retire.5 seconds later and it'll blow you in to the New Year. Best not to 

- Gas Spray

Used by CIA guards as internal security weapon. When inhaled slows down 
all muscular movement and control.

- Fire Extinguisher

This is used by firemen, to put out fires.

- Gun Boat Cannon

Mounted on an old river patrol boat, this doubled barreled cannon may 
well originate from civil war. Very large caliber with a very low impact, 
only multiple hits will cause real damage.


4. Gadgets

- IMF Communicator

Miniaturized communication device that doubles as a database with info 
about the mission in progress.

- IMF Field Scanner

A small wrist-worn scanning device, can pinpoint people, locations or 
objects tagged with special CIA homing beacon.

- Electric Magnetic Scrambler (EMS)

An electromagnetic scrambler for disrupting aircraft instrument readings 
and radar.

- Auto-Frequency Scrambler

The AFS when installed near an emitting device makes IMF communication 
completely undetectable.

- Night-view Glasses

Useful on sabotage missions, where power cuts are frequent.

- Wire-Cutters

Zirconium bladed! Will cut through virtually anything. Insulated up to 

- Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared Contact Lenses enabling security personnel to see security 
lasers normally invisible to the naked eye.

- Radio-Control Detonator

Standard equipment. Radio Controlled requires no special installation.

- Face-Maker

The most useful IMF gadget of all. Foam cartridges will reproduce any 
face with 100% accuracy. Time and temperature can affect the duration of 
the mask. A lot of laughs at Langley Alumni reunion parties.

- Fingerprint Scanner

For copying a person's fingerprints and reusing them for access areas 
protected by digital scanners.

- Laser Deflector Prism

A special device used to create a passage through security laser 

- Spy Cam

Miniature video camera, can be easily placed to record hard-to-get-at 
information like digital codes.

- Smoke Generator

Compact gizmos give impression a serious fire has broken out. Only 
limited in duration. Great for clearing areas, creating panic and 
guaranteeing yourself a seat on the Tube at rush hour.

- Nausea Powder

Tiny dose mixed in a drink will result in nasty stomach upset. Guaranteed 
to stall victim in lavatory for hours.

- Video Freezer

Electronic jewel that blocks flow of all multimedia data.


5. Walkthrough

5.1. Mission Ice Hit

5.1.1. Lundkwist Base


- Change identity
- Find excuse for errand
- Destroy electric power panel
- Get to Subpen with Clutter


- Communicator
- Field Scanner
- Facemaker
- 7.65mm Silenced Gun
- Letter

- At the start of the level, jump to the other side of the fence. Proceed 
to the small house at your left, open the door and enter. Smack the guy 
and quickly use the Face Maker on him (Change Identity - done). Pick up 
the letter that is on top of the desk (Find excuse for errand - done). 
Hide your weapon so the guards don't recognize you. Leave the small 
house, turn left and go straight ahead until you see the electric panel. 
Shoot it when the guards are not looking at you (Destroy electric power 
panel - done). After doing this hide your weapon again. Go back to the 
road you crossed earlier and turn left. Go to the place with the truck 
and give the letter to the man near it. Jump to the back of the truck and 
you're done (Get to subpen with Clutter - done).

5.1.2. Subpen


- Find magnetic mines
- Give mine to Clutter
- Sabotage the gunboat (Special)
- Join Dowey for getaway

Items, Gadgets and Weapons:

- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Magnetic Mine
- 7.65mm Silenced Gun

- At the start go to the place where the red dot is on your IMF Field 
Scanner. Enter the house and look for the mines on the shelves (Find 
magnetic mines - done). Now proceed to the green dot on your IMF Field  
Scanner and you'll give a mine to Clutter (Give mine to Clutter - done). 
The Special objective will now appear. Proceed to the white dot on your 
IMF Field Scanner and place the magnetic mine on the gunboat (Sabotage 
the gunboat - done). After that go to the green dot on your IMF Field 
Scanner, go down the ladder and you'll escape (Join Dowey for getaway - 

5.2. Mission Recover NOC List

5.2.1. Embassy Function


- Find Facemaker
- Find Score
- Find Nausea Powder
- Find Drink
- Place Smoke Generators
- Eliminate killer
- Assume Ambassador's Aide's I.D.
- Access restricted area


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Smoke Generator
- Blow Pipe
- Drink
- Nausea Powder
- Face-Maker

- Right at the start talk to the people in front of you twice. When the 
guy leaves the room talk to the women and make sure nobody is watching 
(Find Face-Maker - done). Go to the main room and you'll notice a woman 
in a red dress coming from the place you came. She's the killer, go to 
the bathroom, get the Blow Pipe ready and wait for her to get there (she 
can take a while to get there). When she's on sight hit her and she'll 
fall asleep (Eliminate killer - done). Close the stall door and hide the 
Blow Pipe. Return to the main room and talk to the barman, he'll give you 
the drink (Find Drink - done) and the nausea powder (Find nausea powder ñ 
done). Talk to the pianist, get back at the corridors and talk to the 
people that are on the sofas. They will stand up and you can grab the 
score that was under the man (Find score - done).
Return to the place where you started the level and you should see a 
ventilation duct on your right. Place a Smoke Generator inside it when 
you're sure that the guard isn't looking. The next ventilation duct is 
near the corridor that leads to the bathroom. Another one is near the 
place you found the score. There are two ventilation ducts on the main 
room, here you don't need to worry about the guards. The next ventilation 
duct can only be accessed when you are disguised as the Ambassador climb 
the stairs on the main room and go left to find it (Place Smoke 
Generators - done). Give the score to the pianist and the 
Ambassador will appear. Give him the drink and he will go running to the 
bathroom, follow him and punch him out. Use the Facemaker on the 
Ambassador (Assume Ambassador's Aide's I.D. - done) and close the stall 
door. Go back to the main room, climb the stairs, go right and get in the 
elevator (Access restricted area - done).

5.2.2. Warehouse


- Find protection suit (Special)
- Sabotage 5 special crates
- Find exit key
- Access KGB HQ


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Face Maker
- 9mm Hi Power Gun

- This level is very confusing, forgive us if the level walkthrough isn't 
that explicit. Kill the guard and pick up his gun, blow some crates so 
you can get passed them. This will release toxic gas, the Special 
objective will now appear. Jump the crates and kill the other guard that 
appears, blow up the big crates and some of the small ones right in front 
of you. Jump the toxic waste pit and jump to the corridor with only two 
crates blocking the way, turn left, jump the pit, go straight ahead, turn 
left and blow up some crates. You'll see a weird crate, blow it up and 
pick up the protection suit (Find protection suit - done).
Leave the corridor and you'll see another weird crate on this room. This 
is one of the 5 crates you need to blow up. Make your way through the 
place with the 4 crates and kill the guy that is waiting there, on the 
other side of the pit there is another one of the 5 crates. Blow up the 
big crate on your left, go right, jump the crates in front of you and you 
will see another crate at your left. Go straight ahead and blow up the 
tall crate and go straight ahead. Turn left, blow up some boxes, turn 
left, jump the pit, turn right, right again and you should see another 
special crate. Behind the big crate that was behind the special crate, 
kill the guy, jump the pit in front of you, kill two guys, jump the big 
pit and blow up the big boxes that block your way. You should now see the 
last crate (Sabotage 5 special crates - done).
Proceed to the red dot on your IMF Field Scanner and kill the guy. Pick 
up the key that he leaves (Find exit key - done).Go to the white dot on 
your IMF Field Scanner and use the key on the door that is behind a big 
crate (Access KGB HQ).

5.2.3. K.G.B. HQ


- Talk to Barnes
- Find video freezer
- Find Face Maker
- Find Dart Gun
- Sabotage video link
- Find exit passcard
- Get transfer order
- Escape with Candice


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun 
- Face Maker
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Video Freezer

- Hide your weapons so the guards don't recognize you. Leave the 
elevator, turn left and go straight ahead. Open the door, enter the room 
and talk to Barnes (Talk to Barnes - done). Leave the room, go forward 
and turn left at the second corridor. Open the door at your right, enter 
the room and get the Video Freezer on the desk (Find video freezer - 
done). Doing this will make the guards shoot you, if you are lucky they 
will not start shooting, but to enter the room with the Face Maker you'll 
need to show your weapon. Leave the room quickly and go right, left, go 
forward and enter the room at your left. There you'll find the Face Maker 
on the shelves (Find Face Maker - done).
Leave the room quickly, turn right, go forward and turn right at the 
second corridor. Open the doors and kill the guy inside, press A near the 
body to hide it behind the desk. Use the Face Maker on him and open the 
doors so the guards will be fooled. Pick up the Dart Gun that is on top 
of the desk (Find Dart Gun - done). Look for a yellow thing on one of the 
shelves, push it and it will reveal a button. Press the button to open 
the secret compartment, enter it and look for the exit passcard (Find 
exit passcard - done). Put the 2 guys to sleep and place the video 
freezer on the computer that Ethan indicates (Sabotage video link - 
done). Leave the secret compartment, leave the room, go left, right and 
open the door at your right. Enter the room and talk to the guy inside 
(Get transfer order - done). Leave the room and go to the room where you 
got the video freezer, give the transfer order to the man inside and talk 
to Candice. Leave the room, turn right, turn right, right again and use 
the exit passcard to open the security door (Escape with Candice - done).

5.2.4. Security Hallway


- Secure passage for Candice
- Active master switch


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun

- When you're close to the security tiles they will glow red, quickly go 
through the corridor without touching the red tiles. Sometimes there will 
appear enemies in front or behind you, be sure to kill them all. When 
you've reach the end of the security hall use the computer to deactivate 
the security tiles (Activate master switch - done Secure passage for 
Candice - done).

5.2.5. Sewage Control


- Find Super-Computer
- Protect Candice
- Get NOC list
- Escape


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun

- Pick up the ammo at your right, when Candice opens the door kill the 
guard. Go forward, turn left, kill the guard near the computer and use 
the moving platform to reach the computer. Activate the computer, a guard 
will appear and point his gun to Candice, kill him. Use the moving 
platform to go to the place at your right, go forward, turn left and kill 
the guard. Open the door, kill the other guard and use the computer, 
leave the room and go straight ahead. Go down the ramp and kill the 
guard. Open the door, kill another guard and pick up the ammo that is on 
the desk. Use the computer that is on the same room. You will now have 
2:00 to find the Super-Computer, go back to the level's start and look 
for an entrance near the room where you started. Enter the room (Find 
Super-Computer - done), Candice will take the NOC list from the computer 
(Get NOC list - done) and you can now return to the room where you 
started (Protect Candice - done  Escape - done).

5.2.6. Escape


1st Part

- Secure passage for Candice
- Find the mask of Golytsine
- Take back the NOC-list (Special)

2nd Part

- Unfreeze video cameras
- Assume Golytsine's identity
- Find exit key
- Destroy 4 cameras (Special)
- Escape with Candice


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Face Maker
- Video Freezer
- Explosive Gum

- First you need to get to the computer at the beginning of the security 
hallway. To get passed the security tiles, shoot the gun once and run to 
the other side. Do this until you get to the computer, remember to be 
fast so that Candice has the time to get through as well.
After she uses the computer a wall will open, enter and she'll be 
captured. The special objective will now appear. Open the cabinet and 
pick up the mask (Find the mask of Golytsine - done). Shoot the control 
panel and the wall will open again. Kill the guards and pick up their 
ammo. Leave the secret corridor from the place you came in, turn right 
and at the end of the corridor a guard will appear running away. Go back 
to the secret corridor, wait a few seconds and shoot the guard. Pick up 
the NOC-list (Take back the NOC-list - done). Go to the place where the 
guard came out and talk to Candice, proceed to the exit (Secure passage 
for Candice - done). The first part of the level is done.
Proceed to the secret compartment and pick up the video freezer (Unfreeze 
video cameras - done). The special objective will now appear. Put on the 
Golytsine's mask (Assume Golytsine's identity - done). The first camera 
is near the entrance to the room where you talked to Barnes, the second 
camera is near the entrance to the room where you got the Face Maker, the 
other two cameras are on the room where you first meet with Candice 
(Destroy 4 cameras - done). Proceed to the room where you got the 
transfer order and kill the guard inside it. He will leave a key, pick it 
up (Find exit key - done). Use the key to exit through the doors that 
have smoke (Escape with Candice - done).

5.2.7. Fire Alarm


- Secure access to the lift
- Find Jack
- Dress as fireman
- Give Candice fireman outfit
- Escape the Embassy


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Fire extinguisher

- Kill the 2 guards and follow Candice to the lift (Secure access to the 
lift - done). Talk to the firemen that are on the main room until you've 
found Jack (Find Jack - done). Follow him to the bathroom and be sure 
that no one is watching, then talk to Jack again and he'll give you the 
fireman outfit (Dress as fireman - done). Hide your weapons so that the 
guards don't recognize you. Return to the lift and give the fireman 
outfit to Candice when nobody's looking (Give Candice fireman outfit - 
done). Escape with Candice through the main door (Escape the Embassy - 

5.3.Mission Cia Escape

5.3.1. Interrogation


1st Part

- Escape interrogation
- Pick up the equipment
- Get into hallway

2nd Part

- Get out of the interrogation sector
- Take free access print
- Find sergeant for exit access
- Reach elevator to infirmary

3rd Part

- Find antidote
- Distract Attention
- Find a way to the roof


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- Electro Stunner
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Fingerprint scanner
- Explosive Gum

- Find the button on the wall and push it, wait for the radio light to 
blink and answer it. Go to the coffee mug and pick up the Explosive Gum, 
use it on the glass and jump to the other side (Escape interrogation - 
done). Don't take too long or the guard will seal the exit.
Pick up the equipment that is on top of the table (Pick up the equipment 
- done) and use the door to leave (Get into hallway - done). The first 
part is done.
Quickly put the guard to sleep, use the Fingerprint scanner on him and 
pick up his Electro Stunner. Use the panel near him and the door will 
open (Get out of the interrogation sector - done). Go straight ahead, 
kill the guard and look for a spray can behind some crates, pick it up 
and use it on the surveillance cameras. Go forward, spray the cameras, 
kill the guard, spray the next 2 cameras and kill the 2 guys that where 
guarding a door. Use the Fingerprint Scanner on them (Take free access 
print - done). Go back and use their fingerprints on the panel in order 
to open the rotating door (if you use the panel twice, you'll find an 
empty gun , use it to scare the sergeant). Spray the camera, kill the 
guard and use the panel to open the rotating door. Shoot the guy that is 
behind the desk as fast as you can, open the door and you'll find the 
sergeant (Find sergeant for exit access - done). Wait a moment and he'll 
try to shoot you, follow him to the elevator and then shoot him (Reach 
elevator to infirmary - done). Second part is done.
Hide your weapons, talk to the women, she'll give you the antidote (
Find antidote - done). To distract attention you have to push a red 
button that is on the bed and push it. You can also push the button near 
the man that is running (Distract attention - done).
After distracting the attention get out by the window (Find a way to the 
roof - done). Don't take too long or you'll be caught.

5.3.2. CIA Rooftop


- Sabotage heliport lights
- Find bag of equipment
- Find zone digitcards
- Fix lights
- Paralyze helicopter with EMS
- Enter security level
- Find security level code
- Meet Candice


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- Electro Stunner
- Laser Deflector Prism
- Spy Cam
- Infrared Contact Lenses

- Kill the guard and pick up his security card, climb the crates near the 
guardhouse, jump to the next floor and activate the button. Pass the 
electric floor, use the button to deactivate the lights (Sabotage 
heliport lights - done). Climb down to the floor to the floor where you 
first were, open the door and pick up the ammo for the Dart Gun, inside 
the guardhouse. Proceed to the next door, kill the guard, turn left, kill 
the other guard. Pick up more ammo for the Dart Gun on the next 
guardhouse and open the next door. Kill the next guard and climb the 
guardhouse near him, jump to the next floor, go forward, turn right, 
forward again and kill the guard. Open the door and climb to the next 
floor. Kill the guards that are surrounding the guardhouse and then enter 
it, pick up the bag of equipment (Find bag of equipment - done). Use the 
bag of equipment to disguise yourself of a service man, now the guard 
will open the door to the helipad. Turn left and go down the stairs, use 
the button to fix the lights (Fix lights - done). Use the EMS on the 
little control panel near the helipad (Paralyze helicopter with EMS - 
done). This time go right, kill the guard when nobody's watching and pick 
up his security card. Open the door, turn left, kill the guard and pick 
up his security card (Find zone digitcards - done). Open the door near 
the guard and go forward, turn right and climb the crates. Put on your 
Infrared Contact Lenses and place the Laser Deflector Prism. Now you can 
get passed the security lasers, jump to the other side (Enter security 
level - done). Go to your left, kill the guards, open the door and 
proceed until you've reached another door. Climb to the brown crate and 
place the Spy Cam on the green one. Stand behind the guardhouse, crouch, 
wait for a guy to come out and then wait until he enters. Go and see the 
code that the camera recorded (Find security level code - done) and then 
enter the security door. Go to the next floor and look for another door, 
open it and you'll find Candice (Meet Candice - done).

5.3.3. Terminal Room


- Switch on the computer
- Get the NOC list
- Escape


- IMF Communicator
- Pass card
- Disk
- Virus Disk
- Winch Controller

- Go down until it says that it is the proper height for reaching the 
card reader, avoiding the lasers (it's easy to say it). If you touch the 
yellow lasers the alarm will be activated, avoid them at all cost!
When you are very close to the yellow lasers they usually start moving, 
use this to your advantage. Keep your ears open, when you ear a strange 
noise it means that someone is coming to mess around with the computer 
below. When you've reached the proper height to reach the card reader, 
balance back and forth until you reach it (Switch on the computer - 
done). Point to the computer and go down a little until it says that this 
is the proper height for reaching the computer. Balance back and forth 
until you reach it (Get the NOC list - done). Note that after you've 
locked the door you may ear someone knocking at it, giving you 20 seconds 
to get back up (Escape - done).

5.3.4. Rooftop escape


- Join heliport
- Deactivate EMS
- Escape with helicopter


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Dart Gun
- Electro-Stunner
- Explosive Gum
- Infrared Contact Lenses

- Go to the floor below and look for a place with two brown crates. Put 
on the Infra-Red Contact Lenses and jump to the other side. This may take 
some tries in order to work. Look out for the helicopter with the 
searchlight. Kill the guards that are guarding the door to the heliport, 
open it and kill the other guard. Go to the heliport (Join heliport - 
done) and grab the EMS. Throw it away (Deactivate EMS - done) and climb 
to the helicopter (Escape with helicopter - done).

5.4. Mission Mole Hunt

5.4.1. Station


- Protect Ethan
- Take the train


- IMF Communicator
- Sniper Rifle

- Protect Ethan from the enemies that are walking through the station. Do 
not kill any civilians or you'll fail the mission. Do this until Candice 
goes talk to Ethan (Protect Ethan - done). Then he'll take the train 
(Take the train - done).

5.4.2. Train Car


- Neutralize Max's henchmen
- Meet Candice
- Find switch to block exit
- Knock out Max's bodyguards
- Stop Max and seize NOC list
- Defuse Max's backup plan


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Gas Capsules
- Liquid nitrogen
- Blowtorch
- Face Maker

- Do not kill any civilian or your mission will fail. Kill all enemies 
until the 4th car (Neutralize Max's henchmen - done). Some will drop 
ammo. Talk to Candice (Meet Candice - done). Open the door to the next 
car and push the button at your left (Find switch to block exit - done). 
When you receive a message start running like hell to the next car, don't 
waste time killing enemies and shoot Max. If this doesn't work, try to 
use the Gas Capsules on her, pick up what she dropped (Stop Max and seize 
NOC list - done). You will now have 4:00 to end the mission. Kill the 
enemies that are on the car, proceed to the next one and kill everybody, 
proceed to the next car and kill the last 3 guards (Knock out Max's 
bodyguards - done). Use the liquid nitrogen to break the steal bars 
blocking the bomb. Open it and use the object with something green and 
red on it (Defuse Max's backup plan - done).

5.4.3. Train roof


- Catch Phelps


- IMF Communicator
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Mini-Rocket Launcher

- Get to the end of the train and shoot Phelps when is going to grab the 
helicopter (Catch Phelps ñ done). Enemies will appear on top of the 
train, one of the first ones will drop a Mini-Rocket Launcher. Pick it 
up, it will be of great use. Sometimes cars will come from the road at 
your left side and start shooting at you. Kill the driver or shoot the 
tires. If a helicopter starts shooting at you use the Mini-Rocket 
Launcher to blow it up.

5.5. Mission Ice Storm

5.5.1. Subpen


- Get the A.F. Scrambler
- Get the mine
- Bring Clutter A.F.S. and mine
- Get the Gas Injector
- Get the R.C. detonator
- Get the explosives
- Find wirecutters / Bring Dowey wirecutters (Special)
- Sabotage the pump house
- Regroup on the comm. building
- Find night-view glasses (Special)


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- 7.65mm Silenced Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Uzi Sub-Machine-gun
- Gas Injector
- Explosives
- Detonator
- Mine
- A.F. Scrambler
- Nightvision Goggles

- Kill the first guard and pick up his gun. Go forward, turn right and 
right again. Pick the A.F. Scrambler from the top of the crates (Get the 
A.F. Scrambler - done). Kill the guard that is near you. Proceed in the 
direction of the searchlight tower, near it you'll find the mine (Get the 
mine - done). Go to the green dot on your IMF Field Scanner and give the 
equipment you just catch to Clutter (Bring Clutter A.F.S. and mine - 
done). Go to the two red dots on your IMF Field Scanner and look out for 
the vehicles that wander around. There you'll find the detonator and the 
explosives (Get the R.C. detonator - done  Get the explosives - 
done).Sometimes a guard will see the detonator and take it to the 
guardhouse, you'll have to go get it there. Use the Gas Injector on the 
guardhouse door to kill the guards inside. One of the blue guards near 
the guardhouse drops a Uzi Sub-Machine-Gun when killed. While you're 
there pick up the (Nightvision Goggles Find night-view glasses) so you 
don't need to come back here. Go to the red dot on the IMF Field Scanner 
and pick up the Gas Injector (Get the Gas Injector - done). The Special 
objective will now appear. Get inside the house that has the white dot on 
your IMF Field Scanner and kill the guard. Pick up the wirecutters from 
the shelves (Find wirecutters - done). Place the explosives on the pumps. 
Go to the green dot on the IMF Field Scanner and you'll give the 
wirecutters to Dowey (Bring Dowey wirecutters - done). Run away from the 
pumphouse and use the detonator to blow it up (Sabotage the pump house - 
done). Proceed to the green dot on your IMF Field Scanner and kill the 
guards (Regroup on the comm. building - done). The special objective will 
now appear. You have already picked up the night-view glasses so it's 
already done. Wait for a truck to pass and jump to it's top in order to 
end the mission.

5.5.2. Tunnel


- Find explosives
- Sabotage anchor bolts


- IMF Communicator
- Night-view Goggles
- 7.65mm Silenced Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Explosives
- Detonator

- Duck from the objects that get in your way and jump to the platform 
with the explosives. Kill the guard, pick up his gun and the explosives 
(Find explosives - done). Place an explosive on each white dot on your 
IMF Field Scanner. Jump to one of the passing trucks to get to the next 
platform and place more explosives on the anchor bolts. When you've 
placed all the explosives the objective will be done (Sabotage anchor 
bolts - done).

5.5.3. Mainland


- Find Electric Diagram
- Find Explosives and Plastic
- Sabotage Power Plant
- Cut off camera power
- Take on accountant's I.D.
- Get briefcase from bunker
- Sabotage briefcase
- Bring briefcase do deal
- Blow away helicopter
- Eliminate the seller
- Escape on gunboat with Clutter


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- 7.65mm Silenced Gun
- 9mm Hi Power Gun
- Uzi Sub-Machine Gun
- Sniper Rifle
- Explosives
- Plastic
- Face Maker
- Detonator

- Go to the other side of the fence, go forward, turn right and then 
left. Inside one of the houses you'll find a card, on the other you'll 
find the Electric Diagram (Find Electric Diagram - done). A guard will 
also drop an Uzi Sub-Machine Gun. Look for a hole on the fence near the 
river and go through it, pass the river by jumping over the tunnel. Climb 
to the top of the bunker, go right and look for Clutter. Talk to him and 
he'll give you the explosives and the plastic (Find Explosives and 
Plastic - done). Get back at the other side of the river and proceed to 
the red dot on your IMF Field Scanner. Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the 
guards that surround the area, place the explosive on the red dot 
(Sabotage Power Plant - done). Near that place there is a control panel, 
open it and place the Plastic on the red board. Go to sniper rifle mode 
and shoot the board, not the Plastic (Cut off camera power ñ done). After 
doing this you'll have 20:00 to complete the mission. Go to the small 
house near the place with 3 searchlight towers and enter it. Punch the 
guy out and use the Face Maker on him (Take on accountant's I.D. - done). 
Pick up the passcard on the desk, go to the other side of the river and 
enter the bunker. Show the card with the security code to the guard and 
enter the door, open the next door, and use the other card to open the 
last door. Pick up the briefcase (Get briefcase from bunker - done). Go 
give the briefcase to Clutter (Sabotage briefcase - done). Enter the 
building near the heliport and wait for some men to get there (Bring 
briefcase do deal - done). Pull your weapon and shoot the blue guards 
near the helicopter without leaving the building and wait for the blasts 
(Blow away helicopter - done  Eliminate the seller - done).Use the sniper 
rifle to kill the guards near the gunboat and exit with Clutter (Escape 
on gunboat with Clutter - done).

5.5.4. Gunboat


- Escape enemy base
- Destroy Gas Factory
- Destroy Radar
- Destroy main defense structures


- IMF Communicator
- IMF Field Scanner
- Gunboat

- This level is easy just hit Z as fast as you can. Do not hold it or it 
will shoot slower. To complete the objectives just shoot everything you 
see. You don't need to blast the cars. (Escape enemy base - done  Destroy 
Gas Factory - done  Destroy Radar - done  Destroy main defense structures 
- done).
Bravo! You've finished the game!!


6. Codes

- Type these codes on the level select screen. We can only insert one, if 
you can insert the others please tell us how. Nintendo says it's this 
Note - Some of these codes don't work in certain levels, if the code is 
inserted you'll hear Ethan say "Ahh, that's better!".

- R, L, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down - Mini Rocket Gun
- C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, R - Uzi
- R, L, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up - 9mm Hi-Power Gun
- C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up - 7.65mm Silenced Gun
- C-Up, Z, C-Up, Z, C-Up - Turbo Mode
- C-Down, C-Up, R, L, Z - Kid Mode
- C-Down, R, Z, C-Right, C-Left - Big Feet 
- C-Down, R, C-Up, L, C-Left - Big Head Mode
- C-Down, L, C-Up, Z, C-Up - Super Big Head Mode
- R, Z, C-Down, R, C-Down - Invincibility
- C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, L - Infinite ammo

- You can earn extra weapons, if you finish missions 2, 3 and 4 without 
losing once, you'll earn an extra weapon for each mission.


7. Conclusion

- That's all for now! If you want to ask something or want to submit 
corrections, secrets, bugs or something of that kind email to


8. Credits

Typers: Joca64 & Luigie
Tester: Luigie
Game owner: Luigie

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