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    C O M B A T   S I M U L A T O R   A R E N A S   G U I D E

   Version      : 3.3
   Author       : Tim Anesbury  aka "Chicken Warrior"  
   Email        :            
   Date Started : 10th July, 2000
   Last Updated : 27th August, 2000

  |                      |
  |   C O N T E N T S    |   
__|                      |__________
1.0  Revision History               |
1.1  Author's Introduction          |
1.2  Arena Table                    |
1.3  Weapon Slots                   |
2.0  Arena Descriptions             |
       2.10  Skedar                 |
       2.11  Pipes                  |
       2.12  Ravine                 |
       2.13  G5 Building            |
       2.14  Sewers                 |
       2.15  Warehouse              |
       2.16  Grid                   |
       2.17  Ruins                  |
       2.18  Area 52                |
       2.19  Base                   |
       2.20  Fortress               |
       2.21  Villa                  |
       2.22  Car Park               |
       2.23  Temple                 |
       2.24  Complex                |
       2.25  Felicity               |
3.0  Arena Strategies               |
       3.10  Skedar                 |
       3.11  Pipes                  |
       3.12  Ravine                 |
       3.13  G5 Building            |
       3.14  Sewers                 |
       3.15  Warehouse              |
       3.16  Grid                   |
       3.17  Ruins                  |
       3.18  Area 52                |
       3.19  Base                   |
       3.20  Fortress               |
       3.21  Villa                  | 
       3.22  Car Park               |
       3.23  Temple                 |
       3.24  Complex                |
       3.25  Felicity               |
4.0  Combat Simulator Scenarios     |
       4.10  Combat                 |
       4.11  King Of The Hill       |
       4.12  Capture The Case       |
       4.13  Hold The Briefcase     |
       4.14  Hacker Central         |
       4.15  Pop a Cap              |
5.0  Recommended Options            |
       5.10  Skedar                 |
       5.11  Pipes                  |
       5.12  Ravine                 |
       5.13  G5 Building            |
       5.14  Sewers                 |
       5.15  Warehouse              |
       5.16  Grid                   |
       5.17  Ruins                  |
       5.18  Area 52                |
       5.19  Base                   |
       5.20  Fortress               |
       5.21  Villa                  |
       5.22  Car Park               |
       5.23  Temple                 |
       5.24  Complex                |
       5.25  Felicity               |
6.0  Tim's Quotes                   |
6.2  Dark Tales                     |
6.5  Frequently Asked Questions     |
7.0  Credits                        |
8.0  Legal Stuff                    |


1.0  Revision History


v3.3  Added a new section which explains what the
      weapon slots actually are. It's a helluva lot
      more accurate than the original Slot Locations
      section! Oh, by the way, I've moved up a few
      ranks and I am now 12: EXPERT  Oooooh...
v3.2  I removed the Arena Slot Locations section.
      I did this as I found that it was inaccurate
      in many places and I could not find a way to
      find the slot locations with 100% accuracy.
      I hope this doesn't upset anyone but, I did
      it for the good of this FAQ. Plus, I don't
      want email from people telling me that my
      slot locations are all wrong. Oh, and I also
      ran my spell-checker on the entire document.
      No errors, hooray!
v3.0  The FAQ is close to finished as all that has
      to be completed is the Slot Locations. What
      is in it now is quite a lot so, I hope this
      keeps people happy for a little while.
v2.9  Didn't really add any more to the FAQ this
      time but, I just wanted to let everyone know
      that I finally completed Challenge 30! Yeah
      yeah, yeah baby! I beat the DarkSims 9-8 and
      the timer ran out. I had my sim set to the
      PROTECT command. This one works the best.
v2.8  FAQ still incomplete. Added a new section
      called "Dark Tales" where I'll get people
      to send in stories about them playing PD
      with friends or whatever. The email address
      for this is up the top of the FAQ. Slot 
      Locations still aren't even near being
v2.7  All the updates since v1.5 have been done
      in one day! I haven't released the FAQ yet
      but I will once I am finally finished the
      whole thing. I just don't like to release
      an unfinished piece of work, it doesn't
      feel right. So, I am willing to sacrifice
      getting my FAQ on the net as fast as I can
      for good, old-fashioned quality workmanship.
      I hope everyone respects that :)
v2.6  Finally completed the Arena Strategies
      section, hooray! The slot locations bit
      it still unfinished but hey, I'm doing
      my best here. By the way, please send me
      email and comment on the FAQ, I need some
      to get some feedback so I can improve any
      areas of the FAQ that are crappy.
v2.5  Completed all of the arena descriptions.
      I'm also getting close to finishing all
      of the strategies.
v2.0  Added in another section that describes
      all of the scenarios. I thought that might
      help some people out.
v1.6  Added the Tim's Quotes section. I know it's
      stupid and worthless and in no way related
      to the FAQ. Don't email me and tell me what
      I just said.
v1.5  Finished all of the sections and now the
      FAQ is complete. I'm probably going to add
      some more sections in the near future but
      this is it for now. 
v1.0  Finally bought PD on July, 15 and I have
      been playing ever since. Added all the 
      brief descriptions and some slot locations
v0.5  FAQ started. Currently in BETA format. 
      Very raw with hardly any content. This
      is due to the fact that I don't have the
      game yet.


1.1  Author's Introduction


From checking out and other gaming sites, I realised that all
the FAQs for Perfect Dark were already done I couldn't think of anything to 
make my own FAQ on. But, one FAQ that wasn't on in Multiplayer
Level Guide. Aha!. I know that levels are covered briefly in Complete PD FAQs
but I wanted to cover EVERYTHING possible on Perfect Dark's multiplayer
levels. I hope I have done a good enough job of it too :)

I wanted to include arena-specific strategies and games that are best 
suited to certain arenas. As well as this I feel I may have done everyone
a great favour by including the locations of all the slots that weapons
and items can be placed in. I don't think anyone has done this yet so it
now feels as though I've contributed to the PD community by putting in
the hours to record all of this much needed information. 

So, I present to you the guide to end all guides for Perfect Dark's
combat simulator arena's. Enjoy.


1.2  Arena Table


All right, maybe this section is a little unnecessary but I though I should
include it in the FAQ just to be safe. For those who don't know, Perfect
Dark has a challenges mode in the Combat Simulator. Here you test your
skills against simulants (computer controlled opponents) and by doing so
unlock all of the features in the Combat Simulator. Only three of the 16 
arenas are available to begin with so, you will have to win the challenges
if you want to play all of the arenas.

 _____________ __________________________ ________________________________
|             | Available from the start |  Number of Challenges required |
| Skedar      |           Yes            |              N/A               |
| Pipes       |           Yes            |              N/A               |
| Ravine      |            No            |                5               |      
| G5 Building |            No            |                9               | 
| Sewers      |            No            |               16               |      
| Warehouse   |            No            |                3               |
| Grid        |            No            |               11               |        
| Ruins       |            No            |               22               |       
| Area 52     |           Yes            |              N/A               |    
| Base        |            No            |               18               |     
| Fortress    |            No            |               20               |
| Villa       |            No            |               14               |     
| Car Park    |            No            |               17               |  
| Temple      |            No            |                6               |
| Complex     |            No            |                1               |   
| Felicity    |            No            |               12               |


1.3  Weapon Slots


Originally, the FAQ had a an entire section devoted to listing the location
of all of the weapon/item slots from each arena. However, I discovered that
my information there was totally inaccurate so I removed the whole section.
I now know what the slots actually are so here goes:

In Goldeneye, we were able to change the weapons in multiplayer. However, we 
could only choose specific sets (Automatics, Power, Explosive etc.) so, it
was a little disappointing. Perfect Dark offers not only the ability to pick
a complete custom set of weapons for a game, we can also choose the quantity
of each weapon (SLOTS). This means that if you wanted to have the Dragon as
the most abundant weapon in the arena, you would place it in Slot 1. The same
goes for any weapon or item. If you wanted to have a Devastator in the arena, 
but you wanted it to be hard to come by, you would place it in Slot 6. Get the
idea? That's all for this section!


2.0  Arena Descriptions


In this first section, I will just do a brief run-down of each arena and 
basically give you an idea of what theme each level is based on.

2.10  Skedar
This is an excellent arena for novice players. It's very easy to navigate 
around and very hard to get lost. Good variety of textures and great mix
of open areas and small, narrow halls. Has two balconies opposite each
other that overlook the floor below. One of them has just one way up and
makes for a beautiful sniper spot. The underground tunnel is an excellent
way to escape a chasing enemy if you are low on ammo. Has two medium-sized
areas which are covered in mounds of snow (I think it's snow anyway). One 
of these areas has a hole which allows you to drop down into the underground
tunnel, very cool for escaping the enemy. All these points make this a great
level for beginners + a great area for target practice with meatsims.

2.11  Pipes
Quite a good arena this one. It has, yeah you guessed it "Pipes". There are
two levels to the arena. The higher level is made up of tight corridors, a
few ramps and catwalks and an elevator which takes you up to an alcove. 
There are ladders and holes that allow you to get to the lower level. This
is where you will find the pipes. Unless you are playing against meatsims
or extremely bad friends, walking along the pipes is not recommended as you
are just asking to be knocked off with gunfire. However, there is a slot on
a thin concrete platform in the middle of some pipes. It depends on which
weapon/item is there but, if it is good, it may be worth the trouble. Just 
be on the lookout for snipers. This arena isn't one of my personal faves
but it still is fun for a while.

2.12  Ravine
Here is a nice, large open arena with heaps of sniper spots. I would not
recommend this for any less that 3 players as it is boring when it takes
you minutes to find the enemy when you would rather be killing him. The
sniper spots I talked about overlook large areas of the level and are
great if the other guy can't see you. The best is the one that overlooks
the big elevator platform. Anyone who gets on it is in major trouble if
they have a sniper on them, trust me. This one is great to play with a
whole bunch of sims as there is lots of room to run around in and also
to collect ammo and prepare for a firefight. This arena is one of my

2.13  G5 Building
For anyone who enjoys playing in VERY small arena's with tight little
corridors and low ceilings, you will love this one for sure. It isn't
my cup of tea though. It's like there is two buildings joined by four
catwalks that are over an abyss. Fall and you die, simple as that. The
coolest part (IMHO) is the little balcony that has a clear view of the
catwalks. Be quick enough and you'll score plenty of kills on the silly
people who venture across there. This level is fun with about 3 people
and no more. 4 might be okay but you'll be killing each other every
few seconds. Well, there isn't anything wrong with that now is there?

2.14  Sewers
Another arena which is primarily made up of tight, narrow hallways is
the Sewers. I must admit though, this one is better than G5. It has
three floors (i think anyway) which are connected by ladders, ramps
and small elevator platforms. The enclosed area with water in it is a 
trouble spot for campers so, make sure you keep a close eye on it.
Once again, not my favourite but, it still is fun with a couple of
sims or friends.

2.15  Warehouse
Now this is an arena that is fun, fun, fun! It combines all the things
I like. Big open areas and a few small tight hallways that connect those
big open areas. There are two main rooms. One has a whole bunch of crates
stacked into little piles that you can run around or climb onto and run 
along the top of them. It's great fun to chase your enemy around these
crates and also to hide from anyone chasing you. Just like in the movies
isn't it? Anyway, the other main room is the most fun of all. It has one
HUGE stack of crates that has a ladder to climb up on to. Once here, you 
can have fun shooting people in the head when they climb the ladder. Hee
hee, hee. Plus, there are two platforms that surround the entire room, one
above the other. Great fun if you like running laps of large rooms. I give
this level 10/10. It's just very, very fun to play in.

2.16  Grid
This one tends to be a little confusing for beginners. Basically it is two
main rooms that are connected by ramps and an elevator. One of the main 
rooms has alcoves in two sides and also has a second level that overlooks
the ground floor. Up here, there are also alcoves on both sides. They make
really good sniper spots when you are playing against one person. There is
also a floor of glass suspended in the middle of this room that can be shot
out from enemies feet, cool! There is also some other small areas, one has 
an enclosure surrounded by long glass windows. Only go here to collect some
ammo or weapons, you are pretty much open to all attacks. This arena would
be best with about 4 people.

2.17  Ruins
Now here is a level that is VERY confusing. I still find myself getting lost
in the hallways that lead to nowhere. There is a small hill up high that has
about 5 paths leading off it to other sections of the arena. This is perfect
for 4 players and a heap of simulants because there is tons of room. A weird
part of the arena is the fact that the sliding doors tend to malfunction and
need to be pressed a couple of times before they open just enough to be able
to fit through. This really sucks when you are being chased and you have no 
weapons. You will die. I think this has something to do with a Solo mission
called Skedar Ruins. I'm not sure about it as I'm not that far in the Single
Player game yet. Lots of fun with plenty of people this one.

2.18  Area 52
A large main area is the feature of this arena for sure. It has four guard
towers placed around and has a trench in the middle of them. Cool for hiding
from the enemy. A great feature is the doors that automatically open. This 
is good because you can concentrate on hunting your opponent down. 

2.19  Base
This arena is good, but it isn't great. It is basically a bunch of rooms 
that are filled with crates, joined up by hallways and ramps. There are
also some cool walkways up above with see-through floors. You can't shoot
these out though as they are some type of plastic, not glass. Of all the
arenas, this is the one I have played the least. I don't know why, I just
like playing other arenas more.

2.20  Fortress
I think this arena was specifically designed for Capture The Case play.
The reason for this is that there are four identical areas that are placed
around a HUGE centre arena-type area. You can either walk around the edge
walkway to access each teams base or you drop down onto walkways (bad idea)
that are suspended over an abyss. It would still be okay using combat or
another scenario but it is a helluva lot of fun with Capture the Case!

2.21  Villa
This arena is based on the theme of the Carrington Villa in the Solo game.
It has great variety in relation to the sizes of areas. A winding tunnel,
overlooking sniper spots, open areas and tiny crawlspaces make for a well
designed arena that will provide fun for weeks. I have played this one
extensively and I have to say, it is my favourite out of all the original 
Perfect Dark arenas. God damn it is good.

2.22  Car Park
Now this arena is absolutely excellent! Three large floors are connected by
tight stairwells (circle-strafing galore) and there are plenty of pillars
and crates that can be used for cover. I played this with 5 simulants and
holy toledo, was it fun! It's the most fun I have had playing against sims
ever since I bought Perfect Dark. You can hide behind pillars / crates to
confuse the enemy (if the radar is off) and you can then follow them and 
shoot them in the back! Ha haa! I recommend this arena to anyone, it rules!

2.23  Temple
Not one of my Goldeneye favourites but it's better in Perfect Dark. The main
additions to it are the hole in the floor of the upper level. You can fall
through it now so, that  will change the gameplay greatly. Also, the large
open area downstairs now is filled with pillars for cover. This is good as
in Goldeneye, you would be blown to pieces by your enemy due to the great
abundance of space down there. Quite a large, open level so having plenty
of people is definitely recommended.

2.24  Complex
The Goldeneye classic makes a comeback! And what a comeback it is. New cool
textures make the arena even cooler and you can now fall off the edge of the
catwalks and you can fall into that pit with two walkways above it. The area
with the ramp and the crates is way cooler now as you can climb up onto the
roof and snipe enemies easily. Of the three classic arenas in the game, this
is my favourite.

2.25  Felicity
This was my favourite level out of all the Goldeneye single player levels. 
I never got sick of of it and I still haven't. The only bad thing is that
the areas that were blocked off are STILL blocked off so, don't expect to
see more of the level in PD. Anyhoo, the bathroom stalls don't have doors
anymore and the vents have been improved. Now you easily climb up there
and, if you spawn up there, there are now more ways to get out. You can
drop out of the vents into hallways near the bathroom, which is cool. 
Tight corridors make for some explosive action with sims and human 


3.0  Arena Strategies


The following are a bunch of strategies that are specific to each arena
in Perfect Dark. I spent a lot of time discovering these strategies and
I hope they are really helpful to any Perfect Agent wannabe's out there.
One strategy that applies to all of the arenas is this:

Learn the entire layout of the level. Practice against sims and you will
have a great advantage over anyone who doesn't know the arena.

3.10  Skedar
1) Use the balcony with one entrance as a sniper spot. The other balcony
   has too many entrances and you will open to attack.
2) In the area with black-glass floor, circle-strafe around the pointy
   structure in the centre while attacking. It will provide much needed

3.11  Pipes
1) Try to stay away from the pipes area unless you're going down there
   for the weapon in Slot 3.
2) Wait for the enemy in the upper area with green lights and holes in
   the floor. When they come, strafe a lot and run around the area while

3.12  Ravine
1) Get up high and snipe the large areas below
2) Never use the big elevator platform if you know there is a chance that
   your opponent could come and kill you while you're vulnerable.

3.13  G5 Building
1) Use the small balcony to snipe anyone who uses the catwalks
2) Don't use those catwalks too often as you can get knocked off by gunfire
3) Always keep moving around the level. Don't stay in one place for longer
   than about 15 seconds

3.14  Sewers
1) Shoot the gun (and ammo boxes) off of that beam above the water area. That
   way, you'll stop people going there and getting extra ammo, but you will
   always know where the ammo is.
2) In the bright-red lit area, there is a brick section of wall. This is good
   to use for cover in a emergency. If your enemy is far away, it will work
   well, just peak out and shoot a few rounds off in their direction.

3.15  Warehouse
1) If the radar is off, crawl under the huge crate stack and camp there. You
   will collect plenty of ammo for the weapon there. If you are worried that
   your enemy will look at your screen and see your position, try ducking
   down all the way, then holding R + C-down. Your screen will go really
   dark and it will be hard for the other guy to see where you are! This
   strategy can be used anywhere.
2) If you are defending the huge stack of crates, hide behind the small 
   stacks that are up there and wait for the enemy to come. He will think he
   has the place to himself. That's when you sneak up behind him and shoot 
   him in the head. Tee hee.

3.16  Grid
1) Use the upper-floor alcoves for cover while strafing left and right and
   shooting your opponent.
2) Don't use that elevator often as your opponent will wait until it reaches
   it's destination and kill you as soon as the doors open.

3.17  Ruins
==Coming Soon!==

3.18  Area 52
1) Snipe from the guard towers, it will get you some easy kills because anyone
   who tries to fight back will have to adjust their aim. They will probably
   have to stop to do this. While they do that shoot them in the head.

3.19  Base
1) Use the walkways as much as possible, they are some good sniper spots up
2) If you are on the walkways and an enemy is also on the walkways, but a
   small distance away, duck down so he can't shoot you from where he is.
   he will be forced to approach you or run away. As soon as duck, begin
   to move away from your position so he doesn't know the exact spot you 
   are in.

3.20  Fortress
==Coming Soon!==

3.21  Villa
1) Use that very high surrounding platform to snipe at enemies. Don't
   stay for too long as you'll provoke a surprise attack.
2) If the radar is off, hide out in the tunnel that leads off the wooden
   walkway. Enemies won't expect an attack from here.

3.22  Car Park
1) Use crates and pillars for cover all the time, it will save your health

3.23  Temple
1) If they enemy is chasing you in the upstairs large room, drop through
   the hole, turn and run in the opposite direction.

3.24  Complex
1) Don't use the crawlspace, if someone sees you, all they have to do is
   follow you in and shoot you in the back. It's a death trap.
2) Getting up on the roof and ducking down up the back will ensure that the
   enemy can't see you, and can't shoot you. Don't do this if there are any
   explosives in the arena.

3.25  Felicity
1) Use the collapsed gas tanks in the two large rooms for cover
2) Use the room that has a glass window in it to hide from the enemy. Since
   there is only one entrance, you will be fairly safe.


5.0  Combat Simulator Scenarios


Goldeneye had a range of different scenarios that added that little
twist to the general "kill each other" multiplayer mode. Perfect Dark
takes this one step further. Taking some ideas from Quake, these
scenarios give the game an even longer lifetime cuz you'll never
get bored with so many options to choose from.

5.10  Combat

This is your regular "grab a gun and blow everyone to hell" scenario.
Don't get me wrong though, it's damn fun when you've got some worthy
opponents playing against you. You can also assign players to specific
teams and create your own game plans and strategies to wipe out the
enemy. A classic scenario, definitely one of the best.

5.11  King Of The Hill

I played this type of game once on Unreal Tournament. And god damn it's
a lot of fun. Basically, an area of the arena will glow a green colour
and the object of the game is to get into that area (the hill) and stay
there for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, you score a point.
The cool part is that the enemy must try to kill you and take the hill
away from you, scoring them a point. Whenever an enemy sets foot on the
hill, the timer freezes and starts again if you kill that enemy. If they
kill you, the timer begins from the designated time needed and counts
down to 0. Great fun with teams that include simulants because you can
instruct your sim to Hold Hill (which means they guard the hill with
their life) and you can go off hunting the enemy down as they try to
take the hill. A hell of a lot of fun this one is.

5.12  Capture The Case

This is a slight variation of Capture The Flag from Quake2. The variation
is that you now have to capture the enemies' briefcase and takes it back to
your briefcase. The only bad thing is that the case can sometimes be a bit
hard to locate due to it's size. However, this little thing sure doesn't
kill any of the fun with this scenario. I think many people will play this 
one for years to come. Excellent fun.

5.13  Hold The Briefcase

This scenario is much like Goldeneye's "Flag Tag". In that, you had to
find a white flag and hold it for as long as possible. While you had it
you could not use any weapons. Hold The Briefcase is very similar. One
person has the case and they have to hold it for as long as possible.
Whoever has it the longest is the winner. It's tremendous fun for all
the others who gang up on the person with the case. 

5.14  Hacker Central

Now here is an interesting addition twist on the usual deathmatch. You
have to locate a Data Uplink and then locate a computer terminal. You
then must download information from the terminal to score a point.
Here's the catch - while you are downloading, you cannot move away from
the terminal. You have to keep it in your sight and you can't shoot anyone.
You are completely vulnerable to attack. So, if someone finds you before 
you finish, good luck!

5.15  Pop a Cap

In this scenario, one person is designated as "it" and must survive for as
long as possible to score points. Every minute you score one point so, if
you have the radar off, there's a chance of finding an excellent camping spot
and hiding out for the whole match. Mind you, that's really wussy. I think
it's much more fun if whoever is "it" hunts people down while they score
points! If you kill "it" you score 2 points so the other side has a huge
incentive to kick your ass. Great fun with a bunch of sims.


5.0  Recommended Options


This section will provide everyone with the best setup for each level.
By this I mean: Is it better to play Combat in Skedar or should I play
Capture The Case? If you have no idea what these things are, you either
don't have the game, or you do but you haven't read the above section.
Also, I have included my recommendation for the number of players you
should have for each arena. They are just a guideline, don't take them
too seriously.

5.10  Skedar

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, King Of The Hill, Capture the Case

Recommended number of players:

Works well with all Scenarios and provides great fun for hours

5.11  Pipes

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, King Of The Hill

Recommended number of players:

Too many players will crowd this tiny arena so, stick with 2 or 3

5.12  Ravine

Recommended Scenario(s):
Capture the Case, King Of The Hill, Hold the Briefcase

Recommended number of players:

Lots of space here and works well with most Scenarios

5.13  G5 Building

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, King of The Hill

Recommended number of players:

Great fun in Combat but way better in KOTH

5.14  Sewers

Recommended Scenario(s):
Hold the Briefcase, King of the Hill, Combat

Recommended number of players:

Not good for Capture the Case but excellent in all other Scenarios

5.15  Warehouse

Recommended Scenario(s):
King of the Hill, Capture the Case, Combat

Recommended number of players:

Well designed arena that is great with the right amount of humans/sims

5.16  Grid

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, King of the Hill, Capture the Case

Recommended number of players:

Cool in Combat/KOTH but awesome fun with Capture the Case due to the
arena design

5.17  Ruins

Recommended Scenario(s):
King of the Hill, Capture the Case, Pop a Cap

Recommended number of players:

It's best to have plenty of sims here as the arena is quite big

5.18  Area 52

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, Capture the Case, Hold the Briefcase

Recommended number of players:

Great with the above Scenarios plus it would be fun in KOTH

5.19  Base

Recommended Scenario(s):
Combat, King of the Hill, Hold the Briefcase

Recommended number of players:

5.20  Fortress

Recommended Scenario(s):
Capture the Case

Recommended number of players:

5.21  Villa

Recommended Scenario(s):

Recommended number of players:

To put it in simple terms - this level is perfection.

5.22  Car Park

Recommended Scenario(s):
Capture the Case, Combat

Recommended number of players:

Simple layout makes it easy to find enemy bases in CTC

5.23  Temple

Recommended Scenario(s):
King of the Hill, Combat

Recommended number of players:

5.24  Complex

Recommended Scenario(s):
Capture the Case, King of the Hill, Combat

Recommended number of players:

5.25  Felicity

Recommended Scenario(s):
King of the Hill, Pop a Cap, Combat

Recommended number of players:


6.0  Tim's Quotes


This section is kinda stoopid but, I thought I would put together all
the quotes I came up with after buying PD. Y'see, most of my friends
had never heard of Perfect Dark when I told them about it 3 months ago.
They still seem to have no interest in it. It feels good to know that 
I have the greatest game on this planet in my N64 and they are all still 
playing Goldeneye. Tee hee, tee hee.

Quote 1:
"A life lived without playing Perfect Dark is a life not lived at all" 
- Chicken Warrior

Quote 2:
"Perfect Dark is heaven. When you die, you'll have to go to hell for a 
change of scenery."  - Chicken Warrior

Quote 3:
"Screw world peace, I'll take Perfect Dark."  - ChickenWarrior

Quote 4:
"To be or not to be, that is the question. No, to hell with that. 
When will Perfect Dark be out? When? Tell me now!!" 
- Chicken Warrior (disguised as W.S.)


6.2  Dark Tales


This section of the FAQ is just for a bit of fun okay? Basically, I want all
you guys out there to email me any stories or experiences you've had while
playing Perfect Dark. These could include beating a certain challenge in a
cool way or anything else related to Perfect Dark. So, get to it people!
By the way, I'll add some of my own tales every now and then too.

Challenge 30 Trouble
Submitted by: Chicken Warrior

The other day, I thought I might have another quick go at beating Challenge
30. I didn't expect to win but, lately I've been scoring 4's and 5's against
the DarkSims. I usually command the silly EasySim to PROTECT me as it will
then follow me to the Hill when I get there. My main problem is not trying
to protect the hill from the DarkSims, it is getting to the hill before they
do. Most of the time the hill appears right near where they are standing. 
Now that isn't cheating is it boys and girls? Anyhoo, this time I started
off really badly. The score was 4-0 and my sim friend was not helping one 
little bit. But, the hill happened to appear next in the very area where
me and my buddy were standing. The DarkSims were a far way away so they did
not make it in time. 2 points for me. It continued in this fashion - me and
my sim scoring two points, DarkSims getting the hill, killing me when I try
to take, and also scoring 2 points. Nearing the end I took a quick look at 
the scores. It was 9-8 and I was winning. Plus, I happened to be right near 
where the hill next appeared - the square area with a black glass floor in
the middle. "oh my god.." i though to myself, "I'm going to win!" I shouted
with glee as I was on the hill with my sim and there was 10 seconds left on
the timer. I was finally gonna beat Challenge 30, yes!!! However (you expect
this huh?) as I looked at the radar, I saw that a DarkSim was approaching
very fast. I prepared for some serious headshot action. He appeared from 
around the corner and nailed me before I could even press my Z button. 
Man, did I yell a lot right there. I though "wait, my sim is still on the
hill. Hang on, it's a frickin' EasySim." And just like that, me and my sim
were dead, and both DarkSims had the hill. After I respawned, I just charged
to that hill with a deep feeling in my gut, I was going to win this goddamn
challenge. I got there, turned the corner and fired my Mauler like crazy.
The smart-ass DarkSim ran behind that pointy structure in the centre, came
around the other side and mowed me down. And just like that, it was over.
Okay, I lost the challenge but hey, DarkSims - 10, Me - 9 is a damn good
score for somebody who has only had the game for a week. I read some stuff
marshmallow had in his FAQ. His highest score (whenever he wrote it) was
4. I beat the great marshmallow. I was getting scores of 5 against the 2
darksims after 5 days and marshmallow got a highest score of 4. That makes
me feel good let me tell ya, oh yeah. Sorry about the length of this story
but, I needed to get it off my chest.


6.5  Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Why can I only play with 2 simulants? I heard that you can play with 8.
A.  This is simple. Just progress through the Challenges and you will unlock
    all of Perfect Darks' combat simulator features, including 8 sims and
    an array of Arenas.

Q.  How do I select my own soundtrack and team names for multiplayer games?
A.  I had a little trouble with this one myself. Go into Combat Simulator
    then go into Advanced Setup. Now move the control stick left twice. The
    stuff page is here which allows to specify names for all of the teams
    and choose your own music.
Q.  What does "FAQ" stand for?
A.  I feel very sorry for all those who do not know the answer to this.

Q.  Can I still play multiplayer in Perfect Dark without an expansion pak?
A.  Yes, this is actually all you can play if you don't have the 4mb pak.
    However, you are restricted in what options are available to you in the
    Combat Simulator. This table contains all you need to know:

 |EXPANSION PAK INFORMATION                                     |
 |   Features Available                |   Without    |  With   |
 |                                     |              |         |
 | Multiplayer Challenges              |      x       |    x    |
 | 1 player (Solo Missions             |      -       |    x    |
 | 1-2P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) |      x       |    x    |
 | 1-4P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) |      -       |    x    |
 | 1-2P Cooperative                    |      -       |    x    |
 | 2P Counter-Operative                |      -       |    x    |
 | Up to 8 Simulants                   |      x       |    x    |

 X  =  Yes
 -  =  No


7.0  Credits


First, I have to thank Rare for being the greatest game-makers of all
time. I only have 3 games for my N64. Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing and
of course, Perfect Dark. Notice anything? They are all works of Rare.
Not once have I played a game by Rare that was anything less than damn
brilliant. So, thanks Rare for making my life much happier. Perfect 
Dark deserves to have it's own award that we can give to Rare every
year. We could call it "The Award Of Excellence". Sorry, I got off
track for a second there.

Also, thanks to marshmallow for his endless barrage of FAQs. They've
helped me a lot with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Not forgetting all
the other excellent FAQ author's out there with FAQs on the best FAQ
site, Thanks to these cool people:

Brett "Nemesis" Franklin

plus heaps more that I can't remember right now, sorry!


8.0  Legal Stuff


This document is Copyright © Tim Anesbury, 2000
Any webmasters who want to use the FAQ on their
sites MUST ask my permission first. As long as
you have my permission, you can use the FAQ for
your web site. The only condition is that it must
be left in it's original form (convert to HTML if
you want to) and I must also be given full credit. 
I realise that if someone does not ask my permission
there is not a whole lot I can do about it. I just 
hope everyone does the right thing. Cheers.

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