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PokÈmon Stadium Mini-Game FAQ
Version 0.8
Name Of Author: Greg P.
Date: 4/11/00                   
Number Of FAQs: 2               

o Table Of Contents o

o Table Of Contents o
o Revision History / Legal Information o
o Magikarp Splash o
o Clefairy Says o
o Run Rattata Run o
o Snore War o
o Thundering Dynamo o
o Sushi-Go-Round o
o Ekans Hoop-Hurl o
o Rock Harden o
o Dig! Dig! Dig! O
o Kid's Club Records o
o Mini-Game Rankings o
o Special ThanksÖ o

o Revision History / Legal Information o
0.2 ñ (March 15, 2000) ñ Bought PokÈmon Stadium and got information on 

0.4 ñ (March 17, 2000) - Re-Edited the FAQ to make it a little bit more 
longer and detailed.

0.6 ñ (March 30, 2000) - Basically decided to re-do and re-update all 
the information I have. I also re-formatted everything and added a 
"Kids Club Records" section located after all nine games.

0.8 ñ (April 11, 2000) ñ Funny thing happened to me today. I was 
deleting some old information from my FAQ disks when I accidentally 
deleted the Mini-Game FAQ from the disk! So, I felt it was time to 
update it anyways, so I decided to re-format everything.

1.0 ñ (May 11, 2000) ñ It's been a month since my last update. Not much 
has changed except a few minor things...

o Magikarp Splash o
* out of ***
#129 Magikarp
(A)	Jump (or Splash)

 I've said it before and I'll say it again. This game is boring! Just 
jumping, and landing. Jumping and landing. You get my picture? Try and 
avoid this game because it puts you to sleep! Luckly it only lasts 
about 30 seconds or so unlike Ekans Hoop-Hurl which is a minute. Bottom 

o Clefairy Says o
* out of ***
#035 Clefairy
(Control Pad) ñ Mimic Teacher Clefairy

 This Clefairy game is like a classic mimic game. The arrows on the 
board go left, right, up. Then you use the pad and go left, right, up. 
Two new moves are added after every repeat. Once you get up to twelve 
moves, it's over and the person with the most life wins. You only get 5 
misses (I think it's five) and then your Clefairy cries and you lose. I 
gave this game one star because even though I can go nuts describing 
it, it still is very sad. This game is horrible but not as bad as 
Magikarp Splash luckly. 

o Run Rattata Run o
*** out of ***
#019 Rattata
(A)	Repeatedly 
(Control Pad) To Jump

 Finally! Something decent. This game is pretty cool considering all of 
the other games in PokÈmon Stadium. I like this game because of it 
being a quick fix. It can only take a matter of about 15 seconds if 
your fingers are fast enough, and your endurance is strong enough. I 
like this game. It's by far one of the best mini-games in this game. 
The only problem with this game is the very bad camera angle. I don't 
like how it always turns and makes it hard to understand which Rattata 
you are. Oh well, it's one of very few bad features about this game as 
oppose to the many good features.

o Snore War o
* out of ***
#096 Drowzee
(A)	To Snore

 The first three of four mini-games in the Kids Club are garbage. 
Magikarp Splash, Clefairy Says and now Snore War. To this date, almost 
an entire month, I still haven't won the Snore War. Not on Hard, Normal 
or Easy. Not against the computer or any family member. NEVER! Not 
once. Now, maybe I gave it one star because I suck at it, or maybe it's 
because I think it's hard. Nope! This game is dumb and looking at the 
floating background makes me feel nauseous.

o Thundering Dynamo o
** out of ***
#025 Pikachu & #099 Voltorb
(A)	+ (B) To Charge

 This game is my sweet spot. I am really good at it and enjoy it at a 
moderate level. It's like a subject your really good at but you don't 
really like it. This game is pretty easy if you think about it. When 
the blue light goes on, keep hitting A. Green light, B. The trick to 
remembering is that the B button on the N64 controller is green, and 
the A is blue. This helps me co-ordinate all of the colors. If there's 
a blue light, hit the blue button. Green light, green button. Get it? 
No? How couldn't you?

o Sushi-Go-Round o
*** out of ***
#108 Lickitung
(Control Stick) To Move
(A)	To Eat (Shoots out tounge)

 This game rocks! Plain and simple. What other entertainment could you 
want than seeing a pink thing with a long tongue eating sushi. What 
else could you want? Here are is a list of points for each piece of 
Orange topped, block bottomed sushi ñ 1000 points
Red topped, white bottomed sushi ñ 600 points
Shrimp looking sushi ñ 350 points
Red top, black bottom ñ 250 points
2 white circled with pink in the centre, black bottomed ñ 200 points
Yellow topped, white bottomed, black lined ñ 150 points
2 white circled with green in the centre, black bottomed ñ 50 points
*Green liquid (looks like green coffee) ñ 20 points

 * I recently received an e-mail from Justin who wrote: 
The "green liquid" is called "wasabi."  It's an extremely spicy sauce 
that people put on Sushi.  Imagine the spiciest salsa or hot sauce 
you've ever had, and multiply that by about 4 or 5, and you've got 

 Thanks for that Justin. Greatly appreciated. 

o Ekans Hoop-Hurl o
*** out of ***
#023 Ekans & #050 Diglett
(Control Pad) To Aim
(Control Stick) To Shoot

 You have got 60 seconds to throw a circular Ekans over a Diglett. A 
Diglett equals one point and a Gold Diglett equals 2 points. Now, ever 
since I first posted my FAQ, I've gotten two e-mails from people asking 
if the Gold Diglett is a PokÈmon in PokÈmon Red/Blue or Yellow. The 
answer is no. Gold Diglett's are not in the Game Boy games. This game 
is very enjoyable and is one of my favorite games. Make sure you play 
it at least once before you try Who's The Best? It can be challenging 
if it's your first try. 
 I received an e-mail concerning this game. Please, take this for what 
you will. He stated that if you get 20 points on R2 mode, you receive 
Arbok Hoop-Hurl. I'm not really sure if that's true, but it might be.

o Rock Harden o
** out of ***
#011 Metapod & #014 Kakuna
(A)	To Harden

 I gave this game 2 stars out of three because I like the format, I 
like the idea, I like the theme and I like the skill level needed. But 
for some reason unknown to me or anyone else, I just don't like the 
game. I can't pull myself to play it with any enjoyment or nothing. 
It's like such a drag to play it. I just don't get it. Oh well, I 
recommend that if you do play, try and be Metapod over Kakuna because 
Metapod is a little faster and hardens faster.

o Dig! Dig! Dig! O
** out of ***
#027 Sandshrew
( L ) + ( R ) repeatedly ñ To Dig

 This game is about as even as possible. My brother always says that 
"it's not speed, but co-ordination". This never works for me. I rush 
through hitting L, L, R, L, R, etc. and never get anywhere past the 
ground. This game does require some skill, but is very fast. That's the 
reason I gave it a 2 out of 3.

o Kids Club Records o
Magikarp Splash (Most Jumps) - 31
Clefairy Says - No Records Available
Run Rattata Run - No Records Available
Snore War - No Records Available
Thundering Dynamo - No Records Available
Sushi-Go-Round - (Most Points) 9235
Ekans Hoop-Hurl - (Most Points) 14
Rock Harden - No Records Available
Dig! Dig! Dig! - No Records Available

  If you think you can beat one of these records, try and send some 
photographed proof. I know it's a stretch but people can easily lie.

o Mini-Game Rankings o

Best Over-All Game
(All information changes after every update)
  Game                  Peaked At          Was         Currently Is
Clefairy Says               8               8                9
Snore War                   8               9                8
Rock Harden                 6               6                7
Magikarp Splash             6               7                6
Dig! Dig! Dig!              5               5                5
Sushi-Go-Roud               2               2                4
Run Rattata Run             3               3                3
Ekans Hoop-Hurl             1               1                2
Thundering Dynamo           1               4                1

o Special ThanksÖÖ o

 I want to send out a Special Thanks to:
Ninteno/Game Freaks ñ For making these games and Jeff CjayC Veasey ñ For Posting this FAQ ñ For Posting this FAQ

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