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A Star Wars Rogue Squadron for N64 FAQ Guide

I have recently purchased Star Wars Rogue Squadron and it is one of the 
best games out for Nintendo 64. After my first mission I was hooked on 
it. This is my first FAQ made, but I think I done a great job on it. I 
almost have 10,000 words. That is like the president's state of the 
union address. If you want to print the entire FAQ it is about 15 
pages. That is good because it won't suck all the ink out of you 
printer. If there are any questions or comments email me at Clearly label the question with something like 
"Rogue Squadron Codes". I usually delete your question if it isn't 
ROGUE SQUADRON!!! Do not link this to your site unless you have my 
permission and give me credit. I tried to make everything short enough 
to print it all, but still all the information is there. 
Visit my other site at
If you are reading this from the N64CC (a great N64 site) there will 
not be a lot of updating, since I update by sending this into Gamefaqs 

Table of Contents:
1. Updates
2. Controls
3. Screens
4. Story Line
5. Ships
6. Weapons
7. Enemies
8. Walkthrough
9. Playing Tips
10. Passcodes
11. Tow Cable
12. Codes
13. Upgrades and Power-ups
14. Credits
15. Legal Crud

Section 1. 
Each of these sections is done by date and they are done by the date I 
do them not when they are posted on whatever site you went to see this.
Version 10
I have midterms this week so I made this update early so I don't have 
to during midterms. I haven't had time to update since I was sick all 
weakend. I added minor stuff.
I fixed my bedroom computer on 1/18/99 after I made the update. I now 
have more time to work on the FAQ. The updates are going to be longer 
and I played a little more and got some powerups. The FAQ is going to 
be updated in larger amounts and not every 1 to 2 days. I won't publish 
this today because my bedroom computer does not have Internet Access. 
The program I use, Microsoft Word, is on this computer and I save this 
on a disk. I added a new section "story line" and next week I will 
probably have close to 20 different sections. In the next 2 weekends 
everything I want to be posted will be done and you will be able to 
beat the game and get all the secrets just by using this FAQ. I might 
do Zelda, but that will take a couple months, writing 1 to 2 hours a 
day. But this is a great game to write a FAQ for. Next update look for 
the advanced missile stuff since I went back in the missions and looked 
for them, also I found 1 more extra thing. I also saw in the N64CC 
where the upgrades are so I am going to ask for permission to put them 
in the site. Also SEND IN THE MEDAL TIMES!!!
Version 8
I added a new section called weapons and made minor editing to it. I 
currently need 4 more medals to get the Beggar's Cannon level. When I 
get that I will put the information for that level on a new section, 
that I think I will title "Secret Level Walkthrough" I put in the gold 
medal times and took out the other times that were at the bottom. Send 
in medal objectives, it would help me out a lot.  
Version 7
I spent a lot of time trying to get medals, so I can play the bonus 
levels. I got 12 medals, only 4 to go. I put all the objectives up and 
I am having trouble finding all medal times. Send in the medal times, 
so I can finish this FAQ. 
Version 6
I worked on the walkthrough section adding hints to get the medals and 
my suggested ships and the default ships. I added medal tips for all 
the missions.
Version 5
I haven't updated in a few days because I have been really busy. I am 
getting my good computer fixed so I will probably spend a lot of time 
on it, but it doesn't have internet access, so I will probably have 
bigger updates instead of small ones. 
Version 4
Great news! I finally beat Rogue Squadron! I have finished my 
walkthrough. In the next week or two my entire FAQ will be complete. I 
liked making this FAQ, so when I finish this I plan to do another one, 
so watch out! When I make a new one I will be sure to list it 
Version 3
I put in a screen section, and made some minor changes. I still haven't 
gotten all the medal times, but soon I will. Tonight I am almost 
positive I will be beat Battle above Taloraan. So look out for it. 
Maybe I will beat more levels. I didn't do much, on levels, but 
tomorrow will probally be my biggest update.
Version 2
I was astounded when I found this on Gamefaqs. I got a lot of email 
about the TIE fighter code. I made that clearer. Also I found more 
codes and added them on. I also added some new levels. Next update look 
out for medal objectives, and I might be able to beat Battle above 
Taloraan. I will also put in the screens you can go to.
Version 1
This is version 1 of my FAQ. It would have been out earlier but I am 
having trouble sending this to GameFaqs. I have spent a lot of time 
putting the controls, ships, enemies, 1/3 of the levels in the 
walkthrough, playing tips, passcodes, tow cable instructions and codes. 
The next update I hope to have more playing tips more walkthrough 
levels, objectives, and medal objectives.

Section 2.

	This is for all the lazy people who do not bother to read there 
instruction manual or for the people who lost theirs or they rented it 
and didn't receive a instruction booklet.
L= L Button
R= R Button
CU= C Up Button
CD= C Down Button
CL= C Left Button
CR= C Right Button
B= B Button
A= A Button
Z= Z Button

Luke's Controls (Default)

Fire Blasters- B 
Thrust- A
Look Around- CU
Fire Mode- CD
Fire Secondary Weapon- CL
Special- CR
Switch View- L
Roll/Brake Right- R
Roll/Brake Left- Z

Wedge's Controls

Fire Blasters- B 
Thrust- A
Look Around- CD 
Fire Mode- L
Fire Secondary Weapon- CL
Special- CR
Switch View- CU
Roll/Brake Right- R
Roll/Brake Left- Z

Janson's Controls

Fire Blasters- B 
Thrust- A
Look Around- CD
Fire Mode- L
Fire Secondary Weapon- CL
Special- CR
Switch View- CU
Roll/- R
Brake- Z

Hobbie's Controls

Fire Blasters- Z 
Thrust- B
Look Around- CU
Fire Mode- CL
Fire Secondary Weapon- CD
Special- CR
Switch View- L
Roll- R
Brake- Z
Section 3. 

This is my sections on the screens by pressing the start button in the 
middle of the mission, and the option screens.

Flying Screen
This is the screen when your playing your mission.

Upper left corner- This is the condition of your ship, (blue=good 
red=bad) When you die and start the mission from where you died, it 
shows how many ships you have left
Upper right corner- This is your radar. The blue dots are civilians, 
the red dots are Imperials, and the green dots are rebel forces. At the 
12 o'clock position is the direction your facing.
Lower left corner- How many of your secondary weapon you have left.


Biographies- These are descriptions of all the different pilots for the 
rebels in Rogue Squadron. You get more descriptions of more pilots as 
you beat levels.
Elite Rogues-It shows the high scores (in medals) 
Bronze Medal- 1 Point
Silver Medal- 2 Points
Gold Medal- 3 Points
Passcodes- These are where you type in the codes that give you special 
ships and shields and stuff like that. See section 8.
Game Settings- This is where you can change auto roll, auto level, free 
camera, crosshairs, and resolution.
Sound Settings- This is where you can change volume, subtitles, and 
choose stereo or mono sound.
Controller Settings- You can pick from the pilots controller setting 
from the control section above. (I like Luke's settings.)

Start Menu

This can be accessed by pressing the Start button, in the middle of the 

Continue- Continue with your game
Abort Level- Quit the mission
Game Settings- Like the Game Settings on the option menu.
Sound Settings- Like the Sound Settings on the option.

Select Game Screen- This is where you can pick which game you want to 
play as. There are 3 games you can pick from. It has a picture of your 
mission and has your earned medals on the side.
Select Level Screen- You choose the mission you want to play here. You 
can play back missions and try to get medals.
Available Craft Screen- You see the outline of the ships you can use in 
green and the ones in red you can't but potentially can get by beating 
other levels. 
Ship Selection- This is where you can choose your ship. You can choose 
them if when you select them, it makes a R2-D2 noise. You can't choose 
it if makes a noise that sounds like a cricket.

Section 4. 
Story Line

The period that the game starts is right after Luke Skywalker blew up 
the Death Star. The Imperials have started mustering their forces to 
try to crush the Rebel Forces. Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, the 
only 2 pilots who survived the Death Star started Rogue Squadron, a 
group of the best 12 pilots in the Rebel Fleet. Rogue Squadron is 
assigned the most difficult missions. It is up to Rogue Squadron to 
save the Rebel Fleet.
Section 5. 

There are 7 ships in Rogue Squadron(including the secret ones) On this 
FAQ I have the info on each ship including, speeds, handling, shield, 
special weapons, and secondary weapons.


The X-Wing is the ship used the most. It is the most balanced one. It 
handles the best out of all the ships. The speed is descent, and it can 
go really fast when the X-foils are closed, second to the V-Wing and 
the scram jets. You can use the X-foils by using the special button. 
When you close the X-Foils you can not shoot. It can be closed by using 
the special button. It has 4 blaster cannons that are a little hard to 
aim, but easy once you get the hang of it. It's secondary weapon is the 
proton torpedo. 


The A-Wing is the fastest ship in the game. It is mostly used for 
dogfights. It is great for hit and run missions. It maneuvers well and 
is armed with Concussion Missiles for its secondary weapon. 

The Y-Wing is the slowest ship in the fleet. Its shields let it take a 
lot of damage. Lots of people say it doesn't handle well but in my 
opinion it is not that bad. With only 1 laser cannon on the head of the 
ship it is really bad for battling TIE Fighters, but great for 
attacking ground targets. It's secondary Missiles are bombs which is 
why it is used for attacking imperial bases on the ground.


This is an average ship in everything. It can make tight turns and can 
only stay at low altitudes. It is used in levels where there are AT-
AT's because of the tow cable, which can trip them up and the only way 
to kill them(see the section on Tow Cables)


This is my personal favorite ship because it excels in every category. 
The V-Wing is the fastest ship when you use the scram jets. They can be 
activated by using the special button. It has 2 laser blasters and uses 
cluster missiles. It's shields are pretty good and it is hard to hit 
because of its weird shape. If you use the scram jets too much your 
engine will overheat and you can not use it for a while, you have to 
wait until it recharges. 
Secret Ships
Millenium Falcon

This is the best ship to use for search and destroy missions. It's 
laser cannons are powerful enough to destroy pretty much anything and 
with good shields and steering and descent speed it can take a lot of 
damage and still get to your objectives quickly. It's secondary weapon 
is concussion missiles.

TIE Interceptor

I don't know much about this ship because I have only played with it a 
couple times and after 2 direct hits, you're a goner. It is great for 
90 degree turns and the laser cannons are easy to aim. It doesn't have 
a secondary weapon so I would not use this ship much. It doesn't have 
any special or secondary weapons.

Section 6.

There are different weapons you can use while playing Rogue Squadron. 
In this section I am taking time to tell what each one does. The 
blaster cannons are the only weapons that aren't used with the 
secondary weapon.

Blaster Cannons- These are the most common weapons used in Rogue 
Squadron. They are lasers that aren't very powerful, but they can kill 
most of the enemies like TIE's, AT-ST's, turbolasers, missile turrets, 
and probe droids.
Proton Torpedoes- This is used in the X-Wing. It is powerful and can 
bring down most some enemies in one shot. It goes for a target, but if 
the target moves, it cannot home in on it. There is a special homing 
version that can hit moving targets that has to be found.
Concussion Missile- This like the proton torpedo, but it does not 
inflict as much damage. It is lighter, which lets it travel faster. It 
is used in the A-Wing.
Cluster Missiles- These are my personal favorite. They are used in the 
V-Wing only. When you shoot it, one big missile breaks into five and 
they are all homing. Just one of them aren't very powerful, but when 
you all five go at once at 1 enemy, it usually kills the enemy. When 
you are in a section with lots of TIE's it is a good idea to use one 
and then the entire section is clear.
Bombs- These can only be held in the Y-Wing. When they are launched, 
don't stay near the ground, because you will get hurt. When they hit 
the ground there is a circular explosion.
Tow Cable- This can only be used to kill AT-AT's. See the Tow Cable 
Section to see more information.

Section 7. 

TIE Fighter

This is the most basic ship in the Imperial Fleet. It has straight 
vertical wings with a cockpit in the middle making it extremely hard to 
hit unless you are in close range. Usually you need to defend a ship 
against them in order to complete a mission. All you need to do to 
destroy them is shoot them 1 or 2 times and they will crash.

TIE Interceptor

This is the almost the same ship as a TIE Fighter but has a little 
better shield, shooting, and speed. It's wings have points which is the 
only thing that separates them from a TIE Fighter. It can be destroyed 
easy by targeting it and then launching a missile.

TIE Bomber

This has blaster cannons and has a payload that can drop bombs, guided 
concussion missiles, orbital mines, and thermal detonators. It has the 
same speed as a TIE Fighter and the same shields. Its wings are folded 
in and it is easier to shoot these down than the others in the TIE 

Tank Droid

This is used on the ground and can move around. It has 1 blaster cannon 
on the front, but has very little shields and can be destroyed in 3 to 
4 shots.


This is like a tank droid except it can not move and has 2 blasters. 
They are stationed on the ground or mountains. They can be killed by 
just shooting them.

Missile Turret

Like the Turbolaser it is stationary, but has a little better shields 
taking 4 to 5 shots to destroy. I fires missiles which track your ship 
if it gets to close.

Imperial Probe Droid

This is really easy to kill. It usually only takes 1 shot and doesn't 
move very fast. It only has 1 laser that usually misses your ship. 


This is the biggest ship in the Imperial Fleet. It is impossible to 
destroy just by shooting it. If you want to destroy it you need to have 
an Airspeeder and launch the tow cable real close to its legs. Then the 
camera angle moves and you have to maneuver around its legs 3 times. I 
suggest to use the roll button to stay real close to its legs. Its has 
a lot of guns near its head and if you get in front of it you will die 


This is a powerful, but small weapon. It takes maybe 8 to 9 direct hits 
to destroy it and it shoots out lasers from its head.  They are on the 
ground and usually deliver a lot of shots when it attacks ships you 
need to protect.


This is like the AT-ST, except it is easier to kill. It only takes 3 to 
4 shots and delivers less powerful blasts. It can climb 45 degree angle 
mountains and hills.

Armored Hover Train

This is a train that has some guns on a cart instead of cargo holds. 
The guns are hard to destroy because the train is moving and they are 
protected by the other cargo holds.

Armored Hover Craft

This is the hardest to kill. It carries AT-ST's and Tank Droids. I 
haven't really tried to kill it. You can try using a V-Wing and then 
targeting it and then using your cluster missiles to see how it blows 
up. If you destroy it E-mail me and I'll acknowledge in this section.


This is a weird kind of enemy. It looks like a spider. It is on the 
water. I didn't mention it until this late in the FAQ since it only 
appears in The Battle of Calamari.

Section 8.

I have finally beaten the game and now I am working on making all the 
levels more detailed and add the default ships and other stuff. I got 
all the gold medal times recently.  

Chapter 1
Welcome to the exciting world of Rogue Squadron. Here you experience 
all the stuff you need to know to beat the later and harder levels. 
This chapter is like a tutorial to the game. You can test out stuff and 
these are the levels you need to get medals in. If you can not beat 
these levels then you either just started or really suck.

Ambush at Mos Eisley
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: V-Wing
Mission Objectives:
? Protect the homesteads
? Destroy the probe droids
? Protect Mos Eisley
? Eliminate the Imperial forces
Bronze Medal Time: 6:00 ( I think)
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 3:00
Medal Tips: I suggest that you wait until you beat some levels and then 
use the V-Wing. When there are a bunch of probes you can use your 
cluster missiles to kill them all at once. There are some storm 
troopers that you need to kill to get the enemy count. They are near a 
big area of Probe droids. After you killed all the probes you can use 
your scram jets. Kill the stormtroopers on the ground and use the 
cluster missiles when the TIE's are there and then you can use the 
cluster missiles to finish them off and the gold is yours.

This level is simple. First you will come to a clearing of probe 
droids. You need to finish them off fast in order to get the gold. Keep 
heading along the orange wedge in order to find large groups of them. 
Along the way are some stormtroopers on the ground. You need to kill 
them to get the gold. After you find all the probes head to Mos Eisley 
using the radar. Kill the TIE's that are attacking the city and you 
have completed your first mission.

Rendezvous on Barkhesh
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: V-Wing
Mission Objectives:
? Escort supply convoy to safety
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 5:45
Medal Tip: My only tip is to kill some enemies out of the way and get 
to the convoy quickly so it can get started and finish early.

This level takes a little skill to beat but it has a simple plot. An 
idea is to stay a little in front of the convoy so you can kill the 
enemies before they can get shots in the convoy. After a few minutes 
TIE Bombers will come and attack the convoys. Use your missiles to kill 
them off. After a while the convoy will go into a clearing. After a 
short story sequence the level will be complete.

The Search for the Nonnah
Default Ship: A-Wing
Suggested Ship: TIE Fighter
Mission Objectives:
? Locate crashed Rebel ship
? Protect the ship form invading Imperial Forces
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 10:00
Medal Tip: First be able to find the Nonnah quickly and then as I said 
before kill the TIE's quickly as possible

This took me a while to beat this. First you need to go to the forward-
left and follow the water on the ground and you will find a lake 
eventually that has a ship in it. Soon a spaceship will land on the 
edge of the lake. Don't attack the spaceship, you can not kill it. Just 
watch out for Tank Droids and AT-AT's that come out of it. Then kill 
the TIE Interceptors flying around and then destroy them. Soon TIE 
Bombers will come and drop bombs on the ship. If you protect the ship 
long enough it will get raise and then you have to protect it again, 
while it is flying. Stay behind it because that is where the TIE's 
attack. Soon it will be safe and the mission is complete.

Defection at Corellia
Default Ship: Airspeeder
Suggested Ship: Airspeeder
Medal Objectives:
? Investigate strange readings
? Protect the Capital Tower
? Protect the Tech Center
? Protect the Evacuation Shuttle
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 10:00
Medal Tip: Know where to go, because this level you have to move a lot. 
From one side of the city to the other. Kill some of the little men to 
cover the enemies killed section and try to kill the AT-AT's in one 

This is a level you need to play a couple times to get the hang of the 
AT-AT's and the leg wrapping. OK, on the side of the city there are 
hills. Once your there follow the orange on the radar and you'll find 
probe droids. Kill them and then TIE's start attacking the city. Follow 
the orange again and make your way to the city. After you kill all the 
TIE's they start attacking the tech center. Kill them and then a AT-AT 
attacks the main building, make your back from where you killed the 
first TIE's. Attacking the biggest building is a AT-AT. Kill that 
quickly before it blows up the building and then make your way back to 
the tech center and then there will be a couple of AT-ST's and another 
AT-AT. Use the section on how to kill the AT-AT's to kill it and there 
are some little men near the city part of the tech center, kill them 
and then you will get a story sequence and this tricky mission is over.

Liberation of Gerrard X
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: X-Wing
Mission Objectives:
? Escort Y-Wings to their targets
? Disable civilian yachts
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 5:15
Medal Tip: I suggest knowing where all the turbolasers are and kill the 
missile turrets on the mountains.

This is kind of hard. First you need to kill all the little turbolasers 
in the city. Then follow the orange to the next little city area and 
kill the turbolasers. Then some TIE's attack and you have to kill them. 
When you do a short story sequence starts and Kasan Moor, a leader of a 
dreaded TIE regiment turns to become a rebel if you let her live. This 
is good because she leads you to secret Imperial bases. She also gives 
you hints in levels.

Chapter 2

Congratulations, you made it to Chapter 2. Some of these levels in this 
chapter are really hard to beat. I don't have my Nintendo 64 and I 
can't remember all the levels since they are longer now. Since they are 
longer and I can't remember them like the first levels they won't be as 
accurate as the first ones. When I get my Nintendo 64 back I can start 
redoing some levels.

The Jade Moon
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: V-Wing
Medal Objectives: 
? Use trench to avoid missile turrets
? Locate and destroy the shield generator
? Escort and protect Madine's troups
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 6:00
Medal Tips: This is the only mission where I got the Gold Medal. Enable 
the V-Wing and use your cluster missiles to kill all the enemies in the 
trenches. Use them when you can see all the turbolasers and missile 
turrets. Then use your boosts

I beat this level but I forgot on how to do some of it, so I hope I 
have everything you need to beat it. OK, first you need to stay low in 
the trenches and keep going forward it is always good to kill the 
enemies on your way. You can use the brakes to kill the enemies because 
they will come back and haunt you later. Soon you'll reach a big semi-
circle that looks like a snow globe. Kill the missile turrets and the 
turbolasers near it. After head to the right of where you first saw the 
snow globe thing and there are some missile turrets, kill them and then 
you see a long thing in the ground. Shoot it and then the snow globe is 
gone. A space shuttle is there and will pick up rebel soldiers. Kill 
the TIE's that attack the space shuttle and the AT-ST's. After the 
shuttle rises you have to protect it a little more, the TIE's attack a 
little more from the sides now so kill them off and then the shuttle 
will turn to safety and the mission is over.

Imperial Construction Yards
Default Ship: Airspeeder
Suggested Ship: Airspeeder
Mission Objectives:
? Approach the base undetected by radar
? Locate and destroy the AT-ST factory
? Locate and destroy the AT-AT factory
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 6:30
Medal Tips: I suggest using a lot of missiles to kill the bases and you 
have to know where your going, so map where your going before you play 
the level the 2nd or 3rd time.

First you must through the valleys and watch out for the antennas. Make 
sure to shoot far away from them because if they track you then the 
entire Imperial base is alarmed and the mission is over. When you get 
to the clearing on your left is an AT-AT, you don't need to kill it. 
Straight ahead is the AT-ST base. It looks like a landing pad with a 
AT-ST's on it. Shoot the building and blow it up. Check the start menu 
to see if there is a check there. If there is, go to where the big AT-
AT was shooting. It was a mountain that you could go over. Go through 
some valleys and make your way to the AT-AT bases. When you find it 
blow it up and then the level is over. 

Assault on Kile 2
Default Ship: Y-Wing
Suggested Ship: Y-Wing
Mission Objectives: 
? Locate and destroy the sensor array
? Locate and destroy the Imperial Spaceport
? Locate and destroy the Imperial Garrisona
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 6:00
Medal Tips: I suggest beating this level and then go again when you 
find where to go in the maze. Remember look out for little buildings 
that you might have missed.

This is a hard mission. First go through the mountains going right at 
the turns. Soon you will find a base with building and missile turrets 
and turbolasers. Bomb the buildings and then kill the turbolasers and 
missile turrets. Once you destroy the Sensor Array follow these 
instructions to get the other 2 spots. I used bullets to make it 
? head back from where you entered the Sensor Array
? turn right at the next turn. (make a sharp right!)
? make another right into a large valley
? keep going through the valley until you see the Imperial Garrisona
? kill all the buildings and crap
? turn left from where you entered and you will find the Imperial 
Spaceport, bomb it and the mission is over. Follow my instructions 
to get it done in the amount of time for a medal. To get the gold 
you need to kill a lot of little men and TIE's and turrets that are 
in the canyons.

Rescue on Kessel
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: Millenium Falcon
Mission Objectives:
? Rescue Wedge
Bronze Medal Time: 5:00
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 4:30
Medal Tips: All you have to do is head out for the train as fast as you 
can and use those missiles at an almost rapid fire rate. To get the 
enemy part kill some that are on the ground.

This is really simple. Wedge has been imprisoned in a train. You must 
rescue him from a hover train, but you cant blow up the hover train or 
the level is over. First you have to go forward until you see a train 
that is floating in air. Now attack it using your missiles NOT the ion 
cannons. You have to attack each area of the train. Keep on using your 
missiles and then Wedge is rescued and on to the next.

Prisons of Kessel
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: Millenium Falcon
Medal Objectives:
? Protect and escort Madine's shuttle
? Destroy the power generator
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 10:30
Medal Tip: I suggest killing all the turbolasers and also killing TIE's 
as fast as you can. Believe it or not, the ship rescues people faster 
when you kill all the enemies really fast.

This has a simple concept, but is very hard to beat. You have to 
protect a rebel shuttle while it saves imprisoned rebel soldiers. First 
it will turn to the left. Follow it and you can go a little bit ahead, 
to kill all the turbolasers because the ship your protecting will be 
dead. After you kill them follow the orange and find the shield 
generator. When you find it blow it up. Soon TIE's will come and try to 
blow up the ship. Kill them and the ship will fly away. There are four 
sections like this. Follow the ship and kill the turbolasers that's 
really it. Sometimes there are AT-ST's. Their not really hard to kill, 
but don't let them get close or the shuttle is gone. After the ship 
rescues the last rebels, stay with it and kill off any TIE's that 
attack the ship.

Chapter 3
This is where the missions get a little tougher than the other ones. 
The TIE's are more accurate and you can't shoot everything. You need to 
be able to perform all the moves easily and smoothly and quickly. This 
is kind of the last chapter since Chapter 4 is only 1 level. 

Battle above Taloraan
Default Ship: A-Wing
Suggested Ship: TIE Fighter
Mission Ovjectives:
? Locate and destroy the Imperial tabanna gas containers
? Avoid civilian casualties
Bronze Medal Time: 10:00
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 7:00
Medal Tip: Shoot only a couple times at each barrel because if you 
shoot too much it will go past the barrel and shoot a civilian barrel.

This is the level I was stuck on for a long time. I suggest using the 
TIE Fighter, that was the only ship I could beat it with. It goes fast 
and it's lasers are centered. First you need to follow the orange and 
find a platform with barrels on it. There are some on the top and on 
the bottom. Blow up ONLY the one's with a white dot with a smaller red 
one in the middle. If you blow up the ones with a blue stripe on it the 
mission will come to an end. When blowing up the barrels don't take 
keep shooting at them because there are usually blue barrels behind the 
Imperial ones and if you shoot too much your fire will go past the 
Imperials and hit the Civilian ones. After you blow up all white and 
red dot ones, on that platform go to the next by following the orange 
strip. This one you need to go high and shoot down on the barrels. 
After those are gone, follow the orange again. There are now 2 
platforms, with laser shooters on them. Kill the lasers and shoot the 
white and red dot barrels again. Follow the orange again, there is a 
platform with 5 laser shooters on it, kill the white and red barrels 
and on to the next. There are 2 platforms with 3 shooters on each. I 
suggest killing most of the lasers and then the barrels. After you beat 
that platform follow the orange again. This time you see a thing that 
looks like a top. You can go above the top and get a secret weapon that 
is in the center of a city. I didn't try for it since it took me a 
while to get to there. Go past it and there is another floating island 
at the other end of the city. Kill ALL the lasers and when they are 
killed, destroy all the red and white barrels and then you're done this 
tricky mission is complete.

Escape at Fest
Default Ship: Airspeeder
Suggested Ship: Airspeeder
Mission Objectives:
? Locate captured AT-PT's 
? Free the AT-PT's
? Escort the Rebel AT-PT's to the landing zone
? Kill the Imperial Base
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 6:30
Medal Tip: Know where the AT-AT's are and kill the little men to get 
enemy points.

For this level you need to be an expert tow cable person. If your not 
then I suggest working on it. First go forward-right. On the way kill 
some of the turbolasers. You will see a AT-AT and some AT-PT's. DO NOT 
KILL THE AT-PT'S. You need to protect them. Kill the AT-AT fast. When I 
mean fast, I mean to keep holding the boost button so you get around 
the legs quicker. Then turn around and go past a big black thing and a 
AT-AT, couple turbolasers, and a shield generator. Kill the turbolasers 
and then kill the shield generator. After those are gone, kill the AT-
AT. Then go to the left. There will be another AT-AT. Kill that and 
then Tank Droids will attack the AT-PT's. Kill the ones closest to the 
AT-Pt's first and then keep killing them quickly as possible. Soon some 
TIE's will come and kill them. When they are gone the AT-PT's will go 
into a strange thing. Now turn around and keep going straight until you 
see a building with 2 missile turrets. Kill the missile turrets and 
then keep shooting the building. When it blows up you completed this 
hard mission.

Blockade on Chandrila. 
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: V-Wing
Mission Objectives:
? Escort and protect supply train
? Protect the city
Bronze Medal Time: 6:15
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 5:45
Medal Tip: This isn't hard, except the times. Kill the TIE's fast so 
you can move on to the next section.

This is mostly a mission where you shoot TIE's. Don't use any missiles, 
you will need them later. First you need to protect a Hover Train from 
TIE's. This isn't really hard, just stay behind the train and wait for 
them to attack. Shoot them and protect the train and soon the city will 
be under attack. Kill the TIE's attacking the city and then the rescue 
shuttles will come and be attacked by 6 AT-ST's, at the other end of 
the city. Use your missiles and kill them all quickly. After you kill 
them and at least one of the evacuation shuttles isn't destroyed, the 
city is under attack by bombers again. Head to the other end of the 
city and kill the ones flying around there. Eventually there will be a 
long story sequence with Kasan Moore and Moff Seerdon dissing each 
other. After that your onto the next level.

Raid on Sullust
Default Ship: Y-Wing
Suggested Ship: Y-Wing
Mission Objectives:
? Destroy the transmitters
? Destroy the capaciter
Bronze Medal Time: 6:00
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 4:00
Medal Tip: Follow the orange and kill some enemies on the way to each 

I suggest using the IGIVEUP code on this level. The only hard thing on 
this level is keeping yourself alive. When you start this level, follow 
the orange and you will find little things with lights that look like 
space shuttles. Kill them (you will die a lot on the way, but with the 
IGIVEUP code it isn't hard) When they are all killed the shield on the 
big thing in the middle will disappear. Kill the revolving lights ON 
THE TOP of the thing. When they are gone, the mission is over.

Moff Seerdon's Revenge
Default Ship: X-Wing
Suggested Ship: X-Wing
Medal Objectives:
? Protect the bacta containers
? Avoid civilian casualties
? Destroy all imperial bunkers, fighters, and bombers
? Locate and destroy Moff Seerdon
Bronze Medal Time: 
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 6:00
Medal Tip: Use the orange to locate each section. When you go against 
Moff Seerdon kill him using missiles.
This is like the Battle of Taloraan but much easier. First follow the 
orange and kill the enemies, but not the houses. When those are gone, 
Moff Seerdon will fight you one on one! He really isn't hard. He 
doesn't shoot much. Use your missiles and lock onto him and then kill 
him. When he is gone, this last level of this chapter is complete.

Chapter 4

Congratulations, you've made it to the last chapter of this game. It 
only is one level, but a hard level. So without further ado, CHAPTER 4!

The Battle of Calamari
Default Ship: V-Wing 
Suggested Ship: V-Wing
Medal Objectives:
? Destroy the world devastators
? Protect the city
Bronze Medal Time: 7:00
Silver Medal Time: 
Gold Medal Time: 5:30
Medal Tip: My suggestion is to shoot each section and never give up. 
Eventually it will die.

This is the last level of the entire level. This is a very annoying and 
long but eventually you will beat it. First follow the orange and find 
the big ship. Shoot the thing on top of it that looks like a probe 
droid. Kill it and go underneath the ship and shoot the feet that look 
like it is sucking up water. Shoot them and the ship will be 
temporarily unmovable. Follow the orange to the city and kill the 
TIE's. Then go back to the ship and it will be better. Shoot the probe 
droid thing on top again and now shoot the body. Use the cluster 
missiles. Now you need to shoot at it for a long time. Use your cluster 
missiles. Every once in the while check if the probe droid is repaired. 
If so destroy it again. After a while it will be destroyed. You have 
beaten the level!


Congratulations you have beaten Rogue Squadron, one of the best games 
ever created! I won't give away the ending, because it defeats the 
whole purpose of playing hours on end to beat this. So again. 


Section 9.
Playing Tips

-When you beat a level go back to previous levels and you can test out 
different ships, maybe you can get a new medal by using a different 
-Don't be afraid to use missiles, they can help a lot in destroying 
TIE's in protection missions.
-You get all your missiles back after you lose a ship.
-Use the orange wedge to fly to where you need to go.
-Look for enemies on your radar.
-Hold onto your brakes to make sharper turns.
-If you need to have missiles to complete a mission and you have enough 
lives commit suicide and you will get more missiles.
Section 10.

CHICKEN-It lets you play a level as a AT-ST
FARMBOY-You can select the Millenium Falcon in the hanger.
ACE-The enemies and missions are harder to beat
RADAR- You get a different version of radar.
IGIVEUP- Infinite lives
TOUGHGUY- Much stronger shields and advanced missiles
TIEDUP- Enter this code to get the TIE fighter, you must also have the 
Millenium Falcon code. In the hanger go to the Falcon and then press 
up, the camera will cycle around the Falcon and you can choose the TIE 
HARDROCK- This is funny. After you type it in and enter it go to the 
first screen with Luke on it. Luke won't have his face, it will be a 
bearded guys face instead.
DIRECTOR- Type this and go to the options screen. There will be an 
extra option. You can see all scenes that happen when you beat or start 
out on a level.
MAESTRO- Type this and go to the options screen. There will be an extra 
option. Choose it and you can hear all the music.
KOELSCH- On any mission that you can fly the V-Wing, you fly a black 
Cadillac instead.
BLAMEUS- See a picture of the makers of this game.
Section 11.
Tow Cable

This may be the hardest thing to do in a game. First you have to get 
real close to the legs and when is says tow cable activated, press the 
secondary weapon button and the camera angle will change. Now is the 
tricky part, the cable snaps if you get to far away from the legs. You 
have to keep the cable tight. I suggest looking at your shadow on the 
ground to keep close. Also it is good to use your brake/roll button to 
keep close to its legs. After 2 turns (its harder than it sounds) Luke 
will say "Only one more turn"and if you make the last turn a short 
story sequence will occur with the AT-AT falling on the ground, you've 
earned it!
Section 12.

Bronze Medals In All Levels- You can fly the Beggars Cannon mission 
with the T-16 Skyhopper.
Silver Medals In All Levels- You can fly the Death Star Trench mission 
with the X-Wing. 
Gold Medals In All Levels- You can fly the Battle of Hoth with the 

Section 13.
Upgrades and Power-ups

These are the little things yellow things that give you advanced 
weapons and shields and stuff like that and where to get them. I got 
them sent in and here they are. These were sent in by

Defection at Correllia - The first one is on the "Defection at 
Correllia." After you stop the bombing run at the Tech Center, you make 
your way back to the Capital Tower. On your way there, you come across 
several cities. The first city has something like a maze towards the 
back end. In the back of that maze is a yellow box with a red line 
through it. That is a power-up box. Swoop through the back of the maze 
to reach it. They are Advanced Torpedoes. 

Jade Moon - The 2nd power-up is easy to find on the Jade Moon. When you 
fly through the trench on your way to the Shield Generator, take the 
left fork first. Blow up the building at the end. It contains Advanced 
Shield Technology. 

Imperial Construction Facility - In the Construction Facility, there 
two landing platforms. The first has an AT-AT in front of it. The 
has a shuttle on it.Fly behind the landing platform with the shuttle on 
it. There are two storage containers; one on the left and one on the 
right. Blow up the one on the left to reveal advanced bombs. 

Prisons of Kessel - On the second Kessel mission, you have to rescue 
prisoners. The power-up is close to the second prison. Once the second 
rescue has begun, fly close to the surrounding cliffs and watch your 
radar. You should notice two stationary red dots in what appears to be 
is close to the second prison. Once the second rescue has begun, fly 
close to the surrounding cliffs and watch your radar. You should notice 

Blockade on Chandrilla - As soon as they show the cut-scene of bombers 
destroying the city, the hover train will park. From there, fly to the 
other side of the city. You should notice an AT-ST shooting at three 
towers. Destroy it to reveal another advanced bomb power-up. 

Raid on Sullust - On Sullust, there is a landing platform in the center 
of the area. On the opposite side of the platform from where you start 
out, there is a large factory building. Destroy it to pickup Seeker 

Moff Seerdon's Revenge - On this mission you start out facing a missle 
launcher. To the left of it is a city. After destroying the Imperials 
there, Turn around and fly straight to the back of the city. You should 
notice a large Rebel building and a few Imperial Bunkers. Destroy the 
bunkers. In one of them lies a power-up. I believe them to be Seeker 
Cluster Missles.

Section 13.

Everything has been done by me except for the people who have sent in 
mail and gave me info either correcting or adding something I don't 
have. When I get something I don't have posted on my FAQ yet, but I 
know what it is, you won't get credit for it.

TOUGHGUY edit- (Maverick)
Battle of Hoth Edit-
Gold Medal Times- (Diana Elman)

Section 14.
Legal Crud and End

Copyrighted by 
c. 1999
This may not be linked to unless it has my consent. Under any 
circumstances can anyone take credit for what I have done. If you 
enjoyed this FAQ and think I should make more FAQ's tell me at and I will probably make another FAQ for some other 
game. I thank every person who has visited my FAQ and has contributed.

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