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Space Station: Silicon Valley

390 Power Cells revealed -- v1.0
by Mark Goetz (

   Welcome to Space Station:Silicon Valley, the whacked-out adventure/puzzle
game for the N64 by Take-2 and DMA-Design.  In this game, you, as
superheroes-for-hire Dan Danger and EVO (the self-evolving prototype robot)
must conquer the renegade Space Station, which was an experiment to see how
various types robotic animals could live together in a kind of biospheric
environment.  The obvious answer to this is "Not very well at all, thank you
very much."  The station is now headed on a collision course for Earth after
having gone AWOL for 1000 years.  Although many squadrons of Space Marines
were sent to stop it, none were successful.  Now, Dan and EVO are sent...but
they crash land into the station due to a "misunderstanding" (read argument)
over what music to listen to!  EVO's body is shattered and spread across the
various regions of the station, only his chip surviving.  This chip has the
unique ability to possess any dead animal that it comes in contact with, but
it loses energy when it does not have a host.  Luckily, there happened to be
a dog nearby that was killed by the impact of the crash.

   Anyway to cut things short, you can go look at any old FAQ to find your
missions, objectives, and souvenirs, so I think I'd rather concentrate on how
to get Power Cells, which are supposedly necessary to run EVO's robot body.
There are 15 Cells in every stage (not counting the bonus stages) and 26
stages total, so that adds up to 390, right?  Good.  The cells are numbered,
but this is obviously not "the only" order to get them in.  At the moment, I
have no real order -- I take them down as I encounter them.  Also, I may
include some helpful little tidbits, such as easy ways to kill enemies, get
souvenirs, etc.  Finally, I understand that some of the locations may not be
the best -- but generally, when a cell is hard to find, I include a
descriptive method of getting it.

    One question on your minds is "What exactly do Power Cells do?"  Well,
by researching this (ie playing the game without getting any cells) I found
out that EVO needs power cells to run his body in the last level.  Without any
power cells whatsoever, you are relegated to Bronze EVO, who is slow and has
a laser that is really weak.  Also, Bronze EVO has weaker armor -- at least it
seems that way, because your weak laser needs about twice as long to kill
animals.  You need 200 cells to graduate to Silver EVO, but you need all 390
to become Gold EVO.

The first region in the game is a very agricultural setting, obviously
modeled after Europe.
The numbers after each animal represent which stages it can be found in.
Animals to meet: Sheep(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Dog(1, 2, 8), Mouse(2, 3, 6, 9),
Spring Sheep(3, 7), Fox(3), Racing Dog(4, 5, 6, 8), Ram(4, 5), Fox with
Wheels(4, 6, 7, 8, 9), Bear(5, 6), Rat(6, 8, 9), Spring Ram(7), King Rat
(8, 9), Bi-Plane Dog(B), Rocket Fox(B)
Expect to see all of these animals (minus the bear) in the last stage of the
game(the Celebration Parade).

1 -- in front of the rocket, a little to the right of the nose
2 -- follow the ledge that power cell 1 is on to the right -- just overlooking
the waterfall
3 -- drop from power cell 2, and go a little back
4-6 -- remember that waterfall I just mentioned?  Go behind it into a little
7, 8 -- climb the platforms in front of and to the left of the rocket
9 -- in a little depression w/flowers near the waterfall.
10, 11 -- on top of two hills nearby said depression -- the hills go up
against the border of the stage.
12 -- on a hill behind the exit teleporter
13 -- on a muddy ridge behind and to the left of the rocket
14 -- on a raised area with a tree - close to cell 13
15 -- on a hill to the right of the TV terminal
Incidentally, the sheep you have to incinerate for your souvenir is the one
known as Flossie (the one you see crying in front of the dead dog when you
take it over).  And I think self-incineration with the rocket engine is the
only way to die on this stage(besides releasing the chip and letting it die
from lack of energy) -- btw I HAVE been torched in a weird scheme of events.
Roast doggie, anyone?
1 -- Turn right on the entrance to get into a grove, cell is in there
2 -- on the river bank, nearby the sheep pen
3 -- on the second island -- need sheep to float over
4, 5 -- on the third island
6 -- behind the locked doghouse
7 -- behind the waterfall (after Smashing Start, you knew to look there)
8 -- right in front of the TV terminal (nearby the mouse's doghouse)
9 -- on the left side after you cross the bridge -- on a small hill
10 -- see those platforms near the waterfall?  PC10 is on the largest one
(also the highest)
11-13 -- after getting PC10, the other platforms rise up, giving you a ladder
to climb to 11, 12, and 13, which were suspended above the platforms.
14 -- on a hill to the left side of the mouse doghouse
15 -- on the island with the exit (far side)
1-4 -- appear when you turn off the Big Machine
5 -- on the metal ramp just beyond the electric fence
6, 7 -- in the grove area with the foxes
8, 9 -- on platforms going up the hill just after the fox area
10 -- behind an apple tree (is it apple?  the fruit looks red...)
11, 12 -- on top of platforms in the lake with the exit
13-15 -- in the alcove with the souvenir
1 -- inside the first barn, on a platform -- push the crates to make a
stepping stool
2 -- in a little chamber in the first barn -- it points towards the river
3 -- on top of the U-shaped ridge just after crossing the 2nd bridge section
4 -- on top of the higher level of the two-tiered platform just next to said
U-shaped ridge
5 -- behind the house, in a corner of the level
6, 7 -- on the roof of the house
8-11 -- turn on the sprinkler by turning the wheel switch in the water(jump
from U-shaped ridge).  This will cause four plants to grow, each containing a
power Cell!
12, 13 -- inside the attic of the second barn.  Activate the crushing hay
bale, then jump on top of it.  This will take you to the secret attic with 2
Power Cells and a free tour.
14, 15 -- from attic above, jump out to the left side.  Repeat with the right
side for 15.
If you look at the gap between the terminals at the start of the stage, you
can see a bear go by.  If you then go to near the terminal by the place where
you have to put the cube, you can see it evaporate.  I think this is the
juggling bear that appears if you hold a button while the DMA intro sequence
is playing.  Or I could just be seeing things.
Most of the Power Cells in this level are inside computer terminals.  To get
them out, take control of the Racing Dog (you see him if you go to the left at
the start), then shoot the terminals twice(waiting for the smoke to clear
after your first hit).  The terminal will be destroyed and a Power Cell will
pop out.  (Also, by destroying all the terminals, you get the souvenir.)
Terminals 1-3 -- right in front of you as you start.
Terminal 4 -- Turn left at the first junction -- nearby the platform for the
glass cube.
Terminal 5 -- from 4, go right through the skinny passageway, then turn left.
Terminal 6 -- go straight from the start, it's on your right side.
Terminal 7 -- from 6, go straight, then turn left -- it's near the hole where
the souvenir is.
Terminal 8 -- on a ledge, above Terminal 6 -- you need to make a boost jump
from the ramp near the tunnel to the door.
Terminals 9-11 -- blocking access to the bridge switch
That's all the terminals, but there are still 4 cells left!
12, 13 -- on the same ledge as Terminal 8
14, 15 -- in the tunnel with the rolling globes before you get to the door.
1 -- behind a tree nearby a speaker
2 -- on a ledge on the plateau area -- the ledge overlooks the ramp to the
three-switch area
3 -- just above and in front of the ramp to the three-switch area
4 -- above the gap on a broken bridge on the plateau
5 -- from the ledge where you find cell 2, turn right and make a jump to
another platform
6 -- from the top of the mountain, jump forward and land on a cloud
7 -- on the platform with the bear switch
8 -- on the three-switch platform
9 -- on a ramp off the right edge of the three-switch platform
10, 11 -- on a platform towards the right of #9 -- make the jump to get it!
12 -- In the room with the bear
13, 14 -- On the island with the souvenir (the one you can't get)
15 -- in the sheep dip pool (need to raise the water level to get it)
Incidentally, you don't need to go through the pain of moving the blocks
around to make a bridge.  Just use a sheep and jump from the top of the faucet
(yes, on top of the knob) to the exit.
Every time I play this stage my verdict of whether it can or cannot be beaten
changes.  For instance, sometimes I can make the jump from the rock chunks
to the exit easily, and other times it seems a ridiculous stretch.  It
really doesn't matter, since you can just jump from the platform with PC6
on it (see below) to the exit platform.
1 -- from the start, make about a 100-degree turn to the right and drop off
the cliff, then look in the water.  (Although this is the quickest way to get
the cell, it will cost you about half your energy from the fall.  Instead,
look for a place where you can drop into the water -- such as a drop off the
left from the second bridge?)
2, 3 -- after crossing the second bridge, turn right and go up the ramp.  2 is
easy to get, but the slope of the ramp prevents you from getting 3 -- except,
of course, if you teleport or use a spring thing.
4 -- on top of the hill with the steep ramp and the collapsing bridge -- use a
spring thing to get it.
5, 6 -- on a bi-level hill on the right side of the sheep area.  Come back
with a Spring Thing! (actually you can get 5 by floating in from the exit)
7, 8 -- on the intermediate plateaus between the sheep area and the switch
that raises the rock chunks
9 -- on a hill below the collapsing bridge
10-14 -- on a platform near the free tour -- use a sheep and come in from
above (near 9)
15 -- on top of the ledge that the rising box goes up to (near the springy
thing pen)
1, 2 -- from the start: go forward to the end, turn left, go through the door,
right at the end, then two more rights, kill a rat, take it over, then go into
the part that you can't reach as the dog(low clearance), then the first left.
3 -- in the part where you're a rat and there are two computer rats circling
around, look for a dead-end with a grate on it -- off to the right side
(looking from where you enter)
4, 5 -- in the fox room, a dead-end alley at the back of the room
6, 7 -- behind the dead guy who gives you the keycard
8 -- behind a crate in the keycard room -- it's in front of a chainlink fence
through which you can see the dead racing dog.
9 -- after crossing the lake which you fill with the taps, look between the
two keycard doors.
10 -- in the tunnel leading to the King Rat, nearby the piece of turd (look
in the red section)
11 -- also in the tunnel leading to the King Rat.  Look where the green
section changes into the blue section, it's off a little dead-end alley to the
12 -- on top of a turd plateau in the King Rat's chamber
13 -- behind the toilet in the King Rat's chamber
14, 15 -- behind the back two pillars near the exit
Tip for the battle with the fox family -- make sure you have all 4 rats
following you, then let all four of them get killed.  Take over a rat, and
the foxes are now much easier to destroy.  See "versus" section for details.
1 -- When you go outside, look to your left, behind a barrel.
2 -- Outside, beyond power cell 1.  It's around the pump mechanism.
3 -- On top of the hill outside, overlooking the souvenir (the burning rat)
4 -- In the bathroom, to the right of the ramp to the next room as you enter
What is with that guy with his legs sticking out of the toilet??
5, 6 -- on the platform with the switch opening the locked door
7, 8 -- in the Rat-O-Matic room on the floor.  7 is on the left edge, below a
steel pipe and 8 is on the right edge, under the bridge by the tube outlet.
Oddly enough, I am usually too chicken to take on the rat near the generators,
so I just let him blow the Rat-O-Matic up.  It works!
9, 10 -- inside the cages where the mice are held.
11-15 -- you get one Power Cell for each other mouse that you save.  Each one
leaves a cell behind as he passes through the tunnel to the exit.
If, in trying to get to the exit, the other mice get in your way, you can move
them just by pushing against them, or you can just kill them.  Seriously.

In this Star Fox 64-like stage, you (as a bi-plane dog) must:
a)Navigate through the blue rings -- they are generally in one flight path
b)Defeat four other bi-plane dogs (I know there are five in the first wave but
the next wave seems to happen after you've only killed four)
c)Defeat three rocket foxes.  Once you defeat the dogs, you may recharge your
life a limited amount -- go to the red flashing region.
Keep tabs on your life, as you really don't have much to spare.  Watch the
walls, too -- running into them can cause some damage.

Welcome to the Arctic section of Silicon Valley!  You obviously won't get much
traction here.
Animals to meet:Penguin(1, 3, 4, 5), Husky(1, 2), Rabbit(1, 2, 5),
Heli-Rabbit(2, 5), Walrus(2, 3, 6, B), Cool Cod(3, 6), Polar Bear Tank(3, 6)
Ski Husky(3, 4, 5), Seagull(3), King Penguin(4, 5), Polar Bear(4)

**SNOW JOKE(1)**
1 -- go to the left of the entrance and look on an overhang -- down a hill
from the TV terminal
2 -- on top of a hill to the left of the TV terminal
3 -- on top of the ice slide
4 -- on a snowbank near the top of the ice slide
5 -- on top of one of the four posts encircling the snowblower hole
6 -- on top of a hill near the snowblower and computer thingy
BTW, what does the computer thingy DO???????
(Besides make the screen shake when you get near it?)
7 -- on top of another hill closer to the computer thingy
8 -- on the hill with the computer thingy
9, 10 -- on a mesa-like platform to the left of the computer thingy -- it has
a rabbit, a crate and a tree on it.
11 -- on a bridge leading to the big mountain
12 -- on the platform just below the top of the mountain
13, 14 -- on top of the big mountain -- has a free tour as well
15 -- across from the light switch (below the bridge with PC 11)
And you all knew you don't technically HAVE to turn off the lights to get the
souvenir -- the orange platform is still there, and it's cool to see an
invisible platform carrying you to nowhere land.
1 -- on top of the platform in front of and to the left of the entrance -- use
a rabbit!
2 -- on top of another platform behind the first -- you don't need a rabbit.
3 -- on an ice ledge -- you have to go down a little
4 -- on the top of the mountain where you use the ice ledges
5 -- in front of the entrance to the walrus area
6 -- on the center snowy area of the walrus zone
7, 8 -- on top of a ledge with the TV terminal on the side
9 -- in the water which you jump to get the scientist head
10 -- below a speaker in the walrus area
11 -- nearby the scientist head in the walrus area
12 -- near a crystal-like ice structure and a crate in the walrus area
13 -- near a tree, a crate, and a speaker in the walrus area
14 -- on a ledge just over the bottomless pit -- where you get the scientist
15 -- nearby another tree and a wall in the walrus area
(I know these descriptions stink, but most of them are easy to get.)
1 -- on the platform near the start, where you have to jump across the lake --
surrounded by a fence
2, 3 -- floating above the lake -- possess a cod to get them
4 -- near the dead walrus
5 -- just before you slide down the ice slope, look to your left
Speaking of the ice slope, why does one penguin say "I love you" to you
immediately before it goes down the slope?  Am I the only person who is
freaked by that?
6, 7 -- on ledges opposite the slide -- use your umbrella!
8, 9 -- when you land from the ice slide, turn right and go to the ice area.
The cells are in opposite corners
10 -- on the peak of the husky jump
11 -- on a ledge with a speaker, just after making the jump with the husky
12 -- on the ice bridge leading to the seagull
13 -- on the platform where you attack the seagull
14 -- in a cul-de-sac near the exit
You also knew that you only have to carry 3 penguins up to the exit switches,
yourself standing on the fourth, right?
15 -- just above the ledge with the souvenir -- same side as the ice slide
(conveniently, it's right next to where you killed the seagull)
1 -- Behind the entrance teleporter.
2-5 -- Hidden in the large snowballs near the polar bears.  Use penguin
snowballs or husky missiles to crack them open.
6, 7 -- See that sliding platform nearby the polar bears?  Take control of a
polar bear, then roll up into a ball and get in front of that platform before
it starts to move -- you will shatter the ice and get power cell 6.  Rinse and
repeat for power cell 7.
8 -- on top of the first mesa-like platform near the penguins.
9 -- on top of the third mesa-like platform -- along with a singing penguin.
10 -- on top of the huge central platform.
11 -- near a platform with a note on it and a ramp -- this is in a canyon
behind the start.
12 -- near the speaker in the polar bear area
13, 14 -- on the small ring-like platform around the exit tower
15 -- hovering above and behind the keyboard
1 -- turn left from the start and look for a speaker, PC 1 is by there
2 -- at the peak of the first mountain
3 -- on the ground between talking to the first bunny and the first husky
4 -- after the first husky, look for an area where light shines down and jet
up there for cell number 4.
5 -- on the ground immediately after 4
6 -- similar to 4, but you need to get up on another platform first
7 -- on top of a peak in the same vicinity as 6
8 -- behind the back ice pillar in the region after the one with 6 and 7 in it
9, 10 -- on top of a raised platform just after 8
11 -- on top of a mesa with a gun turret immediately after 9 and 10
12 -- on the ground in the region with the two heli-rabbits
13 -- high in the air in the region with the two heli-rabbits -- it's on a
high platform on the left side of the room, with a gun turret just below it.
14 -- in the bunnies' safe haven at the end of the level
15 -- inside the gun turret operation room, on the top level with the TV
For your information, the first bunny you meet (the one who asks "Are they
dead yet?") and the heli-rabbits do NOT count towards the souvenir.  Just the
bunnies in the safe haven.
1 -- go around the pillar that's behind you at the start
2 -- near the skull and the trapped fish.
3 -- around the pillar with the mine layer (what you use to kill the walrus)
4, 5 -- near the wheel that controls the drainage system (changes water level)
and the other trapped fish.
Sadist or not, you've got to love draining the water and then watching your
score increase as hordes of cod are drowned in the open air.
6 -- inside the igloo in front of the Big Door.
Don't touch the jellyfish in front of the Big Door!  That sucker HURTS!!!
(Especially because there are no energy powerups in this stage -- but it's not
one where they're really required.)
7-10 -- inside the treasure chest nearby the thing that changes the water
level.  To open this chest, you must go into the room in front of the Big
Door, then look in the igloo at the floor.  There is a skeletal fish there --
run into it, it's a SKELETON KEY!  You can now open that chest.
11 -- on the floor of the ocean, near a big skeletal fish, the door to the
polar bear area, and the ramp leading towards yet another trapped fish.
12, 13 -- near that trapped fish I mentioned before.
14, 15 -- nearby the Free Tour -- go a little beyond the location of 11.
it's interesting to note that you can get all 15 cells and the souvenir and
free all four fish without having to change animals or the water level.

As a walrus, you must defeat the yellow and green walruses (walri?) in a race.
You can gain a speed boost by running into a ball with an up arrow on it, but
you'll wipe out if you touch the pink buoys.  This isn't that tough, just
always hit the boost balls and watch your turbo on the corners -- remember,
the walrus doesn't handle all that well.  And no, shooting your enemies is
ineffective -- you probably couldn't even hit them if you needed to.

You then enter the tropical section of town.  Amazon, anybody?
Animals to meet:Turtle Tank(1, 2), Elephant(1, 2, 4, 5), Hyena(1, 2, 3, 4),
Pirhana(1, 4), Hippo(2), Parrot(2, 4), Turtle Racer(3, 5), Gorilla(3, 4, 5),
Lion(4), Chameleon(5), Hyena Biker(5)
All of these enemies (minus the Turtle Tank) appear in the bonus stage.

A bit of terminology here -- the "higher area" refers to the platform with
the two elephants and the air pump switch.  The "lower area" is the region
with the two hyenas, the lake, and the trees.
1 -- turn right from the start and look in a corner
2 -- between the two trees just before crossing the first bridge
3 -- turn left after crossing the first bridge and look behind the second tree
4, 5 -- looking from the first bridge, look to the left, on the ledge -- go
all the way to the left to encounter a secret garden.  Just like in the
Battery Farm, pull the switch to make the plants grow, two of which will yield
Power Cells.  To clarify the location of the ledge, it's behind the air pump
switch.  Jump on top of it and go away from the pass with the three boulders.
6 -- on a ledge to the right side of the large platform with the air pump
switch.  It's pretty high up and may require a stepping stool.
7 -- on a low platform in the "lower area" towards the left side.
8 -- from 7, jump to another platform, then a ledge connected to the wall for
number 8!
9 -- from 7, jump to the platform I mentioned before, then into a tree's
10 -- from 9, make a jump to a nearby tree's leaves (actually two platforms)
11, 12 -- near the souvenir -- it's in the back of the stage, and you need to
use the air pump as an elevator, then jump to an area that looks metallic,
followed by a jump on leaves sticking out of the wall, then finally the
souvenir in a compass-like area.
13, 14 -- from that metallic area I mentioned above, go to the wall and go
forward until you see 13 and 14 on a platform nearer the "higher area."
15 -- by the exit
1, 2 -- on top of the tree nearby the energy powerups.
3 -- on top of the tree near the wooden platforms.
4, 5 -- underwater in the log ride -- use the hippo!
By the way, a semi-effective way of killing said hippo is to get on his back
and start laughing.  It may be tough to get there, but you don't have to
avoid his attacks and your laugh will always hit him!  It works better on the
elephants later on.
6, 7 -- on top of the tree stumps in the ditch with the elephants.  Kill the
elephants and use them as stepping stools, both for these cells and also to
get out of the ditch.
8 -- on top of the hill just after the ditch
9 -- near 8, behind a raised dais with a plant on it
10 -- inside the tunnel leading to the lava area
11 -- turn right as you enter the lava area -- easy to miss!!
12 -- after passing the first moving ledge in lava area
13 -- after the lava area, nearby the TV terminal
14, 15 -- after crossing invisible bridge, look behind trees
1 -- Inside the right sewer pipe
2 -- Inside the left sewer pipe (with the souvenir -- press R to exit your
host and go through the grate)
3, 4 -- On a raised platform near the left sewer pipe
5, 6 -- after taking over a hyena, jump on the right bank (looking from where
you enter the hyena area) and go to the far edge of that.
7 -- from the right bank (see above), jump down to a platform below.  There
are some smaller platforms nearby -- you are "supposed" to jump to this
platform from the hyena area.
8 -- after controlling a gorilla, wade into the swamp (there's a ramp on the
gorilla area leading into it, just follow that)
9 -- On the platform with the Magic Rope, go beyond the Magic Rope all the way
to the edge of the platform.
10, 11 -- hang near the tops of the vines.  Look near the second tree.
12-15 -- These are suspended in mid-air and require the Magic Rope to obtain.
One is from the Magic Rope junction to the next one, one is from the exit
junction to the junction near Power Cell 7 (see above), and two are from
junction PC7 (the one I just mentioned) to the platform with the Magic Rope.
These are probably the most diffcult cells to get in the game!!!  No tips,
just hope you're at the right level.  I don't remember really having to
swing to the right or left at any time.
1, 2 -- In the tree stump with the red glowing platform.
3 -- on a flower-like ledge above the TV terminal
4 -- see that stack of 3 logs below the elephant?  Look on the back log.
5 -- back behind the log structure mentioned above -- it's between the center
log and the wall.
6 -- when going up the first ramp to the mountaintop, drop off the back side
to an alcove with PC 6.  For clarification, climb up the ramp that leads from
that 3-log structure, and walk past the metal block.
7 -- after getting the hyena across the stepping stones, jump across the gap
to your left.
8 -- right above 7.
9 -- below the ramp into the pirhana lake
10 -- behind the wooden door in the pirhana lake
11 -- underwater, in the channels before the bridge switch
12 -- on a skinny peninsula overlooking the pirhana lake
13 -- below a ledge just before you reach the parrot
14, 15 -- Underwater, near the exit teleporter -- use the elephant!
Speaking of using the elephant, our favorite pachyderm allows you to get the
souvenir here with ease.
1, 2 -- directly to your left is a small cave, enter it as the turtle to get 2
and a crate.
3 -- in front of the ramp to the elephant
4, 5 -- turn left from 3 and pick up the key near the hyenas
6 -- in a cave near the exit and a second elephant -- also has a crate in it.
7 -- under the big log which you have to jump as the turtle / hyena
8 -- after jumping over the first log on the treetop area (with the two blue
rings and the elephant)
9 -- in front of the tree with the leaf platform that you have to jump on to
10 -- by the gorillas, off to one side
11 -- from the central tree stump (with the speaker on one side), jump off
towards the crate on the ground and the two steel platforms
12-15 -- around the tree with the silver key (from the key platform, swing on
two vines until you can reach it)

This stage is annoying!  You are going after EVO, who decided not to listen
to your directions, possess a chameleon, and retreat into the jungle
surroundings.  Not being happy at all with this, Dan Danger decides to take
out his aggression on the innocent (sort of) jungle animals.  You are equipped
with a security camera that shoots arrows, double arrows, red arrows, and
rockets(my favorite).  You are confined to a single track, although you may
turn in any direction you want.  You gain points by destroying animals.  Big
animals are only worth a few hundred, but the smaller, faster animals
(chameleon, parrot, pirhana, turtle racer) can be worth up to a thousand!
You need about 12,000 points to advance.  If you finish the first part
successfully, you encounter EVO (still as the chameleon).  You must defeat him
in a two-stage battle -- first sniping at him through a window, then around
the entrance teleporter.  As he cannot return fire (short-ranged attacks,
yes!), it's only a matter of time before he goes down.  If you kill him twice
you win.  To be noted: scoring excessively high (in the range of 13 to 14
thousand) seems to allow you to skip the first part of the battle.  Or maybe
this happens if you kill the chameleons in the first room...

Out of the jungle, into the oven.  Have fun!
Animals to meet:Armed Fox(1, 4, 5), Camel(1, B), Vulture(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6),
Cannon Camel(2, 5, B), Spinning Fox(2, 3, 6), Scorpion(2, 3), Kangaroo(3, 4,
5, B), Pogo Kangaroo(6)

1 -- on the island that you see in front of you -- USE A CAMEL because foxes
don't like water.
2 -- from the start, cross the bridge, kill the camel, then go up the ramp to
your right and come back around to the left.
3 -- from 2, jump the gap and keep walking forward until you see it.
4, 5 -- on top of platforms -- go behind the entrance, then climb up a dirt
ramp to a spectacle rock-shaped platform, then get 4 and 5
6 -- on top of a platform near the pyramid -- it has a speaker and a crate.
Use a fox to make the jump from Spectacle Rock (sorry Link :)
7-11 -- on the pyramid.  7 is on top and 8-11 are each on a different side.
12-13 -- on the two outcroppings near the door to the oil area.
14 -- near the valve thingy farthest from the exit
15 -- on the platform with the vulture
1 -- on a sandy platform with a cactus nearby the start
2, 3 -- on the "vulture shrine" area by the start
4, 5 -- in front of the tomb by the first X/O switch
6 -- inside scorpion's nest -- take the righthand entrance and it's right in
front of you
7 -- from 6, turn left, then right.
8 -- by the X/O switch inside the nest
9 -- from the left entrance to the nest, turn right at corner
By the way, speaking of the scorpion's nest, you knew you can see its layout
from outside by looking at which parts of the ground are raised, right?  Good.
10 -- out in the open, nearby the X/O lake and the speaker
11, 12 -- in a canyon behind the third X/O switch
13-15 -- near the exit -- 13 and 14 are on the left side and 15 is on the
right side (with the speaker)
1 -- on a platform right in front of you at the entrance -- use a kangaroo!!
2 -- up the first ramp, turn right
3 -- behind the entrance -- go left from first ramp and go to lower level
4 -- cross 3-platform bridge to island with free tour
5 -- on a divider in front of the entrance
6, 7 -- under the metal bridge -- use a vulture!
8, 9 -- on top of platforms after the metal bridge
10 -- on the divider between the kangaroo area and the exit
11 -- below and behind the aforementioned divider
12 -- on the platform near the exit -- where the souvenir appears
13 -- in the back corner, near the exit
14 -- on a triangle-shaped ledge, in range of the free tour area -- same
region as 10/11
15 -- above the second square platform, near 14
1, 2 -- in the area with the 3 ribs and the dashing dinosaurs, just on the
floor.  Don't get dashed!
3 -- after passing the 3 flaming dinosaurs, look for it near a blue dinosaur
who doesn't do anything.
4 -- on a raised platform across from the dinosaur skull
5 -- back in the rib area (same as 1, 2) -- look in a little alcove between
two raised platforms
6 -- after crossing the first pair of ribs as the kangaroo
7 -- after crossing the second pair of ribs
8 -- from the platform with 7, jump down to a little sidewall around the hole
9 -- in the hole with the two rolling boulders around it -- please use a
vulture if you value your life!
10 -- after crossing the last pair of ribs and a skinny walkway
11 -- on the platform with the vultures
12, 13 -- on a raised platform immediately beyond the vulture platform
14 -- on a big pointy platform overlooking the arena with the kangaroo
15 -- on a big round platform nearby 14, only lower (whew)
1 -- behind you at the start
2 -- near the area with the crosswinds, look for a trapezoid-shaped
platform near the back wall.  Then go behind it.
3 -- below the metal bridge
4 -- after crossing the metal bridge, on a platform to your left.
5 -- just below the platform with the two foxes
6 -- in sight of 5, down on the first level.
7 -- on a platform in the vicinity of 5 and 6, near the patrolling scorpion
8 -- floating in the air between the starting area and the island with the
two foxes
9 -- from the entrance, go all the way to the end, up the ramp, then jump up
one level -- PC 9 is right in front of you.
10 -- up one level from 9
11 -- high in the air, above that "Exit Search" camera
12, 13 -- after getting the kangaroo, the first level of the vultures'
14 -- above a tall platform near the exit mountain
15 -- by the kangaroo area, nearby a platform that extends up to infinity.
1 -- behind you at the start.  It's a two-step platform, and the cell is
floating out behind it.
2 -- floating down the river, look for a small sandy platform -- please spin
to this platform!
3 -- on a ledge just before you get to the waterfall
4, 5 -- on a ledge to the left after you drop down the waterfall.
6, 7 -- on top of the two pillars that you have to step on to raise the other
two pillars -- their sides are white and yellow squares.
8 -- in an alcove between those two pillars
9 -- along the sand bridge that's present when you first get to the shifting
sands -- after changing the level once, you can jump to it.
10 -- on top of a pillar near the tent
11 -- on top of the tent
12 -- in the depression that appears when you change the level -- has 4
pillars and is where you get the souvenir
13 -- on one of the columns near the tent
14 -- nestled in a corner near the two kangaroos
15 -- on top of the exit structure
Incidentally, notice the progression that most Desert missions take.  Start as
a fox, or a camel and have to kill a fox, then kill a kangaroo and finally a
vulture.  I guess DMA was really getting bored at this point.  Even the
souvenirs -- three of the six stages require you to kill all the scorpions,
and one requires you to kill all the foxes.

Hello and welcome to the Punch-Up Pyramid.  Today's matchup is a three-way
bout between EVO the Kangaroo and his rivals, Camel, Cannon Camel, and Kangaroo.
Obviously, you are EVO and you need to knock some sense into the other three.
You must defeat your enemies three times each.  After defeating an enemy once,
or after the 60-second round timer expires, you are given a break and an
energy powerup.  Helpful hints -- as you are a kangaroo you will want to get
close and hit your enemy hard, then run away and let your meter refill.
Versus the Cannon Camel -- Keep track of where that cannon's pointed!  Also,
if he starts to teleport, lay off the punching as you cannot hurt him.  Versus
your brother, keep in mind that if he starts punching and you move away, he
will keep punching although he just hits air.  After he runs out of punch
power get in and sock him!

that's all 390 cells.  Your reward in getting them is to see EVO gold instead
of silver in the last level.  Whoooppiie!!  Now I think I'll make some general
comments about the animals you'll see, use, and, of course, KILL!!!!!!

I have graded the animals on two levels:
Motion -- is the animal easy to get around?  Can it run/jump/swim?
Attack -- what's it like when you want to kill another animal?
Also, in the Versus section, I have some general tips for defeating this
animal, and more specific ones depending on any circumstances.

Motion -- C+ -- its only outstanding point is its ability to float in midair
Attack -- F -- ha!  it has no capacity to defend itself
Versus -- see above.  Anything can kill a sheep -- just be careful in case it
tries to get away from you.

Motion -- B -- not bad: kind of fast, decent jumper
Attack -- B- -- shortrange but pretty effective
Versus -- The only computerized dog you will find is in Have a Nice Day, and
you have no motive for killing this dog unless you feel cruel.  If you do,
you have to use your dog, so get behind it and start munching!

Motion -- A- -- fast, but a little hard to control
Attack -- C+ -- its weapon is virtually useless, being terribly shortrange and
hard to control
Versus -- you will kill a mouse in Rat-o-Matic, using a fox.  No real
strategy, just bore in and kill him!  He dies soon enough.

Racing Dog
Motion -- A- -- very fast but little boost power, also can't jump
Attack -- A -- nasty homing missiles & a good deal of them
Versus -- in Battery Farm, use the crushing hay bale.  In the Engine Room, get
in close with your fox when he tries to run away and dish it out to him.  On
Fat Bear Mountain, lead the ram to him and let them duke it out.  If he kills
the ram, possess it and then kill him.

Fox / Fox with Wheels
(The only difference is the addition / lack of wheels)
Motion -- B+ -- wheeled is faster, but both have good handling / speed --
teleport is nice too
Attack -- B -- shortrange, but it's damned useful
Versus -- against the legged fox, use the spring sheep to kill him in one
hit.  In the Stinky Sewers, blow him up with the barrels and your mines.  In
Rat-o-Matic, you're better off in a normal rat -- just drive in a straight
line and lay mines.  However, make sure you've killed all the rats first!

Spring Sheep
Motion -- C -- can jump higher than normal sheep but can't float -- also can't
walk (but at least that prevents it from sliding down hills)
Attack -- B- -- finally!  it has a secret spin attack (hit jump when in air)
that can do a good deal of damage to enemies.
Versus -- you will face these only in Rocky Hard Place, where you can simply
approach them and slap away with your tail -- they'll run, but big deal.

Motion -- C -- not that great of a jumper & can't float
Attack -- C -- its headbash is too short-range and uses too much energy
Versus -- you will basically have to bore in against these guys, unless
you are a racing dog, in which case you can keep your distance and fire away.

Motion -- C- -- this thing oughta have wheels -- slow & can't jump (except
when using frenzy)
Attack -- B- -- only shortrange but God forbid you should get that close
Versus -- Never, ever get near him.  You are using the racing dog, right?

Motion -- B- -- not that great speed but at least it's decent
Attack -- B -- mines and bite require some thought but they're effective
Versus -- attack these guys as the racing dog whenever possible.  If you are
the fox or the mouse, you will have to suck it in and dive for the attack.  If
you are another rat, try to trick them into running into your mines.  If you
can't do that, and there are dead rats around, bite it a few times then switch
rats so the computer "forgets" you attacked it.

Spring Ram
Motion -- C -- just like Spring Sheep
Attack -- B -- has both spin move and head bash
Versus -- see spring sheep except you should expect to take some damage.

King Rat
Motion -- C -- slow & a big target
Attack -- D+ -- its fart doesn't do much and army attack is only useful if
other rats are nearby -- at least it's got some armor
Versus -- kill a rat first then possess it and go after the king, as its fart
gas is useless against you.  Just make sure to take out the five rats first.

Bi-Plane Dog
Motion -- B+ -- not that fast but at least you have three dimensions to dodge
Attack -- C+ -- its guns don't do much and the bombs are useless
Versus -- use their weak spots!  They aren't that fast.  As a bi-plane, use
the turnaround maneuver to catch them off guard after they pass you.  As EVO,
follow them with your rocket and zap them from behind.

Rocket Fox (I have this in here even though you never get to use it)
Motion -- A+ -- very fast and hard to hit
Attack -- A- -- seems to have powerful homing missiles
Versus -- tough to say.  These guys are a pain to kill as EVO, since they keep
zipping off, but do your best.  As the bi-plane, keep in mind that they seem
to have a fairly slow re-fire rate, so give a frontal charge after they fire!

Motion -- B- -- jumps low and isn't very fast -- although it swims well & has
umbrella move
Attack -- C+ -- snowballs are very ineffective & you don't get too many
Versus -- as penguins have a weak attack, you can basically disregard it
completely and just blast the suckers.  One thing that is unfair is that
computer penguins seem to be able to throw snowballs at several trajectories.

Motion -- B- -- it's fast and it jumps well, but has problems with hills
Attack -- B- -- just like Doggy's bite
Versus -- keep on a hill and attack downwards.

Motion -- B- -- can only jump, but it does that well
Attack -- D- -- the thump attack is next to useless (you can kill sheep with
it, if you met any)
Versus -- charge them as they start to thump the ground and they will abort
the attack and run.  Start biting them!!!

Motion -- A -- love it!  It can be slow to readjust to new heights, but it's
great beyond that
Attack -- B+ -- hard to aim and you don't get too many bombs, but they are
Versus -- you never see computer heli-rabbits except in Hoppa Choppa, and you
aren't threatened by those ones.  However, you can butt-stomp them with the
King Penguin, although it requires the patience of Job.  I have done this,
and it enables you to blow up the gun turrets without turning them on.  For
those of us who lack that kind of persistence, merely possess a ski husky
(which you have to butt-stomp using the King Penguin), then hide in the niche
to the side of the raised platform and shoot missiles.  The rabbits will
still not attack you.

Motion -- C+ -- it handles poorly on land, but decent enough in water
Attack -- C+ -- although its missiles are very powerful, you get two per meter
(which refills slowly), and they aren't accurate at all.
Versus -- although computer walruses aren't that rare of a sight, your life
will not really be endangered by any of them.  In Ice n' Easy Does It, you
can just bomb away without much fear of retribution, and in Something Fishy,
the walrus will simply follow a preprogrammed path without attacking at all.

Cool cod
Motion -- B+ -- swims well enough in water, but please stay IN WATER!!!
Attack -- F -- shares the pacifist award with sheep
Incidentally, if you press B to jump, then press B while in midair, you will
do a lunge forward.  Wow.  The Pirhana has the same move.
Versus -- just chuck your snowballs away, as the cod cannot fight back.

Polar Bear Tank
Motion -- C+ -- very slow, but you won't ever lose traction
Attack -- B+ -- great attacks, but you don't get too many shots
Versus -- in Penguin Playpen, lure the Ski Husky over to duel with him, then
possess the loser (usually the husky) and finish up.  You will want to keep
your distance.  In Something Fishy, make every shot count.  You need only
about three missiles, so you'll have to survive its attacks while you reload.
Try to get in close, fire two, then run and recharge while it shows its ire.

Ski Husky
Motion -- B+ -- fast, but slippery -- keep the boost on!
Attack -- A -- lots o' homing missiles
Versus -- in Penguin Playpen, lure it to the Polar Bear Tank to meet its
destiny.  In Hoppa Choppa, either butt-stomp them with the King Penguin
(enabling you to take one over in an undercover mission), or bomb away with
the Heli-Rabbit.

Motion -- B -- it flies, at least...
Attack -- C- -- ha!  only if enemy is stupid enough to stand around
Versus -- unload missiles on it when it gets low to the ground.

King Penguin
Motion -- A- -- great booster rocket!
Attack -- C -- you can only attack by using butt-stomp:try landing on an enemy
(stationary if possible).  It's pretty powerful, but only if the enemy is
standing still.  Your Penguin Army Call is not too useful, especially if there
are no other penguins around.  (Which is usually the case.)
Versus -- just missile the sucker!  He has no defense of his own.

Polar Bear
Motion -- C+ -- slow and can't jump that high
Attack -- C- -- shortrange, which does not befit a slow Polar Bear!
Versus -- try some hit-and-run action.  Shoot him, then run away and wait for
him to go back to sleep before you come back.  He won't attack normally
if you're a penguin, but would you rather be detected early or have to throw
10,000 snowballs?

Turtle Tank
Motion -- B -- not excessively fast, but has great control
Attack -- A- -- very easy to aim and does some damage
Versus -- use the elephant and water his butt off. 

Motion -- C- -- running at top speed is about same speed as walking
Attack -- B -- mostly shortrange stuff but pretty powerful
Versus -- in Jungle Japes, snipe at the elephants from the bridge.  In Jungle
Jumps, get in close with the turtle and he'll try to run away, but fail, being
a big slow lug.  Then hit and release the attack button repeatedly.  The
elephants in Jungle Doldrums won't fight back, so no problem.

Motion -- A- -- jumps very well and is pretty fast
Attack -- B -- laughing is fairly effective (stuns enemy and damages him), but
uses up a lot of power.
Versus -- in Jungle Japes, wait for them to get close before unloading a slew
of shells.  In Swamp of Eternal Stench, try the strategy I mentioned above for
the elephant in Jungle Jumps.  In Weight for It, get as close as you can
before unloading the roar so you do mega damage.  They won't fight back!  In
any case, if you start laughing, run away, or use your shell hide!

Motion -- B+ -- moves just like the Cool Cod
Attack -- B+ -- shortrange, but powerful -- too bad you never get to use it.
Versus -- use the hyena and make them laugh in Jungle Japes, but use the
rising and lowering platform to drown the first one in Weight for It.  Then
ignore the other pirhanas.

Motion -- C -- slow, but a little faster than the elephant
Attack -- B+ -- deadly spit and dangerous mines -- again, though, you never
get to use it.
Versus -- time your jumps so you leap over his spit.  He has a pattern, but if
you get hit with the snot, you lose between a quarter and a half of your life!

Motion -- A- -- easy to control, and it flies too!
Attack -- B- -- divebombing is fun and supposed to be powerful, but you don't
get to try it.  Also, it's tough to aim -- predict your enemies' movements!
Versus -- either stage, keep moving when he's in the air, then open fire when
he comes down.

Turtle racer
Motion -- A -- control is great and so is speed -- plenty of boost
Attack -- B- -- not that much fun to ram people with your shell -- try getting
close, then rapidly press / release attack button for more effectiveness.
Versus -- You never have to kill a turtle racer.  Rejoice!

Motion -- C- -- slow, can't jump well (except with spin)
Attack -- C- -- ugh.  Just like Polar Bear.  Luckily it extends your jump...
Versus -- make sure you jump just before he touches down with the spin.  This
is no concern in Jungle Jumps, where you can simply open fire from a moderate
distance without worrying about that.

Motion -- B+ -- good jumper, fairly fast -- reminds you of Hyena
Attack -- A -- roar is superbly effective at close range
Versus -- You never see a computer lion.  All right!

Motion -- C+ -- slow, can't jump at all
Attack -- C+ -- you have to be in an enemy's face to use it!  And it's not
that powerful.
Versus -- using the elephant, close in and water him until he gets too close,
then turn around and walk away.  He will do the same.  Rinse and repeat.

Hyena Biker
Motion -- B- -- it's fast, but it slips too much -- boost also doesn't last too
Attack -- A+ -- you get tons of missiles!!!!!!
Versus -- use the elephant and water him!  Unlike the other animals, hyenas
will not attack from the outset.  After killing one, take him over and then
blast number two.

Armed Fox
Motion -- B- -- not too fast, jumps fairly low
Attack -- B+ -- nice 3-shot attack, and you can use it fairly often
Versus -- in Fun in the Sun, get behind the foxes (being a fox yourself), and
open fire.  Only a few shots will kill them.  No real strategy in Whirlwind
Tour, just keep in mind that your shells hurt more than theirs.

Motion -- C+ -- slow, poor jumper
Attack -- C+ -- short-ranged, too weak
Versus -- stay as close as possible and blast him repeatedly.

Motion -- B- -- even though it flies, it has terrible lift capabilities.
Attack -- C- -- just like seagull attack
Versus -- wait until he gets near ground before you let a few shots fly.

Cannon Camel
Motion -- C- -- can't even jump -- just teleport which takes a few seconds to
set up
Attack -- B -- nice powerful attack -- a little hard to aim, though
Versus -- With the exception of the bonus stage, you never see a computer
camel.  In that case, look several screens up to see my take on it.

Spinning Fox
Motion -- B- -- just like Armed Fox
Attack -- C -- only useful against slow-moving targets (luckily, nobody moves
terribly fast in the desert) - but using it too much can make you "dizzy" and
screw up your controls.  However, use the spin attack to cross water without
taking damage!
Versus -- Paste them to the floor with a salvo of shots with your cannon!  If
they get close, you're in trouble.

Motion -- C+ -- very slow, no jumping capabilities.
Attack -- B+ -- lightning is good from a distance and claws are effective
close!  But both take a lot of energy to use.
Versus -- as the cannon camel, run away and fire behind you to cover your
escape.  As the spinning fox, go all out over them.  And my personal
favorite is the undercover attack, as a scorpion!  Get behind them and
zap them three times with lightning (after number three, they get the idea
and start attacking), then finish them off with a claw attack or two.
Better yet, snipe at them from a high ledge and they'll be unable to
return fire.

Motion -- A- -- very high jumper (of course), and pretty fast, too
Attack -- B -- very close range, and uses a lot of power
Versus -- keep your distance!  In Borassic Park, stay away from the dinosaurs.
Take on the 'roo in Whirlwind Tour from the staircase platform located away
from its ring unless you feel like playing tag.

Pogo Kangaroo
Motion -- B+ -- must jump to move, but it jumps pretty high
Attack -- B- -- hard to aim, but it has some range to it
Versus -- not much to say as they really don't fight back.

And finally, the final "animal", robot EVO...
Motion -- A- -- slow, but rocket is fairly effective -- some animals (Racing
Dog, Rocket Fox) can outrun you with ease, but you can catch up.
Attack -- A++ -- can kill animals within 5 seconds of exposure to laser!!!!
No joke!!!
Versus -- luckily, you never have to face any computer controlled EVO's.

Also in the final level is a frog.  It seems to be a combination of the
rabbit's inability to move without jumping, and the chamelon's tongue attack.
In other words, not too much of a challenge to destroy.

Version history
v1.0 (6/23/00) -- the first thing!

This document is copyright 2000 by Mark Goetz.  If you are going to use this 
document or any part of it, please give me credit and don't change any of it!
Other than I don't care what you do.

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