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Turok: Rage Wars


I, Gergall, am looking for someone, anyone, who can help me out.

The first person who emails me with a complete list of all 
their name(or nickname, your choice) added to both the top and
bottom of this FAQ.

Don't forget the last medal, the 2 Player Co-op medal, which
can only be earned by players with the glitch-free version of
Rage Wars.

My email address is

Thanks for your time.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled FAQ...

  __________________                     _________           _
 /                 /_   __  _______     / _______ \      _  / |
/______     ______// | |  ||   _   |   / /   |   \ \    / ||  |
       |   |      /  | |  ||  | |  |  / /    |    \ \  |  ||  |
       |   |      |  | |  ||  |/   / / /     |     \ \ |  |/  /
       |   |      |  | |  ||      / | |______|______| ||     /_
       |   |      |  | |  ||  |\  \ | |      |      | ||   _   | 
       |   |      |  | |  ||  | \  \ \ \     |     / / |  | |  |
       |   |      |  |_|  ||  |  \  \ \ \    |    / /  |  | |  |
       |   |      \_______||__|   \  \ \ \___|___/ /   |__| \  |
       |  /                        `-.\ \_________/          \_|
       | /                
              _   __   ___  ___            __   _   __
             | \ |  | |    |        |   | |  | | \ |  
             |-/ |__| | __ |--      | | | |__| |-/ `--. 
             | \ |  | |__| |___     |_|_| |  | | \  __|

FAQ by Gergall aka Greg
Text art by Grant Parr

Hi, and thanks for taking a moment to read this paragraph 
before moving on to the FAQ.  You can email me your 
questions, comments, and suggestions at  This FAQ provides a list of known 
secrets in the game, and in-depth strategies for beating 
your friends.  All of this FAQ was written by me, Gergall, 
except where otherwise noted, which is extremely rare 
because I like to keep everything original.

Table of Contents

1. 	Updates
2. 	Secrets + Items
	-Cheat Codes
	-Hidden Characters
3. 	Weapons Strategies
	-The Magnum
	-The Shotgun
	-The Assault Rifle
	-The Minigun
	-The Flare Gun
	-Plasma Rifle
4. 	Single Player Strategies
5. 	Team Strategies
      -Freeze and Burst
      -Energy Into Health
      -Flare Trap
      -Advanced Flare Trap

 _   _   ____    ____     ___   _______   _____   _____
| | | | |  _ \  |  _ \   /   \ |__   __| |  ___| /  ___|
| | | | | |_| | | | | | |  _  |   | |    | |__   | |___
| | | | |  __/  | | | | | |_| |   | |    |  __|  \___  \
| |_| | | |     | |_| | |  _  |   | |    | |___   ___| |
\_____| |_|     |____/  |_| |_|   |_|    |_____| |_____/

12/17: Work begins on FAQ.  Secrets and Items section 
created and, for the most part, done.  Its just missing the 
specific achievement medals, of which there are 
approximately 10.  Weapons Strategies section has been 
started but not finished.  Other sections unfinished.

12/18:  Updated Cheat Code RequirementsÖI had actually made 
a slight mistake, but now I've got it figured out.  Also 
added Shotgun to Weapon's Strategies.  And I added some 

12/18: Second Update of the day.  I have now figured out 
the exact requirements of each cheat code.  I also updated 
the skins section to include the first 6 skins that are 
earned.  I now have ranks going up to and including 12 

12/18: Third Update today.  More ranks and skins added.

12/18 Fourth + Final Update of the day:  Yet another rank 
and skin added, as well as several more medals.  The Team 
Strategies section is beginning to growÖ

12/20:  Added a couple of ranks and skins.  Assault Rifle 
added to Weapons Strategies.  Flare Trap added to Team 

12/30:  Sorry about that extended Christmas break!  I'm 
back in full form now with a new rank(Warlord) and two 
weapons added to weapon's strategies.

12/31:  Plasma Rifle added to weapons strategies.  
Advertisement for text art put at top of FAQ.  Read it!
(1/8 Note: Advertisement for text art has been removed).

1/8:  After a bit of difficulty, I've gotten the text art 
that I wanted for this FAQ.  Thanks goes to Grant Parr, who 
created it, and double thanks to him for figuring out that 
I had to set the font to Courier New in order to get it to 
work ;-)  Oh yeah, I fixed the alignment on some columns 
like the list of ranks and skins.

2/1:  Added the names of the skins to the skin list(which 
took me all of 5 minutes by looking them up in the game).
I promise a big update this weekend, filled with medals,
2 weapons strategies(Boomerang and Raptor), and hopefully
some other cool stuff.  If I am able to reinstall MS Word 
by then, I'll finally get to put in some updated(improved) 
text art by Grant Parr.  So sit tight, good update on its

2/6:  First, I updated Grant Parr's text art.  Next, I put 
a small request at the top of this FAQ that YOU should read.
Yes, you!  The boomerang was added to the Weapon Strategy section.
The Advanced Flare Trap was added to the Team Strategy section.

 _____   _____   _____   ____    _____   _______   _____
/  ___| |  ___| /  ___| |  _ \  |  ___| |__   __| /  ___|
| |___  | |__   | |     | |_| | | |__      | |    | |___
\___  \ |  __|  | |     |    /  |  __|     | |    \___  \
 ___| | | |___  | |___  | |\ \  | |___     | |     ___| | 
|_____/ |_____| \_____| |_| \_\ |_____|    |_|    |_____/
                          | |
                       ___| |___
                      |___   ___|
                          | |
       _____   _______   _____   _    _   _____
      |_   _| |__   __| |  ___| | \  / | /  ___|
        | |      | |    | |__   |  \/  | | |___
        | |      | |    |  __|  | |\/| | \___  \
       _| |_     | |    | |___  | |  | |  ___| |
      |_____|    |_|    |_____| |_|  |_| |_____/

I'll list secrets as I discover them.  So far, here's 
everything I know:

Cheat Codes:  On the main menu, simply press the Z Button 
to access the Cheat Menu.  You must load a character into 
the game from your memory pack before you can use the cheat 
codes that the character has available.  Once you have 
turned a cheat on, it remains on until you switch off the 
game, so technically, your friends(or little brother) can 
load your character, turn on his cheat codes, and then play 
with the codes on using their own characters.  When playing 
Rage Wars, everyone's medals are pooled together to 
determine what cheat codes are available.  Even if each 
player individually has only 2 or 3 medals, this can be 
enough to use most of the cheat codes.  The cheats that you 
can get are:

Credits:  This shows you who made the game.  There are some 
jokes at the end of the credits if you are quick enough to 
read them.  You don't have to earn this so-called "cheat".

All Characters:  When activated, all characters in the game 
will be available for multiplayer games.  In addition, all 
characters will be available for single player trials, 
except for the 4 boss characters who don't have trials.  To 
turn on this cheat, ALL of the current players must COMBINE 
for a total of 6 medals.  So if you have 3 medals, and your 
friend has 3 medals, you should be able to use this code.

All Weapons:  This code should probably just be called 
"Chestburster Code", because it gives every player the 
ability to use the Chestburster.  To use this cheat, you 
and your friends must have a total of approximately 10 

Unlimited Ammo:  This code gives players unlimited bullets, 
energy, and explosive ammunition.  In particular, the 
minigun benefits a lot from this code because you can just 
fire nonstop and turn on the minigun shield too to make 
yourself an invincible killing machine.  The exact 
requirement is a total of 12 medals between everyone who is 

Extra Modes:  This code lets you play Time Trial and Frag 
Fest.  These 2 modes can also be earned by collecting a 
significant number of minigame icons(see below).  A grand 
total of 14 medals must be held by everyone who is 
currently loaded into the game.

Skins:  I haven't earned very many skins, but I can tell 
you how to get them yourself.  For every 2 medals that you 
earn, you receive one skin(another way to think of this is 
that each rank gives you a new skin).  The first skin you 
get is for Turok, the second is for Adon, the third is for 
Mantid Drone, the fourth is for Juggernaut, the fifth is 
for Campaigner and the sixth is for Fireborn.  The next two 
are Oblivion Spawn and Lord of the Dead.  At this point, 
you'll have an extra skin for each character in the top 
three rows.  Next up is an extra Raptor skin, followed by 
Elite Guard and then Mantid Soldier.  At this point, you'll 
start getting 2 skins per rank, but ranks will require more 
than 2 medals.  A Guardian skin and Mantid Mites skin will 
come together, and now you'll have 2 skins per character, 
except for the bosses, who don't have other skins.  To the 
best of my knowledge, each character has 2 skins to unlock, 
plus the original for a total of 3 per character.

Icons:  You earn minigame icons by playing the Single 
Player Trials.  When playing the Single Player Trials, 
visit every stage, even the ones that you don't need in 
order to beat the trial.  By doing this, you will 
occasionally receive a minigame icon at the end of a level.  
18 Minigame Icons will add TIME TRIALS to the main menu.  
In this mode, you and your friends can see who is the 
fastest fragger of them all by competing for the fastest 
time.  Compared to the multiplayer action of Rage Wars, 
though, this will seem kind of dumb.  36 minigame icons 
earns you the near-impossible FRAG FEST.  In case you are 
wondering, the answer is yes, I did beat every Frag Fest 
board, and no, you don't get anything for it(other than 
some pretty decent experienceÖI think I'm a lot better 
after having played through the whole thing).  The final 
Frag Fest battle pits you against Tal Set with weapons that 
are hard to hit him with(sorry, no Inflator, no Freeze Gun, 
and certainly no Chestburster)Öand you get only a single 
life.  Good luck!

Medals:  Medals are the final goal of every Rage Wars 
player.  They can be shown off to friends, and they earn 
nearly everything that there is to earn.  In order to earn 
a medal, you must be playing in multiplayer, with 4 
exceptions(see below).  In other words, there are 50 
medals, and 46 of them are in multiplayer.  You can't earn 
medals against just bots.  There must be at least one other 
human player, or you won't get a medal no matter how good 
you are.

4 Medals can be earned in the One Player Trials.  There is 
one for each boss.  You get a medal for the first time you 
beat Bastille, the first time you beat the Syra/Warclubs 
team, the first time you beat Symbiont, and the first time 
you beat Tal Set.

Apparently, as many as 36 medals are "Achievement" awards 
that you earn by performing exceptionally well on a certain 
stage.  For example, I won The Pit Achievement Award when I 
completely dominated my friends on The Pit level.  I am 
pretty sure that each level has an achievement medal to 
earn, but I don't know for sure because I personally only 
have about 15 of them.

The rest of the medals are based on specific 
accomplishments.  I have earned one of these, called the 
Total Frag Award, which you receive for having a grand 
total of 1000 frags. There is also the Total Death Award, 
for reaching a grand total of 1000 deaths.  Two other 
medals that fall into this category that I recently earned 
are 25 frags in 10 minutes, and 15 frags in 5 minutes.  A 
very impressive medal that my brother has earned is for NOT 
BEING KILLED IN AN ENTIRE ROUND.  No, you can't get this 
medal by playing a one minute round, either.  You'll really 
need to be out there racking up frags.  Good luck with 
that.  In addition, now is a good time for me to mention 
that some medals are earned for playing exceptionally 
poorly.  For example, my brother has an award for killing 
himself 5 times in a single match.  Even though I would 
love to get this medal or any other medal, I refuse to 
intentionally kill myself 5 times, so it probably isn't 
going to happen for a while. ;-)

2 Medals Give a Rank:          And This is Your Reward:
0 Medals- Novice               No Extra Skins
2 Medals- Newcomer             Turok "Warrior" Skin
4 Medals- Grunt                Adon "Seeker" Skin
6 Medals- Scout                Mantid Drone "Grunt" Skin
8 Medals- Brave                Juggernaut "Sloth" Skin
10 Medals- Tracker             Campaigner "Slaver" Skin
12 Medals- Hunter              Fireborn "Icelord" Skin
14 Medals- Warrior             Oblivion Spawn "Reaper" Skin
16 Medals- Darkling            Lord of the Dead "Maggot" Skin
18 Medals- Seeker              Raptor "Slag" Skin
20 Medals- Assassin            Elite Guard "Biobot" Skin
22 Medals- Bane                Mantid Soldier "Captain" Skin

Now 3 Medals Give a Rank:      And this is Your Reward:
25 Medals- Warlord             Guardian "Ravage" Skin 
                               + Mantid Mites "Compies" Skin

Hidden Characters:  In Single Player Trials, you start off 
with Turok, Adon, and Elite Guard.  In multiplayer, you 
start off with those 3 characters plus Mantid Drone.  The 
rest must be earned.  To earn a new character, go into 
Single Player Trials and select a character whose trial you 
have not yet beaten(when you beat a characters trial, their 
box is shaded red to let you know).  Win a trial by getting 
through all the boards, reaching Tal Set, and beating him.  
This unlocks a new character.  To get you started, winning 
with Turok gets you the Raptor, Raptor gets you Campaigner, 
and Campaigner gets you Fireborn.  Fireborn gets you no new 
character, but I still recommend going through his trial 
because that is how you earn the Inflator for certain other 
Single Player Trials, including the very difficult Mantid 
Soldier Trial(which in turn gets you the Chestburster if 
you have not yet earned the All Weapons Code).  To sum 
things up, Fireborn, Mantid Soldier(don't mix him up with 
Mantid Drone), and Mantid Mites do NOT earn new characters, 
but everyone else does.  I've told you what I know, so get 
out there and earn your characters!

       _    _   _____    ___    ____    _____    _   _
      | |  | | |  ___|  /   \  |  _ \  /  _  \  | \ | |
      | |  | | | |__   |  _  | | |_| ||  | |  | |  \| | 
      | |  | | |  __|  | |_| | |  __/ |  | |  | |     |
      | |/\| | | |___  |  _  | | |    |  |_|  | | |\  |
      |__/\__| |_____| |_| |_| |_|     \_____/  |_| \_|

 _____  _______  ____    ___   _______  _____  ______ __    __
/  ___||__   __||  _ \  /   \ |__   __||  ___|/  ____|\ \  / /
| |___    | |   | |_| ||  _  |   | |   | |__  | |  __  \ \/ /
\___  \   | |   |    / | |_| |   | |   |  __| | | |_ |  \  /   
 ___| |   | |   | |\ \ |  _  |   | |   | |___ | |__| |  |  |
|_____/   |_|   |_| \_\|_| |_|   |_|   |_____|\______|  |__|


The Magnum:  This is a simple, standard gun.  Because it 
fires 3 bullets in rapid succession, you are sure to hit 
your target at least once.  Useful at close range because 
then all 3 bullets will hit.  The real strategy comes into 
play when you have over 25 ammo, because then you can use 
the secondary shot.  Hold down B to turn on the laser 
sight.  This will help you aim at far away targets, and it 
will automatically aim at close targets.  It also looks 
really, really cool in multiplayer games.

Strategy 1:  Watch two of your friends(or bots) battle it 
out from a reasonable distance.  Just as one of them dies, 
turn on your laser sight, target the survivor, and kill him 
with a single shot.  By the way, the shot does 50 damage.

Strategy 2:  Use the laser to attract attention from your 
friends when they are far away.  They'll come after you, 
and this is your chance to duck behind a corner.  Turn off 
the laser sight until the instant that your friend walks 
around the corner.  Then turn it back on and blast 'em!  
You can also try this with a sentry turret around the 
corner instead of yourself(this won't work on a bot because 
bots don't get distracted, nor will they walk into a sentry 
turret trap because they know where everything is).

Other uses:  This is a great weapon for taking out a sentry 
turret at a long, safe range.  Line up the shot with the 
laser, and blast away.  In Flag Mode, if your enemy has the 
flag and is about to reach the goal, this powerful, 50 
damage shot could be your last hope at stopping him in the 
final instant.  Go for it!

Counters:  The normal magnum 3 bullet attack is fairly 
standard and has no real counter.  Simply use a better, 
stronger weapon to counter it.  The laser shot, on the 
other hand, does have a counter.  The laser shot prohibits 
moving, slows down turning, and greatly reduces firing 
rate.  Beat a laser-magnum user by rapidly strafing to keep 
the laser off you, and attack from either very long range 
or at point-blank range.  At long range, stick to the stuff 
that you are good at aiming or that have large attack 
radii(like the Scorpian Launcher and the Plasma Rifle).  
For the point-blank range attacks, use the War Hammer, 
Shotgun, or maybe even another Magnum!  I'd save my energy 
ammo for a bigger battle, though.

The Shotgun:  This gun is extremely powerful at close 
range.  At long range, choose another gun.  The Shotgun 
also uses a lot of ammo.  The primary shot is really 6 
bullets in one, and since all 6 bullets are fired in the 
same instant, a few misses can be a big waste of bullets.  
The secondary shot fires 48 bullets in 2 seconds!  Use this 
without a good reason and you'll find yourself running 
around with the war hammer more often than you'd like!

Strategy 1:  The Shotgun, with its incredible strength at 
close range, is great for taking out a sniper.  Try to 
sneak up behind someone who is using the Tech Bow, Plasma 
Rifle, or the Laser Sight on the Magnum.  It will only take 
a few shots to score a kill, and by the time the sniper 
realizes what is happening, it will be far to late for him 
or her to do anything about it.  You can try the secondary 
shot to finish off someone who isn't moving in an instant, 
but I only recommend it if you remember to "power up" the 
gun way in advance.

Strategy 2:  Here's an easy one:  Stand directly on top of 
a bullet pick-up and use the secondary shot.  You'll fire 
48 bullets, and then you'll pick up the 50 bullets that you 
are standing on.  Keep repeating this to take out groups of 
friends(enemies) as they come by.  Of course, you'll also 
be a sitting duck, so don't do this too frequently.  You 
might want to take 2 or 3 minutes out of a 15 minute game 
to use this strategy, but then move on to something else 
before everyone realizes what you are doing.

Strategy 3:  Charge up the secondary shot, and wait for 
someone to come up the elevator in a level like the 
Warehouse.  As soon as you see them, blast them.  If all 4 
shots connect, its a guaranteed kill, given the close 

Counters:  The Shotgun is weak at long range, and somewhat 
inaccurate as well.  Try to take out a shotgun user from 
far away with sniping guns(but beware of Strategy 1!!) or 
explosive attacks.  If you are already at close range, try 
switching quickly to the Freeze Gun and hopefully you'll be 
able to pull off the secondary shot in time.  This will 
freeze your opponent, giving you a chance to kill him if 
you have enough ammo, or several seconds to run away.

The Assault Rifle:  This gun is the ultimate in ammunition 
conservation.  If you find that you are often low on 
bullets, as my brother did, try switching your shotgun or 
minigun to an Assault Rifle.  This gun can kill someone 
that has full health with under 10 bullets!  Furthermore, 
the secondary shot of this gun, which is a rapid-fire mode, 
might be a decent replacement for the minigun.  This is an 
excellent gun for short, medium, and long range.  Highly 
recommended, though perhaps boring.

Strategy 1:  This is the kind of gun where you want to 
strafe around someone in a circle with constant fire.  If 
you are able to keep your target "locked on" to the aiming 
cursor, you'll win for sure.  I recommend doing this with 
the primary shot at medium distance(preferably just out of 
range of the Magnum-Laser autotarget), but at close range 
the secondary rapid-fire mode will work as well.

Strategy 2:  I don't know why this works, but if you can 
get someone pinned up against a wall or, better yet, 
trapped in a corner, switch to the secondary rapid-fire 
mode and just start pummeling your opponent with non-stop 
fire.  It never seems to fail.

Other Uses:  You might think that this sounds like a dumb 
waste of time, but if an Iron Claw(Bear Trap) is in your 
way and there is no way around it, the Assault Rifle is the 
weapon of choice for destroying it.  In primary fire mode, 
you'll only need a handful of bullets to disable the 
trap(it disappears when you've disabled it).  Just keep 
shooting the thing, and it'll go away soon enough.

Counters:  Speed Burst.  The Assault Rifle functions poorly 
against fast-moving targets, which also includes the Raptor 
and the Mantid Mites.  Of course, you can't just get a 
Speed Burst whenever you need it, so try ducking behind an 
object, and switch to either A) A Powerful gun that will 
not slow you down(Tech Bow Sniper Mode slows you down) or 
B) A Rapid fire-gun like the Emaciator or Minigun.  In this 
situation, I've found that the Chestburster fails as often 
as it suceeds.

The Minigun:  When used correctly, you can rack up several 
kills with the minigun, and not take even the slightest bit 
of damage.  On the other hand, this gun is capable of 
wasting all of your bullets and energy ammo in a matter of 
moments.  Practice on bots, then take it up against your 
friends!  Deadly at close range, but kind of useless when 
you get farther away.  IMPORTANT:  You probably already 
know that holding down the B Button will provide you with a 
shield but quickly uses up energy ammo.  If you use the 
default control setup, it will be almost impossible to use 
this shield, and fire and move and jump all at the same 
time(try holding down B, C-Up, and Z while at the same time 
aiming with the analog stick and then tapping R to time 
your jumpsÖits really hard!).  If you like the minigun, 
give the second control setup a try and see if its easier 
to move around and jump while using the minigun shield.  
VERY IMPORTANT:  If you turn on unlimited ammo, you can use 
the shield nonstop and never die.  A great way to get the 
Not Being Killed in a Round award.  Also very cheap(duh!).

Strategy 1:  This strategy is very obvious, yet many people 
just can't do it right.  To say the least, you'll probably 
need a little practice to get it down just right.  Anyway, 
this "strategy" is to quickly turn on the shield, execute a 
nearby enemy, and turn the shield back off to conserve 
energy.  Once you've mastered this, try to stay in areas 
with energy ammo and bullets readily available, and you'll 
never get killed thanks to the shield.

Strategy 2:  Here's a litte trick that works if you use 
this gun in conjunction with the Shotgun.  After firing the 
secondary shot of the Shotgun once or twice, you'll 
probably have a handful(less than 10) bullets left.  Now, 
we all know that 10 bullets aren't going to kill 
anyone(unless you are using the Assualt Rifle, but you're 
not).  Switch over to the minigun and go seek bullets-  if 
you are fired at, switch the shield on!

Strategy 3:  A personal favorite.  In capture the flag, use 
the minigun shield to prevent death while you are bringing 
the flag to the "base".  In fact, the shield is useful in 
just about any situation when you know you are in danger 
but you just need to get a little bit farther to accomplish 
your goalÖfor example, if you only have a little health 
left, but you are very near to the power core, this little 
shield will insure that you arrive there safely.

Other Uses:  This gun is NOT ideal for destroying sentry 
turrets or mines, so rely on your other bullet weapon for 
that.  On the other hand, of course, the shield will get 
you by a turret or mines with relative ease.  Use the 
shield to protect yourself if you need to stay in one 
area(waiting for explosive rounds or a power core, 
perhaps).  Finally, I must point out that I think that it 
is MUCH easier to aim with the minigun when the shield is 
onÖjust keep your enemy inside of the blue box and he'll be 
dead in a few moments.

Counters:  When someone uses the minigun shield, just run 
around in an unpredictable way so that they will have 
trouble shooting you.  Try to put a lot of distance between 
yourself and the attacker, as he will probably fire at you 
anyway.  Once he runs out of bullets or shield, there 
shouldn't be anything else to stop you from using one of 
your own strategies.


Flare Gun:  Both the large and small flares will kill 
anything that stands next to it in a matter of seconds.  Of 
course, the larger flare is much more deadly but the small 
ones are all too often underestimated.  This gun works well 
in conjunction with other guns, but first you have to know 
what you are doing!  Randomly fired flares are easily 
avoided, so get a plan, man.

Strategy 1: The old mine-drop trick, as I sometimes call 
it.  Some of you may be familiar with this strategy, which 
is usually done with mines(that's why I just called it the 
old mine-drop trick).  When someone is chasing you, aim 
straight down while you continue to run.  Fire small green 
flares straight down as you continue on your way.  They 
will damage you a little, but anyone stupid enough to chase 
you through them will take considerably more damage.  If 
you do this with the secondary shot, you'll probably 
dieÖunless:  See Strategy 2!

Strategy 2:  If you have energy absorbtion, flares will 
heal you rather than hurt you!  A simple green flare can be 
your own personal healing station!  Standing in a pink 
flare will make you invincible!  Just get out of there 
before the energy absorbtion completely wears off(get out 
as soon as the blue lightning bolt begins to fade).

Strategy 3:  Take advantage of another person's misfortune!  
If someone is frozen or petrified, put a couple of green 
flares at his feet and move onÖyou know he's been taken 
care of, so why waste your time?

Other Strategies:  Use flares to guard items like the power 
core, health, even the flag or the Frag Tag escape portal!  
Put a large pink flare in an often traveled spot, doorway, 
or hole.  Of course, you can also use flares for their 
original purposeÖto light up an area!  There are a few 
really dark hiding places in rage wars, but you don't have 
to keep them that way if you've got a flare gun!

Counters:  UhhÖ.walk around the flares!  Try to outsmart 
your opponent when he uses the flare gun.  Move around 
rapidly and in a zig-zagging motion to avoid flares as they 
are fired at you, and use a rapid fire gun to outclass your 
opponent.  The assualt rifle's secondary mode will do just 
fine, and the emaciator or inflator also get the job done.  
Try not to chase people through tunnels if they are firing 
flares at the walls or floor as they go byÖyou'll probably 
be the first to die if you do.

Plasma Rifle:  This is a gun of two entirely different 
uses.  The primary shot is a bit slow, and very powerful.  
The secondary "sniper" shot is weak, but extremely rapid 
and highly accurate.  In fact, it is really not a true 
sniper mode but just a zoomed in targeting cursor.  You 
can't zoom in and out at will; you can only tap B once to 
zoom in and again to come back out.  You can still move 
around when you are in the secondary sniper mode.  If you 
are looking for a gun that is truly like a sniper rifle, 
then you want the Tek Bow.  That said though, the Plasma 
Rifle is a handy weapon, useful in many situations, and is 
one gun that works its way into my inventory very often.

Strategy 1:  This simple one-two punch that requires a lot 
of energy ammunition will take out most players.  Get into 
your primary mode and find a target(easier said than done, 
right?  Try to find a high place and look down for people 
so that you will be able to see a large area.).  Obviously, 
you'll want to fire on anyone who stands still, even for 
just a moment.  After surprising the enemy with the strong 
primary shot, he will probably begin to run around or 
strafe around you to avoid being hit again.  At this point, 
switch to the secondary mode, and you'll quickly deplete 
the health of your enemy.  This tactic works best in one on 
one matchups.  With additional players, standing in one 
spot means that anyone could sneak up behind you while you 
are busy firing at someone else.

Strategy 2:  For the paranoid sniper in all of us, guard 
your back with PFM mines or a Sentry Turret so that you can 
safely use the secondary Plasma Rifle Shot without having 
to worry about being ambushed.  Just don't stand too close 
to those mines!  You could even put Napalm Gel in back of 
you, and if you do get ambushed, just set them off to get 
your revenge!  A steel claw gives a lesser effect, but if 
you have one available you might as well throw that into 
your defensive lines as well.

Other uses:  If you are willing to use up the energy ammo(I 
know I'm not), this gun's sniper mode could easily take out 
a turret or mine from very long range.  Another thing to 
try is to watch the helpless bots and humans run towards 
the power core, then snipe them down moments before they 
reach it.

Counters:  Raptor.  The slow-firing primary shot and the 
slow moving secondary mode are easily countered by the 
raptor's speed and close range attack, since the Plasma 
Rifle was designed for long range use.  Of course, if you 
aren't using the Raptor, you have other choices.  If your 
opponent is using the sniper mode a lot, ambush him(watch 
out of strategy 2).  You can also try the secondary shot of 
the tek bow if he is already hurt to finish him off with a 
single shot.  Another popular counter is to place a 
magnet(secondary shot of the Rocket Launcher) right where 
the sniper is standing, then strafe around and fire rockets 
in the general direction of the enemy.  The magnet will 
handle the rest, allowing you to move around rapidly and 

Boomerang:  This is a highly underrated weapon of many uses.
Many people are discouraged, because this weapon is far more
difficult to use than most.  However, practice and determination
will pay off when you slaughter your friends in a variety of new
ways.  The boomerang locks onto enemies and follows them for a
short period of time before returning to your hand.  While the
boomerang is flying around, you can switch to another weapon to
double your attack power!  The secondary mode of the boomerang
uses more energy, and slows down your opponents in addition to
damaging them.  This opens up a ton of possibilities, which I
will discuss right now.

Basics of Boomeranging:  The boomerang is like no other weapon
in Rage Wars.  When using the boomerang, it is often desirable
to throw it into walls, around corners, and through holes.  Don't
assume that just because the boomerang has a lock-on feature that
you absolutely have to use it.  As I've already said, this weapon
requires some practice.  Oh, and one other thing:  the boomerang
only does 35 damage in a single throw, so it should NOT be your
objective to kill someone with the boomerang alone.  Rather, try
to use it to either finish someone off, or to get a jump start in
a blazing gun battle.

Strategy 1:  The boomerang will bounce off of just about every wall,
box, pillar, and anything else in the game.  If you know that someone
is standing just around the corner, perhaps waiting for you to make
the first move, then you know you're in the perfect situation for the
boomerang,  Try to bounce it off of the wall just opposite of your
enemy.  With a little luck, the boomerang will ricochet off the wall
and through your enemy's neck.  At this point, you want to switch to
another gun to finish the job.

Strategy 2:  In order for this strategy to work with maximum
efficiency, you'll want to make the boomerang your SECOND
energy weapon and the napalm gel your explosive weapon.  After
throwing the secondary mode of the boomerang(which slows your
opponent down), switch to the napalm gel.  NOTE:  Do not wait until
the boomerang hits.  Switch to the napalm gel right away so that you
will be able to use it as soon as possible.  As soon as your enemy
gets hit by the boomerang and slows down, cover him(or her) in
napalm gel.  Now you've got a couple of options.  You can easily 
set off the napalm gel and finish off the poor guy right away, or
you can wait until he goes near somebody else and try to kill both
of them at once.  WARNING:  If the boomerang misses, you're screwed.
So use lock-on!

Other uses:  When people hear the boomerang fly, they run.  After all,
standing still is essentially suicide when the boomerang is around.
Use this to your advantage.  You might be able to clear a room simply
By throwing a boomerang into it.  Keep in mind that this won't work
on bots, who are too fearless(or too stupid) to run away.

Counters:  The boomerang is mighty slow.  A rapid fire gun like the
minigun makes a suitable counter.  Fast characters like the Raptor and
small characters like the Mantid Mites can avoid the boomerang with
little effort.  Finally, if you are getting sick of boomerangs flying
around every corner, give him a taste of his own medicine by bouncing
grenades around each turn.  If anyone's there, they certainly won't be
able to avoid the explosion.  In a wide turn, even the scorpion rockets
can do the job.  Just set up a repulsor opposite of where you want the
rocket to go, and shoot it around the corner.  Warning:  This takes 
a HUGE amount of practice.  Until you've mastered this technique,
you'll probably end up blowing up yourself more often than your opponent.

More Weapon Strategies will be added later(Tek Bow is 
next, in case you were wondering).

4. 	Single Player Strategies

I have lots of single player strategies, but I'd rather 
focus on other aspects of the game first.  If you are 
really in a bind with the Single Player Trials, email me at

              _______   _____    ___    _    _
             |__   __| |  ___|  /   \  | \  / |
                | |    | |__   |  _  | |  \/  |
                | |    |  __|  | |_| | | |\/| |
                | |    | |___  |     | | |  | |
                |_|    |_____| |_| |_| |_|  |_|     

 _____  _______  ____    ___   _______  _____  ______ __    __
/  ___||__   __||  _ \  /   \ |__   __||  ___|/  ____|\ \  / /
| |___    | |   | |_| ||  _  |   | |   | |__  | |  __  \ \/ / 
\___  \   | |   |    / | |_| |   | |   |  __| | | |_ |  \  / 
 ___| |   | |   | |\ \ |  _  |   | |   | |___ | |__| |  |  |
|_____/   |_|   |_| \_\|_| |_|   |_|   |_____|\______|  |__|

Freeze and Burst:  If one player on a team has the Freeze 
Gun, and another player has the Chestburster, here's a 
really cruel technique to try.  One player can hold the 
opponent in place with the primary shot of the Freeze Gun.  
The second player can easily target the super-slow opponent 
with his Chestburster.  Fire the secondary shot of the 
Chestburster, and laugh as your opponent helplessly 
attempts to frag you first, before the Chestburster takes 
effect.  Of course, he won't be able to, because he will 
still be moving in slow motion because the Freeze Gun has 
just so much ammo in its primary mode.

Energy into Health:  When someone picks up the Power 
Core(the pink crystal with blue rings around it) and gets a 
message saying "Energy Absorbtion: The Power is Yours", 
that person is invincible to energy-based weapons like the 
flare gun or the emaciator(They are NOT invincible to the 
secondary shot of the Chestburster, but that is the only 
exception).  Furthermore, hitting someone with energy 
absorbtion will actually give them health.  In team games, 
you can intentionally shoot your teammates with energy-
based guns to quickly raise them to 100 health.  To do 
this, they must have Energy Absorbtion, and the Kill Friend 
Option must have been turned on prior to the start of the 
match.  This is not considered to be "cheating" or a 
glitch, so use it freely!  Also, I have twice managed to 
use energy absorbtion in multiplayer games to raise my 
health high above 100, but I'm not sure how just yet.  I do 
know that at one point my health was as high as 128, and it 
probably could've gotten even higher than thatÖYikes!

Flare Trap:  If two players on the same team are both using 
the flare gun, they can each create a large -and very 
dangerous- pink flare.  Don't be fooled by the name of this 
strategy, though.  The idea is not to trap someone between 
two flares, as this would be very difficult to pull off and 
in most cases the victim in question could just walk around 
the flares anyhow.  Actually, the idea here is that one 
person will shoot the pink flare directly at the target, 
which will instantly kill the enemy if he doesn't move.  
The second teammate's job is to anticipate where the enemy 
will move to, and shoot a pink flare there.  In most cases, 
people tend to step sideways, so look for that more often 
then someone running backwards.  There is no reason that 
this shouldn't work once you and a partner have ironed out 
all the little details of the plan.  It certainly helps to 
explain this strategy to your teammate before the game is 
even turned on, to make sure that you each know what you 
are going to do.  Just don't try to grab the ammo pack of 
whoever diedÖat least not until the flares have 

Advanced Flare Trap:  Oh did you like the Flare Trap?  What's
the matter, was it too difficult for you to pull off?  Maybe
you'd like to try this stronger, and perhaps easier variation
on the flare trap.  Be warned though, it requires a lot of energy 
ammo.  Both teammates need to pick the flare gun and the boomerang.  
To execute this advanced flare trap, both players should lock onto
the same enemy with their boomerangs in SECONDARY FIRE MODE.  After
throwing the boomerangs, immediately switch to the flare guns.
Surround the slow-moving enemy with flares, both big and small.
This plan is essentially fool-proof and does not require much

More to come!

FAQ by Gergall aka Greg
Text art by Grant Parr

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