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Turok: Rage Wars FAQ For the Nintendo 64
Created by: IceLord
E-mail @:
Last Updated: 2-29-00

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be mailed to the above 
address. I'm pretty good about responding quickly. Hope you enjoy!

I.    Updates 
II.   Introduction 
III.  Start-Up
IV.   Characters 
       -Who unlocks what-
V.    Weapons 
       -Bullet Weapons-
       -Energy Weapons-
       -Explosive Weapons-
VI.   Items 
       -Power Core-
       -Other Methods-
VII.  The Mission Tree
       -The Boards-
VIII. Modes of Game Play
       -One Player Trials-
       -Two Player Trials-
IX.   Extra Modes of Game Play
       -Time Trial-
       -Frag Fest-
X.    Strategies
XI.   Cheats
XII.  The Glitch
XIII. Credits and Thanks
XIV.  Copyright Info


2-29: Well this FAQ is pretty much done. There's a new subsection of the 
"Items" section, titled "Other Methods". This is where I'll add any 
other successful ways you can think of to get medals. Check it out. 
Other than that I won't be updating this anymore. But feel free to email 
me with any comments, suggestions, or questions at 
See y'all later. 
2-7:  Finished the "Modes of Gameplay" section, added some new sections 
to the Table of Contents, they're not finished yet, but they soon will 
be. I don't know why, but I didn't have the Chestburster or the 
Warhammer under the "Weapons" section, so I added them.
2-1:  Added a new rank table, since I realized my old information was 
screwed up. Started working on the "Modes of Gameplay" section. Just as 
an insight of what's to come, I'm going to make a "Glitch" section, a 
"Rumors" section, and something else I can't remember right now.
1-30: I fixed some things, so hopefully they will be easier to 
understand. I also added the last rank thanks to The 64 Chimp.
1-24: Ugh, I'm trying to finish up this really big "project", just so 
you know what's up...
1-23: Updated a whole bunch of little things. Sorry for the long wait, I 
had exams so I've been studying non-stop and my eyes are about to fall 
1-22: Finished all the "coming soon" sections, listed the medals in       
their order, and also added some better information for medals and 
ranks, thanks to GtrGuy15. 
1-12: Added some more sections, coming soon though... 
1-8:  Finished the basis of this FAQ, finally!!

"The Lost Land was born of chaos. Since the dawn of time, the Turok have 
maintained the balance between good and evil, order and chaos. The Turok 
control the "Light Burden," a sacred vessel that holds the last remnants 
of the pure energy source that created the Lost Land. Whoever controls 
the Light Burden controls the power of creation. Fierce battles were 
waged in an effort to wrestle control of the Light Burden from the line 
of Turok, and plunge the Lost Land into darkness. Now you must prove 
yourself worthy to wield the Light Burden. You must relive the challenge 
of your ancestors and survive The Rage Wars..."

This section is to get you familiar with Turok: Rage Wars.

NORMAL- Turok Style
A Button- Weapon Select (Hold to bring up weapon wheel)                                  
B Button- Fire Secondary Function                                        
L Button- Jump                                          
Z Button- Fire Primary Weapon                                       
C-Up Button- Move forward                                    
C-Right Button- Move Right                                
C-Down Button- Move Backwards                                    
C-Left Button- Move Left                                    
Control Stick- Look Around

ARCADE- Goldeneye Style
A Button- Weapon Select (Hold to bring up weapon wheel)                                  
B Button- Fire Secondary Function                                        
L Button- Jump                                          
Z Button- Fire Primary Weapon                                       
C-Up Button- Look Up
C-Right Button- Strafe Right
C-Down Button- Look Down
C-Left Button- Strafe Left
Control Stick- Move (Up to go forward, down to go backwards)

These are some menus I thought I should give some information about.

Pretty basic, choose the person you would like everyone to see you as. 
Please note that not all characters are available from the beginning you 
have to earn them. Also, when you highlight a character take a look at 
the number right below the picture of him or her. It should read 1, 2, 
or 3. These are your skins. Press C-Up to switch between them. 
For more information, check the "Characters" and the "Skins" sections.

Also pretty basic, in Two Player Trials and Multiplayer modes, players 
can choose an arsenal of 5 weapons. Two Bullet Weapons (top two), two 
Energy Weapons(middle two), and one Explosive Weapon (very bottom). Move 
up and down to select the weapon type, then left and right to choose 
which weapon. When you're finished highlight the OK button and press A.

The coolest feature of any multiplayer game yet, have to be Bots. Bots  
are like Terminators, programmed to kill, take the health, get the Power 
Core, and take the ammo. But they're a lot of fun to kill. On the same 
screen as where you choose the Frag/Time/Tag/Flag limit, you'll see 
something labeled "Bot Configuration." When you select it, you'll see 
one, two, or three slots. Move up or down to choose a slot, left or 
right to pick a character and difficulty, and C-Up to choose what team 
the bot will be on. The purple skull is the default Bot team.

At first, there are only three characters to choose from, Turok, an 
Elite Guard, and Adon. As you progress, you will unlock more and more 
characters, each with an individual mission tree. We'll start with Turok 
and see why he's participating in The Rage Wars, shall we? The following 
information about each character is directly from Acclaim, so no, I'm 
not making all of this up. :)

Joshua Fireseed. The "Coyote Knight". For generations, the first-born 
male of the Fireseed family has taken up the mantle of Turok. Now it is 
Joshua's turn to face his destiny and rise to the challenge of his 
ancestors. As the current Turok, Joshua wields the power of the "Light 
Burden," a sacred vessel that contains the last pure fragments of the 
energy of creation. The awesome power held within the "Light Burden" has 
been sought by the forces of evil since the dawn of time. The Rage Wars 
were born out of this lust for the power of creation. Now Joshua must 
prove himself worthy to take up the mantle and wield the "Light Burden". 
-During the trials, Turok unlocks the Scorpion Launcher and a minigame 
icon. The raptor is unlocked when Turok completes his trial.

Lightning fast and able to attack with a deadly flurry of teeth and 
razor sharp claws, Velociraptors are one of Turok's most ancient 
enemies. Genetically enhanced intelligence makes the Velociraptors of 
the Lost Land far more deadly than their "pure" prehistoric ancestors. 
Centuries of defeat at the hands of the Turok have fanned the flames of 
their hatred, and driven them to new depths of evil.
-The Raptor earns his secondary function, a jump claw attack, 3 minigame 
icons, a Bear Talisman, and the secondary function for the Warhammer. 
After successfully completing the Raptor's trials, you unlock the Lord 
of the Dead as a playable character.

Grotesque, rotting bodies are the vessels for evil spirits trapped in 
the place known as "Deadside." Desperate to escape their cold, lifeless 
prison and feast upon the luscious warmth of the living, the Lords of 
the Dead are one of Deadside's most terrifying inhabitants. A single 
warrior has been granted a reprieve from the land of the dead in order 
to participate in the battle for the "Light Burden." Should the Lord of 
the Dead emerge victorious, the power of the "Light Burden" would be 
used to shatter the netherscape that separates Deadside from the world 
of the living, and an age of untold terror and carnage would unfold. 
-The Lord of the Dead earns the Grenade Launcher, 4 minigame icons, the 
Boomerang's secondary function, the Shotgun's secondary function, and a 
Cougar Talisman. When he completes his trial he unlocks the Mites. 

Though nearly harmless while alone, a pack of Mites is a dangerous and 
elusive foe. In the hive, the Mites serve as the cleaning crew. Scouring 
the hive 24 hours a day, the Mites remove any filth, decay, or foreign 
matter from the premises and ensure an optimal breeding environment. The 
Mites also tend to the larvae that brood in specialized chambers 
throughout the colony. The destruction of their Queen has awakened their 
dormant aggression, and the pack prowls the Rage Wars in search of 
quarry to destroy.
-The Mantid Mites earn their secondary function, an acid spit attack, a 
Viper Talisman, a Bear Talisman, and 3 minigame icons. Unfortunately, 
the Mites don't unlock anyone when you complete their trial, so we'll 
move on to the next starting character, the Elite Guard.

The formidable mainstay of the Primagen's defense system, the Bio Bots 
are a grotesque amalgamation of living tissue and state of the art 
electronics. The Primagen was defeated at the hands of Joshua Fireseed, 
but the young Turok failed to completely decimate his forces. At the 
moment of the Primagen's death, the Bio Bots' programming activated a 
"berserker" program, sending the remnants of his army on a bloody 
rampage with orders to destroy any life that they find. This was a last 
twisted act of revenge by the Primagen. The Bio Bots have tracked Joshua 
and his allies silently for nearly two years, slaughtering any innocent 
lifeforms unfortunate enough to cross their paths. In a series of 
frantic firefights, Joshua managed to destroy all but a single Bot. This 
lone survivor has tracked Joshua to the Rage Wars.
-The Elite Guard earns the Flare Gun, 2 minigame icons, and a Viper 
Talisman. He unlocks the Blind One Guardian when he finishes his short 

The Blind Ones are a primitive race of subterranean cave dwellers that 
are perhaps one of the most ancient races in all of the Lost Land. The 
Blind Ones are flesh eaters. They journey to the surface only in the 
deepest night to hunt for warm blooded prey, which they drag screaming 
into their underground chambers to be devoured by the hungry multitudes. 
Despite their blindness, the Blind Ones have developed a form of extra 
sensory perception that allows them to "feel" their surroundings, much 
as a bat navigates with radar. Having been nearly decimated by Joshua, 
the Blind Ones are now starving for vengeance and the desire to pluck 
the beating heart from Joshua's dead body.
-Wow, they're pretty mean. The Guardian earns the Freeze Gun, the 
secondary function for the Mag 60, 3 minigame icons, the Minigun, and a 
Coyote Talisman. He unlocks the Pur-Linn Juggernaut.

The Purr-Linn are an ancient race of primitive, ape-like creatures that 
have inhabited the Lost Land since it birth. Deeply resentful of any 
species that are their intellectual or technical superiors, the Purr-
Linn take what they cannot create, and destroy which they cannot 
possess. Pur-Linn society is based on strength and ferocity. The 
Juggernauts are the very essence of Pur-Linn brutality and raw power. 
The Pur-Linn regard humankind as weak, squeaking insects. They are 
particularly resentful at the progress that the human race has made in 
such a relatively short time. The Pur-Linn believe that if they can 
crush the mighty Turok, the rest of mankind would soon fall.
-The Juggernaut earns secondary functions for the Inflator, Grenade 
Launcher, and the Freeze Gun. Also, he earns 4 minigame icons and a Bear 
Talisman. After a seemingly endless trial, the Oblivion Spawn is 

The dark spawn of an unknown terror known only as "Oblivion," attempted 
to destroy Joshua during his assault on the Primagen. Though they 
failed, the presence of the Oblivion Spawn at the Rage Wars has left 
Joshua searching for a meaning to their attacks, and the purpose of 
their evil. Adon warned Joshua that her scientific readings of the 
Oblivion energy signal bore a remarkable similarity to elements of the 
Turok signature. Specifically, Adon discovered that trace remnants of 
the same energy that the "Light Burden" contains, an energy controlled 
by the Turok lineage since the Lost Land was related, were present in 
the Oblivion signature. Though he does not know how the Turok line is 
connected to this "Oblivion," Joshua is fearful that the connection may 
indeed spell doom for the Fireseed family.
-The Oblivion warrior earns a secondary function for the Scorpion 
Launcher, the Flare gun, and the Emaciator. Three minigame icons and a 
Coyote Talisman are also earned. And after that exhausting trial no 
character is unlocked, so we'll move to the third starting character, 

Scholar, vizier, sorceress, warrior. Born of a noble family, and raised 
under the scrutiny of her mother's watchful eye, Adon was prepared since 
birth to take up the mantle of "Speaker of Forever Light." The "Speaker 
of Forever Light" serves as a liaison between the people of Galyanna and 
the "Council of Voices," the disembodied consciences of the Lost Land's 
greatest leaders. The Council have lived and ruled Galyanna as immortals 
for thousands of years. Having uploaded their conscious minds into 
massive computer systems centuries ago, the Council lives on though 
their bodies have long since died. As the only Governess of Galyanna 
permitted to speak directly with the Council, Adon's position is one of 
the highest respect, and ultimate sacrifice. The Speaker must serve only 
the needs of the Council and the people of Galyanna. Although she has 
served the council faithfully since her Mother's untimely death, Adon 
often longs to be free of her bonds. Adon participates in the Rage Wars 
as a representative of Galyanna, seeking to uphold the honor of her 
House and prevent the "Light Burden" from falling into evil hands.
-Adon earns the Plasma Rifle, Napalm Gel Launcher, Boomerang, 2 minigame 
icons, and unlocks the Mantid Drone after finishing with her trial.

The Mantids are a highly evolved race of insect warriors. They live only 
to see that the hive may grow, and devour anything that stands in their 
way. Their presence in the Lost Land has been contained due to the 
valiant efforts of Joshua Fireseed. Having vanquished their Queen and 
her brood, the Turok have all but destroyed the Mantid colony in the 
Lost Land. Without their precious Queen to propagate a new generation, 
the Mantid colony is doomed to extinction. The "Light Burden" could 
bridge the gap between the Lost Land and the Mantid homeworld, allowing 
a full scale Mantid invasion and sealing the fate of all life in the 
Lost Land. The Mantid drones are the colony's most numerous protectors. 
Fearless and cunning, they feel no pity or remorse for their victims-
only the cold, indifferent resolve of a species that feels nothing but 
the need to multiply and destroy.
-The Mantid Drone earns the Assault Rifle and the secondary function for 
it and the Plasma Rifle, 3 minigame icons, and a Cougar Talisman. The 
Campaigner is unlocked after completing the trial.

An evil cybernetic Tyrant, the Campaigner once ruled over the Lost Land 
with an iron fist. The Campaigner's reign of terror was cut short in a 
dramatic battle with Tal'Set, the greatest warrior the Turok lineage has 
ever produced. When he was younger, and more human than machine, the 
Campaigner battled Tal'Set in the Rage Wars and nearly triumphed, only 
to be crushed at the last moment by a devastating blow. The injuries 
were so terrible that much of the Campaigner's body had to be replaced 
by cybernetic limbs and synthetic organs. 
-Two minigame icons, a Cougar Talisman, the Tek Bow's secondary 
function, and the Emaciator weapon. The Fireborn (my favorite) is 
unlocked next. 

The Dinosoids are genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids. They are 
utterly evil and extraordinarily dangerous. Their ferocity is matched 
only by their capacity to inflict suffering and death upon the weak. The 
Dinosoids share the Velociraptor's hatred of Turok, and will stop at 
nothing to see the "Light Burden" ripped from Joshua Fireseed's cold, 
dead hands.
-The Fireborn earns two minigame icons, a Viper and Coyote Talisman, the 
Inflator, and the secondary function for the Minigun. The Mantid Soldier 
(not to be confused by the Mantid Drone) is unlocked next.

The most highly evolved of the Mantid warriors, the Soldier is a heavily 
armored nightmare. Huge and swift, the Soldier is one of the most 
formidable opponents that the Rage Wars have ever seen. The nervous 
system has evolved beyond the need to feel pain. A Soldier's place is to 
defend the colony from the invasion or die trying. Nothing else is of 
concern. Together, with their brethren the Drones, the Mantid Soldiers 
will fight to see the future of their colony restored. 
-After a long, painful wait, you finally receive the legendary 
Chestburster, plus 4 minigame icons. 

Deposed Lord and General of a once mighty army, Bastille was sentenced 
to death when he and his honor guard attempted to assassinate the King. 
His standing as a Lord revoked, Bastille was on the precipice of death 
when a temporal distortion in his home world pulled him through a 
fracture in the netherscape and deposited him in the Lost Land. Bastille 
found himself in a land ripe the taking. A world full of technological 
marvels and a host of "lesser" races that could be easily controlled. 
Bastille's shield-generating armor was worn by a great Warlord whom he 
poisoned after winning hi trust. Although Bastille soon amassed a 
sizable following of warriors, he failed to attain recognition as 
anything more than a roving thug, commanding a host of rabble and 
thieves. Determined to win back his honor, and be regaled as a true 
leader, Bastille has set his eyes on the "Light Burden." With it, he 
could rule the Lost Land and exact his revenge on his former King.
-To unlock Bastille in multiplayer, successfully beat the Raptor, Mantid 
Drone, and the Blind One Guardian's Trials.

Syra began her life as the child of an arms maker. Her father crafted 
the finest weapons the Lost Land had ever seen. Having forged weapons 
for the famed army of Araissi, her father's skills were unmatched in his 
day. Syra felt a great kinship with her father, and the fine blades and 
rifles he created felt natural in her hands. Practicing in the predawn 
darkness with every manner of weapon she could obtain, Syra quietly 
honed her skills and perfected the art of killing. On a cold winter's 
morning, Syra was awakened by the sound of a raised voices. As she 
peered through the window of her room, Syra saw a band of armor-clad men 
beating her father and demanding entry to his armory. When her father 
spat in the face of the man in charge of the mercenaries, he was cut 
down. In a blind fury, Syra burst through the window. A girl of only 
fourteen, she waded into the band like deadly whirlwind of lead and 
steel. Three of the men fell, before their comrades knew what had 
happened. The rest fled for their lives. Syra buried her father and 
burned the house she was raised in. Armed with her father's weapons, 
Syra set out to hunt for her father's murderers. As time passed, and the 
last of the killers fell from a bullet fired too far away to hear, 
Syra's heart grew even more cold. The grief that she had felt for her 
father festered into raw hatred. Syra's tragic childhood loss had 
birthed in her the seed of a cold hearted and lonely woman. Syra travels 
the Lost Land as a hired gun. The song of her long rifle, her only 
companion; the money she earns, her only solace. She has accepted a 
bounty on Joshua Fireseed, and has entered the Rage Wars to collect her 
-If you want to select Syra in multiplayer you have to beat the 
Campaigner, Lord of the Dead, and the Purr-Linn Juggernaut's Trials.
The Symbiont are a large, highly intelligent Arachnid parasites. Using 
the bodies of their hosts as vehicles, the Symbiont are able not only to 
control the physical actions of their host organism, but to tap into 
their minds and rob them of their collective knowledge, memories and 
will. Once the Symbiont has drained the mind of its host, it can create 
a psychic tether between itself and its host organism. By using the 
psychic tether, the Symbiont can essentially control the hapless body as 
if it were its own. The Symbiont remains hidden while it's "other" body 
does its bidding. The Symbiont can push its host body beyond its normal 
limits, canceling out the effects of pain or injury, and driving onward 
as if the poor creature were a tank or automation. Should the body that 
the Symbiont is riding become too damaged to function, the Symbiont will 
detach itself and scurry after a fresh body to usurp. However, the 
Symbiont cannot animate a dead body. A Symbiont on its own is nearly 
helpless and unable to defend itself from all but the least skilled 
adversaries. The Symbiont wish to destroy Turok so that they may begin 
assimilating the Lost Land unchallenged.
-Symbiont is unlocked when you beat the Fireborn, Mantid Mites, and the 
Oblivion Spawn's Trials.

The first man to take up the mantle of Turok, Tal'Set is the greatest 
champion mankind has ever known, and the greatest Turok that has ever 
lived. Having witnessed the death of his wife and child, and the 
subsequent destruction of most of his tribe, Tal'Set was pulled into the 
Lost Land through a fissure in the netherscape. When it was made known 
to him that the fate of mankind rested on his shoulders, Tal'Set was 
torn between the apathy the death of his people had fueled, and the 
sense of honor and courage that he had lived by his whole life. 
Ultimately, honor and courage triumphed. Tal'Set embraced the mantle and 
came to be known as "Turok: Son of Stone," the "Valiant One" and the 
"Fury of Hope." Tal'Set is the veteran of more battles than can be 
counted, and has made the name "Turok" feared by all that is black-
hearted and evil.
-Tal'Set is available in multiplayer when you complete the Mantid 
Soldier's Trial. Tal'Set has access to all the weapons, but they appear 
at random.

All information (except the notes) is based on the Official Strategy 
Guide from Acclaim. As any of you Turok-lovers know the Turok series is 
known for it's grotesque and awesome weapons. And with the new Secondary 
Function option, this game does everything but disappoint.

Primary Fire: Who's your daddy?
Damage: 20 points (if hit directly) 
Ammo: N/A
Accuracy: Depends on where you are
Speed: Good
Secondary: Powered Swing
Damage: 46-50 points
Ammo: N/A
Accuracy: Good
Speed: Good
Notes: It really sucks being stuck with this weapon, but it's awesome 
when you get a kill with it.

Primary Fire: Burst Shot
Damage: 12 points (if all 3 bullets connect, 36 points)
Ammo: 3 bullets         
Accuracy: Good     
Speed: Good
Secondary: Laser Sight   
Damage: 50 points      
Ammo: 25 bullets         
Accuracy: Perfect     
Speed: Slow
Notes: The Mag60 is a semi-automatic, handgun with a laser sight; an 
effective weapon for both close range fighting and sniping.

Assault Rifle
Primary Fire: Single Shot
Damage: 17 points
Ammo: 1 bullet
Accuracy: Good 
Speed: Average
Secondary: Rapid Fire
Damage: 5 points
Ammo: 1 bullet
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Fast
Notes: Using the least ammo of all weapons, the Assault Rifle will 
gradually whittle your opponents health down to nothing.

Primary Fire: Burst Shot
Damage: 36 points (at close)
Ammo: 6 bullets
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Average
Secondary: Streetsweeper
Damage: Up to 100 points (if all shots connect)
Ammo: 48 bullets
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Slow
Notes: It's secondary fire, the Streetsweeper, can obliterate any target 
if it's full force is applied.

Primary Fire: Rapid Fire
Damage: 5 points
Ammo: 2 bullets
Accuracy: Average
Speed: Fast
Secondary: Personal Shield
Damage: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: Fast
Notes: No shooter would be complete without this fast and fierce weapon. 
Try using the shield while you have infinite ammo on, you'll be 
unstoppable!! Also, this I just noticed, if you keep your shield on 
while you get a power core, you will attain that power until you take 
the shield off.

Tek Crossbow
Primary Fire: Single Arrow
Damage: 20 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Average
Secondary: Sniping Shot
Damage: 65 points
Ammo: 25 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Slow
Notes: A weapon from Turok's past, the Tek Crossbow is best used as a 
sniper's dream.

Flare Gun
Primary Fire: Green Flare
Damage: 20 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Average
Speed: Slow
Secondary: Pink Flare
Damage: Constant
Ammo: 50 energy
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Very Slow
Notes: Brighten the halls with your own personal light show and take 
down a few wandering opponents at the same time. 

Plasma Rifle
Primary Fire: Plasma Shot
Damage: 35 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Average
Secondary: Sniping Shot
Damage: Constant
Ammo: 5 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Fast
Notes: Snipe from afar, or get up close and personal with rounds of 
heated liquid plasma.

Primary Fire: Throw
Damage: 35 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Slow
Secondary: Slow Throw
Damage: 35 points
Ammo: 20 energy
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Slow
Notes: An unwieldy, but powerful weapon, useful for taking out a foe who 
doesn't see you coming. Also, the secondary throw puts the target in 
slow motion for a short period of time.

Primary Fire: Emaciate
Damage: 7 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Fast
Secondary: Charged Shot
Damage: 65 points
Ammo: 100 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Very Slow
Notes: Good for shriveling up opponents.

Primary Fire: Inflate
Damage: 10 points
Ammo: 10 energy
Accuracy: Good
Speed: Good
Secondary: Fully Inflate
Damage: Anywhere from 100-80 points
Ammo: 50 energy
Accuracy: Good
Speed: Slow
Notes: The Emaciator's evil twin. Pop your enemies like balloons, or 
turn them into the biggest targets around!

Freeze Gun
Primary Fire: Freeze Shot
Damage: 1 point
Ammo: 3 energy
Accuracy: Perfect 
Speed: Fast
Secondary: Freeze Blob
Damage: 0 points
Ammo: 50 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Good
Notes: Useful as a backup weapon, but don't expect to get a kill from it 
Primary Fire: Dart
Damage: 5 points
Ammo: 5 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Fast
Secondary: Chest-Burster
Damage: 100 point (if it works)
Ammo: 50 energy
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Fast
Notes: This is an awesome weapon, good for killing and finishing off 

Napalm Gel
Primary Fire: Gel Capsule
Damage: 30+ points
Ammo: 1 explosive
Accuracy: Average
Speed: Average
Secondary: Detonate
Damage: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: N/A  
Notes: Remotely detonated explosives. You may only release 3 gel 
capsules at a time.

Grenade Launcher
Primary Fire: Bouncing Grenade
Damage: High
Ammo: 1 explosive
Accuracy: Poor
Speed: Average
Secondary: Contact Grenade
Damage: High
Ammo: 1 explosive
Accuracy: Average
Speed: Average
Notes: Lob explosives around corners and off ledges, scattering your 

Scorpion Launcher
Primary Fire: Missile
Damage: High
Ammo: 1 explosive
Accuracy: Perfect
Speed: Slow
Secondary: Magnet
Damage: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: N/A 
Notes: Powerful, try aiming at feet, and be careful when using Magnet. I 
just noticed this, there's also something called a Repulse Magnet, found 
by holding B and pressing Z at the same time, which your rocket stays 
away from. Cool.


Health (+) can be found in quantities of 25 or 50 points.
Bullet ammo boxes (Blue) refill 50 bullets of your ammo supply.
Explosive ammo boxes (Red) refill 5 explosives in your ammo supply.
Energy ammo containers (Green) refill 100 energy rounds of your ammo.
PFM Mines- Gives you three proximity mines to use.
Iron Claw- Acts like a bear trap. Takes 30 points damage.
Sentry Turret- Locks on to opponents and continually fires at them.
Cerebral Bore- Locks on and fires a drill into opponents head. Leaves 
little to no health.

Most boards have one power core, some have two. The power core is a 
glowing pink and blue orb that grants one out of 13 powers. These powers 
are in effect as long as the lightning bolt is displayed in the lower 
left corner of your screen. Here are the effects:
Teleportation: When hit hard, you will be teleported to a random place 
around the board.
Invisibility: Grants temporary invisibility, so no one can see you.
Bullet Shield: Bullets have no effect on you.
Energy Absorption: Being hit by energy weapons raises your health.
Blast Shield: Explosives have no effect on your player.
Slow Time: Players move in slow motion.
Speed Burst: Your running speed is enhanced.
Invulnerability: No weapon can damage you.
Petrify: When you hit an opponent they freeze in their tracks.
Massive Damage: Your weapons cause extreme amounts of damage.
Life Force Vampire: Hurting another person gives you back health.
Damage Reversal: When an enemy hits you, they feel part of the pain.
Regeneration: Your health slowly regenerates.

Talismans are earned by completing a level in 1 Player Trial Mode. Each 
Talisman represents a different power that upgrades a player during the 
game. There are 5 Talismans: an Eagle, Bear, Coyote, Cougar, and a Snake 
Talisman. Take note that the upgrades are only available during the 1 
Player Trials.
EAGLE TALISMAN: Every two of these you receive, an extra life is granted 
to you. 
BEAR TALISMAN: Receiving one of these will allow you to carry 5 more 
explosive rounds than you already have (maximum of 20 explosive rounds).
COYOTE TALISMAN: The Coyote Talisman ups your bullet ammunition by 50, 
to a maximum of 200 bullets.
COUGAR TALISMAN: This Talisman upgrades your energy ammunition by 50, 
for a maximum of 200 rounds. 
VIPER TALISMAN: The Viper Talisman will upgrade your health by 5 points.

All medals (except for Single Player medals) must have at least 2 human 
controlled players and must have a frag and time limit.

In 1 Player Trials, the first time you defeat a boss you will receive a 
medal. There are 4 medals; one for beating Bastille, Syra, Symbiont, and 

There are 36 Achievement Medals available to earn during a multiplayer 
game. There are 36 multiplayer levels, therefor 36 medals to be earned. 
In order to get an Achievement Medal, use the default setting, have a 
bot, and an extra player playing,(if no one's around you can put a 
rubberband around the second controller's Z button) then beat the level 
that you want the medal for twice.

These medals are earned by, yup, you guessed it, performing certain 
tasks during a multiplayer game. There's 10 of them, but you can only 
receive 9 of them for the time being. Use the default settings unless 
listed otherwise. 
Here they are...
SNIPING MEDAL, for getting 10 kills by sniping, set kills to 20.
SUICIDE MEDAL, for killing your self 5 times
NOT BEING KILLED MEDAL, for not being killed, set frags to 20
COMING IN LAST MEDAL, for coming in last place in a 4 player match, 
being 10 away from the next highest player, set kills to at least 20
NOT GETTING ANY FRAGS MEDAL, for being a good friend and not killing 
anyone, set to 20 frags  
GETTING 15 FRAGS IN 5 MINUTES, set kills to 15,
GETTING 25 FRAGS IN 10, set to 25 frags
TOTAL FRAG MEDAL for getting over 1000 frags
TOTAL DEATHS MEDAL for getting over 1000 deaths 
Now that's only 9, right? Well there's a 10th one, the CO-OP MEDAL, for 
beating all the bosses in Co-Op mode, which the people in America can't 
get because of the glitch in the game. And that's all of them. On the 
Player Stats screen, the medals can be found in this order...
Top Row:                          
Medal 1-  Achievement on Proving Grounds                       
Medal 2-  Achievement on Basic Training                       
Medal 3-  Achievement on Cross Roads                       
Medal 4-  Achievement on Grim Retreat                        
Medal 5-  Achievement on Cathedral                        
Medal 6-  Achievement on Fallout                        
Second Row:                     
Medal 7-  Achievement on Boxed Set                                              
Medal 8-  Achievement on Dire Straight                        
Medal 9-  Achievement on Prey                      
Medal 10- Achievement on Warehouse                      
Medal 11- Achievement on Water Temple                      
Medal 12- Achievement on Bomb Shelter                      
Third Row:                       
Medal 13- Achievement on Tempered                      
Medal 14- Achievement on Earth Temple                      
Medal 15- Achievement on Fire Temple                      
Medal 16- Achievement on Mystic                      
Medal 17- Achievement on Bottleneck                      
Medal 18- Achievement on Tightrope                      
Fourth Row:                      
Medal 19- Achievement on The Pit                      
Medal 20- Achievement on Leap of Faith                      
Medal 21- Achievement on Wicked Dance                      
Medal 22- Achievement on Bunker                      
Medal 23- Achievement on Amphitheater                      
Medal 24- Achievement on Fire Walker                       
Fifth Row:                                
Medal 25- Achievement on Crypts
Medal 26- Achievement on Breakdown
Medal 27- Achievement on Retaliation
Medal 28- Achievement on Hopeless 
Medal 29- Achievement on Matrix
Medal 30- Achievement on Fathom
Sixth Row:
Medal 31- Achievement on Pedestal
Medal 32- Achievement on Defcon 5
Medal 33- Achievement on Spirit Temple
Medal 34- Achievement on Stronghold
Medal 35- Achievement on Courtyard
Medal 36- Achievement on Starlight
Seventh Row:
Medal 37- Attained 15 Frags in 5 Minutes
Medal 38- Attained 25 Frags in 10 Minutes
Medal 39- Not Getting Any Frags
Medal 40- Killing Yourself 5 Times
Medal 41- Coming in Last 
Medal 42- Total Frag Award
Eighth Row:                                
Medal 43- Total Death Award
Medal 44- Sniping 10 People in a Round
Medal 45- Not Being Killed in a Round
Medal 46- Defeated Bastille (Cathedral)
Medal 47- Defeated Syra (Warehouse)
Medal 48- Defeated Symbiont (Amphitheater)
Last Row:
Medal 49- Defeated Tal'Set (Starlight)
Medal 50- Co-Op Award (Beating Two Player Trials)

This is a place where I'll list any methods that you found successful in 
getting medals. Send 'em in to  
Skins are extra looks for the characters. They are unlocked when players 
earn medals. For every two medals you earn, a player skin is unlocked. 
Each character can earn 2 additional skins, besides the one they already 
have, for a total of three. Except for the Lord of the Dead, he only 
gets two skins. Dunno why. Oh, well. They're opened in this order...
2  Medals- Turok's Second Skin
4  Medals- Adon's Second Skin
6  Medals- Mantid Drone's Second Skin
8  Medals- Pur-Linn Juggernaut's Second Skin
10 Medals- Campaigner's Second Skin
12 Medals- Fireborn's Second Skin (IceLord!!)
14 Medals- Oblivion Spawn's Second Skin
16 Medals- Lord of the Dead's Second Skin
18 Medals- Raptor's Second Skin
20 Medals- Elite Guard's Second Skin 
22 Medals- Mantid Soldier's Second Skin
24 Medals- Blind One Guardian's Second Skin
26 Medals- Mantid Mites Second Skin
28 Medals- Turok's Third Skin
30 Medals- Adon's Third Skin
32 Medals- Mantid Soldier's Third Skin
34 Medals- Pur-Linn Juggernaut's Third Skin
36 Medals- Campaigner's Third Skin
38 Medals- Fireborn's Third Skin
40 Medals- Oblivion Spawn's Third Skin
42 Medals- Raptor's Third Skin
44 Medals- Elite Guard's Third Skin
46 Medals- Mantid Soldier's Third Skin
48 Medals- Blind One Guardian's Third Skin
50 Medals- Mantid Mites Third Skin

Ranks depend on how many medals you achieve and tell you how good you 
are. Very useful for rubbing in your friends' faces.  You can be 
anywhere from a Novice (lowest) to a Godhand (highest known). At first 
you earn a rank everytime you receive two medals, but when you hit the 
Warlord Rank, it takes three medals to up your rank. Then when you hit 
the Warslave rank it takes 5 to up it. Here they are from lowest to 
0        -Novice
2        -Newcomer
4        -Grunt
6        -Scout
8        -Brave
10       -Tracker
12       -Hunter
14       -Warrior
16       -Darkling
18       -Seeker
20       -Assassin
22       -Bane
24-26    -Warlord
27-30    -Deathwind
31-33    -Conqueror
34-36    -Master
37-39    -Tyrant
40-44    -Warslave
45-49    -Godhand
50       -Chieftain

Amphitheater    Breakdown       Boxed Set    Bottleneck     
Basic Training  Defcon 5        Bunker       Dire Straight     
Bomb Shelter    Earth Temple    Courtyard    Fire Walker       
Crossroads      Matrix          Fathom       Stronghold        
Crypts          Prey            Mystic
Fallout         Spirit Temple   Retaliation
Fire Temple     The Pedestal   
Grim Retreat    Water Temple  
Hopeless        Wicked Dance   
Leap of Faith       
Proving Grounds    
The Pit            


The One Player Trials take you through a sort of learning process to 
prepare you for the Multiplayer Mode, or at least that's what it seems 
like to me. You start off with three characters, Turok, Adon, and an 
Elite Guard; each with their own relatively easy trial. After completing 
one of these character's trials, another character becomes available. 
Make sure you unlock all the characters to reveal all the hidden items 
and rewards. Take note that only one character's progress can be saved 
at a time; therefore, once you begin a trial as one character, you must 
see it through. The levels are included in what is called "The Mission 
Tree". The Mission Tree shows you where you can go next after 
successfully beating one of the levels. The Mission Tree is set up to be 
an interconnected map of "nodes" (levels). Depending on which character 
is chosen, the journey path changes, with different path choices and 
opponents. Each level has a requirement (example: get 10 frags), which 
must be met in order to proceed and exit the level. As you progress and 
successfully meet the requirements of each level, you'll get choices of 
warp exits to leave the level. These exits dictate the path you take in 
your mission tree. The requirements and skill level of the bots get 
increasingly harder (although not hard enough) as you progress. 
To see what each character unlocks, check the "Character" section. 
To see info about the levels, check the "Mission Tree" section. 

When you think of Two Player Trials you think of a Co-Op Mode, right? 
Well this isn't. The majority of the boards you'll be facing off against 
your buddy, so be prepared. Other than having an extra player by your 
side, the Two Player Trials aren't that different from the One Player 
Trials. You'll notice everytime you beat a boss you acquire a sort of 
trophy like thing with two players standing on a platform. After you get 
all four of these (save after each one), you'll receive the Co-Operative 
Medal. Before you find out the hard way, you can't complete any of the 
Frag Tag levels why you're playing the Two Player Trials. 
To find out more about this glitch, go to the "Glitch" section.

Probably my favorite mode of gameplay, and the place where you earn the 
majority of your medals, is the Multiplayer portion of the game. In 
Multiplayer, you can face off against three of your friends or three 
bots with a difficulty of your choice. To sum it up, if you have one 
player, you can have three bots; if you have four players, you can't add 
any. When you go to the level select screen, you'll notice that there's 
four icons at the top: a skull (Bloodlust), two skulls (Team Bloodlust), 
a monkey head (Frag Tag), and an eagle (Capture the Flag). If you click 
on one of the icons, it'll take you through what's known as Gauntlet 
Mode. Gauntlet Mode takes you through each board of that type of 
gameplay. Hmm...well I can't think of anything else. 
To find some skills to keep in mind, check the "Strategies" section.

Time Trial Mode is unlocked by finding 18 minigame icons. In this mode 
you have to play against the clock. In order to move to the next board, 
you have to fulfill the requirements within the time limit. You don't 
have a certain amount of lives, but dying wastes valuable seconds, so 
try not to do it. And also, avoid killing yourself. You'll lose a frag 
and it'll suck really bad for ya. Also keep moving, if you just stay in 
one place you're not going to win. 

-FRAG FEST MODE-           
By unlocking all 36 minigame icons, you'll be able to test your skill 
against the Frag Fest Mode. There is no time limit, but there is a frag 
limit with certain amount of lives and a chosen character with chosen 
weapons. Unlike Time Trial Mode, staying in one place may lead you to 
victory. Restock and look for health whenever you need it. Also, the 
best tip I can give you is to know your weapons and their secondary 
functions. The game chooses the weapons for you so you have to know how 
to use it, if you want to win. 

I have many, many, many, many strategies so I'm not going to list them 
all. Check Gergall's FAQ for some good strategies.

BASTILLE: Cathedral
First thing you should do is notice that Bastille has two energy bars. 
The top is his shield, the bottom his health. No harm will come to 
Bastille until his shield is down to nothing. You're going to have to 
get used to using hit and run tactics in order to beat this bad man. Use 
your most powerful weapon from afar to weaken his shield, preferably an 
explosive if you have it. Once his shield drops, Bastille will fall to 
his knees for a few moments. Unload everything you got on him, and 
eventually he will get up, his shield will recharge, and you'll have to 
do it all over again. The way that I accomplish all of this is to run 
into the corridors on either side of the level. Follow the hallway up 
and behind the arena. Turn around and wait here until Bastille turns the 
corner at the bottom of the ramp. Unload everything you have and 
hopefully his shield will drop. Fire at him until you see his shield 
recharge, then haul butt down the corridor until you see the crate with 
a health pickup on it. Jump down and get it, then repeat. After doing so 
a few times, Bastille will fall.

SYRA: Warehouse
The first time I played this I was fighting Syra and all of a sudden a 
Warclub came up behind me and was throwing me around so I thought I 
should warn you. Syra does NOT fight alone. Hehe. Syra tends to snipe at 
you from the upper levels of the level, and the Purr-Linn Warclub tends 
to be an up-in-your-face fighter. Go after Syra first, weakening her 
until she barely has any health left, but DON'T kill her. Go after the 
Warclub now, and be sure and kill him. The moment he drops , go after 
the fatally wounded Syra and defeat her, ending the battle. This level 
is filled with places to ambush, or be ambushed. If you're running low 
on health, head into the two connecting rooms in one of the corners. 
They contain ammo as well as two 25 point health packs. 

SYMBIONT: Amphitheater
Gack, this level is very confusing. At any given time, there are four 
Symbionts running around. One of them is the boss, the three others, his 
clones. If you shoot one, and his health doesn't decrease, than don't 
waste anymore time on him. Keep moving from opponent to opponent, until 
you find the real Symbiont. It doesn't take much to finish him off, just 
keep strafing while firing and he'll die pretty quickly.

TAL'SET: Starlight
He is one bad dude. I don't get why we're actually fighting him, Turok 
vs. Turok, ya know? But whatever...Tal'Set carries every weapon in the 
game, and he knows how to use them. Keep moving, and try and stay far 
away at all times. Hit him with long-range weapons like the Plasma Rifle 
and Scorpion Launcher. Once you've got him down to about 2/3 of his 
health, he'll vanish and several bots will come after you. Blow them 
away and Tal'Set will reappear. Use the same tactics as before, until he 
vanishes again. Destroy the bots, and he'll return for his final attack. 
When he returns, you'll be forced to face him AND the bots all at once. 
Focus your attacks on Tal'Set and run for the health often, located on 
the two platforms extending from the level. 

The most important tip I can give you is to know your weapons. Their 
strengths, their weaknesses, and most importantly, learn how to use 
their secondary functions. Also, learn their sounds. If you hear 
somebody cocking back a shotgun for the Streetsweeper, run. Or at least 
go find some health. Knowing the sounds of the weapons helps to know 
what kind of guns your enemies are carrying, whether they be bot or 
human. I know this sounds kinda cheap, but know the levels and their 
item locations. Knowing where the Sentry Turret is and where the health 
locations are can be a matter of life and death. Know when to fight, and 
when to run your ass off. There's no shame in running off, just as long 
as you return and kick the snot outta the guy that caused you to flee. 

Remember this rule above all others...Keep Moving!! Moving targets are 
much harder to hit, especially with the slower weapons. Be on the 
lookout for fire fights, and be a sneak and take out the participants. 
Let them finish with each other so you know they're all weakened, then 
jump in and take them out. One of my favorite things to do, and my 
friends will tell you this, is to form alliances...and then break them. 
Say you and your friend, or whoever, both want to frag the same guy, 
form a truce with him, but when the guy you're going after is defeated, 
turn on your ex-ally and shoot him in the back. It's very, VERY fun to 
do. NOTE: I do not take responsibility for the black eye that your 
friend gave you. LoL. If you've played any multiplayer shoot-em-up, 
you'll know that mercy is for the weak. DON'T let wounded enemies 
escape, they'll only come back stronger and with a vengeance. If you've 
been firing at someone for about two minutes non-stop, you know they've 
gotta be hurting. If they try to run, switch to your Mag-60 and drop him 
where he stands.

Be sure during Team Bloodlust that you set the "Kill Friend" option to 
"No". Just in case your buddy gets pissed because you're taking all the 
kills. The most important rule, above all the rest, is to remember that 
you are a team. Start acting like it. If you take a few bullets for your 
friend, because you have full health and he doesn't, expect him to do 
the same for you. If you sit there and pull out the Freeze Gun on him, 
just so he can't fight back against his shooter, trust me, he'll get you 
back. Be sure and let your buddy know if you've laid an Iron Claw 
anywhere around him, or any other traps, just as a precaution. As 
always, if you know the boards, and you and a friend are chasing after a 
fleeing opponent, split up and surprise your enemy from different 

Guard the pads. There's only one pad lit at a time, so the monkey will 
eventually have to come there, unless...he's smart enough to look for 
the Retaliation Box. Guard the Retaliation Box. If the pad is blocked, 
you can bet that little chimp will make a run for the box of bananas. Be 
there to say hey. When the picture of the monkey's head flashes on your 
screen, that means that the monkey has reached the pad, and the game is 
deciding a new monkey. Use this time to find the new, lit pad, so in 
case you turn into the monkey, you'll know where to go. 

In any game mode that you play, knowing the board is vital to winning. 
This is especially so in Capture The Flag. Knowing the fastest way to 
the capture points, or the path with least resistance, is a very good 
thing. If someone is shooting you while you have the flag, you may be 
tempted to turn around and frag him, but don't. Trying to kill him won't 
get you any closer to getting a capture, and may result in the loss of 
your life. Instead, just weave and weave until you reach the capture 
point. If you're playing on a team, and your teammate has the flag, be a 
friend and protect him with your life. If he dies, the flag is returned, 
but if you die, he still has a chance to get a capture. On some boards, 
you can set a defense, such as a Sentry Turret, by the capture points, 
to insure that your foes do not make it there. 
Along with the Mantid Mites, the Raptor provides an entirely different 
approach for battle, which is why I'm giving strategies for using them. 
The Raptor's greatest weakness is his lack of any long range weapons. 
Since he has no weapons, the Raptor must rely on stealth. If you're 
spotted the best thing you can do is run or duck away into a nearby 
corridor. You have to try to sneak up and attack from behind, because if 
you try and attack from the front, you're gonna end up splattered all 
over a wall. Never, ever, ever ever ever, try and attack going uphill. 
It doesn't work. Trust me. Also, know when to use the Raptor's different 
attacks. The Jumping Claw attack is slow, but incredibly powerful, and 
is best used from behind. Press the Z button about a second before you 
want to hit the opponent. And don't try charging your adversary. Try 
getting close, circling them, while holding down the attack button. When 
an injured foe tries to run away, RUN THEM DOWN. You're faster, 
stronger, and well that's it. And if there already injured, it'll only 
take one or two slashes to finish them off.

Make use of sniping points. Raptors cannot attack when you are above 
them. Actually it depends on how high you are above them. Just get as 
high as you can. LoL. Anyways, use whatever weapons you have until you 
lose sight of him. Most likely that means he's gonna try and sneak up on 
you. If a Raptor is chasing you, run backwards (but facing him) and 
detonate explosives at the ground just in front of him. This will weaken 
him tremendously, allowing you to switch to a faster weapon to finish 
him off. Also, two very important words to remember when dealing with a 
stealthy Raptor, rapid fire. The Minigun is a very proper weapon to use.

Unlike the Raptor, the Mites do have a long range weapon, an acid spit 
attack. The acid spit attack is...well, effective in long range fire 
fights. The Mites' small size helps hide you as you spit acid in an 
opponents eyes. You'll find yourself using the spit attack much more 
than the Mites bite. If you can get the drop on an opponent, however, 
stay close, forcing them to look down to aim, keeping them at a 

Counter the Mites' small size by using weapons with a dispersal. 
Explosive weapons, the Flare Gun, and the Assualt Rifle will register 
more hits than the more concentrated weapons.
Not that you really need cheats in this game, but running around with 
infinite ammo is a lot of fun. To pull up the cheat menu, press Z on the 
main menu and a screen will come up with the cheats you can access. To 
get the other cheats, you have to have a certain amount of medals. If 
you don't have any medals, the only one that will be accessible is the 
credits. Here's how to unlock the others. I don't know the exact 
requirements, but once you get 16 medals you have all cheats available 
to use.
CREDITS: No medals needed to open this "cheat."
ALL CHARACTERS: Attain at least 6 medals to unlock all playable 
ALL WEAPONS: Attain at least 10 medals to unlock all weapons. 
UNLIMITED AMMO: Attain at least 12 medals to get infinite ammo.
EXTRA MODES: Attain around 14 medals to get Frag Fest and Time Trial.

I've gotten so many emails about this subject, so I figured I should 
make a section about it. As you probably have found out, there is a 
glitch in the American version of the game that prevents you from 
completing any of the Frag Tag boards in the Two Player Trial Mode. It 
also prevents you from getting the Co-Operative Medal. The good news is 
Acclaim is actually doing something about it. If you email them at and tell them you'd like to have your glitchy 
Turok: Rage Wars game replaced with a non-glitchy one, they will email 
you back telling you how it can be done. If you don't want to wait about 
three weeks to get it back, I've heard (this is just a rumor) that 
Acclaim will be releasing the fixed versions to stores around mid-March. 
Hope this helps everybody a little. 

First I want to give thanks and give credit to Acclaim for making an 
awesome game and some of the information that they provided in their 
Strategy Guide that is used in this FAQ. The weapon info and character 
bios in this FAQ are from their Turok: Rage Wars Strategy Guide. 

Also, I want to thank Gergall, for helping me out with some information 
on how to get some medals.

Thanks to Azianpride who also helped me out with some medal information. 

Credit goes to SaiyajinGoten for giving me the idea for holding down the 
Z button with a rubberband.

Much thanks goes to for helping me out with some medal 
info, and for setting me straight on the rank orders.

Much thanks goes to The 64 Chimp, for helping me with the last rank.

Acclaim (

Nintendo (

TurokZone (

GameFaqs ( Check here for the most updated version    

Everything in this FAQ (excluding the Weapons and Character Bios) are 
copyright © 2000 of me, IceLord, but if anybody wants to use anything, 
please show some respect and give credit where it's due. Please email me 
just to let me know who and what you will be using. I am in no way 
affiliated with anyone. Turok: Rage Wars is property of Acclaim and 
Acclaim Studios Austin. This FAQ is property of me.

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