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Turok: Rage Wars
The Complete Guide
Version 1.0
By, Zero  ( 

Started 7/15/00  Finished 7/18/00


Welcome to Zero's Complete Guide for Turok: Rage Wars!  This is my first FAQ 
for any game, and I plan to make it bigger and better that any guide 
available for this game.  Turok: Rage Wars is unlike any other game for the 
Nintendo 64.  Rage Wars is a multiplayer exclusive game, containing many 
deathmatching aspects.  Therefore, it is impossible to include a walkthrough.  
Instead, this guide contains strategies for every character, weapon, and much 
more.  Enjoy, and happy hunting.

1.	Story
2.	Zero's Laws of Survival
3.	Weaponry
-Bullet Weapons
4.	The Cast
-Character Bios
-How to Beat
5.	Bosses
-Tal Set
6.	Power Pills
7.	Rankings 
8.	Map Lisitngs
9.	Things to Unlock/ Medals
10.	 Misc.

*1. Story* 

The Lost Land was born of chaos.  Since the dawn of time, the Turok have 
maintained the balance between good and evil, order and chaos.  The Turok 
control the "Light Burden," a sacred vessel that holds the last remnants 
of the pure energy source that created the Lost Land.  Whoever controls 
the Light Burden controls the power of creation.  Fierce battles were 
waged in an effort to wrestle control of the Light Burden from the line of 
Turok, and plunge the Lost Land into darkness.  Now you must prove 
yourself worthy to wield the Light Burden.  You must relive the challenge 
of your ancestors and survive the Rage WarsÖ

* 2. Zero's Laws of Survival* 
Welcome to a little section I like to call, "Zero's Laws of Survival."  
This section includes basic rules to survive in a Turok: Rage Wars 
deathmatch.  If you would like to contribute to this section, email me, 
and I will post your tip with full credit to the submitter.  Ready?  Let's 

Rule No. 1: Mercy Is For The Weak
Basically this says, don't let wounded enemies escape!  To do so would be 
losing an opportunity to gain an all-important frag.  Plus, the enemy will 
just return later, with more health and ammo to kill you.

Rule No. 2: Don't Stop! 
The worst thing to do in the heat of battle is to stop to line up your 
shot.  You'll only become cannon fodder, or an easy target for the all 
powerful chest-burster.  On the other hand, sometimes stopping can be 
useful.  "Camping," or hiding in the shadows, is definitely a cowardly way 
to win, but when there's no other optionÖ

Rule No. 3: Keep Ammo Stocked
This can be worse than stopping.  So, you're in a brutal firefight, and 
you and your opponent are fatally wounded, and as you're about to deliver 
the deathblow that will win you the battleÖ you're switched to your 
warhammer and your opponent blows your pitiful head off.  This should 
NEVER happen.  Never run out of ammo.  Feel free to flee battle to gain 
some more ammo, which leads us to the 4th ruleÖ

Rule No. 4: "He Who Fights and Runs AwayÖ"
"ÖLives to fight another day."  And how true it is!  This is the opposite 
of Rule 1.  If you are badly damaged, don't be an idiot and continue to 
empty your ammo!  Get outta there!  Unfortunately for you, if 
your opponent realizes that mercy is for the weak, he/she will realize to 
stop you before you can pick up health or ammo.

Rule No. 5: Camper's Paradise
Certain levels in Rage Wars are very dark, with tons of shadows and 
alcoves.  Use these to your advantage!  Duck into the shadows and wait for 
a hapless victim to stumble along your path.  When he comes near, blast 
him.  Better yet, place a PFM or two to leave a nice present for the next 
victim to stumble into the shadows.  Just be sure that victim isn't you!

Rule No. 6:  Know What You're Up Against
Not every battle will be a cakewalk, especially against a skilled human 
player.  Sure, they can claim that AI in video games is revolutionary, but 
bots can only do so much.  In fact, in Rage Wars, they seem VERY stupid, 
even at their most difficult levels.  But a human player can adapt to your 
strategies.  Therefore, know your opponent.  Know how they battle, and 
what weapons they are fond of.  In Rage Wars, you can choose your own 
weapons, so bring weapons that suit how you fight, and counter how your 
opponent fights.  If your opponent uses slow, powerful weapons, bring 
quicker weapons such as a Plasma Rifle or a Mag-60.  
   Likewise, go into battle with weapons that compliment each other.  If 
you bring a slow weapon such as a Flare Gun, compliment it with the 
Minigun.  Mix and match!

Rule No. 7: Be Aggressive!
Sure, camping can be fun and effective.  And it's sure fun to piss off 
your human opponents.  But while you're waiting in the shadows, the other 
players are out getting frags off of each other!  Plus, it's easy to get 
caught off guard and end up eating a Scorpion.  Instead, hunt down your 
opponents, and try to catch THEM off guard.  

Rule No. 8:  Memorize Spawning Locations
After a brutal beating, knowing the spawning spot of the 50-health can 
mean the difference between life and death.  That is exactly the reason to 
know the location of all spawning spots.  This is especially useful while 
fleeing a relentless pursuer, and you're down to your warhammer.  Most 
importantly, know where the elusive Power Pill spawns, so you can pick it 
up to gain a definitive edge over your opponents before a battle.  

Rule No. 9: Be Careful
Now, this may sound weird to say in a deathmatch scenario, but it is very 
important to watch your step in Rage Wars.  This includes falling into 
pits, lava, or shooting an explosive within a short vicinity to your own 
body.  Not only do you look like an idiot, but also you then loose all 
your ammo, and worst of all, you loose a frag!  And since frags decide the 
winner in Rage Wars, don't do more damage to yourself then to your 

And FinallyÖ
Rule No. 10: Don't Fear Death
Sure, victory is sweet.  There's nothing as great as standing over your 
dead opponent laying in a pool of his own blood.  But death is only a 
minor set back in Rage Wars.  If you are killed in a prolonged firefight, 
don't sweat it.  You'll come back fully healed, and healthy enough to hunt 
down your still weak opponent.

Again, if you have any "Laws of Survival" to submit,
E-mail me at
You will be given full credit if it is posted.

*3. Weaponry*
AhhhhhÖ there's nothing like the feeling of hunting your foe with a 
powerful weapon in your arms.  The weaponry is above all what makes this 
game (in my opinion).  From the shotgun to the chestburster, there are 
tons of weapons to complement any fighting strategy.

Description   -Requiring no ammo, this is what you're stuck with if you
               exhaust your ammo supplies down to zero.  Move close to
               your target and swing away.  It is a default weapon carried 
               by all warriors except the Raptors and Mites.
Primary Fire  - Swing
Secondary Fire-Rocket Hammer
Ammo          -None
Strategy      -So you're stuck with the warhammer.  Get up close and swing 
               away.  Want a better strategy?  Get some ammo.

Bullet Weapons
---Mag 60---
Description   -A returning favorite from Turok 2.  This baby is a semi-
               automatic pistol shoots three bullets at a time in primary 
               fire mode.  
Primary Fire  -Three round burst
Secondary Fire-Laser sight mode
Ammo          -Bullet Rounds
Strategy      -The Mag 60 is back, and better than ever!  It now includes 
                A laser sight mode when B is held down to shoot a more
                powerful shot that deals 50 damage!  This is a great all 
                around weapon that I'm always sure to include in my 

Description   -Deathmatch's deadliest weapon.  It sprays bullets at an 
               Alarming rate, ripping anyone into pieces.
Primary Fire  -Continuous bullet spray
Secondary Fire-Shield (energy rounds)
Ammo          - Bullet Rounds
Strategy      -Oh, yeah!  Nothing better than cutting your opponent into
               pieces with this bad boy.  That is, if you can shoot them
               enough to take them down.  See, my biggest problem with the 
               Minigun is this.  Despite how fast it shoots, it is very
               Weak.  It is definitely a good choice for the frantic 
               shooter, but not for anyone who enjoys to knock an opponent
               off their feet.

---Assault Rifle---
Description   -A basic rifle that shoots either a single bullet, or a 
               continuous stream of them. 
Primary Fire  -Single shot
Secondary Fire-Automatic Assault Rifle
Ammo          -Bullet Rounds
Strategy      -This is a well-rounded weapon that has balanced attributes.
               Sense a "but" coming on?  BUT, I have never been a big fan 
               of the assault rifle.  The single bullet does a good amount 
               damage, sacrificing speed and accuracy.  This gun conserves 
               ammo fairly well, so it would be a good choice for 

Description   -The term Shotgun should be familiar to most deathmatchers,
               but this one is better.  Great at point-blank range, not so 
               great from a distance.  
Primary Fire  -One double-barrel shot
Secondary Fire-Street Sweeper
Ammo          -Bullet Rounds
Strategy      -I NEVER go into battle without this baby.  This should be 
               used point-blank to match max efficiency.  The Street 
               Sweeper is even better.  You load 4 shells and shoot them 
               off all at once, dealing massive damage at close range.

Energy Weapons
---Tek Bow---
Description   -Another returning favorite from Turok 2 and Turok 1.  
               It shoots off explosive arrows to lodge in your 
               opponent.  (Man, I love deathmatches!)

Primary Fire  -Arrow shot
Secondary Fire-Sniper mode
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -A truly nostalgic weapon from Turok's past.  In fact, what 
               would a Turok game be without it?  This weapon is a 
               camper's dream.  In sniper mode, take time to line up your 
               shot, then let 'er rip.  One shot should be enough to 
               take down all but the healthiest opposition.  

---Flare Gun---
Description   -ANOTHER blast from Turok's past (Turok 2)!  At least time 
               It can be useful.
Primary Fire  -Radioactive Flare
Secondary Fire-Radioactive Meltdown
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -Why?  Why even consider bringing this into battle.  Sure,
               it's radioactive flares do damage, if you're facing someone
               dumb enough to step into the light.  Just leave this gun at 

---Plasma Rifle---
Description   -Okay, if you played Turok 2, you should be familiar with 
               this baby.  Except, in Turok 2, this was the weakest gun
               you could basically get.  Now, its greatly improved.
Primary Fire  -Plasma energy shot
Secondary Fire-Sniper mode
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -The great debate for me is always Tek Bow vs. Plasma Rifle.
               Usually I opt for the Plasma Rifle.  Why?  The main 
               difference is that the Plasma rifle is faster, but a little
               weaker, and the Tek Bow is slower and stronger.

Description   -Unlike a usual boomerang, this boomerang has three jagged
               edges that slice through your target once its thrown.
Primary Fire  -Throw
Secondary Fire-Throw and slow
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -The boomerang is a unique weapon to find in a deathmatch.  
               Even more unusual is finding someone who uses this weapon 
               successfully in the heat of battle.  The Boomerang is 
               useful for taking out a foe who doesn't see you coming.  It 
               does a fair amount of damage, and the throw and slow is
               to get your opponents blood boiling.  A major throwback is 
               your vulnerability when waiting for the boomerang to return
               after you've thrown it.

Description   -This alien looking piece of sickening machinery is used to 
               turn your opponent into a living stick figure.
Primary Fire  -Rapid fire whither
Secondary Fire-Charged shot whither
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -This is truly a wicked weapon to humiliate your enemies, 
               while slowly draining their health.  If an enemy escapes 
               after you've whittled away at him, he'll slowly gain his 
               shape back, so don't let him get away!  I personally prefer
               the "Emaciator's Evil TwinÖ"  

Description   -"The Emaciator's Evil Twin."  Instead of whittling away at 
                your enemies, you either pop 'em like a balloon or make 
                them the biggest target around!
Primary Fire  -Oxygen dart
Secondary Fire-"Balloon" shot (he he he)
Ammo          -Energy rounds
Strategy      -Man, oh, man do I love this gun!  I mean, why make your 
               opponents thinner (harder to hit) when you can make them
               easy targets?!?  Charge up your shot and let it rip to 
               really burst your opponents bubble (heheh).  Opt for this 
               instead of the Emaciator.

---Freeze Gun---
Description   -NOT A KILL WEAPON!  This rifle weapon is meant as support
               weapon to slow down your opponent before the big kill.
Primary Fire  -Liquid nitrogen shot
Secondary Fire-Nitrogen frost
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -I said it once, and I'll warn you again.  This is NOT a
               kill weapon!  It is a great support weapon, but you won't 
               get a kill from this gun alone.  My brother for example is 
               great with this baby.  I am not a really big fan of this
               gun, but if it sounds good to you, who am I to judge?

Description   -It doesn't get nastier than this.  This alien weapon plants
               an alien fetus inside your opponent.  Note: This must be
               unlocked in the Mantid Soldier trial before it is 
Primary Fire  -Poison dart shot
Secondary Fire-Embryo shot
Ammo          -Energy Rounds
Strategy      -I never imagined that a gun could be any cooler than the 
               Cerebral Bore, but that was before the Chestburster.  
               Primary fire mode is practically useless, but the embryo
               shot is a definite one hit kill.  Plus, the death animation
               couldn't be cooler.  On the other hand, if you're on the 
               receiving end, not all is lost.  Either run for the Power
               Pill, or kill the lil' sneak that planted it in you to 
               abort the fetus.

Explosive Weapons
---Napalm Gel---
Description   -This puppy launches Remote explosives to label your victim.
Primary Fire  -Explosive gel capsule
Secondary Fire-Detonation
Ammo          -Explosive rounds
Strategy      -The uses for Napalm Gel are endless.  Simply place and 
               detonate when you want.  Place traps in shadows, near the 
               Power Pill, enemy re-spawning locations, ON your enemyÖ 
               Then just detonate to give the victim a fiery treat. Plus, 
               you can just hold down the secondary fire button as you 
               launch to get your gel to explode on contact.  A great 
               Choice to fill the explosive slot.

---Grenade Launcher---
Description   -GrenadeÖ Launcher.  Need I say more?  Yeah, I guess so.  
               these little explosives do heavy damage, so don't launch 
               them close to you.
Primary Fire  -Grenade lob bounce
Secondary Fire-Non-bounce grenade lob
Ammo          -Explosive Rounds
Strategy      -Though my least favorite explosive choice, these little 
               packages do hefty damage.  To use these effectively, know
               when and when NOT to bounce.  It's that simple.

---Scorpion Launcher---
Description   -Wow.  This missile launcher is a welcome comeback from 
               Turok 2, and it still packs a punch.
Primary Fire  -Missile launch
Secondary Fire-Repulsor
Ammo          -Explosive Rounds
Strategy      -This is a standard explosive weapon; a high powered rocket
               that not only does severe direct damage, but good splash 
               damage as well.  There's really not much to say.  It is a 
               Rocket launcher.  A great one.

Special Pickups
Some levels contain some exclusive weapons pickups to aid in the massacre 
of your opponent.  

PFM Mines     -Pick this up and you receive three proximity mines to 
               place at your leisure.  If anyone decides to wander into 
               it's vicinity, it will explode and do severe splash damage.

Iron Claw     -This is a vicious and brutal weapon, that you lay in the 
               middle of a path for a hapless victim to stumble into it.  
               It only slows 'em down and does a mere 30 points of damage.
Sentry Turrent-This deadly little number is possibly one of the deadliest 
               pickups available.  When used, you place a turrent, that 
               locks onto and shreds anyone who steps near it.  The 
               bullets it sprays are high powered and are sure to severely
               damage, if not kill anyone nearby.
Cerebral Bore ñThe nostalgic memories of liquefying opponent's brains in 
               Turok 2 can be relived with the new Cerebral Bore pickup.  
               Just keep your opponent in your sights so you can get a 
               lock on their brain waves.  After you get a lock, let it
               rip!  Your victim shrieks in pain as the little bore drills 
               into his brain, spewing brain tissue everywhere.  Oddly 
               enough, this isn't fatal!  Also, now the bore will no 
               longer lock onto the brain waves of Raptors or Mites.  
               Plus, the bore no longer explodes after drilling into the
               victim's skull.  I guess that's because if it did explode,
               it would be fatal.  That means no more cool exploding 

So, lets see what guns passed the test, and what guns are better off 
collecting dust on the shelves.  I took into consideration the ROF (Rate 
of Fire), the power of it, its uses, and the overall usefulness of it.  
Without further ado, lets get to the grades!

Bullet Weapons
---Mag 60---
The Mag 60 is a great all around weapon and one that always ends up in my 
arsenal.  The primary fire burst is great, and the laser sight is even 
better.  This ones a keeper.
ROF    :8/10
Power  :9/10
Useful :9/10

---Assault Rifle---
The Assault Rifle is easily the most well rounded gun in the game, and 
pretty effective too.  It's fast and strong; a solid choice to fill a 
bullet weapon slot.
ROF    :9/10
Power  :8/10
Useful :8/10
The shotgun is truly a gem to use in close quartered combat, but loses its 
efficiency the farther the distance from the target.  Nonetheless, the 
shotgun can be your best friend in a heated firefight.
ROF    :7/10
Power  :9/10
Useful :8/10

And then there's the Minigun!  While many argue about the minigun's 
spectacular ROF.  But I usually opt for the stronger assault rifle.  
However, it is still a solid gun.
ROF    :10/10
Power  :7/10
Useful :8/10

Energy Weapons
The Inflator is not only strong, quick, and usefulÖ but its pretty damn 
cool too.  Plus, the added humiliation that you deal to your opponents 
makes it all worth while.
ROF    :9/10
Power  :10/10
Useful :9/10

Yeah, so what?!?  The Chestburster is hella cool, fast, and definitely 
strong.  In fact, possibly the coolest thing in the game is listening to 
the increasing heartbeat as you've laid the seed, and you're debating 
whether to get outta there, cuz you still want to see the death sequence.
ROF    :7/10
Power  :10/10
Use    :9/10

   ---Plasma Rifle---
As with the Tek Bow, the plasma rifle isn't meant for prolonged fire 
fights.  Instead, sneak around (there's no radar) and snipe out your 
opponents.  You gotta love it.
ROF    :8/10
Power  :9/10
Useful :8/10
---Tek Bow---
This weapon is for all you campers out there.  A tek bow usually wont do 
much for you in a heated firefight, but if you hide in the shadows to pick 
out you opponents, you're using it right.
ROF    :6/10
Power  :8/10
Useful :8/10

Sure, this COULD be higher on the list, but if you constantly compare this 
to the Inflator, this gun looses its efficiency quick.  Plus, by just 
thinning your opponent out, you're kinda doing him a favor.
ROF    :9/10
Power  :8/10
Useful :6/10

---Freeze Gun---
Now, you can tell that something's up if a non-kill weapon is found higher 
than the kill weapons.  Why?  The possibilities are endless.  Wanna plant 
an alien embryo in your opponent, but the son-of-a-bÖ uh, gun, won't stand 
still?  Freeze him first, the plant it.  If you're lucky, the victim will 
still be frozen long enough for you to make your escape.
ROF    :8/10
Power  :N/A
Useful :8/10

Don't get me wrongÖ this is a great weapon.  Its just that I feel safer 
going into battle with a big gun instead of a boomerang.  If you can 
get the drop on an opponent, good for you, this could be useful.  
Otherwise, leave this at home.
ROF    :5/10
Power  :8/10
Useful :5/10

---Flare Gun---
Okay.  Okay.  NO.  Just don't.  LEAVE it home.  It an effective retreat 
gun to fire while you're fleeing, but with so many other good energy gun 
options, why bother?  This needs to stay home.
ROF    :5/10
Power  :7/10
Useful :5/10

Explosive Weapons
---Napalm Gel---
Dare I use the word "Perfect?"  So its not completely perfect, but its 
pretty close.  The possibilities are endless, so be sure to give 
this gun a try.
ROF    :9/10
Power  :10/10
Useful :10/10
Overall:10/10 (not an average)

---Scorpion Launcher---
As great as the Napalm gel is, sometimes I just wanna blow stuff up in a 
more direct manner.  Its strong, but its difficult to hit strafing 
opponents with.
ROF    :7/10
Power  :10/10
Useful :8/10

--Grenade Launcher---
As I see it, all explosive weapons are great.  Its great to scare the hell 
out of opponents by lobbing grenades towards them.  The thrill is 
incredible.  This one just came in last.  
ROF    :7/10
Power  :10/10
Useful :7/10

Healthy criticisms of my rankings are acceptable, and I may even post your 
opinion on this FAQ.  But if your rant and rave, I don't have the time for 

*4. The Cast*
-Joshua Fireseed (Turok)-
Turok- Easy
Warrior- Medium
Master- Hard
BIO     -The ultimate champion of order, and guardian of the Light Burden.
         The latest Turok in the lineage, and is returning from his battle
         With the Primagen to take up the mantle.  
STRATEGY-Turok, the basic fighter.  His attributes are well-rounded,
         So he's definitely a good choice for beginners and veterans 
         Alike.  The AI for Turok is actually smart, and will pop up all
         Over the map.

Adon- Easy
Seeker- Medium
Huntress- Hard
BIO     -The "Speaker of Forever Light" is formerly a speaker of peace. 
         So, what is she doing in the Rage Wars?  Anyway, she's
         an agile warriorÖ or something.

STRATEGY-Oh, boyÖ let me think of how to put this.  She is weak, but she
         is faster then other warriors.  Opt for Syra to pack a punch. 
         She doesn't regenerate her health anymore like in Turok 2 either.  
         Against the Adon AI, she can be a big pain since she zips around.

Raptor- Easy
Slag- Medium
Claw- Hard
BIO     -A vicious and vile prehistoric beast.  It lives to hunt, and its 
         bloodlust is unquenchable.  It entered the Rage Wars because of 
         its incredible hatred for the Turok lineage, and will not rest 
         until Turok is dead.
STRATEGY-The raptor is definitely my favorite characters.  Most of my
         friends won't even play against me anymore, because I'm 
         invincible with him.  Sure, the raptor doesn't use guns, but with
         claws like that, who needs a gun???  Just go on the hunt, 
         stalking your opponent.  And with a one-hit kill attack, I can't 
         get over how bad the raptor sucked in Turok 2.  Fortunately for
         you, the computer raptors are retarded, even though they're fast.

Juggernaut- Easy
Sloth- Medium
Mauler- Hard
BIO     -Deep from the recesses of the Death Marshes, the ape like 
         Pur-Linn race have always hated the human race, especially the
         Turok lineage.  The Turoks have massacred the Purr-Linn in the 
         past, so they have joined the Rage Wars seeking revenge.  They 
         believe that if the Turoks fall, humankind will be next.
STRATEGY-Big, slow, unable to jump worth crap, but tough as nails.  He's
         too big to hide, and too slow to run, so why try?  Just stand and 
         shoot.  This guy has about twice as much armor as the next guy,
         so use that to your advantage.  Against the Juggernaut, use a hit
         and run attack pattern to throw him off.  Use powerful weapons or
         he will beat you into a bloody pulp.

-The Campaigner-
Campaigner- Easy
Slaver- Medium
Tyrant- Hard
BIO     -The Campaigner is an evil Tyrant who once ruled over the Lost 
         Land with an iron fist.  Until the dramatic battle with Tal Set 
         nearly ended his life.  In previous Rage Wars battles, the 
         Campaigner had battle Tal Set, only to be defeated by a crushing 
         blow that almost ended his life.  Now, the Campaigner returns 
         with cybernetic limbs and synthetic organs as his battle scars.
STRATEGY-The Campaigner is basically Turok, only a little slower, and a
         a bit stronger.  He is also a little bigger than other warriors. 
         He is one of my favorite characters to play as, but that's based 
         on personal preference, and not much more.  He's not too
         difficult to beat if he's a bot, but he seems smarter.       

-Dinosoid Fireborn-
Fireborn- Easy
Icelord- Medium
Entrail- Hard
BIO     -Dinosoids are genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids.  Pure 
         evil, but truly dumb.  They come in three forms, Fireborn of 
         Fire; Ice Icelords of Ice, or the robotically enhanced Entrails.
         They all share the velociraptors hatred of Turok.
STRATEGY-Fireborns are great, well-rounded fighters, and can be compared
         to Turok.  He has no outstanding points, and no handicaps either.  
         The Fireborn AI is also really stupid as the bio suggests, so you
         might as well be shooting fish in a barrel.

-Lord of the Dead-
Lorddead- Easy
Maggot- Medium
Vile- Hard
BIO     -These vile rotting bodies are merely transports for the evil 
         Spirits from the Deadside.  This zombie has risen from the dead
         with a thirst for revenge.  Hell-bent on stopping Turok and Tal 
         Set, the Lord of the Dead will stop at nothing.
STRATEGY-When I first earned the Lord of the Dead, I was really excited. I
         mean, he looks cool, plus the zombies were my favorite from Turok 
       	THEN, I used him in battle.  He's slow, but not strong as the 
            classic tradeoff usually suggests.  Plus, he constantly moans and 
            groans.  None of his low points are countered by high points.  He
            is a huge disappointment.  He's worse than Adon, so just stay 
            away, unless you have the hope I did.

-Mantid Drone-
Drone- Easy
Grunt- Medium
Slave- Hard
BIO     -The Mantids are a highly evolved race of insect warriors.  They
         live only to see that the hive may grow, and devour anything that
         stands in their way.  After the death of the Mantids precious Queen,
         the Mantids decide that the "Light Burden" is exactly what they need
         to bridge the gap between the Lost Land and the Mantids' home world, 
         allowing for a full scale invasion.
STRATEGY-The Mantid Drone is a skinny little green guy, who's fairly fast and 
         hard to hit.  You're opponents will get screaming mad while trying
         to shoot you while you're hopping around.  Against him, remember 
         that he is very quick, so try using bullet weapons instead of 
         energy ones.

-Mantid Soldier-
Soldier- Easy
Captain- Medium
King- Hard
BIO     -With her last breath(?), the Queen sent out her strongest soldier, a 
         huge, armored warrior, who had survived many Turok attacks.  Now, 
         with its brethren the Drone and the Mites, it enters the Rage Wars 
         seeking its revenge on Turok.
STRATEGY-For such a big guy, the Mantid Soldier moves fairly fast.  This is a 
         unique trade off that makes the Mantid Solider the best in some 
         respects.  Unfortunately, the Mantid Soldier has a horrible weakness
         to bullet weapons, which is a huge handicap since most players start
         with a bullet weapon, putting the Soldier in danger early on in the
         game.  When against him, use his weakness to your advantage.  Keep 
         him at bay with your assault rifle or Minigun.  He is also a bit of
         a kamikaze, so it won't be too challenging.

-Mantid Mites-
Mites- Easy
Compies- Medium
Teddies- Hard
BIO     -Straight from the egg and already hungry for blood.  Traveling in 
         Packs, they entered the Rage Wars to avenge their Queen by killing 
STRATEGY-AwwwwÖ look at the cute little teddies.  Look how they 
         justÖ AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  Well, I gotta hand it to the designers.  
         The mites are the most creative creatures I've ever seen in a video 
         game.  But, my admiration ends there.  So, they're small, so they're
         hard to hit right?  Wrong.  Just shoot near them, and watch the 
         damage increase.  If you fight them, they won't put up much of a 

-Blind One Guardian-
Guardian- Easy
Ravage- Medium
Cyclops- Hard
BIO     -The Blind Ones are a primitive bloodthirsty race of creatures who 
         Live underground.  They only rise to the surface to feed.  After 
         Joshua Fireseed wiped out almost their entire race, including their 
         Queen, the Guardian enters the Rage Wars with a vengeful heart.
STRATEGY-You probably couldn't tell by its appearance, but the Blind One
         Guardian is one of the best characters in the game.  He is fast, but
         can take a beating.  This means that we've finally found a character
         to use the two best tactics in the game with (camping and running). 
         For example, the Juggernaut is too big to run, so it should camp 
         out, while the weakling Adon should keep on the move.  But with the 
         Guardian, we have both.  This ones a keeper.  Against the AI, it 
         just fights normal.

-Oblivion Spawn (Flesh Eater)-
Death- Easy
Reaper- Medium
Maw- Hard
BIO     -In Joshua's previous battle with the Primagen, he was attacked by a 
         group of mysterious and brutal beings known only to him as the 
         Flesh Eaters.  It turns out that these beings were sent by an evil 
         force known as Oblivion (here we go, Turok 3! ?).  He is a brutal 
         opponent who will stop at nothing to destroy Joshua Fireseed.
STRATEGY-So, the scariest part of Turok 2 returns.  I'll never forget the 
         first time I stepped into a Flesh Portal in Turok 2.  It scared me 
         crapless.  So why not use him now?  Sure, he shares the same 
         attributes as the Juggernaut only he's taller, and he's more 
         noticeable, but why pass up the chance to scare your opponents as
         bad as they scared you in Turok 2?

---Bio Bot Elites---
Elite- Easy
Biobot- Medium
Killbot- Hard
BIO     -After Joshua destroyed the Primagen in Turok 2, he failed to destroy
         all of the Primagen's forces.  At the time of his death, the 
         Primagen sent the remainder of his forces after the young Turok.  
         They tracked Turok for two years.  In a frantic battle, Joshua 
         decimated all but one of them.  The survivor has followed him here
         to the Rage Wars.
STRATEGY-Well, the Primagen has been left out of the Rage Wars, but at least 
         he sent his guard.  But can he put up a fight against all the other 
         warriors?  He's very big and slow, so he's a pretty easy target.  
         Surprisingly enough, he also doesn't have much armor, so that makes
         him even worse.  Against him, he is used smartly, and he'll set 
         traps for you.  But he's still an easy target.  Such a shame though, 
         since he was such a tough fighter in Turok 2.

Here they are!  I've listed the best characters from 13 (worst) to 1 (best) 
excluding bosses.
13. Lord of the Dead
12. Elite Guard
11. Mantid Mite
10. Adon
 9. Mantid Soldier
 8. Juggernaut
 7. Mantid Drone
 6. Oblivion Spawn
 5. Campaigner
 4. Fireborn
 3. Turok
 2. Velociraptor
 And FinallyÖ
1.	Blind One Guardian
Want an explanation for Number One?  As I said before, the mix and match 
strategies can fit any type of player.  He's fast enough to hit and run, but 
strong enough to hold and camp in any position.  His only drawback is his 
size, but it's a small drawback.  Trust me on this.  
PS:  In my personal opinion, they should have used the Sentinel instead of 
the Guardian, cuz he looks way cooler.

*5. Bosses*
This section is divided into three sections for each boss.  The first
section is bio for the boss.  The second section is a strategy for beating                   
the boss.  And finally, the third section is about using the boss as a 
player in multiplayer.
BIO (Acclaim)
   Deposed Lord and General of a once mighty army, Bastille was sentenced to 
death when he and his honor guard attempted to assassinate the King.  His 
standing as a Lord revoked, Bastille was on the precipice of death when a
temporal distortion in his home world pulled him through a fracture in the 
Netherscape and deposited him in the Lost Land.  
   Bastille found himself in a land ripe for the taking.  A world full of 
technological marvels and a host of "lesser" races that could be easily  
   Bastille's shield-generating armor was worn by a great warlord whom he
poisoned after winning his trust.  Although Bastille soon amassed a sizable
following of warriors, he failed to attain recognition as anything more than
a roving thug, commanding a host of rabble and thieves.  
   Determined to win back his honor, and be regaled as a true leader, 
Bastille has set his eyes on the "Light Burden."  With it, he could rule the
Lost Land, and exact revenge on his former King.
   Bastille is actually fairly difficult.  In my opinion, he's the most 
difficult boss in the game!  But the strategy is simple.  Attack him hit and
run style.  With each run, fully deplete his shield until he falls to his
knees.  That means his shield is gone so let him have it!  After a couple 
hits, his shield will be regenerated, and he'll be fighting fresh.  Take 
this time to regain your health and ammo before your next run.  Do this 3 or 
4 times and the match will be over.
   To unlock, beat the Turok, Adon, and Bio-Bot trials.
   Bastille is big and fast, much like the Guardian.  He is a solid choice
in Rage Wars, because he is good with any weapon, and he can use the mixed 
attack methods much like the Guardian.  Other than that, there's not much 
else.  He's good, but there are better characters to choose.

BIO (Acclaim)
   Syra began her life as the child of an arms maker.  Her father crafted the 
finest weapons the Lost Land had ever seen.  Having forged weapons for the 
famed Army of Araissi, her father's skills were unmatched in his day.  Syra 
felt a great kinship with her father, and the fine blades and rifles felt 
natural in her hands.  Practicing in the predawn darkness with every manner 
of weapon she could obtain, Syra quietly honed her skills and perfected the 
art of killing.
   On a cold winter's morning, Syra was awakened by the sound of raised 
voices.  As she peered through the window of her room, Syra saw a band of 
armor-clad men beating her father and demanding entry to his armory.  When 
her father spat in the face of the man in charge of the mercenaries, he was 
cut down.  In a blind fury, Syra burst through the window.  A girl of only 
fourteen, she waded into the band like a deadly whirlwind of lead and steel.  
Three of the men fell, before their comrades knew what had happened.  The 
rest fled for their lives.
   Syra buried her father and burned the house that she was raised in.  Armed 
with her father's weapons, Syra set out to hunt for his murderers.  As time 
passed, and the last of the killers fell from a bullet fired too far away to 
hear, Syra's heart grew even colder.
   The grief that she had felt for her father festered and turned to raw 
hatred.  Syra's tragic childhood loss had birthed in her the seed of a cold 
hearted and lonely woman.  Syra travels the Lost Land as a hired gun.  The 
song of her long rifle, her only companion; the money she earns, her only 
solace.  She has accepted a bounty on Joshua Fireseed, and has entered the 
Rage Wars to collect her trophy.
   Be warned that Syra does not fight alone.  Not only that, but the fact 
that the partner she has compliments Syra's fighting style like a glove.  
Syra likes to stick to the rafters in the Warehouse, sniping you out with 
weapons such as her Plasma Rifle and Tek Bow.  Her Purr-Linn servant, the 
Warclub, on the other hand, loves to get in your face to beat you to a bloody 
pulp.  Plus, if you kill one, it will resurrect if you don't kill the other 
within a minute.  
   So the strategy is thisÖ First, head into the rafters after Syra.  Damage 
her until she only has a few hits left, and then go back downstairs after the 
Warclub.  Try to keep a distance between you and the Warclub, and use 
powerful weapons to kill it.  Be sure to avoid Syra's sniping shots from 
overhead.  After the Warclub is dead, go back after the fatally wounded Syra 
and finish her off.  Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, its over!
   Finally, a girl that can do some damage!  Syra is fast, flexible, a skinny 
target, but tall.  MUCH better than Adon.  Unfortunately, she has some weaker 
attributes than the other bosses, but she is still a good choice to use in 

BIO (Acclaim)
   The Symbiont are a race of large, highly intelligent arachnid parasites.  
Using the bodies of their hosts as vehicles, the Symbiont are able not only 
to control the physical actions of their host organism, but to tap into their 
collective knowledge, memories and will.  Once the Symbiont has drained the 
mind of its host, it can create a psychic tether, the Symbiont can 
essentially control the hapless body as if it were its own.  The Symbiont 
remains hidden while it's "other" body does its bidding.  The Symbiont can 
push its host body beyond its normal limits, canceling out the effects of 
pain of injury, and driving onward as if the poor creature were nothing more 
than a tank or automation.  Should the body that the Symbiont is riding 
become too damaged to function, the Symbiont will detach itself and scurry 
after a fresh body to usurp.  However, the Symbiont can not animate a dead 
body.  A Symbiont on its own is nearly helpless and unable to defend itself 
from all but the least skilled adversaries.  The Symbiont wish to destroy 
Turok so that they may begin assimilating the Lost Land unchallenged.
   Okay, this can get a little confusing.  In this battle, there's three 
Symbiont running around, but two are "fake" and only one is the real one.  
Winning is a matter of finding the true Symbiont.  Once to do determine the 
true Symbiont, it won't take long to finish him off.
   Nothing special here.  He's a big spider that's basically an arachnid 
Bastille.  He is good for scaring the crap out of your opponents though ?

---Tal Set---
BIO (Acclaim)
   The first man to take up the mantle of Turok, Tal Set is the greatest 
champion mankind has ever known, and the greatest Turok that has ever lived.  
Having witnessed the death of his wife and child, and the subsequent 
destruction of most of his tribe, Tal Set was pulled into the Lost Land 
through a fissure in the Netherscape.  When it was made known to him that the 
fate of mankind rested on his shoulders, Tal Set was torn between the apathy 
the death of his people has fueled, and the sense of honor and courage that 
he had lived by his whole life.  Ultimately, honor and courage triumphed.  
Tal Set embraced the Mantle and came to be known as "Turok: Son of Stone," 
the "Valiant One," the "Fury of Hope," and "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter."  Tal Set 
is the veteran of more battles that can be counted, and that has made the 
name Turok feared by all that is black-hearted and evil.
  Wow!  So THAT'S Tal Set?  The original Turok from Turok 1?  He's now 
covered in a cool armor, and is ready to kick some tail.  Tal Set is the 
final boss, so that alone should tell you it won't be easy.  
   Tal Set comes into battle with every weapon in the game.  Believe it or 
not, that is one of his weaknesses!  More guns = more switching guns.  The 
best strategy to fight this guy is don't stop.  As soon as the battle starts, 
go for the Power Pill.  After picking it up, go after him.  I recommend the 
Plasma Rifle or Mag 60.  Whatever you do, don't let him get the Power Pill.  
Once you take him down once, he'll sic a couple or bots on you (cheap trick 
for such and honorable warrior!) but these guys should be no sweat.  Once 
they're down and out, Tal Set returns.  Take him out again, being sure to 
pick up the Power Pill.  Once again, he'll sic his bots on you.  Take them 
out, and Tal Set will return with his bots to take you on all at once!  Focus 
all your attacks on Tal Set, not bothering with the bots.  Once he's done, 
the trial is won!  Congratulations.
   The only special treat with Tal Set in multiplayer is that his massive 
arsenal has followed him, so you have all guns.  But other than that, he's 
just Bastille.  Play as Tal Set if you absolutely need those guns, or if you 
just want to play as the greatest warrior that ever lived. ?

*6. Power Pill*  
Sure, you know what the Power Pill is!  It's that swirly, pinkish whitish 
bluish thingamabob.  Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good description. But the 
Power Pill will end up turning the tides of many battles in Rage Wars with 
its superhuman powers.

Life Force Vampire ñThe amount of damage you do to your enemy is absorbed to 
                    give you health.
Bullet Shield      -You are invulnerable to bullet rounds.
Damage Reversal    -If an opponent damages you, they take an equal amount of
Blast Shield       -You are invulnerable to explosive rounds.
Invulnerability    -You are invincible.
Energy Absorption  -Any hits you take from energy weapons raises your health.
Massive Damage     -You do incredible amounts of damage with your weapons.  
                    Most weapons can kill in one hit.
Petrify            -If you hit an opponent, they are frozen and unable to 
Regeneration       -You slowly regenerate your health.
Teleportation      -If you take severe damage, you will be taken to a safe 
                    Place elsewhere on the map.
Speed Burst        -You can now move much faster for a short time.
Slow Time          -Everything is in slow motion except you.

*7. Rankings* 
As you progress through Rage Wars, and earn more and more medals, you will 
proceed through the Rankings.  The more medals you have, the more higher your 
ranking.  For example, if you have two medals, you are a Newcomer.  But if 
you gain two more, you become a Grunt.

Ranking     # of Medals Needed                   Skins Unlocked
Novice     -00 Medals                            -No Extra Skins
Newcomer   -02 Medals                            -Turok 2
Grunt      -04 Medals                            -Adon 2
Scout      -06 Medals                            -Mantid Drone 2
Brave      -08 Medals                            -Juggernaut 2
Tracker    -10 Medals                            -Campaigner 2
Hunter     -12 Medals                            -Fireborn 2
Warrior    -14 Medals                            -Oblivion Spawn 2
Darkling   -16 Medals                            -Lord of the Dead 2
Seeker     -18 Medals                            -Velociraptor 2
Assassin   -20 Medals                            -Elite Guard 2
Bane       -22 Medals                            -Mantid Soldier 2
Warlord    -25 Medals                            -Guardian and Mites 2
Deathwind  -28 Medals                            -Turok 3
           -30 Medals                            -Adon 3
Conqueror  -32 Medals                            -Mantid Drone 3
Master     -34 Medals                            -Juggernaut 3
           -36 Medals                            -Campaigner 3
Tyrant     -38 Medals                            -Fireborn 3
Warslave   -40 Medals                            -Oblivion Spawn 3
           -42 Medals                            -Velociraptor 3
           -44 Medals ? My ranking              -Mantid Soldier 3
Godhand    -46 Medals                            -Elite Guard 3
           -48 Medals                            -Blind One Guardian 3
Chieftain  -50 Medals                            -Mantid Mites 3

*8. Map Listings*
Some day soon, I hope to have maps for all of the levels up on this FAQ.  But 
I want Version 1 to be completed first.  Therefore, here is a list of all the 
maps in multiplayer and Trial Modes.

-Proving Grounds
-Basic Training
-Grim Retreat
-Bomb Shelter
-Fire Temple (My Favorite)
-The Pit
-Leap of Faith

Team Bloodlust
-Water Temple
-Earth Temple (My Favorite)
-Wicked Dance
-The Pedestal
-Defcon 5
-Spirit Temple

Frag Tag
-Boxed Set
-Retaliation (My Favorite)

Capture the Flag
-Dire Straight
-Firewalker (My Favorite)

*9. Things to Unlock/ Medals*
This section is devoted to the things that you need to unlock in Rage Wars.  
I planned to call this section "Secrets," but there are no Secrets in Rage 
Wars, so you need to unlock everything.  And what you need to unlock 
everything is medals, so lets get to the medals first.

---Medals (and the cheap tricks to get them!)---
I have tried these strategies that my brother found, and I've found that 
these work very well to get the medals for Achievement on levels.

Bloodlust Levels  -Use two players
                  -Frag Limit: 10
                  -Time Limit: 10
                  -Hold the second player's fire button in constantly.
                  -Get 10 kills
                  -Be sure to use different weapons
Voila!  Once you repeat, you should have the medal for the level you just 
beat!  Congratulations, and do this for every level.

NOTE: Simply adapt this strategy to Team Bloodlust, Frag Tag, and Capture the
      Flag to win those medals.

Medal 01- Achievement on Proving Grounds
Medal 02- Achievement on Basic Training
Medal 03- Achievement on Crossroads
Medal 04- Achievement on Grim Retreat 
Medal 05- Achievement on Cathedral
Medal 06- Achievement on Fallout
Medal 07- Achievement on Boxed Set
Medal 08- Achievement on Dire Strait
Medal 09- Achievement on Prey
Medal 10- Achievement on Warehouse
Medal 11- Achievement on Water Temple
Medal 12- Achievement on Bomb Shelter
Medal 13- Achievement on Tempered
Medal 14- Achievement on Earth Temple
Medal 15- Achievement on Fire Temple
Medal 16- Achievement on Mystic
Medal 17- Achievement on Bottleneck
Medal 18- Achievement on Tightrope
Medal 19- Achievement on The Pit
Medal 20- Achievement on Leap of Faith
Medal 21- Achievement on Wicked Dance
Medal 22- Achievement on Bunker
Medal 23- Achievement on Amphitheater
Medal 24- Achievement on Fire Walker
Medal 25- Achievement on Crypts
Medal 26- Achievement on Breakdown
Medal 27- Achievement on Retaliation
Medal 28- Achievement on Hopeless
Medal 29- Achievement on Matrix
Medal 30- Achievement on Fathom
Medal 31- Achievement on The Pedestal
Medal 32- Achievement on Defcon 5
Medal 33- Achievement on Spirit Temple
Medal 34- Achievement on Stronghold
Medal 35- Achievement on Courtyard
Medal 36- Achievement on Starlight
Medal 37- 15 Frags in 5 Minutes
Medal 38- 25 Frags in 10 Minutes
Medal 39- No Frags
Medal 40- 5 Suicides
Medal 41- Coming In Last
Medal 42- Career Frag Award
Medal 43- Career Death Award
Medal 44- Sniping 10 People in One Round
Medal 45- Not Being Killed (AC-10) 
Medal 46- Beat Bastille
Medal 47- Beat Syra
Medal 48- Beat Symbiont
Medal 49- Beat Tal Set
Medal 50- Co-Op Award *note

*As far as I know now, there is no way to earn the Co-op award.  I just got 
the game on June 20th, and it was still impossible to beat the Co-op trial!  I 
emailed Acclaim, but I have yet to receive a reply.  I will post more info 
when I get it.

Unlike the previous two Turok games, there are no codes to just input.  You 
must earn them by getting medals!  Here is a list of the codes.
Credits       -This is automatically in the cheat menu when you start, but do
               you really care?  
All Characters-Earning 8 medals allows you to access the All Characters 
               cheat.  Sure, you get all the characters, but that spoils the 
All Weapons   -Earning 10 medals allows you to access the All Weapons cheat.  
               Basically, this allows you to use the Chestburster early, and
               that's good enough.
Infinite Ammo ñEarning 12 medals allows you to access the Infinite Ammo 
               cheat.  You have infinite ammo!  This is probably the best
Extra Modes   -Earning 14 medals allows you to access the Extra Gameplay 
               modes, such as Time Trial and Frag Fest modes.

*10. Misc*
Well, I have edited Version 1.1!  Before I end this, I'd like to thank a 
few people.

-Thanks to IceLord and The Guardian, because whether you realize it or not,
 you really helped me.  This was my first FAQ, and your FAQs gave me 
 something to base mine off of.  Thank you.
-Thanks to my brother Matt who understood that this FAQ took a lot of time, 
 and forfeited a LOT of his computer time.
-And finally, thanks to Marshmallow.  You probably don't know it either, but 
 your FAQs are what possessed me to start writing FAQs.  Thank you.

Once again, I enjoy your input.  Email me at for stuff 
to add, especially Laws of Survival, and comments.  No flaming please.

This entire FAQ is Copyright © 2000 by Zero

This FAQ is intended for private use only, and may only be placed on your 
website if you email me for permission.  Feel free to print it out for your 
own individual use.

Turok Rage Wars is Copyright © Acclaim and Iguana 
Finally, this is a FAQ for a video game.  In no way does this promote violent 
acts.  Don't be stupid.

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