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Turok: Rage Wars Medal Guide
Written by Ricky Woods

                                   T I G E R
                                    . . . .
                                   Wins: 33
                                  Kills: 554
                                 Deaths: 169
                                  Medals: 18

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

My personal stats (Top)
    Achievement on Proving Grounds
    Achievement on Crossroads
    Achievement on Prey
    Achievement on Water Temple
    Achievement on Earth Temple
    Achievement on Fire Temple
    Achievement on The Pit
    Achievement on Breakdown
    Achievement on Starlight
    Attained 15 Frags in 5 Minutes
    Attained 25 Frags in 10 Minutes
    Killing Yourself 5 Times
    Total Frag Award
    Sniping 10 People in a Round
    Not Being Killed in a Round
    Defeated Bastille
    Defeated Syra
    Defeated Symbiont
    Defeated Tal Set
    Two-player Co-op medal (impossible)
What the medals get you
Other Notes


This guide is based around my favorite feature of the game: medals.  When it 
is completed, I will be able to tell you how to get each and every medal.  
Since it will cover all the medals when in completed form, this guide will 
also cover all thirty-six multiplayer levels, as well as the four bosses.  It 
will also cover what awards you get when you receive certain numbers of medals 
(character skins, cheats, ranks).  I hope you get as much as possible out of 
this guide.

If there is anything in the video gaming world that I absolutely hate, it's a 
cheater.  For example, I will never tell you to put a rubber band around the Z 
button on controllers 2 ñ 4 and play a multi game to get a medal.  My 
strategies are exactly that: strategies.

To earn an achievement medal, you must win a level twice in a row.  For the 
bloodlust and team levels, this means getting the most kills out of everyone 
twice in a row on the same level.  For a Monkey Tag level, you have to get the 
most tags twice in a row on the same level, and for a capture the flag level, 
get the most flags.  The sections on achievement medals below explain what you 
should do to win each level.  You will have to execute each of these 
strategies twice in a row in order to get the medal for a level.

For 45 of the 50 medals (all except Bastille, Syra, Symbiont, and Tal Set) you 
against just bots, don't expect a medal, because you won't get one.

The boss medals (Bastille, Syra, Symbiont, Tal Set) are a lot easier if you 
have lots of lives.  Make sure to play every level leading up to them so as to 
uncover as many eagle talismans as possible (and any other talismans, for that 

One final note:  I'm not exactly sure on this one, but I don't think you can 
use any cheats to earn medals.


7-9-00:   First version, covers 10 medals.

7-10-00:  Added Sniping 10 People in a Round medal and Achievement on Water 

7-12-00:  Added Achievement on Crossroads and Total Frag Award, and my 
personal stats at the top of the guide.

7-13-00:  Added Achievement on StarlightÖ  My Rage Wars character is gone!  I 
don't know how, and I don't really care, but I've got a hell of a lot of work 
to do over the next few daysÖ

7-14-00:  In the course of getting back my other 15 medals, I have earned the 
Not Being Killed in a Round medal, so I added that today.  Only five more to 
go (the boss medals and Starlight).  I hope to be back on track soon!

7-17-00:  Added a "What the medals get you" section, and I will add to this as 
I attain more medals.  Includes Skins, Ranks, and Cheats.

7-20-00:  Added more Skins, Ranks, and the Suicide Medal and Achievement on 
The Pit and Breakdown.  There is also now another paragraph in the 
introduction about who you have to play against to get a medalÖ you'll know 
what I mean when you read itÖ

7-21-00:  Added "Easy Frags, Without Cheating" to other notes.

7-23-00:  Added a paragraph in introduction explaining how to get an 
achievement medal, and added "Who unlocks who" to other notes.


And now on to the bulk of the guideÖ

This one is fairly easy.  Make sure you stock up on ammo in the center room; 
it has a bullet pickup, and energy pickup, a 50 health, and PFM mines.  Then 
take the explosive rounds in the red/green doorway.  When you peek at your 
opponent's screen(s), look at the color of the room they are in, and then go 
there.  If you are traveling through the corner rooms with the center to your 
left, they are in this order: red, blue, blue, green, red, blue, blue, green, 
etc., and vice versa if you are going in the opposite direction.  Take the 
power core anytime you are near it, because it doesn't take much to get to it.  
As soon as you take it, find someone and kill them.

There is a sentry turret on the top level, as well as two 25 healths and an 
iron claw.  Take the turret and the healths, and the claw if you really want 
it.  Then go to the middle and jump down.  Plant the turret right in the 
middle of the intersection and you're all set.  Just run wild and kill anyone 
you see, going for the health on the top level whenever you need it.  
Occasionally check to see if the turret is still there, and when it isn't, go 
back, get it, and plant it again.  Remember that the explosive rounds are in 
the middle, and a bullet and an energy pickup are in each corner on the lower 

First things first: make sure your explosive weapon is a grenade or scorpion 
launcher; napalm gel doesn't work well for sniping.  Choose the Mag 60 and the 
assault rifle your bullet weapons.  A little note:  I got this while playing a 
30 minute, 80 kill game.

There is a cerebral bore on the top level, as well as PFM mines.  Don't use 
the mines, because they take too much time, and you might just end up killing 
yourself or your buddy.  Take the cerebral bore, use it on someone from the 
top, and then hit them with explosives.  If your teammate is in the fray, make 
sure the bore doesn't lock on him, and use the Mag 60's laser sight instead of 
explosives.  You should be able to do this indefinitely as long as you watch 
your back to make sure someone doesn't sneak up the ladder behind you.  If you 
do run low on health, there is health in the corner under you and to the 
right, and in the opposite corner as well.  If anyone gets in your way, hit 
them with the rapid-fire of the assault rifle.  If you reach the 80 kill limit 
before time runs out, and you get about 10 more kills than your teammate, you 
most likely will get the medal.

A second strategy, maybe a little easier:  There is a bullet round pickup 
under the above-mentioned Cerebral Bore, located in an alcove.  Stand in 
there, assault rifle in hand, on secondary function (rapid-fire).  Blow anyone 
away that dares to come near.  If you fall below 70 ñ 75 health, run for the 
health (also mentioned above, back and right).  If your partner (who should be 
using the above strategy) gets "slow time", then circle around the back of 
some someone and kill 'em.

Use Adon.  I know this sounds mean, but stealing your bud's kills with the 
rapid fire of the plasma rifle scope can help.  In fact, I got this one and 
the sniping medal at the same time.  Use the Mag 60's laser sight often, since 
this level is fairly closed-in.  The Assault rifle is excellent for someone 
who is stuck in one of the many corners of the level.  Corner them, and then 
blow them away.  Don't forget the 50 health in the water, and don't go in the 
green water, because it takes away your ammo.  One of my favorite strategies 
is to go to the room with the power core, and sit on top of the energy round 
pickup until I have 200 rounds, plasma rifle in hand.  If anyone dares enter 
the room, I turn on the sniper scope and let 'em have it!.  Once I've got 200, 
I'll go to the opposite corner for the bullets (once), and then go into the 
room with the green water, taking the health and explosive rounds.  Continue 
up the ramp to get the Iron Claw, and then get the power core.  Go into the 
water for the 50 health, and you should be all set!  Find someone and kill 
'em!  Once you run low on health/ammo, go back to the power core room and 
repeat the stocking procedure.  With this strategy, you should be able to get 
this medal no problem.

Aggressiveness is the key to this level, as well as a knack for scorpion 
launcher sniping.  Repeatedly take the explosive rounds and power core, and 
then use the scorpion launcher for the far-away targets, and a plasma rifle or 
bullet weapon for the near targets.  After each kill, run down the corner 
corridors and take the health, and then the bullet or energy rounds on the 
other side.  Simple.

Use Adon.  There are a lot of corners that the boomerang goes around very 
well, and there is a sniping spot for the plasma rifle above the zigzag 
pathway.  Her Mag 60 and assault rifle are excellent close range weapons, and 
you'll be having a few up close and personal confrontations on this level.  
There is a small triangular platform with explosive rounds on it, and you can 
sit there and stick napalm gel bombs onto anyone that runs by.  After they're 
dead, jump across and take the health.  Know where everything is (this may 
take a while; try the 30 minute 80 kill game to figure the level out), and 
know how to reach the power core.  To get it, you have to go to the large room 
with the lava.  Face the lava, and to your right there will be an alcove.  Go 
into it and climb up the wall.  This will take you to the sniping area 
mentioned earlier.  Drop down onto the walkway, and jump to the two platforms 
to get the power core.

Use Fireborn.  The Grenade Launcher is an excellent weapon for this level ñ 
you can almost hit any spot in the level from anywhere if you know how.  Since 
there are two power cores, you can take one, drop down, and take the other.  
If there is a sniper on a ledge at the top, go to the opposite ledge, and peg 
with the charged inflator.  If all else fails, run around and go for mass 

Use the Drone.  After you go through the warp, use the sniper mode on the 
plasma rifle to get anyone trying to get the health.  Then go get it yourself.  
The Boomerang is excellent for this level.  I can't really figure out why, but 
it served me well.  The Assault Rifle is a good close range weapon, possibly 
my favorite, especially for this map.  The platform with the elevator has a 
Cerebral Bore on it.  Use it frequently.  As with the Pit, run around for mass 

Choose the Shotgun, Minigun, and Grenade Launcher.  Your Energy weapons can be 
whatever you prefer, but your Bullet and Explosive weapons should be those 
above.  There are two ramps extending from the center floor; one leading up, 
and one leading down.  Stand on the one leading down (very short) with Shotgun 
in hand, secondary function charged.  Anytime the ammo pops up in front of 
you, go get it.  As soon as you see someone without a green triangle, blast 
'em with the Street Sweeper, and finish them off with regular shells.  Then 
get the ammo and repeat.  If you fall below 60 ñ 65 health, switch to the 
minigun.  Run ahead and to the right, activating the shield (tap B) if anyone 
comes nearby.  You should see a platform with health on it (if it's not there, 
wait for it).  Take the health, and then turn to face the hall with the power 
core.  Run through it to the health on the other side.  Switch back to the 
shotgun on the way back to your camp-out spot, and charge up the Street 
Sweeper again.  Repeat this strategy until the game is over.

Choose a small, single level map, like proving grounds, and use the raptor.  
Set the limits to 15 Frags, and 5 Minutes.  Run like crazy through the level 
trying to kill everyone.  "Everyone" should mean two easy bots and a friend.  
This one is surprisingly easy if you know how to get to anyplace in the level 
ASAP.  Don't take the health or power core, just run, run, RUN!!!

See above, except that I got this on Fire Temple.

Self explanatory.

Since I don't think anyone actually _wants_ this medal here's how _not_ to get 
it:  Don't use explosives in small spaces, don't jump into bottomless pits, 
don't fall into the lava.  Simple.

Once you have 1000 kills, you earn this medal.  Have a sleep-over with a bunch 
of friends and do nothing but play Rage Wars until 1:00 am if you want this 
medal real fast; otherwise just be patient, it will come in time.

If you want a tip on getting quick frags, go to the "other notes" section at 
the bottom.

Set the kill limit to 100, and set the time limit to 40 minutes or more.  
Choose a plasma rifle as one of your weapons, and use it very often.  Remember 
that you don't have to be far away to snipe.  As long as you are using the 
sniper scope (push B), it counts as a sniping kill, even if you are five feet 
away.  It also helps to play a level you've played many times before.

Set the time to 10 minutes, and the kills to 20.  It would be preferable to 
play a team game, though not necessary.  Go for the health after almost every 
kill, and you're going to have to reach 20 kills before time is up, otherwise 
the game will most likely label you a coward and not give you the medal.  
You're really going to have to be racking up the kills.  Strafe a lot to dodge 
enemy fire, and anytime you have the opportunity, go for that power core.  
Suicides count, so be careful!

Get as many bullet rounds as possible from the lower level, minimizing damage.  
Make sure Bastille has seen you (if he hasn't already), and then run into one 
or the corridors on the sides of the level.  Wait at the top of the ramp, and 
when you see him at the bottom, turn the corner.  Wait about midway through 
the hallway.  As soon as you see him, blast him with the most rapid fire 
weapon you've got.  If you have the minigun personal shield upgrade, use it!  
Just make sure you take the energy round hallway to the top, and not the 
explosive round hallway.  Once his shield goes down, he'll drop; this is the 
time for you to decrease his life.  Just keep hitting him until he gets back 
up.  Then turn around and book it towards the 50 health on the crate, take the 
bullet rounds below, and a 25 health if you need it, and you should be all 
set.  Repeat this process until he's dead (or you're dead).

When I beat him with Oblivion Spawn, I had no rapid-fire weapon.  In that 
case, you'll have to battle him in the arena below, and hope for the best.

Take Warclubs down to almost no life, but don't kill him.  Then go kill Syra, 
who I find likes to hang out on the upper level.  Then finish off Warclubs.  
If you don't kill them within roughly 60 seconds of each other, the dead one 
will come back and you'll have to kill him/her again.  Not much involved; once 
you realize what you have to do, it's a piece of cake.

Note:  If you have an inflator, that skinny Syra can become a nice wide 

The first thing you have to do is figure out which on is the real Symbiont.  
The real one looks a little different than the other three, so stay far away 
and wait for them to group together.  Once you've figured out which one it is, 
then go in and blast him.  Just get in his face and do as much damage as you 
can before you go down.

Make sure you have plenty of lives by playing all the levels before Starlight 
and collecting as many Eagle Talismans as possible.  The key to beating Tal 
Set is fluid motion, and knowing when to fight and when to run.  When you're 
down to about 50 health, run off and get some more on the outcroppings in the 
corners of the map.  Then take the power core in the hallways underground, and 
go back and pound Tal Set some more.  When he's down to two-thirds of his 
life, he'll disappear and you'll get credited with a frag.  He's not dead.  
Two or three bots will come after you.  Kill all but one of them, and then 
collect all the health and ammo you can stand.  Kill the last one, then take 
the power core.  Tal Set will come back.  Use the same strategy as before, and 
when he's down to one-third life, he'll disappear again.  Then those bots will 
come back.  Kill all but one, take ammo and health, kill the last one, and 
then you'll be fighting all the bots, _plus_ Tal Set!  Concentrate your fire 
on the boss, get that last kill, and you're all done.

This medal is impossible to attain, because on the "tag the monkey" levels, 
even if you reach the required number of tags, the game will still say 
"mission failed" and require you to replay the level.  There is no way to go 
"around" one of these levels, because it is in the final five (the line of 
five levels you must play at the end).

                          WHAT THE MEDALS GET YOU

Medals are for more than just showing off to your friends.  When you earn a 
medal, you may also earn a character skin, a cheat, or a rank.

Medals | Skins
     2 | Turok's Second
     4 | Adon's Second
     6 | Drone's Second
     8 | Juggernaut's Second
    10 | Campaigner's Second
    12 | Fireborn's Second
    14 | Oblivion Spawn's Second
 16&18 | Raptor's and LordDead's Second
         Anyone know which is which?

Cheats work a little differently:  All of the players must combine to have a 
total of the required number of medals in order to activate the cheats.

All Characters (6 medals):  This cheat unlocks all the characters for 
multiplayer mode.

All Weapons (10 medals):  Allows you to use the Chestburster in multiplayer.

Unlimited Ammo (12 medals):  Gives you unlimited ammunition in both 
multiplayer and trials modes.

Extra Modes (14 medals):  Allows you to play the Time Trial and Frag Fest 
modes without the required number of minigame icons.

Medals | Ranks
     0 | Novice
     2 | Newcomer
     4 | Grunt
     6 | Scout
     8 | Brave
    10 | Tracker
    12 | Hunter
    14 | Warrior
    16 | Darkling
    18 | Seeker

                                OTHER NOTES

This is where I'll put anything that my readers send in to me that I can't 
think of putting anywhere else.

the best way to get frags is to go to a capture the flag level like
dire straits. Then get the flag and let the guys come to you. I racked up
about 30 something kills in about 10 minutes. It is very easy.

Here are the "character ladders" for the 1-player Trials:
Turok ñ Raptor ñ Lord of the Dead ñ Mantid Mites
Elite Guard ñ Guardian ñ Juggernaut ñ Oblivion Spawn
Adon ñ Drone ñ Campaigner ñ Fireborn ñ Soldier

To unlock the bosses for multi, you must finish certain characters' trials:
Raptor + Drone + Guardian = Bastille
Campaigner + Lord of the Dead + Juggernaut = Syra
Fireborn + Mites + Oblivion Spawn = Symbiont
Soldier = Tal Set

|                        Copyright © 2000 Ricky Woods                        |

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