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WCW vs. nWo World Tour - Nintendo64 - TM 1998 THQ
Master Fuji FAQ/Movelist version 1.0 [10/25/99]
Donovan Keith -
Name: Master Fuji
Federation: Independent Union
Real Name: El Gran Hamada (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 227#
Outfit 1: Black tights
Outfit 2: Blue trunks w/ white trim 
Outfit 3: Red trunks w/ yellow trim
Outfit 4: Black trunks w/ white trim

(w) = Weak attack, tap button
(s) = Strong attack, hold button
(W) = following a Weak grapple
(S) = following a Strong grapple
(+) = pinning combination
(*) = submission hold
pad = any direction on control pad

B(w) close - Punch to Gut
pad+B(w) close - Open Hand Slap
B(w) far - Front Kick
pad+B(w) far - Roundhouse to Thigh
B(s) - Tackle Takedown
pad+B(s) - Lunging Headbutt
B(running) - Shoulder Block
B(run off ropes) - Back Elbow
B(face up) - Standing Knee Drop
B(face down) - Stomp
B/A(while rising) - Tackle Takedown
B(running to corner) - Clothesline

From Turnbuckle:
pad+Cdown(standing) - Tomahawk Chop
pad+Cdown(face up) - Knee Drop
pad+Cdown(face down) - Double Foot Stomp

A(W) - Headlock Punch
U+A(W) - Snap Mare
D+A(W) - Fireman's Carry
B(W) - Hip Throw
U+B(W) - Gutwrench Suplex
D+B(W) - Piledriver
A(S) - Headlock Crank + Punch
U+A(S) - Saito Suplex
D+A(S) - (+)Backslide
B(S) - Tombstone Piledriver
U+B(S) - Headbutt
D+B(S) - (*)Painkiller
A(W)(behind) - Triple Headbutt
B(W)(behind) - Neck Wringer
A(S)(behind) - Reverse Backbreaker
B(S)(behind) - (*)Painkiller
A(w/s)(@ head, face up) - (*)Blatant Chokehold
A(w/s)(@ feet, face up) - (*)Leg Grapevine
A(w/s)(@ head, face down) - (*)Camel Clutch
A(w/s)(@ feet, face down) - (*)Indian Deathlock
A/B(W)(in corner) - Open Hand Chop
A/B(S)(in corner) - Charging Shoulder
A/B(W/S)(from apron) - Elbow Breaker

Vs.Running Opponent:
A(w) - Drop Toe Hold
pad+A(w) - Back Body Drop
A(s) - (*)Painkiller
pad+A(s) - (*)Sleeper Hold

'High-Risk' Offense: (hold A for all moves)
Charging Ropes - Baseball Slide
Charging Corner - Baseball Slide
Over the Top - N/A
Off Apron - Fallaway Elbow
Springboard Standing - N/A
Springboard on Mat - N/A
Run on Apron - N/A

Analog Stick(S), 'Special' Flashing:
Front: (*)Guillotine Chokehold
Behind: (+)German Suplex

Punch(w) - Block to Headbutt
Punch(s) - (*)Reverse Painkiller
Kick(w) - Dragon Screw Leg Whip
Kick(s) - (*)Heel Trip to Standing Achilles Lock
Clothesline - (*)Spin to Painkiller
Back Elbow - (+)German Suplex

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