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"Y2J" Chris Jericho movelist 
for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
by Gruel
Version 1.0
Latest Update: November 23, 1999

FAQ Contents:

I. Intro

II. Mini-Jericho Bio and Tidbits

III. Other US wrestling games that Jericho appeared in

IV. The Moves

V. Credits/Copywright Info


I. Intro

	Hey, It's me Gruel. I'm here with the Wrestlemania 2000 movelist 
for Chris Jericho, my favorite wrestler. I hope you find this movelist 
useful(a lot more than the one I did for him on Mayhem for N64), if any 
of you find any errors, e-mail me at with "wm2000 
Jericho movelist error" and I'll doublecheck the info you gave me and if 
it checks out, I'll correct it in a future revision and give you credit.

	Now ejoy the movelist!


II. Mini-Jericho Bio & Tidbits

	Real Name: Chris Irvine
	Former identities, names, nicknames: Lionheart, Y2J
	Other major organizations wrestled in: ECW(1995-1996), WCW(1996-
	1999), WWF(1999-Current)
	Former Managers/Bodyguards: Ralphus(WCW, August 1998-March 1999), 
	Howard Finkel(WWF, August 1999-September 1999), Curtis Hughs(WWF, 
	September 1999-October 1999)
	Major Titles Held: ECW TV Title, WCW Cruiserweight Title(4), WCW
	TV Title

		Was trained in at Stu Hart's dungeon and started at Stampede
	wrestling. Brought into ECW in 1995. Had a TV title reign in ECW
	in 1996 before leaving for WCW later that year.

		In summer '97 won first WCW gold by winning Cruiserweight 
	title from Syxx, but lost it to Alex Wright a month later. Won
	it back from Wright a month later, but lost it a month later to
	Eddy Gurrerro.

		In January '98 Jericho started to show his heel role by 
	proclaiming all his fans, "jerichoholics!" and always trashing
	the arena whenever he lost a match. Later that month he started
	his 3rd Cruiserweight Title reign by defeating Rey Mysterio Jr.,
	he also gave Rey a knee injury during that match, which put him
	out for several months.

		He lost the title to Dean Malenko that May at Slamboree, but
	after many loopholes, Jericho finally got the title handend back 
	to him in mid-June after he stated that the NWA rulebook said he 
	didn't have to face an opponent without his approval. Jericho lost
	the title to Rey Mysterio Jr. at the July PPV, Bash at the Beach,
	but got the belt back the next night after he pointed out that in
	the NWA rulebook, if a suspended wrestler effects the outcome of 
	a title match(which Malenko did), the belt must be handed back to
	the original champ. Eventually Jericho lost the title to Juventud
	Gurrerra at the August PPV Road Wild, with Dean Malenko as ref.

		The next day on Nitro, Jericho won the TV title from Stevie
	Ray, subbing for an injured Booker T. Jericho held on to the title
	for 3 months and 20 days before losing it to Konnan on the 
	November 30 Nitro.

		Jericho lost a rematch against Konnan at Starrcade and 
	entered into a feud with Perry Saturn. They faced each other at
	the January PPV, Souled Out where the loser had to wear a dress
	for 90 days. Jericho won after he had some help from ref, Charles
	Dickonson. They fought a return match at the February PPV, 
	Superbrawl 9, where Jericho won by DQ after Saturn decked out the
	ref(who happened to be Dickinson again). Saturn then had an 
	extended 30 days to wear his dress. They fought one last time at
	Uncensored in a chain match, at first Jericho ordered his
	bodyguard, Ralphus, to go into the chain match, but he refused
	and left Jericho after 6 months of loyalty. Jericho ended up 
	losing the match, in April he competed in the US title tournament,
	but lost and got an injury later that month, then disappeared off 
	WCW television.

		Talks were broiling upon this point weather or not Jericho
	would sign with the WWF. Jericho was going no where in his WCW
	career and it seemed like he was going to be stuck as mid-carder
	for life. Jericho ended up signing with the WWF. 

		The last time we saw Jericho on WCW TV was at the June PPV,
	The Great American Bash, where during a falls anywhere match 
	between Sting and Rick Steiner, they battled back to the WCW 
	Internet Broadcasting booth where you saw Jericho commentating.

		Jericho finished up his WCW contract doing house show and
	debuted in the WWF in August interrupting an interview with the 
	Rock. He ended up getting Howard Finkel to be his lackey, but
	dumped after a month of using him. He then got Curtis Hughs, but
	got read of his services after having him for a month as well.

		Jericho got his first major WWF Title shot at the Survivor 
	Series where he faced Chyna for the IC belt. He ended up losing,
	and got Revenge the next day by battering her hand with a hammer.

		The future seems to hold many possibillities for Jericho in
	the WWF and it looks that he can be one of there most promising


III. Other US wrestling games that Chris Jericho appeared in

WCW games			WWF games
WCW Nitro(PC,PSX,N64)	WWF Wrestlemania 2000(N64)
WCW/NWO Thunder(PSX)	
WCW/NWO Revenge(N64)
WCW Mayhem(PSX,N64)

Now we can finally get on to the moves!


IV. The Moves

ï Standing
Chop - B (Tap)
Elbow Strike - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Front Kick (Short) - B (Tap)
Middle Kick (Long) - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Jumping Back Kick - B (Hold)
Overhead Punch - D-Pad + B (Hold)
Dropkick to Knee - A + B

ï Front Grapple
(Weak) Eye Rake - A
       Snapmare - A + Left/Right
  	 Club to neck - A + Up
    	 Scoop Slam - A + Down
 	 Arm Wrench & elbow Smash - B
       Double Underhook Suplex - B + Left/Right
       Snap Suplex - B + Up
       Jawbreaker - B + Down
(Strong) Headlock with Punch  - A
         Running Knee Strike  - A + Left/Right
         Back Body Flip - A + Up
         Small Package  - A + Down
         DDT  - B
         Double Underhook Suplex  - B + Left/Right
         Stall Suplex  - B + Up
         Scoop Piledriver  - B + Down
(Special) Triple Powebomb Pin - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Rear Grapple
(Weak) Back Drop - A
       Pendulum Back Breaker - B
(Strong) German Suplex Pin - A
         Release German Suplex  - B
(Special) Reverse Suplex  - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Opponent On Mat
(Face Up) Cocky Pin - A (Near Head)
          Lion Tamer/Walls of Jericho - A (Near Feet)
          Senton Splash - B
(Face Down) Mahistral Cradle - A (Near Head)
            Knee Stomp - A (Near Feet)
            Stomp - B
(Sitting) Sleeperhold - A
          Hammerblow - B
(Kneeling) Camel Clutch - A
           Hammerblow - B

ï Opponent In Turnbuckle
Chop - B
Middle Kick - D-Pad + B
Running Clothesline - D-Pad + C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - D-Pad + C Down + A + B
(Front, Weak) Shoulder Thrusts - A
              Big Chop - B
(Front, Strong) Frankensteiner - A
                Tornado DDT - B
(Back, Weak)    Forearm Smash - A/B
(Back, Strong)  Super Back Drop - A/B

ï After Irish Whip On Opponent
Standing Side Kick - B
(Weak) Scissor Sweep - A
       Body Press Drop - D-Pad + A
(Strong) Monkey Flip - A
         Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker - D-Pad + A
(Special) Special Irish Grapple - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Running At Opponent
Running Shoulder Block - C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - C Down + A + B
Running Spinning Heel Kick - C Down + D-Pad + B
Running Clotheslinge - C Down + A + B + D-Pad

ï On Turnbuckle (High Risk Manoeuvres)
(Standing) Diving Moonsault - A/B
           Diving Moonsault - A/B (Special)
(On Mat)   Missle Dropkick - A/B

ï Defensive Pose Strike (hold R as you rise from the mat)
Mini Spinning Heel Kick - R (hold), B
Evasive Roll - R (hold), L


V. Credits/Copywright Info

THQ/Jakks/AKI/Asmik - For making another helluva game!

This movelist copywright by "Gruel" Dale Kulas, 1999
Not one soul shall use this movelist unless with written permission
sent to

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