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Marc Henry movelist 
for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
by Gruel
Version 1.0
Latest Update: December 31, 1999

FAQ Contents:

I. Intro

II. Mini-Marc Henry Bio and Tidbits

III. Other US wrestling games that Marc Henry appeared in

IV. The Moves

V. Credits/Copywright Info


I. Intro

	Hey, It's me Gruel. I'm here this time to deliver the movelist for 
Marc Henry. Hope you enjoy the list and find it very useful.


II. Mini-Marc Henry Bio & Tidbits

	Real Name: Marc Henry
	Former identities, names, nicknames: Marc Henry(WWF, 1996-Current)
	"Sexual Chocolate" Marc Henry(WWF, 1998-Current)
	Major Titles Held: WWF European Title
	Former Ring Escorts: When he teamed with the Godfather in 1999 he
	had some ho's escort him to the ring, Ivory(WWF, 1999)

		Debuted in the WWF in 1996. In his first match he defeated
	Jerry "The King" Lawler at the September 1996 PPV: In Your House:
	Mind Games. His next match was suppose to be a 8-man elimination
	match at the Survivor Series, but he got injured, and was on the
	disabled list for a year. He came back in December 1997, by 
	winning a squash over the Brooklyn Brawler on RAW. He had his old
	patriotic gimmick when he returned, but in January 1998 he teamed
	with Ken Shamrock to take on NoD members Rocky Maivia and Faarooq.
	Shamrock was about to win when he had the Ankle Lock on Maivia,
	but Henry attacked Shamrock and joined the Nation along with
	Faarooq, Rocky, D-Lo, and The Godfather. Later on Faarooq left and
	Owen Hart joined. Owen later "retired" from wrestling and left the
	Nation, and D-Lo and Henry kicked out Maivia and Godfather in
	September 1998.

		Marc Henry scored one of his biggest wins when he defeated 
	Rock at the October 1998 PPV: In Your House: Judgement Day, after
	some help from D-Lo Brown. Henry and D-Lo started to go into the
	tag team scene, they lost in a triple threat tag title match 
	against the Headbangers, and champs, The New Age Outlaws at the
	Survivor Series the next month. By this time Marc Henry was 
	starting to flirt around with other WWF Women Superstars like 
	Chyna, and he gave himself the nickname, "Sexual Chocolate."
	D-Lo introduced Henry to there new manager, Ivory in early '99.
	But she didn't seem to help them win the tag belts. They lost
	to in a title match against champs, Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett at
	the February 1999 PPV: In Your House, St. Valentine's Day Massacre
	and they lost in another tag title match to Champs, X-Pac and Kane
	at the May 1999 PPV: Over the Edge. D-Lo's career started to rise,
	he was the European and IC champion, and defended both belts 
	against Jeff Jarrett at Summerslam where Henry turned on D-Lo, 
	and costed him the match and his belts, the next day on RAW, 
	Jarrett kept the IC strap, but gave Henry the European belt for 
	helping him win. At the next PPV, Unforgiven, in September, Henry
	lost the European belt to D-Lo. A couple of weeks later Henry 
	tried getting back together D-Lo, but D-Lo stayed away. 

		Henry has been recently teaming with the Godfather, where
	they were part of an 8-team Battle Royal at the December PPV, 
	Armageddon. Maybe Henry will finally win some tag team gold with
	his new partner, and maybe his singles career will flourish as 


III. Other US wrestling games that Marc Henry appeared in
WWF Games
WWF Attitude(N64, PSX, Dreamcast)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000(N64)


IV. The Moves

w) Mark Henry

ï Standing
Slap - B (Tap)
Chop - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Front Kick (Short) - B (Tap)
Front Kick (Long) - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Three Point Stance Charge - B (Hold)
Overhand Punch - D-Pad + B (Hold)
Standing Clothesline - A + B

ï Front Grapple
(Weak)    Club To Neck - A
          Knee Lift - A + Left/Right
          Double Axe Handle - A + Up
             Scoop Slam - A + Down
             Headlock Takedown - B
          Arm Wrench/Elbow Smash - B + Left/Right
          Suplex - B + Up
          Falling Powerslam - B + Down
(Strong)  Russian Leg Sweep - A
          Gordbuster - A + Left/Right
          Body Press Slam - A + Up
          Small Package - A + Down
          DDT - B
          Standing Clothesline - B + Left/Right
          Stall Suplex - B + Up
          Front Powerslam - B + Down
(Special) Bearhug - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Rear Grapple
(Weak)    Back Drop - A
          Forearm Smash - B
(Strong)  Sideslam - A
          Atomic Drop - B
(Special) Full Nelson Slam - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Opponent On Mat
(Face Up)   Mounted Punches - A (Near Head)
            Knee Smash - A (Near Feet)
            Death From Above - B
(Face Down) Rear Naked Choke - A (Near Head)
            Single Leg Crab - A (Near Feet)
            Stomp - B
(Sitting)   Sleeper Hold - A
            Hammer Blow - B
(Kneeling)  Camel Clutch - A
            Hammer Blow - B

ï Opponent In Turnbuckle
Chop - B
Front Kick - D-Pad + B
Running Clothesline - D-Pad + C Down + B
Running Body Avalanche - D-Pad + C Down + A + B
(Front, Weak)   Shoulder Thrusts - A
                10 Punch - B
(Front, Strong) Foot Choke - A
                Big Thump - B
(Back, Weak)    Forearm Smash - A/B
(Back, Strong)  Super Back Drop - A/B

ï After Irish Whip On Opponent
Short Kick - B
(Weak)    Back Toss - A (Tap)
          Body Press Slam - A (Hold)
(Strong)  Powerslam - A (Tap)
          Tilt-a-whirl Sideslam - A (Hold)
(Special) Bearhug - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Running At Opponent
Running Shoulder Block - C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - C Down + A + B
Running Clothesline - C Down + D-Pad + B
Diving Shoulder Block - C Down + A + B + D-Pad

ï On Turnbuckle (High Risk Manoeuvres)
(Standing) Double Axe Handle - A/B (Special)
(On Mat)   Body Splash - A/B (Special)

ï Defensive Pose Strike (hold R as you rise from the mat)
Rising Clothesline - R (hold), B
Evasive Roll - R (hold), L


V. Credits/Copywright Info

THQ/Jakks/AKI/Asmik - For making another helluva game!

This movelist copywright by "Gruel" Dale Kulas, 1999
Not one soul shall use this movelist unless with written permission
sent to

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