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WWF Wrestle Mania 2000 ñ Meat
Version: 0.2
Author: Greg P.
Date: May 17, 2000
Number Of FAQs: 8

                        (1) Table of Contents (1)
(1)	Table Of Contents
(2)	Revision History / Legal Information
(3)	Biography of Meat
(4)	Meat's Moves
(5)	:New Section: Coming Soon From This Author
(6)	End Of FAQ

              (2) Revision History / Legal Information (2)

(May 17, 2000) ñ (0.2) ñ First update.

<This FAQ is for gaming use only and cannot be used for copyright 

                        (3) Biography of Meat (3)

Name: Meat
Real Name: Shawn Stasiak
Height: 6'4
Weight: 249
Finishing Move: Jump Swinging DDT & Reverse DDT (Meat Grinder)
Favourite Quote: ~Does Not Speak~
Career Highlights:

                          (4) Meat's Moves (4)

<> Front Grapple ñ Weak <>
Overhand Punch                                 A
Club To Neck                                   A <- or ->
Strong Headbutt                                A Up
Scoop Slam                                     A Down
Arm Wrench & Elbow Smash                       B
Tiger Scissors                                 B <- or ->
Suplex                                         B Up
Jawbreaker                                     B Down

<> Front Grapple ñ Strong <>
Headlock w/ Punches                            A
Russian Leg Sweep                              A <- or ->
Hopping Roll Clutch Pin                        A Up
Small Package                                  A Down
Manhattan Drop                                 B
Thrusting Shoulder Breaker                     B <- or ->
Hurricanrana Pin                               B Up
Powerbomb Pin                                  B Down

<> Back Grapple ñ Weak <>
Back Drop                                      A
Forearm Smash                                  B

<> Back Grapple ñ Strong <>
School Boy                                     A
Sleeper Hold                                   B

<> Irish Whip ñ Weak <>
Back Toss                                      A
Body Press Drop                                A + Control Pad

<> Irish Whip ñ Strong <>
Powerslam                                      A
Hurricanrana                                   A + Control Pad

<> Front Turnbuckle Grapple ñ Weak <>
Shoulder Thrusts                               A
10 Punches                                     B

<> Front Turnbuckle Grapple ñ Strong <>
Frankensteiner                                 A
High Kick                                      B

<> Back Turnbuckle Grapple ñ Weak <>
Forearm Smash                                  A

<> Back Turnbuckle Grapple ñ Strong <>
Super Back Drop                                A

<> Opponent On Mat ñ Face Up <>
Mounted Position Punching                      A Near Head
Knee Smash                                     A Near Feet
Jumping Leg Drop                               B

<> Opponent On Mat ñ Face Down <>
Mahistrol Cradle                               A Near Head
Knee Stomp                                     A Near Feet
Elbow Drop                                     B

<> Running Attacks ñ Weak <>
Running Shoulder Block                         Cv + B
Diving Shoulder Block                          Cv + A + B

<> Running Attacks ñ Strong <>
Yakunza Kick                                   Cv + Control Pad + B
Jumping Back Elbow Attack                      Cv + Control Pad + A + B

<> Running Attacks ñ Turnbuckle <>
Thump                                          Cv + B
Running Back Elbow Smash                       Cv + Control Pad + A + B

Jump Swinging DDT                              Front Grapple
Reverse DDT (Meat Grinder)                     Back Grapple

           (5) :New Feature: Coming Soon From This Author (5)

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 All in the works from yours truly, Greg P.

                      (6) Special Thanks To... (6)
======================================================================= ñ For posting this. 
Nintendo ñ For making this game.
World Wrestling Federation ñ For creating these beautiful gimmicks and 
angles and incorporating them into an amazing storyline.

- From The Keyboard Of Greg P. -

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