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Prince Albert movelist 
for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
by Gruel
Version 1.0
Latest Update: February 5, 2000

FAQ Contents:

I. Intro

II. Mini-Prince Albert Man Bio and Tidbits

III. Other US wrestling games that Prince Albert appeared in

IV. The Moves

V. Credits/Copywright Info


I. Intro

	Hey, It's me Gruel. I'm here this time to deliver the movelist for 
Prince Albert. Hope you enjoy the list and find it very useful. 


II. Mini-Prince Albert Bio & Tidbits

	Real Name: 
	Former identities, names, nicknames: Prince Albert(WWF, 1999-
	Major Titles Held: None
	Former Ring Escorts: Droz(WWF, 1999), Big Boss Man(WWF, 1999-2000)

		Prince Albert debuted in the WWF on an episode of Heat in
	the summer of '99, helping Droz beat on his opponent. Him and Droz 
	became a team and were involved in the tag team title hunt. 
	They're in the Tag Team Turmoil match at Summerslam, but were 
	eliminated by Edge & Christian. Droz and Albert started 
	to dissappear from the seen, and weren't heard of that much on 
	major WWF broadcasts such as RAW and Smackdown, but in late 
	September, Prince Albert jumped "The Big Show" Paul Wight for no
	reason and started to get in a feud with the Big Show. Droz got
	injured in October '99 and was temporarily on his own. The Big 
	Boss Man was also in a feud with Big Show too. Big Show faced
	Albert on an episode of RAW in November, and Show ended up beating
	Albert, but after the match Boss Man distracted Big Show and Alert
	jumped Show from behind, and BBM knocked Show off the top of the 
	entrance ramp onto the arena floor! 

		Big Show faced PA, BBM, Mideon & Viscer at the Survivor 
	Series in a 4-on-1 elimination match, and Albert ended up getting	
	pinned. Albert and BBM went in the tag team scene and weren't that
	successful after several losses, anger broiled between the two, 
	and they finally went at it beating the crap out of each other
	until officials got involved. Albert also helped Test beat Boss
	Man for his Hardcore Title, Albert and BBM finally got to wrestle
	each other, but the match ended in a No Contest. 
		So Prince Albert is on his own again, and hopefully WWF
	gold is waiting for him in his future.


III. Other US wrestling games that Prince Albert appeared in.
WWF Games
WWF Wrestlemania 2000(N64)


ï Standing
Chop - B (Tap)
Elbow Strike - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Front Kick (Short) - B (Tap)
Front Kick (Long) - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Samoan Throat Chop - B (Hold)
Standing Clothesline - D-Pad + B (Hold)
Jumping Front Kick - A + B

ï Front Grapple
(Weak)    Overhand Punch - A
          Club To Neck - A + Left/Right
          Strong Headbutt - A + Up
          Scoop Slam - A + Down
             Headlock Takedown - B
          Double Arm Suplex - B + Left/Right
          Suplex - B + Up
          Piledriver - B + Down
(Strong)  Headlock With Punch - A
          Russian Leg Sweep - A + Left/Right
          Fireman Carry/Pancake - A + Up
          Jaw Breaker - A + Down
          Manhattan Drop - B
          Thrusting Shoulder Breaker - B + Left/Right
          Double Handed Lifting Chokehold - B + Up
          Powerslam - B + Down
(Special) Body Press Slam - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Rear Grapple
(Weak)    Back Drop - A
          Back Rake - B
(Strong)  Abdominal Stretch - A
          Sideslam - B
(Special) Release German Suplex - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Opponent On Mat
(Face Up)   Mounted Punches - A (Near Head)
            Knee Smash - A (Near Feet)
            Elbow Drop - B
(Face Down) Sitting Reverse Armbar - A (Near Head)
            Knee Stomp - A (Near Feet)
            Stomp - B
(Sitting)   Sleeper Hold - A
            Hammer Blow - B
(Kneeling)  Camel Clutch - A
            Knee Drop - B

ï Opponent In Turnbuckle
Chop - B
Front Kick - D-Pad + B
Running Clothesline - D-Pad + C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - D-Pad + C Down + A + B
(Front, Weak)   Shoulder Thrusts - A
                10 Punch - B
(Front, Strong) Foot Choke - A
                Multiple Clothesline - B
(Back, Weak)    Forearm Smash - A/B
(Back, Strong)  Super Back Drop - A/B

ï After Irish Whip On Opponent
Back Elbow - B
(Weak)    Back Toss - A (Tap)
          Powerslam - A (Hold)
(Strong)  Mountain Bomb - A (Tap)
          Double Handed Choke Lift - A (Hold)
(Special) Body Press Slam - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Running At Opponent
Running Shoulder Block - C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - C Down + A + B
Running Clothesline - C Down + D-Pad + B
Kitchen Sink - C Down + A + B + D-Pad

ï On Turnbuckle (High Risk Manoeuvres)
(Standing) Double Axe Handle - A/B
(On Mat)   Back Elbow Drop - A/B

ï Defensive Pose Strike (hold R as you rise from the mat)
Low Blow - R (hold), B
Evasive Roll - R (hold), L


V. Credits/Copywright Info

THQ/Jakks/AKI/Asmik - For making another helluva game!

This movelist copywright by "Gruel" Dale Kulas, 1999
Not one soul shall use this movelist unless with written permission
sent to

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