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WWF WRESTLEMANIA 2000 Royal Rumble Guide (N64)   Version 2.0
by Andy007 (Andy Banh)
Copyright 2000 Andy007 (Andy Banh)
Created: 5/27/00
Last Updated: 6/24/00
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6-24-00 Version 2.0: Added Big Show to both Best and Worst Wrestlers section.  

5-28-00 Version 1.0: Small update on the Worst Wrestlers To Have During Royal 
Rumble Section, added Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love.

5-27-00: This guide has been created!  
1. Introduction
2. Best Wrestlers To Have During Royal Rumble and Why
3. Worst Wrestlers To Have During Royal Rumble and Why
4. Credits/Contacting Info
	The Royal Rumble mode in Wrestlemania 2000 is where you fight against many 
other wrestlers.  You must outlast them and win.  The Royal Rumble mode appears 
in Exhibition mode and also in Road to Wrestlemania.  It really matters to win 
the Royal Rumble more when you are in Road to Wrestlemania, so you can get a 
title shot.  To win Royal Rumbles, you need to boot wrestlers out of the ring 
onto the cold, concrete floor.  You must eliminate the men and try to be the 
same wrestler until the end.  If you get eliminated, you come in as a new 
wrestler.  But in Road to Wrestlemania, if you get eliminated, you lose your 
title shot.  Try to win the Royal Rumble on Road to Wrestlemania with your 
starting wrestler, if you get eliminated, try again by reseting the game.  
** The best wrestlers to have in a Royal Rumble:                      **
** 1.)Kane									          **
** 2.)Undertaker									    **
** 3.)Jeff Hardy 								          **
** 4.)Matt Hardy									    **
** 5.)Triple H									    **
** 6.)Rock 										    **
** 7.)Edge										    **
** 8.)Test                                                            **
** 9.)Ken Shamrock                                                    **
** 10.)Faarooq                                                        **
** 11.)Bradshaw                                                       **
** 12.)D'Lo Brown                                                     **
** 13.)Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels                                  **
** 14.)Big Show                                                       **
I. Kane
Why?  Ok, Kane is a very big guy in the real life in the WWF.  He has 
devastating moves like the Chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver.  Kane also has 
stamina.  In Wrestlemania 2000, THQ made Kane a very good wrestler, so he's 
someone you want to use.  Kane has strong moves that can knock an opponent out.  
For advanced Wrestlemania 2000 players, they would use Kane because of his 
strong moves and techniques.  Beginners would use Kane cause he's strong and has 
easy to do strong moves.  Kane has the moves and power to flip an opponent over 
the top rope.  If Kane can't knock someone over the ropes, you can beat the 
opponents in an alternative way.  Just do strong grapples and give your 
opponents continuous powerbombs and chokeslams.  Then taunt until Kane gets his 
special.  Give your opponent the Tombstone Piledriver and give them the 1, 2, 3.  
If you can't pin, then pick them while they are dangling and give them a strong 
punch or kick near the ropes and they flip over.

II. Undertaker
Why?  Undertaker is much like Kane, almost the same moves.  They have the high 
amount of stamina and power.  Undertaker is a really strong dude who will be 
able to last through 30 man Royal Rumbles.  With Undertaker, do some turnbuckle 
attacks, DDTs, Powerbombs, and chokeslams to wear out your opponent.  Whip them 
against the ropes and give them the boot to the face out of the ring.  If that's 
hard to do, get UT's special and use it 3 times on the opponent.  Pin them, or 
pick them up while they are dangling and punch them over the apron.  
III. Jeff Hardy
Why?  Have you seen the Hardy Boyz fight?  They are acrobats.  They are 
daredevils!  The Hardys are real high flyers, they risk their bodies doing crazy 
moves.  In Wrestlemania 2000, it looks like Jeff Hardy has his high flying moves 
like the Swanton Bomb, moon assault, splash, and dropkicks.  Jeff's moves may 
not hurt your opponent very much at first, but eventually the opponent is worn 
out from all the fast and rapid hits.  With Jeff Hardy, you might want to do 
turnbuckle attacks since he has a long jump range.  Sometimes you might be able 
to hit your opponent out of the ring onto the hard floor with one of Jeff 
Hardy's turnbuckle attacks or running attacks.  His finisher, the Stunner also 
does a great amount of damage.

IV. Matt Hardy
Why?  If Jeff Hardy, why not Matt Hardy?  This guy has many technical moves and 
also a couple of stunt moves.  His finisher is the same as Jeff Hardy's, so if 
you choose Jeff, why not Matt?  Almost the same moves.  The only con about these 
Hardys are that they don't have much stamina, so they won't last after missing 
turnbuckle attacks. 

V. Triple H
Why?  Cause he's the game!  Triple H has a couple of submission moves and some 
strong moves.  Triple H isn't very good when you use him for the first time, but 
after you learn to use him well, he becomes a champion wrestler.  Get his 
special and do a pedigree.  Pin your opponent for the 1, 2, 3.  Otherwise, knock 
them out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope. 

VI. The Rock
Why?  Rocky Maivia is the People's Champ.  But he is no great wrestler to use if 
you don't know his moves.  The Rock is a punching bag if you don't know any of 
his moves.  So learn to use his moves like the Spinebuster, Samoan Drop, DDT, 
Stalling Suplex, and piledriver and you will become dominant.  The Rockbottom 
finisher ain't that bad.  Rock also has lots of stamina, so he might be able to 
last in the Rumble.  Knock your opponents out of the ring with Rock's big right 

VII. Edge
Why?  Edge is little the Hardyz, but he has more stamina and a couple of 
different moves.  The spear is easy to do and it can really hurt a wrestler 
after you have done it rapidly.  Edge's turnbuckle attack ain't that bad too and 
his grapples too.  One bad thing about Edge is that he doesn't have strong moves 
that knock an opponent over the top rope.  

VIII. Test
Why?  Test is another big guy with a fair amount of stamina and strong moves.  
Test has lots of power, and he can easily knock opponents out of the ring.  With 
Test, you can do powerbombs and some submission moves.  Test can easily knock 
someone out of the ring with a strong punch/move.

IX. Ken Shamrock
Why?  Shamrock is the World's Most Dangerous Man.  For some reason, I win many 
Royal Rumbles when I play as this guy.  He has great submission moves that wear 
out wrestlers.  Shamrock also has a couple of good grapple moves.  As Shamrock, 
I would wear out enemies with submission moves and make them tap out.  

X. Faarooq
Why?  Faarooq is one tough son of a b****.  He's got lots of stamina and 
devastating moves.  We all know that Faarooq is one kick ass dude, with all 
those powerful moves like the Dominator and Powerbomb.  With Faarooq, you want 
to do grapple moves on your opponent and beat them up.  Knock them out of the 
ring while they are dizzy.  Faarooq's finisher is strong and so is his 
spinebuster move. 

XI. Bradshaw 
Why?  If you pick Faarooq, why not pick Bradshaw?  Here's another tough S.O.B.  
Bradshaw has strong moves and that clothesline from hell attack.  Bradshaw can 
easily knock out wrestlers with his painful moves, so use grapple attacks.  

XII. D'Lo Brown
Why?  He's the real deal.  D'Lo is one hell of a fighter, he's sort of like Test 
and The Rock.  D'Lo has an excellent move set and he could kick any body's sorry 
ass.  D'Lo has a fair amount of stamina, so he could probably last through a big 
royal rumble.  But you need to know how to use D'Lo to win a Royal Rumble and 
throw out the many other men.  

XIII. Shawn "Heartbreak" Kid Michaels
Why?  HBK has some strong moves and don't underestimate him just cause he's a 
little small.  HBK's finisher is also effective(Sweet Chin Music).  HBK also has 
a couple of flying moves like the dropkick.  It looks like the founder of 
DeGeneration X is one hell of a guy to use and win the Royal Rumble.

XIV. Big Show Paul Wight
Why?  Big Show is the biggest man there is in wrestling now.  Who can match 7 
feet 2, 500 pounds?  Big Show seems to be some stone in the Royal Rumble who can 
kick ass.   If you know how to use this guy right, he'll throw almost anyone out 
of the ring.  He has strong moves, but just lacks speed.  Big Show is also able 
to reverse many moves like the suplex.  Just simply knock out your opponents 
with clotheslines or punches off the top rope, or wear them out with his 
finisher and strong moves.  He has a fair amount of stamina to last, so people 
who are looking for dominators, Big Show is one.
4.)  Worst Wrestlers To Have During The Royal Rumble and Why ***********
**1.)Vince McMahon								    **
**2.)Shane McMahon								    **
**3.)Chyna									          **
**4.)Women wrestlers								    **
**5.)Jim Ross									    **
**6.)Jerry The King Lawler							    **
**7.)Paul Bearer									    **
**8.)Michael Hayes								    **
**9.)Mideon                                                           **
**10.)Viscera									    **
**11.)Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love				                **
**12.)Big Show                                        	          **
I. Vince McMahon
Why?  He's the chairman of the WWF.  So, this doesn't make him special or 
ultimate in the game.  It's not like he has no enemies.  It's not like Vinne Mac 
has all the good moves.  Vince terribly sucks.  Barely has any moves, he only 
has about 7 different moves in his move set.  Vince won't last through a Royal 
Rumble, he will be knocked out cold and it will be a K.O. by the opponent in 3 

II. Shane McMahon
Why?  The boss' son is just as bad as he is.  Shane O Mac is not a "Giant 
Killer."  It's vice versa, giants will kill Shane.  Everyone says Shane is no 
wrestler, and that is true.  Shane McMahon barely has a variety of grapple 
moves, and it would be almost impossible to win the Royal Rumble with this guy.  
He has little stamina and will be knocked out after a couple of hits.

III. Chyna
Why?  THQ made all females in the game Wrestlemania 2000 just weak.  The 
surprising thing is that Chyna has a couple of wrestler moves like the suplex 
and DDT.  But Chyna, like all the other bad wrestlers, are easily beaten.  On a 
one on one match, Chyna will be beaten in about 5 minutes.  This means she won't 
last that long in a Royal Rumble.  But hey, if you want a challenge, you can try 
to beat the Royal Rumble with Chyna.  

IV. Women Wrestlers
Why?  I'm not a sexist or anything, but women wrestlers are terrible in this 
game.  They barely have any moves and their finishers are incredibly weak.  
Chyna would be the only real woman wrestler in Wrestlemania 2000.  Never use the 
woman unless you are doing a woman to woman fight.

V. Jim Ross
Why?  I would rather have Jerry Lawler be the champ than this guy.  Jim Ross 
cannot win any Royal Rumbles cause he has about only 4 different grapple moves.  
Old J.R. was never a wrestler, and I don't know why the THQ made him a wrestler.  
Did they think it would be cool or funny?  It isn't.

VI. Jerry Lawler
Why?  Once a wrestler and never will be again.  Jerry Lawler is more a "classic" 
wrestler and forget about winning the Royal Rumble with him.  Jerry Lawler is a 
commentator, and I don't think commentators wrestle. 

VII. Paul Bearer 
Why?  Paul Bearer has never wrestled, but he has got beaten up.  Bearer would 
fit with the sumo wrestlers in Japan.  Paul Bearer is a manager, not a wrestler.  
I can't believe he has moves like the piledriver and punches that hurt 
wrestlers.  This is just sad.

VIII. Michael Hayes
Why?  He seems like a tough guy, but he sucks like hell in Wrestlemania 2000.  
He barely has any moves, just like those women wrestlers.  This guy actually has 
some stamina, but you will never eveeeeerrrrrrr win a Royal Rumble with the 
retired manager.  

IX. Mideon
Why?  He sucks in the real life WWF and he also does in the game.  THQ did a 
great job of mocking Mideon.  He has a crappy weak finisher and he barely has 
strong moves.  Although Mideon is trained to be a wrestler, he sucks.  Once 
Jerry Lawler beat him on one edition of Heat!  This guy can never win a Royal 
Rumble and go into Wrestlemania become a champion.  

X. Viscera
Why?  Same as Mideon, this guy is big, fat, and the only reason why he sometimes 
wins is because of his lard.  All Viscera does is give other wrestlers tight 
bear hugs and does splashes to get a win.  But it isn't like that in 
Wrestlemania 2000.  He is easily brought down with stunt moves and grapple 
moves.  If you think you can win the Royal Rumble with Viscera just cause he's 
big and can be never brought down, you're wrong.  

XI. Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love
Why?  Huh?  But this guy is the King of Hardcore matches!  So, this is a game, 
not real life.  Mick Foley's 3 identities are terrible, these guys have pretty 
crappy moves and they won't last in a Rumble very long due to lack of power and 
their low speed.  Mick Foley may have a fair amount of stamina, but how are you 
going to beat your opponents?  He also lacks a variety of strong moves.  

XII. Big Show Paul Wight
Why?  Big Show also stands in the "worst" wrestlers section because if you are 
just starting this game, this guy really sucks.  He's all big, he doesn't have a 
good turnbuckle range, and he's so slow.  Your enemies can double team him to 
bring him down and throw him off the top rope.  Big Show's moves are really 
terrible if you don't know how to use him and know very few moves.  Also, this 
guy is a goner if he's near the ropes.  
4. Credits/Contact Info

SMcFadden- Thanks for giving me the idea on writing this faq. 

"Prima's Offical WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Strategy Guide"-Got info on some of 
wrestler's move sets.  

THQ-Made a hell of a wrestling game! Thanks for pointing out the problems of Mankind/Cactus 
Jack/Dude Love.  

	Please e-mail me at or AOL Instant Message me 
at ultimaweapon2k if there are any corrections to be made on this guide.  You 
may also send me a few comments or suggestions to this guide.  Thanks!!!

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