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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin movelist 
for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
by Gruel
Version 1.0
Latest Update: December 27, 1999

FAQ Contents:

I. Intro

II. Mini-Steve Austin Bio and Tidbits

III. Other US wrestling games that Steve Austin appeared in

IV. The Moves

V. Credits/Copywright Info


I. Intro

	Hey, It's me Gruel. I'm here this time to deliver the movelist for 
Steve Austin. Hope you enjoy the list and find it very useful.


II. Mini-Steve Austin Bio & Tidbits

	Real Name: Steve Williams
	Former identities, names, nicknames: "Stunning" Steve Austin(WCW, 
	1990-1995), Steve Austin(ECW, 1995), The Ringmaster(WWF, 1995-
	1996), "Stone Cold" Steve Austin(WWF, 1996-Current)
	Major Titles Held: WCW Tag Title with Brian Pillman, WCW TV
	Title(2), WCW US Title(2), WWF Tag Title(2) with Shawn Michaels,
	Dude Love, and Undertaker, WWF Intercontanental Title(2), WWF 
	World Title(4)
	Former Ring Escorts: Buddy Lee Parker(WCW, 1991-1995), "Million
	Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase(1995-1996)

		Austin was trained by Chris Adams, and made his first big
	organization debut in WCW in 1990 with Buddy Lee Parker as his
	manager. He won the WCW TV Title from Bobby Eaton on June 3, 1991
	and held it for just under 11 months before losing to Barry 
	Windham on April 27, 1992. Austin regained the belt from Windham
	about a month later on May 23, 1992 and held onto it for about 3
	months until he lost it to Ricky Steamboat on September 2, 1992.
	Austin was then on the rise in WCW, he won the tag titles with
	the late, Brian Pillman. They were billed "The Hollywood Blonds."
	Austin's single career was on the rise as well. He won the US
	Title from Dustin Rhodes at Starrcade '93 and held onto the belt
	for 8 months until losing it to Ricky Steamboat on August 24, 
	1994. Steamboat was stripped of the belt and it was awarded back
	to Austin on September 18, 1994 when Steamboat was unable to 
	defend the belt due to injury, but Austin lost the strap to 
	"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan that same, very night. After the loss 
	Austin's career started to dwindle, then WCW Vice President, 
	Eric Bishoff wanted Austin to get a new gimmick, Austin refused
	and was fired from WCW in 1995.
		Austin then made a brief sting in ECW in 1995 for a few 
	months, but had a huge impact. He lost a 4-man ECW title match,
	and had a couple of memorable battles with the Sandman, during 
	this time he was intervied with Pro Wrestling Illustrated and
	said he'd never go to WWF and that he was very happy in ECW, but
	a month later Austin signed with the WWF in December 1995.

		Austin debuted on a December 1995 episode of RAW and was
	labeled "The Ringmaster" and had Ted Dibiase as his manager. 
	Everybody thought that Austin was gonna win the 1996 Royal Rumble
	in January, but was eliminated in the final minutes by Fatu(now
	better known as Rakishi Fatu). In March Austin changed his name
	from Ringmaster to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and was involved in
	a stellar feud with Savio Vega. Vega caused Austin his first WWF 
	pin loss on an episode of WWF Superstars, after a sneak up rollup.
	Austin made his Wrestlemania debut at WM 12 and defeated Savio 
	Vega with his old finisher, The Million Dollar Dream. 

		Austin lost against Vega at the May 1996 PPV, In Your House:
	Beware of Dog 2 in a Carribean Strap Match, with the stipulation 
	that if Austin loss, Dibiase would leave the WWF. So Austin was 
	now on his own and his status rised in the WWF. A month later he 
	won the 1996 King of the Ring by beating Jake Roberts in the 
	finals. He won the 1997 Royal Rumble, Austin got eliminated 
	earlier, but the refs didn't see it, and Austin ran back in and
	eliminated Bret Hart to win it. At the next PPV, IN Your House:
	Final Four, Austin was in a 4-Man Battle Royal between Vader, 
	Undertaker, and Bret Hart where the vacant World Belt was at 
	stakes. Austin was the first to be eliminated in his first PPV
	main event. 

		Austin won the tag belts with Shawn Michaels from Owen Hart
	and the British Bulldog in May 1997, but Shawn left the team and
	Dude Love took his spot. At Summerslam '97 Austin wrestled Owen
	for the IC belt, Austin won the match and the belt, but Austin 
	injured his neck, and was stripped of the belt. Austin won the
	belt back from Owen at that year's Survivor Series. Austin 
	forfeited the belt to Rocky Maivia a month later after refusing
	to fight him, but Austin gave Rocky a Stunner, and stole the
	IC belt, and the next week on RAW tossed the IC belt in a river.

		Austin then put his focus back on the World Belt, and won
	the Royal Rumble again in 1998, he earned a title shot and won
	the World Belt from Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14. You'd think
	that after a great buildup that Austin would hold the belt for a 
	pretty long time, right?, but Austin only held onto the strap for
	3 months until he lost the belt to Kane at King of the Ring, 
	Austin won the belt back the next night on RAW and held it for
	another 3 months, during that time he also had a half month tag
	title reign with the Undertaker in July.

		Austin was on a quest to get the World Belt back, he was in
	13-man one night world title tournament at the Survivor Series,
	he won the first round by DQ against the Big Boss Man, his second
	round opponent was suppose to be the winner of the X-Pac, Steven
	Regal match, but that ended up in a double countout and Austin got
	a bye into the semi-finals, but lost against Mankind after Sgt.
	Slaughter nailed him with a chair.

		Austin was the runner-up of the 1999 Royal Rumble after he 
	lost to Vince McMahon, but the next day on RAW Vince waived his
	rights of winning the Royal to earn a title shot and therefore
	the runner-up earned a title shot at WM 15. So Austin got the
	title shot and won the belt from Rocky Maivia at WM 15, he lost
	the strap to the Undertaker at Over the Edge in May, and regained
	it at RAW a month later in June, but lost it to Mankind in a 
	triple threat match between Mankind and Hunter Hearst Helmsley
	at Summerslam. Austin had one more title shot against Helmsley 
	at the October No Mercy, but Austin lost and had another title
	shot a month later at Survivor Series, but Austin was hit by
	a car that night and injured his neck. That was the last we saw
	of Austin on WWF TV, but he'll probably be back soon and will more
	than likely win back the WWF gold.


III. Other US wrestling games that Austin appeared in
WWF Games
WWF Warzone(N64, PSX, Game Boy)
WWF Attitude(N64, PSX, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000(N64, Game Boy Color)


IV. The Moves

ï Standing
Body Punch - B (Tap)
Elbow Strike - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Front Kick (Short) - B (Tap)
Front Kick (Long) - D-Pad + B (Tap)
Diving Clothesline - B (Hold)
Austin Punches - D-Pad + B (Hold)
Standing Clothesline - A + B

ï Front Grapple
(Weak)    Slap - A
          Snapmare - A + Left/Right
          Eye Rake - A + Up
          Scoop Slam - A + Down
          Headlock Takedown - B
          Shoulder Thrusts - B + Left/Right
          Suplex - B + Up
          Piledriver - B + Down
(Strong)  Headlock With Punch - A
          Hip Throw - A + Left/Right
          Back Body Flip - A + Up
          Jawbreaker - A + Down
          Knee Strikes - B
          Standing Clothesline - B + Left/Right
          Thrusting Shoulder Breaker - B + Up
          Manhattan Drop - B + Down
(Special) Stone Cold Stunner - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Rear Grapple
(Weak)    Backdrop - A
          Forearm Smash - B
(Strong)  School Boy Rollup - A
          Sleeper Hold - B
(Special) Rear Naked Choke - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Opponent On Mat
(Face Up)   Mounted Punches - A (Near Head)
            Headbutt To Groin - A (Near Feet)
            Austin Elbow Drop - B
(Face Down) Sitting Reverse Armbar - A (Near Head)
            Knee Stomp - A (Near Feet)
            Angry Stomp - B
(Sitting)   Sleeper Hold - A
            Kick - B
(Kneeling)  Camel Clutch - A
            Hammer Blow - B

ï Opponent In Turnbuckle
Front Kick - B
Punch - D-Pad + B
Running Clothesline - D-Pad + C Down + B
Running Body Avalanche - D-Pad + C Down + A + B
(Front, Weak)   Shoulder Thrusts - A
                Punch - B
(Front, Strong) Knee Strikes - A
                Mudhole Stomping - B
(Back, Weak)    Forearm Smash - A/B
(Back, Strong)  Super Back Drop - A/B

ï After Irish Whip On Opponent
Back Elbow - B
(Weak)    Monkey Toss - A
          Shoulder Back Toss - D-Pad + A
(Strong)  Sleeper Hold - A
          Lou Thesz Press Knuckle - D-Pad + A
(Special) Stone Cold Stunner - Analogue Stick (Tap)

ï Running At Opponent
Running Shoulder Block - C Down + B
Running Back Elbow Smash - C Down + A + B
Running Clothesline - C Down + D-Pad + B
Kitchen Sink - C Down + A + B + D-Pad

ï On Turnbuckle (High Risk Manoeuvres)
(Standing) Double Axe Handle - A/B
           Flying Clothesline - A/B (Special)
(On Mat)   Back Elbow Drop - A/B

ï Defensive Pose Strike (hold R as you rise from the mat)
Rising Clothesline - R (hold), B
Evasive Roll - R (hold), L


V. Credits/Copywright Info

THQ/Jakks/AKI/Asmik - For making another helluva game!

This movelist copywright by "Gruel" Dale Kulas, 1999
Not one soul shall use this movelist unless with written permission
sent to

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