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Ballz 3D - Super Nintendo Version - TM 1994 Accolade
FAQ/Move List Revision 1.01a [5/9/99]
Donovan Keith -
Zane T. Insane- (
Legal-sounding stuff:
This FAQ was compiled from numerous sources, including but not limited to
the game manual, various gaming magazines, and hours of personal trial and
error by my brother. As such, I claim no copyright or other legally binding
ownership to this document, and present it freely to the public domain to
be used as you wish. This document may be reprinted, transmitted, photocopied, 
folded, spindled, and/or mutilated as you see fit. I do ask you to at least 
credit me if you use it on your website. I have tried to be as complete and 
detailed as possible, so as to differentiate my own FAQ from the others out 
there, which are usually just move lists. If you have any comments, additions, 
corrections or other games you'd like me to write up, please feel free to drop 
me a line at the above email address. All those not in favor of the amended bill 
please indicate so by leaving.

Version History
Version 1.01a [5/9/99]
First version, until I can get more information on the bosses.

Table of contents:
I) Common moves and game basics
II) Individual character move lists
    a. Boomer
    b. Bruiser
    c. Crusher
    d. Divine
    e. Kronk 
    f. Tsunami
    g. Turbo
    h. Yoko
III) Codes

I) Game Basics
Ballz 3D is a unique fighting game, one of the first to attempt to use 3D on
the SNES, although it is limited to characters sidestepping into the foreground 
and background, a la Tekken 3. Its 8 characters and 4 bosses are similar to the 
polygonal characters found in other fighting games, except they are all composed 
of....(you guessed it) Ballz! The game stresses rude, inappropriate behavior, as 
evidenced by the electronic billboards in all of the arenas, constantly feeding 
a stream of insults to the competitors. Although the controls take a little 
getting used to (especially the Jump button), and blocking is almost 
nonexistant, the ClayFighter-esque moves and hilarious sound samples mean this 
game still manages to provide hours of decidedly non-serious action.

Common moves:
P       -   Punch (default=Y/L)
K       -   Kick (default=B/R )
J       -   Jump (default=A/X )
hold J  -   High jump/float(lighter characters jump higher and float longer)
D+P     -   Low punch
T+P     -   Lunging punch
A+P     -   Short punch
D+K     -   Low kick
T+K     -   Lunging kick
A+K     -   Short kick
A       -   Walk away and block
DA      -   Stationary crouch block
UA      -   Stationary high block
U/D+P   -   Roll away when knocked down
L,K+P   -   Slidestep left
R,K+P   -   Slidestep right
U,U,U   -   Fatality (when opponent has 2 or less life ballz)

To perform a taunt, press P+K+J. This will increase the damage of your next
attack as long as you don't get hit first. The damage bonus is cumulative,
so the more taunts you perform in a row, the more damage your next move will
do. It takes 2-5 consecutive taunts to kill an opponent with one hit, depending 
on the strength of the move used.
Pressing Down 3 or more times rapidly allows you to beg, which restores life
for as long as you keep tapping D (don't tap 'D' too much, you'll drain him). 
You can only beg when you have less than 3 ballz of life remaining. Remember 
that you are vulnerable while you are begging. 

II) Character move lists:

a.) Boomer the Mad Clown
"Who's laughing now, clown?"
Speed:     3     Charge Attacks:       1   
Punch:     3     Explosion\Cyclone:    5
Kick:      3     Aerial Attack:        1      
Missile:   5     Other Specials:       1  
Throw:     4     Defense:              2
Grapple:   4     Aerial Defense:       3

Left handstand kick - L,L,K
Right handstand kick - R,R,K
Head hurl (shoulder level) - A,T,P
Head hurl (ground level) - A,T,K
Jack-in-the-box - U+P
Dive - D,U,J
Extendo punch - D+P+K
Self-destruct - R,D,L,U,P
Throw - K (close): (Boomer spins his opp. on one finger overhead, then steps
                   out from under them and drops them face-first.)
Win Grapple - P: (Boomer slips behind the opp. and begins to wind-up his big
                  floppy clown boot. The opp. looks around, then looks
                  between his legs as Boomer boots them in the ass.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Clown antics as Boomer rolls the opponent into a ball and
                   balances on them while juggling.)
Morph into Boomer: R,L,P+J
Taunt: Wax That Ass!

b.) Bruiser the Bodybuilding Jock
Speed:      3       Charge Attacks:      2
Punch:      4       Aerial Attack:       3    
Kick:       2       Explosion\Cyclone:   4
Missile:    3       Other Specials:      3
Throw:      2       Defense:             3
Grapple:    2       Aerial Defense:      5

Cartwheel left - L,L,K
Cartwheel right - R,R,K
Slide tackle - D,D,K
Torqueno - R,D,L,U,P
Kickball - A,T,K
Lob ball - A,T,P
Ground stomp - hold J,D,D
Dropkick - hold J, P+J
Hand sweep - D+P+K (close)
Jumping jacks - U,D,U,D
Charge opponent - T,T,T
Spin around with arms outstretched - T,A,T
Leg grab from duck - P+K (while ducking)
Ducking uppercut - J+K (while ducking)
Ball Heave  - A,T+P
Throw - K (close): (Bruiser grabs the opp. and breaks them over his knee.)
Win Grapple - P: (Bruiser puts the opp. in a headlock and punches them in
                  the face repeatedly.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Boomer picks up the opponent by the belt loop as if to
                   throw them out of a bar. He heaves them back and forth,
                   and on the third pass, they stick headfirst in the
                   ground. Boomer looks around, confused, as they explode.)
Morph into Bruiser :R,D,L,P+J
Taunt: Up yours! motion followed by a DX Crotch Grab.

c.) Crusher the Rhino
Speed:       1       Charge Attacks:       5
Punch:       5       Aerial Attack:        4
Kick:        5       Explosion\Cyclone:    4
Missile:     2       Other Specials:       3
Throw:       4       Defense:              5
Grapple:     3       Aerial Defense:       2

Charge attack  T, T, T
Underhand Horn Toss - A,T,P
Overhead Horn Toss - A,U,P
Horn Stab - T,T,P
Charge left, then at opp. - L,D,P
Charge right, then at opp. - R,D,P
Rumble Charge - U,D,U
Stomp on Foot - U,T+K
Overhead Slam - U, D+P
Headbutt - P (close)
Throw - K (close): (Crusher lifts the opp. up and gores them with his horn.)
Win grapple - P: (He lifts the opponent by one foot while kicking them in
                  the head repeatedly.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Crusher grabs the opp. and jumps into the air, placing
                   their head underneath his sizable buttocks as he lands,
                   squashing them lie a grape.)
Morph into Crusher: D,R,P+J
Taunt: Makes the Italian Salute and scuffs dirt at the opp. with his feet.

d.) Divine, the Ballerina
Speed:       5       Charge Attacks:       1
Punch:       2       Aerial Attack:        5
Kick:        5       Explosion\Cyclone:    3
Missile:     1       Other Specials:       2
Throw:       3       Defense:              3 
Grapple:     4       Aerial Defense:       3

Flip & Throw opponent  P+K (close)
Reverse Cartwheel Frankensteiner - T,T,T
Stunning Aria - D,D,U (automatically dizzies opp.)
Fake Dizzy - D,D,A (cancel with P or K)
Knee to Groin - D,D,T / D,J+K (close)
Come Hither - T,A,T,A
(draws opp. in; if contact is made, Divine will automatically execute the Flip & 
Throw maneuver)
Uppercut - A,DA,D,P or D,DT,T,P
Toe Leap - U,U,K
Ballerina Pirouette - A,UA,U
(If performed repeatedly, Divine will become tangled and stunned for a brief 
period of time.)
Springboard Kick - A,A,K / T,T,K
Piggyback Bite - J, then land on opp.
Throw - K (close): (She lifts the opp. by the gonads, holds them, and drops
                    them to the ground.)
Win Grapple - P: (Divine bends the opp. over her knee and spanks them.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Divine throws the opp. up off the screen and waits to
                   catch them. After tapping her foot impatiently, she moves
                   aside as they crash to earth.)
Morph into Divine: R,U,L,P+J
Taunt: Shake That Booty!

e.) Kronk, the Caveman
Speed:       4       Charge Attacks:       3
Punch:       3       Aerial Attack:        2
Kick:        2       Explosion\Cyclone:    1
Missile:     2       Other Specials:       2
Throw:       4       Defense:              3 
Grapple:     4       Aerial Defense:       5

Overhead club - U,P
Lobber Snotshot - A,U,P
Duck, dive, and roll - T,T,T
Lunging kick  - T,K
Flying Snotshot - A,T,P
Windup Club - hold P, rotate D-Pad
Ride'em Cowboy - J, then land on opp.
Nut Crush - D,D,P
Downward Spear - J, then D,D or J, then D+K
Fencing Lunge - T,T,P
Club uppercut - U,U
Boneclub Sweep - D+P+K
Win Grapple - P: Batter Up! (Rolls the opp. into a ball and hits a home run)
Throw - K (close): (Golf Tee-off)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Kronk knocks his opp. on their stomach, then inserts his
                   club area not famous for receiving sunlight.)
Morph into Kronk: L,L,P+J
Taunt: You See This?

f.) Tsunami the Fat Sumo
Speed:		2	Charge Attacks:		5
Punch:		5	Aerial Attacks:		4
Kick:		3	Explosion\Cyclone:	2
Missile:	1	Other Specials:		4
Throw:		5	Defense:		4
Grapple:	3	Aerial Defense:		3

Belly Charge - T,T,T
Flying Somersault Kick - A,A,J
Jump right, Kick left - R,R,K
Jump left, Kick right - L,L,K
Meditation - U,U,J (restores health, protects from some ground attacks)
Sumo splash - J,P+K
Win Grapple - P: (The Giant Swing!)
Throw - K (close): (Holds the opp. down and kicks him repeatedly.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Tsunami rolls the opp. into a ball and boots them apart.)
Morph into Tsunami: L,R,P+J
Taunt: Crotch Grabber

g.) Turbo the All-American Good Guy
Speed:     4     Charge Attacks:       3   
Punch:     3     Explosion\Cyclone:    4
Kick:      3     Aerial Attack:        1      
Missile:   2     Other Specials:       4  
Throw:     4     Defense:              3
Grapple:   4     Aerial Defense:       3

Charging Flipkick - T,T,T
Hover Mode - J, then K+J
Super Blowhard - T,T,P
Diving Kick - J, then D,D
Spinning Piledriver -  P+K (close, both fighters in air)
Rising Punch - D+P+K
Squash Head - U,T,P
Throw - K (close): (Volleyball Spike)
Win Grapple - P: (Turbo shoves the opp. backwards.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Turbo grabs the opp. and casually hovers into the air,
                   and drops them to their death.)
Morph into Turbo: R,R,P+J
Taunt: Waves his hand while chuckling arrogantly

h.) Yoko, the Sick Little Monkey
Speed:      3       Charge Attacks:       2
Punch:      2       Aerial Attacks:       4
Kick:       2       Explosion\Cyclone:    1	
Missile:    1       Other Specials:       5
Throw:      5       Defense:              3
Grapple:    2       Aerial Defense:       4

Grab Bar & Swing Overhead - J then U,U (U,U again to cancel)
Swinging Punch - P (while swinging)
Swinging Kick - K (while swinging)
Grab Pole & Swing Clockwise - L,L,K
Grab Pole & Swing Counterclockwise - R,R,K
Pole Rotation Right - R,R,U
Pole Rotation Left -  L,L,U
Uppercut - U+P
Backflip - U,K
Noxious Odor - A,A,A,A (automatically dizzies opp.)
Use Leg as Club - D+K
Forward Roll - T,T,T
Gamera Spin Attack - T,U,U
Monkey on My Back - J, then land on opp.
Throw - K (close): (Giant Swing while holding one leg.)
Win Grapple - P: (Grabs opp. & flips them over, then screws their head
                  into the ground and lets them unwind.)
Fatality - U,U,U: (Yoko smashes the opp. into the ground and attempts to
                   bury them even deeper.)
Morph into Yoko: R,U,P+J
Taunt: Slides around on his butt

III. Codes
Note: for the following code, 'A' represents button A on the controller,
*not* the direction 'Away'. I may add some Game Genie codes in a future

Hyper Mode: Press 'A' 9 times at the title screen.

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