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ZSNES ZST Save State Hacking Guide for "Brain Lord"
Written & Researched by Ragnarosen (
"Brain Lord" and all character names therein are trademarks
	of the Produce/Opus/Enix Coropration of America.
"Save State Hacking Guide" is a trademark of Ragnarosen.

To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into 
	your save state (or *.ZST file), you'll need to go to Break 
	Point Software ( and download a program 
	called "Hex Workshop." Once you're finished downloading and 
	the program is finished running SETUP.EXE automatically, open 
	Hex Workshop and use it to open any ZST files you may have. 


To learn about HEX WORKSHOP and hexadecimal hacking in 
general, refer to Jason Timmon's "Hexadecimal Coding And 
Hacking Primer," which I included at the beginning of my 
save state hacking guide for "Dragon Warrior III." You 
can find it at GameFAQs.

Money: 0F8A, 0F89, 0F88
	(For the maximum 9,999,999 G, input "7F9698" at
	 Offset 0F88)
Current HP: 14D5
	(Input "FF" at this offset, and you'll be invin-
Maximum HP: 14D7
	(Input "FF" at this offset, and you'll have a
	 total of 255 maximum HP!)
Power: 14DD
	(Input "FF" at this offset, and you'll be able to
	 kill any enemy in only 1 hit!)
Magic: 1523-1532
	(You can hold up to 16 spells, even though there
	 are only 13)
Items: 1533-1592
	(You can hold up to 48 items. Unlike most RPG's,
	 item values are 4 digits instead of the usual 2.)


00- Blank Space
02- Magic Shot
03- Magic Shield
04- Flame Ring
05- Fireball
06- Impulse
07- Lightning
08- Magic Missile
09- Bound
0A- Ice
0B- Phaser
0E- Slow
0F- Stop
10- Ghost


Conventional Items:
0100- Apple
0200- Cheese
0300- Warp Gate
0400- Master Key (see next section)
0500- Cape Herb
0600- Antidote Herb
0700- Dragon Scale
0800- Barrier Capsule
0900- Speed Capsule
0A00- Heart Container
0B00- Source of Power
0C00- Drop of Protect
0D00- Debug Warp Gate (see next section)
0E00- Magic Wallet
0F00- Silver Bullion
1000- Gold Bullion
1100- X-Ray Scope
1200- Drink
1300- Sapphire
1400- Scrap of Paper
1500- Silver Plaque
1F00- Ancient Coin
2000- Crystal Piece
2100- ??? (Looks like a faucet, sells for high price)
2200- Mushroom
2300- Meat

0101- Copper Sword (Sword, 1 Attack)
0201- Iron Sword (Sword, 2 Attack)
0301- Steel Buster (Sword, 5 Attack)
0401- Golden Sword (Sword, 7 Attack)
0501- Platinum Sword (Sword, 10 Attack)
0601- Battle Axe (Axe, 5 Attack)
0701- Tomahawk (Axe, 10 Attack)
0801- Rock Breaker (Axe, 15 Attack)
0901- Great Axe (Axe, 20 Attack)
0A01- Boomerang (Boomerang, 5 Attack)
0B01- Chuckler (Boomerang, 9 Attack)
0C01- Morning Star (Flail, 7 Attack)
0D01- Heavy Mall (Flail, 15 Attack)
0E01- Long Bow (Bow, 2 Attack)
0F01- Silver Bow (Bow, 6 Attack)
1001- Lightning Bow (Bow, 10 Attack)
1201- Fire Sword (Magic Sword, 5 Attack)

0102- Leather Helmet (1 Defense)
0202- Iron Helmet (3 Defense)
0302- Cross Helmet (6 Defense)
0402- Blackgold Helm (8 Defense)
0502- Warrior's Helm (10 Defense)
0602- Platinum Helm (12 Defense)
0702- Nameless Helm (14 Defense)
0802- Nameless Helm (16 Defense)
0902- Nameless Helm (17 Defense)

Body Armor:
0103- Leather Armor (1 Defense)
0203- Chain Mail (3 Defense)
0303- Banded Mail (5 Defense)
0403- Bone Mail (8 Defense)
0503- Plate Armor (10 Defense)
0603- Royal Armor (15 Defense)
0703- Cape (0 Defense, +Speed)
0803- Nameless Armor (20 Defense)
0903- Nameless Armor (10 Defense, +Speed)

0104- Buckler (30 Endurance)
0204- Round (50 Endurance)
0304- Kite (60 Endurance)
0404- Bone (70 Endurance)
0504- Warrior (80 Endurance)
0604- Battle (99 Endurance)
0704- Shield (Use in the Arena)

0105- Reviving Mirror
0205- Debug Mirror (see next section)
0305- Wind Shoes
0405- Spike Shoes

Jade Helpers:
0106- Life Jade
0206- Crimson Jade
0306- Foundation Jade
0406- Power Jade
0506- Lightning Jade
0606- Anger Jade
0706- Water Jade
0806- Deceased Jade
0906- Light Jade

Keys to use in Tower of Light:
0107- Key to the Seal
0207- 3rd Floor Key
0307- 4th Floor Key
0407- Puzzle Key
0507- Crossroads Key
0607- Sky Room Key

Keys to use in Abell Ruins:
0707- Cave Room Key
0807- Dark Room Key
0907- Basement Key
0A07- Detour Key
0B07- Bottomless Key
0C07- Distance Key
0D07- Office Key
0E07- Flyer's Key
0F07- Steel Sky Key
1007- Invisible Key
1107- Underground Key
1207- Control Key
1307- Preparation Key
1407- Laboratory Key
1507- Power Room Key
1607- Oblivion Key

Keys to use in Ice Castle:
1F07- Western Sky Key
2007- Ocean Key
2107- Under Ice Key
2207- Waterfall Key
2307- Flood Gate Key
2407- Wave Key
2507- Ice Key
2607- Water-Air Key
2707- Red Wing Key
2807- 1st Gate Key
2907- 2nd Gate Key
2A07- 3rd Gate Key

Keys to use in Dragon Cave:
2B07- Sky Dragon Key
2C07- Land Dragon Key
2D07- Sea Dragon Key
2E07- Dead Dragon Key

Keys to use in Platinum Shrine:
3307- Silence Key
3407- Castle Key
3507- Endless Key
3607- Spirit Key
3707- Destruction Key
3807- Platinum Key
3907- Night Key
3A07- Afterworld Key
3B07- Entropy Key
3C07- Fountain Key

Keys to use in Toronto:
3E07- Duplicate Key
3F07- Duplicate Key


There are three phenomenal items that Enix put in so their programmers
	could freely and easily debug the game without fear of dying,
	getting stuck, having to WALK from one place to another like
	idiots, and having to constantly solve those tedious puzzles.
	They are the Master Key (0400), the Debug Warp Gate (0D00),
	and the Debug Mirror (0205). Any save state hacker would want
	to put these three items in their bag.
The Master Key can open ANY DOOR IN THE GAME when equipped, and it
	can be used an infinite amount of times.
The Debug Warp Gate is like a normal Warp Gate, but it can warp to
	any place in the game (even the Restaurant, where the ending
	sequence takes place) and it can be used an infinite amount
	of times.
The Debug Mirror is like the Reviving Mirror, but it can be used an
	infinite amount of times. Very useful for fighting those pesky


If you have a MIDI player like WinAmp (get it at
	and you want to listen to the disco/techno/metal soundtrack of
	"Brain Lord," go to the Video Game Music Archive at This website has MIDI's for almost
	every single game in existence. The best songfiles for "Brain
	Lord" are made by someone named "SinclairC."

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