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Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 15:40:08 EDT

UPDATE Version 3.0 to Breath of Fire 2 FAQ by Shadow9156 (It's been almost 3 


FAQ Sheet  <Final Version>


Top Ten Interesting Facts

1.)  What is the easiest way to beat Barubary?

              There are two options.  You can fight him alone, then he 
has about 4,000hp, or you can fight him with the group and he has about 
5,000hp.  With the Hero, cast G Dragon.  Bring your Ap up, then cast it 
again.  Insert healings between the attacks whenever needed.  With the 
group, use HERO,KATT (Morphed), BLEU, NINA (Morphed).  Have the hero 
follow the pattern above.  Have Katt Keep.  Have Bleu cast Missile.  
Have Nina do Bolt X.  Heal intermittently.  Good Luck!  

2.)  How do I easily beat the monsters on Monster Island?

           There are four different monsters on Monster Island.  Here is 
how to beat them.

Big Gonghead:  Bow's Shot

Big Sludge: Death

Chorking: A damaging spell from a magical item.

A. Sludge: The Gold dragon will cool their jets...

3.)  Where are the Shamans?

            Below is a list of the shamans, and where to find them.

Fire:  With Granny in Captain

Water: In Nimfu's tower

Wind: In the Sky Tower 

Earth: In Farmtown after blowing up Evrai, and donating 2,000gp at the 
Namanda Shrine before blowing up Evrai.

Holy: In the dungeon of Bando after blowing up Evrai.

Devil: In the left gate of Infinity

4.)  What are the two secret spells?

               The two secret spells are Chop-Chop, and the Boombada 
spell.  Chop-Chop is found if you go to the cook in the Black Cat 
restaurant before going to Nimfu's tower.  It does less than 100dmg to 
all enemies on the screen.  The second spell, Boombada halves all of the 
enemies hp.  If you play the bells correctly in the Shrine of Namanda, 
you will receive it.

5.)  Where is the Charm Rod?

              This one is pretty easy.  It is in the dresser in the inn 
near Evrai.

6.)  Where is the Empire Sword and the Life Armor?

             The Empire Sword is in a treasure chest in a fishing hole.  
If you follow the mountain near Township a ways, with the bird, and land 
to fight, the fishing spot will show.  It is in sight of Township.  The 
Life Armor is in a treasure chest in a fishing spot near Gate.  It is 

7.)  How do I get infinite Money?

             There is no infinite money.  But there is a very good 
alternative.  Buy three condition up's and one shrimp.  This costs 
3,020gp.  Take them to the cook in Township.  He will cook them into 
Gold Bars.  The two gold bars are each worth 6,000.  Each time you do 
this you get 8,980gp profit.

8.)  Where is the second set of Dragon Powers?

             The second set of Dragon Powers is near Simafort.  
Transform Jean into a frog and take him to the top of the waterfall, 
then attempt to ride it down.  you will land in a cave with a Socklet 
Ar, and the man gives you the second set of Dragon Powers.

9.)  How do I complete the last part of getting the Afini spell?

          When he asks who you want to sacrifice, INSIST that you would 
sacrifice your own life for the spell.  You have to prove that power 
isn't more valuable than your friends.

10.)  How can I make Township fly?

           In the basement of Evrai, when you fight the eyes, don't kill 
the old man.  He is the first part.  The second part is to go to Guntz 
and find the secret room in the back building.  There is a girl called 
Echichi.  Bring her to the well in Township.  Then Ganer will power the 


Shaman Merge Chart

The shaman chart contains no information of status change because there 
are to many variables with the different levels.  All combos listed have 
some effect.


Seny/Shin = Huge Robot.  Does new SPRY which attacks all.


Seso or Sana/Shin = Giant Cat w/yellow hair.  Does new KEEP which omits 
one attack to special the next round.


Spu/Seny = Angel.  Does new BNSH which causes enemies to flee.

Sana/Spu or Shin = Red Suit.

Sana or Seso/Seny = No visual changes

Seso/Spoo = Red Suit.

Seso/Shin = No visual changes


Sana/Spu = No legged fire ape.  Does new SWEH which gets you new 

Sana/Seny = Yellow Suit.  

Seso/Spu or Seny = No visual changes


Sana/Shin = Vine Creature.

Seso/Spu or Seny or Shin = Little girl.  Does new SPOR which is the 
sweet breath attack.

Solo/Seny = Seed with legs.  Does new BUD which is the same as KEEP.


Seso or Spu/Seny = Blue tall fish.  Does new CHOP which, after 1 round, 
does 999 damage sometimes.

Seso/Spu = No visual changes


Seny/Solo = Turtle.

Seso/Spu = No visual changes

Spu/Seny = No visual changes


Monster List

Hit Points				Name				Experience

30				        H.Fly				20
218					S.Idol				89
105					Catfish			        102
161					Pima				158
102					Beetle				10
289					Dinafung			282
173					Basilisk			387
102					H.Crab			        131
136					Deathpede			26
70					Stooley			        24
46					K.Goblin			19
736					Mamot			        1724
63					J. Fish		                55
340					A. Sludge			3177
989					Kimaira			        3725
999					Big Gonghead		        2770
452					S. Golem			499
205					Tri Eye			        410
25					Chorking			3391
471					G.Idol				1220
75					Kimoto			        40
44					Willowsp			21
48					Ghoul				17
68					Sniphead			19
73					W.Bear			        20
21					Gonghead			03
13					E. Sludge			01
34					Biruburu			09
19					Beak				04
254					Darious			        818
181					Needle			        417
121					Sireen				168
105					Stinger			        148
119					Aruban			        124
202					Gallop				406
1000					K. Sludge			7417
110					Amonica			        206


Special Weapons

FireRG: Casts Spark

DemonSH: Casts Drain

DragonSD: Casts Flame

MedusaSH: Casts AtkUp

KingOfDR: Casts DefUp

HolySH: Casts Shield

ShadowDR: Casts Idle

HushRG: Casts Hush

TigerSD: Casts Cure 2

ImortlRG: Casts Renew

MotherRB: Casts Cure

BusterBW: Casts Blast

CrimsonCl: Casts Sap

StormRG: Casts Thunder

ThunderST: Casts S.Boom

EmpireSD: Casts S. Boom

NoTwinRp: Casts Angel

BrassSt: Casts Cure 1

WorthRG: Casts Death


Township People List

House 1:

POO: Upstairs in Coursair Pub
Useless.  He later sells you a Moondrop for 1,000gp.

KAY:  St. Eva Church in Coursair
Innoculates your charecters vs poison.

HECKELLER:  House next door to yours in Hometown
He opens an armory.  Cool.

WATTS:  Carnival in Tunlan
Opens a riddle dojo.  Tells where Bleu is.

BACK:  South wall in Guntz armory
Temporarily increases defence.

House 2:

WIN:  Joker Hideout
Changes the color of windows.

LEMINON:  Left house at Captain when you come in.  Upstairs
Opens an armory with DemonSH.

MACLEAN:  On beach by whale cave
Takes you to his secret fishing spot.

BROCKDEN:  Cave to Gate
He opens a Dojo...

House 3:

AZUZA: Cave in Mt. Fubi
Takes you to secret hunting place.

WOOPI:  St. Eva church in Hometown
A fortune teller.  Cool!

MANCOTTI:  Bathroom in Coursair pub
He claims he can repay you someday...

BARETTA:  Armory of Windia
She opens a progressivly better armory.  Great!

CAT:  House west of Great Tree
Talk to it with Katt when combined into Giant Blue Cat.

House 4:

LOCKER:  Right house at Captain entrence
This man paints your town!  Say you hate the colors to change them.

OLD GUY:  Back room in Guntz
Opens a weapon store.

BAROSE:  Child Town of Great Tree
Talk to him with 1hp, 0ap for magic!!!!!!!!!!!!

GARBER:  Farmtown
He makes your weapon stronger.

House 5:

MARTIN:  Inn at Tunlan
Don't give him 3,000 gp, then he gives you 5,000gp.

EL:  Tunlan by Therapy Pillow
He guards Township.

HANZ:  Hometown in house next to Hero and Bow's
Opens the BEST item shop!!!!!

DOZO:  Maze in Windia
He opens a dojo?!?

House 6:

SURFY:  NE peninsula by TagWoods
Opens a bank.

SUMNER:  Tunlan
Plays the games soundtrack!!!

DAIYE:  Inn in Windia
He sells fish.  Try the minnows!!

SALVADOR:  Simafort
Creates a statue of whoever talks to him.  Takes ten game days per 
person. ;)

Unconfermed Rumors

These are unconfirmed rumors.  They might, or might not be true.  I 
don't know!

1.)  There is a third secret spell for Nina.  It has to do with the 
special rock on Monster Island.

2.)  There is a Township person called Milt.  He is located somewhere 
before Captain.

3.)  There is a secret use for the JahAR.

4.)  If you let an item sit on the hunting screen, it will turn into 
something else besides a roast, or an egg.

5.)  There is a Spark Shaman in Windia.

6.)  There is an Ice Shaman in the Witches Tower.

Any other rumors would be appreciated if sent by mail.  



3 HelpBl = 1 Extract

2 Worm = 1 Urchin

2 Extract = 1 Lfpl

2 Extract + 1 Urchin + 1 Worm = 2 Lfpl

2 Cureal + 1 HelpBl + 1 Lfpl = Dinker

2 Dinker + 2 Charcoal = Biscut

2 Cureal + 1 HelpBl + 1 F. Spice = LukCndy

1Lfpl + 1 Cureal + 1 Antdt = Frizbee

3 Dinker + 1 Shrimp = 2 Goldbar

4 Frizbee = Biscut

2 Medicate = PwrFood

2 Charcoal = Herb

4 Charcoal = HelpBl

4 F. Spice = Mizo Soup

Just In!

1.)   The DmnBr is found in Infinity!

2.)   In the previous version, Unconfirmed Rumor #4 contained 
information about an HP up given to the party at the Wildcat 
restaurant.  Apparently, he gives chopchop to you if you are 
nice to him by following most of the signs and forgiving him. 
However if you don't make him happy enough, he gives an HP 
raise instead: a meal that raises team's HP by 5-10.


Old "Just In's"

1.)  There is an egg.  It can be won from killing birds (NOT Beaks)

2.)  There is a DmnBr.  I don't know where to find it, but I saw it on 
my friends player.

3.)  There is an item called the MEOW staff.  It can be won in infinity 
and ups attack over 100pts!!

4.)  There is an item called the ThunderST which (I Think) Does S. Boom 
when used as an item.

       "--" under Level means that the spell is not learned by going up
levels.  Spells that are used by more than one person are listed 

                  USER  LVL    AP     EFFECT
TimeWarp  Ryu      2     0     Changes day to night and vice versa
Cure 1    Ryu      7     4     Recovers 40 HP
FirPuppy  Ryu      --    All   Fire attack / single / damage varies with 
IcePuppy  Ryu      --    All   Ice attack / single / damage varies with 
T.Puppy   Ryu      --    All   Thunder attack / single / damage varies 
with AP
Cure 2    Ryu      16    7     Recovers 100 HP
FirDrgn   Ryu      --    All   Fire attack / all / damage varies with AP
IceDrgn   Ryu      --    All   Ice attack / all / damage varies with AP
T.Drgn    Ryu      --    All   Thunder attack / all / damage varies 
with AP
Smoke     Ryu      19    6     Reduces number of fights
G.Drgn    Ryu      --    All   Does 999 damage to all enemies
Anfini    Ryu      --    0     Brings back friends to fight Deathevn
Cure 1    Bow      2     4     Recovers 40 HP
CurePsn   Bow      3     4     Cures poison
Def-Up    Bow      5     5     Defense up 20%
Cure 2    Bow      16    7     Recovers 100 HP
Renew     Bow      20    10    Revives character
Heal      Bow      23    8     Recovers status
Def-UpX   Bow      26    10    Raises party's defense
Cure 4    Bow      30    14    Recovers all HP
Cure 3    Bow      33    20    Recovers 120 HP to party
Cure 1    Rand     --    4     Recovers 40 HP
CurePsn   Rand     --    4     Cures poison
Thunder   Rand     9     6     Thunder attack / all
Cure 2    Rand     17    7     Recovers 100 HP
8.0       Rand     24    14    Physical attack / all
Renew     Rand     27    10    Revives character
Heal      Rand     31    8     Recovers status
Fireball  Katt     11    20    Fire attack / all
Hail      Katt     13    17    Ice attack / all 
Bolt X    Katt     15    30    Thunder attack / all
Tornado   Nina     --    5     Vacuum attack / single
Thunder   Nina     --    6     Thunder attack / all
Cold      Nina     --    4     Ice attack / single
Spark     Nina     --    4     Fire attack / single
Ag-Down   Nina     9     5     Agility down 50%
Pwr.Down  Nina     10    5     Attack down 30%
Exit      Nina     12    8     Warp out of a dungeon
S. Boom   Nina     13    11    Thunder attack / all
Def-Down  Nina     15    5     Defense down 30%
Drain     Nina     17    0     Steals enemy's AP
Flame     Nina     20    12    Fire attack / all
Typhoon   Nina     22    14    Vacuum attack / all
Freeze    Nina     24    10    Ice attack / single
Angel     Nina     26    12    Kills all undead (may fail)
Death     Nina     28    8     Kills enemy instantly (may fail)
Hail      Nina     31    17    Ice attack / all
Bolt X    Nina     36    30    Thunder attack / all
Spark     Sten     --    4     Fire attack / single
Bomb      Sten     10    6     Vacuum attack / single
Flame     Sten     15    12    Fire attack / all
Fireball  Sten     33    20    Fire attack / all
Missile   Sten     38    26    Vacuum attack / all
Ag-Up     Jean     10    4     Agility up 50%
Hush      Jean     12    5     Mutes enemy
Warp      Jean     14    8     Warp to any town
Pwr.Down  Jean     16    5     Attack down 30%
Cold      Jean     18    4     Ice attack / single
Idle      Jean     20    6     Paralyzes enemy
Angel     Jean     30    12    Kills all undead (may fail)
Cold      Spar     --    4     Ice attack / single
Cure 1    Spar     --    4     Recovers 40 HP
Ag-Down   Spar     --    5     Agility down 50%
Pwr.Down  Spar     --    5     Attack down 30%
Def-Down  Spar     --    5     Defense down 30%
Hush      Spar     --    5     Mutes enemy
Ag-Up     Spar     --    4     Agility up 50%
Def-Up    Spar     14    5     Defense up 20%
Idle      Spar     16    6     Paralyzes enemy
Exit      Spar     18    8     Warp out of a dungeon
Warp      Spar     19    8     Warp to any town
Sap       Spar     21    5     Steals enemy's HP
Drain     Spar     22    0     Steals enemy's AP
Cure 2    Spar     26    7     Recovers 100 HP
Freeze    Spar     28    10    Ice attack / single
Shield    Spar     30    6     Reduces damage from spells
Def-UpX   Spar     32    10    Raises party's defense
S.Boom    Bleu     --    11    Thunder attack / all
Bomb      Bleu     --    6     Vacuum attack / single
Flame     Bleu     --    12    Fire attack / all
Freeze    Bleu     --    10    Ice attack / single
Death     Bleu     --    8     Kills enemy instantly (may fail)
Ag-Down   Bleu     --    5     Agility down 50%
Pwr.Down  Bleu     --    5     Attack down 30%
Def-Down  Bleu     --    5     Defense down 30%
Ag-Up     Bleu     --    4     Agility up 50%
Def-Up    Bleu     --    5     Defense up 20%
Atk-Up    Bleu     --    6     Attack up
Sap       Bleu     --    5     Steals enemy's HP
Drain     Bleu     --    0     Steals enemy's AP
Exit      Bleu     --    8     Warp out of a dungeon
Warp      Bleu     --    8     Warp to any town
Fireball  Bleu     36    20    Fire attack / all
Hail      Bleu     37    17    Ice attack / all
Missile   Bleu     38    26    Vacuum attack / all
Bolt X    Bleu     39    30    Thunder attack / all


Game Genie

Since I don't support Game Genie, this section won't be much.  BUT I 
will put in codes that I deem interesting, or fun.

1.) FB0C-7D64 -------  This code enables you to walk on water!

2.) 55E5-54D6 -------  This code makes monsters flash when they die!

FAQ History

Version 1.0 - This was one of the FIRST BOF2 Faq's ever.  It contained 
what was then groundbreaking news, a small monster list, and even 
dedicated a section to UNCONFERMED Rumors.

Version 1.2 - This Faq added the Spell Section, corrected some minor 
errors, and changed the #9 question in the top ten.

Version 1.3 (Never Released) - This faq added the JUST IN! section, and 
the game genie section.

Version 1.5 - This version Added a New weapon to the SPELL WEAPONS list, 
and added more monsters, and Rumors, as well as facts.

Version 1.6 (Never Released) - Added a few more monsters.

Version 2.0 - Added more monsters, more rumors, and Added a section for 
old "Just In's".

Version 2.2 - Minor Spelling Corrections, etc..

Version 2.5 - FAQ history section added.

Version 2.6 - Made what were to be final corrections to FAQ.

Version 3.0 - Made corrections mentioned to me in E-mail, fixed all spacing errors.  



This FAQ was mostly compiled by myself with a little aid from various 
FAQ's. I got the spell section from an FAQ by ErgGibbon, and PalmJB@ provided Just In #2.  The Monster List has been updated again. 
Don't forget to read the section of FAQ History!

NOTE:  This is the last BOF2 Faq I will be doing.  I believe that 
everything that there is to discover, has been discovered.  Until the 
next time,


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