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            © 1998-1999 Jonathan Bouldin     
              The JP guide to
              Chrono Trigger

          Questions? Get in touch at, or 
ICQ me: 12503119 

Another quick note for ROM users:
Ok, Iím still getting questions about the fog. On top of 
that, Iím now getting questions about the ROM freezing after 
doing certain things. Please, stop asking me these 
questions. I told you how to get rid of the fog, if you 
still canít even with those methods, I canít help you. 
However, I got an e-mail recently about the ROMs freezing 
from Hereís what he had to say:

ìThe emulators are not capable of handling the memory of the 
game.  Snes9x for windows won't let you get past the trial. 
The DOS mode works alright though. As for Znes there is a 
simple solution. To cut back on memory processing don't use 
the F2 and F4 keys but instead just play using the save 
points in the game. If this still doesn't work restore all 
settings to their original state before playing from a game 
save point.î
There you are, folks.

- Jonathan

A quite note for ROM users: 
Since I finished this guide, Iíve received a lot a questions 
about it, but this question is the one Iíve gotten more then 
any other: ìWhen I walk into Arris Dome all I can see is fog 
and clouds and stuff. How do I get through here? Is there 
some kind of trick?î Well, whenever I get this question I 
know that the person is using a ROM with some sort of 
transparency problem. So, Iíve decided to save the player 
some trouble on the matter and put the answer to that 
question right here. When you see the fog, push the ë3í key 
and itíll disappear. ANOTHER, better method, however, given 
to me by John Morris goes a little something like this: 

ìÖif you have the ZSNES emulator(if you don't you can go to and get it) you can click on CONFIG, then 
VIDEO. Now choose the "640x480x16B VESA2" video mode, then 
check the 2XSAI ENGINE box. Now you can see all the graphics 
on the spells and such and it makes those clouds 

So, there you have it, two ways to eliminate that fog. The 
reasons his way is better then mine is because pushing three 
makes the text of the game disappear also. But, you can use 
whichever youíd like.  

- Jonathan         

-  Crono
-  Lucca
-  Marle
-  Frog
-  Robo
-  Ayla
-  Magus
1000 AD
-  The Fair 
600 AD
-  The Cathedral
1000 AD
-  The Trial 
2300 AD
-  Arris Dome
-  Lab 32
-  The Factory 
-  Spekko
1000 AD
-  The Village of Magic
600 AD
-  Denadoro Mountains
1000 AD
65í000í000 BC
-  The Forest Maze
-  The Reptite Lair
1000 AD
600 AD
-  Magusís Castle
65í000í000 BC
-  Tyrano Lair
12í000 BC
2300 AD
-  Sewer Access
12í000 BC
-  The Beast Lair
-  Mount Woe
<>Special: Getting the sealed chests<>
-  The Ocean Palace
-  The Black Bird
-  Death Peak
-  Ozzieís Fort   
-  The Sun Palace
-  Giantís Claw
-  The Sunken Desert
-  Geno Dome
-  The Black Omen

This walkthrough took a long time to write. Itís divided 
into sections and sub-sections (as you can see by looking at 
the table of contents) to make it easier to read. I hope it 
helps you with your CT troubles.

Crono: Heís the hero guy. The main man. He uses swords.
Lucca: Cronoís best friend. She uses guns as her weapon.
Marle: Crono meets her early in the game. She likes 
Frog: Heís another guy you meet early. You lose him early 
too. He uses swords to, but not the same kind as Crono.
Robo: You get him in 2300 AD. He uses different arm 
attachments as his weapons.
Ayla: You get her a bit into the game. She doesnít use a 
weapon, just her fists.
Magus: Heís an optional character. So you donít have to get 
him if you donít want to. But also uses the strongest type 
of magic; Shadow. He uses big sickle-type things as his 


_-_-_-_-_-_-_-1000 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_            
Crono wakes up in his bed at the start of this game. Walk 
down stairs and after your mom stops talking, talk to her 
again for a 200 GP allowance. Now go outside and head for 
the big colorful place above your house. This is the fair.

-The Fair-
There really isnít much to do hereÖ you can bet on things to 
try and get some Silver Points, but it wont
serve much purpose at this point. From the entrance go up 
and into the next area. Youíll see a girl running around. 
This is Marle. Bump into her and sheíll fall down and her 
pendent will fall off. Starting now, what you do will have 
an effect on what happens a bit later in the game. That is, 
whether youíll be sent to jail or not. Since your going to 
be sent to jail no matter what, you might as well just do 
what you want. But if you want to be a good guy, follow 
these next steps before you do anything else in the game:
1. Talk to Marle before you go pick up her pendent. 
2. From where you ran into Marle, go right and down the 
stairs and talk to the girl there. Sheíll tell you about 
her lost cat. From here go back up the stairs and left, 
down more stairs. Youíll see her cat here. Walk up to it 
SLOWLY or else it will run off. Let it follow you back to 
the girl.
3. In the same area where you found the cat, youíll see an 
old guy walk around saying heís about to have lunch. 
Donít steal his lunch.
4. Go back to the main area, where you came in. Go down and 
talk to the people at the fountain. The go all the way up 
to the next area again and then up from here. Marle will 
then pull you away from the door and say she wants some 
candy. Donít try and rush off, let her look.
Whether or not you want to be a good kid or a bad kid, you 
have to talk to the people at the fountain to have the door 
to Luccaís invention open. If you want to be a bad guy, eat 
the lunch and ignore the cat and the girl. The guys lunch 
restores your HP and MP!! Either way, go up to Luccaís 
invention. Lucca will see you with Marle and start making 
remarks (what are friends for?). Then sheíll ask for a 
person to test out her invention. Marle, being the brave gal 
she is, tries the invention and slips into a time gate. 
Throwing her back 400 years into the past. Only her pendent 
is left there. Then, Crono, being the brave guy he is, grabs 
the pendent and jump onto the machine. Lucca then turns it 
on and sends Crono to 600 AD to go after Marle.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-600 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ 
Youíll appear in a forest and little gnome thingsíll attack 
you. Kill them and exit out the left side. This is a pretty 
strait path so explaining it wouldnít make sense. There are 
a couple treasures here though, a Power Glove and a Tonic. 
Youíll exit that area and be in a little town on the world 
map. You may want to build up, buy supplies, or anything 
else you think would be good. Then head for the castle. To 
get to the castle you have to go through a forest. There are 
a few goodies here. Look in a bush to find a monster that 
will then run off, dropping a Shelter. And theirs a shiny 
spot on the ground which is a Power Tab. This would be a 
fine place to build up a bit if you want. Or you can build 
up at the Cathedral, which you will be at soon. Whenever 
youíre ready, go through the forest and to the castle. 
Youíll see the Queen and sheíll tell you to come up to her 
room. Go up into the thrown room (or from where you are go 
left or right to eat or sleep) and the right and up the 
stairs. Keep going up till you reach the top. The go left 
and into her room. After the strange scene up there, go back 
all the way down. Youíll be stopped by Lucca running at you. 
Sheíll tell you whatís going on, why Marle was dressed as 
the Queen. After that, leave the castle and go to town. Buy 
Lucca a new gun and sell your old gun. And also buy a few 
Tonics since youíll probably need them. Now go to the small 
building left of the castle. 

-The Cathedral-
This place is weird. You can figure that out for yourself if 
you talked to the people sitting downÖ anyway, go up and 
talk to the lady at the top. Then youíll see a shining spot 
on the ground. Get it, youíll then be attacked by a bunch 
ofÖ wellÖ things! After the fight, youíll be attacked again 
but then Frog will jump down and save you. Now the real plot 
of the game starts! You must find out why is Frog the only 
character in the game that talks in Old English!!! Just 
kidding :-). Heíll join you. Go play the organ to open the 
secret door. Now head inside. Youíll now be in a hallway on 
the right wing of the building. Go up through the door and 
up the stairs. Go in the first door and talk to the ìpeopleî 
in there. Leave and go into the next room, up from the one 
you were in. Get the treasures in there and go back down the 
stairs. Now run left, to the left wing of the building and 
go up the stairs there. Go into the first door you see and 
take the three treasures there. Then search the dresser left 
of the treasures. Youíll be attacked by some normal baddies. 
After getting rid of them, youíll get the Naga-ette Bromide, 
which you will use later. Now leave this room and go up to 
the next one. This door has spikes around it, and youíll see 
a skull on the other side of the door. Walk down and around 
the spikes and hit the skull, which is really a switch. This 
will bring the spikes down. Now go through the door. In the 
next room look in the pot on the floor for a Power Tab. Now 
leave the room and go back down the stairs. Now go up the 
path in the center. In the next big room, save at that 
little sparkly thing on the floor then head up the steps. 
Now go right and down the steps. Go though the door here and 
into the next room. Hit the skull switch on the wall and 
leave out the top of the room. Walk over to the left and get 
the two treasures there, then keep going left into the door. 
Hit the skull switch on the wall and leave out the bottom of 
the room. Go up the stairs, get the treasure and now you 
back where you were. Save again if you wish, then go up into 
the big door in the middle. Youíll have to fight a few weak 
guys in here. After that, get the treasure in this room and 
play the organ. Go back to where the two treasures were, 
down the stairs and up through the door. Once you get there 
youíll see it has opened. Go inside and run all the way up 
unless you want to fight a few baddies. If not, just run. At 
the top theirs another save point. Save if you want and when 
youíre ready, go in the door and be ready to fight.                   

===Beating Yakra===
Yakra is pretty easy if youíre on level 5 or so and have a 
few Tonics.  If you have it, have Frog and Crono use X 
Strike. That works wonders. Lucca canít do much in this 
fight. You might as well just save her for healing or have 
her use one of her fire attacks. He has 920 HP so just keep 
using X Strike! 

-After Yakra-
The Queen will take you back to the castle. Now that sheís 
back, go back up to Marleís room. Sheíll reappear and join 
you. Leave the castle (Frog will now leave your party) and 
head back to the time gate where you first appeared. Lucca 
will tell you about a Time Key she made and how it will help 
you use the time gates whenever you want. Fine. Now jump in 
and head back to 1000 AD!

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-1000 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
When youíre back, Lucca will tell Crono to take Marle back 
to the castle. So go to the castle the same way you went 
there in 600 AD. Through the forest, blah blah. When you get 
there, something unexpected will happenÖ youíll be arrested 
for kidnapping.

-The Trial-
This is where all that stuff you did at the fair comes into 
play. Donít worry about it since even if you were perfect at 
the fair youíll still get thrown in the dungeon. After the 
long trial, youíll be put in the dungeon to await your 
death. Youíll wake up in a cell. Get the bag of goodies on 
your bed and drink from that cup to restore your HP and MP. 
Now save. Now you can do one of two things. Wait for three 
days (each day lasts about 30 seconds in the game), or you 
can knock on the bars till the guard runs in to shut you up. 
Hit him over the head from behind while heís walking away. 
If you bust out youíll get more EXP. If you wait itíll be 
easy to get out as too Lucca will save you just before your 
head rolls and all the guards will be knocked out from her 
gun. Just do whatever you want. Iíll give you directions 
from starting from your cell. From your cell go right into 
the next room. Run up the stairs here and down the stairs on 
the other side. Run across the bridge and into the next 
area. In this room hit the switch on the wall next to the 
door. Go in the door, get the treasures and leave. Beat the 
big guy that attacks you and run back across the bridge to 
the room with stairs everywhere. Go up the top left 
stairway. Go in the left cell and down into the hole in the 
floor. Get the treasure down here and go back up. Now go out 
the hole in the wall and clime up to the hole above you. Get 
the treasures here and clime back down and go to the room 
with all those stairs. Go strait across into the door and 
run across the bridge. In this room, run right and into the 
big door. Youíll see a guy about to get his head cut off. 
Let him out of the machine and get the treasure here. Then 
go into the room above you and get the treasure there (this 
is the room you would start in if you wait for Lucca). No go 
back and follow the path up, left and through the door. Run 
across this bridge and youíll be in another room with stairs 
everywhere. Go strait across and get the treasure in the 
first cell. Now go back into the room with the stairs. Go up 
and ignore the upper left door, nothing there. Go through 
the upper right door. Youíll fight a couple guards (unless 
you waited for Lucca). After that go up through the door. A 
guy will come down the stairs, see you, and pass out. If you 
waited for Lucca, you will have had her this whole time. If 
you busted out, youíll get her now. Search the passed out 
guy for find some Mid Tonic. Read the paper that falls from 
him jacket if you want. It doesnít matter. Save and use a 
Shelter is you want, you might need it. Go out through the 
top door and run across the bridge. Youíll then be hit by 
the Dragon Tank!

===Beating the Dragon Tank===
This fight will be hard if you donít know the tricks for 
this guy. The first trick is to take its head out first, 
which has 600 HP. ONLY use non-elemental attacks on it 
(donít use things like Fire Whirl), they wont hurt it at 
all. The head heals everything, so after taking it down, go 
for that annoying wheel. The wheel has 208 HP and hits the 
hardest of the three sections of the tank. Remember, NON-
ELEMENTAL ATTACKS ONLY!!!! After the wheel youíre pretty 
much home free. Keep hitting the body. It has 266 HP and a 
rather strong attack. Keep healed and keep attacking.

-After the Dragon Tank-
Run like heck outta the castle! After youíre outside, 
theyíll trap you. Run right and into the next area. There 
just happens to be a time gate hereÖ lets seeÖ what should 
we do? Get killed by the castle or jump into a time gate 
that we have no idea will take us? Death? Gate? Death? Gate? 
Gate!! ìThis place stinks anyway!î Hold your breath and jump 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-2300 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_  
The first thing youíll see is that youíre in a new place. 
The second thing youíll see is that you donít know where you 
are. Go outside the small room you appear in. No go down 
from the building into Trann Dome. Walk till you see some 
people. Talk to them. One of them sells them sells things so 
buy new weapons and armor and stock up on Tonics, Revives, 
whatever you need. Rest in that machine next to one of the 
people, youíll see it. When youíre ready, leave the dome and 
go up and past the dome you appeared in. Youíll see a bunch 
of fallen buildings and stuff. Go in this area. In this 
place, watch out for rats. They donít fight you but they 
will steal you items. Treasure chests are kinda hard to see 
coz they blend in with the background really well. But you 
should really keep an eye out for them since they give you 
some things. Like a Lode Sword. If you got the Lode Sword in 
the castle then you can sell this one for quite a bit of 
cash. Theirs only one path through this whole place so 
theirs no use in explaining it. Use Fire attacks on the 
Shadow guys. Thatís the trick for them, and for those huge 
Mutants, you can dodge all of them. Youíll see one of them 
on one side of a big pile of junk, go around the side he 
isnít on. Then youíll see another one right before the exit. 
There will be a skull on the floor near him. Go around the 
inside of the skull instead of walking past it and he wonít 
attack you. Once youíre out of their, keep walking till you 
come to Arris Dome and go inside.

-Arris Dome-
Follow the path in here till you reach the part where all 
the people are. After they get over you, go to the far left 
and buy new armor and weapons from the little girl. Then 
rest in that machine, the same one you rested in from the 
other dome. Now you should save. Next to that old guy youíll 
nee a hole. Before going down you may want to build your 
levels up a bit, to about 12. But itís your choice. When 
your ready go down the hole. Youíll see two ladders, but you 
can only go up the left one, so go on up. Youíll be on some 
rafters now. Follow this path till you exit on the top of 
this room. In the next room youíll have to fight a big 
robot, I hope your ready for this!

===Beating The Guardian===
This battle could be impossible. The first time I ever tried 
it I just attacked the Guardian and neither of his little 
friends. WRONG idea. If you hit the big bit before killing 
the two small ones the three of them will use a Triple Tech 
attack that can easily take your whole team out! Before 
hitting the big one take out the smaller ones. THEN hit the 
big with one with everything you have! It will count down 
from 5 till it revives the small bits so just repeat the 
process. Be sure to keep healed just incase you hit the big 
bit while the others are still alive by accidentÖ

-After The Guardian-
After that go into the next room, youíll see a dead body. 
After your done looking around, check the body again to read 
a note about the rat statue you saw earlier. Go back to the 
room with the rat and chase it till you catch it. It may 
take a couple tries but itís actually not too tough. Heíll 
tell you a password. Go back to the room with the two 
ladders. Save and rest back in the dome if you want. 
Whenever your ready walk up the little computer and put in 
the password (hold L & R and you press A). This will make 
the floor come up, intern letting you into the next room. Go 
up the stairs to your left and follow the catwalk down the 
next set of stairs. Now go down to the next set and up them. 
Follow this path to the next door. Theirs nothing in this 
next room, so you might as well just take the shortest way 
through. From the start go up and up the stairs. Follow this 
path around the wall and back onto the floor. Now go up and 
left, to the next set of stairs and go up them and now 
follow this catwalk to the exit. Now youíll be in the 
computer room. Lucca will see that theirs a time gate in a 
dome called Proto Dome. Then Marle pushes a button which 
shows you a history log. After watching the great, fun and 
very entertaining program it shows you, Marle will give a 
speech. You could very well say that the game starts now, 
since you know what your going to do and you didnít before. 
But either way you see it, backtrack out of there and back 
up to where all the people live. Youíll talk to the people 
for a minute, telling them what you found, what happened, 
and all that stuff. Heíll give you a Bike Key. After that, 
rest, save, and stock up. Get ready to leave Arris Dome for 
Lab 32. So when youíre ready, leave the dome and follow the 
path to Lab 32.

-Lab 32-
Lab 32 is a strange place in the game. There youíll meet a 
freaky looking guy whoís half-human and half car named 
Johnny. He wants to race. Use the Bike Key and the big Bake 
there to race him. Use the Boosters wisely and if you just 
canít beat him, just walk. Itís really not that hard. When 
your outta there follow the road to the next dome you see 
(youíll see another building along the way, ignore it for 
now). This is Proto Dome. In the back of this place youíll 
find a robot thatís really beat up. Lucca will fix him up. 
The door to the time gate wonít budge. Robo (the robotís 
name) will say that to open the door youíll have to restore 
power the dome. Heíll say to leave one of you behind to open 
the door. You should probably pick Marle to stay since sheís 
probably the weakest in the group right now. Now leave the 
dome and go back up to the building you saw on the way to 
Proto Dome, the factory.

-The Factory-
Robo will activate the computer and turn on the conveyor 
belts. Go across the belt onto the next section. You can go 
down the elevator on the left or right. The one on the right 
takes you into the next area. The one on the left takes you 
into another part of the factory where you can get some 
items. I wouldnít waist time going down the left one since 
the items you get arenít that great. But you can go down 
there if you want. Be prepared to fightÖ a lot. Anyway, 
whenever you go left, youíll come up to a save point. Save 
if you want, now go up through the only door there is. Have 
Robo mess around with the big computer in here to open a 
hatch, now go down into the hatch. Follow this path till you 
come to door and go into it. Go up and right and have Robo 
turn off the lasers from the big computer here. Now go right 
and down to get a treasure and then go up and left for 
another one. From the top left corner, go around the pillar 
that youíre behind and down the ladder. Go up till you see a 
computer then go up to the computer. It will ask for a 
password. Push X, A, B and Y to open the door. Go through 
the door and push the switch. Now RUN!!!! Back track back to 
the place where you turned off the lasers and go out that 
door. Keep backtracking. Youíll be stopped by six mean 
robots that beat Robo into the ground and send him up the 
garbage shoot. Then the robots will say that its time to 
take care of you. Am I sensing some misdirected hostility? 

===Beating the R Series Robots===
These guys are easy if you hit them with attacks that hit 
more then just one baddie. Like Cyclone or Fire Whirl. Each 
of them has 150 HP so they really shouldnít be to tough. But 
there are six of them. Itís a mixed bag!

-After the R Series Robots-
Youíll drag Robo back to Proto dome where Lucca will fix him 
up AGAIN. After that youíll have free access through the 
door to the time gate so walk on through and jump in.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE END OF TIME -_-_-_-_-_-_-_       
Youíll appear in a small area in a beam of light. Before I 
get into anything else, Iíll just tell you where these light 
beams lead. Even though Iím showing you nine beams, when you 
first get there will only be three (numbers 4,5 and 6). 
Thatís all you need for now so donít worry about it.

Theyíre in a square pattern, like this (youíll see it from 
this angle while playing):

           1   4   7       
            2   5   8 
             3   6   9
1: Truce Canyon 600 AD
2: Tyran Fortress 65í000í000 BC
3: Banger Dome 2300 AD
4: Medina Village 1000 AD
5: Proto Dome 2300 AD
6: Mystic Mountain 65í000í000
7: Guardia Forest 1000 AD
8: EarthBound Island 12000 BC
9: Leene Square 1000 AD

Ok, with that out of the way, walk down the path and through 
the gate and talk to the old man leaning up against the 
light pole thingy. Heíll tell you some things, you should 
listen to him since heís probably the most important 
character in the game. Heíll say that whenever you use a 
time gate from now on, it will take you back to The End of 
Time instead of throwing you into some unknown time zone. 
After your done talking to him, stay away from the bucket 
unless you want to see one of the endings. The ìButÖ the 
future refused to changeî ending. Which is just annoying. 
Anyway, when heís done talking try to leave through the gate 
leading to the light beams. Heíll then say ìHey!î. Talk to 
him again and heíll tell you to go through the door above 
him. If youíre using Robo as one of your members, trade him 
in for the human that youíre not using and go through the 

If the old man isnít the most important character in the 
game, Spekko must be. Talk to him and heíll give you some 
instructions. Do EXACTLY what he says and heíll give your 
human characters magic. It may take a few tries, but your 
going to have to do it. The game is impossible without magic 
(assuming you donít want to spend 10 hours building levels). 
After you have magic, leave the room and try to leave again. 
The old guy will want to talk again. After that, set up 
whatever party you want and step into light beam number 4 to 
head for Medina Village.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-1000 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
Youíll appear in someoneís cabinet, of all places. After 
there done yelling at you again, talk to the green Mystic, 
heíll give you a bit of info about the Mysticís past. After 
that, leave the town and go down. Youíll see another hut. 
Talk to the man inside (he was also at the fair incase you 
missed him). Buy whatever you need. Youíll want his best 
sword for the C man and maybe a Shelter if youíre out of 
them. When youíre ready head up into the cave above his 

-The Village of Magic-
This isnít a village, really. Itís actually a cave. Either 
way, itís a pretty strait forward area, just follow the path 
and collect the treasures as you go. The baddies in this 
cave are strong against normal attacks so hit them with your 
magic attacks. There is one place where the rode splits. In 
the big, wide open area with the water everywhere go down 
and into the first door in the room. Walk over and get the 
treasure. Now go back into the big room with the water 
everywhere and go across the little stone bridge and get the 
other treasure there. The on the next platform go up for 
another one. Now go down and through the door. Follow this 
path till you come to a save point. SAVE!!! And of course, 
use a Shelter if you need to. Now go through the door and 
prepare for an annoyingly hard fight.

===Beating Heckran===
Heís just like every other baddie in this cave in the way 
that heís super tough against normal attacks. But he has 
2100 HP and really strong attacks. There will be a point in 
this fight where he guards and says: ìGo ahead! Just try and 
attack!î DO NOT ATTACK!! If you attack him then heíll use a 
VERY powerful water attack that takes about 100 ñ 180 out of 
your whole party! Try the Double Tech move Aura Whirl when 
youíre in a jam.  

-After Heckran-
After you kill thisÖ thing, walk up and jump into the water. 
Youíll be thrown out next to Luccaís house. Go inside and 
talk to her dad, he should give you some armor for Lucca. Go 
back to the fair and jump into the time gate that you used 
to go to 600 AD. It will take you back to The End of Time. 
There should be two new light beams now, one taking you to 
the fair in 1000 AD and the other taking you to Truce Canyon 
in 600 AD. When youíre at The End of Time, heal up and save 
and stuff. Then get into the beam that takes you to Truce 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-600 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
First of all, go to Zenan Bridge at the bottom left corner 
of the region. Talk to the knight captain (the knight in the 
gold armor) to find out that the knights need some food. Now 
head to the castle and talk to the King. Now go into the 
kitchen. Talk to everyone in the kitchen and now head for 
the exit of the castle. Before you can get all the way out, 
the cook runs up and stops you (well, he should). He gives 
you some Jerky. Yes, not only is time travel possible in 
this game, but also a peace of Jerky can feed an army of 
knightsÖ strange. When you have the Jerky go back to the 
Bridge and give the Jerky to the knight captain. A few 
things have changed since you left, youíll have to offer a 
helping hand. Go across the bridge till you see Ozzie. A 
large, fat, green, ugly, stupid, round-teethed, pointy-eared 
goblin type thing. Heíll sick some baddies on you. Donít 
bother attacking him since he canít be hurt. Just take out 
his little people and then keep going across the bridge till 
you see him again, kill his little people and ignore him 
again then keep going. Youíll see him again, but he wonít go 
so easy on you this time. Heíll make all his little people 
into one big monster.

===Beating Zombor===
Zombor is really pretty easy if you know what to hit it 
with. It has two sections, a top and a bottom. Hit its top 
with ice attacks and ONLY ice attacks. After the top is gone 
go for the bottom section with fire and lightning attacks 
and ONLY fire and lightning attacks. Its top has 960 HP and 
the bottom is with 800.

-After Zombor-
Just go across the bridge. Youíll be in a new region now so 
have a look around. In one of the houses youíll find an old 
man who will trade that strange Naga-ette Bromide that 
youíve been carrying around for so long for the item in the 
locked chest in his house. You might as well except his 
offer since the NB is useless other wise. Go to ìTataís 
Houseî on the world map. Itís just a normal house. Talk to 
his family, now leave the house and go up to the Denadoro 

-Denadoro Mountains-
Follow the first path up, youíll see a chest on the ledge. 
Keep walking up till you see a boy run up and tell you that 
if you go any farther youíll meet a sure doom. Well, not in 
those exact words, but something like that. Donít heed his 
warning and keep going up across the bridge. In the next 
area go left and back into the last area. Youíll be up on 
the ledge with the treasure that you first saw. Get it and 
go back around and back across the bridge. Go right slightly 
from the bridge and go up. This is the same area you were 
in, just a different spot. Get the treasure here and go back 
and across the bridge again. Follow this path all the way 
up, get the treasure, and go across the bridge. Follow this 
into the next area. In this area, go right and up the ramp 
to get a treasure here. Go back down the ramp and go right 
even more for another treasure, go back and up the ladder 
for another treasure, then go up the ladder above you and 
walk left and down to another treasure. As you can see, this 
place is a gold mine! Go back up and left into the next 
area. Follow this path up, get the treasure, and keep going 
up into the next area. This is pretty much the same way, one 
strait path with a treasure along the way. When you reach 
the next area walk left. Youíll get into a bunch of fights. 
After that, go into the next area to the left. This is a 
cool part of the game. Youíll be on top of a waterfall. Walk 
over to the bottom left corner and jump off. You should land 
on a platform with a treasure on it, if not, you jumped off 
the wrong spot. After getting the treasure jump from 
platform to platform till you exit from some bushes. Walk up 
from here. This is familiar so you can find your way around. 
Now youíll be back on top of the waterfall. Go up and left 
across the top of the falls. Now go into the next area. 
Youíll meet a Spekko-looking guy here. Talk to him over and 
over again to get reward for getting this far. Well, 
actually he gives it to you cause youíre nosy. Strange but 
nice. Now keep going down and youíll reach a save point. 
Save and Shelter and then head on word. Go down and get the 
treasure here and then go down the next ladder and head 
right into the next area. Go down the next ladder, which you 
canít get back up and get the Speed Tab to your left, then 
get the treasure. Then go right and up the ladder here. Now 
go strait up into the cave. This is where a peace of the 
Masamune sword is kept. But before you can get to it youíre 
stopped but a kidÖ or is he a kid?!

===Beating Masa and Mune===
This battle is easy. They just use the same attack over and 
over. Just use strong attacks and heal whenever. They have 
1000 HP each, but just attack one. When you beat one theyíll 
both quit. After they show you their weak form, theyíll 
combine into one bigÖ thing. This battle is much tougher. 
They have 3600 HP and powerful attacks. Their most powerful 
attack is called Tornado. But you can avoid this by using 
the Slash Single Tech attack when a ìStoring power for 
Tornado energyî message appears. Keep your HP up. Thatís the 
only attack you should really watch out for so thatís all 
you really need to know.

-After Masa and Mune-
Youíll get a one of the two pieces of the Masamune and then 
Masa and Mune will transport you out of the mountains. Now 
that you have this peace, rest and save somewhere and go 
back to Tataís house. Heíll give you the Hero Medal. Now go 
to the Cursed Woods, which is at the bottom left corner of 
the region. Walk strait up till you see a bush. Walk behind 
the bush and push down to go into a secret passage. This is 
really Frogís house. After he complains for a bit, get the 
two treasures in the pots down here (one is the other peace 
of the Masamune) and go back up and out of the Cursed Woods. 
Go back to where the time gate is and go back to The End of 
Time. From here go back to 1000 AD, Medina Village.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-1000 AD-_-_-_-_-_-_-_               
It turns out that Melchior, the sword maker from the fair 
and Medina Village, made the Masamune. But how could a man 
living in 1000 AD make a sword that existed in 600 AD, 400 
years ago? Youíll find out later. Just talk to him about it 
now. Heíll tell you about Dream Stone, the stone that must 
be used to fix the Masamune. After the talk, go back to the 
time gate and back to The End of Time. Talk to the old guy, 
rest, save, buy anything you may need since you wont be back 
for awhile. Jump into beam number 6 and blast off to 
65í000í000 BC.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-65í000í000 BC -_-_-_-_-_-_-_   
Youíll first see that the prehistoric baddies donít like any 
new comers. After a short fight, youíll get attacked by more 
of the little green guys. Then a mighty super woman will 
jump in and take half of them out. Sheíll leave the rest for 
you to take care of. After that, sheíll introduce herself as 
Ayla. Follow her out of this area, theirs a treasure along 
the way which is pretty hard to miss. From the exit of the 
mountains, go up, across and bridge and into the village. 
Since Ayla is the chief, youíll find her in the ìChiefís 
Hutî. Ayla will invite you to a party that the people will 
be having that night. At the party, mingle a bit, dance, 
talk. Have a good time. After all, this is a party. After a 
while, talk to Ayla after a while and sheíll tell you where 
to get the Dream Stone that you need. To get it, youíll have 
to beat her in a grueling soup-eating race. Just push the A 
button as fast as you can. It shouldnít be that hard. After 
you win, youíll wake up the next morning. Lucca will then 
discover that the gate key has been stolen. Time to get it 
back. Go to the ìChiefís Hutî and wake up Ayla. Sheíll join 
you, now you can go get the key back. But before you do, go 
to the hunting range and fight some prehistoric baddies. 
When fighting bad guys in the hunting range, youíll be 
awarded Petals, Fangs, Horns and Feathers, which can be 
traded for armor and weapons in one of the huts. So stock up 
on them and then go to the hut where the little guy will 
trade them for things. Hereís a guide to what you can get on 
your first visit here.     

3 Fangs + 3 Feathers = Ruby Vest
3 Fangs + 3 Horns = Flint Edge
3 Horns + 3 Feathers = Rock Helmet
3 Petals + 3 Horns = Sage Bow
3 Petals + 3 Fangs = Ruby Gun
3 Petals + 3 Feathers = Stone Arm

After you get all these things (I recommend you do), go down 
into The Forest Maze. 

-The Forest Maze-
Youíll go into the maze and see Kino there. Talk to him and 
heíll say he took the key, but he would give it back. But 
the Reptites took it. After the talk, go right, through the 
bushes and get the treasure. Go up and down the vine, down 
from there for another treasure. Walk across the little 
bridge and keep going right across another little bridge. 
Well, itís a tree that fell across a pit. But close enough. 
Now go down and get the treasure chest there, then go all 
the way up for another one. Go down a little bit and follow 
the path down through an arch. Go down a little more and go 
up the ramp onto the raised path and follow it. Stick to the 
lower path to find the exit. Now that youíre out, youíll be 
in the center of the forest. The only place to go is into 
the caveÖ hint, hint.

-The Reptite Lair-
This place can be confusing, but it shouldnít be too hard. 
From the entrance go through the door. Youíll be in a huge 
room. Youíll see a hole in the ground, jump in and youíll be 
in a smaller room. Jump down the hole in this room. Youíll 
be in another small room with a hole in it. Jump down this 
hole too. When you try to jump down this hole youíll be 
attacked by a Megasaur. A pretty powerful dino. Use 
lightning attacks to shock it and lower its defense and then 
attack it with normal hits. After heís out of the way, jump 
down the hole into the next room. Youíll land in a larger 
room. Theirs a treasure chest at the top right and bottom 
left of the room. Get them both and exit through the right 
side of the room. Follow this path all the way up, ignoring 
the door on the left. Youíll see a save point to your right 
at the top of this room. Use a Shelter and save here and 
head up through the door above you. Youíll see Azala, leader 
of the Reptites. Heíll sick Nizble on you. A huge dino 

===Beating Nizble===
I remember when I first played this guyÖ yep yepÖ he killed 
me faster then I had ever been killed before. If you hit him 
with a normal attack, youíll see that it takes out at the 
most 10 HP out of his 4,500. Theirs a trick here. The same 
trick you used for that Megasaur. Hit him with a powerful 
lightning attack then use your most powerful attacks on him. 
This way youíll be able to take out full damage. Heal when 
you need to, also. Theirs another thing about this guy, too. 
After a while heíll release all that lightning energy that 
youíve hit him with. This will hurt your party pretty bad, 
just keep that in mind. 

-After Nizble-
Youíll get your Gate Key back after the fight and Azala will 
run off. Now Ayla will leave the party. Whenever youíre 
ready, go back to Mystic Mountain and jump into the time 
gate on the cliff to get back to The End of Time.          
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-1000 AD -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
From the end of time, go back to Medina Village, 1000 AD. In 
Medina, go to Melchiorís Hut and heíll agree to fix the 
sword with the Dream Stone you found. So now, Lucca and 
Melchior will go to work on it while you just watch. After 
itís done, go back to The End of Time and from there head to 
600 AD.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-600 AD -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
From the time gate you appear out of, go all the way to 
Frogís House. You know, across the bridge, into the Cursed 
Woods and behind the bush. After you get there, show him the 
Masamune. He says heíll think about joining you. Youíll now 
watch a long flash back cut scene. The next morning, he 
gives you the news that with the Masamune, he will kill 
Magus, the guy whoís been the cause of this war, and get 
revenge for his lost friend, Cyrus. Now that frog is back, 
take him to The End of Time to get him some magic (the same 
way you did the first time). Now go buy a bunch of supplies. 
Like Shelters and Mid Tonics. Crono is going to have to know 
Lightning 2 before going in. Marle and Lucca should already 
know Fire and Ice 2. But Crono doesnít learn as fast. Donít 
take Robo with you. Heíll be useless in here. You need 
strong magic users. Once youíve done all this, youíll need 
to pick whom youíll take in with you. You have to take Frog 
and Crono, so that leaves Robo, Marle and Lucca. If you have 
lots of healing items (you should), take Lucca since she has 
the best attacks. If you think youíll need a healer, take 
Marle. Just donít even consider taking Robo. Like I said, 
heíd be useless in this place. After youíve made your 
choice, go to the mountain just to the bottom right of the 
Denadoro Mountains. After you come here youíll see a wall. 
Youíll then see another long flash back cut scene. Frog will 
then give a valiant speech and heíll slice open the wall 
with the Masamune revealing a cave. Go inside. The baddies 
in here are weak against magic so use a bit. Theirs only one 
path to follow so take it to the exit. You will be back 
outside in front of a bigÖ blackÖ place. Walk up to the 
entrance. Youíre now in Magusís castle.

-Magusís Castle-
When you first walk in, there are only normal people there. 
Talk to EVARYBODY and then a little thing that looks like a 
save point will appear in the main room. Step on it to see 
Ozzie. By this time you should hate him. He sics a few 
magic-weak baddies on you. After the fight go left, through 
the door and all the way up. Youíll be attacked by Slash in 
this room.

===Beating Slash===
This guy has a couple powerful attacks and 5200 HP. But just 
keep using the mighty X Strike attack with Crono and Frog. 
About half way through the fight heíll jump up and grab the 
sword hanging from the wall. It gets a little tougher now. 
But keep using X Strike and this should be wrapped up in no 
time. After the fight, pick the sword up off the floor. Itís 
the Slasher for Crono.

-After Slash-
A save point will appear, use a Shelter if youíre low on MP 
and save. Now go back to the main room (where you saw Ozzie) 
and go through the right door. Youíll see some kids standing 
around a chest in this room. If you want the treasure, just 
talk to them and say ìYesî when they ask if you want it. 
Youíll then have to fight a few normal baddies. But itís not 
a very important item so you might as well just pass it up 
and save yourself some trouble. Continue up, youíll see a 
familiar face. But heís really a monster. You can walk 
around him. Keep going and youíll see Princess Leene (or 
Cronoís mom). This is also a baddie. Just  get the treasure 
and go around her. Keep going up and youíll see Cronoís mom 
(or Princess Leene), yet another monster that you should 
pass up. In the next room youíll find a thrown looking 
thing. Then youíll have to fight a normal battle. Just hit 
the thing with magic. After this, the real Flea will appear. 
Youíll then have to fight her/him.

===Beating Flea===
This fight is tough. Flea is a powerful little transvestite. 
She/he has 4120 HP and she/he uses very strong magic and can 
really mess you up with her/his status-messing-up attacks. X 
Strike works nicely, and Fire Sword, which is preformed by 
Crono and Lucca, also works well here. Try to keep everyone 
alive. Everyone plays a role here. You need Frog and Crono 
for attacking and Marle/Lucca for healing. 

-After Flea-
I recommend going back to the save point in Slashes room and 
using a Shelter and saving. Go back to the main room again. 
Youíll see a little save point looking thing. This is 
actually a warp to another part of the castle. In this next 
room youíll have to fight a big line of fights. But itís a 
strait room so just walk all the way up, fighting everyone. 
At the top youíll see Ozzie again. Heíll call for Slash and 
Flea, thinking there still intact. After he runs off, get 
the treasure and go up through the door. The next room isÖ 
different. Ozzie is up on a balcony running huge blades from 
the sealing. Donít worry, you canít die by getting hit by 
these. Just hurt down to where you have 1 HP left. Get the 
two treasures in here and continue on. You can actually 
dodge a few of the fight in this room by using the ladders 
that are hanging from the side of the path. This is yet 
another simple room that is easy to get out of. In the next 
room is harder then the blade room. If you walk on a certain 
spot on the floor it will give away and youíll fall into a 
room another room. The pit are lined up like this: 

(P = Pit)
Start                       Exit
   |                             |
------------|         |---------- 
|           |         |        P |
|           |         |     P    | 
|          P|         |  P       |
|           |---------|          |
|                            P |
|              P               |

If you fall into a pit youíll be attacked by some baddies 
and youíll be in a room with four save points on the four 
sides of the room. Two of these save points are really easy-
to-kill baddies that give you a lot of EXP. You may want to 
try and fight them. Another save point is a real save point 
and the other is a warp that will take you back to the room 
with the pits everywhere. While youíre down here remember to 
get all the treasures at the top of the room. Once youíre 
the pit room, youíll be in another room leading up, the kind 
of room with ladders that you can use to avoid fight. Go up 
and through the door at the top. In this room youíll have to 
walk up and fight three battles and youíll see Ozzie again. 
Keep going, youíre almost though. This next room is just 
like the last one, but there are four battles this time. In 
the next room, you have to fight OzzieÖ kindaÖ

===Beating Ozzie===
Ozzie is the absolute easiest boss in the whole game 
(almost). Donít attack him, attack the switches around him. 
After you attach all four, heíll fall through the floor 
(with his ice shield upÖ). 

-After Ozzie-
Now two save point looking things will appear. Get the 
treasures in Ozzies room and step on the right save point. 
This is a REAL save point. Use a Shelter and save and then 
step on the left one to be teleported down. Run from the 
bats the follow or else you'll have to fight them. Go 
through the door at the bottom and walk up. Youíre about to 
fight one of the most important battles in the game.

===Beating Magus===
Magus can be hard if youíre under level 25. If not he 
shouldnít be much of a problem. He has 6666 HP and uses all 
the magic you do. But he also uses magic you donít have, the 
Shadow type magic. Watch the top of the screen for his 
weakness to appear. If you hit him with an attack besides 
his weakness it will heal him. If heís using a type of magic 
you donít have use your strongest normal attacks till he 
changes his weakness again. After youíve taken him down 
about 3500 HP youíll be able to hit him with whatever you 
want. Youíll know when a message that says: ìMagus risks 
casting a spell!î Appears. Spire works especially nice, 
normally taking over 1000 HP out of him. But heíll also use 
his most powerful attack, Dark Matter. It HURTS! It will 
take well over 200 HP out of you. But if you keep healed and 
if you keep using Spire, he probably wont be to tough.

-After Magus-
After you beat him, heíll blame you for interrupting him. 
Then a huge toilet will come out of the wall and it will 
flush all of you down it!!!! Well, ok, not a toilet. Its 
actually a huge time gate that throws you back to 65í000í000 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-65í000í000 BC -_-_-_-_-_-_-_      
Youíll see a cut scene, like at the very start of the game 
where your mom wakes you up. But this time Marle is waking 
you up! DangÖ is this really the future? After this, youíll 
wake up in a hut in 65í000í000 BC. Ayla will then walk in 
and try to eat Frog. After this, Kino will run in and say 
that the North Wood is burning. Youíll have to go check it 
out. But first, go up to the Hunting Range again to get some 
Petals, Horns and Fangs. The weapon dealer has some new 

3 Fangs + 3 Horns = Aeon Blade
3 Petals + 3 Fangs = Dream Gun
3 Petals + 3 Feathers = Magma Hand
3 Petals + 3 Horns = Dream Bow

With these new items, go to the North Wood. Here youíll over 
hear a conversation Ayla has with the village chief. After 
that, leave the north wood and go up to the Dactyl Nest. 
From the start walk all the way up and go up the wall with 
the little pegs in it. Get the treasure here and go down the 
path on the cliff. Get the treasure here and go up to 
another wall with little pegs in it. Now go up the wall and 
keep going up to another wall. Go up this one and make a U 
turn down the path on the cliff. Get the treasure chest and 
go up the wall, then youíll come to another wall. Go up it 
to your destination. Now youíll get a Dactyl to fly around 
on. If you look in the top right corner of the screen while 
this is happening, you can see a red star. This is actually 
Lavos. Nice touch, huh? Anyway, now fly to an area on the 
world map thatís made up of lava and volcanos. In this area 
youíll find the Tyrano Lair.

-Tyrano Lair-
From the start, go up and through the only open skull door. 
And down the stairs. Youíll see a bunch of people in a jail 
cell here, press the switch on the wall to release them and 
continue right and through the door. In this room youíll see 
a lone cell. Open it and let Kino out. After you talk with 
him, go up into the cell and open the little egg type thing. 
This is actually a treasure chest. Now follow Kino back into 
the room you started in. Kino will open the skull door that 
was closed before. Now, if Kino is always saying how heís 
weak and Aylaís strong, why couldnít Ayla just open it?? Oh 
well, no matter. Go up through the skull and through the 
door. Step on both of the switches in this room to save 
yourself some trouble. Go through the left door. Now go 
through the door here. In this next room, work your way to 
the top left corner of the room and go up the stairs. Keep 
going till you reach a balcony. Go all the way over to the 
room on the far right and go in. Hit the switch on the right 
here and go the skull door. Hit the switch and go back out. 
Now the middle door in open. Go through it and walk up. 
Youíll see Nizble II in here. Walk past him, save and 
Shelter. Now walk through the door in back of him and heíll 
jump up and attack you.

===Beating Nizble II===
Nizble II is exactly like Nizble. He has the same amount of 
HP and everything. The only difference is that you probably 
have more powerful attacks then the first fight. Use things 
like Volt Bite, that works wanders. Other then that, just 
use the same strategy as last time.

-After Nizble II-
Save and Shelter again and go through the door. Youíll be on 
another balcony. Go all the way right and through the door. 
In here there will be three floor switches. Step on the top-
middle one to make a save point appear. Save if you wish. 
Now walk up to the skull and open it. Go through, get the 
treasure and hit the switch on the wall. Now go back out and 
through the middle door. In this thrown room youíll see 
Azala. Heíll then run off. Get the treasures and go through 
the door at the top, walk across the bridge to fight another 

===Beating Azala and the Black Tyrano===
Wooooooooo wee! BIG! STRONG! PAINFUL! Ok, enough of that, 
kill Azala first. He has 2700 HP and it shouldnít take too 
long. After heís out of the way, big olí Black Tyrano will 
lower its big olí defense. He has 10í500 HP. Quite a bit. He 
doesnít attack, however, till he gets done counting down 
from 5. When he reaches 0 heíll use a super strong flame 
attack. Heal after this, youíll have to. Use Volt Bite a 
lot. This attack will probably save the dayÖ

-After Azala and the Black Tyrano-
Well, this part is a bit on the sad side. Azala crawls out 
of that huge door and tells you about Lavos and what will 
happen in the future. Heís very right, as well. Youíll see 
that red star again. After this, youíll jump on a Dactyl and 
fly away just before Lavos crash-lands right on top of the 
Tyrano Lair, killing everything inside. Youíll appear back 
on the world map next to a big crater where it landed. Go to 
the crater and youíll see a time gate there. Nothing else to 
do now (unless you want to go back to the village to rest 
and save first), jump in!

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-12í000 BC -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
Youíll appear in a cave. Go outside to see that what Azala 
said would happen has. The whole world is covered in ice and 
snow. Walk right and youíll see a nice looking building. Go 
inside and step on the thing in the middle to go up to the 
most interesting place in the game, The Magic Kingdom. Go 
into the city near you and talk to the people there. Then go 
up to the top right corner of the town (actually, its just 
one big building) and open the book on the desk. Now go to 
the top left corner and open the book on the desk there. Now 
go down to the entrance and open the book on that desk. A 
door will appear behind the desk. Go in it and youíll see a 
Nu (you may have had a close encounter with one of these in 
65í000í000 BC). Talk to it and it will fight you, well, 
before it fights you five more Nus will jump out. So itíll 
be you against six Nus. After the fight youíll get a Speed 
Tab and a Magic Tab. Now leave the city and go down the 
other Skyway. Now go up and around the mountain into another 
Skyway. Youíll now be on a huge floating island. Sweet, huh? 
Of course it is. Go left and into Kajar, another big 
building. First thing to do here is go to the upper left 
corner of this place and open the book here. Now go down to 
the bottom right corner of the building and open the book on 
the desk. Now go to the center of the building and open the 
book on this desk and another secret door will open. Go 
through it and examine the little doll on the floor to get 
the Black Rock. Now leave the city, or get some new items if 
you want. But whenever your ready leave this city and go 
into the cave above the Kajar. And step into the teleporter. 
Repeat this process till you reach the top of the island. Go 
into the building you see, this is Zeal Palace. Just the 
mood and the music in this place kinda says ìHEY! Youíre 
about to be killed!î Anyway, go up and up the stairs on your 
right, up again and up these stairs. Now go up the next set 
of stairs. Go through the door here and in the next room go 
through the right door. After watching the little cut scene, 
go back out into the main room and down the stairs to your 
left. Now go through the door above you. Follow Schala and 
watch her use her pendent to open the door. Now go back out 
and through the door to your left. Follow this path up and 
into the room with the Mammon Machine in it. Walk up to the 
machine and press A to power Marleís pendent up and then 
leave. Go back to the door you saw Schala use and use 
Marleís pendent to open it. After the interesting little 
scene in here, some power-freak and Dalton throws a Golem at 
you. Time to fightÖ

==Beating the Golem===
This isnít hard, but itís not really easy, either. Only 7000 
HP, not too bad. If youíre over level 30, youíll probably be 
able to take him down easily. He has some really powerful 
attacks though, like ëIron Orbí, which takes out half of 
your HP in one hit. Just use your strongest attacks, not 
much of a problem.

-After the Golem-
Now youíll be captured, released, and thrown back through 
the time gate you came out of. Now that the only time gate 
that leads to 12í000 BC is sealed, youíll have to find 
another way to get there. Start by going back to The End of 
Time. The old man at The End of Time will tell you about a 
guy who lives in the Keepers Dome in 2300 AD, and that he 
might be able to help you with your problem. 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-2300 AD -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
So now, head to 2300 AD, go through Lab 32 and go to the 
Sewer Access.

-Sewer Access-
This isnít a hard place to get through, but Iíll help you 
anyway. From the start go left and down, youíll see two 
frogs talking to each other. Now go down some more and down 
the ladder here. This next part is strange, go right and 
youíll see something on the ground. If you touch it, it will 
make a sound and baddies will attack you. All the way down 
the path youíll see things like this, even a save point! If 
you step on it the sound it makes will make baddies attack. 
After youíre through go up the ladder. Walk up and push on 
the wall to your right to find a passage that leads to a 
switch. Now go back and up till you reach a dead end and 
walk right, through the wall. Youíll come out the door on 
the other side. Follow this path till you reach Sir Krawlie, 
the boss of the sewers. I wonít even give him his own sub-
section cause heís so easy. He has 500 HP, but some powerful 
attacks so take him out fast. After him keep following the 
path to a ladder, this is the exit. Now youíll see a dome, 
go in it. This is the Keepers Dome. Go to the very back of 
the first room and use your pendent to open the door. Push A 
next to all the little sparkles on the floor to get the 
history of the time machine, the Epoch. Youíll also see 
another sparkle on the floor in here. Get it for a Magic 
Tab. Now keep going and open the next door. Youíll see the 
Epoch in this room, walk around to the back of it and a Nu 
will walk in. This Nu is actually a robot, heíll tell you 
everything about the Epoch, and then lets you have it for 
free. Nice guy, eh? Now that you have a time machine, you 
wonít have to use those low-tech time gates! Jump in a zap 
to 12í000 BC.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-12í000 BC -_-_-_-_-_-_-_   
Back in 12í000 BC, go to the top left corner of the island 
to Terra Cave. Buy supplies, rest and save here. Go into the 
room on the next-to-the bottom level and talk to the people 
there. Now go down to the bottom level and through the door 
to The Beast Lair.

-The Beast Lair-
You can use Ayla or Marle to ëCharmí some nice armor from 
the baddies in here. Whether you do or not, go all the way 
up and fight a boss. 

===Beating the Mud Imp and the Beasts===
Before actually fighting them, have Ayla or Marle use 
ëCharmí on all three of them. You can get a Speed Tab from 
the Imp, a MermaidCap from the Blue Beast and the Red Beast 
holds a Rainbow Helmet. Ok, now down to business. The Imp 
has  1200 HP and super high defense. His beasts have 5000 HP 
a peace. You have two choices here, go for the Imp, if he 
dies the beasts do to. Or you can go for the beasts, if they 
die the Imp runs away. Going for the beasts is probably the 
easiest way. But this isnít the easiest boss youíll ever 
fight. Try ice attacks or normal attacks against the Red 
Beast, and try lightning against the Blue one.        

-After the Mud Imp and the Beasts-
After the fight, jump on the chain and clime up to Mount 

-Mount Woe-
From the start go left, across the chain and up till you 
come to another chain and go up that one. Now go all the way 
up and right. At the top go across the chain and get the two 
treasure chests. Now go back across the chain and all the 
way left for another treasure. Now go up the little ramp 
below you and go all the way around the island to the other 
side and go up this ramp. Go all the way up and get the 
treasure here, then go left across the chain and down to 
another chain. Cross it and go right for another treasure 
chest, then keep going right into the next area. Now go up 
and get the chest here and go right across a chain onto an 
island. Go up and get the treasure and then all the way down 
for another one. Now go back across the chain and up another 
one. Go all the way up and left and up another ramp, now go 
all the way down for two treasure chests. Now go all the way 
back up and across the chain. Now go up, and up the ramp. 
Get the chest and across the chain. Go down the ramp and get 
the treasure chest and now go up the final chain to another 

===Beating Giga Gaia=== 
From the looks of this guy, you can kinda tell he can be a 
problem. He has three sections, theirs the main body, the 
right arm and the left arm. The main body has 9500 HP, while 
the arms have only about 2000 HP a peace. First go for the 
right arm, since this arm heals. Now go after the left arm, 
since it can use powerful attacks. Now the main body will 
count down to the arms resurrection. When he reaches 0, the 
arms will be resurrected and youíll have to take them out 
again. You can use Spire (w/ Frog & Chrono) to kill the 
right arm in one turn! Then do the same to destroy the left 
arm (you only have to do Spire once). Now if you need to use 
Lucca or Frog to heal your party (Frogs Heal 1 is nice) but 
if not use Spire again on the body and use Lucca's Mega Bomb 
on it (you can usually do both of these twice before the 
arms regenerate). Then repeat the process. 

-After Giga Gaia-
Well, after Giga is outta the way, the guru is freed. 
Strange though, the guru is Melchior! This is really getting 
weirdÖ Melchior, a man from 1000 AD, made a sword that 
existed in 600 AD, and now is found as a guru in 12í000 BC. 
Yep, strange. Youíll appear back in a room in Terra Cave. 
Then Schala comes and pays you a visit. While sheís there, 
that freak Dalton rushes in and sweeps her away. Melchior 
then gives you the Ruby Knife, a weapon that can stop the 
Mammon Machine. Before you head back to Zeal Palace, I 
recommend getting a few special items first. 

<>Special: Getting the sealed chests<>
First go to 600 AD and go to the Truce Inn. Youíll see one 
of the sealed boxes here. It will ask you if you want to 
open it, say NO and then go to 1000 AD and to the Truce Inn 
open it this time and instead of getting the Blue Vest, 
youíll get the Blue Mail! Now go back to 600 AD and go to 
the Mayorís house in Porre. There will be two sealed boxes 
in here, try to open both of them and say NO. Now go back to 
1000 AD and open them to get the Black and the White Mail. 
Now go to the Magic Cave, the cave that leads to Magusís 
castle. Theirs another sealed box in here. Open it and leave 
for Medina Village 1000 AD. Go up to the forest ruins and 
use your pendent on that blue thing. A Nu will appear and 
offer you one of two chests. Take the one with armor in it, 
the weapon is just kinda stupid. You probably remember all 
the doors in the future that are sealed, so head to the 
future. Go to Trann Dome and open the sealed door for three 
secret chests. Then check out Bangor Dome and open the 
sealed door for three more chests. Aris Dome is your next 
destination, open the door here for a few more treasures. 
These are all the sealed boxes you can get for now. But 
youíll be able to get the rest soon. 

-Back to the Game-
Now with all these great items, go to 12í000 BC with the 
Epoch and take the Skyways up to the main island of Zeal. 
Now go up to Zeal Palace and back into the room where you 
had to fight the Golem before. This time youíll have to 
fight Dalton.

===Beating Dalton===
Dalton has 3500 HP. Use a couple powerful attacks and youíve 
got this battle won.

-After Dalton-
Now a portal to the Ocean Palace will appear, jump in and 
prepare for a very hard time.

-The Ocean Palace-
Be sure you have a lot of Shelters and other healing items 
before entering. This isnít the most fun-filled area in the 
game. From the start go down and save at the save point. Now 
go through the door and go right into another door. Press 
the switch in the middle of the room and exit through the 
other door in the room. Get the treasure in here, and exit 
through the door at the bottom left corner of the room. 
Youíll be back out in the main room again. Now go left and 
down till you reach a dead end. Then go all the way up and 
through the door. Hit the switch in the center of the room 
and then go through the next door in the room. Now get the 
treasure chest in the next room and exit out the door on the 
bottom right corner of the room. Youíll be in the main area 
again. Now go down and through the door here. Follow the 
wall to the left in this room to find a secret passage with 
the Demon Hit in it. Now go back to the door you can in from 
and go down for a treasure chest. Now go right and across 
the little bridge and step on the switch in the floor. Now 
go back to the main area and go back to that dead end. It 
will now have a bridge across it. Go allllllllll the way 
down the many flights of stairs. Save at the bottom. Now go 
through the door at the bottom of the room. Youíll be on a 
big elevator now. Push the switch on the left side of it 
will start it. On the way down youíll have to fight three or 
four different battles before getting to the bottom. Theyíre 
just normal baddies though. After you reach the bottom, exit 
through the door. Now go to the left and into the room. 
Three little guys that are weak against different thingsíll 
attack you. Use Lightning 2, Ice 2, and Fire 2 in any order 
to kill them easily. Now hit the switch on the wall. No 
leave the room and go all the way to the right and into the 
other room. Kill the three little dudes the same way as 
before and hit the switch. Now go to the center of the room 
and ride down the little elevator and run across the bridge. 
Get the treasure chest, save and use a Shelter at the other 
side. Now is a good time to equip the Black, White and Blue 
Mail that you got. Youíll see Dalton again in the next room. 
Heíll then through two Golems at you. 

===Beating the Golem Twins===
If you equipped the Mails before the fight, this will be 
easy. Take you pick of which of the characters your using 
for this fight (Marle, Lucca and Crono were always best for 
me), lets say youíre using Marle, Crono and Lucca. Pick the 
party member that has the strongest magic attacks. Lets say 
Marle does, then put the Blue Mail on her and use ONLY water 
attacks against the twins. Since they mimic all your 
attacks, theyíll keep using water attacks on you and intern, 
healing Marle every time they attack. The other two party 
members will die and Marle will easily survive the fight. Or 
if Crono does, put the White Mail on him and ONLY use 
lightning attacks. Theyíll mime you and that will kill two 
of your people but it will heal Crono and he can kill them 
easily. You get the idea. They each have 10í000 HP. Thatís 
20í000 HP all together. WooÖ theirs no question that this 
will be a long fight. But if you use the trick above, you 
shouldnít have much of a problem. 

-After the Golem Twins-
After the fight you might as well save and Shelter again in 
the room behind you. Now go up through the room and keep 
going up till you see a Nu. Talk to it and watch it kill 
itself. Now keep going up and youíll reach the Mammon 
Machine. Now is the moment of truth! Crono pulls out the 
Ruby Knife and stabs the Mammon Machine with it. Then the 
Ruby Knife becomes the Masamune! Thatís some machine, huh? 
After a while, the queen will wake Lavos and then it will be 
up to you to beat him! Actually, you just canít win. After 
he kills your party, the Priest reveals himself to actually 
be Magus!! Heíll then attack Lavos and fail. Lavos will also 
destroy the floating island of Zeal and shoot it down, 
really messing the era of 12í000 BC. Then Crono pulls all 
his strength together and attack Lavos for one last resort. 
That was a mistake. Lavos then uses a super-powerful attack 
that simply melts Crono into nothingness. Yep, thatís right, 
Crono has diedÖ after words, Schala teleports you out while 
she stays in and lets the palace fall around her. No one 
knows what happens to Schala. I guess only the nice people 
at Square Soft do. But Iím guessing she goes down with the 
palace. After all this, youíll wake up in a little hut. BE 
SURE to put Ayla on your party and save. Now your party will 
learn of Cronoís death. Now go to the Commons. In the 
Commons talk to everyone, if you meet a girl who asks your 
advice about a plant, tell her to plant it. After a while, 
Dalton will come and kidnap your party and take them up to 
the Black Bird. 

-The Black Bird-
This place is always the hardest part of the game for me. 
Youíll wake up on the Black Bird and find out that you have 
no armor, weapons, gold, items, all of it will be gone. This 
is why you need Ayla, she uses her fists. Since I canít 
explain this area cause itís so random, Iíd like to thank 
Mynock for the following directions:
Climb the ladder to see that you are indeed in the 
Blackbird.  Then
climb back down.  Search the wall where one of your 
shows you and you'll climb up into the ventilation ducts.
Press 'A' in any of the brightly light areas to look below 
Basically just wander around, going from ventilation ducts 
to normal
corridors and rooms, until you find your missing stuff.  
belts can be reversed in direction by flipping the switch 
next to them.
In general:
-One party member's equipment is in a room north of your 
-Gold is in a room to the left of your cell
-One party member's equipment is in a room southwest of your 
-Items are in a room northwest of your cell
-One party member's equipment is in a room that you can only 
from the ventilation ducts (from the ladder in the top left 
corner, go up the ladder and it'll be the only other door 
can see)
The room with the items in it also has a door leading out 
onto the
wing (which is where you want to go after you find all your 
Once you have all your stuff go to the door leading to the 
On the wing you'll see quite a few Turrets (you can fight 
them if
you want).  At the end of the wing you'll have to fight 
Golem Boss
(which you can probably defeat without even getting hit).  
After defeating it, Dalton will fly in on the Epoch (which 
has wings
and can fly now).  You'll jump aboard the Epoch and have to 
Dalton Plus.  When you defeat him he'll try calling the 
Golem Boss
(but since you just defeated it... :)

(Iím baaaaaack!)
===Beating Dalton Plus===
This fight is just like your first fight with Dalton. Same 
HP, also. Use a couple strong attacks and youíve won the 

-After Dalton Plus-
Youíll get the Epoch back, now it flies so you wont have to 
walk everywhere. When you start flying around, a cut scene 
will start and youíll helplessly watch as the Black Omen 
rises out of the sea. The flying Black Omen is the new home 
of the now immortal Queen Zeal. Go back to the Last Village 
and go up to the peninsula at the top of the island. This is 
the North Cape. Here youíll meet Magus again. Heíll explain 
everything. How the man at The End of Time got to The End of 
Time, about Melchior, about himself, heíll answer all the 
puzzling questions youíve wondered throughout the game. Now 
it will be time to choose whether to fight him and have Frog 
change back into a human at the end of the game, or to have 
him join you. Now, Iíve always though this was an easy 
decision. I mean, what do you want? To brake the spell on 
Frog or a new party member?? I always pick to get Magus 
myself, up to you though. After your done deciding, hop in 
the Epoch and fly to The End of Time. At this point in the 
game you can do one of two things, go through the time gate 
at The End of Time and fight Lavos to finish the game 
without Crono. Play some or all of the gameís extra quests. 
If you want to beat the game now, build up to a high level 
and fly to 1999 AD or go through the gate at The End of 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-EXTRA QUESTS -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
NOTE: These can be done in pretty much any order, but this 
is the order I believe is the easiest. Youíll also get 
Cronoís most powerful sword if you play it in this order. 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-GETTING CRONO BACK -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
So, you donít like walking around without your rightful 
leader, huh? You want him back, huh? Ok then. First go to 
The End of Time and talk to Gasper, the old guy who lives 
there. Heíll give you the Chrono Trigger, the item. Take the 
Epoch to the Keepers Dome in 2300 AD and talk to Belthasar. 
Heíll tell you that you need a clone of Crono in order to 
get him back. Hop back in the Epoch and go to 1000 AD, head 
to the Fair. Get 40 Silver points somehow, fighting Gato is 
probably the fastest way. After getting them, go down to the 
first area of the Fair and go over to the tent on right. The 
freaky little guy in here will give you an option to play 
one of three games. Pick the 40 Silver point game. The 
longer you hold out while playing the less cash youíll loose 
at the end. You can even get it for free if you stay in the 
game long enough. After winning, go to Cronoís house. The 
clone of him in is in his room. Take it and jump back in the 
Epoch to 2300 AD and go back to the Keepers Dome. Belthasar 
will send three little white things to help you along your 
way. Wellíp, this is it, time to climb Death Peak. Leave the 
dome and walk up to the big mountain (you just canít miss 
it), time to climb, foo.

-Death Peak-
The first part of the mountain can get annoying. There is 
normal wind, and theirs super strong gusts of wind. Run up 
and talk to the little white dude, heíll make a couple trees 
appear. If youíre not behind a tree when the strong wind 
kicks in, youíll be blown clear off the mountain. You get 
the idea, when theirs weak wind, run up and behind a tree 
and stay there till the strong wind blows over. When you 
make it to the next area, go all the way left for a treasure 
chest, now go back to the right a bit and go up the wall. Go 
right and down the ramp, and follow the path to the next 
area. Follow this path all the way up and into the cave 
here. Youíll have to fight the first of three Lavos Spawn 
here, so be prepared.

===Beating the Lavos Spawn===
This wonít be hard, just donít attack the things body. Itíll 
hit you back with a super hard-hitting needle attack. It has 
4000 HP, which is about all you need to knowÖ really. 

-After the Lavos Spawn-
Get the chest to the right and keep going up through the 
door. Follow this path to the next area. Youíll be back in 
the cave, but youíll be on the opposite side. Get the chest 
on the right side of the room and go down through the door. 
Youíll be outside, and to your left youíll be able to see a 
little sparkle on the ground. This is actually a switch. 
Push it and back track all the way back to the first 
entrance of the cave. Head down from here and youíll see a 
ramp, go down and it and to your right theirs another 
treasure chest. Now go up through the cave door that you 
just opened. Youíre now back in the cave, go up, get the 
chest, and keep going up and exit the cave. You have to 
fight another Lavos Spawn here, use the same strategy as 
last time. Itís exactly the same. Now go into the next area. 
This is another area that can become annoying. Strong wind 
is always blowing here, so you have to try and stay on the 
path without getting blown off. If you fall off, you have to 
walk all the way back up the mountain, which gets annoying! 
Anyway, once youíre past there, go into the next area. Dodge 
the little bouncing baddies (or fight them, if you want) and 
grab the treasure chest just left of the start of the area. 
Now go down. Only one path to take here, so take it to the 
next area. Once in the next place, go all the way left and 
down the wall to get a chest, now go back up and up the 
small ramp. You fight another Lavos Spawn here. After the 
battle, youíll see that the shell of the Spawn doesnít 
disappear like the others. What you need to do is, push the 
shell under those little pegs in the wall and then climb the 
shell up to the next cliff. Congratulations! Youíve made it 
to the top of Death Peak! Youíll be shown a cut scene where 
you go back in time, right to the moment Crono is about to 
get blasted. Youíll switch Crono with the clone and the 
clone will die instead of Crono. Now, a question remains, 
how could Cronoís levels gotten higher while he was dead?!  
Oh well, at least heís back in the partyÖ not too shabbyÖ

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE LAST FIGHT WITH OZZIE -_-_-_-_-_-_-_
Well, it seams that, thanks to that Ice Shield back in 
Magusís Castle, Ozzie survived that fall. Now heís back and 
has a little castle of his own. Go to 600 AD, in this era, 
just to the right of Magusís old castle, is Ozzieís Fort. 
Land the Epoch and head inside. NOTE: Its fun to use Magus 
for this. Also, be sure to bring someone who can use the 
ëCharmí skill.  

-Ozzieís Fort-
Donít expect this to be as big and hard as Magusís place. In 
fact, this is probably the shortest extra in the game. Walk 
up the stairs into the first room. In the next room youíll 
see Flea again. 

===Beating Flea Plus===
To start, Iíll just say that she/he has 4000 HP. This should 
be a pretty easy fight. Just attack her with a powerful 
attack a couple times and itíll be over.

-After Flea Plus-
Just keep going up, a couple rooms up youíll be faced by 

===Beating Super Slash===
Super Slash also has 4000 HP, this should be another short 
fight since his HP is so low. A couple strong hits should do 
the trick. 

-After Super Slash-
If youíre low on health now, you may want to leave and rest 
up for the next fight. When youíre ready, go up into the 
next room. Ozzie will use a trap to try and get you to take 
a treasure chest from him. Then a little gnome guy will run 
up and try for it. Heíll fail at it and Ozzie will run off. 
NOW you can take the chest with ease. After getting the 
chest there go push against the wall at the bottom of the 
room. You should find a secret passage that leads to a room 
with some very nice treasures in it. After that, head up 
through the next door. This next fight will be harder, so be 
sure you have tons of healing items with you. 

===Beating Flea Plus, Super Slash and Great Ozzie===
All three of them gang up on you! Normally, this wouldnít be 
a problem. But they have a STRONG Triple Tech attack that 
HURTS!! If you have a good attack that will hit all of them 
at once, use it. But also be sure to use Charm on all of 
them. You can get the Ozzie Pants, Flea Vest and the Super 
Slasher! After you get them, hit the trio with everything 
you have! Donít hold back on using anything, unless you want 
to of course. Flea and Slash have the same HP amount as 
before, Great Ozzie has 6000 HP.

-After Flea Plus, Super Slash and Great Ozzie-
Follow Ozzie up into the next room. Youíll see three 
switches on the wall, then a fight will begin.

===Beating Great Ozzie===
After you hit a switch it seems Ozzie pulled one over on ya! 
YOU fall through the floor this time! Walk back up into his 
room and try again. This time, a little kitten will walk in 
the room, jump up and land on a switch that pulls the floor 
out of under Ozzie, before Ozzie can get his Ice Shield up. 
He falls through the floor to his doom.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-GET THE SUN STONE-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
First of all, go to 65í000í000 BC and get the Ruby Armor 
from the trading hut for 10 Petals, Horns, Fangs, and 
Feathers each. These will make your fight with the Sun of 
Son much easier. Now hop in the Epoch and go to 2300 AD. Fly 
over the island with the Keepers Dome on it. Now fly down 
and left a little and youíll see an island that youíve 
probably never seen. Theirs a cave here, this is the Sun 
Palace. Oh, and

-The Sun Palace-
This is a pretty strait forward place, walk strait up and 
youíll be attack by the Son of Sun. Be sure to Equip that 
Ruby Armor! 

===Beating the Son of Sun===
The Son of Sun has 2100 HP, now, youíre probably this will 
be easy. And it is, pretty much. But there IS a trick to it. 
You canít hurt the Son of Sun directly. But there are five 
fireballs that orbit around him. One of those fireballs is 
his weakness. So just attack all the fireballs till you hit 
the weakness. After a couple battle rounds, heíll use a move 
that rotates the fireballs around him and youíll have to 
find his weakness again. Watch out for that Flare attack!!

-After the Son of Sun-
Walk up and grab the Moon Stone. Now go back outside and 
head to 65í000í000 BC. When you get there, fly to Sun Keep, 
a cave on an island that exists in every era in the top 
right corner of the world map. Once there, put the Moon 
Stone in the beam of light and go back to 2300 AD. Go back 
to Sun Keep in this era, but youíll find that the Moon Stone 
has been stolen! Head to 1000 AD, and go to Mayorís house in 
Porre Village. He has the Moon Stone, but he wont give it to 
you cause of his greed. Leave his house and go to the Porre 
Village Snail Shop. Talk to the guy behind the counter and 
buy some jerky from him. Now jop back in the Epoch and zap 
to 600 AD. Go to the Mayorís house in this era and talk to 
the Mayorís wife. Sheíll ask if she can buy the jerky from 
her. GIVE IT TO HER! DONíT SELL IT!!!!! After GIVING it to 
her, go back to 1000 AD. Youíll see that the Mayor has 
changed. Heís friendly, heís giving, his children love him, 
and heíll give you the Moon Stone back. Now fly back to Sun 
Keep and put the rock back in the light beam. Now head to 
2300 AD and take the newly formed Sun Stone from Sun Keep. 
Lucca now makes her best weapon with it and a couple peaceís 
of pretty nice armor. 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-GET THE RAINBOW SHELL-_-_-_-_-_-_-_           
This is probably the longest, most difficult, and vaguest 
out of the entire extra game. But its also the most 
worthwhile (well, I think it is, anyway). Be sure you do 
this AFTER you get the Sun Stone! Now down to business, go 
to 600 AD and in Choras Village (somewhere) youíll find 
Toma. Talk to him to get the Tomaía Pop item. Now head to 
1000 AD and go to Choras Village again. Youíll see a 
tombstone on the island. This is Tomaís grave. Go to it and 
poor Tomaís Pop on it. Youíll then have a chat with the late 
Toma, heíll tell you about Giantís Claw, the place where the 
Rainbow Shell is hidden. Go back to 600 AD and from Tomaís 
grave, fly up and left a little bit. There will be an island 
and a lone mountain on it. Land in front of the mountain and 
walk up to it. This is Giantís Claw. Go on inside and 
prepare for a tough hike.

-Giantís Claw-
Follow the path through the first room. Youíll soon be in 
the thrown room of the Tyrano Lair. Yeppers, youíre in the 
Tyrano Lair. The baddies in here are REALLY strong! Be 
careful! Walk down through the thrown room and go down the 
stairs. Then right and through the door. Step on the floor 
stitches in here to make the floor open up, now jump down 
the hole in the floor. Walk through the door at the bottom 
of the room and in the next area, go left and down the 
ladder. Go all the way right for a Tab, now go all the way 
left for a treasure. Go back up the ladder and follow this 
path around to the other side of the room. Open the chest 
against the right wall and then head through the door below 
you. Go right and down the ladder, now left and down the 
ramp, now right and get the treasure, now left and down the 
ladder. Follow this path through the door. Go up through the 
left skull door and up the stairs. In the next room, go 
through the left door and get the chest in here, now go back 
and head through the door on the right. Follow this path 
through another door and in the next room, hit the switch to 
fall through the floor again. Now exit through the door on 
the left side of the room and get the Tab off the floor 
here. Now go back into the room that you fell into and head 
through the right door. Save at the save point in here and 
walk through the door to your left. Follow the path up and 
through the door, then keep going up till you reach olí 
Rusty boy.

===Beating the Rust Tyrano===
The Rust Tyrano is a lot like your old foe, the Black 
Tyrano. He uses a stronger version of the ìcount down to a 
flame attackî thing. Have Ruby Vests equipped. This 
shouldnít be a hard fight. Just heal after his fire attack, 
and hit him with everything you can spare while heís 
counting down. He has 20í000 HP.

-After the Rust Tyrano-
Walk up to the Rainbow Shell. Itís there alright. But itís 
too heavy to carry. Youíll then get the King to help you 
with it and theyíll take it back to the castle for safe 
keeping. Theirs nothing left to do here. Go to 1000 AD and 
head to the castle with Marle in your party. Here youíll 
find that the king has been charged with stealing the 
Rainbow Shell, which has been kept in the castle for 400 
years. Now itís up to you guys to prove the Chancellor 
wrong. From the castleís entrance go to the right and up the 
left stairway. The chest in the next room is locked so keep 
going up. Go into the door on the top floor to see that the 
king being tried. Now go back down and head down the right 
stairway. Follow this path all the way up, be sure to get 
the chests along the way. Itís great stuff. At the end of 
the tunnel youíll see the Rainbow Shell. Take a peace of it 
and run back up to the trial room. They wonít let you in, 
but keep tryingÖ youíll think of something. After Marle 
busts in sheíll open the door and let the rest of the party 
in also. The Chancellor will then show his true form, Yakra 

===Beating Yakra XIII===
This is tough. Since a member of the Yakra family fell to 
you before, The 13th knows your weakness. That needle 
attack. He uses a very strong type of it and it can give him 
a large edge in this fight. He doesnít have 920 HP this time 
either. 20í000 this time around. Use the strongest attack 
(or attacks) you have and be sure to keep healed for his 
needle attack.

-After Yakra XIII-
Take the Yakra key off the floor and run back down to the 
locked chest. The real Chancellor is in there. Look 
familiar? Anyway, run back down to the room where the 
Rainbow Shell is and youíll find Melchior there. Heíll make 
you some armor, heíll give you a choice between three Prism 
Helmets and one Prism Dress. The Prism Dress is a better 
choice, and you can also get two more later. The Helmets 
arenít all that great but like always, the dissuasion is 
yours. Also, I hope you got the Sun Stone first! If you did 
Melchior will give you the added bonus of Cronoís ultimate 
sword, the Rainbow Sword!

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-LET CYRUS REST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
This is confusing. Itís just plain hard to explain this in 
good detail. The best thing I can do is give you a  step-by-
step guide. 

1. Put Frog in your party and go to 1000 AD, on the island 
with Choras Village on it, there is also an old building 
known as the Northern Ruins. Go inside and go left. 
Youíll fight a ghost. You canít win, so after you try to 
hit it a couple times, Frog will see that the ghost is 
Cyrus. After you lose, leave. 

2. Go to 600 AD and talk to the carpenter in the Choras 
CafÈ. He says he has no tools, youíll have to get                  
him some.

3. Go to 1000 AD and talk to the man at the Choras Inn, 
heíll say you can use his tools. Go to his house (one of 
the ìResidentî buildings) and talk to the woman there. 
Sheíll let you use his tools. Now go back to 600 AD.

4. Give the tools to the man at the CafÈ. Heíll fix a couple 
holes in the floor but say that he cant fix any more 
cause of the monsters in there. 

5. Go on a seek and destroy mission and take out the 
monsters in front of one of the holes. Now go back and 
talk to the carpenter again and heíll fix the hole where 
the monsters were. 

6. Go back in and kill the monsters around another hole. 
Donít open any chests yet.

7. When all the holes are gone, go all the way back to the 
tomb stone in the back room with Frog in your party. 

8. Cyrus will appear and give you the REAL Masamune. A 
stronger version of the old one.

9. Still in 600 AD, go to all the sealed chests in the 
ruins. Say NO when it asks if you want to open them. Now 
head to 1000 AD and open all the sealed chests to get 
powered up goodies.

 _-_-_-_-_-_-_-FIONAíS FOREST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_                                     
In 600 AD, you might remember Fionaís Villa. A small house 
with a forest around it. At this point in the game, the 
forest has died out to almost nothing. And a sand pool has 
appeared in the desert that used to be her forest (if theirs 
no sand pool, go to 12í000 BC and tell the girl at the 
Commons to plant her flower. If you told her to burn it, the 
sand pool will not appear and you canít play this sub-
quest). Make a party of people that use water magic. This 
will be easy if your normal party just happens to be Magus, 
Marle and Frog. Other wise, use two or three water magic 
users and go to the sand pool. 

-The Sunken Desert-
 The baddies in here are STRONG!! But really, really weak 
against water attacks. Get the treasure left of you, and run 
across to the other side and get the next one. Run down from 
to get another chest, and now run across to the right side 
of the room for the last treasure. The door at the top of 
this room is the exit, just so you know. Go through the door 
at the bottom of the room. In this room, follow the wall all 
the way around and get all the chests. Then go up to the 
raised platform in the center of the room and get the chests 
here. There a big monster that keeps showing itself in this 
room, pick a fight with it and be sure you have a lot of 
healing stuff.

===Beating the Retinite===
The Retinite has to be one of the hardest bosses in the 
game. He has a hard-to-discover trick though. First, kill 
the little Son of Sun looking eyeball in his torso. Then use 
a water attack. This wonít hurt him, but it will lower his 
defense. Now hit him a couple super powerful physical 
attacks. His defense will get back to its peak fast, so 
youíll have to use another water attack every couple turns. 
It has 11í000 long lasting HP.

-After the Retinite-
Dis one of your party members and put Robo in. Then go up 
and speak with Fiona. Robo will say that he wants to stay 
and help with the restoration of the forest. Leave him there 
and zap to 1000 AD. Youíll see that the future has changed 
for this little Villa, A LOT!!! SAVE BEFORE GOING INSIDE!!!! 
After youíve saved, go inside and talk to everybody. One of 
the gals in here sells nice headwear. Anyway, go all the way 
back and get Robo (he looks tiredÖ). Go back outside and 
there will be a little cut scene. Then in the middle of the 
night, Lucca will wake up. Go right, into the next area and 
step in the weird looking time gate. Youíll be in Luccaís 
room. Go down stairs and look in the living room, youíll see 
young Lucca and your mom playing around. Then Your momís 
dress gets stuck in the machine that sheís cleaning.  You 
want to spell the name ìLaraî, this is the password to the 
machine. But its tricky. Run up to the machine and press A 
to start it. Then press the L button, and then the A button 
to register it. Then press A again, then A to register that. 
Now push the R button and A to register it, then push the A 
button again and A one more time to stop the machine. If you 
donít pull it off, you can reset it and try again if you 
saved before getting Robo back. If not, nice try. Leave 
through the time gate in Luccaís room. When you get back, 
Robo will give Lucca the Green Dream accessory, which 
automatically revives Lucca if she dies in a fight. But you 
can only use it once. Check out Luccaís mom in 1000 AD, 
youíll see her haply walking around the room doing 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-ROBOíS PAST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ 
You need Robo for this sub-quest. Youíll learn about his 
past, what his original mission in life was, who created 
him, etc. Put Robo in the lead of your party and go to 2300 
AD. Fly to Sun Keep, now fly directly down from here. Youíll 
come to a lone island with a building on it. This is Geno 
Dome, Roboís birth place.

-Geno Dome-
Have Robo mess with the computer in the first room. Youíll 
then have a chat with the Mother Brain, an all-powerful 
robot powered by a super computer deep inside the dome. Go 
up through the first door and step onto the big conveyor 
belt. Youíll then have to fight five or six battles all in a 
row. After youíre through this area, youíll be in the main 
room of the building. For being a factory in 2300 AD, they 
sure do make it hard to get around in this place! Walk up 
and youíll see an opening in the wall, next to it is a 
switch. Hit the switch to open the opening in the wall. Now 
go left and up, access the computer in here to find out 
different things about the dome. Left of the computer is a 
treasure, take it and step into the opening in the wall. 
Robo will get charged with electricity. Now run through the 
door on the left and in this room, youíll see another 
opening. Step in to open the door to your left. Now go right 
and up, youíll see three switches. Hit the left and right 
switch. Now go through the door to the left and get the 
little doll in the small room. Now exit and charge Robo in 
that little opening again, and run down to the first opening 
you saw at the entrance of the room. Step in the opening 
there to open the door to the left. There are two chests in 
here. Collect them and leave. Go all the way right, if you 
want to leave the dome, jump in the small hole in the floor 
here. Assuming you didnít leave, go up and through the door 
here. Get the chests in this room now and exit the room. 
Walk up the conveyor belt and in the room to the left, hit 
the switch next to the opening to open the opening (thatís a 
mouth-full). Now run back to the room with the computer that 
tells about the dome, get in the opening to charge up and 
RUN back to the opening you just opened. This may take a 
couple tries, but it must be done. After you get it, donít 
go in the door that opens yet, go back down to the door that 
you saw at the bottom right corner of the dome and go in. 
Get on the elevator and ride up to the next area. Theirs a 
save point here, save if you want to and the go in the to 
just left of the one you came in. Run down the hall, into 
the next room, and you should see another elevator. Step on 
and ride it down. From where you come out, go left and walk 
through the wall, now go down and right and hit the switch 
here. This will change the direction of the conveyor belts. 
Now go back through the wall and down. Hit the switch next 
to the laser beam to shut it off. Now go strait across to 
the door that you opened earlier. Go in it, get the chests, 
and youíll see that a robot is following you. Lead the robot 
through the exit of the little room your in. And lead him 
down the conveyor belt to the bottom. Now follow this path 
around and all the way left, making sure the robot is 
following you the whole time. There is a robot on the far 
left who wonít let you by to get the other doll, but thanks 
to your new robot pal, heíll keep him at bay while you go up 
and grab the doll. Now go back to the right and through the 
door leading to the elevator. Take it up and save again. Use 
a Shelter, also. Youíll see a room blocked by lasers, hit 
the switch on the wall to bring them down. But before you 
have the chance, Atropos-XR, Roboís old lover, jumps out. 
Sheís not herself, however. Sheís been reprogrammed by the 
Mother Brain. Did I mention the Mother Brain is also an 
alien leader? Anyway, Atropos-XR now must be killed in order 
to pass. This is a one-on-one fight between Robo and his 

===Beating Atropos-XR===
She has 6000 HP, cool huh? I mean, Robo can have 999 HP max 
and his old girlfriend has like 100x that much!! Robo Tackle 
works good, as does pretty much all your other attacks. She 
hits hard, and youíll probably have to heal a lot. But her 
endurance is quite lowÖ

-After Atropos-XR-
Sheíll give Robo the Ribbon accessory before dying. After 
sheís gone, grab the treasure in the room above you. Save 
again, youíll probably want to. Walk left and youíll see a 
ladder. Climb down it and get the treasure here, now go up 
and through the door. In this room youíll see what the 
robots are doing to the humans. There killing the humans so 
that robots can rule forever! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Mwa 
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Kwa ha ha 
ha ha ha ha!!! Ywa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Pwa ha ha ha ha 
ha!!!! Jwa hÖ nevermind. Thatís gone far enough. Go through 
the door on the right side of the room and get the treasure 
there and backtrack back to the ladder and go back up it. 
Walk strait up and put the two dolls on the two little 
platforms. This will open another door, the last door, 
leading to the Mother Brain. After a little chat, youíll be 
fighting the battle of truth, save the humans from those 
nasty robotic fools.

===Beating the Mother Brain===
This should be an easy fight, put simply. I mean, come on! 
It has 5000 HP! Youíll see three screens behind it, take out 
two. If you take out three itíll use a pretty hard-hitting 
attack on you. The screens have 1 HP each. Thatís all you 
really need to know. Just use powerful attacks that hit ONE 
target so you donít kill the last screen. 

-After the Mother Brain-
It will say a few last words, then Robo will shut down Geno 
Dome for good. Leaving every robot locked inside. Youíll 
never be able to get in past the main room again, so I hope 
you enjoyed your stay! Well, youíve done 7 of 8 sub-quests. 
But what have you not done yet? It starts with a BÖ think 
now, think! YES!! Exactly right! The Black Omen exists in 
every era of time. Well, except 65í000í000 BC. Itís time to 
do something about thatÖ

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE BLACK OMEN-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
The Black Omen is in almost every era. You canít get in it 
in 2300 AD, though. And itís not in 65í000í000 at all. But 
if you want, you can beat it once in 1000 AD, once in 600 
AD, and once in 12í000 BC! Or, you can just beat it in 
12í000 BC and it will be cleared from the future. Anyway, 
when youíre ready, fly up under it in the Epoch and get on 
the Black Omen. Itís a long trip inside, and youíll have to 
fight 7 different bosses in there. 

-The Black Omen-
You can jump back on the Epoch by talking to the little 
spark on the ground near where you got on. With that said, 
walk up and through the door. This is a long, strait forward 
place. Just inside, Queen Zeal will appear, then sheíll 
throw the Mega Mutant at you. The first boss in the Omen.

===Beating Mega Mutant===
Mega Mutant is easy, donít get used to it. He has two 
sections. A top and bottom half. They have 3850 HP and 4600 
HP. Have a Charmer use Charm on the bottom half for a Vigil 
Helmet. A few strong magic attacks will finish it off.

-After Mega Mutant-
Go all the way up and through the door at the top of the 
room. In the next room, go all the way up. Theirs a save 
point to the right, use it if you wish. Either way, keep 
going up to the next area. Run through the little hallway 
and just keep going up. This is an ëupí kinda place! After 
running up for a while, youíll reach a teleporter. Step on 
and youíll be sent to another section of the Omen. Then exit 
the teleporter room and youíll be in a Ocean Palace-type 
elevator room. Take the elevator down and exit. Follow this 
path, and get the treasure at the top left corner of the 
room. Now go through the door at the top of the room. Walk 
up and take the right path. Theirs a treasure on this path. 
Now keep moving up and exit the room into the next area. In 
the next room, the walls are lined with treasure chests. 
Take them. There are also two Nus in here. One of them sells 
items, and the other will teleport you back to the entrance 
o the Omen if you wanít. Heís the one that says: ìThis is a 
dream. To wake up from the dream, blah blah blahî.
Theirs a save point in here to, save here and keep going. 
Ahh! I refreshing left turn! Youíll fight a Tubster at the 
end of this hall. Every time you leave the room heíll be 
there again, you can use Charm on him again every time he 
reappears to get an unlimited supply of Power Tabs! When 
youíre done, go up through the next door. This next room in 
the most valuable room in the game!! Go up till you on a 
pink platform with little purple guys running across. Grab 
the treasure chest and get in a fight with the purple 
people. Use Charm on one of them, youíll get a Mega Elixir! 
You can Charm all of them to get four Mega Elixirs every 
time you fight them! Youíll also be building your levels up 
at the same time!!!! You just canít lose here. Take FULL 
advantage of being able to get Mega Elixirs. You canít buy 
them, and they refill ALL the HP AND MP for the WHOLE 
party!! After youíre done stocking up with Mega Elixirs, go 
up through the door. In the room where the treasure box is 
in the center (right after the room where you get the 
Megalixers from Charming the Ruminators), just Charm(with 
Ayla) the red bat looking thing to get a Gold Stud. The Gold 
Stud is an accessory that when equipped cuts your magic use 
by 75%!!!! You can use this trick over and over. Also if 
your Charm the Goons next to the red bat thing than you will 
get a Nova Vest (very good armor). Follow this path right, 
and get the chest along the way and go through the door at 
the other side of the room. Now go down and left to get a 
treasure, and keep going down. Theirs another treasure at 
the bottom right corner of the room. Exit through the bottom 
left corner. Follow the path through the next door and step 
in the teleporter. Youíll soon come to a room made up of 
thin paths everywhere. Go left at the first turn and down at 
the other side for a treasure chest. Now go back across and 
go all the way up and left at the top, then go through the 
door above you. Save at the save point in this room, use a 
Shelter to. Then go up to fight another boss.

===Beating Giga Mutant===
Only magic works good on this thing. So use things like 
Antipode 3 and Luminaire. Its another two-parter and has 
5800 HP and 4950 HP. This is a harder fight and you may need 
a couple Mega Elixirs handy.

-After Giga Mutant-
Save and Shelter again if you need to, and then head up 
through the door. Step in the teleporter and exit the room. 
Youíll be at the bottom of another elevator. Ride it all the 
way up and go through the door at the top. Follow the path 
up in the next room, also, like I said, this is a strait 
forward place. In the next room, go up and left for a 
treasure, then down and around the pillar. Youíll then have 
to fight another Mutant.

===Beating Terra Mutant===
This is an easier fight. It has 7860 HP teamed up with 
20í000. But if you focus on the upper half and kill it first 
both parts will die.

-After Terra Mutant-
Get the treasures on either side of the room and then go 
through the door. Go all the way up and then youíll be 
attacked by another boss. A teenage Lavos Spawn.

===Beating the Lavos Spawn===
The reason I say teenage is cause instead of having 4000 HP, 
it has 10í000. And also a new and improved needle attack 
that itíll use if you hit itís body. Triple Kick is nice, it 
hurts and hits only one target. The perfect attack for this 

-After the Lavos Spawn-
Youíre ALMOST there! Go up and save in the next room. Now 
Keep going up and youíll reach the end of the tunnel. The 
bad thing about this is that Queen Zeal and a few of her 
friends are here toÖ

===Beating Queen Zeal===
Youíll probably use a good bit of those Mega Elixirs here if 
your levels are low. She has some really strong attacks. One 
that stands out is an attack takes the partyís HP down to 1. 
Heal fast after this. She has 12í000 HP, which is quite a 
bit. Use Antipode 3 and every other attack the costs 20 MP!

-After Queen Zeal-
Not much to say here. Now you have to fight the Mammon 

===Beating the Mammon Machine===
This is just kinda stupid. The machine doesnít even attack. 
Well, it never attacked me anyway, and Iíve beaten him at 
least five different times. It has 20í000 HP though, so even 
though itís not much of a battle, itíll still take a while.

-After the Mammon Machine-
Nope, not done yet! Queen Zeal then shows her true form.

===Beating Zeal===
The first thing you want to do is Charm a Prism Dress from 
each hand. This is the best armor for female characters in 
the game, you need it! After this, focus on the head. It has 
about 10í000 HP, while the hands have about 5000 HP a peace. 
She can use that ìHP to 0î attack, to. This is a hard one. 
Sheís just plain MEAN!!! Oh, and Antipode 3 works! In fact, 
that attack works great on just about anything!!!!

-After Zeal-
The Black Omen Blowís up and Zeal Gets what she deserves. 
Now that the Black Omen is gone, youíve done all the sub-
quests. Theirs nothing left to do now except finish the game 
by killing Lavos, once and for all. You can get there 
through The End of Time or fly to 1999 AD though the Epoch. 
The fight will be the same either way, so pick a way and go!

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE FINAL BATTLE-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
===Beating Lavos===
You wonít fight the real Lavos right away. Before you can 
fight his real self, heíll take on the HP levels and the 
personas of bosses throughout the game. I wrote this 
assuming youíre using Crono, Marle and Lucca as your team. 
1. The Dragon Tank
2. The Guardian Bit
3. Heckran
4. Zombor
5. Masa and Mune
6. Nizbel
7. Magus
8. Black Tyrano
9. Giga Gaia
10. Lavos

If you need to, you can refer to this walkthrough for the 
boss strategyís and HP levels of them all. But since youíre 
at a much higher level then you were they should be a 
problem. When youíve beaten the nine first bosses, then you 
fight Lavos. He has 10í000 HP. Use Luminaire and Antipode 3 
till it dies. 

-After Lavos-
After the shell is dead, go inside. Inside, you can save. 
Theirs a time gate here to so you can go back to The End of 
Time. You wonít have to fight the shell again, so donít 
worry about that. If youíre ready, walk up through the cave-
like shell till you reach the Lavos Heart (or whatever it 

===Beating the Lavos Heart===
Antipode 3 will save the day again here. Itís right arm 
heals the main body, but you can take out both of them fast 
with Antipode 3 and Luminaire usage. After the arms are 
gone, youíll be able to take out the main body, as to itís 
defense will drop. When you get low on MP, and if you took 
the time to get 50 or so Mega Elixirs, this wonít be a 
problem. It has 50í000 HP, this number includes the HP of 
the arms.

-After the Lavos Heart-
Youíre still not done. The Lavos core now appears, if Lucca 
is in your party youíll get the story behind Lavos before 
the fight begins. 

===Beating the Lavos Core===
The Lavos Core is a hard fight. Not because it has powerful 
attack or anything, just cause the game tricks you. It 
tricks you into thinking the Lavos bit in the center is the 
Lavos Core, when really, itís the small bit on the right. 
The Left bit canít do much damage so you might as well just 
ignore it. Hereís the trick to beating it. Use Luminaire and 
Antipode 3 till the center bit dies. Then wait till a ìLavos 
Core shuts off defenseî massage appears. The start using 
Luminaire and Antipode 3 full time. Soon theyíll revive the 
center bit, but if you just keep attacking with Antipode 3 
and Luminaire, the Lavos Core wonít shut off itís defense 
because the center bit will die again to quickly. Repeat 
this till youíve got this battle won. Then the game will be 
over, enjoy the ending! Speaking of ending, check out the 
ìEndingsî section of this walkthrough to find out how to get 
11 different endings.

The ending that youíll get by beating the game for the first 
time is cool. But itís by far not the only one. If you took 
down the Black Omen, a ìNew Game +î option will appear on 
the screen where you select which saved game youíre going to 
play. This option lets you start the game over with all your 
items, weapons, armor and accessories that you had. This is 
how you can get most of the endings. In the right pod of 
Luccaís invention, there is a time gate thatís only there in 
the + game. This is called the Lavos gate, and is your main 
passage to Lavos.

Ending 1: This is a really cool ending! I recommend it! Take 
Lavos out by going through the Lavos gate right after you 
beat Zombor. It seems that Crono has a small side jobÖ it 
also shows what happens in 2300 AD with Robo and Atropos-XR.

Ending 2: Beat Lavos through the Lavos gate just after Alya 
is back in your party for the second time, right before you 
go to the Tyrano Lair. This is a strange ending. It lets you 
see what would have happened if the Reptites would have 
gotten the upper hand.

Ending 3: Kill Lavos after you eat Heckran by going through 
the Lavos gate. As the credits role, a Nu will chase a 
little frog around.

Ending 4: This is another neat one. Go through the Lavos 
gate right after you get back from your first trip to 
65í000í000 BC. This ending is sort of like a curtain call. 
It shows characters from the game come out while the staff 
is rolling.

Ending 5: Right after Magus kicks the bucket, go through the 
Lavos gate and beat the game. This will show Magus in the 
Ocean Palace heading for Lavos. 

Ending 6: As soon as you get back from the first trip to 600 
AD, and before you take Marle home, go through the Lavos 
gate. This is another strange ending. It seems Marle and 
Frog are getting married! CreepyÖ

Ending 7: Once the Hero Meddle is yours, that is, after you 
get it from Tata, finish the game through the Lavos gate. 
This just shows a few cut scenes. Simple, but a good ending 

Ending 8: Beat the game though the Lavos gate right after 
you give the Masamune to Frog. This ending just shows Frog 
confronting Magus by himself. Pretty sweet.

Ending 9: This is the hardest ending to get. At the start of 
the game, after you get Marle, go up to Luccaís invention 
and get in the Lavos gate. You have to beat Lavos with only 
Marle and Crono, but itís worth it. This ending is great. 
Youíll just have to see it for yourself. You can also get 
this ending and add a bit of challenge to it by letting 
Marle get thrown to 600 AD, and then beat Lavos only using 
Crono. Itís pretty satisfying!

Ending 10: I saved this one for last, this is my favorite 
ending! Right after you watch Schala open the door to the 
thrown room in Zeal Palace with her pendent, leave and go 
beat the game through the Lavos gate. Marle and Lucca give 
you a ìslide showî, but end up judging the male characters 
in the game. But the best part about this ending is *victory 
music plays* CRONO TALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending 11: This takes the longest of all the ending and it 
doesnít involve the Lavos gate at all. But you DO need the + 
game. With the + game, beat the Black Omen and then kill 
Lavosís outer shell. In his shell, go back to The End of 
Time through the gate in his shell. Put Crono and Marle in 
your party and use the Epoch and fly to 1999 AD. Now finish 
Lavos off. The ending looks like the ending that you got 
before you had the + game, but remember, the Epoch is gone. 
The end of the ending changes. 

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THANKS YOUíS -_-_-_-_-_-_-_  
First off, my biggest thanks goes to the Nintendo Players 
Guide for all the HP levels of the bosses. And thanks to the 
game counselors at Nintendo Headquarters for giving me the 
HP levels of all three Lavos forms. One more recent thanks 
goes to John Morris ( for giving me tons of 
info that I simply didnít know about! A thanks goes out to 
Square, who made the game, and still makes wonderful RPGs to 
this day. Of course, none of this would be possible without 
my SNES controller! And a huge thanks to the people who will 
read this guide and make use of it, making my two-month 
project worth while. 

All characters, names, etc, are ©SquareSoft. SquareSoft is 
not associated with me, Or this walkthrough in anyway. This 
FAQ should not be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, 
without my consent first. This walkthrough is ©1998 ñ 2000 
Jonathan Bouldin.   


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