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Chrono Trigger

Walkthrough v2.0

Ed (

A note to any emulator users:  Learn how to turn on Transperancy.  For ZSNES, type -v 5 
after zsnes next time you run it from DOS (zsnes -v 5), or use the GUI to change the screen
mode to 640 X 480.  For other emulators, look in the Readme file that came with the emu.
If your computer won't allow transperancy, then you'll have to get a VESA 2 driver or play a 
different ROM.  For other games with this problem, hitting the 2 key would remove the layer 
of background that the fog belongs to.  But this can't be done with Chrono Trigger.  A couple
of other games require transperancy or the use of the 2 key are Final Fantasy 2/4j and 
Breath of Fire 2.  You'll also need to turn on the transperancy effects to get the most out 
of the graphics.

Got that?

What's New? (as of September 1, 1999)
- Added that notice that you have just read.
- Corrected some typos.
- Some info has been added.  If you see something following a "For the Record" or "Additional
    Note," odds are that you're reading it.  This also includes some missing monster info; if
    you don't see a Charm item in a monster's description, it's because (1) you'll never get 
    the chance to, or (2) they don't have anything.
- Unless something major comes up, this is most likely the final revision.

What's new? (as of May 17, 1999)

- Approximations of double and triple technique damage much closer to the mark, now.
- Information on certain enemy attacks added, and also added some missing bits of enemy info.
- Much more definite info on Spekkio in his Nu form.
- Some info about Ayla and Magus added.
- A few corrections made to the single techniques.


  I.  Characters and powers
 II.  Double Techniques
III.  Triple Techniques
 IV.  Walkthrough Proper
  V.  Endings
 VI.  Game Genie Codes
VII.  Credits


I.  Characters and Powers; * by name of a power designates magic.  Water and Ice attacks are 
considered to be Water elemental.  

Crono -- The main hero of this game.  Element is lightning.  Hails from 1000 AD, and for
some reason doesn't have any dialogue.  Speed is 12, and weapon is the katana.  Also, I
think that was meant to be an "h" in that name, but Chrono Trigger has a five letter limit 
on name length.

Cyclone -- 2MP -- has an area effect centered on target; does the damage of a normal hit to 
all victims.
Slash -- 2MP -- hits all foes on a straight line from Crono - technically lightning damage.
*Lightning -- 2MP -- hits a single foe with a lightning bolt.
Spin Cut -- 4MP -- does approximately critical hit damage (double) to target.
*Lightning 2 -- 8MP -- Crono hovers in middle of screen and electrocutes all foes.
*Life -- 10MP -- revives a fallen character with much more HP than the lousy 50 that a Revive 
item gives.
Confuse -- 12MP -- does approximately quadruple hit damage to target.
*Luminaire -- 20MP -- Ultimate lightning spell; massive damage to all foes.

Marle -- Is actually Princess Nadia of the kingdom of Guardia, and is the romantic interest.  
Element is water, and she hails from 1000 AD.  Speed is 8, and weapon is the crossbow.

Aura -- 1MP -- restores some HP to target.
Provoke -- 1MP -- inflicts the Chaos condition on one foe.
*Ice -- 2MP -- forms ice block around target.
*Cure -- 2MP -- Double strength Aura.
*Haste -- 6MP -- cuts wait time of target in half.
*Ice 2 -- 8MP -- 2 big blocks of ice slam the battle field and damage all foes.
*Cure 2 -- 5MP -- restores target to full HP.
*Life 2 -- 15MP -- restores fallen comrade to full HP.

Lucca -- Smartest person to be born within centuries, and she knows it. Element is 
fire, and she hails from 1000 AD.  Speed is 7, and weapon is the gun.

Flame Toss -- 1MP -- burns all foes on a line between Lucca and the target.
Hypno Wave -- 1MP -- puts all foes to sleep.
*Fire -- 2MP -- burns target; twice as strong as Flame Toss.
Napalm -- 3MP -- area effect centered on target (Lucca throws a grenade)
*Protect -- 6MP -- Reduces physical attack damage to target by one third.
*Fire 2 -- 8MP -- Burns all foes
Mega bomb -- 15MP -- stronger version of Napalm.
*Flare -- 20MP -- Ultimate fire spell; burns all foes.

Robo -- R-66Y, a.k.a. Prometheus.  Robot seeking to prevent the dark future that 
spawned him.  Hails from 2300 AD.  Speed is 6, and weapon is the various arm attachments.

Rocket Punch -- 1MP -- hits target for normal punch damage + half again.
Cure Beam -- 2MP -- restores some HP to target.
Laser Spin -- 3MP -- inflicts Shadow damage on all foes.
Robo Tackle -- 4MP -- physical attack; damage determined by Magic power.
Heal Beam -- 3MP - restores some HP to party.
Uzzi Punch -- 12MP -- inflicts approximately triple normal hit damage to target.
Area Bomb -- 14 MP -- Burns all foes within area of effect; centered on Robo.
Shock -- 17MP -- Electrocutes all foes.

Frog -- Formerly Sir Glenn, of the Knights of the Square Table.  Got turned into his 
current half-frog, half-human form by Magus.  Happens to be the Legendary Hero.  
Element is Water, and he hails from 600 AD.  Speed is 11, and weapon is the broad sword.

Slurp -- 1MP -- restores some HP (less than Aura) to target.
Slurp Cut -- 2MP -- does 1.5 X normal attack damage to target; fails if target is 
*Water -- 2MP -- damages target with a big popping bubble.
*Heal -- 2MP -- restores slightly more HP than Slurp to party.
Leap Slash -- 4MP -- does approximately double normal hit damage to target.
*Water 2 -- 8MP -- floods battle field; damages all foes.
*Cure 2 -- 5MP -- restores target to full HP.
Frog Squash -- 15MP -- the less HP, the more damage this does.  Does around 3000 at 1 HP.  
Physical attack to all foes.

Ayla -- Former chief of the Ioka; left position to help Crono save the future.  
Ancestor of Marle.  Hails from 65 million BC.  Speed is 13, and she uses her bare 
hands.  Fist upgrades to Iron Fist (normal attack power is around 600, and inflicts Chaos on 
target) around level 72, and to Bronze Fist (normal attack power is now around 800; 9999 
damage on a critical hit) around level 99.  Once her strength maxes out, her attack power 
won't increase until her fist upgrades.

Kiss -- 1MP -- restores some HP to target.
Rollo Kick -- 2MP -- does 1.5 X normal hit damage to target.
Cat Attack -- 3MP -- does approximately double normal hit damage to target.
Rock Throw -- 4MP -- slightly less than quadruple normal hit damage to target; fails against 
immovable foes.
Charm -- 4MP -- Steal item from target; can fail.  Can get some great stuff this way.
Tail Spin -- 10MP -- area affect centered on Ayla; non-elemental magic damage.
Dino Tail -- 15MP -- same as Frog Squash.
Triple Kick -- 20MP -- slightly more than quadrupal normal hit damage to target.

Magus -- Wants revenge on Lavos for casting him out of his time period, and for a while 
also wanted to rule the world.  Optional character (you can recruit him or kill him).  
Element is Shadow, and he hails from 12,000 BC.  Speed is 13, and weapon is the scythe.  
Oddly enough, his maximum magic power is not 99 (**), but is actually higher (around 110, I
guess).  As to my knowledge, this is the ONLY character that does this.

*Lightning 2 -- 8MP -- starting spell
*Ice 2 -- 8MP -- starting spell
*Fire 2 -- 8MP -- starting spell
*Dark Bomb -- 8MP -- shadow damage; effect centered on target.
*Magic Wall -- 6MP -- reduces magic damage inflicted on target by one third.
*Dark Mist -- 10MP -- slightly more than Dark Bomb damage to all foes.
*Black Hole -- 15MP -- instant death area effect attack centered on Magus; usually doesn't work.
*Dark Matter -- 20MP -- Ultimate shadow spell; damages all foes.

Note that Speed can only be changed by equipping certain items or by use of Speed Tabs.  I 
recommend saving Power and Magic Tabs (and some Speed Tabs) for the end of the game, where 
they'll be able to have a good effect on the anti-Lavos party.


II.  Double Techniques -- Magus doesn't have any.

Crono and Marle:
Aura Whirl -- Aura + Cyclone -- restores some HP to party; slightly stronger than Aura.
Ice Sword -- Ice + Spin Cut --  Spin Cut damage + 1.5 X Ice damage as Ice attack to target.
Ice Sword 2 -- Ice 2 + Confuse -- combined damage as Ice attack; area effect centered on 

Crono and Lucca:
Fire Whirl -- Flame Toss + Cyclone -- combined damage as fire attack in Cyclone area.
Fire Sword -- Fire + Spin Cut -- Fire version of Ice Sword.
Fire Sword 2 -- Fire 2 + Confuse -- Fire version or Ice Sword 2.

Crono and Robo:
Rocket Roll -- Cyclone + Laser Spin -- double strength Laser Spin; all foes.
Max Cyclone -- Spin Cut + Laser Spin -- double Spincut damage; area effect centered on Robo. 
Super Volt -- Lighting 2 + Shock -- double Lightning 2 damage + Shock damage to electrocute 
all foes.

Crono and Frog:
X Strike -- Slash + Slurp Cut -- Slash damage + double Slurp Cut damage to target (physical 
Sword Stream -- Spin Cut + Water -- A little less than Spin Cut damage + double Water damage 
as water attack against target.
Spire -- Lightning 2 + Leap Slash -- Leap Slash damage + double Lightning 2 damage as 
lightning attack against target.

Crono and Ayla:
Spin Kick -- Cyclone + Rollo Kick -- double Rollo Kick damage to target.
Volt Bite -- Lightning + Cat Attack -- double damage Cat Attack; lightning and physical attack.
Falcon Hit -- Spin Cut + Rock Throw -- double Spin Cut damage + some to all foes on a 
horizontal line.

Marle and Lucca:
Antipode -- Ice + Fire -- combined damage in area effect centered on target (Shadow).
Antipode 2 -- Ice 2 + Fire 2 -- 1.5 X combined damage in area effect centered on target 
Antipode 3 -- Ice 2 + Flare -- Flare damage + double Ice 2 damage as Shadow to all foes.

Marle and Robo:
Aura Beam -- Aura + Cure Beam -- restores combined HP to party.
Ice Tackle -- Ice + Robo Tackle -- double Robo Tackle damage + Ice damage as ice attack to 
Cure Touch -- Cure 2 + Heal Beam -- restores party to full HP.

Marle and Frog:
Ice Water -- Ice + Water -- combined damage to all foes.
Glacier -- Ice 2 + Water 2 -- double Ice Water damage to target.
Double Cure -- Cure 2 + Cure 2 -- restores party to full HP.

Marle and Ayla:
Twin Charm -- Aura + Charm -- same as Charm, but more likely to succeed.
Ice Toss -- Ice + Rock Throw -- combined damage as ice attack in area effect centered on target.
Cube Toss -- Ice 2 + Rock Throw -- same as Ice Toss, but stronger (Ice 2 damage is doubled).

Lucca and Robo:
Fire Punch -- Fire + Rocket Punch -- combined damage as fire attack; area centered on target.
Fire Tackle -- Fire 2 + Robo Tackle -- Double Robo Tackle damage + Fire 2 damage as fire attack 
against target.
Double Bomb -- Mega Bomb + Area Bomb -- Double damage Area Bomb + Mega Bomb damage (fire 
attack; area effect centered on Robo).

Lucca and Frog:
Red Pin -- Fire + Leap Slash -- double damage Leap Slash as fire attack against target.
Line Bomb -- Mega Bomb + Leap Slash -- Mega Bomb damage to all foes on horizontal line.
Frog Flare -- Flare + Frog Squash -- 1.5 X combined damage; all foes.

Lucca and Ayla:
Fire Kick -- Fire + Rollo Kick -- Rollo Kick damage + double Fire damage as fire attack 
against target.
Fire Whirl -- Fire 2 + Tail Spin -- double Fire 2 damage + Tail Spin damage as fire attack; 
all foes.
Blaze Kick -- Fire 2 + Triple Kick -- combined damage (double Fire 2) as fire attack against 

Robo and Frog:
Blade Toss -- Laser Spin + Leap Slash -- Leap Slash damage + some as physical attack to foes 
on line from Robo.
Bubble Snap -- Water + Robo Tackle -- double Robo Tackle damage as physical attack to target.
Cure Wave -- Heal Beam + Cure 2 -- restores party to full HP.

Robo and Ayla:
Boogie -- Robo Tackle + Charm -- inflict Stop status on foes; can fail.
Spin Kick -- Robo Tackle + Rollo Kick -- double damage Rollo Kick to as physical attack to 
Beast Toss -- Uzzi Punch + Rock Throw -- 1.5 X Uzzi Punch damage + Rock Throw damage; 
fails against immovable foes.

Frog and Ayla:
Slurp Kiss -- Slurp + Kiss - restores combined HP to party.
Bubble Hit -- Water + Rollo Kick -- double Rollo Kick damage as physical attack to target.
Drop Kick -- Leap Slash + Triple Kick -- 1.5 X Leap Slash damage + Triple Kick damage to 


III.  Triple Techniques -- all involve Crono or one of the Rock accessories.

Crono and Marle +:
Lucca -- Delta Force -- Lightning 2 + Ice 2 + Fire 2 -- 1.25 X combined damage to all foes.  
Robo -- Life Line -- Cyclone + Life 2 + Heal Beam -- auto revival if reduced to 0 HP; party.
Frog -- Arc Impulse -- Spin Cut + Ice 2 + Leap Slash -- combined damage (Ice 2 is double) as 
ice attack to target.
Ayla -- Final Kick -- Lightning 2 + Ice 2 + Triple Kick -- Combined damage (1.5 X Triple Kick 
damage) to target.  Shadow.

Crono and Lucca +:
Robo -- Fire Zone -- Spin Cut + Laser Spin + Fire 2 -- Max Cyclone with double Fire damage 
added.  Fire.
Frog -- Delta Storm -- Lighting 2 + Fire 2 + Water 2 -- 1.25 X combined damage to all foes.  
Shadow.  But weaker then Delta Force, due to Frog's lower Magic rating.
Ayla -- Gatling Kick -- Lighting 2 + Fire 2 + Triple Kick -- combined damage (1.5 X Triple 
Kick damage) to target.  Shadow.

Crono and Robo +:
Frog -- Triple Raid -- Slash + Robo Tackle + Slurp Cut -- X Strike damage + Robo Tackle 
damage + some; physical attack to target.
Ayla -- Twister -- Cyclone + Laser Spin + Tail Spin -- combined damage (double Tail Spin + 
Rocket Roll) as shadow attack to all foes.

Crono and Frog +:
Ayla -- 3-D Attack -- Slash + Slurp Cut + Triple Kick -- 1.5 X X Strike damage + Triple Kick 
damage; physical attack to target.

With Black Rock -- Magus + Lucca + Marle:
Dark Eternal -- Dark Matter + Fire 2 + Ice 2 -- Antipode 2 damage + Dark Matter damage to 
inflict shadow damage on all foes.

With Blue Rock -- Magus + Robo + Lucca:
Omega Flare -- Dark Bomb + Laser Spin + Flare -- Flare damage + double Dark Bomb damage as 
shadow attack; all foes.

With White Rock -- Ayla + Lucca + Marle:
Poyozo Dance -- Tail Spin + Hypno Wave + Provoke -- Tail Spin damage and Chaos to all foes; 

With Silver Rock -- Ayla + Robo + Frog:
Spin Strike -- Tail Spin + Robo Tackle + Leap Slash -- Spin Cut damage times 4 as physical 
attack to target.

With Gold Rock and the new Masamune -- Frog + Robo + Marle:
Grand Dream -- Frog Squash + Laser Spin + Life 2 -- Same as Frog Squash, but about 2.5 times 

Since Tail Spin and Poyozo Dance are non-elemental, they'll do full damage to anything 
vulnerable to magic.

Note that if there is both a physical and magical component in a certain double or 
triple technique (and it is considered a magic attack), then a monster resistant to either 
will be resistant to the attack (an example would be Heckran or Azala).


IV.  Walkthrough Proper

Table of Contents
    I.  1000 AD -- The Millennial Fair
   II.  600 AD -- Ancestor Rescue
  III.  1000 AD -- Trial, Sentence, and Escape
   IV.  2300 AD -- This is Your Future
    V.  The End of Time -- The Watcher and the Master of War
   VI.  1000 AD -- Village of the Mystics
  VII.  600 AD -- Boy Hero?
 VIII.  65 Million BC -- Dream Stone, the Mother of All Parties, and Survival of the Fittest
   IX.  600 AD -- The Legendary Hero
    X.  65 Million BC -- Martial Darwinisn
   XI.  12000 BC -- The Enlightened Ones
  XII.  2300 AD -- The Wings of Time
 XIII.  2300 AD, 600 AD, 1000 AD -- Breaking the Seal
  XIV.  12000 BC -- The Mountain of Woe
   XV.  12000 BC -- The Ocean Palace
  XVI.  12000 BC -- New King, Old Foe
 XVII.  The End of Time, 2300 AD -- Chrono Trigger
XVIII.  Sub-Quests -- These can be taken in any order
           I.  2300 AD, all periods -- The Sun Stone
          II.  600 AD -- Reforesting a Desert
         III.  600 AD -- Laying Cyrus to Rest
          IV.  600 AD -- Ozzie's in a Jam!
           V.  600 AD, 1000 AD -- The Rainbow Shell and the Trial of the Century
          VI.  2300 AD -- Robo Comes Home
  XIX.  1000 AD, 600 AD, 12000 BC -- Smashing the Omen
   XX.  1999 AD -- The Day of Lavos

I'll be using the default names in this.

I.  1000 AD --  The Millennial Fair

The first day of the fair has dawned.  Crono's mom will wake him up.  Once you take 
him downstairs and had your first chat with her, be sure to talk to her again.  
He'll receive some cash.  Now head out.  Be sure to visit the mayor's house and 
talk to everyone.  You'll get a more-or-less complete tutorial on how the game works.  
Take the chests and be sure to talk to the mayor a second time for some cash.  Now go 
to the fair.  You should have about 1000 gold by now.

One booth sells minor restoratives, another sells some better armor than your hide stuff.  
Melchior sells a Iron Blade and a Lode Sword, which at 4000 is undoubtedly more 
than you can afford.  You can win a single Silver Point by ringing the Bell at the 
SW corner.  You can win 20 points by choosing the winning racer.  The old man at the 
sideline is usually right in whose going to win.  The Tent of Horrors is the main reason 
to win silver points.  Save your game before trying any of them.

The Tent of Horrors:
10 Silver Point Game:  The final order of the three men is usually Piette, Vicks, Wedge 
(didn't they die in FF3/6j?); though Vicks and Wedge are sometimes switched.  Usually best 
to just try to keep an eye on Vicks and Piette.  Winning gets you a Poyozo Doll, which 
will be in Crono's room.  Search the doll to change the music.  Once you've won the doll, 
winning this earns you about two ounces of cat food.
40 Point Game:  Just follow the directions; when the clone raises its left arm, raise 
Crono's right.  Same with the right arm - raise Crono's left.  The clone will be in 
Crono's room; searching it causes it to strike a pose (there are four different poses).  
After Crono has a clone, winning this nets him about 5 ounces of cat food.
80 point game:  You need at least 2 party members (Crono and Marle is fine) to play this.  
One character will be lowered into the flames; hitting the blue light that appears when 
they're about halfway down effectively resets the timer.  Try to knock the monster furthest 
from the hostage back into the cage first.  1st victory nets Crono another cat.  Further 
victories yield about 10 ounces of cat food.  Once you have the additional cat and enough 
food, additional cats start appearing in Crono's house (i.e., kittens).  It's about 40 
to 50 ounces per kitten.  Maximum number of cats is unknown; my highest grand total is nine.

Heading north to the next area brings you to Leene's Bell.  When you try to talk to the 
blonde walking around it, you'll knock each other down and the Bell will ring.  
Talk to the girl, and then pick up the pendant and give it to her.  Let her join you.  
Now that Marle is with you, you can play the 80 point game.

To the east of the Bell is a girl whose cat is missing and a soda guzzling contest.  
Winning the contest (this will probably require a turbo controller) gets you 5 points.  
Continuing along the path north of the soda guy brings you to another area.  The X, 
Y, L, and R buttons are used to join in the dancing.  It isn't of any consequence, 
but you will see this again later on in the game.

To the west of the Bell is a booth where you can trade 10 points for 50 coins.  Going down 
the steps brings you to a guy about to eat lunch (you can steal it to recover full HP/MP, 
though perhaps it would be wiser to just go to Crono's room and take a nap).  You'll 
also find the missing cat.  Talk to it once, and then make your way back to the girl 
(run, and you'll probably lose it).  If the cat's still with you when you reach her, 
she'll thank you and the cat will take up a perch on one of the stands.  Continuing 
along the path will take you to Gato.  Gato (Charm:  Power Meal) has about 80 HP, and 
will counter attack whenever you hit him.  Beat him for 10 experience points, 1 technique
point, and 15 silver points.

To get some easy (and needed) experience, leave the fair and go to Guardia Forest (the 
forest south of that castle).  The monsters there are the weakest in the game.  Avian Chaos 
(45 HP; attacks by inflicting Chaos on a character) is the only potential threat; Beetle (12 
HP) and Hetake (Charm:  Tonic; 14 HP) are basically target practice (they do fight back 
though; your HP will be getting low after several battles).  When you clear them out, just 
leave the forest, re-enter the forest,  and do it again.  Recommended: go to level 5 or until
Crono and Marle have learned both of their techniques (they can't learn more until they learn
magic).  Note that Slash effectively functions as a magic attack.  Be sure to look for a 
shimmering dot on the ground near the SE corner.  Pick it up to receive a Power Tab (tablet?).
Be on the look-out for similar dots; they're either Tabs or something important.  Once you're
done,take a nap, return to the Fair, and buy another set of Karate stuff if you wish.  You 
should be getting the message that Lucca is set up at the Square now.  If Marle has been 
given better armor, un-equip it now.  BTW, be sure to refuse if Melchior asks you to try to 
talk Marle into selling her pendant.

When you try to go up into the Square, Marle will want to stop for some candy.  
Wait for 10 seconds or so, and she'll be ready to move on.  In the Square, you'll see 
the Telepad, Lucca, and Taban, Lucca's father.  Talk to Lucca.  Marle will leave your 
party now.  Step on the pad, and Crono will warp to the other pad.  Now talk to Marle.  
She'll decide to use the Telepad.  It'll go haywire, of course - Marle gets tossed 
into some freak dimensional gate.  Have Crono pick up her pendant.  Lucca and Taban 
will send you through after her.

II.  600 AD -- Ancestor Rescue

Upon arrival, you'll be attacked by three Blue Imps (13 HP).  Kill them, and head left.  This 
area is pretty straight forward - just go forward, kill the monsters (Blue Imps and a Roly,
which has 24 HP), and be sure to get the treasure, which includes a Power Glove and a 
Tonic.  Exit Truce Canyon.

Go into the Truce inn and houses for info.  You'll learn that you should check out the 
Guardia castle.  Be sure to upgrade your equipment, and buy the gun.  Go to Guardia Forest 
when you wish to move on.

Layout is the same as 1000 AD, though the monsters are stronger (when you meet a Green Imp, 
just Cyclone the bugger) - but not strong enough to be any real trouble.  Be sure to 
investigate the rustling bushes - the monster that drops a Shelter will be there every 
time you enter the forest.  There's a Power Tab lying on the ground at the SE clearing 
(near the clearing entrance, not the dot at the far SE) - it and all tabs will look 
like a shimmering dot.  For the record, the monsters are:  Roly Rider (30 HP), Roly, Green
Imp (Charm:  Tonic; 32 HP), and Blue Eaglet (16 HP).

The forest exit is to the north; go through and head into Guardia Castle when you're ready.  
Inside, you'll receive a somewhat hostile reception until Queen Leene interferes.  
Going east of the entrance and along the path takes you to some steps leading to the 
kitchen (Hyper Kabob is as good as a night's rest).  Going west and doing the same brings 
you to the guard barracks.  Heading north from the entrance brings you to the throne room.  
Going west and north from there takes you to some steps leading to the King's bedroom.  
Feel free to take any treasure you find; there's a Bronze Mail in the King's room.  Going 
east and north from the throne room brings you to the steps to the Queen's bedroom.  Once 
again, feel free to take any treasure you find.  There's an Ether in the Queen's room.

When you reach the Queen's room, you'll find Leene - who will reveal that she's really 
Marle.  After chatting for a bit, she'll cease to exist.  Go back down the steps, and 
you'll meet Lucca, who will explain what the hell just happened, and will then join you.  
Equip her with whatever better stuff you have.  Leave the castle.  You may wish to keep 
clearing out the forest until Lucca is capable of Hypno Wave.  You'll also be able to 
gain several Shelters this way.  When you're ready, rest up (inn, barracks, or kabob), 
get some equipment (if needed) and supplies, and head to that Cathedral.

In the Cathedral, talk to all the nuns.  After you talk to the nun at the organ, a 
shimmering dot will appear.  Pick it up, and the nuns will turn into Naga-ettes and 
attack.  Naga-ettes have about 60 HP, take half damage from physical attacks, are 
weak against magic, and have a Slow spell.  You can take out one pair right off the bat with 
a Fire Whirl.  When you win, another Naga-ette will appear and attack by surprise.  
It'll die when Frog drops out of nowhere and attacks it.  Lucca will freak out a bit -- 
she doesn't like frogs -- but you should agree to go with him.  Frog will join your party.  
Now search the organ to open a secret passage.  Go through to reach the next section.

Monsters in the Chapel: Diablos - 50 HP; fairly fast, but weak; no special tricks.  Hench - 
49HP; takes half damage from physical attacks.  Gnasher - 90 HP; no special tricks.  Mad Bats
- 18 HP; can drain HP from party members.  Naga-nettes are also present.

First off, make your way west, killing the Diablos and collecting treasure as you go.  Head 
through the door, and go up the steps you see to the balcony.  Enter the door you'll shortly 
come across.  Take the treasure (Ether, Tonic, Maiden Suit) and check the dresser to get the 
Naga-ette Bromide.  When you do so, three Henches will attack.  They have good defense, but 
nothing a Fire Whirl can't overcome.  Leave and head up to the next room; check the skull 
set by the door to lower the spikes, and be sure to get the chest (Steel Saber).  There's 
some captives inside, and there's a Power Tab in the bowl.  Now head back down the steps and 
go east; fight the Diablos if you wish.  Head up the steps (you'll have to fight a pair of 
Gnashers)at the east side to the other balcony, and enter the room.  Talk to the monsters 
inside (you're in the mess hall).  Follow the Diablo.  Enter this room, take the treasure, 
and go through the opening in the east wall.  You'll reach the worship hall - three Diablos 
and two Naga-ettes are singing praises to a statue of Magus.  The chests by the statue 
contain a Speed Belt and a Defender.  Talk to the middle Diablo to fight the monsters.  Now 
leave; when you try to leave the room containing the fake King, Queen, and soldier, you'll 
be attacked by three Gnashers.  Kill 'em, of course.

Frog should have Slurp Cut by now.  Now go through the little passage between the balconies; 
you'll have to fight Gnashers, Diablos, and Naga-ettes (if you can't avoid the second set 
of Gnashers).  Going through the door at the end brings you to the next section.  There's a 
Save Point right by you.  Going north takes you to a room that you can't access because of 
spikes.  Head either east or west and go down the steps.  You'll wind up having to make a 
complete circuit no matter which way you go.  You'll run into Diablos, Henches, and Mad 
Bats.  The west trigger will bring down additional Mad Bats; the east trigger lowers the 
spikes.  Once you've lowered the spikes and reached the steps back up, go back to the spike 
room.  You'll have to fight a few Henches and Diablos, and then play the organ (the chest 
holds an Iron Sword).  Now go back to where the paper was on the wall; there's now a door by 
it.  Go through.  Kill the Henches and Naga-ettes, and use the Save Point (both use a 
Shelter and save).  Go through the door, and you'll find the fake Chancellor and Leene.  
Leene will get out of the combat zone, and the fake Chancellor will reveal himself to be 

Yakra has around 920 HP, and will counter attack (by careening around the room and damaging 
everyone) whenever he's hit, unless he's right in the attacker's face.  His other attacks 
are spitting out an iron ball, jumping on a character, and a fairly nasty needle attack.  
Frog and Crono should use X Strike, while Lucca uses Tonics or Flame Toss (Fire Whirl will 
do less damage than X Strike).  If someone runs out of MP, they can just use normal attacks.

When you win, open the chests (one contains the real Chancellor) and leave.  If you try to 
leave without the Chancellor, he'll free himself.  You'll arrive automatically in the 
Guardia throne room.  Frog will decide he's disgraced himself (Leene shouldn't have been 
in that situation in the first place, by his logic), and leave your party.  Talk to the 
royal couple, and head up to the Queen's room.  You'll find Marle there.  She'll join you.  
Head back down, talk to the royal couple again, and go to leave; you'll find Frog.  You'll 
talk for a bit, and he'll leave.  Now head back to Truce Canyon (go ahead and visit the 
town).  The monsters have been slightly updated; the Poly (Charm:  Ether; 99 HP) can counter 
attack.  At the place where you arrived, you'll find a Gate.  Lucca will demonstrate the Gate
Key, and then you'll head through.

III.  1000 AD -- Trial, Imprisonment, and Escape

You'll arrive back at Leene's Square.  Lucca will leave the party, and Marle will ask Crono 
to escort her back to the castle.  You'll find that the merchants at the fair have gone back 
to their shops.  You don't really need to buy any stuff for Crono or Marle; you'll find 
some new equipment soon enough.

When you reach the castle, Crono will be arrested and put on trial for kidnapping Marle.  
To be found innocent, you must 1)  have spoken to Marle before recovering her pendant, 2) 
you must have found that girl's cat, 3) you must not have stolen that guy's lunch, 4) you 
must not have tried to get Marle to sell her pendant, 5) you must have waited for Marle 
when she wanted to buy some candy, and 6) you must not have been tempted by her wealth.  If 
you break any of these, you'll be found Guilty.  If you're found Guilty, you'll sentenced to 
death after three days imprisonment.  If found Not Guilty, you'll still be sentenced to 
three days imprisonment.

Crono will be taken to the prison.  If you were found Not Guilty, the Chancellor will add 
execution to your sentence.  Crono will wake up in his cell.  If you're Not Guilty, 
there'll be a bag containing an Ether on the bed.  Drink from the cup to restore HP/MP to 
full.  There's also a Save Point.

Now, you can do two things - wait for three days to pass (about 30 seconds for each day to 
pass), or rattle the bars three times.  If you do the former, Lucca will drop in at the last 
moment to save Crono's neck, and you'll find that all the Guards (60 HP; no tricks) between 
the rescue point and the dungeon exit have been taken out.

If you do the latter, one of the two guards will open the cell and hit you.  Now you can 
"talk" to the leaving guard's back (Crono will draw his sword and take him out), or you 
can just run out of the cell.  Either way, you'll have to fight.  Once you're out, you'll 
find that the cell to the left can't be opened all the way.  Go east and leave to reach a 
sort of stairs cross road.  SW takes you the way you came, SE takes you to a bridge to the 
east tower, NW takes you to more cells, and NE takes you on your way.  Note that you can 
walk right in-between the Blue Shields (24 HP) if you wish.  If you wind up in a fight with 
them, just wait until a monster peeks out from behind its shield; you can take it out then.
Attacking while the shield is up triggers a counter attack and does negligible damage.

Going SE, cross the bridge, and you'll wind up in the east tower.  There's a Guard on the 
east side of the corridor; if you wait until he's no longer facing you, run up to him, and 
hit A, you'll knock him out without a fight.  If he sees you, you'll fight.  This holds true 
for just about all the other Guards in the towers.  When you knock out a Guard, be sure to 
search him for an item.  Go through the cell bars, and you'll wind up in a chamber with some 
items (2 Mid tonics, 2 Ethers).  Take them, leave the chamber, and go back to the corridor 
entrance.  When you try to leave, an Omnicrone (218 HP; immune to magic) will attack.  
Just keep attacking; it can only hit you with every third attack.  Return to the "cross 
road."  Visit the NW cells (you'll fight a Decedent; 67 HP), and then head NE.  You'll be 
attacked by a pair of Guards when you're crossing the bridge.  Finish crossing it to reach 
the east tower (again).

Head east; there's two Guards you can knock out.  Go past the corridor going north, and go 
through the cell barred archway.  Free the guy from the guillotine, and go through the next 
archway to get a Bronze Mail (you'll need to fight a pair of Decedents for it).  If Lucca 
rescued you, this is where you start out.  Now go to that corridor heading north, and head 
along it; you'll find another guard that can be knocked out.  Deal with him, and head across 
the bridge to the west tower.  You're now at another "cross roads."  SW is cells (go there 
first), NW is more cells (and the key to getting some items), and NE is continuing along your 

NW:  Enter the left cell, and enter the hole in the wall.  Make your way down, and enter 
another hole in the wall.  Get the treasure and go down the hole to reach the cell next to 
Crono's former cell.  Take the treasure, and search the north wall to go back up.  Make 
your way back up to the top cell, and return to the cross stairs.  You should have a Lode 
Blade now.  Time to go NE.

Make your way up (fighting Guards) until you reach the Supervisor's office.  If Crono broke 
out on his own, the Supervisor will try to flee -- and get knocked out by Lucca, who shall 
now join you.  Search the Supervisor for five Mid Tonics, read the Dragon Tank Owner's 
Manual, and make use of that Save Point.  Go up and head across the bridge to face the 
Dragon Tank.

The Head can heal all tank components for about 75 HP, protects the whole Tank from 
Lightning and Fire attacks, and has 600 HP.  It takes double damage from normal attacks.  
It can fire a thin laser (shadow damage on a line) and a chain of fire balls (fire damage to 
target).  When you take it out, you can now work on the rest of the tank.  The Grinder 
(wheel) has about 290 HP, and the most damaging attack - once it has stored energy, it'll 
cause the tank to run over Crono and Lucca.  The Tank body itself has about 280 HP, and will 
fire a thin laser and some missiles (physical damage to target).  Crono should use Cyclone 
or Slash while both components are active (switch to normal attacks when one is destroyed), 
and Lucca should use Flame Toss or Tonics.  All components must be destroyed to beat it.

When the Dragon Tank is defeated, Crono will trash it, and it'll blow a hole in the bridge 
- which will be bridged by the Chancellor and two guards, who were trying to fix the Tank.  
Run across; you're now in Guardia Castle proper.  Make your way down the steps, and take 
the Shelter.  When you come down to ground level (you're in the stairwell that lead to the 
barracks in 600 AD), make a run for the castle entrance.  Marle will join you.  The three of 
you will now run to Guardia Forest.  You'll be forced to go east from the north exit to the 
clearing.  There'll be a Gate there.  The Chancellor and guards will then arrive in the 
clearing - blocking the exit.  Take the Gate - as Marle says, this place stinks.

IV.  2300 AD -- This is Your Future

You'll arrive at Bangor Dome.  If you take the Gate back to 1000 AD, you'll be intercepted 
by soldiers when you head through the forest, forcing you to head back here.Take note of the 
black door that you can't open.  You'll see its like again.    Exit the dome, and you'll see 
the outside world.  The planet is essentially hostile towards life.  If you remain outdoors 
too long (20 seconds), you'll take damage.  Head south from Bangor, and you'll find Trann 
Dome.  Enter, talk to the people, and buy any equipment you want from the guy at the east 
end.  Use the Enertron if you wish.  Exit Trann and head to Lab 16 -- the ruins NE of Bangor.

For the first area, just explore the whole place.  Rats follow definite patterns, and will 
steal a Tonic if you bump into one.  If you get into a fight, take out any Meat Eaters 
(Charm:  Ether; 75 HP) first -- they can heal your other enemies for 40 HP.  The Octopods 
(Charm:  Mid Ether; 130 HP) and Craters (80 HP) are pretty easy to kill.  The exit to the 
second area is at the NE corner.

Shadows (1 HP) are the critters that the man in Trann warned you about - you'll need to use 
Slash, Flame Toss, or Fire Whirl to kill them.  Mutants (Charm:  Full Tonic) have about 300 
HP, but they aren't as hard to kill.  Just hack away at them.  They can drain HP from a 
character, though.  The exit of Lab 16 is at the NE corner.  When you leave, go east to Arris

Make your way to where the people are, use the Enertron, buy supplies from the girl on the 
west end, use the Save Point, and head down the ladder.  Go up the ladder at the NW corner 
of the new room, and navigate your way through the girders.  You'll reach another room, and 
an alarm will start to ring.  Head for the north doorway, and you'll be attacked by the 
security system.  Additonal note:  if you check the menu screen (the screen that comes up 
when you hit X) while in this room, you'll be attacked by a pair of Buggers and a pair of 
Proto 2's.  This only happens the first time you do this, per entry into the room.

You must destroy the two accompanying Bits before it will be safe to attack the Guardian.  
If both Bits are active, your party will take massive damage from the Delta Attack (Shadow 
to party).  If one Bit is active, the attacking character will be hit with an Amplifier 
attack (Shadow to target).  When both Bits are trashed, the Guardian will count down from 
five to zero and then revive the Bits.  The Guardian is helpless when the Bits are 
destroyed.  When both Bits are active, they'll attack with thin laser and missiles; when one 
is active, it'll attack with thin laser and a weaker version of Amplifier.  The Bits have 
between 200 and 300 HP; the Guardian has around 1200 (and is immune to Fire).  Note that you 
can still get into a fight with lesser robots in this room after the Guardian is trashed.

When you win, head through the guarded doorway.  Search the chest and the body after the 
dialogue.  Now return to the girders, and chase down the Rat.  If you don't get it coming 
from one direction, then go after it from the other (north to south, south to north).  When 
you finally catch it, you'll be given the password.  You must catch the Rat before you can 
use the password.

Go back to the starting room (the room with those two consoles).  Use the password (hold L
and R, and press A) on the right one (the one with the ball on top).  Note to emulator users:  
you'll need to reconfigure your emulator if you're going to do this with a keyboard.  Just 
have L, R, and A all use the same key to use the password.

Now go through the door that the password enabled you to reach.  You can either run around 
the Rats (45 HP) and Bugger (100 HP) that your faced with, or you can fight them.  Buggers 
either shock nearby characters or fire thin lasers.  There's a chest north of the creatures.  
Continuing on your way, you'll find some Bugs (Charm:  Heal; 89 HP).  You can go past them, 
or fight them.  Bugs are fast, but easy to kill.  Go through the door at the NE.  New foe 
introduced in this area is the Proto 2 (Charm:  Tonic; 128 HP).  They can ram a character or 
fire what looks like bullets.  Your destination is at the NE corner.  Just make your way 
through; practically all of the fights here are avoidable.  There's a console at the NE 
corner.  Enter the password to gain access to a black door.  Go through the door west of the 
black door.  You've now reached the data banks.  Lucca will use it to search for the nearest 
Gate, which is at Proto Dome.  After that, Marle will push a button, and you'll get to see a 
recording of the Day of Lavos.  You can search either console to get a replay (left, Gate 
location, right, Day of Lavos).  Make your way back to the inhabited area.  Talk to 
everyone.  The old man, Doan, will give you the Bike Key.  You can now traverse Lab 32, 
but let's take a detour.

Enter the Sewer Access east of Arris.  Explore the immediate area.  Nerieds (Charm:  Ether; 
138 HP) use Water spells, while Egders (HP 160) will just try to smack you around.  When you 
reach a ladder going down, take it.  From here, head west for a helpful warning.  Now go east
and head along the path.  Ignore the cat, trash, cheese, and (fake) Save Point.  Investigate 
any of those if you wish to fight Nerieds.  When you exit the sewer sub-level, you'll be 
faced with some Egders.  Now head north and west.  Now you'll see a sort of gap in the 
wall.  Go through it (if you can't, you're either too high or too low; look for the center 
of that shadow).  When you're through hit the switch and head back.  Now go north and around 
the wall, and through the door that you opened with the switch.  Now make your way east and 
through the area until you meet Sir Krawlie.

Krawlie has only 500 HP, but has an attack that will reduce the target to one HP.  Have 
Marle wait and apply Aura whenever this attack is used (Krawlie will say "I'm gonna shred 
ya" when he's about to do it).  When you kill Krawlie, make your way south and around.  
Ignore the ladder heading up for the moment; go west, hit the switch that frog was trying 
to reach (your next trips through the sewer will be much faster now, since all the bridges 
are now extended) and open the chest for a Bolt Sword.  Now take the ladder up.

All you can do at Death Peak for the moment is run up along the right side of the path and 
take the Power Tab before the winds blow you off the mountain.  At Keeper's Dome, you'll 
find an old guy in a blue robe, a black door, and a strange creature.  What the old guy has 
to say won't make any sense yet, but it will eventually.  Leave Keeper's Dome and head back 
through the sewer.  Use the Arris Enertron if you need it.  Now go to Lab 32.

Go up and search the Jet Bike.  Some Proto-type robots will appear, and then Johnny will 
show up.  Go ahead and race the guy.  The lower that Rest number under speed is, the closer 
you are to the finish line.  Try to use a Boost right before you reach the finish line - but 
not if Johnny is right in front of you.  If you can't beat him, you can just walk through 
Lab 32, though you'll have to face larger groups of Mutants (two pairs, one trio) and a 
fight with five Shadows.  If you win the race, go ahead and head west into the ruins; the 
Race Log (which will let you record your scores (finishing speed) in your races with Johnny) 
is about in the middle - you'll need to face the trio and the Shadows to get it.  Exit Lab 
32, and make your way east and then south until you reach Proto Dome.

In the dome, you'll have to fight two groups of Buggers.  Use the Enertron that's after the 
second group if you wish.  At the north end of the dome, you'll find a door you can't open 
(not a black door), and an android.  Search the android, and Lucca will repair it.  Robo 
will now join your team.  You'll have to leave one of ladies behind at Proto Dome.  Fire 
isn't of much use in the Factory; I recommend bringing Marle.

Head north from Proto to the Factory.  Enter, and search the console.  Robo will shut off 
the laser barrier keeping you from entering.  Kill the Acid (Charm:  Barrier; 10 HP) that 
drops in (you'll have to keep pounding; these things have incredible resistance).  Head 
north.  Walk up and investigate the Debuggers (120 HP; stronger version of Bugger) while 
they're still on the wall.  This will make killing them somewhat easier.  Now, those two 
glowing disks on the floor are elevators.  Take the west elevator if you want to just use the
password (X A B Y) and get it over with or take the east elevator to continue normally.

East elevator:  If you go through that open doorway and go as far NE as possible, you can 
get a Mid Ether.  Once you're down, make your way to the farthest south you can go (the west 
south-going ladder will allow you to claim a Robin Bow).  Now, go west and into that 
building with the conveyer belt running through it.  You can now run west along the conveyor 
belt.  Try to avoid hitting the robots.  Time it so that robots have just gone by you and 
you can reach the next step-off before running into any more robots.  If you run into one of 
the robots being carried east by the belt, you'll get stuck and a crane will pick up the 
party and dump them another conveyer belt, where you'll face three consecutive battles and 
wind up at the west end of the first belt.  First battle is a Proto 3.  Second:  One Proto 3,
two Debuggers.  Third:  One Proto 3, four Debuggers.  Once at the west end, get down off the 
belt (there're steps right there) and head south to enter a new area.

Head through here, kill the Bugs, and make your way up and north to return to the 
previous area, though you'll now be above the conveyer belts, on a catwalk.  Head north, 
and go through the east door.  Search the console, kill Proto 3's (Charm:  Full Tonic; 256 
HP, stronger version of Proto 2), and get the treasure.  Now head to the west door.  Go in, 
fight or avoid the robots, get the treasure, and take the exit south of the chests.  You can 
operate the crane from here.  Code 1 is X A, Code 2 is B B.  The crane will remove the 
barrels.  Now make your back to the catwalk, and climb down.  Get on the now clear conveyer 
belt, and head west.  At the west end, head north and enter the door.  Search the console to 
learn the password.  Now return to the elevator, go up, kill the Debuggers again, and take 
the west elevator.  Note that when in this area, do not attack any Alkalines (9 HP) until the
Acids are dead.  If you do, you'll face a group-damaging counter attack.

West elevator:  You can keep going down until you reach the bottom and head for the Zabie 
door, or you can explore.  If you decide to explore, first head north, go through the door, 
and kill the blobs.  Search the console to open the hatch.  Go down.  Make your way west 
(and fight some blobs), and around.  You'll reach a door.  Head in, take the treasure (and 
equip some of it), and search the console to deactivate the lasers.  A bunch of blobs will 
drop down.  Kill them, and head down the hatch.  You're now at the bottom floor.

Head north to reach Zabie.  Search the console and enter the password (you'll need to wait 
for each letter - X, A, B, Y - to register before you enter the next).  Now head north.  
Robo will turn on both the power and the security system.  Head back south, and go up the 
hatch (the elevators don't work).  Make your way around to the north; at the place where 
blobs attacked, you'll face the Robo Series robots.  They'll trash Robo, and then turn on 
Crono and whoever is with him.

The robots are arranged in two vertical lines (three per line), perfect for a Cyclone or 
Fire Whirl.  If Marle is with you, use Cyclone on the center robot of either line, and have 
Marle use Aura on whoever needs it.  If Lucca is with you, use a Cyclone and then Fire Whirl 
pattern (have Lucca wait for Crono).  Have Lucca use Tonics when needed.  The robots will 
go through a series of attacks (normal, Rocket Punch, and a variation of Beast Toss); if 
just one remains, it'll start using an Area Bomb sort of thing to damage both characters.  
Each robot has about 160 to 180 HP or so.

When you win, Crono and his companion will leave the Factory with Robo and drag him to 
Proto Dome for Lucca to repair.  Once she's done, the party will go through the door that 
couldn't be opened.  You'll find the Gate and you'll go through.

V.  The End of Time -- The Watcher and the Master of War

You'll arrive on what looks like some sort of platform that's in a misty limbo.  You'll 
hear someone snoring.  Head east, go through the door, and talk to the guy standing in front 
of the lamp post.  This is the Watcher (my term for him).  He'll tell you why you can only 
have three party members at any time, and you'll have to leave someone behind.  Now you can 
use the Gates here.  The gate in the bucket will send you straight to the Day of Lavos.  
Go there if you want to die.  The walkway east of the Watcher is used to access Epoch, which 
you don't have yet.  The Pillars of Light represent the various Gates you'll find and 
access.  Stand in the light and press A to learn where a pillar goes.  Currently available 
are 65 million BC, Mystic Mountain; 2300 AD, Proto Dome; and 1000 AD, Medina Village.  
Before you can access a Gate though, the Watcher will call out to you.  Talk to him, and go 
through the door that he mentions (bring Marle and Lucca).  You'll enter a room with one of 
those fuzz-ball critters (Kilwala) standing in the center.  This is Spekkio, the Master of 

Talk to him, and follow his directions.  When you do it right, he'll grant Crono, Marle, 
and Lucca magic.  Robo can't learn magic.  After this, just bring someone to him and talk to 
him to see if that character can learn magic.  Spekkio usually gives some sort of commentary 
on the character you brought.

If you want, you can fight Spekkio.  In his current form, he'll use Lighting, Fire, and Ice 
spells, and has about 800 HP.  Win or lose, your party will be restored to full HP and MP 
after the fight.  The first time you beat a form of Spekkio, he'll also give you some items.  
For the Kilwala form, you'll get a Magic Tab and five Ethers.  All attacks must be considered 
to be magical in nature to damage him.  When you've reached a high enough level, Spekkio's 
form will change (these stronger forms will be covered as they come along).

Talk to the Watcher again.  BTW, you can search the shimmering dot west of him to restore 
HP/MP to full (for all characters, not just the three in the party).  You can also use the 
Save Point.  Head to the Pillars of Light, and access the Medina Gate.

VI.  1000 AD -- Village of the Mystics

You'll pop out of the closet of a house owned by a pair of Imps.  Talk to them, try to 
leave, and talk to them some more.  Now leave their house.  If you want to get into a 
couple of fights, head to the Inn (Hench and two Diablos) and the shop (Hench and Omnicrone) 
and plead with the proprietors.  You can make use of the goods they offer afterward, but 
you'll be grossly over-charged:  200 gold for a night's rest, 600 gold just for a lousy 
Tonic.  Now head to the Mayor's house.  Search the counter for a Speed Tab; head upstairs 
and search there for a Magic Tab.  Talk to the Mayor and workers, and now (if you haven't 
already) check out the town square.  Listen to what the worshippers have to say.  Now head 
west of Medina.  You'll find the home of Melchior.  Buy some equipment from him, and enter 
the cave to the north.  Bring Marle and Lucca; Robo is practically useless here, unless you 
make heavy use of Rocket Roll.

Just about everything in the Heckran Cave has to be fought with Slash, Flame Toss, or 
magic.  Only the Hench you face right off and the Octoblushes (80 HP; can inflict Darkness) 
that you'll meet a couple of times aren't excessively resistant to physical attack.  For the 
record, the other enemies in this cave are:  Jinn Bottle (97 HP; can Absorb MP or HP from a 
character), Tempurite (88 HP; no tricks), Rolypoly (50 HP; no tricks), and Cave Bat (108 HP; 
can inflict Sleep on a character).  This place is very straight forward, with only one real 
detour - shortly after you have your first meeting with the Tempurites, you'll find an exit 
to the south.  Go in, kill the monsters, claim the treasure (Magic Scarf), and leave.  
Continue on your way.  Just greet everything with Lightning, Fire, and Ice spells, and 
you'll do fine.  You'll know you're almost there when you find a black chest.  Shortly after 
the chest, you'll wind up walking in the water.  Make your way east and around to the north. 
Use the Save Point and head into the cave.  Heckran awaits.

Heckran has around 2000 HP and attacks with water magic, usually hitting a single character 
with Cyclonic.  If he dares you to hit him, wait until you get the message "Brief Counter
Attack Break" before attacking - otherwise, he'll hit you with Water 2; you'll most 
certainly need to do an Aura Whirl after that.  When he's lost about half his HP, Heckran 
will say "Yes, indeed" and smack around someone.  Use Lightning and Antipode to attack; 
use Aura to heal.  Attacks with a physical component do negligible damage.  When you win, 
head north and dive into the pool.  You'll be spit out of the Vortex and land next to 
Lucca's house.  Entering the Vortex from here sends you near the Heckran Cave entrance, 
though there won't be any monsters (since you killed them all).

Take Lucca with you and visit her dad; he'll give you the Taban Vest, which is Lucca's best 
armor so far.  Now go visit Crono's mom.  Now, head to Guardia Forest, and go to the Gate 
there; enter, and you'll be able to access Guardia Forest 1000 AD and Bangor Dome 2300 AD 
from the End of Time.  Return to Guardia Forest.  You may wish to go in and out of the 
Forest, hunting monsters, until Crono learns Spin Cut.  It'll pay off.  Anyway, now head 
to the shop and talk to Fritz.  He'll give you ten Mid-Ethers as thanks for rescuing him 
back at the prison.  Now head to Leene's Square, and use the Gate.  You can now access 
Leene's Square 1000 AD and Truce Canyon 600 AD from the End of Time.  Head to Truce Canyon.

VII.  600 AD -- Boy Hero?

Make your way out of Truce Canyon (new nuisance is the Imp Ace; 54 HP), listen to the news 
in the town, and now head to Zenan Bridge.  Talk to everyone there, and now head to Guardia 
Castle.  When you're there, be sure to talk to everyone, especially the Chef.  If you've 
spoken to the Captain at Zenan Bridge, the Chef will now give you the rations for the troops 
when you're leaving.

Now head to the bridge and give the Jerky to the Captain.  The troops will rally right when 
Magus's troops start breaking through.  Tell the Captain that you'll help, and you'll get a 
Gold Helm.  Have Marle and Lucca in your party, and head west across the Bridge.

You'll now meet Ozzie and some of his undead troops.  If you want to fight the skeletons 
(Deceased; 110 HP), you'll need to use magic.  It's wiser to just pound on Ozzie until the 
spell breaks (I belive that the more HP you have, the more damage you have to do to him); the
skeletons will die automatically.  Ozzie will run when he takes sufficient damage.  Head 
west, and you'll face more skeletons.  Just pound on Ozzie until the spell breaks, again.  
Now heal up, and head west again.  Ozzie will summon Zombor to crush you.

Zombor has a distinct top half and bottom half.  The top has slightly more HP (top, 900; 
bottom, 800 I think).  When both halves are active, Zombor attacks with a chain of fire 
balls, and he'll use a non-elemental attack named "Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom" when at the east 
side of the screen.  You'll need to use Aura Whirl or Aura Beam to recover from it 
immediately; you can't survive three hits of this without healing.If both halves are active 
when the bottom is finished, Zombor will make one last attack of "Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom" 
before it's gone.  If both when active when the top has lost about half of its HP, Zombor 
will start draining HP.  When the top half is killed, it'll nail the killer with MP Buster 
(steals remaining MP).  The top is vulnerable to Ice and Shadow magic, the bottom is 
vulnerable to Lighting and Fire (if a half isn't vulnerable to it, it'll be healed by it).  
Make use of Ice Sword and Fire Sword combos if you can.  If one half is taken out, the other 
half will alter attack mode somewhat and continue fighting.  The attack modes used by the 
bottom half are much more unpleasant (two do normal damage; the third ("Doom, Doom, Doom") 
will kill the target).  The top half just makes physical attacks against the characters.  
Killing Zombor secures the bridge.

Head south from the bridge, and visit the nearby town of Dorino.  You'll see Toma at the 
Elder's residence.  After that he'll go to the Inn, which you should definitely check out.  
Talk to Toma and everyone else.  At the residence with the locked drawer, check the drawer 
and then talk to the old man.  He'll unlock the drawer in exchange for the Naga-ette Bromide.
Agree to the trade to receive a Magic Tab.  Now leave the town, and head SE until you reach 
Fiona's Villa.  Talk to her, and take what's in the chests (2 Mid Ethers).  From there, head 
south to Porre.  Talk to everyone and buy some Gold Vests if you want.  Remember, three is 
the most you'll ever need of any type of armor.  When you're done here, head up to the 
Denadoro Mountains.  It would be a very good idea to bring Lucca; you should probably bring 
Robo, too.

Area 1:  The Goblins (146 HP) of Denadoro are easy to kill; they take double damage from all 
attack forms.  The Bell birds (Charm:  Heal; 94 HP) are also easy to kill, though they'll 
try to inflict Chaos as a counter attack.  Head north and take what chests you see until you 
reach a ladder.  Before trying to head up, go north past it (follow the river).  You'll 
enter the next area and be able to get a Mirage Hand (the chest is just barely visible 
behind some leaves).  Go back to the ladder and try to ascend.  You'll go back down and 
witness a boy with a shield and cape being chased down it by a Goblin.  Yes, that's Tata, 
the so-called Legendary Hero.  Kill the Goblin and an Ogan (Charm:  Shield; 146 HP) will come
down.  A fire attack will destroy the hammer, causing the Ogan to function as an ordinary 
Goblin.  If you don't destroy the hammer, you'll have a long and painful fight ahead of you, 
thanks to its defense.  An Ogan can use a group-damaging attack as long as it still has the 
hammer.  Tata will appear after you win and tell you to run; he'll then leave.  Head up the 
ladder, and you'll be in the next area.

Area 2:  You can promptly double-back while on the ledge to the previous area to get that 
chest you couldn't reach.  Where you are right now, you can see a chest and a sleeping 
Goblin.  To get the chest, simply walk behind that ledge.  You can just ignore the Goblin.  
Bother it if you want to fight an Ogan and a Free Lancer (Charm:  Barrier; 110 HP; counter 
attack when damaged).  Head north after you have the chest.  After you climb a ladder, you'll
have to fight an Ogan and a Goblin.  Take the chest, and make your way along until you see 
another ladder.  At this point there will be an Ogan dashing out of the underbrush.  You'll 
fight him if you come in contact with him.  Head up the ladder, and keep going until you 
reach the next area.

Area 3:  Stay pressed along the south wall if you wish to avoid the Free Lancer who will 
drop down.  Head east until you see a Free Lancer start heading north.  If you chase it, 
you'll need to face a Free Lancer and an Ogan, but you'll get out of another fight.  Once 
you've done that, head back down the ladders, and claim the chests you passed.  you'll have 
to fight a pair of Free Lancers for the one that requires you head east of the first ladder.  
Now head back up the ladders.  The sleeping Ogan was the fight you avoided.  South-west of 
it is a ladder leading to a chest.  Claim it, and then head back and west to the next area.

Area 4:  You'll head up and see a Free Lancer throwing rocks on the other side of the 
chasm.  The rocks will damage you (about five points per rock).  Just head up and go to the 
next area; you can't fight the Lancer yet.

Area 5:  Head up the ladder, and fight a pair of Free Lancers.  Take the chest and head 
north to Area 6.  

Area 6:  Here, head to the east edge and start walking along the edge if you want to avoid 
some fighting.  Otherwise, you'll go through four battles in a row.  Head to the next area.  
For the record, the fights are:  (1) 1 Ogan, 1 Goblin (2) 1 Ogan, 1 FreeLancer (3) Same as #1
(4) 1 Ogan, 2 Free Lancers.

Area 7:  When you step into the river, you'll probably have to fight two Free Lancers and a 
Bell bird.  Now head west, and stay pressed up against the wall (you want to be on its south 
side).  Make you way as far west as you can go, and allow yourself to be swept by the river 
down the waterfall.  You'll land on a ledge with a chest containing a Silver Stud.  Press on 
the east side of the ledge to hop down to another ledge.  The chest contains a Silver Erring.
Now head east and go under the leaves.  You'll be back in Area 5.  Now return to Area 7.  Make 
your way back into the river, and head north.  Head west to get back onto dry ground.  The 
Free Lancer won't fight you yet.  Head down the ladder, and another Free Lancer will arrive.  
Kill them, and move on to the next area.

Area 8:  Head west, kill the Bell Birds, and keep talking to the Kilwala until it gives you a 
Magic Tab.  Head south.

Area 9:  Use the Save Point, and head south.  There's a Speed Tab by the second ladder.  Head 

West side of Area 4:  Head down the ladder, and ignore the Goblins.  Go up the next ladder, 
and the rock-throwing Free Lancer will hop down to where the Goblins are.  Head after him if 
you want to fight two Free Lancers and three Goblins (if you killed the Goblins, it'll be 
two Free Lancers and two Ogans).  Head into the cave that the Free Lancer was guarding.

Inside the cave, you'll see a little boy walking around.  Talk to him, heal your party, and 
then head up to the sword sticking out of the rock.  If you think you're ready, say that 
you want the sword.  Masa and Mune will reveal themselves, and fight you.  If Lucca's with 
you, use Hypno Wave to knock them out.  Each one of them has 1000 HP, and a weak attack.  
However, if one of them isn't asleep, then they'll hit you with a periodic Chaos attack, 
and hitting the one standing still (Masa) provokes an X Strike counter attack.  When you 
beat one of them, the fight will end.  Masa and Mune will become one.  Note that the boss 
music is different.

Masa & Mune has 3600 HP.  He'll usually just pound on your party members one at a time, 
except when you get the message "Storing Tornado Energy."  If you hit him during this, 
he'll counter attack with Slash.  Have Crono hit him with Slash ASAP when you get this 
message, as that'll dissipate the energy.  If you don't, you'll eventually get the message 
"Pain..." and your party will get blasted (this attack is considered to be both Lightning 
AND Shadow).  Fire Punch, Fire Sword, Antipode, Max Cyclone, Ice Sword, and Ice Tackle 
(though you probably won't have that) are all good offensive double techniques.  Use 
normal attacks, Spin Cut, and magic if someone isn't participating in a double tech.  Be 
sure to have Marle or Robo use healing powers when needed.  When you win, you'll receive the 
blade of Masamune, and you'll ride the wind out of the mountain.

Now head to Tata's house in Porre.  Talk to Tata to receive the Hero's Medal.  Now head west 
of Porre to the Cursed Woods.  Here you'll find T'poles (Charm:  Mid Tonic; 150 HP) and 
Gnawers (210 HP).  T'poles will counterattack with blue rain (water damage to target) when 
damaged.  To kill one quickly, either use magic or damage a Gnawer; it'll drain all of a 
T'pole's HP to heal itself.  Sometimes a Nu (the weird thing in Keeper's Dome is a Nu) will 
appear in the forest, though you'll have to run to the second battle (just bypass the first) 
to catch it.  If you talk to it, it'll say "Stop that, you dog!"  If you get into a fight 
while it's nearby, it'll fight along side the snakes and frogs.  Nus have two attacks:  one 
reduces the target to one HP, the other does one HP in damage.  Try to take out everything 
else before the Nu starts attacking, or you'll probably lose weakened characters to the other
monsters.  Nus are worth 30 technique points, which is the main reason to mess with them.  
They have 1234 HP.

But Nus aren't what you're here for.  Head to the north end of the wood, and you'll see a 
rustling bush.  Go behind it, and you'll find a ladder.  Head down.  You're now in someone's 
home.  Search the right pot, and start walking towards the left one; Frog will hop down.  
Talk to him.  The pot on the left will start shimmering after this conversation.  Search it 
to find the hilt of Masamune.  Melchior's name is carved on it.

Head to back to Truce Canyon and the End of Time.  From there, head to Medina Village and 
Melchior's home.  Talk to him, return to the End of Time, and talk to the Watcher.  Use the 
blue dot to restore yourself, use the Save Point, and take the gate to 65 Million BC, Mystic 

VIII.  65 Million BC -- Dream Stone, the Mother of All Parties, and Survival of the Fittest

The Gate opens up in mid-air; you'll fall to the ground below.  There, you'll be attacked by 
five green Reptites.  Green Reptites (Charm:  Magma Hand; 92 HP, can inflict Sleep on target)
take half-damage from physical attacks, but take double damage from magic.  When you kill 
them, eight Reptites will show up, and your comrades will proclaim that they're too many of 
them.  A definitely cat-like woman will show up and deal with four of them.  Kill the other 
four, and Ayla will introduce herself, and then leave.  Follow her.

Take the chest, and head south down the river canyon.  Runners (Charm:  Horn; 196 HP) can be 
best dealt with by using magic attacks (they take half-damage from physical attacks).  There 
are also some Kilwalas (Charm:  Petal; 160 HP); they're pretty easy to beat, but only take 
half-damage from magic.  Ayla's waiting at the south end of the canyon, if you fought 
everything (she'll complain that you're too slow).  Make your way to the Ioka Village.  Talk 
to the people in the huts; sweet water will restore you to full HP/MP.  Ayla's in the Chief's
Hut.  Talk to her, and the party will get under way.

After it starts, go ahead and talk to everybody.  Talking to your companions will get them 
doing certain things (Robo will try the food, Lucca will get drunk, and Marle will join the 
dancers).  Second time you talk to Ayla, you'll have to enter a soup race to get the Dream 
Stone.  Use turbo if you can, but if you just hit A fast enough you ought to be able win.  
When you win, you'll get the Dream Stone and everyone will pass out.  When you wake up, 
you'll find that the Gate Key is gone.  Go to Ayla's hut, and wake her up (you can walk 
towards her while the snoring message is up, if you didn't know that).  Wake her up, and 
she'll join your party.  You'll need to pick a third member.  All characters are viable, 
though you should be able to change the third member whenever you wish.

First you should head to the Hunting Grounds.  For the record, the monsters here are:  
Croaker (Charm:  2 Fangs; 100 HP), Amphibite (Charm:  2 Horns; 100 HP), Rain Frog (Charm:  2 
Feathers; HP can't be sensed, but probably 100), Ion (Charm:  2 Feathers; 152 HP), and Anion 
(Charm:  2 Petals; 152 HP).  While you do want to get enough trade items to get the stuff in 
the trade hut, the real reason to be here is that a Nu appears in one of the four corners 
when it rains.  You can only fight the Nu once per trip into the Hunting Grounds.  You can 
climb up some vines to get onto the green walkway the goes over the north and east sides of 
the hunting ground.  A spot on the west side is the best place to start searching for it.  
This spot is next to some frogs, has an Ion/Anion battle dead north of it, is east of the NW 
corner, and has vines to the walkway dead north of the Ion/Anion battle.  Wait here for it 
to start raining.  Now run west through the underbrush to the NW corner; if the Nu isn't 
there, run to the walkway and climb up.  Run along it to the east.  Bypass the vine going 
down and keep running along it.  If you see the Nu in the NE corner, double back to the vine 
you just bypassed, climb down, and run to the Nu.  Otherwise, keep running until you reach 
the SE corner.  This gives you a three out of four chance of locating the Nu, if you're fast 
enough.  The first time you beat the Nu, it'll give you a Third Eye along with the trade 
goods.  You have to talk to it to initiate the fight.  Talk to it when it starts leaving, and
it'll just give you the trade goods without fighting.  I recommend Nu hunting until Ayla has 
Charm (yes, this will be a while, but it's worth it).  You should be able to have Marle and 
Lucca learn Ice 2 and Fire 2 during this.  Be sure to get equipment from the trading post 
when you can; Ruby Vests are something that will continue to be useful.  By the time you're 
done Nu hunting, you'll have all the equipment you need and probably 99 of each trade item.  
Incidentally, Ayla can Charm a Mop from the Nu, though there doesn't seem to be practical 
value to the thing - it's Crono's worst sword.  Now pick who you think is the best compliment
to Crono and Ayla, and continue the adventure.  I recommend Marle or Robo.

When you're done, head down to the forest maze.  Enter it, and you'll meet Kino right off 
the bat.  Talk to him, and then start following the footprints.  This place isn't all that 
much of maze - just follow the footprints, and remember that you can climb the vines.  
None of the chests are really important.  The new foes that appear here are the Gold Eaglet 
(Charm:  Ether; 400 HP; turns into a more dangerous Red Eaglet when it is attacked twice; the
Red Eaglet counters any technique with a chain of fireballs) and the Winged Ape (Charm:  Ruby
Vest or Fang; 450 HP) - this type of foe is generally the most unpleasant in prehistoric 
areas.  This includes the tougher versions - Cave Ape and Fossil Ape.  Apes can throw 
characters and other monsters.  The exit out of the forest is in the SW corner.  You'll be 
going east, then south, and then west to reach it.  Just follow the pathway.

Once you're out of the forest, head to the Reptite Lair.  Now the fun begins.  Note:  Ayla 
can Charm a Dream Gun from the Evil Weevil (158 HP; takes half-damage from physical attacks),
a Dream Bow from the Fly Traps (316 HP), a Magma Hand from a Reptite, and an Aeon Blade from 
a Megasaur (830 HP; attacks with a chain of fireballs and with a physical attack).  If you 
meet a Megasaur, have Crono hit it with Lightning or you'll be in trouble.  A Megasaur will 
take full damage from magic attacks, though.  Now, to begin:  Head in, go through this 
entrance area, and now you're in the lair proper. 

Either go to the hole and jump down, or wait for one of the Evil Weevils to drill their own 
hole.  Wait for the latter and hope it won't be next to the original hole if you want 
treasure.  In whatever chamber you arrive in, you can take the treasure and either wait for 
a hole to be drilled or go down the existing one.  Same for the next chamber that you arrive 
in.  Note that for both chambers (level 2 and 3) you'll have to fight if monsters are 
present when you try to go down the hole.  You can meet any of the four monsters mentioned 
above, or Winged Apes and some weird mushroom things called Shitakes (Charm:  Petal; 158 HP).
Shitakes are basically harmless, but Winged Apes will throw the things at you as a counter 
attack.  If you kill the Ape first, the Shitakes will run.

The fourth level down is a big chamber similar to the first level.  Four Reptites are 
running around, and two Reptites are each guarding a chest.  You can take the chest without 
a fight by coming from the north of the Reptite; if you fight the Reptite it'll call in a 
Megasaur for back-up.  The chamber exit is on the east side.  Go through, and you'll face 
a battle with the Ape/Shitake combo, and then another.  Head through the west exit if you 
now wish to leave the Lair.  Otherwise, head on until you meet a Megasaur and a pair of 
Reptites.  Kill them, and a Save Point will appear.  Use it, and head through the guarded 
exit to face the boss.

No matter what you say to Azala the Reptite King, you'll have to face Nizbel (note:  the 
exit that Nizbel comes in through will take you out of the Lair).  Nizbel (Charm:  Third 
Eye) has around 4000 HP, and is practically invincible until you hit him with Lightning.  
After that, use Volt Bites in conjunction with the third character's best attack, or Spin 
Cut in conjunction with the strongest Ayla + whoever double technique.  Nizbel can charge 
around the room to damage everyone.  When he recovers from being shocked he'll fry the party 
with an electrical discharge.  Hit him with another Lightning and then start healing the 
party (Kiss, Cure Beam, Heal Beam, or Aura Whirl, with those last two being preferable).  If 
Marle's with you, have her cast Haste on everyone; if Lucca, have her cast Protect on 

When you win, Azala will return the Gate Key and run.  You'll then return to Ayla's hut.  
She'll leave the party at this point.  Now, head to Mystic Mountain, go along the valley, 
and climb up the mountain.  Stand on the ledge above the Gate and walk down to jump down to 
the Gate.  Now head to Medina Village, and go to Melchior.  He'll repair the Masamune.  
Return to the End of Time, use the restoration dot, and head to 600 AD.

IX.  600 AD -- The Legendary Hero

Head to the Cursed Woods, and go talk to Frog.  You'll get to see a cinema scene showing 
Cyrus and Frog's search for the Masamune and how he came to his present circumstances.  
He'll then join you.  Frog will now remain in the active party until you defeat Magus.

First, go to the End of Time, and bring Frog to Spekkio.  Frog will receive magic.  Spekkio 
should have assumed a new form -- that of a blue Goblin -- by now. This is basically a 
stronger form of the Kilwala form.  HP is around 1500.  For your trouble, you'll get a 
Magic Tab and five Mid-Ethers.

Now take Frog Nu hunting, either at the Hunting Range or the Cursed Woods.  You're aiming to 
gain him enough Technique Points to learn Leap Slash, which is necessary for most of his 
double and triple techniques.

Now stock up on Heal potions, and go to the Magic Cave, 600 AD.  It's the mountain east of 
Fiona's Villa.  Stand on that big rock, and you should be able to enter the area.  You'll 
get another cinema scene of Frog's past, and then he'll take up the Masamune and tear open 
the side of the mountain with it.  Equip Frog with the Hero Medal to improve his chances of 
making a critical hit.

The main foes in the cave are Gremlins (110 HP) and Vamps (120 HP); Gremlins must be fought 
with magic.  Frog and Marle's Ice Water double technique can win any battle here - or for 
that matter, they can win almost any battle in Magus's Castle.  If you fight the second 
group of monsters, you'll have to fight five Gremlins - and then a bat/Gremlin combo - to 
get out of the cave.  Be sure to search the soldier's body at the exit.

Exit the cave, and now go to Magus's Castle.  Enter.  You're expected.

Foes:  Violet Hench -- 180 HP, uses a physical attack and Crimson Rain (fire damage to 
target).  Sorcerer -- 220 HP; can heal all enemies for 80 HP, attacks with Destruction Zone 
(physical damage to party), and is healed by magic attacks.  Grimalkin -- 120 HP, only makes 
physical attacks.  Roly Bomber -- 99 HP, damages the whole party when it dies, and will be 
attacked by nearby Jesters.  Jester -- 450 HP, attacks with Fire, and has strong defense 
against whatever form it was last attacked with (physical or magical; starts with physical 
defense in place).  Outlaw -- 182 HP; basically a stronger version of the Free Lancer, but 
immune to Lightning and Fire.  Groupie -- 390 HP, alternates between normal attack and 
Slash.  Flunky -- 390 HP, only makes physical attacks.  Roly, Vamp, Decedent, and Omnicrone 
are also present.

Head up the steps, and check out the left wing and right wing of chambers.  After you do 
so, you'll see a Save Point in the main hall.  Step on it, and Ozzie will appear.  Fight the 
monsters that appear.  First, take the west wing.  Fighting the Omnicrones and Decedents is 
easy.  Go north into the second chamber and beat the Decedents; the swordmonster Slash 
will appear.

I think Slash has about 3000 HP in phase one, and over 4000 HP in phase two.  For phase one, 
he'll fight with his bare hands.  Use X Strike and other attacks; heal when needed.  When 
you do enough damage, he'll cast fire ring (fire damage to party) and take up his sword 
(phase two).  He's now immune to water attacks.  He'll either slash away at one character, 
or he'll use the Slash attack to damage multiple characters.  You'll probably be healing a 
lot now.  Eventually you'll wear him down.  When you win, you'll receive his sword, and a 
Save Point will appear; you probably need to make use of it.  Now head to the east wing.  
In the first chamber, you can fight four Specters for a Barrier if you wish.  Now move on 
to the second chamber.

You can get into fights with Sorcerers (they're masquerading as Crono's mom, Leene, and 
someone who depends on your third party member - as King Guardia, Taban, or Lucca) here; 
since they're healed by magic, you'll need to have Crono and Frog cut them down before 
cutting loose.  In the third chamber is a modified Jester that lacks the defense of its 
kin.  When you kill it, the killer will be nailed with MP Buster.  Now the bat that's been 
following you since the Magic Cave will turn into Flea, the transvestite magician.

This is an unpleasant battle at best.  Flea (about 4000 HP) can hit a character with Chaos 
(Waltz of Wind) or Sleep (side effect of normal attack), he can poison or blind the entire 
party (Wind of Poison and Prism Beam, respectively; both do damage), or he can cause Crono 
to hit everyone at full power.  This is why you should have Heal potions.  Use a Mid-Ether 
on whoever killed the Jester and have Crono and Frog do X Strike.  Or have Frog cast Heal 
and employ the best Crono + whoever combo you can.  Flea is fairly resistant to magic.  
Don't hesitate to use Mid-Ethers and Ethers.  When you win, you'll receive a Magic Tab.  
When both Slash and Flea are beaten, a Save Point (a Teleport Point, really) will re-appear 
in the main hall.  You may wish to head back to the Save Point in Slash's room to recover.

Now step on the Teleport Point, and warp to the next area.  Fight you way through the 
monster hordes (Hench, Grimalkin, and Sorcerer all appear here; once again, Ice Water can 
take out just about everything), and you'll meet Ozzie.  He'll run when he realizes Slash 
and Flea are out of action.  Go after him.  You'll arrive in a trap area - try to avoid the 
guillotines dropping onto the conveyor belts.  They'll speed up about halfway through the 
area.  You'll probably take some damage; you can't be killed, but you should heal yourself.  
Be sure to get the Dark Mail and Doom Finger.  Next, you'll arrive in an area with ladders 
and staircases.  Climb down the ladders to avoid monsters (Vamp, Roly, and Jester appear 
here).  Kind of like Donkey Kong...

Next area is the next trap area -- step in the wrong spot, and Ozzie will dump you in a pit.  
The first time you drop in, you'll need to fight six Decedents in this chamber.  Take the 
treasure and the Power Tab.  One of the Save Points in the real McCoy, one is a Teleport 
point, and two are some weird nameless monsters with 10 HP that don't fight back.  
Eventually you'll either avoid the pits and reach Ozzie, or he'll have triggered all of 
them.  He'll run when you reach him.

After that is another stairs and ladders area -- monsters here are Outlaws, Jesters, and Roly 
bombers.  You'll have to fight the Outlaws.   After that is a fight area.  Monsters here are 
Groupies (2 in first fight), Outlaws, and Jesters (4 in the last fight).  Ozzie will run 
from you again.  Next area is yet another series of battles.  Outlaws, Jesters, and Flunkies 
are here.  Walk around the side of the statues instead of between them to avoid battles.

Now you'll finally catch up to Ozzie -- or rather, he won't be able to run anymore.  He'll 
put up an ice barrier -- attacking Ozzie will result in a strong counter attack, and do 
little damage to him.  Instead, simply try move the cursor off Ozzie and you can attack 
those cranks.  When you hit the fourth one, a fourth and final pit will appear right under 
Ozzie.  With him out of the way, take the chests and use the right Save Point.  Now take the 
left Teleport Point.  Now just run down the steps, unless you want to actually fight the 
bats.  You'll enter the door at the bottom.  Now go forward, and meet Magus.

Magus has 6666 HP; this is a two-phase battle.  For phase one, he'll use Geyser (damages the 
whole party) and make physical attacks.  Frog can lower his magic defense by hitting him with 
the Masamune (normal attack).  Magus also attacks with Ice 2, Fire 2, Lightning 2, and Dark 
Bomb.  This changes his barrier - elemental attacks that are not of the element he just hit 
you with will heal him.  Physical attacks don't harm him much; magic is the key.  Use the 
most powerful attack of that element you can muster - Ice Sword, Spire, Rocket Roll, Fire 
Sword, Arc Impulse, Sword Stream, etc.  If you can't use the element of the barrier, use 
physical attacks until he changes it.  When Magus has lost half of his HP, he'll switch 
attack modes.  Now you can more or less full damage to him, with the element not mattering.  
Also, you get a decent interval between the "Magus Risks Casting a Spell!" message and the 
actual spell attack.  Unfortunately, that spell is Dark Matter.  You'll probably need to 
heal the party each time he hits you with it.  When you win, a big-ass gate will form and 
cast your party into the Stone Age - but not Magus.  You'll catch up with him soon enough.

X.  65 Million BC -- Martial Darwinism

The party will wake up in Ayla's hut.  Leave the hut and head north to the Laruba Ruins.  
Talk to everyone, and then go to the Dactyl's Nest (acquire some equipment at the trading 
tent -- if you didn't Charm any weapons in the Reptile Lair -- before doing so).  This place 
is very straight forward.  New enemies are some rock things (Shist - 250 HP; Charm:  Petal) 
that turn into mini-volcanoes (Pahoehoe) when damaged, Cave Apes (Charm:  Fang; 436 HP), and 
Avian Rex (Charm:  Feather; 327 HP), which appears in pairs in this area, and while very 
fast isn't as bad as the Cave Apes.  At the top, you'll find Ayla and some Pterodactyls.  
Ayla will join you, and shall remain in the fighting party until you finish here.  I've 
found Frog to work very well in the up-coming area, but it's your call.

Now that you've got wings, fly SE to the lava field and land in front of the castle that's 
in the center.  Enter the Tyrano Lair.  New monsters here are violet Reptites (Charm:  Mid-
Tonic, 336 HP; tougher than green, but without the physical resistance), Terrasaurs (Charm:  
Lapis, 1090 HP; tougher version of the Megasaur), and Volcanoes (Charm:  Lapis, 257 HP; 
damage one character when acting on own, damages party when struck by monster, damages 
monsters when struck by character (damage is considered physical); healed by magic attacks 
other than water-based).  The treasure chests look like eggs in this area.

You'll be greeted by Cave Apes and Reptites.  Kill them, and go through the right skull-
gate.  Head down the steps, kill the Reptites, and free the Laruba villagers.  Continue 
east, head down the steps, and kill the Reptites.  Ayla will free Kino (and completely ignore 
the switch by the gate).  Take the egg in his cell, and follow him up to the entrance room.  
He'll open the left skull-gate and leave.  Go through and up.

In this new room, stepping on any of the switches dumps the monsters right beyond them into 
a pit.  Ignore the left for the moment; go through the right side.  Exit, and you'll be on 
the lair battlements.  Go east until you reach an entrance in.  Left egg is treasure, right 
egg drops you into the holding room for the Laruba, where you'll fight any monsters you 
dumped into pits.  Now return to that chamber, and head west.  Once again, you'll wind up 
outside.  West is an entrance back into the interior.

This next chamber is kind of weird.  Some of the spots here are teleporters to parts of the 
chamber.  You need to trigger a teleport in the SW corner to reach the NE-most egg (Meso 
Mail), and a NE teleporter to reach the SW-most egg (Revive).  Head up the steps, and you're 
back outside.  Head to the east side, and enter the chamber.  Step on the right switch to 
open the skull gate (left switch also opens the gate, but you'll have to fight); hit the 
switch on the other side of the gate.  Now go back out, and enter the center gate.  You'll 
meet Nizbel II.  Talk to him, walk past him, and use the Save Point.  Head for the steps to 
provoke him into attacking.

Nizbel II (Charm:  Third Eye) has about 7000 HP.  He's basically a stronger version of the 
previous Nizbel, with an added complication -- you have to use lightning attacks regularly, 
since his defense starts going up as soon as a non-lightning attack hits him.  Which means 
you'll be facing a lot of counter-electrocution.  Use Volt Bite attacks and have the other 
party member on healing duty.  When you win, use the Save Point again.

Head up, and you're back outside.  Same procedure as last time, though there's now a center 
switch before the skull gate -- hit it to get a Save Point, and you'll have to search the 
skull gate to open it.  When you go through the center gate, you'll be in Azala's throne 
room.  Now follow him, and you'll be outside yet again, this time on a bridge.  Equip 
everyone with a Ruby Vest  and go forward until you meet the latest in Reptite biological 
warfare -- the Black Tyrano.  Azala challenges you for the future.

Azala (Charm:  Magic Tab) has 2700 HP, great resistance to physical attack, and various 
attacks that are more annoying than anything else -- they do physical damage to the target.  
He'll use Azala Break to damage the party when he's reduced to 0 HP.  However, Azala is 
nothing beside his pet, the Black Tyrano (Charm:  Power Tab).  That has 10500 HP, and 
usually has much better resistance than Azala (to both physical and magic attacks).  When 
resistance is up, it'll attack individuals with fireballs or with a HP drain (it'll actually 
chew on the target; loss is more than half of the target's full HP).  Use Rock Throw, Volt 
Bite, Spire, Ice/Fire Sword 2, Cube/Ice Toss, a pure magic single or double technique (that 
works best) or whatever on Azala.  When Azala is gone, the Tyrano will drop its resistance 
and start powering up for a mass flaming.  Throw everything you can at it while it counts 
down to zero.  At zero, it'll hit everyone with a fire attack and bring its defense back 
up.  Heal your party while you wait for it to drop its defense again.  Eventually you'll 
bring it down.  Note that if you take too long to take out Azala, it'll drop its defense 
and build up fire power anyway.  Additional:  Azala used a Sleep attack when I let the fight
drag on that long.  He might have a few other tricks.  But you should have wasted him before
he can use them.

When you win, Lavos, who was summoned out of space by Azala, will come down to earth.  
Crono and company will escape the holocaust of the impact, and then return to crater in 
hopes of catching Lavos while it's still weak.  No such luck.  It's long gone, and there's 
a Gate in the crater.  Take it.

XI.  12000 BC -- The Enlightened Ones

If you re-enter the Gate, you'll arrive at the End of Time, and now have access to 
Earthbound Island 12000 BC and Tyrano Lair 65 Million BC.  Leave the cave.  You'll see 
that the world is now in an Ice Age.  If you head west from the cave, you'll find the 
Terra Cave (it'll look like a tent on the over-world map); you can't do anything there.  
Go east, and you'll find the Sky Gate.  Take it up to the Magic Kingdom.

Enter the nearby city of Enhasa..  Inside, you'll immediately notice Doreen, a creature 
rather like Masa and Mune.  Talk to everyone.  At the NW corner is Janus.  He'll spook 
the party, and then leave.  Now, if you've searched the books on the tables, you should have 
seen one summon water, one summon wind, and a third summon fire.  Open them in that order 
(NE corner, NW corner, and by entrance, respectively), and a bookcase will sink into the 
floor, revealing a doorway.  Inside is a Nu and an open book.  The book says "Life begins 
with Nu, and ends with Nu...  This is the truth!  This is my belief! least, for 
now."  Talk to the Nu, and you can challenge it.  Accept to fight six Nus at once.  If you 
lose, you'll be kicked out of the room.  If you win, you'll receive a Magic Tab and a Speed 
Tab.  You're now done with this city.  Leave and head to the Sky Gate north of it.

You're back on the ground.  Just keep going until you reach the next sky gate.  Go up, and 
enter the city west of it (Kajar).  Talk to everyone.  The Nu at the center sells 
restoratives.  You'll see a Tab shimmering above a bookcase in the NE corner.  To get it, 
enter the chamber north of it, and search the south wall in the SE corner.  Do the water-
wind-fire (NW, SE, center) book thing to access another secret chamber.  Enter, search the 
Poyozo doll (you'll receive the Black Rock), and read the book.  Now leave the city, and 
check out the Black Bird to the west of it.  You'll meet Dalton.  Now head to the caves in 
that cliff face.  Enter a cave and step in the light to warp to the cave above it.  Keep 
doing this until you reach Zeal Palace.

The music here is a good deal grimmer.  When you talk to a woman in the SW corner who asks 
if you like plants, say yes and then tell her to plant it in secret.  At the NW corner is a 
passage leasing to the Mammon Machine.  North center is the passage to the Throne Room.  NE 
is the passage to Schala and Janus's bedrooms.  Talk to that Nu walking around near the 
center to learn the Nu's scratch point.  Head for the bedrooms once you've spoken to 
everyone.  In Janus's bedroom, you see a touching little scene.  Now head to the Throne Room 
passage, and witness the black door being opened with the Pendant.  You'll now head to the 
Mammon Machine.  Search the shimmering dot in front of it to charge your Pendant.  Now head 
back to the Throne Room passage.  Put Lucca in your party.  Open the black door, and enter 
the Throne Room.  Queen Zeal, Dalton, and the Prophet that you've been hearing about aren't 
pleased to see you.  Dalton will summon Golem.

Golem (Charm:  Magic Tab) has about 9000 HP, and a variety of attacks, depending on what 
type of attack you hit it with.  Physical attacks are the Iron Orb and a powerful attack 
directed at one character (energy balls).  Fire attacks are the weakest - Fire and fire 
ring.  The Shadow attack is Laser Spin.  Water attacks are Ice and Water 2.  The Lightning 
attack is Nizbel's counter-electrocution.  If it's using Lightning or Shadow to attack you, 
you can get wiped out very quickly.  Keep hitting Golem with fire attacks (Fire Sword 2, if 
possible) until it dies.  Have the third character use healing items or powers.  When it 
dies it will use a group-damaging attack.  Win or lose, your party will be captured.

In the following cinema scene, Schala and Janus will free the party.  The Prophet will show 
up, but the siblings won't allow him to kill you.  He'll simply settle for casting you 
through the Gate back to 65 million BC, and have Schala seal it behind you.  You're back in 
the crater.  Leave, and ride the pterodactyls to Mystic Mountain.  Go to the End of the 
Time, and talk to the Watcher.  He'll tell you what to do.  Take a Gate to 2300 AD.

XII.  2300 AD -- The Wings of Time

Your destination is Keeper's Dome.  Make your back there; you'll need to go through Lab 16 
or 32, depending on which Gate you took.  If you check out Trann and Arris Domes, you'll see 
that the seed has germinated and is being spread.  If you're on that side, be sure to open 
the black doors at Bangor (Charm Top, Full Ether, Wallet), Arris (Gold Erring, Elixir, Power 
Tab, Hit Ring, Lumin Robe), and Trann (Full Ether, Gold Stud, Magic Tab).  The Gold Stud is 
probably the most valuable item you'll find.  When you reach the Sewer Access, head through 
to Keeper's Dome.

At the Dome, you'll find the old man gone and the Nu saying something about a memory bank 
failure.  Open the black door, and examine all the shimmering dots that appear; they amount 
to the Last Will and Testament of Balthasar.  Go through the black door at the end.  Inside 
is Balthasar's time machine.  Examine the north end of it, and then go to leave.  The Nu 
will show up, tell you how the Wings of Time work, and ask you to name it (default is 
Epoch).  Search the seats to get in.  Tell it to go anywhere but 1999 AD.  However, there's 
some places you should check out before returning to the Dark Ages.

XII.  2300 AD, 600 AD, 1000 AD -- Breaking the Seal

If you haven't done so already, open the black doors in Trann, Arris, and Bangor.  Now, head 
to 600 AD.  There are black chests at Truce Inn, Guardia Castle, the Porre Elder's House 
(two there), Guardia Forest (Speed Tab), and the Magic Cave (Magic Ring).  At the first 
three locations, be sure to say "No" when asked if you want to remove the contents of the 
chests.  Have Frog with you at Guardia Castle for extra dialogue.  Now go to 1000 AD.

There are chests at the same locations, though the Magic Cave doesn't exist anymore - head 
to the Heckran Cave for the chest (Wall Ring and Dash Ring).  To get the 1000 AD Guardia 
Forest chest (Power Ring), you'll need to use the Pillar of Light.  Now that you can more 
thoroughly check out Guardia Castle here's the main layout changes:  At the stairs leading 
down to the barracks, there are also stairs leading up (you came down this way during 
Crono's escape).  At the stairs leading down to the kitchen, there are also stairs leading 
up - to the court room.  You'll need to bring Marle with you to enter the Castle.  Go buy 
some Jerky for her dad if you want to see some pyrotechnics.  And while you're in 1000 AD, 
drop by Lucca's House.  Be sure to have Lucca in your party and talk to Taban twice - you'll 
receive the Taban Suit and Taban Helm.

If you said "No" to those four chests in 600 AD, the contents in 1000 AD will have powered 
up -- Blue Mail in the Truce Inn, Red Mail at Guardia Castle, White Mail and Black Mail at 
the Porre Mayor's House.  Now go back to 600 AD to get the weaker Vest version of each item 
-- same place.  These are the ultimate in protection against any one element.

As a final seal to break, go to that blue pyramid north of Medina Village -- yes, the 
Elemental Palace.  Whatever palace there was is gone now.  If you didn't go there when you 
first came to Medina, take the chests there now.  Use the pendant to break the pyramid-
shaped force field.  I recommend you take the Safe Hat (permanent Protect effect; third 
best helmet in simple defense points) -- the katana (Swallow), while it gives you a speed 
bonus, will eventually be out-classed by later weapons.

Three last things -- if you told that woman in Jahar to plant that seedling, there'll now be 
a whirlpool in the desert south of Fiona's Villa.  This is one of the sub-quests; I don't 
recommend going there yet.  Also, the people of Medina are now worshipping Ozzie instead of 
Magus.   Lastly, Spekkio should have assumed a new form -- that of a red Omnicrone -- by now.  
It has about 5000 HP, and uses Fire 2, Ice 2, and Lightning 2 to attack.  Beat it to receive 
a Magic Tab, a Speed Tab, and five Full Ethers.

Now, use the Wings of Time to go to 12000 BC.

XIV.  12000 BC -- The Mountain of Woe

Head west until you reach the Terra Cave.  Enter, and climb the ladder up.  This is the home 
of the Earthbound Ones -- the humans without magic.  Talk to them all, and decide who will be 
in your party -- Ayla is good for what's coming.  Buy equipment accordingly; if you have the 
elemental mails, you just need weapons.  Use the Save Point at the bottom, and enter the 
Beast Lair.

Take the Tab at the east side, and head north until a pair of Beasts appear.  Beasts have 
830 HP, and gain attack power whenever they are attacked.  Ayla can Charm Rainbow Helms from 
them, which are better than what was being sold in the Earthbound shop.  North of the first 
pair is another pair of Beasts.  Try to get a total of three Rainbow Helms if you can.  Now 
put someone who is water or fire elemental in your party, and head north until you meet the 

The Mud Imp (Charm:  Magic Tab) has a mere 1000 HP or so, but it has incredible defense and 
some backup.  The Red Beast (Charm:  Elixir) is fire-based, and the Blue Beast (Charm:  
Mermaid Cap) is water-based.  Both have 5000 HP.  When the Imp is damaged, it'll have both 
Beasts counter attack.  The Imp can put characters to sleep, heal itself and the Beasts (150 
HP), or goad the Beasts into attacking your party.  If the Imp dies, the Beasts will die, 
too.  Use Fire attacks on the Blue Beast or Water attacks on the Red Beast.  Use physical, 
Lightning, or Shadow attacks on the beast whose opposition element is not in your party.  
When both Beasts are out of the picture, go after the Imp.  It's defense will go down a bit. 
If you take too long to kill it, it'll run.  Use Rock Throw to do massive damage to it.  Now 
the path to the Mountain of Woe is open.  Return to the Earthbound Cave to rest and save, 
and then walk up the anchor chain to the Mountain.

New foes here are Gargoyles (Charm:  Big Hand; 260 HP, can reduce target to 1 HP with a 
special attack), Man Eaters (Charm:  Pearl Edge; 250 HP, can heal the monsters for 120 HP 
and make a Blizzard attack, which does damage and Chaos to the target), and Bantam Imps 
(Charm:  Alloy Blade; physical attack and Crimson Rain; are grounded and become Stone Imps 
after taking 250 HP of damage; the Stone Imps have 300 HP and only make physical attacks). 
Also of note is a rock-like thing called the Rubble.  The Rubble will hit you with Lock All 
when you go to fight it (you can't use techniques or items).  It won't fight back, but it 
will run if you take too long.  It has 515 HP, and is hard to hit.  Kill it to receive 1000 
experience points and 100 technique points.  There are foes like it later in the game.

Area 1:  Area exit is in the NW corner.  Be sure to get the treasure and fight the Rubble.  
Be sure to keep an eye on your characters techniques and technique points -- if a character 
has picked up their seventh technique, switch them for someone else.  I recommend that you 
take out Gargoyles first in any battle on the Mountain.  Head west from the area entrance 
to reach the exit; head north to reach to the treasure (another Rubble and a Lode Helm).

Area 2:  The Rubble is west of the area entrance.  Head north to reach a Save Point.  Beyond 
that is a chain leading east; there's a Rubble and two chests.  Going west from the chain 
and past a south passage takes you to a Barrier.  The south passage take you on your way; 
head south and around until you can go north.  The chest hold a Lapis.  East from there 
brings you along your way.  Continue along until you a big chain.  South of the chain is a 
Rubble.  East takes you to the next area.

Area 3:  East of the Man Eaters is a Full Ether and a Barrier.  North and through the Man 
Eaters takes you to a Rubble.  From you can head south to a Gargoyle/Man Eater fight for a 
Shield and Shelter, or you can go east to reach a Save Point and the exit to the next area.
Area 4:  No monsters, just chests and a Magic Tab in the SE corner of the area.  Before 
climbing up the final chain, decide on your party.  Ayla is highly recommended.  Equip the 
Red Mail, Red Vest, and Shadow Mail.  Give the red items to the two characters you deem more 
important.  If you don't have the elemental armor, equip everyone with a Ruby Vest.  Now 
climb up the chain.  You're in a sort of clearing with a block of ice in the center.  Search 
it, and Giga Gaia will appear.

The body (Charm:  Speed Tab) has 9000 HP.  The hands have 2000 HP.  While both hands exist, 
you'll have to face group damaging shadow (Dark Plasma) and fire attacks (the fire attack -- 
Pair Blaster -- is the more powerful).  The order is usually shadow, fire.  The elemental 
armor will allow you to be healed every time it makes the appropriate attack.  Falcon Hit 
is probably the best way to deal with the hands, though any group attack shall do.  If the 
left hand is destroyed, the right will either attack (Water Rise, one character) or heal the 
body (250 HP).  If the right one is destroyed, the left will either cut one character's HP 
in half or make a group damaging fire attack.  Sometimes a single hand action will replace 
Dark Plasma or Pair Blaster, though this is rare.  Without the hands, the body is helpless.  
Throw everything you have at it until the hands reform.  They'll only have 1000 HP when 
reformed.  Destroy them, and keep fighting until Giga Gaia dies.

When it dies, Melchior will be freed, and the Mountain of Woe will collapse.  You'll return 
to the Earthbound Cave.  Schala and Janus will arrive, and Dalton shortly thereafter.  He'll 
capture Schala and blast everyone else.  When the party wakes up, talk to Melchior.  He'll 
give you the Ruby Knife.  Talk to everyone, and then leave the Terra Cave and head for the 
Sky Gate.  Also, the seal on the time Gate is broken.  Make your way back to Zeal Palace.  
Be sure to stop in Jahar on the way.  The Nu will sell weapons and armor if you say that 
your pendant is not Schala's.  You don't need the armor if you have the elemental mail and 
the Rainbow Helms.  Also, give the Nu by the wizard developing Magic Tabs a back scratch to 
receive a Magic Tab.  Now, go to the Palace.

XV.  12000 BC -- the Ocean Palace

You'll find that the Mammon Machine has been moved to the Ocean Palace.  Head to the Throne 
Room, and you'll meet Dalton (Charm:  Power Meal, about 4500 HP).  He'll fight you.  He uses 
the Iron Orb and energy ball attacks, and will use Iron Orb as a counter attack.  When you 
win, he'll use the Blurp attack (just like Golem's).  He'll then retreat through the gate to 
the Ocean Palace.  Go through after him.

Ocean Palace foes:  Scouters (Charm:  Lapis; 300 HP, attacks with Sleep and with Lightning), 
Blue Scouts (Charm:  Shield; 300 HP, attacks with blue rain) and Red Scouts (Charm:  
Barrier; 300 HP, attacks with Crimson Rain) are elemental-based (lightning, water, fire).  
They take half-damage from physical attacks, and can only be damaged by their own element.  
Other elements heal them and provoke a party-damaging counter attack.  A group containing 
all three types can use Delta Force.  Mages (Charm:  Barrier; 480 HP) use the energy ball 
attack and Lock attacks.  They aren't much of a problem.  Jinn (Charm:  Lapis) and Barghest 
(Charm:  Lapis) always fight together, and both have 450 HP.  Kill the Barghest and hit the 
Jinn once to remove the Barghest shield on it.  Ayla can Charm a Lapis from either monster.  
Thrashers (666 HP) and Lashers (666 HP) are both nasty; if more than one of either type is 
present when you damage one, you'll face a counter attack (Twister and X Strike, 
respectively).  Go ahead and use excessive force on those.

Use the Save Point, and talk to Masa.  Now go south through the exit, and you'll enter a 
room that has an exit in each cardinal direction.  Take out the scouts and mages, and take 
the chests.  Crono should have a Pearl Edge equipped, if possible.  The south exit in this 
area takes you on your way.  The other exits take you to battles and treasure.  Weapons to 
look out for are the Kaiser Arm and the Demon Hit.  To get the Demon Hit, got through the SW 
exit and stay pressed along the west wall the make your way down (after you've dealt with 
the Blue Scouts) and around.  Keeping trying to walk through the wall near where you can no 
longer proceed, and you'll eventually locate a secret passage to the chest containing it.  
Also, the Kaiser Arm is in this chamber.  Once you've got the Demon Hit, Frog can do some 
real damage in this area.  Go through the south exit when you're done exploring the chamber.

Kill the monsters, use the Save Point, and start heading down the steps.  You'll have to go 
through a long series of battles, involving everything except the Jinn/Barghest combo.  
Don't worry about avoiding fights; just tear your way through.  At the end you'll find 
Mune.  Go down the final flight, take out the Jinn/Barghest combo in the new room, and use 
the Save Point.

Now head through the south exit to the elevator.  You'll have fight when you walk to the 
shimmering dot.  Clean house, and search the dot to get the elevator going down.  You'll now 
have to fight yet another series of battles.  The last is two Seekers, and two of both 
Watcher types.  When you reach the bottom, you can search the shimmering dot to go back up 
and claim a Magic Tab, but considering that you'll have to go through all that fighting 
again, it probably isn't worth it (the trigger dot appears if you leave and then re-enter 
the area).  Go through the north exit.

Head up and west to reach a room with a scout trio.  Kill them, hit the switch, and go back 
to the entrance; now head up and east to find another trio and switch room.  When both 
switches have been hit, step on the switch before the lava.  A bridge will form.  There's a 
Save Point on the other side.  Use it.  Now, the bosses you're about to face are the Golem 
Twins - identical to Golem, but there's two of them.  Equip your party appropriately, 
keeping in mind which element you want to use.  When you've got the right people and 
equipment, go forward.  Dalton is waiting, and he'll summon the Golem Twins.

As I just said, each is the same as the Golem you faced earlier.  With the right equipment 
and attacks, this can be easy.  Without them, you could get slaughtered.  Use a group 
damaging attack of the appropriate element right off.  Now just keep blasting away with the 
appropriate element until you win.  Dalton will prepare to fight, but will then change his 
mind and retreat.  Follow him.

You're now in the Hall of the Mammon Machine.  The Nu will advise you to escape, and will 
then follow its own advice.  Go forward.  Crono will throw the Ruby Knife -- which is 
actually the Masamune -- at the Mammon Machine, and all hell will break loose.

The party will find itself face-to-mouth with Lavos.  For this battle, the Lavos Shell 
functions at what I guess to be at least three times its normal power and HP (as of the 
Day of Lavos).  When you lose, the Prophet will appear and reveal himself to be Magus.  
Queen Zeal and Schala will then appear.  Magus will attack Lavos, but his powers will be 
drained and he'll get blasted.  Zeal will then zap Schala.  Everyone will then start 
drifting towards the mouth of Lavos.  Crono will get back up.  Walk up to the mouth of 
Lavos.  Lavos will attack, and Crono will put up some sort of shield.  Crono will 
disintegrate.  The other two party members, Magus, and Schala will now appear in the 
wrecked Hall of the Mammon Machine.  Schala will use her remaining power to teleport 
everyone else to safety.  The cinema scene shall continue.  To sum it up, the Magic 
Kingdom of Zeal will be destroyed and shall fall into the ocean.  The resulting tsunami 
will submerge most of the land.  Incidentally, the continual blizzard has now ended.

XVI.  12000 BC -- New King, Old Foe

The party members will wake up in a hut in the Last Village.  You'll now pick a third party 
member.  Note that from now on, you can select which character will fill any slot.  
Leave, check the other two tents, and head for the Commons.  Talk to everyone there.  When 
you talk to the elder, some monsters and Dalton will show up.  Dalton will capture the party 
and confiscate Epoch.

The party will wake up in a small room and find that all the equipment and money are 
missing.  You can't go out the door, so head up the ladder.  The party will realize they're 
in the Black Bird.  Now head back in; one of the characters will notice an air duct 
passage.  Head up it, and you'll be in the Black Bird's ventilation system.  You'll be doing 
a lot of travel in this area.  Hit A to look through any grating that you're standing on.  
From the air duct entrance, head east and then start making your way north and around to 
reach your first destination.

First objective is near the NW corner.  Keep looking, and you'll eventually find a room 
containing a chest and a sleeping Basher.  Go in, get the chest (it contains the lead 
character's equipment), and kill the Basher (if you wish).  Head back up into the 

Now that someone has their equipment, you can fight the monsters, though only characters 
with equipment (specifically, weapons) will fight.  If you run into a monster with no one 
armed, you'll wind up back in the cell.  Since Ayla needs no weapons, she can fight without 
equipment - but she won't have any armor.  Bytes and Bashers both have around 200 HP; Bytes 
are faster and hit harder.  Slain Bashers aren't regenerated -- kill 'em once, and they'll 
never return.  Bytes are regenerated, however.

Now head as far south in the Black Bird as you can go, and start working your way through 
it.  You can change the direction of a conveyer belt by searching the purple arrow near it.

Area 1:  The SW chamber contains character #3's equipment, and a ladder up to the 
ventilation system.  The SE chamber contains a ladder up.  Now go north on the conveyor 
belt.  The west chamber holds the money and  ladder up.  The east chamber is your cell.  
Now head north again.  The NE chamber contains character #2's equipment, and has a ladder 
up next to it.  The NW chamber contains a ladder up.  No go the north exit to reach the next 

Area 2:  The SE chamber contains a ladder up; the SW chamber contains the rest of your 
equipment, and a door that leads to a ladder up to the west wing.  If you haven't found the 
individual character's equipment yet, you can arm them with the general equipment.  The NE 
chamber contains a ladder up.  At the north side is another ladder up.  Take it, head as far 
east as you can from there to get a Magic Tab, and then head back down it.  Once you've got 
everything, go to the left wing ladder, and head up.

The Turrets here are like the Rubbles of the Mountain of Woe, except they have 700 HP, you 
have less time to kill them, and they fire back with a weak thin laser.  When you're done 
Turret hunting, go to the west edge of the wing, and let the wind push you to the south 
edge.  When you reach it, the Golem Boss will appear.

Golem Boss has around 15000 HP.  Since it's scared of heights, it won't be able to attack.  
Basically, you just need to see if you can kill it before it can run away.  After the fight, 
Dalton will show up in a modified Epoch.  The party will fight him on the Epoch.

Dalton Plus has about 3000 HP or so.  He uses Slash, energy balls, and Iron Orb.  This is an 
easy battle.  When Dalton has been beaten, he'll try to summon Golem Boss -- but since it's 
already been taken out of the picture...  Dalton will die, and the party will try to figure 
out if Epoch's controls were reconfigured.  In the process, they'll shoot down the Black 
Bird.  You'll then land at the Last Village.  The tent containing the Nu is selling new 

Head to the Commons, and talk to everyone.  If you haven't already told that woman to plant 
the seedling, do it now; she's there.  The people will mention a stranger looking for you.  
Now leave the Commons, and head for North Cape.

Once there, go forward, and check the shimmering dot.  Magus will appear.  He'll talk to you 
for a bit, and explain how some Gates created by Lavos cast his younger self and the three 
Gurus into separate time periods.  He'll then get the party pissed off at him.  You must 
decide whether or not to fight him.  If you chose to fight him when Frog is in the party, he 
will go at it solo.

Magus once again has 6666 HP.  Starting, Magus only makes physical attacks.  When he's lost 
half of his HP, he'll start using Fire 2, Ice 2, and Lightning 2.  Magus is very fast, and 
will sometimes make consecutive castings -- as soon as one spell finishes, he hits you with 
another.  When you beat Magus, you'll receive the Amulet.

If you choose not to fight, then go to leave the area.  He'll ask you to wait, and then he'll 
join your party.  Since Lavos drained his powers, he's only got Ice 2, Fire 2, and Lightning 
2 to start with.  He comes with the Amulet.  Like every other player of this game who has 
written a walkthrough, I recommend getting Magus.

Either way, he'll tell you that the Guru of Time can help you bring Crono back.

Now, return to Epoch, and take off.  You'll see the Ocean Palace rise up in a new form -- 
that of the Black Omen.  You could head in, but you aren't strong enough yet.

Now, you can go to the Day of Lavos whenever you wish.  However, you probably need to gain 
power.  You can now go get Crono back, or you can start on the sub-quests.  It should be 
noted that Magus works great on all of the sub-quests.

If you want to get Crono back, set course for the End of Time.

XVII.  The End of Time, 2300 AD -- Chrono Trigger

Talk to the Watcher.  Now go to leave.  The Watcher will call you back, and give you the 
Chrono Trigger.  The party will realize he must be Gaspar.  He'll explain how the Chrono 
Trigger works, and tell you to find Belthasar.  Head to 2300 AD and the Keeper's Dome.  Make 
your way to the Nu (be sure to get the Magic Tab), and he'll tell you to get a clone of Crono.

Go to 1000 AD.  If you've already won a clone, go to Crono's house to get it.  Otherwise, 
head to the Tent of Horrors and play the 40 point game.  You can win the clone, or you can 
buy it if you fail to win it.  The longer you lasted, the less you'll pay.

It should be noted that now that anyone can be in the lead, all of the characters can win a 
Clone and a Poyozo doll.  All 1000 AD dolls play Marle's theme; the other dolls play the 
owner's theme.  Doll and clone will located at the home of the owner (Marle's room, Lucca's 
house, Ayla's hut, the North Cape, Frog's home in the Cursed Woods, and Proto Dome).  Also, 
Ayla can participate in the Soda Guzzling Contest.  Once you have a clone of Crono, return 
to Keeper's Dome.

Talk to the Nu again.  It'll execute its final program - sending three Poyozo dolls to Death 
Peak.  Go ahead and turn the thing off.  Now head to Death Peak.

Dash north to the Poyozo doll, and talk to it.  It'll turn into a tree.  Now, wait under 
the south side of the tree until the wind blows hard and then dies down.  Now dash to the 
next tree, and wait there.  Then dash north until you exit the area.  If you get caught in 
the wind when it's blowing at maximum power, you'll be blown off of the Peak.

The only foes you'll meet on Death Peak are Krakkers (500 HP; attack by draining HP), and 
Macabre (582 HP, hits very hard or misses completely).  If Magus is with you, kick off every 
battle with a non-Shadow spell.

Starting off, just explore.  You'll find chests, and both a cave and a Save Point in the 
second area (the Save Point is SE of the cave).  When you're done head into the cave.  Head 
north a bit, and you'll face a Lavos Spawn.

The Spawn has two parts - mouth (Charm:  Elixir) and shell.  Hitting the shell does no good 
and provokes a counter attack (the needle attack, specifically).  The Spawn has an attack 
pattern.  The attacks are a needle attack (massive physical damage to all characters), fire 
bomb (fire damage to target), Lavos Sigh (damage and Sleep to target), and Blizzard (damage 
and Chaos to target), in that order.  The mouth has 4000 HP; when it dies the shell dies too.  
Lavos Spawn are worth 120 Technique Points, in addition to the experience.  The other two 
Spawn on the Peak are identical to this one.

When you kill it, take the chest (Giga Arm) and head north.  Make your way east through this 
area (one wrong step, and you'll be facing flying skeletons), and re-enter the cave.  Take 
the chest (Brave Sword; Frog's second best weapon), and you'll probably have to fight some 
Krakkers to get through.  Exit, and hit the dot-switch.  A cave will open.  Now make your 
way back to the where the Save Point is, and head north to reach the cave you just opened.  
Make you way through the cave passage (there's a Krakker and a chest holding the Star 
Scythe, Magus's second best weapon).  You'll fight another Lavos Spawn about one or two 
steps after exiting.  When you kill it, continue west.

The doll will tell you what's up.  There's wind constantly blowing to the south on the 
expanse ahead.  If you go off any edge of the expanse, you'll wind up back at the Save 
Point.  I've found the best way to get through here is to always walk north into the wind, 
and then edge left so that the party goes west while walking against the wind.  Stop walking 
and then resume walking to move south a little; just push the Dash button once to move north 
a step.  You'll probably be very glad to get out of this area.

In this new area, you'll see a little stream of Krakkers coming from the north.  Go ahead 
and fight them; you can use the points, and they'll stop coming when you've killed eight of 
them.  Take the Vedic Blade.  Now go south and make your way through until you reach the 
last Poyozo Doll.

Talk to the doll, and head down the ladder.  At the west side of the path there's a ladder 
down; take the chest (Dark Helm), and then climb back up and head north to face the last 
Lavos Spawn.  When it dies, the shell will remain.  Push the shell to the NE corner of the 
clearing; there's a partial ladder there.  Climb up the shell, and you'll go up the ladder 
if you positioned it right.  Take the chest (Memory Cap) and head north; you'll now be on 
the top of Death Peak.  The party will use the Chrono Trigger.  A solar eclipse will occur, 
and you'll be sent back to a frozen moment in time - right before Crono dies.  Investigate 
Crono to replace him with the clone.  You've now prevented his death.

You'll then arrive at the End of Time.  Talk to the Watcher, and he'll talk about how to get 
to Lavos and the sub-quests.  Talk to everyone but Crono to learn a little more about the 

XVIII.  Sub-quests

You can do these in any order, and for most of them you can use whoever you wish.  I 
recommend basing who you bring on both who will be useful and who hasn't learned all of 
their techniques yet.

Sub-quest I.  2300 AD, all time periods -- The Sun Stone

"...And there's a very special stone, that can shine its light on every generation, from the 
distant past to the far future..."  Talk to Lucca at the End of Time to see the location of 
the Sun Palace.  Now go to 2300 AD; the Sun Palace is SW of Keeper's Dome.  Land and enter.

Now, equip the Red Mail, Red Vest, and either the Taban Suit (Lucca only) or Ruby Vest (or 
Ruby Armor, if you've already gone to 65 Million BC to get it).  Head north until you see a 
shimmering dot.  Search it, and the Son of Sun will appear.

The Son of Sun (Charm:  Black Mail) has only 2400 HP or so, but is very difficult to 
damage.  Attacking one of the five flames (Charm:  Elixir) will damage the SoS for 214 HP or 
so, but attacking the wrong one results in a counter attack (fire damage to target).  
Attacking the correct flame is the only way to damage it.  The SoS itself attacks with Flare 
(hopefully, you have fire protection) or a wide laser (high Shadow damage to all on line 
between attacker and target).  Magic heals the SoS.  Physical attacks are what must be used. 
Every now and then the SoS will rotate the flames around, forcing you to relocate the 
correct flame.  Magus can destroy two of the flames with Black Hole, though he probably 
doesn't have it at this point.  When you get the message "Son of Sun is losing its fire," 
stop fighting; you've won.  The flames will go out.  Follow the SoS north and search it to 
receive the Moon Stone.

Now head to 65 Million BC.  There's some stuff for you here.  Head to the Laruba Ruins and 
talk to the Nu there; he can change the lead character's name, and the first time you talk 
to him you'll receive the Silver Rock.  Now head to the trading hut.  There you can trade 
10 Feathers, Horns, Petals, and Fangs for a suit of Ruby Armor.  This is what Ayla was 
talking about at the End of Time.  Now head east of the Dactyl Nest, and you'll see Sun 
Keep.  Enter the Keep and place the Moon Stone in the sun beam.

Now go to 2300 AD.  Enter Sun Keep, and you'll find that the Sun Stone is gone.  Head to 600 
AD, and enter the Keep.  The Stone is there, and so is a Power Tab.  Go to 1000 AD.  You'll 
find the Stone is gone.  Head to Porre Village, and you'll see sparkles rising off the 
Mayor's house.  He'll deny having the Stone.  Go to the Snail Stop and buy some Jerky.  Go 
to the Elder's House in 600 AD.  Give the Jerky to the woman.  Now return to the Mayor's 
House in 1000 AD.  The mayor will give you the Sun Stone.  Note that you can do the giving 
away Jerky bit as early as part VII.

Now that you have recovered the Sun Stone, return to the Keep and put it in the sunlight.  
Now return to 2300 AD, and claim the fully charged Sun Stone (you need Lucca in your party 
to take it).  You'll automatically head to Lucca's house.  She'll use to the Sun Stone to 
make the Wonder Shot (her best weapon; damage range is from around 35 to around 750).  Her 
dad will use it to make the Sun Shades (increases damage by one fourth).  That completes 
this sub-quest.

Sub-quest II.  600 AD -- Reforesting a Desert

"In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer determination brings a forest back to life..."  You can 
do this sub-quest only if you told that woman to plant the seedling back in 12000 BC.  
Otherwise, the whirlpool in the sand won't ever appear.  Head to Fiona's Villa.  Talk to 
her and her husband Marco.  Now go to the whirlpool, and enter.  Be sure to bring Magus, 
Frog, and/or Marle; Water and Ice magic is absolutely vital in this area.  Walk into the 
dark part of the swirling sands to enter the cavern proper.

The foes here are Mohavor (Charm:  Shield; 400 HP; has a physical attack, a Blindness 
attack, and a Sand Cyclone attack (damages one character)) and Hexapod (Charm:  Barrier; 
1000 HP, physical attacks only).  Water-based magic will drastically lower their defense.

You'll face several attacks in the cave.  Water based magic will both damage and lower the 
defense of the sand creatures here.  Use Ice 2, Water 2, Ice Water, Cube Toss, or something 
similar for best results.  Use normal attacks to deal with magic attack survivors.  Now, 
once you've got all the chests and healed up, go down the steps at the south end of the 
cave.  You're now in another cave.  When you go down into the sand, you'll see something 
weird come up out of it.  The party will guess on what it is, and it'll submerge.  It'll 
then pop up at another part of the cavern.  Every time it pops up, your party loses HP.  
Now, you can get the chests, or you can deal with the thing.  If you can catch up to it, the 
rest of it will arise from the sands.

The Retinite is in essence an updated Zombor.  The top has about 5000 HP, the bottom has 
about 4000 HP.  The new addition -- the little core in the middle (Charm:  Speed Tab) -- has 
about 2000.  Both halves can drain HP, though the bottom drains more.  The bottom can do the 
earthquake thing, and Sand Cyclone.  The top also attacks with fire bomb, Laser Spin, Sand 
Breath (Darkness), and with a weird group damaging Shadow attack.  Take out the middle core 
first.  Magic does no damage to the Retinite, but Water/Ice magic demolishes its physical 
defense.  Attacking it raises the defense.  I usually take out the bottom half first.  Use 
just Water or Ice if you're concentrating on one half at a time.  When you win, take whatever
chests you haven't already claimed, and head out.  Be sure to get the Power Tab.

Now put Robo in your party, and go talk to Fiona.  Robo will volunteer to help her restore 
the forest.  Let him.  Now go to 1000 AD.  The desert has been replaced by a forest, and 
there's a cathedral where Fiona's Villa was.  Save your game and enter the cathedral.  One 
of the nuns is selling Vigil Hats (protects status; best helmet you can buy).  Head to the 
dais and search Robo.  The lead character will drag him off of it, and Robo will re-
activate.  You'll now have a camp-out.

Once the discussion is done, everyone will fall asleep.  Lucca will wake up.  Go east, and 
you'll find a Gate.  Go through.  You're now in Lucca's house, 990 AD.  Go down the steps, 
and enter the main room.  You'll see Lucca's mom get her skirt stuck in a conveyor belt, 
which will then activate.  Go to the shining dot and search it.  You'll be asked to enter 
the password.  It's L A R A.  If you enter it right (remember to wait for the thing to 
acknowledge each letter), the belt will stop.  If you're too slow or screw up a couple of 
times, Lucca's mom will get crippled -- history remains the same.  If you succeeded, you'll 
find Lara walking around if you visit her in Lucca's house.  If you saved the game, you 
can reset and re-try as often as you wish.

Either way, Lucca will wind up in her room.  Go back through the Gate.  Talk to Robo to 
receive the Green Dream.  That ends this sub-quest.  Note that whenever you go by the desert 
in 600 AD, you'll see Robo doing various tasks in it.

Sub-quest III.  600 AD -- Laying Cyrus to Rest

"There's the ghost of a lofty knight, slain by Magus in the Middle Ages, who haunts the 
present..."  Talk to Frog at the End of Time to the see the location of the Northern Ruins.  
It's SE of Medina.  If you go there in 1000 AD, you'll find the ghost of Cyrus, but you 
can't do anything about it (you'll simply stop fighting it once you hit it six times).  Go to
600 AD, and go to the nearby village (Choras).

Head to the Cafe and talk to Toma and the carpenter.  Now go to 1000 AD, same village.  Go 
to Toma's grave (West Cape) and pour Toma's Pop on it; he'll appear, and you can now enter 
The Giant's Claw (sub-quest V).  Be sure to search behind the grave for a Speed Tab.

Now go to the carpenter in the bar.  He'll say you can borrow his tools.  Now talk to the 
guy's wife, at their home.  She'll give you the tools.  Now return to 600 AD and give the 
tools to the carpenter.  Now go to his house and talk to him.  He'll go repair some holes 
in the North Ruins.  Go there; he'll tell you that he can make further repairs after the 
monsters are defeated.  The best way to deal with everything in this area is to blast the 
bejezus out of it with fire magic.  Magus and/or Lucca should be in your party.

First, head west and go down the steps.  Fight the pair of Sentries (Charm:  Full Ether; 
1280 HP, normal attack does one third of full HP of target).  These things have a sort of 
death-strike counter attack -- they might hit you with Grudge (damage to target) or MP 
Buster.  They take double damage from fire attacks, and are immune to physical attacks.  When
damaged, they start draining HP (around 200 points everytime).  Go east and fight another 
pair.  Ignore the chests.  Now go back, and fight a quartet of Sentries.  You've done with 
the west wing for now.  You might want to head to the inn.  Now, head for the east wing.

Head up, and go through the door.  You're in a chamber with three undead battles.  Reapers 
(Charm:  Elixir; 1450 HP, and reduce HP to one on a successful attack) and Defuncts (Charm:  
Elixir; 1450 HP, and make physical attacks) are the enemy.  Defuncts have strong physical 
defense when they're lying down.  Use fire magic (Fire 2, Mega Bomb, Area Bomb, Double 
vBomb, Line Bomb, Flare, etc.) to clean house.  You don't want prolonged battles with these 
things.  When they're all beaten, return to the carpenter's house.  Pay him 2000 coins to 
repair the Ruins.

Now head back to the Ruins; it looks like they ran into more monsters.  Go to the west wing 
and enter that door that had a hole in front of it last time.  Put Frog in your party, and 
search the tomb stone.  The ghost of Cyrus will appear, talk to Frog, and then depart.  
Then, the Masamune will split into its component parts.  Masa and Mune will have a 
philosophical discussion, and then merge again.  The new Masamune is Frog's best weapon.  
Also, the epitaph on Cyrus's grave will change.  Note:  Both the new Masamune and the Brave
Sword are guilty of false advertising -- they do NOT inflict double damage on magic enemies.
But the magic enemy qualification isn't applicable to bosses, so be sure to equip the 
Masamune when you're going to fight one.  Also, there very few enemies that qualify as magic;
I'd guess that Mt. Woe, the Ocean Palace, Death Peak, and the Sewer Access may well be the 
only places where you encounter them.

Now return to the carpenter's house.  He'll repair the rest of the problem holes for 2000 
coins.  Return to the Ruins, and head up the east wing.  Go through the doors you couldn't 
reach before.  Don't open any of the chests (search but say "no" to opening the black 
chests).  There are some monsters remaining.  The Base (about 80 HP) monsters are immune to 
physical attack and attack with Slash and with Grudge; just hit them with magic until they 

Now head to 1000 AD.  Go through the Ruins, and take all the chests (the normal chests are 
a Hyper Ether and an Elixir).  The black chests yield Moon Armor, the Shiva Edge (second 
strongest katana), and the Valkerye (Marle's best weapon).  There's a Magic Tab by Cyrus's 
grave.  Now go back to 600 AD, and search the chests.  The black chests yield Nova Armor, 
the Kali Blade, and the Sonic.

As a final thing, put Frog in the lead and go to Denadoro Mountain (note that Ayla can 
charm Shields from Ogans and Barriers from Free Lancers).  Go to where the Free Lancer is 
throwing rocks.  Let Frog get hit.  He'll catch a rock, and it'll turn out to be the Gold 
Rock.  This concludes this sub-quest.  The Northern Ruins are now the Hero's Grave.

Sub-quest IV.  600 AD -- Ozzie's in a Jam!

"A fugitive in the Middle Ages, Ozzie, maintains an evil hideout..."  Talk to Magus at the 
End of Time to see it; it's in the same area that Medina Village will be in 1000 AD.  Go 
there, and head in.  If you have Magus, go ahead and bring him.  Ozzie isn't happy to see 
you, and he's positively freaked at seeing Magus.  He'll run.  Follow.

You'll need to fight Flea Plus.  His attacks are using a fire attack against one character, 
and Prism Beam.  After losing 2500 HP, he'll run.  Follow.  In the next room you get to see 
a weird little scene where Ozzie tries to bring up some monsters and accidentally dumps them 
down a pit.  He'll run again.  Follow.

You'll meet Super Slash.  His attacks are hacking at one character, and using Slash.  After 
losing 2500 HP, he'll run.  Follow.  You'll see Ozzie operating a crank and guillotine 
affair.  Going after the chest now results in HP being reduced to 1 HP.  Just head for the 
exit.  Ozzie will run.  Now you can take the chest.  Also, there's a spot in the wall south 
of the exit you can walk into.  You'll find a secret chamber containing a Magic Tab and 
Magus's best equipment.  Now, head through the exit (you may wish to put Ayla in your 
party).  You'll finally have a real battle.

Great Ozzie (Charm:  Ozzie Shorts), Super Slash (Charm:  Slasher 2), and Flea Plus (Charm:  
Flea Vest) will all take you on.  Ozzie never attacks, while Flea and Slash have the same 
attacks as before.  Their real power is that fact that you'll face a counter attack whenever 
you damage one of them.  Hurting Flea or Slash results in the attacker getting hit with 
their version of Fire Sword; Flea's counter attack is a little stronger.  Damaging Ozzie 
gets you slammed with Delta Force.  A group-damaging attack results in facing all three 
counter attacks.  If you defeat Slash, Flea will run.  They all go down if Ozzie is beaten.  
The Flea Vest is the only one of the Charm items that's really good (12 point bonus to Magic 
Defense).  The Slasher 2 is Crono's third strongest sword.  The Ozzie Shorts item is 
technically the strongest helmet, but has several negative side effects on the wearer, 
including Chaos.  You'll get a lot more Technique Points if you were able to bring down 
Flea.  When you win, Ozzie will make his final retreat.  Follow him.

Great Ozzie (Charm:  Ozzie Shorts) will make a brief speech and set up his ice shield.  Hit 
the switch, and the pit will open under your party.  You'll be back in the previous 
chamber.  Just head back up to Ozzie.  He'll prepare to fight, and a cat will walk in, hit 
the third switch, and walk out.  The pit will open under Ozzie, and he'll die.  The third 
character will make some comment about Ozzie.  Now leave Ozzie's Fort.  This ends the sub-

The imps are now in control of Medina Village.  The statue at the square will be gone.  The 
Inn is very cheap (1 coin), and the stuff at the shop is being sold at lowered prices - 
lower than the normal prices, actually.  The only remaining dark spot is an imp singing 
praises to the Black Omen.

Sub-quest V.  600 AD, 1000 AD -- The Rainbow Shell and the Trial of the Century

"There's an object in the Middle Ages that sparkles like a rainbow..."  At the End of Time, 
Marle's wondering what's going on with her dad.  If you've done the pop-on-Toma's Grave 
thing in 1000 AD, you can now go to Giant's Claw.  If you haven't already done so, do it 
now.  Now go to Giant's Claw in 600 AD.  Enter.

Foes at the Giant's Claw:  Gigasaur (Charm:  Ruby Armor; 2250 HP; counter-electrocution soon 
after you shock it), Leaper (Charm:  Elixir; 800 HP, and is basically a stronger version of 
the Runner), Fossil Ape (Charm:  Megalixir; 1800 HP, takes half-damage from magic, and 
counter attacks by throwing the attacker at or into something), and Lizardactyl (Charm:  
Hyper Ether; 950 HP;  healed by Lightning, and counter attacks with Chaos).  Use your 
techniques to kill your foes as rapidly as possible.  You don't want a prolonged battle with 
any of these.

Once you're in, make your way through until you reach Toma's note.  Read it, and head 
through the nearby exit.  You'll be in Azala's throne room.  Yes, this is where the Tyrano 
Lair wound up after Lavos landed on the damn thing.  Now head south and out of the throne 
room.  You should note that all area's in the lair that would be on the battlements are now 
in the cave system.  Go west to reach a chest (Sight Cap), and an exit. This is where the 
(one-way) exit route comes out.  Now, make your way east until you reach an exit.  Go in.  
Step on the center switch for a Save Point.  Step on the left switch to open the pits; 
you'll see a cat drop in.  Stepping on the right switch brings down monsters.  Jump into the 
pit, and you'll arrive in a similar chamber.  If you dropped in the two Fossil Apes, you'll 
fight them now.  Step on the left switch to open the skull gate and reach a Power Tab; step 
on the right switch to fight some Leapers.  Go out the exit when you're through.

Head west and down the first ladder.  Go east to reach a Power Tab.  Go west to get a Full 
Ether.  Climb back up the ladder, and head west along the path.  Make your way around.  Be 
sure to get the partially hidden chest (the Blue Rock) before going through the exit.

Head east until you reach the ladders.  If you head up and north, you'll eventually reach 
the exit route.  If you head down and south, you'll find a chest and the exit.  Go through 
and you'll be at the old Tyrano Lair entrance.  You can't go through the right skull, so 
enter the left skull and head up.

You're now in the hit-switch-dump-monster room.  Just fight the things; other wise, you'll 
wind up facing them again.  First go left, go through the exit, and take the Frenzy Band in 
this small chamber.  Go back (the monsters regenerate, so you'll be attacked on entry), and 
go to the east exit.  Go through, and make your way through the cavern to the next exit (be 
sure to kill the Rubbles).  Now go and hit the egg switch; the pit will drop you into the 
cell for the Laruba villagers.  You'll have to fight any dumped monsters.  Head west and up 
to claim a Power Tab, and then go back to the cell and head east.  Go down.  You're at 
Kino's cell.  Kill the monsters, use the Save Point, equip your best fire protection gear, 
and head through the exit that's now in the cell.  You'll see a Tyrano.  It'll ignore you 
right until you try to walk past it, at which point it'll attack.

The Rust Tyrano (Charm:  Red Mail) has 20000 HP.  It has the attacks of the Stone Tyrano, 
with a couple of differences -- as the fight progresses, the countdown to flaming gets 
shorter, and the fire damage increases.  The countdown timing resets when the countdown 
message reaches "3, 2, 1," (it'll do this twice in a row), but if it gets that far without 
anyone being equipped with a Red Mail/Vest, you're probably toast.  Defense remains constant 
throughout the battle.  The HP drain attack is once again over half of the target's full 
HP.  Throw the book at it when it's doing the countdown; you may wish to put up a Magic 
Wall or Barrier on character without Red stuff when the countdown is nearing zero.  Use the 
non-countdown phase to heal and/or replenish MP -- and to attack, of course.

When that abominable creature finally dies, go forward to claim the Rainbow Shell.  Problem 
is, it literally weighs a ton -- the party can't carry it.  Start heading south, and you'll 
automatically arrive in the Guardia Castle throne room.  The King will agree to have his 
soldiers collect the Shell.

If you visit Toma's village in 1000 AD now, you'll find a descendant of Toma where there 
was an old man talking about Toma.  If you go 600 AD, same place, you'll find Toma saying 
that he's going to find the Sun Stone before you can.  More important is the change at 
Guardia Castle, 1000 AD -- east of the courtroom/kitchen steps, is a new set of steps leading 
down to the new treasury.

Now, put Marle in you party and go to Guardia Castle, 1000 AD.  You'll find that the king is 
being put on trial for selling the Rainbow Shell.  Head up to the courtroom.  Marle will 
force the guards to let her in.  You'll see a bit of the trial, and you'll now need to get a 
piece of the Shell to prove the king's innocence.  Head to the treasury steps, and go down.  
Kill Dumb and Dumber, and start going through the treasury.  You can take the chests, but 
you'll be coming back this way anyway.  The foes here are Gnashers (Charm:  Revive) and 
Naga-ettes -- yes, the foes in the 600 AD Cathedral.  Carve your way through to the Shell.  
Search the Shell; you'll find a note from Queen Leene and receive the Prism Shard.  Go back 
up to the courtroom.  Note:  This entire time, you'll be getting cut-scenes of what's going 
on in the court.

When you reach the guards in front of the court, they'll refuse to let you in.  Marle will 
think of another way into the courtroom.  Now, inside the courtroom, the king has been found 
guilty and sentenced to death; the Chanceller will be talking about taking over the realm 
when Marle comes in through the stained-glass window.  She'll display the Prism Shard, the 
other two party members will come in, the Chancellor will reveal his true form, and the king 
will get out of the courtroom.

Yakra XIII (Charm:  White Mail) has 20000 HP.  He attacks with Blizzard, and will start 
making a Needle attack (Needlespin Version 13 against a character, or "Drooooo..." against 
the party) when he's lost half of his HP.  He'll also use Needlespin 13 on the party when 
brought down to 0 HP.  Make full use of Haste, and use your most powerful attacks.  When 
Yakra expires, you'll see a shimmering dot appear where he was standing.  The king will walk 
back into the courtroom, and he and Marle will make up.  You'll now be back in the throne 
room.  Melchior will show up, and ask you to meet him in the treasury.

First, head back up to the courtroom, and search that shimmering dot to receive the Yakra 
Key.  Now, head back down and use the Yakra Key to open that locked chest; the real 
Chancellor will pop out, and he'll promptly go to the Barracks to continue working on the 
Moonlight Parade.  Now head to the treasury; take the chests that you didn't bother to take 
last time.  Melchior's waiting at the Rainbow Shell.

Talk to him.  He'll offer to make you one Prism Dress (best armor for one of the ladies; 
permanent Magic Wall effect) or three Prism Helms (basically the best helmet -- second best 
in defense points, adds nine points to Magic Defense, and protects from status ailments).  
I usually go with the Prism Dress.  After this, talk to Melchior again.  If you have the Sun 
Stone, he'll notice it, and make you the Prism Specs (raises damage by one half), and the 
Rainbow (Crono's best weapon, period).  Having Crono combine the Rainbow with the Prism 
Specs seems to get the best results; give the Prism Specs to whichever party member you want 
inflicting huge damage.  Melchior will leave after making those two items.  If you don't 
have the Sun Stone, go get it.  Melchior will wait for you.  This ends the sub-quest.

Sub-quest VI.  2300 AD -- Robo Comes Home

"There's a task to be done in the Future, where machinery originated."  Talk to Robo at the 
End of Time to see Geno Dome; it's on an island SE of Keeper's Dome.  Put Robo in the lead, 
and head in.  Put Lucca or Magus in your party, if practical; you can wipe out just about 
everything here with magic attacks.

Foes:  Laser Guards (Charm:  Full Tonic; 400 HP; fires a thin laser, is weak against magic, 
and blows up and damages party if damaged but not destroyed), Proto 4 (Charm:  Elixir or 
Barrier; 1024 HP; attacks with fire balls, bullets, and the wide laser; can heal a target 
for 30 HP), and Debuggest (Charm:  Elixir; 1024 HP; makes physical attacks, can shock a 
target, can fire a thin laser, and can perform Laser Spin).

Have Robo search the console, and then go through the door.  You'll be on a conveyor belt.  
After the battles are through, you'll be in the factory proper.  Take note of the strange 
thing before you; it's basically a trigger.  Hit the switch by any trigger to raise or lower 
the thing keeping you from stepping in.  Go west until you see some Debuggests; kill them.  
Now head north until you can go east; kill the Proto 4's in the room, and search the 
computer.  It'll tell you what's up.  Standing in the trigger booth will charge up Robo; 
stepping in another trigger booth opens the door by it.

Now, head west and north until you see three switches.  Hit #1 and #3, and you'll be able to 
enter the trigger booth.  Charge up and enter the booth; get the Poyozo Doll.  Now charge 
up, and go enter the first booth you saw.  Enter the now opened room for some treasure.  
Now head east, kill the Debuggests (note the dust chute -- if you want to leave, that's how; 
leave and re-enter Geno Dome repeatedly if you want a lot of experience points -- you'll need 
to fight along the entrance conveyor belt again, and it's over 8000 XP every trip), and go 
around until you reach the conveyor belt.  Run north up it until you see a Proto go through 
the passage just north of it.  Now go back, and check the two rooms you passed up.  One 
contains treasure and a fight, the other contains the elevator up.  Head up, and leave the 
arrival room.

Head south if you want to fight and destroy some Laser Guards; there is a Save Point just 
north of them.  Head north and go through the door; get the Power Tab and head along this 
passage until you reach the end.  Take the elevator down.  First, head south and hit the 
switch to turn off that laser barrier.  Now go through the passage that the Proto went 
through, and change the conveyor belt direction.  Return to the charge booth, and run to the 
trigger booth beyond the conveyor belt.  Go through the now-open door, and investigate the 
Proto to get it to follow you.

Now make your way back to the SW corner.  If you didn't kill the Debuggests there like I 
told you to, you'll have to fight them now -- and go back for the robot and lead it here once 
again, since it will have gone back to its original spot.  Now, keep edging forward until 
the two Protos short each other out.  Take the Poyozo doll.  Now head back to the elevator, 
and go up.  If you haven't dealt with those Laser Guards, do so now, and use the Save 
Point.  Equip Robo with your best stuff.  Go west from the Laser Guards, and you'll face 
Atropos, Robo's re-programmed girlfriend.  Robo will fight her solo.  She won't appear until 
you have both Poyozo dolls.

Atropos has about 6000 HP.  She can punch, do Rocket Punch, use Laser Spin, do Robo Tackle 
(400 HP!), use Area Bomb, and use Cure Beam.  Use Uzzi Punch and Cure Beam.  Be sure to 
restore MP if needed.  When you get the message, "" you've won. She'll make one 
last attack, and then come to her senses.  If Lucca's with you, she'll try to repair 
Atropos.  However, Atropos was too badly damaged.  She'll give you the Ribbon (Robo's 
Speed goes up 3 points and his Magic Defense goes up 10 point; this is automatic), and 
expire.  Now, heal Robo.

Have Robo run at the switch just north of you; he'll jump and hit it.  Go into the room, 
take the chests, and search SE wall of it to find Magic Tab.  Now, head back, and go west.  
You can climb the ladder, or go north on the walkway.  Climb down the ladder and head along 
this particular walkway until you reach a door.  Head in.  You'll witness part of the 
implementation of Mother Brain's plan for dominance -- extermination of  all humans.  Go 
through the east exit, and take the chests.  Go back, head up the ladder, and take the 
walkway.  Fight the Laser Guards, and head north until you meet more Laser Guards.  Destroy 
them, and place a Poyozo Doll on each glowing floor-plate.  The wall will open.  Now go back 
to the Save Point, use it, and configure your party as according to whichever high-powered 
triple tech you think is best (Spin Strike, Twister, Omega Flare, etc.).  Now head back to 
the opened wall, and head north to face Mother Brain.

Mother Brain (Charm:  Blue Mail) has 5000 HP.  That doesn't sound like much, but the three 
Displays (Charm:  Elixir, 1 HP) around her will use 1000 HP Cure Beams whenever they act.  
Mother Brain uses Reprogramming (causes Chaos to target), Laser Spin, and the wide laser 
(high damage against target) as long as the Displays are up.  If the Displays are destroyed, 
she'll start using an increasingly powerful group damaging attack.  Trash two of the 
Displays.  Now, just go all out with your triple tech.  Ignore healing; you just want to 
finish this as soon as possible.  If the triple tech damages all foes, don't bother trashing 
two of the Displays; just start using it.

When Mother Brain goes down, you'll receive the Terra Arm and Crisis Arm.  Robo will shut 
down the plant.  You'll leave, and you now can't proceed past the entrance room.  This 
finishes the sub-quest.

There's something odd with the Crisis Arm -- the bit about being under 10 HP is a mistake.  
To get the most out of it, Robo must be at 999 HP.  When he is, he'll be able to do triple 
the Terra Arm damage.  About 1200 with a normal attack; over 3600 with an Uzzi Punch.  For 
real fun, try it with the Prism Specs...

When the party reaches level 40, Spekkio will assume a new form - a purple Masamune with 
10000 HP.  He uses the Omnicrone form's attacks, and also uses Chaos Barrier (damage and 
Chaos to party), Dark Bomb, and an instant death attack (final attack of the sequence; one 
character).  If you can beat him, you receive one of each Tab, and 10 Elixirs.

Spekkio has a final form, which he'll assume if you reach level 99.  It's a pink Nu with 
20000 HP, and incredible resistance to pure magic attacks (he only takes about one third 
damage).  Attacks are Halation (reduces party to 1 HP), Salt (restores target -- a party 
member -- to full HP), Luminaire (800 points!), Dark Matter, and Flare.  Order is completely 
random; Salt is the rarest, and Halation seems to be the most frequent.  Most strategies for 
beating him involve Frog Flare or Grand Dream, but, IMHO, that involves putting too much 
trust in luck.  I recommend equipping one character with Red Mail, another with White Mail, 
and a third with Black Mail (or everyone with White stuff), and expect to fight one hell of 
a grudge match.  If you can beat him, you'll receive ten of each Tab, and ten Megalixirs.  
You can also take pride in the fact that you're good.

The Watcher's statement about someone close to you needing help is probably referring to the 
sub-quests; there doesn't seem to be any evidence that this is referring to a sub-quest in 
of itself.  Once you've completed the sub-quests, all that's left is to go after Lavos.  The 
path of most resistance -- and the most rewarding -- is going through the Black Omen.

XIX.  1000 AD, 600 AD, 12000 BC -- Smashing the Omen

To get in, just fly under the thing, and hit A when it's name appears.  Now you can visit 
the Omen in the periods listed above, and also in 2300 AD.  However, if you visit it in 2300 
AD, you can't go any farther than the front door -- Lavos owns this time period.  If you 
destroy the Omen in a time period, it'll no longer exist in successive periods.  It will 
still exist in previous periods, though.  This means you can go through the Omen three 
times.  Actually, I recommend doing so.  Battles that don't regenerate and all bosses but 
Queen Zeal and the Mammon Machine will not be encountered in previous time periods.  Same 
goes with treasure chests.  If the Omen no longer exists in a time period, people commenting 
on it will now either go back to what they were originally saying, or make some comment on 
the weather.

Foes in the Black Omen:  Laser Guards (at the front door; same as the ones in Geno Dome).  
Martello (Charm:  Hyper Ether) -- turret-type thing; 1245 HP; weak.  Synchrite (Charm:  Gold 
Erring) -- 2250 HP; wide laser, missiles, Time Stop (damage and Stop to target); when a 
countdown starts, you're about to be hit with MP Buster.  Alien (Charm:  Magic Tab or 
Shield):  1350 HP; no attack; instant death counter attack if hit with normal attack 
(identical to instant death attack used by Spekkio).  Blob (Charm:  Magic Ring) -- 1050 HP; 
no attack; immune to magic and counters magic with MP Buster.  Tubster (Charm:  Power Tab) 
-- about 2500 HP; no attack; very strong counter attack.  Metal Mute (Charm:  Hyper Ether):  
About 1980 HP; HP drain, Crimson Rain, Shining Bit (lightning to one character).  Cybot 
(Charm:  Power Meal) -- 1800 HP; Iron Ball and Chaos to party.  Incognito (Charm:  Muscle 
Ring) -- about 500 HP; attacks with sleep and damage to character; very high defense until 
shield is lowered; counter attack with Lock until shield is lowered.  Panel (Charm:  Speed 
Tab) -- 1875 HP; Dark Plasma, thin laser, missiles; never regenerates.  Flyclops (Charm:  
Gold Stud) -- 900 HP; strong magic defense; drains MP (about 10).  Ruminator (Charm:  
Megalixir) -- 1500 HP; appear in twos or fours and will drain each other before going after 
party; attack by draining target of all HP; easy to kill.  Goon (Charm:  Nova Armor) -- 2800 
HP; cut HP in half, strong physical attack (energy blades -- "Hear ye, hear ye"), Hurricane 
(physical damage to target), Wing Blow (damage and Chaos to target); healed by Lightning and 
Shadow; toughest monster here (IMHO).  Boss Orb -- 850 HP; kicks off with Lock All and then 
uses fire ring; worth no experience or technique points.  Side Kick -- 1250 HP; at least two 
accompany each Boss Orb; no attack and hard to hit; runs after a short time; worth 500 
experience and 100 technique points each.

Having Ayla with you is a very good idea.  You can see all the goodies she can get you 
here.  Bring Crono if you want to use Falcon Hit; if he has Rainbow and Prism Specs 
equipped, this can finish most battles.  This is a great place for maxing out techniques.  
As you may guess, this is going to be a hell of a trip.  Unless I say they don't, assume the 
monsters regenerate.

Starting from entry to the Omen:  Search the shimmering dot and jump to Epoch if you want to 
get out.  Head north to the front door if you want in.  Six Laser Guards will greet you.  
Trash them and go in.  They don't regenerate.  Head north until Queen Zeal appears.  She'll 
proclaim the years until Lavos arises, and shall then summon the Mega Mutant.

Top (Charm:  Elixir) and bottom halves both have 5000 HP.  Top attacks with fire bomb, Mutant
Gas (Sleep and damage to target, or Poison and damage to party), Blacken (damage and 
Blindness to target), HP drain; bottom with Chaotic Zone (Chaos Barrier), Steel Steam, and a 
normal attack.  It occasionally does a Life Shaver combo move (reduce target to one HP).  Use 
attacks that damage both halves to end this quickly.  Now head north, fight the Incognitos 
(they don't regenerate), and go through the exit.

New section.  You can ignore the Martellos.  Go north, and meet your first Goon pair.  After 
that unpleasant experience, go north again to face a pair of Synchrites and a Martello.  You 
can access a Save Point after killing them.  Go north through the exit.  Face your first 
Panels (two separate pairs), and continue through.

You can now try to avoid the fights in this area, or you can go after some Boss Orbs and 
Sidekicks.  Equip everyone with Red stuff if you can; fire ring will heal you, then.  There 
are three fights here.  Continue to the next area.  You can avoid the pair of Metal Mutes, 
though it's very difficult.  Next pair of Mutes can't be avoid; there's a pair of Flyclops 
with them.  Kill 'em and continue north through the exit.

Enter the teleporter.  Go out the room, and take the elevator.  Moving brings on a fight 
automatically; a fight may occur anyway.  Potential foes are four Ruminators, two Goons, or 
two Cybots.  At the bottom, go through the door.

Depending on where you step, there're a pair of Ruminators to the west, and Boss Orb/
Sidekick combos to the north and east.  They don't regenerate.  Go along the path.  There's 
a chest east of the steps onto the platform.  A Synchrite/Flyclops combo is in front of the 
exit.  They don't regenerate.

Going west around the pillar results in a Ruminator fight.  East around the pillar is a 
Flyclops pair.  North up the steps is a Boss Orb and company (they don't regenerate).  Head 
east from here to reach a Magic Seal; east or west brings you to the same platform.  There's 
a Synchrite/Martello combo at the end of each path.  Go through the exit.

There's a Save Point and two Nus in this chamber.  The left Nu sells Full Ethers and Hyper 
Ethers; the right Nu will send you out of the Omen if you chose to "wake up."  Search the 
north wall via A to open a hidden door.  Go through, of course.

Head along until you meet your first Tubster.  Kill it, and go through the door (note:  if 
you go back to the Nu room, and then return, the Tubster will be back; this amounts to an 
unlimited supply of Power Tabs and Elixirs).  Trash the Cybots, and go forward; you can 
avoid the Incognito fight if your careful.  If you fight or can't slip by, there'll be 
three.  Go north to see a Ruminator stream; getting in one fight (four Ruminators) will stop 
the stream.  The Zodiac Cape in the chest is the second-best armor for the women.  Go 
through the door the Ruminators were entering to continue.  Go back immediately if you want 
to fight them again.  Basically, this is an endless source of Megalixirs; you can get at 
least three per fight if you're lucky.

Continuing, you'll see a pair of Sidekicks; if they see you, a Boss Orb shows up.  Continue 
on to face a Flyclops and Goon pair.  Continue from there, and you'll see a pair of Boss 
Orbs.  If they see you, four Sidekicks will show up.  Go through the exit.

Head south until you fight a Tubster and a pair of Flyclopses.  Continue south; if the 
Martello sees you, you'll fight it and a Cybot.  Go through the exit.  Now, go west past the 
door for a chest (Speed Tab), and return to the door you just passed.  Step on the tile in 
the center in of the platform to teleport to the next area.  Go through the exit.

Nothing in this area regenerates.  Head north and then west.  Step in the wrong spot, and 
you'll fight an Alien/Blob combo.  Head east of them, and then head north.  You'll see four 
Sidekicks.  Search one, and a Boss Orb will appear.  Now head east and along the path until 
you find some chests and another potential Alien battle.  West of that is the exit.  Go 
through, and use the Save Point.  North of the Save Point is the Giga Mutant

Top (Wall Ring) half has about 7000 HP; bottom (Charm:  Hit Ring) half has about 5000 HP.  
Top counter attacks with a MP drain.  The top attacks with fire bomb, Shining Bit, and 
Mutant Gas (both varieties).  The bottom attacks with shurikens and Life Shaver (reduces 
target to one HP).  Magic is the only way to really damage it; it has incredible resistance 
to physical attacks.  When you bring it down, you'll probably need the Save Point again.  Go 
through the north exit.  Enter the teleport, and leave the arrival room.  Get on the 
elevator, and go up.  Basically the same as before.  Go through the exit at the top.

Nothing here regenerates.  North along the path.  First fight is a pair of Synchrites.  
Next, you'll see a pair of bats flying back and forth across the path.  If you touch them, 
you'll fight a Goon pair.  After them is pair of Tubsters.  Now go through the exit.

Head north until the four Panels attack.  Use the Save Point, take chest, and head north to 
face the Terra Mutant.

Top (Charm:  Muscle Ring) half has about 9000 HP; bottom half (Charm:  Power Seal) has 
practically unlimited HP.  The top sometimes drains the bottom of HP.  Top attacks with 
eruption (physical attack to party), Chaotic Zone, HP drain, and a cross between energy 
balls and fire bomb.  Bottom counter attacks physical attacks with Life Shaver.  Resistance 
is the same as the Giga Mutant, but the bottom is healed by magic and the top doesn't have a 
counter attack.  The bottom will die when the top does.  One of the nearby chests contains 
the White Rock.

Go through the exit, and go along the path through the next exit.  Go forward from here to 
face the Lavos Spawn.

The mouth (Charm:  Haste Helm) has 10000 HP, and the shell (Charm:  Safe Hat) can't be 
damaged.  This is basically a double strength Spawn (as compared to its brethren on Death 
Peak).  Attacks are needle attack, Water Rise, Destruction Zone, and Dark Bomb.  There is no 
pattern to the attacks.  The normal needle attack causes Chaos and massive physical damage 
to the party.  The shell's counter attack does more damage but has no side effects on the 
target.  Use your most powerful single target double and triple techniques on the mouth.

Now go north through the exit.  In this chamber, head forward until you're attacked by five 
Panels.  When they're gone, use the Save Point, and go through the exit.

You're now in the Hall of the Mammon Machine.  There are copies of the party members 
suspended in columns of light in this chamber.  Equip your Blue stuff to your most useful 
characters (the main healer and someone who combines power with them, I'd think; all three, 
if possible).  Go north, and you'll see the ruins of the Machine.  Zeal will appear, give a 
speech, and attack.

Queen Zeal (Charm:  Megalixir) has 12000 HP.  She attacks with Halation, energy balls, and 
an MP drain.  Halation is her most frequent attack; you can really cream her with Dino Tail, 
Frog Squash, or something similar.  Don't completely disregard healing; energy balls will 
finish off weakened characters.  When you beat her, you'll receive a Megalixir and she'll 
cast you into the Mammon Machine.

The Mammon Machine (Charm:  Megalixir) has two phases:  dormant and active.  When dormant 
("Mammon M. lies still"), it'll attack with Point Flare (fire damage to target) but 
otherwise do nothing.  When it's active ("Mammon M. modifies all energy"), it'll raise its 
defense if subjected to physical attack and raises the power of its coming attack if 
subjected to magic damage.  Masamune can drain energy from it (Frog gains HP and lowers the 
power of the upcoming attack by doing so; more HP is gained if the Machine has been hit with 
magic attacks), but defense still goes up.  The attack that ends the active phase is group 
damaging, but is weak as long as you haven't enhanced it.  Use the active phase to heal your 
party; this fight starts off with the active phase.  I always just use physical attacks in 
this fight; save your MP.  The Machine has 20000 HP.

You'll now wind up on the top of the Black Omen.  Queen Zeal will appear, and talk to you 
for a couple lines.  Now, if Magus is in the party, they'll tell each other off, make 
pompous statements, and the fight will be to his theme.  Otherwise, she'll simply make a 
declaration ("Indulge in such regrets in the next life!"), and the special boss music will 
start.  Either way, Her Majesty will assume a new form.

The head (Charm:  Megalixir) has 20000 HP; killing it ends the fight.  The left hand (your 
left; Charm:  Prism Dress) attacks with the thin laser, and counter attacks with Life 
Shaver; it has unknown HP.  The right hand (Charm:  Prism Helm) attacks with the wide laser, 
and counter attacks with MP Buster; unknown HP.  The hands attack intermittently.  They have 
practically impenetrable defense.  The head is the real problem, of course.  Main attacks 
are Sky Gate (lightning at one character), Dark Gear (Shadow at party), and, most powerful 
of all, Hexagon Mist (Water at party; this is why I recommended the Blue stuff).  When the 
head has lost half it's HP, it'll use Halation, and follow it up with a MP Buster.  Now, you 
can try to kill the hands, or you can just use powerful single target (area affect is fine; 
hands are too far from the head to be hit) techniques.  Arc Impulse, Spin Strike, Ice/Fire 
Sword 2, etc.

If you beat Zeal, she'll resume human form, and ask Lavos to avenge her.  Her master will 
answer.  The Black Omen will be destroyed, and you'll be face-to-mouth with Lavos.

XX.  1999 AD -- The Day of Lavos

There are four ways you can arrive here - the Bucket Gate, the Black Omen, flying Epoch, and 
the Telepad Gate (described later).  The Bucket Gate and Epoch give you a chance to flee 
before engaging in combat.  Deciding to fight while in the flying Epoch will allow you to 
skip the first part of this battle, but will cost you Epoch, which changes the ending.

Part one -- the Lavos Shell

For the first part, the mouth will assume the properties (HP, spells, spell and attack 
power, etc.; everything but Charm items) of previous bosses.  If the boss has multiple 
components, additional monsters will be generated to substitute for them.  The mouth is 
always the central component.  The strategies you used to beat the originals will work.  
You get a break between each form; touch the shell to resume fighting.  The bosses are the 
Dragon Tank, Guardian, Heckran, Zombor, Masamune, Nizbel, Magus (first battle), the Stone 
Tyrano, and the Giga Gaia.  After Giga Gaia, you get one last break, and you'll now fight 
the Lavos Mouth.

The Lavos Mouth has 10000 HP, and three distinct attacks, always repeated in a certain 
order.  "Destruction rains from the Heavens," which damages the entire party, and is 
considered a physical attack.  The next attack is Chaos Barrier, slightly weaker than 
the Spekkio attack.  Final attack is launching some needles at one character; it's 
considered a physical attack.  It has no real resistance; just do any necessary healing and 
unleash your best shots at it.  Using the Telepad Gate sends you straight to the Lavos 
Mouth battle.

When it expires, the mouth will vanish, and a hole will appear in its place.  The party will 
head in, as you've only killed the exterior.  Inside, it looks like you're in some sort of 
cave.  If you came in through the Black Omen or through the Bucket Gate, there's a Save 
Point and Gate back to the End of Time here.  If you leave, and come back via the Black 
Omen or the Bucket Gate, you'll find the exterior dead; you only need to kill it once.  Once 
you've healed everyone, picked your final party, and are generally ready to continue (go 
ahead and use all of your remaining Tabs), head north.  The heart-beat and breathing effect 
will get louder and more frequent.  When you reach the end of the passage, you'll move on to 
the second part of the battle.

Part two -- The Lavos Machine

The Machine kicks off by damaging your party with lasers (Door of Doom); it'll repeat the 
attack if it takes you too long to kill the arms.  The left arm has 8000 HP, the right arm 
has about 12000.  The body's resistance is too high to do any serious damage to it until the 
arms are wiped out.  While both arms are active, they'll use the Goon's energy blade attack 
(one per arm) for about 200 to 300 HP.  When one arm is gone, the surviving arm, will first 
heal the body for some HP (probably more than you've done to it), and will follow up with 
Protective Seal at one character - items protecting status (Prism Helm, Vigil Hat, Nova 
Armor, Amulet, etc.) will no longer protect the target.  Use your most powerful group 
attacks to damage the arms; if an attack doesn't do much damage, then go for most powerful 
single target attacks at whichever arm you estimate to have more HP.

When both arms are gone, wait for the Body to use Obstacle (Chaos Barrier under a different 
name).  You can now do normal damage to it.  It has 20000 HP.  It always uses the same 
sequence, starting with and including Obstacle:  Shadow Slay (damage and poison to party), 
Flame Battle (damage to character), and Shadow Doom Blaze (massive damage to party); the 
sequence then resets.  If your magic defense is high enough and all status protections are 
up, everything but Shadow Doom Blaze can be shrugged off.  Watch your HP and MP, and cut 
loose with everything you've got.  A Hasted party with enough fire power can take it out 
before it can use Shadow Doom Blaze.

When the Machine is trashed, it'll fade out in light and the true Lavos - a grotesque 
humanoid - will appear in its place.  The party will realize what Lavos has been up to:  
it has been guiding the evolution - both natural and cultural - of the world ever since it 
arrived, and absorbing DNA and the world's power until it can become the ultimate creature - 
at which point it'll send its Spawn to other planets, so that they may repeat the process.  
Everyone but Crono has their own wording for this, though who says it depends on your 
party.  They'll be a bit upset by this, but they'll rally.  If Crono is the first 
character, the other two will make their full proclamations; otherwise, just the first 
character will make his/her statement.  Everyone will strike some sort of pose.  Lavos will 
raise its hands, and two odd looking things will appear in them and float down to its sides.  
And so it begins.

Part three -- The Lavos Core

The Core has three parts, the left Bit (healing bit), the Body Bit (the Lavos humanoid), and 
the Lavos Core proper, which is the right bit.  The Body is the main attacker, though the 
healing Bit and the Core can also attack a single character.  The left bit has about 2000 
HP, is healed by all magic attacks, and will heal the Body every other action; it can also 
do a small MP drain.  If the Body is taken out when both smaller bits are active, they'll 
start using X Strike.  The Core has 30000 HP, and starts off with its defense in place -- you 
can't do more than negligible damage to it while the defense is up.  Taking out one of the 
Bits (Healing or Body) will cause it to lower its defense.  When defense is down, you can 
damage it normally, but it can revive any fallen bits (both at once, to full HP).  The Body 
has 10000 HP, and has multiple attacks.  It's the only real threat to the party.

You're in a very select time warp, subject to the whims of Lavos (altering the warp is 
considered an action on the part of the Body).  All time periods but 1999 AD will come up.  
The fight starts off without any time period being assumed.  When a time period is assumed, 
it'll become the background, somewhat obscured by the time warp affect.  The current 
background determines what attacks the Body bit can use; order is completely random.

No background, any background:  A slap (huge physical damage to character), or Crying 
Heavens (huge magic damage to character; in excess of 1000 if magic defense is 85 or less).
A slap is normally followed up with a second slap.
65 Million BC, the Hunting Range:  Rock of Ages -- a big boulder slams party; massive 
physical damage to all -- I've seen Marle and Lucca take over 800 points from this.  If this 
background comes up, you better use Shields or Protect on characters with low physical 
12000 BC, the Hall of the Mammon Machine:  Invading Light -- laser attack at party, can cause 
600 AD, the Inner Sanctum of Magus:  Evil Star -- cuts the HP of the party in half; looks 
suspiciously like the Flare Star attack from Final Fantasy 3/6j.
1000 AD, the Millennial Fair:  Spell -- very little damage, but can inflict any Status on 
characters - hopefully, everyone has some sort of status protection.
2300 AD, Lab 16:  Dreamless -- Massive magic damage to party, though less damage than Crying 

My usual reaction to both Rock of Ages and Evil Star is to use a Megalixir.  Best bet is to 
first wipe out the Healing Bit (Confuse or Triple Kick do that nicely), and then wait for 
the Core to lower its defense (use restoratives, Haste, Protect, or Magic Wall - don't 
bother with Shield or Barrier, they wear off too quickly).  Now cut loose.  Use the most 
powerful group attack spell the character has or can do via combo (Luminaire, Dark Matter, 
Antipode 3, Flare, etc.).  If their group attacks aren't much, just use their strongest 
single target attack against the Core.  If the Core revives the Healing Bit, wipe it out 
immediately.  Don't skimp on restoratives, but don't waste them.  If the Body and/or the 
Healing Bit have been taken out of the picture, the Core will drop its defense (if it hasn't 
already), and is helpless until it revives the Bits (which may be immediate, or may be a 
while).  You may or may not wish to switch attacks once the Core stands alone.  This will 
probably depend on accessories and the character.  Don't be surprised if you take out the 
Body bit at least twice during the battle.

Some notes:  Both Frog and Marle are practically useless by themselves during this fight; 
neither can do much damage unless they're involved in some sort of combo (Ice Sword 2, Drop 
Kick, etc.).  However, you may wish to not bother healing Frog, so that he can make use of 
Frog Squash.  Robo also isn't of much use, unless you do the Crisis Arm trick - if you can 
keep him at 999 HP and have him use Uzzi Punch, he'll do more damage than anything else on 
the battle field.  A party that Marle has used Haste on can often make several attacks in 
the time it takes the Body to make one.  Having someone equipped with Prism Specs will 
weaken them is some area, but the damage bonus will more than make up for it.

When you kill the Core, any surviving Bits will promptly expire.  The time warp effect will 
swallow up the party.  The ending that will now occur depends on when you beat Lavos.

If you smashed the Omen the and completed all of the sub-quests (though the only requirement 
may be to simply smash the Omen), you'll now have the New Game+ option available upon 
resetting the game after seeing the ending.  A New Game+ allows you to use the data of a 
previously saved game - characters will join up with their level and techniques in said saved 
game, and you'll also have all of your equipment - minus some one use story items, the Race 
Log, the Green Dream, the Hero Medal, the Masamune, and a few other things.  Hence, a Crono 
at level 50 with all techniques will start off at level 50 with all techniques.  Also, there 
is now a shimmering dot on the right Telepad at Leene Square.  Searching it opens the green 
Telepad Gate.  This is how you'll be able to see most of the endings - both by Telepad Gate 
and the New Game+ characters.


V.  Endings

Game Over
To get it, just lose to Lavos, and you'll get to see it take over the world.  Not really an 
ending, in my opinion.

Programmer's Ending
When:  Between the start of a new game, and Crono or Marle's first use of the Telepad OR beat 
Lavos at the Ocean Palace.  For the former, you'll be facing Lavos with just Crono and 
Marle, or just Crono if you're feeling like showing off - Crono CAN beat it solo, and not 
with much difficulty if you prepare him right.  For the latter, just remember that the 
Shell is functioning at way too high a strength.
When you get it, the party will wake up at the End of Time.  Talk to the characters; they're 
basically the avatars of the programmers.  Enter the Pillars of Light and go off the Epoch 
walkway to reach more.  Once you've made the rounds, talk to the Watcher.  You can now enter 
the Spekkio room, which has been replaced with another room, to meet the Dream Team.  Talk 
to the five of them, and you'll get the fastest credits roll ever.

Screwed-up Ancestry Ending
When:  Between returning from your first 600 AD trip and going into Guardia Castle.
Everyone arrives in Leene Square.  Go through the Fair and talk with the people; something 
seems to be wrong.  When you talk to the guards, you'll return to the castle, and you'll 
learn what the problem is.  After the credits roll, you get to see a sepia tone film of Frog 
and Leene getting married.  The royal line of Guardia is composed of frog-persons.  Marle is 
NOT happy about this...

Nu Ending
When:  Between reaching the End of Time the first time, and beating Zombor.
You'll get to see the credits roll while a Nu and a frog mess with each other.  Eventually a 
Kilwala shows up, and the whole lot falls asleep.

Robo and Tata Ending
When:  Between beating Zombor and getting the Hero Medal.
For  the first half, Robo pops out of a Gate in a futuristic Leene's Square, and runs into 
Atropos.  The second part kicks off with Tata in the Guardia Castle throne room, and then he 
gets up and heads for the lair of Magus.  He manages to make it to Ozzie's throne room.  
There he finds, of all things, Crono, Marle, and Lucca.  The ladies prepare to fight, and 
Crono will start laughing.

Scenes ending
When:  Between getting the Hero Medal and getting the Masamune Hilt.
Just shows various scenes involving the main characters.  Some examples would be Magus, 
Ozzie, Flea, and Slash at some cape (rather like the North Cape), and Ayla chasing a group 
of Reptites.

Support characters ending
When:  Between getting the Masamune Hilt, and Frog taking up the Masamune.
Just shows the credits screen-by-screen, with each screen having some minor characters on 
it.  Final screen is the three Gurus in full regalia.

Frog Vs. Magus ending
When:  Between Frog taking up the Masamune, and beating Magus -- Frog's in your party; you 
have no choice in the matter.
Starts off with the gang at Crono's house; Lucca is doing repairs on Robo.  Lucca and Marle 
will chatter, and then Frog will get up and leave.  Now the scene switches to Magus's 
Castle.  Slash and then Flea will mock their challenger, while Ozzie only has time for 
shocked recognition before Frog kills him.  Eventually, Frog reaches Magus, and then he and 
Frog will talk.  Magus is as pompous as ever; Frog is just interested in killing him.  The 
scene fades out with Frog attacking Magus.  Now the credits will roll, accompanied by the 
sounds of Frog and Magus tearing into each other.  When the credits end, you'll see an image 
of a cloaked figure standing on top of Magus's Castle - whether or not that's Frog or Magus 
is up to the player to decide.

Reptite Ending
When:  Between beating Magus, and beating the Stone Tyrano.
You get to see the New Game sequence, except everyone is now a Reptite - looks like Azala's 
Stone Tyrano was successful.  Crono is a violet Reptite.  He'll go to the Fair.  The Green 
Ambler is a human, and the other runners are definitely greenish in cast.  He'll continue up 
to Leene's Square, where he'll run into another violet Reptite, and Leene's Bell will 
ring...  Final image is a "The End" landing on Azala.

Prophet's Ending
When:  Between beating the Stone Tyrano, and facing Lavos at the Ocean Palace.
Scenes of Magus making his way through the Ocean Palace interspersed with scenes of the gang 
doing various things.  Final scene is Magus proclaiming that he's coming for Lavos, and to 
hell with the consequences.

Evaluation Ending
When:  Between seeing Schala open the black door and charging the Pendant.
Lucca and Marle start off giving a slide show on their adventure, but then start giving 
their (mostly negative) opinion on various male support characters.  Specifically, the Steel 
Runner, the 1000 AD castle guard, Pierre, a man from 2300 AD, Johnny, Cyrus, Toma, and 
Kino.  Crono will then arrive and ask what they think they're doing.  Yes, he actually has 

Now the next two endings have one major thing and one minor thing involved -- was Epoch 
destroyed, and was Magus slain?  If Magus was slain at the North Cape, he won't be in the 
ending, and Frog will become Glenn again (you won't get to see him as Glenn unless you still 
have Epoch).  Assorted minor changes will also occur, depending on whether or not you 
completed the sub-quests.

No Crono ending
When:  Beat the game without bringing back Crono.
To start off with, everyone will wake up at the End of Time.  Marle will try to get everyone 
to help her restore Crono, but they'll all say that they need to return to their own times 
(Magus won't say anything).  They'll all go to the Pillars of Light, and everyone will 
return his/her own time.  If you got the Chrono Trigger from the Watcher, he'll say that 
you've dropped something, and then say oh well.  Arriving home, Marle will march a lap in 
the Moonlight Parade, and then be free to roam the fair.  Crono's mom will be wondering 
where he is.  Now go the next area.  What happens now depends on the existence of Epoch.

Without Epoch:  Heading into the next area, you'll find the gang scattered throughout.  Try 
to talk to them, and then head for the next area. You'll find them all there; Magus doesn't 
seem pleased to be there.  Lucca has altered the Telepad to function as a time machine.  The 
Watcher will then show up.  Everyone but Marle will then go with the Watcher through the 
time machine; Lucca will promise to bring Crono back.  Now Marle heads back to the previous 
king.  Talk to the king; Leene's Bell will be replaced with Nadia's Bell, and the balloons 
attached to the bell will carry Marle off.  Marle will wind up under the tree at the top of 
Death Peak.  The credits will roll.  Final scene is a silhouette of Crono appearing and 
Marle running to it.

With Epoch:  Upon entering the second area, you'll just see Lucca beckoning and then running 
north.  Heading to the next area brings you to the failing Gate.  After the ladies chat a 
bit, the Gate will open and spit out the other characters and the Watcher (Frog will be 
human if you killed Magus).  The gate will then start closing on the Watcher, and the other 
ejected people will dive back into the Gate after mentioning that the Watcher knows how to 
bring Crono back.  The Gate will then shut forever.  Lucca and Marle will panic, and then 
remember Epoch.  Head back to the previous, and talk to King Guardia.  He'll bring out 
Nadia's Bell, and start trying to put it up when Lucca and Marle run off.  You'll hear 
Epoch take off, and then Taban will show up and set off some fireworks.  You'll then see a 
long scene of the Epoch traveling over land and through time - you'll see it go through a 
scene involving each character.  And then it'll head up, and now the screen fills with stars.  
Final scene is the same as without Epoch - under the tree at Death Peak, running to the 
silhouette of Crono.

Complete Ending
When:  Beat the game after recovering Crono.
Crono will be awakened in his bed by a soldier informing him that his stay of execution has 
canceled.  The King and the Chancellor (or Pierre) will make a discussion of Crono's 
actions.  Marle will show up, and protest.  The King will interrupt her, and Kino, King 
Guardia circa 600 AD, and Doan will show up.  Lucca will walk out from behind the throne - 
she brought them here.  It'll be revealed that all three men are either ancestors (Kino and 
King Guardia) or descendants  (Doan) of Marle.  And then, the Moonlight Parade.

Both Crono and Marle will walk a lap with the Parade.  When the lap is done, you can move 
freely.  Crono's mom, Taban, Lara, and Melchior are all here, and have have something to 
say.  When your done, head north to the next area.  You'll see Lucca beckon, and run on to 
the next area.  Head there, and you'll find the gang present.  Everyone (Ayla and Kino, Frog 
and King Guardia, Magus, Robo and Doan) will head back to their own time through the Gate.  
Now, the endings diverge.

Without Epoch:  The Gate will close for good, and there'll be some discussion.  Now head 
back to the previous area.  Talk to the king, and Crono will help Marle install Nadia's 
Bell.  Now, the bell balloons will sweep Marle up, and Crono will climb up the arch and 
jump to Marle and the balloons; they'll both be swept off.  You'll see them rising higher 
and higher above the land, until they finally go above cloud level.  You'll see the moving 
star fields, and then the world.  Final image is the world with "The End" below it in big 

With Epoch:  After some discussion, you'll get to see all of Crono's cats run through the 
Gate, followed by Crono's mom.  The Gate will then close.  Fortunately, you've still got 
Epoch.  Go to the previous area, and talk to the King.  He'll bring out Nadia's Bell, and 
start trying to put it up when Lucca, Crono, and Marle run off.  You'll hear Epoch take 
off, and then Taban will show up and set off some fireworks.  You'll then a long scene of 
the Epoch traveling over land and through time - you'll see it go through a scene involving 
each character.  Robo and Atropos are sitting on some mountain overlook (Denadaro 
Mountains?  This is where they go to in the Robo and Tata Ending).  Ayla and Kino are riding 
pterodactyls.  Frog, Queen Leene, and King Guardia will be walking with some knights on 
Zenan Bridge, and Frog will notice Epoch in the background.  Magus will come to a hover 
above a mountain peak, and will fly off; Epoch will go off at warp speed in a flash of light 
at the same time.  If Magus was slain, then you get a different Frog scene (Frog standing 
under a waterfall and starting to glow), and the scene replacing Magus's is King Guardia and 
Leene watching the construction of some new castle towers (this is where you fought the 
Dragon Tank), and Glenn watching the Epoch fly past at warp speed.  And then Epoch will head 
up, and now the screen fills with the moving star field, and then the world.  Final image 
is the world with "The End" below it in big letters.


VI.  Game Genie Codes

Dummied out items codes:
             First two digits=Code of item (See below)
             Third digit= D on all (or 6 on all, depending on game version)
             Fourth digit= 4 for Crono, 5 for Marle, A for Lucca, F for
             Robo, 1 for Frog, 8 for Ayla, or D for Magus
             Fifth through eighth digits:
             ****-7FED to get item in Helm slot
             ****-747D to get item in Armor slot
             ****-745D to get item in Weapon slot
             ****-748D to get item in Accessories slot

             Basically, this code alters what item the character starts
             out with.  In other words, you have to use it before the
             character is named, or it will have no effect.  An example
             code would be:


             to start Crono off with the Moon Armor in the armor slot (in
             place of the Hide Tunic).

             The codes for the dummied items are:
             D5 = Dark Saber (Power = 50; no special characteristics)
             44 = PicoMagnum (Power = 20; no special characteristics)
             4B = Graedus (Power = 60; Cuts enemy's HP in half at critical)
             86 = Relic (Accessory that behaves like SightScope...maybe it
             also shows bosses' HP counts?)  (Note from Ed:  It doesn't; just checked)
             8B = SeraphSong (Accessory that recovers MP during battle) (Note from Ed:  looks
                  like the wearer regains 5 MP at set intervals)
             These are all the items that have been dummied out.
             Guaranteed.  There is no entry for the so-called WolfLobe

             The codes you probably want are:
             D564-745D to start Crono with the Dark Saber
             446A-745D to start Lucca with the PicoMagnum
             4B6A-745D to start Lucca with the Graedus
             866x-748D to start anyone with the Relic
             8B6x-748D to start anyone with the SeraphSong

             Hope that helps.  Now for the JukeBox trick:
             I posted this once, ages ago, but you'd have to flip through
             about 50 pages of posts on this page to find it.  So, here

             This trick's kinda neat.  Basically, what you do is enter
             the code but turn the Game Genie off.  Then you go to the
             entrance of the location listed, turn the GG on, and then
             enter.  The screen will black out, so that it looks like it
             has frozen, but the music listed will be playing.  You can
             get sound effects and even some other...odd effects with
             this code, but I've listed the most interesting ones here.
             For a list of alternate codes, check out the GGCCC site.
             I'm sorry these are so out of order, but I'm going off a
             sheet of notebook paper that's basically my rough draft
             because I can't find the final copy.  So, here goes:

             Master Code:  xx67-5FA4 -- replace xx with the following:

             Death Peak/2300 AD:
             EB = 1000AD main theme
             3C = 600AD main theme
             38 = 65M BC main theme
             3D = Ayla's Theme
             63 = Robo's Theme
             22 = Lavos Shell's Theme (Lavos1)
             C0 = Lavos's Theme (Lavos2)
             C3 = Lavos Core's Theme (Lavos3)
             B4 = Enhasa Theme
             E7 = Flight Theme / Ending
             25 = Death/Defeat Theme?
             E9 = Sewer Theme
             BB = Cathedral
             2A = Crono's Theme
             3F = Schala
             B1 = Belthasar
             3E = Boss Theme #1
             29 = 12000 BC Theme?
             EE = Fair
             32 = Guardia Castle
             3B = Magus's Castle
             BC = Forest
             23 = Ocean Palace
             80 = Trial

             Blue Pyramid / 1000 AD:
             C2 = Gato's Theme
             60 = ???
             B3 = ???
             B5 = Black Omen
             E1 = Sunken Desert
             32 = Frog's Theme
             E4 = Magus's Theme
             EA = Epoch's Theme
             87 = Spekkio's Theme
             22 = 1000 AD Theme #2
             E5 = Intro
             C1 = 2300 AD Theme
             E3 = Singing Mountain *****Unreleased*****
             EC = Tyrano Castle

             Factory (not Geno Dome) / 2300 AD:
             E9 = Dalton (I think this one's wrong)
             A6 = Johnny's Race
             A1 = Lab 16
             E4 = Parade
             E8 = Sunlight (Theme at beginning of game)
             EC = Factory (umm...doesn't this defeat the purpose?)
             EF = Sun Palace

             Zenan Bridge (if codes don't work for 1000AD then try 600AD...
             I can't remember now which I used)
             A1 = Battle Theme #1
             82 = Boss Battle Theme #2
             A8 = JMM (?)
             EB = Lab 32
             BE = Raindrops (?)
             8F = End of Time

             and...6E67-5F64 for Battle Theme #2 (unreleased) at Death Peak


VII.  Credits

The Mynocke and JP -- I made use of both of their walkthroughs, when I started playing the 
game.  To see both of them, head to and hunt them down in the SNES 
RPG section.  Exact HP values for the bosses were taken from those walkthroughs.

Battle Lord -- the provider of those codes; the GGCCC site that he refers to is

Emik -- the source of that interesting little bit about the Crisis Arm.

JD Cyr -- interesting tidbit from his walkthrough:  If you reach Spekkio with a level of 5 or 
lower, he'll be in his weakest form -- that of one of those frog creatures.  He has about 400 
HP, and you get a Magic Tab and five Tonics for beating him the first time you do so.  
Attacks are probably the same as the Kilwala form -- JD didn't say what they were.

If you wish to use this walkthrough on your site, email me.  My major concern is that you 
leave in both the credits and the author.  I also want the URL of your site.

This walkthrough (C) Ed (, 1999.

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