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ZSNES ZST Save State Hacking Guide for "EarthBound" (sequel to
	"EarthBound Zero," the series is known as "Mother" in Japan)
Written & Researched by Ragnarosen (
"EarthBound" and all related indicia are registered trademarks of
	APE Game Technologies, HAL Laboratory, and Shigesato Itoi.
"Super Nintendo Entertainment System" and "SNES" are registered
	trademarks of Nintendo.
"ZSNES" is a registered trademark of CSoft, and is programmed by
	ZSKnight, _Demo_, and Pharos.


	To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into 
your Save State (*.ZST, *.ZS1 - *.ZS9) files, you'll need to get a hex
editor. Try "Hex Workshop" from or "UltraEdit" from and open the EarthBound *.ZST files you wish to
work with.


Those new to hex and hex editors can read the following:
  - Typical hex editors display a file with "offsets" on the left of the
screen, "hex values" in the middle, and the "printed garbage" on the right
of the screen.
  - Offsets are the addresses. It may appear like this: 00000000
  - Hex values are the values. They may appear like this: E6 03 20 20 FF
  - The printed garbage is there only so humans can look at it. It's not
very pretty; it won't help you in most cases; don't worry about it.
  - This guide will represent the offsets in this format: #B9
  - The last number (0-9, A-F) in an offset is the COLUMN you need to go
to. So for the offset of #B9, go to the line "000000B0" and the 9th column
to the right.


  - For the different offsets, here's a Quick List of the most commonly
used values:  

"63"		for "99"	used for levels
"FF"		for "255"	used for statistics
"E7 03"		for "999"	used for HP/PP, Max HP, Max PP
"0F 27"		for "9999"	used for HP/PP, Max HP, Max PP
"FF FF"		for "65535"	used for HP/PP, Max HP, Max PP
"0F 69 18"	for "99,999"	used for current money
"3F 42 0F"	for "999,999"	used for ATM account
"7F 96 98"	for "9,999,999"	used for experience


NOTE: For the two- or three-column HEX VALUES ("E7 03"), the numbers must
be entered "backward" as shown above to work properly.
    - When saving large numbers to computer language, the order of the hex
values are reversed.  If you open Windows Calculator and enter "999" in
decimal form and convert it to hexedicimal form, it will show "3E7" (note
that Calculator will remove any leading zeros).  To use this multi-column
hex value, add any necessary leading zeros (in this case, in front of the
"3") to make even pairs ("03 E7").  Put the number pairs in reverse order
("E7 03") in the EarthBound *.ZST files.
    - THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO REVERSE THE VALUES!  "03 E7" must be entered
as "E7 03", not "30 7E"!  For the basic rule of thumb, number pairs are
entered like this: #2 #1 (or #3 #2 #1 for very large numbers)



Current Money: A446, A445, A444
Current ATM Account: A44A, A449, A448



Level: A5E6
Experience: A5E9, A5E8, A5E7
Maximum HP: A5EC, A5EB
Maximum PP: A5EE, A5ED
Offense: A5F6
Defense: A5F7
Speed: A5F8
Guts: A5F9
Luck: A5FA
Vitality: A5FB
Items: A604-A611
Current HP: A629, A628
Current PP: A62F, A62E



Level: A645
Experience: A648, A647, A646
Maximum HP: A64B, A64A
Maximum PP: A64D, A64C
Offense: A655
Defense: A656
Speed: A657
Guts: A658
Luck: A659
Vitality: A65A
IQ: A65B
Items: A663-A670
Current HP: A688, A687
Current PP: A68E, A68D



Level: A6A4
Experience: A6A7, A6A6, A6A5
Maximum HP: A6AA, A6A9
Maximum PP: A6AC, A6AB
Offense: A6B4
Defense: A6B5
Speed: A6B6
Guts: A6B7
Luck: A6B8
Vitality: A6B9
Items: A6C2-A6CF
Current HP: A6E7, A6E6
Current PP: A6ED, A6EC


(NOTE: He is referred to as "The Prince" in this FAQ because the name "Poo"
	sounds like what TOM GREEN would name his son.)

Level: A703
Experience: A706, A705, A704
Maximum HP: A709, A708
Maximum PP: A70B, A70A
Offense: A713
Defense: A714
Speed: A715
Guts: A716
Luck: A717
Vitality: A718
IQ: A719
Items: A721-A72E
Current HP: A746, A745
Current PP: A74C, A74B



(For descriptions, consult the strategy guide that came with the game.
 If you own the ROM but not the game, consult one of []'s
 EarthBound Strategy Guides. I'm sure Kao Megura has written one by

00- <blank>
01- Franklin Badge
02- Teddy Bear
03- Super Plush Bear
04- Broken Machine
05- Broken Gadget
06- Broken Air Gun
07- Broken Spray Can
08- Broken Laser
09- Broken Iron
0A- Broken Pipe
0B- Broken Cannon
0C- Broken Tube
0D- Broken Bazooka
0E- Broken Trumpet
0F- Broken Harmonica
10- Broken Antenna
11- Cracked Bat
12- Tee Ball Bat
13- Sand Lot Bat
14- Minor League Bat
15- Mr. Baseball Bat
16- Big League Bat
17- Hall Of Fame Bat
18- Magicant Bat
19- Legendary Bat
1A- Gutsy Bat
1B- Casey Bat
1C- Fry Pan
1D- Thick Fry Pan
1E- Deluxe Fry Pan
1F- Chef's Fry Pan
20- French Fry Pan
21- Magic Fry Pan
22- Holy Fry Pan
23- Sword Of Kings
24- Pop Gun
25- Stun Gun
26- Toy Air Gun
27- Magnum Air Gun
28- Zip Gun
29- Laser Gun
2A- Hyper Beam
2B- Crusher Beam
2C- Spectrum Beam
2D- Death Ray
2E- Baddest Beam
2F- Moon Beam Gun
30- Gaia Beam
31- Yo-Yo
32- Slingshot
33- Bionic Slingshot
34- Trick Yo-Yo
35- Combat Yo-Yo
36- Travel Charm
37- Great Charm
38- Crystal Charm
39- Rabbit's Foot
3A- Flame Pendant
3B- Rain Pendant
3C- Night Pendant
3D- Sea Pendant
3E- Star Pendant
3F- Cloak of Kings
40- Cheap Bracelet
41- Copper Bracelet
42- Silver Bracelet
43- Gold Bracelet
44- Platinum Band
45- Diamond Band
46- Pixie's Bracelet
47- Cherub's Band
48- Goddess Band
49- Bracer of Kings
4A- Baseball Cap
4B- Holmes Hat
4C- Mr. Baseball Cap
4D- Hard Hat
4E- Ribbon
4F- Red Ribbon
50- Goddess Ribbon
51- Coin Of Slumber
52- Coin Of Defense
53- Lucky Coin
54- Talisman Coin
55- Shiny Coin
56- Souvenir Coin
57- Diadem Of Kings
58- Cookie
59- Bag Of Fries
5A- Hamburger
5B- Boiled Egg
5C- Fresh Egg
5D- Picnic Lunch
5E- Pasta Di Summers
5F- Pizza
60- Chef's Special
61- Large Pizza
62- PSI Caramel
63- Magic Truffle
64- Brain Food Lunch
65- Rock Candy
66- Croissant
67- Bread Roll
68- Pak Of Bubble Gum
69- Jar Of Fly Honey
6A- Can Of Fruit Juice
6B- Royal Iced Tea
6C- Protein Drink
6D- Kraken Soup
6E- Bottle Of Water
6F- Cold Remedy
70- Vial Of Serum
71- IQ Capsule
72- Guts Capsule
73- Speed Capsule
74- Vital Capsule
75- Luck Capsule
76- Ketchup Packet
77- Sugar Packet
78- Tin Of Cocoa
79- Carton Of Cream
7A- Sprig Of Parsley
7B- Jar Of Hot Sauce
7C- Salt Packet
7D- Backstage Pass
7E- Jar Of Delisauce
7F- Wet Towel
80- Refreshing Herb
81- Secret Herb
82- Horn Of Life
83- Counter-PSI Unit
84- Shield Killer
85- Bazooka
86- Heavy Bazooka
87- HP Sucker
88- Hungry HP Sucker
89- X-Terminator Spray
8A- Slime Generator
8B- Yogurt Dispenser
8C- Ruler
8D- Snake Bag
8E- Mummy Wrap
8F- Protractor
90- Bottle Rocket
91- Big Bottle Rocket
92- Multi Bottle Rocket
93- Bomb
94- Super Bomb
95- Insecticide Spray
96- Rust Promoter
97- Rust Promoter DX
98- Pair Of Dirty Socks
99- Stag Beetle
9A- Toothbrush
9B- Handbag Strap
9C- Pharaoh's Curse
9D- Defense Shower
9E- Letter From Mom
9F- Sudden Guts Pill
A0- Bag Of Dragonite
A1- Defense Spray
A2- Piggy Nose
A3- For Sale Sign
A4- Shyness Book
A5- Picture Postcard
A6- King Banana
A7- Letter From Tony
A8- Chick
A9- Chicken
AA- Key To The Shack
AB- Key To The Cabin
AC- Bad Key Machine
AD- Temporary Goods
AE- Zombie Paper
AF- Hawk Eye
B0- Bicycle
B1- ATM Card
B2- Show Ticket
B3- Letter From Kids
B4- Wad Of Bills
B5- Receiver Phone
B6- Diamond
B7- Signed Banana
B8- Pencil Eraser
B9- Hieroglyph Copy
BA- Meteotite
BB- Contact Lens
BC- Hand-Aid
BD- Trout Yogurt
BE- Banana
BF- Calorie Stick
C0- Key To The Tower
C1- Meteorite Piece
C2- Earth Pendant
C3- Neutralizer
C4- Sound Stone
C5- Exit Mouse
C6- Gelato De Resort
C7- Snake
C8- Viper
C9- Brain Stone
CA- Town Map
CB- Video Relaxant (???)
CC- Suporma
CD- Key To The Locker
CE- Insignificant Item
CF- Magic Tart
DO- Tiny Ruby
D1- Monkey's Love
D2- Eraser Eraser
D3- Tendakraut
D4- T-Rex's Bat
D5- Big League Bat
D6- Ultimate Bat
D7- Double Beam
D8- Platinum Band
D9- Diamond Band
DA- Defense Ribbon
DB- Talisman Ribbon
DC- Saturn Ribbon
DD- Coin Of Silence
DE- Charm Coin
DF- Cup Of Noodles
E0- Skip Sandwich
E1- Skip Sandwich
E2- Skip Sandwich DX
E3- Lucky Sandwich
E4- Lucky Sandwich
E5- Lucky Sandwich
E6- Lucky Sandwich
E7- Lucky Sandwich
E8- Lucky Sandwich
E9- Cup Of Coffee
EA- Double Burger
EB- Peanut Cheese Bar
EC- Piggy Jelly
ED- Bowl Of Rice Gruel
EE- Bean Croquette
EF- Molokheiya Soup
F0- Plain Roll
F1- Kabob
F2- Plain Yogurt
F3- Beef Jerky
F4- Mammoth Burger
F5- Spicy Jerky
F6- Luxury Lerky
F7- Bottle Of DX Water
F8- Magic Pudding
F9- Non-Stick Fry Pan
FA- Mr. Saturn Coin
FB- Meteornium
FC- Popsicle
FD- Cup Of Lifenoodles
FE- Carrot Key
FF- <blank>



The best equipment for everybody is:

1A, 3E, 48, 56

22, 3E, 48, 50

30, 3E, 48, 56

23, 3F, 49, 57

Important items to have:

Ness must have B1, B5, and C4.
Jeff should have 83, 84, 86, 88, 8A, 9D.
Give an 01 to everybody just because you can.
Lots of C5's, especially for Peaceful Rest Valley, Diamond
	Mine, and Stonehenge Alien Base.
Lots of 82's and/or FD's, for catastrophic events.
Lots of high-end foods, like 61, 64, and 6D.
For Talah Rama's Cave, listen to what the monkeys want, and
	then hack into your item list and give yourself
	whatever you need to pass.
Note: Ragnarosen is not responsible for negative phenomena,
	unexplained anomalies, or the destruction of the
	space-time continuum. In other words, don't try to
	give yourself items that you're not supposed to have,
	like the Signed Banana before seeing Venus' concert,
	or the Shyness Book before conquering Stonehenge Alien


Ragnarosen's Hacking Guide Collection Includes:

Brain Lord
Dragon Quest III Reprise
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Final Fantasy IV
Mystic Ark (Sequel to "The 7th Saga")
Paladin's Quest
Phantasy Star IV (In Progress)
Seiken Densetsu 3
Terranigma (PAR Codes Only)


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