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		Soulblazer walkthrough version 0.001a

	First of all, im not going to cover the first area of this game, 
as someone already did and they did an excellent job of covering it. 
Second, all the items and stuff were in  with the first area 
walkthrough, so those will also not be covered. Third, this is my first 
official walkthrough on something so be patient and email me with 
suggestions, questions, etc. yadda yadda, i may not have time to answer 
your question, etc...
			This walkthrough is available in DOC or TXT format, 
let me know.

I am assuming you know what to do after killing all the monsters in a 
lair. If you dont, i cant help you, leave me alone.
now, starting where the first walkthrough left off...


The first thing you will notice when you get to this area is another 
shrine much like the first, with all the usual options like save and 
travel to other areas.  Step on the tile on the left and you find 
yourself in Greenwood (interesting side note: there is a japanese anime 
named koko wa greenwood, anyone know if this is a reference to it?).  
Look around if you want before proceeding to the right and the first 
shrine (yes i said shrine, pay attention). To be technical, the area to 
the right of Greenwood is called Lostside, and its a

Water Shrine
	This is the first shrine you encounter. Kill all the monsters you 
can, then go to the left and down the stairs.  You can get the treasure 
chest that you see behind the waterfall by going to the far right and up 
where you will find a monster lair.  Before going down the stairs at the 
bottom left, talk to the jewel and go back to Greenwood. Find the mole 
you just released and talk to him. He will join you, and now you are 
able to see in the dark somewhat. Go back to the water shrine and down 
to the 3rd level (for purposes of non confusion i will refer to the 
first level as first level, the one below the first as second level, 
etc.) When you first get to the third level, go down and kill the 
monsters from the lair. Open the chest and take the delicious seeds back 
to the squirrel in Greenwood, who gives you the Psycho Sword. Don't get 
all excited, this wont kill metal monsters, it just freezes them.  The 
strange bottle is useless really, all it does is save your gems when you 
die so you dont lose them.  I never used it. Continue going up until you 
can go right, where you will see some statues. One of the statues is odd 
colored, go up to it and touch it to make it come alive. Kill it, touch 
the lair, continue.  Go up the stairs, kill all the monsters and 
continue.  The chest on the far left of the first level contains 50 
GEMs, get it and exit the shrine through the top.  One down, two to go.

Fire Shrine
	If you go to the right and down after exiting the water shrine, 
you will find a monster lair. Kill the monsters to find a warp tile that 
takes you back to the master's shrine.  At any rate, continue on to the 
fire shrine.  Don't try to kill the scorpion-like creatures you see in 
the fire shrine, they are invincible until you have a certain sword. 
Remeber the locations of invincible monsters because you will need to 
come back and kill them later.  Kill all the monsters you can, then go 
down to the second level.  Wander around in the maze killing monsters 
until only the metal scorpions are left, then go down the stairs to the 
third level.  When you come to some tiles on the ground that glow red 
hot on and off, dont step on them when they are glowing, only walk when 
they are grey.  Continue on killing monsters until you find this really 
long walkway made out of those glowing tiles. Walk when its grey and 
when it starts to get hot walk to one of the platforms on the side.  
Kill the monsters and free the jewel.  Talk to the jewel and she will 
give you the Light Arrow Magic, which is kinda handy but I didn't use it 
all that much.  Go to the right and up where you find more glowing 
paths.  The first path leads to a monster lair, kill all the monsters 
and you can continue on the second path.  The third path is a dead end 
for now. Kill the monsters at the end of the second path so you can 
continue on the third path.  As soon as you get off the glowing path, go 
to the left to find a chest with 100 GEMs in it.  Continue up and to the 
left, killing all monsters you find.  Pay attention when you release a 
bird and its sleeping, you will need to find that bird in Greenwood 
later.  Go all the way to the left and up the stairs, ignore the lair 
for now because thats for the invincible scorpions.  When you get to the 
first level, go to the far right and down the stairs.  Kill the lair, 
free the soul, continue, go back up and exit thr fire shrine out the 

Light Shrine
	When you exit the fire shrine you will see some rafts. Try to get 
on one and they won't let you, so it's back to Greenwood you must go.  
The rafts want you to prove you are from Greenwood, what better way than 
with leaves? Anyways, find the sleeping bird in the graveyard, which is 
located at the bottom of Greenwood.  Touch the dream rod to the bird and 
enter his dream.  In his dream, activate the tile and then talk to the 
bird.  Talk to the ghost of Turbo, then to Tiki, who is the bird right 
in front of you.  When you exit his dream, talk to Tiki again and learn 
more about the rafts of Greenwood.  Enter the first mole hole from the 
right and find the skeleton of Turbo, which is just a skull from the 
look of it. Search the bones to find the Leaves of Greenwood (wow) and 
go back to the rafts. The rafts will see the leaves (dont ask me how) 
and agree to take you to the light shrine. Ride rafts until you get to 
the light shrine.  When you get to the entrance of the light shrine, get 
off the raft but dont go in. Get back on the raft and it will take you 
to the far left where you will find a jewel that gives you EXP.  Enter 
the 3rd and final shrine, the light shrine. On the first level, kill all 
the monsters and open up all the paths you can, until you find the 
stairs down to the second level.  Don't worry about the big floating 
globs for now, just keep in mind they WILL hurt you if you touch them. 
Remember them though, because you will find a sword later that can kill 
them.  On the second level kill all the monsters as usual and proceed 
down to the third level. One of the lairs will release a mole, go back 
to Greenwood and talk to him. You find out he is really a she and she 
wants to get back to her mole hole. It is VERY VERY important that you 
take her back to her hole, because without the object she gives you you 
wont have a chance in hell of beating the main boss of Greenwood.  Her 
mole hole is the 3rd from the right.  Ignore her when she says "wait 
here" and enter her hole. Open the chest and get the Mole Ribbon.  Go up 
and exit that hole, then enter the second hole from the right.  Equip 
the Mole Ribbon and talk to the mole you find there. He will move out of 
your way.  The second mole will give you the shield bracelet, the 
crucial item i was referring to when defeating the main boss. Now, go 
back to the light shrine via the master's shrine, I would reccomend 
saving your game at this point because the boss is coming up soon, then 
warp to the light shrine and go up and to the left.     

Boss of Greenwood
	The main boss of Greenwood consists of three heads, each one 
representing the three shrines. Make sure you have the Shield Bracelet 
equipped and go up to the head on the left first,  touch it, and it 
comes alive. This head represents the light shrine and shoots lightning 
in four directions when it stops moving. Get at a diagonal when it stops 
moving and keep hitting it, try to avoid contact with the lightning 
because you will need your HPs.  The next head represents the water 
shrine and shoots water (duh) which will cause damage if you touch the 
puddles on the ground. Avoid this head while you keep hitting it, and if 
you are very low on HPs at this point switch to the medical herb and let 
the boss hit you, then switch back to the Shield Bracelet with full HPs.  
The third and final head represents the fire shrine (dont ask me why 
they had the heads come to life in this order, it makes no sense to me 
either) and shoots, yeah thats right, fire. Avoid the fire of course 
while pounding on the head until you have won.  Touch the tile in the 
upper left corner to release the Guardian of Greenwood, and go back to 
Greenwood via the master's shrine.  

Back in Greenwood
	Talk to the guardian first and get the Green Stone from him, then 
explore the village you have created.  Talk to the deer in the lower 
left island to have him bash a tree until a jewel falls down. Talk to 
the jewel and learn about the Master's Emblems.  Keep exploring 
Greenwood until you find a sleeping tree, touch the Dream Rod to it and 
enter its' dream.  The tree is on one of the islands accessible by mole 
hole.  When you enter its' dream, walk to the right beyond the big tree 
and activate the tile before you talk to the bird. When you wake up, go 
to the chest you might have seen before in the upper part of Greenwood, 
it contains the Ice Armor, which wouldve allowed you to cross the 
glowing tiles in the fire shrine while they were glowing. No big deal 
though.  Say your goodbyes and continue on to the third area, The Seabed 


	Upon arriving at St. Elles you will notice that its pretty much 
empty like the first two areas were when you first arrived.  Go all the 
way up and find the mermaid statue. Talk to the statue and follow its' 
instructions, it tells you to go to Southerta from the master's shrine.  

	Basically just walk around killing monsters and freeing every soul 
you can. Remember the location of the mermaid that says something about 
the Bubble Armor, you WILL need it later.Watch out for the birds, they 
can summon up a mean tornado that really hurts.  Luckily there is no 
more than 2 birds per lair usually.  Watch out for blackish colored 
rocks, they come to life and can do some damage.  Remember to explore 
everywhere otherwise you wont find all the lairs.  Go back to the main 
area, which i will refer to as "the palace" from now on because "the 
seabed sanctuary" is too damn long to type out every time. Find the 
mermaid that talked about the bubble armor and talk to her to get the 
bubble armor.  Equip the Bubble Armor and go south out of her house to 
the seabed.  

The Seabed
	Basically this area is what links every other area in St. Elles, 
so i will only mention it once.  When you first set foot in the seabed, 
if you dont have the Bubble Armor equipped, you WILL die. Anyways, go 
south from the start and then go west and up the stairs. You will arrive 
in Southerta again, next to an enemy lair you couldn't reach before. 
Kill it and free a mermaid statue. Go back to the palace and talk to the 
statue, it will open up a path for you. Pay attention to what statue it 
makes disappear, because that's where you are headed next, which is 

	When you go to the place where the statue used to be, go RIGHT, 
ignore left for the moment.  This will take you to Rockbird.  While in 
Rockbird the same basic strategy applies, kill everything you can find 
and free all the souls.  Remember that some of the rocks are alive and 
must be killed. Watch out in the southeast corner of Rockbird because 
one of the lairs produces two of those dangerous birds instead of just 
one, so dont let your guard down.  If you release everything you will 
release another mermaid statue, so head back to the palace for your next 
set of instructions.  You will also release an angelfish which will join 
you, it is crucial that you talk to him before attempting to tackle the 
next mini-quest. You also release a mermaid that will give you the Flair 
magic, its the mermaid on the left side of the big house leading to the 
seabed.  On the right side of the big house there is a treasure chest 
with the mermaid's tears in it, make sure you have these before going to 
the next island, Durean. 

	This island is actually a volcano, you can reach it by going left 
instead of right when you go south on the seabed.  Just follow the path, 
it isnt really hard to find it. Watch out for the stingrays, they give 
off a nasty electric shock if you let them.  Before you attempt to set 
foot on Durean, make SURE you have the mermaid's tears and Soul of 
Shield, otherwise you will get killed by the magma rain.  You will run 
into some metallic versions of those creatures that look like gorillas, 
they cant be killed with your current sword.  Same basic rules, go along 
and kill anything that moves.  When you actually start climbing to the 
summit of the volcano, dont touch the glowing areas, it will hurt a lot 
even with the Ice Armor equipped. Find a way to the top that doesnt 
require you to touch the glowing areas.  When you get to the very top, 
equip the mermaid's tears and use them by just walking up to the rock in 
the center of the glowing area.  It will harden all the lava, which will 
allow you to access areas you couldnt before. Explore Durean thoroughly, 
you should end up with the Critical Sword and another mermaid statue at 
the palace.  There is nothing else to do on Durean for now, so head back 
to the palace and talk to the mermaid statue for another task to 

	To get to Blester head east along the seabed, if you saw where the 
statue disappeared you should have no problem finding it.  On your way 
to Blester explore the seabed thoroughly and kill everything you can 
find, as usual.  If no monsters seem to be coming out of a lair, move 
close to it and see what happens.  When you release a jewel, head back 
to the palace because you need to get the Thunder Ring.  Go west until 
you see a mermaid guarding what appears to be nothing in the middle of 4 
columns. Talk to the mermaid, answer yes when she asks you about the 
queen, and she will tell you to save Lue. Walk into the middle of the 4 
columns and you will be transported to where Lue is being held.  Talk to 
Lue and ignore the sleeping dolphin for now, ill get to that later.  You 
will recieve the Thunder Ring from Lue. Head back to Blester now and 
equip the Thunder Ring when you get there. Remember those metallic 
gorillas that you couldnt kill? Well now you can. Lure them close to a 
lightning pyramid (those orange blocks on the ground) and touch the 
pyramid. ZAP! Instantly fries them.  Unfortunately the lightning ring 
ONLY works on Blester, so dont get any stupid ideas.  You need to kill 
the metallic gorillas on Blester before you can move on, so do like I 
told you and zap them with lightning.  The metallic gorilla lair 
releases a mermaid statue, thats why.  So go back to the palace and talk 
to the statue to get your next task.  

Ghost Ship
	To reach the ghost ship go northwest along the seabed, you will 
run into it eventually.  Travel through the maze and watch out for the 
stingrays, they hit hard.  If you search the east side of the maze you 
will find a passage that leads to a place that has a treasure chest, 
inside that is the Power Bracelet. To get up to the ghost ship find this 
thing that looks like a rope and walk right up it. Before you do that 
though, i would reccomend saving your game with the convenient warp tile 
you just uncovered.  After everything is ready and you are properly 
equipped, head up to the ghost ship.  On board the ghost ship you can 
ignore the treasure chest, it only contains 1 GEM and you will most 
likely loose some HPs getting it.  Make your way to the front of the 
ship where you will confront this giant skeleton head, which is the main 
boss of St. Elles. 

Boss of St. Elles
	The trick to this boss is to kill the floating hands and then go 
for the head before the hands regenerate and come after you again. Have 
the Power Bracelet equipped, I found it almost impossible to beat him 
with the Shield Bracelet equipped.  The Power Bracelet lets you finish 
off the hands real quick and get some good hard blows in to the head 
before the hands regenerate. Most importantly, dont give up on beating 
this boss, it can be done without cheating of any kind. 

Back to the Seabed Palace
	After releasing the queen head back to the palace and talk to her 
to get the blue stone.  Before heading to the next area though, there 
are some things you need to do in St. Elles.  On the far left of the 
palace there is a dolphin, talk to him. He will tell you to stand on his 
nose, so do it.  He takes you to a treasure chest that holds the Big 
Pearl. Now, take the Pearl and find the sleeping dolphin from earlier 
where Lue is.   Enter the dolphin's dream via dream rod and equip the 
giant pearl.  Now talk to the dolphin in the dream and he will move. 
Remember this place because you need to come back here and get master's 
emblem C. You can go and get it now or wait until later, I would do it 
before you forget about it.  After exploring the rebuilt St. Elles and 
preparing yourself, its time to move on to area 4. 


	Yup, you guessed it. Another empty place. Take the exit to the 
north and climb the mountain.  

Mountain, North Slope
	Hack and slash your way through this area freeing souls. When you 
reach a path where you can go up or down, go down and defeat the monster 
lair there. It will uncover a chest with 40 GEMs in it.  Now continue 
going up until you reach these skeletons that look like reindeer. These 
creatures are invincible when their head is swooping around their body, 
so kill them fast before they have a chance to hurt you.  Keep going up 
and you will reach Aurora's Ridge. 

Aurora's Ridge
	The only real danger I see here is the little snowballs that turn 
into big snowballs. To kill those just run behind a rock when they get 
real big, no big deal.  When you walk up the blue paths to get to the 
higher slopes watch out for snowballs.  One of the monster lairs will 
uncover chests, and inside one of those chests is the Magic Armor. Not 
really handy, but it does cut GEM consumption in half and protects you 
better than the bubble armor.  Keep moving up until you enter a cave. 

The top of Snow Mountain
	What a dumb name for a mountain. Anyways, do the usual monster 
killing thing until you reach some stairs down to the ice.  What you 
need to do now is slide along the ice until you can get to the other 
island in this sea of ice.  Don't ask me how, there's no specific 
science to it, just slide until you can walk up the ice ramp.  Pay 
attention to the boy who wants to give you his mushroom shoes, and head 
back to the mountain cave after you kill all the monsters you can.  Talk 
to the jewel you just released for easy access back to the mountain 
cave.  Now find the boy and talk to him, get his mushroom shoes, and 
return to the top of snow mountain.  Remeber, you have to EQUIP the 
mushroom shoes to make them work.  With the mushroom shoes equipped you 
will have no trouble at all walking on the ice.  Continue on and go down 
the stairs to the next area. 

An ice hill
	Well what do you expect? It's a slope covered with patches of ice 
and the mushroom shoes wont work. What else is there to do but the usual 
kill the monsters and continue on.  The big icicles on the ground will 
break into 9 pieces if you hit them, each piece flying in a different 
direction.  The bats are damn annoying but with magic they are easy to 
kill.  Keep going down the slope until you reach the next area. 

Ice Field of Laynole
	Look for hidden ice paths by watching the chasms to see if any ice 
shimmers. It's pretty easy to see the hidden paths, just watch and wait.  
If you go to the right when you first arrive here, you can find a hidden 
ice path to a little island in the sky. There you will find the Lucky 
Blade, it improves your chances of getting bigger GEMs.  Keep exploring 
and uncovering hidden paths until you find a warp tile. Step on it and 
go back to the mountain cave through the master's shrine.  

Lake Lune
	The next area is also where the boss is located, deep underground 
in lake Lune.  Make sure you have your game saved before attempting the 
perilous journey to lake Lune.  Look at the eastern part of the mountain 
cave for another passage leading to lake Lune, its pretty easy to find 
because its all blue and stuff.  Enter the passage to lake Lune and make 
your way to the underground by way of the ice field.  Make SURE you find 
the hidden ice bridge in this area, its pretty easy to find but just 
make sure.  When you kill one of the monster lairs after you cross the 
hidden ice bridge, you will find a chest with the Rotator magic in it. 
Useful, but i didnt find much use for it.  It takes up too many GEMs to 
be useful.  When you enter the passage to lake Lune, you need to watch 
where the ground starts sparkling, because thats where some spikes are 
about to pop up.  Make your way through the underground cave and you 
will find lake Lune. 

Boss of Mountain of Souls
	This boss is Poseidon, and you mythology majors know that he was 
the Greek/Roman god of the sea (im not sure on this one, email me if you 
know which one, greek or roman) and he fits the part perfectly. Trident 
and fins, yep. That's Poseidon. But enough about that, now how about a 
strategy. The key here is avoiding him at all costs until he gets close 
enough for you to hit, and I rememeber that he was pretty easy for so 
late in the game.  You can dodge his fireballs by ducking into the dents 
in the back wall, and just wait for an opportunity to nail his ass with 
your sword.  Easy.   One more tip, don't try to hit him when he pops up 
in the middle, there's not enough manuvering room to make it worth it.  

Return to the Cave of the Mountain of Souls
	After you free the king go talk to Nome first and get the Silver 
Stone from him.   An easy way to get to the mountain cave is to use the 
warp tile right before you met poseidon.   In one cell of the prison you 
find a sleeping mushroom, do what you normally do with sleeping things. 
In his dream the tile you trigger lets you get one of the master's 
emblems, I forget which one at this time though. Yet another opportunity 
to email me.  If you see a mushroom in a room with no visible entrance 
dont worry about it, all it does is tell you to go get the master's 
emblem that you saw in the mushroom's dream. So you might as well do it, 
return to lake Lune and go get it. The easiest way is by master's 
shrine.  If you are wondering how to get the phoenix i will get to that 
later when you can actually get the symbols.  So, having liberated the 
Mountain of Souls, we move on to area 5. 


	Guess what? yeah its a damn empty house, its your job to fill it.   
To get anywhere talk to the door (yes the door, a lot of furniture in 
this house speaks).
Now, don't get too excited, but this is the area where you finally get 
the sword that can kill metal creatures.  But that's a ways down the 
road.  So don't worry about it just yet.  Take the stairs down to the 

Basement of Laboratory
	Basic stuff yet again, except this time there's no real 
organization to killing the monsters. Just kill anything that moves and 
don't worry if you hit a monster and it goes *CLANG*,  you shall find 
the Zantetsu sword soon enough.  Watch out for the cleaning bots, they 
spray stuff in 9 different directions.  Try to avoid the metallic 
monsters until you can release a great door, then get back to the first 
floor. Guess what  you find in the chest.... the all mighty ZANTETSU 
SWORD! AT LAST! But don't get too excited. I'll put the locations of all 
the enemies you can beat with it at the end of this walkthrough.  I 
forgot to mention those more than annoying little bots that move faster 
than greased.. well, you know... anyways, these little guys always 
return to their lair at some time, so you gotta wait it out and kill 
them when they zoom past.  Those little things are the most annoying 
thing you will encounter in this game.  

Second Basement
	This is after the first basement of course.  Make your way through 
the pipes and hit the switch to remove the obstruction from your path.  
The glowing areas of the floor are red hot areas, the ice armor does 
wonders when crossing them.  In this area you will release a model of 
town, which will be the next area you go to. Weird, eh?  Use the handy 
dandy warp tile to go back to the first floor.  

Second Floor
	Not much really, the models of town are up here and those are 
where the action is.  

First Model of Town
	Before you jump into this model, go up and use the dream rod on 
the sleeping cat.  Watch the little scene with Leo and get some 
background info.  After the dream is over, the cat will give you the key 
to a door on the first floor. Go downstairs and use the key on the only 
door that is locked. Talk with the chest of drawers to get the Mystic 
Armor, then head back up to the second floor.  Walk up to the model of 
town and push whatever button. You will be sucked into the model.  Now, 
the enemies in the models of town may look pretty small to you, but 
don't be fooled. They are extremely dangerous.  Make your way through 
the model killing the tiny monsters and freeing souls.  The archers are 
about the most annoying thing you will encounter in the models of town, 
try to take them out before they can get a shot in because they are 
suprisingly accurate.  When you keep getting hit from what seems like 
nothing at all, don't panic, it's just an invisible enemy for now.  When 
you release a door that can speak, exit the model town and go talk to 
it.  Now you can see the invisible enemies in the model towns, so go 
back to the first town.  Defeat all the monsters, then move on to the 
second model town.  

Second Model of Town
	Pretty much the same as the first, with a lot more invisible 
enemies.  Do what comes naturally and bust some heads, free some souls, 
and get out.  You have freed a staircase down to the basement, so go 
check it out now.   As long as you are on the second floor, grab some 
leaves from the plant in the room north of the town models.  They 
produce a very strong smell that attracts cats, so go downstairs and use 
them in the room with the mouse in it. Lead the cats out the door and 
then talk to the mouse. He will let you in his hole where you can talk 
to another mouse and get the Spark Bomb magic.  After that you need to 
go down the stairs you released in the town model, so go ahead.  

Power Plant
	Eh, I think it should just be part of the basement.  Before you 
complete this section you should have the Light Armor, which is useful 
and strong.  With the glowing areas again the ice armor works well.  Did 
i mention dont touch the spiky balls that revolve around the pipe? You 
should know enough not to touch anything with spikes.  Again, use the 
handy warp tile to go to master's shrine and save your game, because the 
boss is coming up soon.  In fact the boss is just around the corner, so 
make sure you save.  

Boss of Laboratory
	The boss' name is "Tin Doll" which looks like a crappy japanese 
translation.  Moving right along, the key to beating this boss is to 
keep moving unless you are hitting him. This boss is even easier than 
the area 4 boss, you should have no problem if you keep moving and take 
your time.  Remember to step on the tile after you beat him and free 

Back to the Lab
	After defeating the boss the most logical thing to do would be 
return to the lab, so do it.  Make sure you talk to Marie the doll and 
get the purple stone, and talk to everyone, remember that this is a RPG 
so make sure you dont miss anything.  With the purple stone in hand you 
can proceed to the next area...


	When you first arrive its the same old thing, no one is around... 
so go to the left and down the stairs into the dungeon.  

The Torture Chamber
	Yeah fight monsters, gain experience. Here you encounter ghostly 
enemies that can be defeated only with a certain sword, the Spirit 
Sword.  Make sure you examine the skeleton in the upper right hand 
corner and find the harp string, it will be useful later on.  If you've 
followed the only path you can then by now you should have the Spirit 
Sword, so equip it and kick ass.  Make sure you dont miss the chest with 
80 GEMs inside after you defeat one of the lairs.  Proceed to the lower 
right and go down the stairs.  

Basement of Castle
	Damn those little flashing orbs move fast don't they? Kill them 
anyways because they're monsters.  Listen to what one of the freed 
soldiers says, because you will need the Elemental Mail (besides that 
its always a good idea to listen to everything in a RPG, ya know).  The 
soldier that you free that appears to be lying down on the ground is the 
one with the Elemental Mail, so go back up and get it from him before 
you go down another level. Yup he's sleeping, so use the dream rod. 
Watch the sequence and he will give you the Elemental Mail when he wakes 
up.  While you're up there, make sure and visit the singer because he 
wants a harp string, and guess who has one? Right. Back down to the 
basement you go, and go down another level.

Basement of Castle (next floor down)
	Wow this is also called the basement... confusing isn't it.  Do 
that thing you do, and pay attention to the upper left corner of the 
level. Walk around in the little room with a row of spikes until you hit 
something. Stand in front of it and it opens, revealing Emblem B. I know 
there is a FAQ out there detailing where to find all the Master's 
Emblems, but I won't put that in unless there is demand for it.  Walk to 
the left, deal with the monster lair. HOLY SHIT that's a lot of spikes, 
but you're wearing the Elemental Mail, so walk all over them if you 
like.  Uncover the tile and warp back to the shrine if you wish, save 
your game, etc.  You should eventually free a soldier that is in the 
house with the singer that you gave the harp string to.  If you want go 
back up to town and enter the singer's house. Talk to the guard you just 
released and your character notices a card underneath the soldier's 
feet.  Talk to the singer and get him to sing, and the soldier moves, 
Examine where the soldier was standing to find the Platinum Card, which 
allows you to enter the left tower of Magridd Castle. You will use this 
later but for now go back down to the basement, use the warp tile if you 
have any brains, or work your way down if you suck.  If all goes well 
you will release a soldier that stands guard at the left tower, and you 
will end up at the warp tile. How handy. Go back up to town and go left, 
to the left tower.  

The Left Tower
	Equip the Platinum Card and show it to the guard of the left 
tower.  He will let you pass of course.  The enemies inside the left 
tower are substantially harder than the ones before, try not to stand in 
one spot for too long otherwise the heads shooting balls of light will 
nail you.  You may want to try and zap enemies you cant reach yet with 
your magic because monsters can regenrate, but monster lairs can't.  
Watch out for the horse's head chess piece looking monsters, they are 
invincible when they have their spikes extended.  Also look out for the 
guys who throw boomerang type projectiles, the projectile will not 
disapper if you kill the guy.  When you release a soldier that says he 
knows everything about the castle, go back to town because he is 
important. Later on go back through the dungeons of Magridd and he will 
reveal paths and stuff that you missed because its invisible without 
him.  So anyways, go back to the left tower after you acquire the spirit 
that "know's the castle's secret passages". Woah that's almost as dumb 
as the spirit of the door that you got in Leo's Laboratory, but useful 
still.  Go up a level in the left tower.  

The Left Tower (2nd level)
	Woah it's that funky circle around your spirit guide again, you 
know how to use it and find secret passages, so do it. You should 
release the queen, who says she has a present for you. No its not sex, 
its almost as good though. You might as well go back up now and get it 
from her, so do it.  If you tell the queen she is pretty she gives you 
the VIP card. I'm not sure what happens if you say no she's not pretty, 
but I'm sure its not good.  After doing this go back up to the second 
level of the left tower, fight monsters, etc. and go up the stairs.  

A Prison
	Wow. Doesn't look like a prison to me, but its not my game.  You 
should release a soldier that guards the RIGHT tower, thats the tower 
you need the VIP card for.  You also release a gem, talk to it and go 
back to town, then head for the right tower.  

The Right Tower
	Equip the VIP card and talk to the guard of the right tower, he 
lets you in of course.  Blah blah blah fight monsters, go up the stairs. 

The Right Tower (2nd floor)
	Watch out for chests that appear to have an eye, they are trick 
chests and will attack you, they also are a bitch to kill so attack them 
first before they hurt you.  Make sure you look for hidden passages and 
lairs, and release EVERYONE.  Go up stairs to 3rd floor.

The Right Tower (3rd floor)
	kill stuff, etc, right now you're pretty close to the end of the 
game. Well, not THAT close, but almost to the realm where Dethtoll 
lives.  go up stairs of course.

A Corridor to the Dock
	This leads to Leo and the airship, and on the airship you will 
confront the boss of Magridd castle. Now would be an excellent time to 
save your game with the handy warp tile (those things are damned handy 
arent they?) and proceed to the left where you will meet Leo.  Talk to 
Leo and listen to what he says, its important.  Watch the sequence of 
events that unfolds and pay attention to the fact that the queen is no 
longer alive, BEFORE your battle with the boss go back to her house 
(isnt it a bit unusual she didnt live in the castle with the king?) and 
examine where she was standing to find the invulnerable bracelet. DO NOT 
attempt to battle the boss without this important item, YOU WILL GET 
YOUR ASS KICKED if you do.  Then again, I beat this boss with the 
defense bracelet equiped, but that was because i didnt know about the 
invulnerable bracelet. All said and done, go back to the airship and 
equip the key that Leo handed you before he went boom.  Plug it into the 
airship's steering wheel and off you go to fight the boss, make sure 
youre prepared.  

Boss of Magridd Castle
	The boss is this giant bird-like creature that shoots streams of 
fire at you. Avoid the fire while bracing yourself up against the box 
shaped thing in the middle of the airship, and dont fall off the end of 
the airship.  When he swoops at you is the only time you can get hits 
in, dont try to be macho and kick his ass, just wait for him to come to 
you. It takes time to beat this boss, have patience because Deathtoll 
awaits.  Having beaten this boss free king magridd and head back to the 
castle to talk to him.  Walk up to the airship's steering wheel to 
return to the dock, and you meet Lisa. I dont know if how you answer the 
questions has any effect on the ending, maybe it does. Answer however 
you want.  Once you have the black stone move on to the next world, the 
Evil World. 


	What else can i say but make sure you explore everything, and make 
sure you have the phoenix's help. Otherwise Deathtoll's palace wont open 
up. I can't remember where to find all 3 symbols of the phoenix, but 
they have something to do with the invincible monster lairs in earlier 
worlds. Put that Zantetsu sword to good use and visit earlier areas and 
kill monsters you couldnt before. Make sure you pick up the soul armor 
and soul sword before you proceed further than the first area of the 
world of evil, or you will die (outer space is a bitch aint it?). Just 
as a reference point you should at least be at level 22 when you reach 
the world of evil.  

Boss of World of Evil
	Deathtoll... the ultimate evil... hes not too hard to beat if you 
have the phoenix (which you need anyways).  Kill (kill?) the columns of 
fire for GEMs, and this makes him open his mouth. When his mouth is open 
you have about 2 seconds to strike before his fire reaches you that he 
shoots from his mouth, so move fast. BE READY for this battle, it will 
last a loooong time. Once you beat deathtoll (and THIS CAN BE DONE 
WITHOUT CHEATING OF ANY KIND, ive done it several times) sit back and 
watch the ending.. on a final note you might want to build up your 
levels before taking on deathtoll, those revolving tiles that give you 
10,000 exp each are excellent for this purpose.  

Well thats it. The first unofficial soulblazer FAQ is done, at least 
what i care to do, and i dont care for much. Let me know any gripes, 
comments, suggestions, or flames, etc, at oh yeah... call 
me Glaive if you ever care enough.

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