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                          Super Mario RPG:  Guide to Super Jumping FAQ 
                                         Version: 1.0
                                  Created by:  Rotaj Russell
                                    Date Created: 8/15/99
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1)  Quick Introduction of myself
2)  Introduction to Super Jumps
      2.1  What are Super Jumps?
      2.2  Usefulness of Super Jumps
3)  How to perform Multiple Super Jumps
      3.1  Shoot for 30 Super Jumps
      3.2  Shoot for 100 Super Jumps
4)  Your rewards
5)  Miscellaneous tips
6)  Other
      6.1  Legal Stuff
      6.2  Credits


For any questions reguarding the game itself (How do you find this?  Where do you find that?
What do you do now?  Etc.) look for FAQs for the WHOLE game.

SECTION 1:  Quick Introduction of myself

Well, this is my first FAQ.  I'm a college student currently on vacation at the time of this 
writing. Super Mario RPG is an excellent game and still has unique qualities to this very day.
One of them being the battle ground is interactive.  You know the drill.  Hit any button just 
before your character hits the enemy for extra damage (Timed Hit) and hit any button just 
before the enemy does his physical attack on you to reduce damage (Timed Defense), more on 
that later.  One of the things that interested me about the game is Mario's Super Jump spell, 
particularly the rewards you recieve for reaching a certain amount.  I've finally been able to 
reach my goal of 100 Super Jumps.  It wasn't easy, I actually gave up a couple of years ago at 
number 85.  It was when I decided to play some Super Nintendo games for old times sake 
(starting with Super Mario RPG) that I decided to try again.  

Various FAQs on the game have mentioned the prize for 100 Super Jumps being the SUPER JACKET.
I wanted to find out if that was true.  Well, Saturday August 14, 1999 I finally reached that
goal.  The dog in Monstro Town gave me a SUPER SUIT.  I'll will explain in detail later, the 
intro is already long enough as it is.

SECTION 2:  Introduction to Super Jumps

2.1  What are Super Jumps?

A Super Jump is Mario's 2nd spell that he learns (First being the Fire Orb).  It uses 7 FPs 
(Flower Points) and the damage done to the enemy varies on how many jumps you do.  To do each 
Super Jump simply tap the Y button just before Mario stomps on his target.  That will be fine 
for the first 13-18 Super Jumps but after that you have to tap the Y button EXACTLY when Mario 
stomps on his target.  SECTION 4 will explain in great detail a good way to do Super Jumps.

2.2  Usefulness of Super Jumps

Obviously the more you can do the more damage you inflict on your enemy.  However, to be on 
the safe side, you should equip the "JUMP SHOES" item on Mario so he could cause damage to any
foe.  Enemies as easy as Spikey cannot be destroyed with any Mario Jump spell without the aid
of "JUMP SHOES".  If Mario is properly equiped (ie. His magic is stronger) his Super Jumps can 
do major damage.

SECTION 3:  How to perform multiple Super Jumps

How to do each Super Jump is rather simple.  Of course you have to be in battle to do this.
Use Mario's "Super Jump" spell.  As I explained earlier pressing the Y button just before  
Mario stomps on an opponent will cause Mario to jump again and pressing the Y button EXACTLY 
when he stomps on the enemy improves your chances.  The tough part is doing it over and over...
and over again.

3.1  Shoot for 30 Super Jumps

If you were anything like me, you were wondering why you just can't seem to get past 18 Super 
Jumps.  There is simply no easy way to perform this repetative task.  If you want to reach 
+20 Super Jumps you have to press the Y button EXACTLY when Mario stomps on the enemy (as I 
said too many times before) every time Mario jumps.  The problem with this is that you have to 
concentrate.  There are factors that influences this concentration:

-  The kind of enemy you face can destroy your concentration, or if possible actually help it.
This is a BIG problem if the enemy floats (ie. Sky Troopas, Bees, etc.).  Not that you should 
try to Super Jump him, Culex is the worst case scenario since he constantly floats up and down 
so the timing gets thrown out of wack.  My two personal favorite enemies to practice on are 
the Fink Flower (Or its likeness)in Bean Valley or Spikey in Mushroom Way (With out the JUMP 
SHOES equipped so you can practice Jumping over and over until your FPs run out).

-  As if that wasn't enough the positioning of the enemy is also important.  If the enemy is 
towards the top of the screen you won't see much of Mario in the air, which means you will 
have to rely on tempo of Mario's jumps which isn't really a good idea.  Instead Super Jump an 
enemy towards the bottom-right of the battle field.  That way, you can see most of Mario 
jumping in the air.

* Now here is what I believe to be an easier way of performing Super Jumps.  Instead of just 
tapping the Y button every time Mario stomps on the enemy, pretend you are actually controling 
Mario's Jumps manually.  By this I mean when Mario starts jumping hold the Y button until 
Mario reaches the top (The trick here is you have to guesstimate when he reaches the top) and 
let go when he comes down.  Right when Mario stomps on the enemy repeat the process above.

                                    *Doing Super Jumps*

                                       +  <---- Let go of Y button approximately here
                         ______________+_____   The part you can't see on your TV.
                        |              +     |
   Err...A TV Set ----> |              +     |
     (Sort of)        ----------> o    +     |
                     /  |            o +     |
                    /   |              o  <---- "o" is the target enemy
  Not recommended--/    |                    |  Press & Hold the Y button exactly here
  Enemy too high        |____________________|

- The "+" depicts Mario's Jumping path.

Hopefully, using these instructions, you should be able to reach at least 30 Super Jumps.  
Once you do this check back with the dog in Montro Town and he will give you the "ATTACK 
SCARF".  I'll explain this more in SECTION 4: "Your Rewards."

3.2  Shoot for 100 Super Jumps

If you manage to get at least 30 Super Jumps you're doing very good.  Unfortunately, doing 70 
more is a horrendous chore.  Still, it ultimately pays off in the end.  There are just a ton 
of factors that prevent you from doing all of the jumps in succession.  Here are the factors 
as well as tips to counter those factors:

-  Can you imagine tolerating the classic 1-Up sounds that you hear when Mario stomps the 
enemy for about 95 jumps.  That's why it's a good idea to hit the mute button on you remote 
(Or turn down the volume).

-  I recommend practicing your Jumps on Spikey in Mushroom Way.  You should not have the
JUMP SHOES on when you do this.  That way you can do the Jumps repeatedly without causing
damage (You can have your other party members block).  Or you could practice on the Fink 
Flower in Bean Valley while boosting your experience points.  A "SCROOGE RING" will help cut
down on FP usage.

-  Doing Super Jumps is such a repetitive task.  It can get stressful at times.  That's why it 
is important that you remain relaxed while doing the jumps.  The more fustrated you are, the 
more likely you'll mess up.

-  The most important tip of all?  You MUST have the proper mindset.  You MUST prepare your 
mind.  Counting to yourself all the way to 100 is very likely to mess you up.  My heart was 
pounding very rappidly every time got near 100 Super Jumps (Felt wierd, considering I was 
practically in couch potato mode vegitating in one spot so I wouldn't screw up).

*  What I recommend you should do is divide the number of jumps to 30 jump intervals.  So you
count to 30 then start over.  That way, 100 just looks like 30, 30, 30, and 10.  If you happen 
to get used to this line of thinking think 30, 30, 30, and 30 to improve your chances.

WARNING:  Despite the tips I give in this FAQ this will NOT just make you a Super Jumping Guru!
You have to practice, you have to get the feel of it and try out things that help to perform 
Super Jumps.  This is merely a guide.

If you eventually manage to reach 100 Super Jumps go to the dog in Monstro Town and he will 
give you the "SUPER SUIT".  More specifically he claims that it's impossible to do more than
100 (But I thought I did 101, but what the hey).  Then he basicly says Super Jumps are
getting old (Gee...thanks a lot!) and that you earn the title of "Master Super Jumper."  
More on this INCREDIBLE Armor you receive in the following section 
(SECTION 4: "Your Rewards").

SECTION 4: Your Rewards

So why bother dealing with Super Jumps?  Well, it's the glimmering fact that you can own a good
item that only Mario can wear and THE ABSOLUTE BEST item in the game that any of your fellow
party members can wear.  I'm talking about these two items:


Item:  			Attack Scarf
Type:				Accessory
Description:		So comfy it'll make you jump!
Additional Info:		Only Mario can wear this.

Special Features:		-  + 30 Physical & Magical Attack 
				-  + 30 Physical & Magical Defense
				-  + 30 Speed Increase

Comments:  Other than the nice performance increase this item is a "really good but not exactly
GREAT" item.  I've played through the game a few times with this item and I haven't noticed
any special powers that his item might contain.  I could go out on a limb and say that your
jump attacks are stronger yet you don't get the benefits of the "JUMP SHOES" item where you
can attack any foe using Mario's jump attack spell.  Still, this is a really good item for 

Item:				Super Suit
Type:				Armor
Description:		A truely fine suit!
Additional Info:		Anyone can wear this.

Special Features:  	-  + 50 Physical & Magical Attack
				-  + 50 Physical & Magical Defense
				-  + 30 Speed Increase
				-  Get the benefits of a "SAFETY RING"  (WOW!)

Comments:  Let's face it, this item is extremely tough to get, but if you just HAPPEN to
get this item believe me, it's well worth the trouble.  Whoever gets equiped with this
gets BOTH an offensive and especially a defensive advantage.  It's best suited for Mario
since he can also wear the "ATTACK SCARF" for + 80 stats & + 60 speed, then equip the
"LAZY SHELL" weapon for good measure, making the word "Super" in Super Mario an 
understatement (Let's say mostly +300 HP damage).  By the way, for those who don't know the
"SAFETY RING" is an accessory item that makes a character immune to most spells including
disability spells (Scarecrow, Mushroom, Mute, etc.).

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous Tips

- If you haven't learned about "timed defend" you should do so.  Press any button just
before stars fly out of your character (Physical Damage).  You can reduce or eliminate 
damage done to your character.  You can also defend against physical mortal blows 
(Maintain all HPs or just 1 HP).

- If you rather not use any special "level up" tricks just do it the old fashion way.
Fight everyone you see.  You should be able to get to Level 30 by the end of the game.

- If you have the "SUPER SUIT" don't discard the "LAZY SHELL" Armor.  You should equip
this on a character (Preferably Princess Toadstool) when battling Culex as his attacks
are POWERFUL and the "SUPER SUIT," while very good at defense, still don't hold off
100% of his strong physical attacks.

- Just something I noticed.  With Mario equipped with the "SUPER SUIT" and "ATTACK SCARF"
the speed went from 20 to 80.  I challenged Culex.  Wanna know how fast Mario was?
He got the first attack on Culex BEFORE he did his spiel "I am matter, I am antimatter,
blah blah blah" and BEFORE the Crystals came into play.

- Equip the SUPER SUIT, SAFETY RING, and SAFTEY BADGE on 3 different party members and
you will always be fresh (can't be poisoned, shroomed, etc.) and various magic spells
won't affect them.


Well, that's it.  Remember, don't expect to get it right the first time.  It takes plenty
of practice.  You have to have a good feel for this process.  If you can do 100 Super Jumps
you won't regret it.

SECTION 6: Other


- This document is Copyright (c) 1999 Rotaj Russell.

- If you wish to include any material from this particular document, ESPECIALLY information 
  on Super Jumping, for your document as well as other documents (Magazines, Strategy Guides,
  etc.) you *MUST* give credit to Rotaj Russell (That's me).

- You may not use this document ALONE for profitable purposes (Not that anyone would buy
  it anyway).

- If you wish to alter this document in any way PLEASE indicate so at the top of the document
  and DO NOT FORGET to credit Rotaj Russell (Yes, me again) for the document.


- Copyright (C) 1996 Nintendo/Square for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

- All the Super Mario RPG FAQs for providing detailed information on the game including
winning something after 100 Super Jumps.  Without them I wouldn't bother trying.

- GameFAQs for a place to put this document. (

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