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   version 1.0   last updated: 2/21/00   faq maintainer: Raphael Lee
               A Trapezoid Soft Co. Ltd. Inc. Production



              table of contents is a content tat is table

This symbol > means that this section has been updated in version 1.0.
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1  Introduction
 > 1.1  Revision History
 > 1.2  What on earth...?
 > 1.3  Most Wanted List
2  How to Play
   2.1  Gameplay Mechanics
   2.2  Punches
   2.3  Blocking
   2.4  Dodging
   2.5  Basic Strategies
   2.6  Scoring
   2.7  Levels of Play
3  The Minor Circuit
   3.1  Gabby Jay
   3.2  Bear Hugger
   3.3  Piston Hurricane
   3.4  Bald Bull
4  The Major Circuit
   4.1  Bob Charlie
   4.2  Dragon Chan
   4.3  Masked Muscle
   4.4  Mr. Sandman
5  The World Circuit
   5.1  Aran Ryan
   5.2  Heike Kagero
   5.3  Mad Clown
   5.4  Super Macho Man
6  The Special Circuit
   6.1  Narcis Prince
   6.2  Hoy Quarlow
   6.3  Rick Bruiser
 > 6.4  Nick Bruiser
7  Advanced Strategies
   7.1  Counter Punching
   7.2  Unsteadiness
   7.3  Gabby Jay
   7.4  Bear Hugger
   7.5  Piston Hurricane
 > 7.6  Bald Bull
 > 7.7  Bob Charlie
 > 7.8  Dragon Chan
   7.9  Masked Muscle
   7.10 Mr. Sandman
 > 7.11 Aran Ryan
 > 7.12 Heike Kagero
   7.13 Mad Clown
   7.14 Super Macho Man
   7.15 Narcis Prince
   7.16 Hoy Quarlow
   7.17 Rick Bruiser
 > 7.18 Nick Bruiser
8  Killer Records
 > 8.1  Best Times
 > 8.2  Best Scores
9  Conclusion
 > 9.1  Credits
 > 9.2  Challenges
   9.3  Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

= Section 1 ================= I n t r o d u c t i o n ================

======================= 1.1  Revision History ========================

Version 1.0, 2/21/00, 91.8 KB
       Guys, this is probably going to be the last update.  This game
           will always be one of my favorites, but I'm too busy to
           play it or to put major effort into updating this FAQ.  I
           wanna thank everyone involved in this FAQ for making it
           what it is.
       You'll notice that I've removed the e-mail addresses of
           contributors, because they probably don't need the extra
           e-mail that they might get.  Please don't e-mail any of us
           for tips on how to play the game - if the FAQ can't answer
           it, play more and you'll learn; this game has a steep
           learning curve, but when you've learned it once you have it
       Finally, my e-mail address and web site address have changed.
       What on earth...? (1.2) updated.
       Most Wanted List (1.3) updated.
       Nick Bruiser (6.4) updated.
       Bald Bull Advanced Strategies (7.6) updated.
       Bob Charlie Advanced Strategies (7.7) updated.
       Dragon Chan Advanced Strategies (7.8) updated.
       Aran Ryan Advanced Strategies (7.11) updated.
       Heike Kagero Advanced Strategies (7.12) updated.
       Nick Bruiser Advanced Strategies (7.18) updated.
       Best Times (8.1) updated.
       Best Scores (8.2) updated.
       Credits (9.1) updated.
       Challenges (9.2) updated.

       Bye ^^

Version 0.7, 6/14/99, 86.0KB
       You guys are too much!  Big update this time - pretty much none
           of it is my original content, it's all contributions.
       I've set up a new web site and closed down the wildly
           unsuccessful old one.  There's a link at the top, and this
           FAQ can be found there.  This has been noted in What on
           Earth...? (1.2).
       The Most Wanted List (1.3) has also been updated.
       A note on Nick's Mix has been added to the Nick Bruiser section
       Some advice about getting record scores submitted by Jeff C.
           Having no real place to put it, I floundered a bit and
           eventually jammed it into Counter Punching (7.1).
       Bear Hugger Advanced Strategies (7.4) updated.
       Bob Charlie Advanced Strategies (7.7) updated.
       Aran Ryan Advanced Strategies (7.11) updated.
       Heike Kagero Advanced Strategies (7.13) updated.
       Super Macho Man Advanced Strategies (7.14) updated.
       Narcis Prince Advanced Strategies (7.15) updated.
       Rick Bruiser Advanced Strategies (7.17) updated.
       Nick Bruiser Advanced Strategies (7.18) updated.
       Best Times (8.1) updated.
       Best Scores (8.2) updated.
       Credits (9.1) updated.

Version 0.6, 5/15/99, 75.9KB
       This is a HUGE update, and most of it comes from Warmwasser's
           contributed information.  Thanks a lot!
       The names of contributors are now listed in front of their
           e-mail addresses in the body of the FAQ, but the change
           is not marked above.
       What on earth...? (1.2) updated.
       Contributing (1.3) renamed "Most Wanted List" and modified
           greatly - it is now much more specific.
       Dodging (2.4) updated - dodging back to the center point by
           pressing in the opposite direction won't help you when Hoy
           Quarlow shoves you to the side.
       Levels of Play (2.7) updated.
       Mad Clown (5.3) updated.
       Hoy Quarlow (6.2) updated.
       Nick Bruiser (6.3) updated.
       Section 7 rearranged to accomodate new sections.
       Gabby Jay Advanced Strategies (7.3) updated.
       Bear Hugger Advanced Strategies (7.4) updated.
       Piston Hurricane Advanced Strategies (7.5) updated.
       Bald Bull Advanced Strategies (7.6) updated.
       Bob Charlie Advanced Strategies (7.7) completed!
       Dragon Chan Advanced Strategies (7.8) updated.
       Masked Muscle Advanced Strategies (7.9) completed!
       Aran Ryan Advanced Strategies (7.11) updated.
       Mad Clown Advanced Strategies (7.13) updated.
       Super Macho Man Advanced Strategies (7.14) completed!
       Narcis Prince Advanced Strategies (7.15) updated.
       Hoy Quarlow Advanced Strategies (7.16) completed!
       Rick Bruiser Advanced Strategies (7.17) completed!
       Nick Bruiser Advanced Strategies (7.18) completed!
       Best Times (8.1) updated.
       Credits (9.1) updated.

Version 0.5, 4/28/99, 66.1KB
       After such a long wait, you're surely expecting a massive,
           pulsating update.  Too bad!  Sorry... but this isn't so
           big.  However, over the long wait, a handful of people have
           sent in all sorts of advice and records.  Cool.
       It has come to my attention that, although this FAQ is only
           being sent to GameFAQs, it's been appearing in other sites.
           Because of the nature of the disclaimer, that's fine, but
           remember: only noncommercial purposes, don't change the
           text, and give me credit.  Also, if you could keep it up to
           date, that'd be ideal.
       Contributing (1.5) updated - forget about the endings, it sort
           of ruins things.  But thanks to those who've helped on this
           point anyway.
       Scoring (2.6) updated, with the Special Points question being
           answered, for the most part at least.
       Section 7 rearranged to accomodate new sections.
       Piston Hurricane Advanced Strategies (7.5) completed!
       Aran Ryan Advanced Strategies (7.9) completed!
       Best Times (8.1) and Best Scores (8.2) updated.  Send in your
           scores!  If you don't have the time or patience to record
           every single one, send in the best.
       Credits (9.1) updated.
       Disclaimer and Copyright Notice (9.3) updated - there was a
           tiny typo.

Version 0.4, 3/22/99, 61.3KB
       Mad Clown (5.3) updated.
       Section 7 rearranged to accommodate new sections.
       Gabby Jay Advanced Strategies (7.3) completed!
       Bear Hugger Advanced Strategies (7.4) completed!
       Bald Bull Advanced Strategies (7.5) completed!
       Dragon Chan Advanced Strategies (7.6) completed!
       Mad Clown Advanced Strategies (7.9) completed!
       Best Times (8.1) updated.
       Credits (9.1) updated.
       Disclaimer and Copyright Notice (9.3) updated.
       Wow... progress is rolling along quickly!  Soon all the boxers
           will be analyzed in Section 7.  The plot sickens!

Version 0.3, 3/21/99, 56.7KB
       Basic Strategies (2.5) updated.  I can't believe I forgot to
           mention this...
       Aran Ryan (5.1) updated.
       Boxers of Special Circuit (6) completed!
       Unsteadiness (7.2) completed!  With some help.
       Mr. Sandman Advanced Strategies (7.3) completed!
       Heike Kagero Advanced Strategies (7.4) completed!  The advanced
           strategies aren't going to be completed in any real order.
       Narcis Prince Advanced Strategies (7.5) completed!
       Best Times (8.1) and Best Scores (8.2) updated.
       Credits updated.
       Next to come is a guide to getting the best scores on each
           boxer, for Chapter 7.  This may ruin the game majorly for
           some of you, so don't read it unless you've already beaten
           the game and are now striving for the record times.

Version 0.2, 3/15/99, 41.9KB
       This is a BIG BIG update, mostly because so little was done
           last time around.  Here goes...
       One item was added to section Contributing (1.3).  It is marked
           with an arrow, because I really need it.
       Scoring (2.6) completed!
       All the boxers of the Minor Circuit (3) were revised a bit; it
           turns out that I missed something from each.
       Boxers of Major Circuit (4) completed!
       Boxers of World Circuit (5) completed!
       Hoy Quarlow (6.2) completed, because he gives people a lot of
           trouble.  Also, he has a lot of special attacks, which
           means that the section about him would be huge, which means
           that I would have to tackle it early on.  And I did.
       Counter Punching (7.1) completed!
       Best Times (8.1) completed!  Can you beat my times?  (Yes...)
       Best Scores (8.2) completed!  Mine are pathetic...
       Challenges (9.2) added!  Try these if you think you're da man.
       I told you it was a big update... and there's more to come next
           time.  The FAQ has more than doubled in size... mwa ha!

Version 0.1, 3/13/99, 18.2KB
       First version.  There isn't much here yet, but it's out so that
          you-all will know that it's here... [the quest for world
          domination begins.  Beheheheh...]

======================= 1.2  What on earth...? =======================

What is Super Punch-Out?  It's a video game, a boxing video game, and
an awfully good one at that.  I think I first played it at a Lechmere
(an extinct electronics store) exhibit; it looked terribly hard, and
it was, but the graphics and sound were great.  So I bought the game.

Now the game is six years old.  It was designed for the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System, or SNES, which is now pretty much dead.  Still,
if you have it, take it out again and play it every so often.  Super
Punch-Out!! is simply one of the best games that there is.  It sounds
cheesy, but it's true; sixteen boxers await, each with their own
strategies, and there is a function that records your best times.
Super Punch-Out!! is devilishly addicting and has the highest replay
value of all the games I've ever played.  That's saying a lot, mon.

Reading Section 7 may derive from the fun of the game.  There are
spoilers as to the attack patterns of the boxers, so read at your own

You can freely distribute this FAQ, as long as you don't change it in
any way and I get credit for it.  This FAQ can be found at these



======================== 1.3  Most Wanted List =======================

All contributions should be sent to me at  You'll
get full credit for it.

The FAQ is nearing completion, but there still is a lot more to do,
and a lot more to add.  These are the things that, being missing, I
need the most:

  - The mysterious 150 Special Points that you get now and then - why?
  - I need a Best Times strategy (Section 7) for Hoy Quarlow.
  - Warmwasser has filled in all the Unsteady Animations, but when
        exactly should a KO punch be thrown?  I need this information
    - Gabby Jay
    - Bear Hugger
    - Piston Hurricane
    - Bald Bull
    - Bob Charlie
    - Aran Ryan
    - Mad Clown
    - Super Macho Man
    - Narcis Prince
    - Hoy Quarlow
    - Rick Bruiser
    - Nick Bruiser

Of secondary importance, some of the boxers already have more than one
different "Best Times" strategies.  And of course some strategies are
more effective than others.  I would like to keep exactly one strategy
per boxer, the one that yields the least amount of time.  If somebody
could test and compare them, that'd be awesome - I am running low on
time.  The following boxers have more than one strategy:
    - Bear Hugger
    - Piston Hurricane
    - Bald Bull
    - Bob Charlie
    - Dragon Chan
    - Masked Muscle
    - Aran Ryan
    - Keike Kagero

Least important, but still badly wanted, are corrections and record
times and scores.

By way of explanation, the term "Information from" is used when I've
paraphrased the contributor's idea, "Contributed by" is used when the
contribution is a direct, unchanged quote, and "Tweaked by" is used
when tips have been improved by somebody.

= Section 2 ================== H o w   t o   P l a y =================

======================= 2.1  Gameplay Mechanics ======================

Basically, you're trying to defeat your opponent in the boxing ring by
knocking them out.  To do this, you use punches to lower his stamina;
when he's had sufficient punishment, he'll be knocked to the mat and
the ref (who seems to be a disembodied voice) begins the count to ten.
To win a match, either pound away at your opponent so much that he
can't get up during the count, or knock him down three times.  The
same rules apply to you, so be warned!  You also have a handicap: if
the match exceeds three minutes, you are the automatic loser.  So
don't dawdle.

Your opponent's gloves will be either up or down when he's not doing
anything.  When his gloves are up, he'll block your attacks to his
head, and when they're down, he'll block your body blows.

At the bottom of the screen is a meter that fills up, bit by bit, with
each hit that you land.  For every hit that your opponent tags you
with, it goes back down.  When the Power Meter is completely filled,
the "S" in the bottom-left corner of the screen will be flashing.
This signifies that you may now use the hook, the uppercut, the rapid
hook and the rapid uppercut as attacks.  If you're knocked down, the
Power Meter returns to zero.

Behind your ugly mug in the upper-left corner, the background serves
as a Power-Up Indicator.  As the match goes on, the background changes
from blue to red.  When it's red, you'll be in Power-Up mode, which
means that your punches will be faster.  Your Knock Out punches will
also be stronger.  You can tell when you're in Power-Up; your gloves
flash.  Unfortunately, the flow of time will also remove your Power-Up
status, as will being knocked down.

If you go to Button Setting Mode, you can set a button to activate
Power-Up mode instead of letting it kick in automatically.  I
personally use X.  Of course, you still have to wait until the
Indicator becomes red.

============================ 2.2  Punches ============================

There are eight punches to use, each with varying speed and strength.

Left jab - Press Y while holding Up on the Control Pad.  The quickest,
               but very weak.
Left body blow - Press Y.  Slower than the left jab, but stronger.
Right jab - Press B while holding Up.  Slower and stronger than the
                left body blow.
Right body blow - Press B.  Slow, but pretty strong.

The next four punches require your Power Meter to be full; otherwise,
you can't use them.  These are known as Knock Out Punches.

Hook - Press A.  A left-to-right body blow.  Takes some time to
           execute, but it's strong.
Uppercut - Press A while holding Up.  A right-to-left hit to the face.
               takes longer to execute than the hook, but stronger.
               This is the strongest punch in the game.
Rapid hook - Press A twice.  You'll keep using weak and rapid hooks
                 until the opponent blocks or is knocked down.
Rapid uppercut - Press A twice while holding Up.  You'll keep using
                     weak and rapid uppercuts until the opponent
                     blocks or is knocked down.

============================ 2.3  Blocking ===========================

Sometimes you'll have to block certain attacks.

To block an attack to the head, hold Up.  Your gloves will be up and
    ready to block punches.  However, this leaves you vulnerable to
    body blows.
To block body blows, don't press anything.  Your gloves will
    automatically be down to belly level.  This, however, leaves you
    vulnerable to head punches.
Some particularly nasty attacks can't be blocked, like uppercuts.
Which brings us to...

============================ 2.4  Dodging ============================

Dodging is usually the best way to avoid attacks.  There are three

Dodge left - Press Left.  Use this to avoid most punches.
Dodge right - Press Right.  Use this to avoid most punches, too.
Duck - Press Down.  Use this to avoid hits to the head.

Unlike blocking, you can't dodge forever; though you may hold Left or
Right or Down for years, you'll always end up returning to the middle
of the screen after about a second.

There's isn't much of a difference between dodging left and dodging
right, in general, though there may be certain situations in which you
will need to dodge one way or another.  Ducking will still allow you
to take body blows, which is why it's not very effective, although
you'll also need to do it in special cases.

Special note: return from a dodge faster by pressing the opposite
direction.  This is useful in a fight with Mad Clown.

======================== 2.5  Basic Strategies =======================

Here are some basic strategies for the novice.

"I also didn't write how i know when to throw a punch.  Look closely
at characters.  They usually give something away before they do
something, so you know how to react.
Example:  I know at the beginning of the match Nick bruiser will throw
a punch because he STOPS moving right before he throws a punch. So
when I see him stop moving, I dodge, and voila!  I dodge the punch.
(Even though it's so fast I can barely see the punch.)"
    - Contributed by ScuddMan
    [Ed.- How could I forget this!?  The whole game is based on this
     very concept.]

Each boxer has his own style, so what works against Gabby Jay may not
work against Bear Hugger.  When you lose, try again and again!  It
takes a while to learn the tricks of the opponent.

If your opponent takes a swipe at you and you dodge it, come back at
him with a punch.  He'll be stunned; take the opportunity to hit him
more or use a Knock Out Punch.  This is the primary tactic at all
levels of play, so learn it well.

Blocking a punch is not as effective as a dodge, because by the time
your opponent withdraws his glove he's ready to defend again and you
will have no opportunity to stun him.  Still, there are times that
blocking is the only option that you can take without getting hurt.

Rapid hooks and rapid uppercuts become obsolete after the Minor
Circuit, so learn to use your other two Knock Out Punches.

When you're knocked down, press all buttons as fast as you can to get
up faster; you'll have more stamina when you get back up.  This really
works, so always do it.  Also, when you knock your opponent down,
mashing the buttons will refill your stamina meter.

Punching your enemy refills your stamina meter bit by bit, but don't
rely on it.

Try to knock your opponents down with Knock Out Punches.  Not only
will it earn you big points, it will take him longer to get back up;
when he gets up, he'll have less stamina.

============================ 2.6  Scoring ============================

The scoring system is often hard to decode.  Here it is:

NORMAL PUNCH............30x
COUNTER PUNCH...........100x
UPPERCUT, HOOK..........150x
RAPID PUNCH.............80x
SUPER KNOCKDOWN.........1500x
SPECIAL PRIZE...........


TIME BONUS..............

NORMAL PUNCH.  You get this for each jab or body blow that connects.

COUNTER PUNCH.  You get points here fore how many counter punches you
    pull off; here, it's not referring to countering but to counter
    punching.  See Section 7.1 for details.

UPPERCUT, HOOK.  You get big points each time you use one of them.

RAPID PUNCH.  You get 80 points for each rapid hook or rapid uppercut
    that connects.  It counts for so little because a rapid punch is
    likely to connect more than once; Bear Hugger can easily be hit
    seven times with one rapid uppercut.

KNOCKDOWN.  This is when your enemy loses his stamina and falls to the
    mat because of a normal punch.

SUPER KNOCKDOWN.  You are credited with 1500 points if you can knock
    your opponent down with a KO punch.

SPECIAL PRIZE.  "Any time you cause an opponent to faint, back up from
    you, clutch his side, or otherwise show that you've weakened him,
    you automatically get a 3000 point Special Prize.  You get this
    every time you cause the faint.  In addition, you get a certain
    amount (I'm pretty sure it's 500 points) every time you do
    something like this:  punch Bald Bull when he's in the middle of
    his Bull Rush, hit Bob Charlie in the middle of his spin move,
    etc.  The general rule here is that you get the 500 points if you
    interrupt your opponent's strongest move.  Now, I've gotten 150
    (or some such amount) Special points at one time or another, and
    I'm not sure what this is awarded for."
      - Contributed by mjohnson

    Do YOU?  Send it to me.

TECHNICAL POINTS.  You get these during the match for dodging,
    blocking, punching, etc.

STAMINA REMAINING BONUS.  This will vary depending on how much total
    stamina you have left.

TIME BONUS.  During the match, at the upper-left corner of the screen,
    there's a big number counting down.  The sooner you defeat your
    opponent, the bigger the number will be.  This number will be
    added to your score as a bonus.

NO REMATCH BONUS.  You get 15000 points if you can beat your opponent
    without losing to him first.

========================= 2.7  Levels of Play ========================

Super Punch-Out is largely a game of reaction.  As you improve, your
habits will change.


  The beginner takes wild punches and is constantly on the offense.
  He is more likely to dodge than to block, which is good, although at
  times he'll forget to.  The beginner favors Rapid KO Punches over
  the slower ones, and this will work handsomely in the Minor Circuit.
  The beginner has trouble dealing with enemy special attacks.

  This style of play will get you past the Minor Circuit, but you
  will begin having trouble in the Major Circuit, especially
  against Dragon Chan.


  The experienced player knows to dodge punches, then retaliate.  He
  will also dodge, instead of blocking.  He will probably use the slow
  KO punches most of the time.  He is able to identify enemy special
  attacks and is able to react accordingly.  The experienced player
  focuses on defense and reaction.

  This is a good level of play, and will last you through the Major
  Circuit.  The last circuits' boxers have quick attacks, but after
  you face them a few times and experiment, you'll be able to defeat
  them and beat the game.


  The master will use the Time Attack mode to review his opponents.
  He tries to find patterns in the opponent's attacks.  He stuns his
  opponents by using Counter Punches, then builds on the stun to build
  up the old Power Meter.

  Hmm... the master may actually have a lot of trouble if he uses
  these tactics outside of Time Attack, because it takes a LOT of
  practice to remember the weaknesses of all four opponents in a
  circuit.  A missed Counter Punch is risky; you'll be passing up
  a chance to stun the opponent and cause damage.


  Mixes tactics of the above three styles to get record times.  One
  site that I've visited holds record times for each enemy boxer, and
  EVERY ONE was less than 20 seconds.  About half were in less than
  ten.  When you can do this, you've mastered the game completely.

= Section 3 ============ T h e   M i n o r   C i r c u i t ===========

=========================== 3.1  Gabby Jay ===========================


  Gabby Jay is a good match for somebody who is playing the game for
  the first time.  He blocks both high and low, he uses all four
  normal punches, and he has one unblockable attack.  For anybody but
  the beginner, he's a punching bag with a mustache.

  He telegraphs his punches, so it's no problem to dodge.


  [Note:  I'm just making up most of these names, so in no way are
   they official names.  Forgive me if they're dumb.]

  SUPER POWERFUL YAY HOOK.  Gabby Jay backs up, lifts his glove and
      exclaims "yay," then comes forward and unleashes a hook.  Just
      dodge it and come back to punish him.  If you can manage to hit
      him right before he hits you, he'll be down and out in one hit.
      This technique recurrs throughout the game.

  "Back off, catch your breath."  Gabby Jay alternates between high
      blocks and low.  This means that a punch has about a 50% chance
      of connecting.  He won't attack, and if he stays in this mode
      for long enough, he'll shout "Yay" and regain about 1/3 of his
      stamina.  Beat the stuffing out of him with KO Punches.  (That's
      _his_ cornerman giving advice, by the way, not yours; you don't
      have one.)


  This guy's a cinch.  You can actually just keep pressing A when your
  power meter become full to throw one hook after another; he's too
  slow to dodge or punch you before the hook hits him.  Don't get
  cocky, because this technique doesn't work in later battles.

========================== 3.2  Bear Hugger ==========================


  Beginners tend to get stuck on Bear Hugger; body blows won't injure
  him, because he's too fat.  If he blocks a head blow, he'll counter
  by crushing your head.  This is unblockable, and even if you dodge
  left or right, he'll get you.  Bear Hugger teaches a player the
  value of ducking.

  Bear Hugger can be stunned by a body blow when he's patting his


  BEAR HUG.  He does this when your jabs are blocked.  Just press Down
      to duck under, then come back up and hit his head.  He'll be
      stunned now, and you'll be able to attack.

  "Go!  Attack him now!"  This puts Bear Hugger in attack mode, though
      he'll still counter your jabs with the Bear Hug.  His attacks
      are just normal punches, though, so you can dodge and counter.


  You might find the Rapid Uppercut a worthy investment in this match.

======================== 3.3  Piston Hurricane =======================


  His defense is nil, his punches are all well-telegraphed, his
  stamina goes down quickly, and he doesn't dodge much.  Still, he
  gives a LOT of trouble to many beginners with his Hurricane Rush.
  Piston teaches a player why the art of blocking is important.


  HURRICANE RUSH.  He backs up, makes a scary aggressive sound ^_^,
      and comes forward, alternating between jabs and body blows.
      This chain is unstoppable, so you need to block high, low, high,
      low.  After he has punched 6 times, hit or miss, he prepares an
      uppercut.  Just dodge this and come back at him with a combo of
      your own.

      "If he backs off and starts his Hurricane Rush, Give him a KO
      punch just before he starts punching. That will stop him from
      doing his punches.  If you dont have the KO punch,give two blows
      to the head. He wont stop rushing you, but you'll get two extra
          - Contributed by Andrew Lang

  "Show him your fancy footwork."  When Piston's cornerman tells him
      this, Piston will enter a special attack pattern: jab, body
      blow, taunt.  Between each step he'll jump to the left or the
      right.  He'll repeat this again and again.  He doesn't pay
      attention to defense while in this mode, however, so if you time
      your punches right, he'll be down and out in no time.


  The Hook will inflict a mad amount of damage on him.

=========================== 3.4  Bald Bull ===========================


  Here's the first real boxer of the game!  This guy resembles the
  more advanced boxers much more than the first three losers of this
  circuit.  He mixes up his attacks well, and can actually block your
  punches.  He also introduces the concept of the attack that will
  knock you down, even when your stamina bar is full.


  BULL CHARGE.  He backs up, then takes three hops toward you and
      deals a punch that will invariably put you on the mat.  The
      safest thing to do is to dodge this, but if you are able to give
      him a body blow right before he hits you, _he_ will go down in
      one hit.

  "Counter-attack!"  After you put him down twice, Bald Bull will use
      the Bull Charge a few times.  The first time, however, he'll
      take two hops, not three.  If you use a right body blow as he
      starts his second hop, he'll godown for good.


  Bald Bull seems to take a lot of damage from all punches, especially
  the right body blow.  Just dodge and counter his attacks.

= Section 4 ============ T h e   M a j o r   C i r c u i t ===========

========================== 4.1  Bob Charlie ==========================


  Hmmm... he's like a pumped-up Piston Hurricane.  Fortunately, he
  doesn't have anything new, so he's not much of a threat.


  WINDMILL PUNCH.  He backs up, "woos" a bit, then comes forward with
      three huge punches.  It takes of a lot of damage if you're hit.
      However, the first two are just for show; dodge the third and
      come back with a combo.  If you hit him before he hits you (as
      he's spinning), he'll lose all stamina, just like Bald Bull.

  SIDE SHOW.  He backs up, "woos" a bit, then comes back forward.
      Pointless and annoying, but you have a good chance of smashing
      his teeth in with a KO punch when he gets back into position.

  JIVE COMBO.  When he covers and uncovers his head, be prepared for
      two quick body blows.  Dodge or block them.

  "Bob, it's time to shuck and jive!"  This is annoying.  He jumps
      around and throws punches.  Sometimes he'll wind up for a punch,
      then not follow through.  The best thing to do here is to
      counter punch; see Section 7 for more on that.  If you can't,
      just counter his punches.


  Bob Charlie has a glass jaw; jabs and uppercuts do much more damage
  than their counterparts.

========================== 4.2  Dragon Chan ==========================


  Yeesh!  This guy is a mockery of all things Chinese.  The first ten
  times you face him, he'll murder you dead; his speed is like nothing
  you've seen before.  As your reflexes improve, you'll have an easier
  time beating him.


  DRAGON KICK.  Dragon Chan leaps to one pole, then the other, then
      flies forward and kicks you.  This is another instant-death
      attack.  Duck or dodge it.  You can probably put him down in one
      hit if you hit him before he kicks you, but I've never done this
      before... is it possible?

  TRIPLE KICK.  Amid shouts of "Hiyah!," Dragon Chan unleashes three
      strong kicks that can be on either side.  Dodge all three, then
      counter.  His cornerman tells him to do it; when you see the
      Chinese word for "three" (three horizontal lines) in his word
      box, be prepared.

  INNER HEALING.  His cameraman shouts five bulky-looking words,
      Dragon Chan flickers, and then meditates, regaining his stamina.
      Hitting him will stop the healing, so time a punch to hit him
      the moment he stops flickering.


  His punches are fast, but he takes a lot of damage if you can
  counter punch him.  If you can't do this, dodge whenever you see him
  move, then counter; this is the "correct" way to beat him.

  He will use one of the special attacks when he gets up from the mat,
  so be warned!

========================= 4.3  Masked Muscle =========================


  What a cheater!  This guy likes to blind you, and when you first
  play against him you'll be soundly beaten.  He also has a vicious
  two-hit headbutt.  He's quite easy once you learn to beat him at his
  own game by countering.

  Masked Muscle also introduces the concept of siding.  To clarify:
  his body blows carry him either left or right.  If he goes left, you
  can only counter with a left-handed punch, and vice versa.


  LIVERPOOL KISS.  When he rears back, dodge to the left or right,
      because he'll come forward with a huge headbutt.  Don't return
      from your dodge too soon, either, because it's a two-hit attack
      and you might be hit by the second part.  It is possible to hit
      him with a body blow just before he hits you; this will ruin his
      stamina with just one punch.  It, however, is _very_ hard to
      perform this feat, so it's safest just to dodge.

  ONE-TWO COMBO.  When his glove starts shivering, he'll do a jab,
      then a body blow.  You can dodge this, but here blocking works
      well; block high, then low.

  "Spit in his eyes!"  His cornerman will shout this every so often,
      and Masked Muscle will spit in your eyes.  Dodge to the left or
      right for some time, because the spit is just kinda there for a
      little while after he actually spits; if you return too early,
      you'll be blinded.  That's what the spit does; Masked Muscle
      turns translucent, becoming rather hard to see, which makes it a
      bear to dodge his attacks.  You also can't punch.  Make every
      effort not to be hit by this attack!


  The left body blow seems to do a lot of damage, as does the hook.

========================== 4.4  Mr. Sandman ==========================


  This guy's a house!  He's got moderate speed, and his recovery time
  from a dizzy is the best in the first three circuits.  He also has
  some very strong attacks, as well as a special attack mode that he
  uses after he falls twice.  The first few times you box with him,
  you'll probably be able to last through the first two-thirds of the
  fight, then lose because of the Big Apple Combo.


  NEW YORK MUGGING.  Mr. Sandman covers his head, serves two weak
      jabs, then gives a terrific punch.  Block the jabs and avoid the
      punch; you can't dodge long enough to avoid the whole attack.

  "Give him full power now Champ!"  This is what his cornerman says
      after Mr. Sandman rises for the second time.  He'll use the New
      York Mugging a lot more often.  He also begins to use the...

  BIG APPLE COMBO.  Mr. Sandman only uses this after his cornerman
      tells him to use "full power."  After drumming his feet, he'll
      deliver three uppercuts.  Dodge them one at a time.


  His uppercuts take a long time to deploy, so don't dodge too early.
  If you can, counter punch him as he's ducking.

  Right jabs do a lot of damage, and uppercuts are awesome.  However,
  the he usually recovers from a dizzy in time to block; only attempt
  an uppercut if you've just dizzied him after a particularly nasty
  attack, like the Big Apple Combo.

= Section 5 ============ T h e   W o r l d   C i r c u i t ===========

=========================== 5.1  Aran Ryan ===========================


  He takes almost no damage from your normal punches, but KO punches
  will kill him dead.  He, however, has a special counter against them
  and this often deters players from using the KO punches.  He's
  tough, but not that tough, and is a good warm-up for the next three


  KO COUNTER.  When you KO punch him, Aran uses the KO Counter.  He
      turns his back, then turns to you and blocks for a second or
      two.  Next, he crouches down to steal your stamina.  When he's
      done, he finishes with an uppercut.  If you are caught, just jam
      the buttons until he lets go, and dodge the uppercut.  It is,
      however, possible to cancel this attack; in the middle of his
      block sequence, he lifts his hands for a split second.  It is
      possible to time a left body blow to hit him when this happens.
      After some practice, you'll become better at this.

      If you press A to make a hook right before he lifts his hands,
      the punch will hit just in time for another hit.  Then he'll KO
      Counter again, and you can keep on KO punching him.

  IRISH JIG.  An upgraded Hurricane Rush, Aran backs off and snarls as
      a prelude.  Then he comes up to you and alternates between body
      blow and jab, leading off with a body blow.  After you've
      successfully dodged six punches, he goes for an uppercut, then
      repeats the punching sequence again, this time starting off with
      a jab.  He finishes with another uppercut.  This is a lot
      quicker than the Hurricane Rush, so be careful.


  For the best times, use a KO punch, knock him out of the KO Counter,
  use a KO punch, knock him out of the KO Counter, etc.  If you don't
  use any KO punches, the clock becomes your enemy, because you are
  the automatic loser when the minute hand strikes three.

========================== 5.2  Heike Kagero =========================


  Interesting-looking character, ne?  Yes, he's a male, otherwise
  Nintendo would be maligned inside out.  He's got quick punches and a
  lot of special attacks, so he's very tough the first ten times


  CLEAN SWEEP.  Heike crouches, with a glove over his face, making his
      long hair very prominent.  Then he sweeps his hair around twice.
      This attack can hit twice and is terribly damaging.  To avoid it
      just dodge left for the first sweep and duck under the second.

  NIHON BUYO BREAKER.  Heike crouches, with both gloves down and a
      smile on, then throws two body blows and an uppercut.  This
      looks very very similar to the Clean Sweep, so watch out.

  STEP MINE.  Heike takes a few quick dance steps, throws three jabs,
      the prepares an uppercut.  I don't think you can counter
      anything except for the uppercut.

  "Show him the mirage dance."  Heike appears all over the screen,
      impossible to hit, until he begins to attack.  You can punch him
      out of this (use left jabs, they're the fastest), but it's hard
      to do and completely random (I think...), and you may become
      unprepared to defend yourself from Heike's next attack if you do


  Body blows seem to do a little more damage to Heike than do jabs.

=========================== 5.3  Mad Clown ===========================


  He's like Bear Hugger, but much tougher.  He's astoundingly quick
  for such a lardo, and I had a ton of trouble fighting him the first
  few times around.  He also hasa lot of very dangerous attacks.


  CLOWN COUNTER.  If Mad Clown dodges a punch, dodge away from him or
      block low because he'll come back with a strong body blow.

  MILAN MAULER.  Mad Clown bobs his head to the left and right, then
      uses an attack very similar to the Bear Hug.  Duck under it; he
      crushes your brainpan, throws you to the side and punches you,
      causing massive damage.  The head crush hurts a lot, but you can
      avoid the followup by pressing left to return to center position
      before the punch connects.

  SLAPSTICK.  Mad Clown throws what appears to be a punch that misses,
      then comes back forward with a huge slap.  Just dodge to the
      side that he's not on and counter.

      "Mad Clown's slapstick can be counterpunched by jabbing at him
      as he starts to move forward (using your left if he's moving to
      the left, and vice versa.)"
          - Contributed by Warmwasser

  MAD SKILLZ.  Mad Clown does a backflip (aiyaa!)  and backs away,
      juggling some red balls.  He then throws two at a time at you.
      Dodge left, right or stay put, depending on where there are no
      balls.  (There are three possible places where he'll throw them,
      and only one slot will be clear.)  After three sets of balls,
      Mad Clown flips forward and uses a Milan Mauler.  The red balls
      don't hurt much, so it's not a terribly damaging attack.  Just
      remember to duck at the end.

  "Show Time!"  His cornerman shouts this after Mad Clown has gone
      down twice.  Mad Clown uses this attack combo: jab, jab, jab,
      body blow, jab, jab, jab, uppercut, jab, jab, Slapstick right,
      Slapstick left.  Then he returns to normal attack mode.  Block
      all the jabs and counter the others; I'm not sure if you can
      counter punch anything, because Mad Clown's punches here are
      _very_ fast.

      "You can counterpunch his jabs during 'Show Time' with a well-
      timed right jab."
          - Contributed by Warmwasser


  Remember, you can't hurt him with body blows or hooks!

  "One last note: you can stun him with a body blow, similar to
  Bear Hugger, BUT you must wait longer; you have to do it toward the
  end of the belly-patting animation."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser <>

======================== 5.4  Super Macho Man ========================


  Can't you just hear the music?  Super Macho Man has lightning-speed
  punches and some very strong attacks, and it's very frustrating to
  lost to him after plowing through Heike and Mad Clown.  Still, you
  will catch on to his tricks in a few rounds.


  CEILING FAN.  Super Macho Man faces you, his fist shaking, then
      makes a _wide_ horizontal punch.  It hurts.  A lot.  Duck under
      it and counter.

  LOOP-DE-LOOP.  Super Macho Man, his back to you, his head turned to
      you and his fist shaking, makes a 360-degree punch and keeps
      punching an indefinite number of times.  This drains all of your
      stamina, so you're gonna want to avoid this.  Just duck under
      every punch; when he's done, he'll sort of freeze for a second,
      giving you and opportunity to pay him back.

  "Exercise program A!"  He wiggles about with his gloves high up,
      then throws four quick jabs.  Block them, then counter with a
      body blow; his hands are still at his face and will block head

  "Exercise program B!"  He moves around, gloves low, and throws three
      quick body blows.  Block them and counter with a jab; he'll
      block body blows.

  "Exercise program C!"  Super Macho Man squats, turning left and
      right, and throws a Mr. Sandman-esque combo of three uppercuts.
      Dodge and counter; it's nothing new.


  It's hard at first to see what the cornerman is saying, so either
  pause or learn to recognize Super Macho Man's physical signs of

  He does seem to get harder after you knock him down twice, but how
  exactly I'm not sure...

= Section 6 ========== T h e   S p e c i a l   C i r c u i t =========

In case you're in the dark, your record must be 4-0 for each of the
preceding circuits.  If you don't have this, go back and replay the
problematic circuit.

========================= 6.1  Narcis Prince =========================


  He's fun to fight with!  Narcis Prince's personal quirk is his
  insane vanity; his face is, in his opinion, the most beautiful thing
  under the sun, and he will guard it with all his skill.  This, of
  course, means that his face is his weak spot.  If you don't know
  "the secret" to hitting his face, he's just a powered-up Aran Ryan
  with improved defense.  If you do... then it's different!


  ROYAL RIDDLE.  Narcis Prince flickers for a second, then throws
      three quick jabs.  Block them and counter.  He won't use Royal
      Riddle if "the secret" is in effect.

  COMEBACK KID.  Sometimes, Narcis Prince will dodge away from your
      missed punches, then come back at you with either a body blow or
      a jab.  If this connects, his health is restored and of course
      you are hurt.  The degree of injury/recovery is influenced by
      the timer; at the end of the match, the punch will do insane
      damage.  He won't use Comeback Kid if "the secret" is in effect.

  "Stay calm matey."  This command will neutralize the effects of "the
      secret" (bet you're itching to know what it is), lowering Narcis
      Prince's attack and boosting defense.


  Here's "the secret."  If you can manage to hit his face, he backs up
  and gets REALLY mad, then goes into full attack mode; every attack
  of his can be countered.

  To hit his face, dodge/counter either the Royal Riddle or Narcis
  Prince's uppercuts.  If you counter with a body blow, he'll become
  dizzied, and you can hit him in the face.  If you're quick enough,
  you can also counter his normal punches; these will dizzy him too.

  When he gets mad, he's very very fast.  It's very risky to try any
  counter punches at this point, so just dodge and counter.  Uppercuts
  do huge damage to him; if your power meter isn't full, just use
  jabs, because he's also vulnerable to them.

  If you let him remain angry for a while, he'll eventually calm down.
  He will also calm down after you knock him down.

  One more thing.  Narcis Prince likes to do things in pairs, so if he
  tries a body blow, it's likely that he'll follow up with another
  from the other side.

========================== 6.2  Hoy Quarlow ==========================


  Hoy is the best boxer you've faced so far.  Even good players will
  be easily outmatched for the first fifteen fights.  He has a very
  very wide variety of attacks, and they hurt like all get-out.

  He also introduces the conept of alternate punching, or punching in
  a left-right-left-right pattern; when you dizzy him, his whole body
  goes in the direction of your last punch, which means that you must
  tag him with your other hand to hit him.  Learn to get around this,
  because the Big Bad Boss (TM) of the circuit does the same thing.


  SENIOR'S STAFF.  Hoy lifts his staff high to the left, jabs three
      times with his cane, then uses a body blow.  Unless you have
      good timing, you should block the three jabs; it's possible,
      though risky, to dodge.

      "You can counterpunch Hoy Quarlow's "senior's staff" . . . with
      a left jab JUST as he drops the staff."
          - Contributed by Warmwasser

  CANE-TO-KICK.  Hoy extends his staff to the right, swings it toward
      you for a body blow, then unleashes a huge, unblockable kick.
      Dodge the cane and duck/dodge left under the kick.  Both parts
      can be counter punched.

  FOREFATHERS' FIST.  Hoy puts his glove over his cheek, swings his
      staff at you twice for body blows, then jabs.

  CIRCLE FIST.  Hoy makes a jab, then takes an extremely wide punch
      that is unblockable.  To avoid it, just duck.  Both parts of the
      Circle Fist are counter punchable.

  SENIOR'S SPECIAL.  Hoy makes a terrific, Dragoon-style leap to the
      back of the ring, where he will either swing at you with his
      cane or pretend to.  He can only fake once in a row, and he'll
      attack four times before stopping.

      "It is possible to hit him with a jab during the Senior's
      Special, I believe you call'll knock him down no matter
      how much energy he has. (Basically, you want to punch early so
      your fist is in the air when he moves forward to swing.)"
          - Contributed by Warmwasser

  SENIOR'S STAFF REVISED.  Hoy lifts his staff left and right over his
      torso, making rapid "swoosh" sounds.  He then jabs three times,
      jabs three times, uses two body blows, and uses two more body
      blows.  Don't even try to avoid them; the only thing you can do
      is block.

  SENIOR'S STAFF 3.  Hoy swings his staff around over his knees,
      making rapid swoosh sounds.  He uses two body blows, three jabs,
      two body blows, then three more jabs.  Block and counter.


  Hoy has a habit of pushing you to the side if he blocks your punch.
  He likes to time his next attack to hit you just as you return.  It
  is possible to avoid this by blocking or dodging, however.

  He recovers too quickly for the uppercut to have much effect, but
  the hook works well anyway.

========================== 6.3  Rick Bruiser =========================


  Rick Bruiser is the younger of the Bruiser Twins.  He has a huge
  variety of attacks and a strong fist.  Even if you've improved
  greatly by fighting Hoy Quarlow, Rick is still one tough cookie,
  especially because your natural reflexes of dodging whenever he
  moves will get you in a lot of trouble.


  RETURN FIRE.  If you catch Rick off guard with a jab or a body blow
      that is not part of a counter or counter punch, he'll come back
      with a big jab that can be blocked or dodged.  Rick will also
      use Return Fire whenever you hit him with a KO punch.

  CRASH ARM.  Sometimes, if Rick blocks a punch, he'll shiver and
      bash the offending limb with a quick elbow thrust.  Dodge away;
      although the attack does no damage, it puts the said limb out of
      commission for some time, which is very annoying.  He'll do this
      to KO punches, too.

  ROCKET COMBO.  If Rick releases an uppercut that goes straight up,
      dodge again; he'll bring his elbow down for double damage.

  RICK'S BRUISER.  Rick sidesteps twice, leaps up and lands, then
      throws a killing uppercut.  When he lands, you will freeze.
      The landing itself does no damage, but if you dodged too early,
      you'll be on your way back now and the uppercut will wipe you
      out.  The secret?  Start to dodge right before Rick hits the
      mat.  Then, you'll be able to return after his uppercut has

  RICK'S MIX.  Rick flickers briefly, then throws a body blow, a jab
      and an uppercut.  Block the body blow and the jab, dodge the
      uppercut, and counter.


  Sometimes, the sheer force of one of Rick's punches will carry him
  to one side.  In order to counter, use a body blow on that side, or
  your punch will miss.

========================== 6.4  Nick Bruiser =========================


  Here's the nasty boss of the game.  Don't be fooled by the fact that
  he looks just like his little brother; Rick is a pansy in comparison
  to this monster.  Nick has some horrifying punches, as well as a few
  attacks that are very hard to dodge.  It will take you a long time
  to catch on to his tactics.


  SUSPENDED ANIMATION.  This is more of an attack style than a special
      attack per se.  Nick always uses this at the start of the fight.
      He'll just kind of walk around, then freezes and throws a big
      punch (one of the four basic punches).  These can be dodged with

      "Monotonously, you can counterpunch Nick Bruiser's Suspended
      Animation. Try to release the punch just BEFORE he moves to
      throw his. The punch you use depends on where his hands are; if
      his gloves are up when he freezes, he'll be throwing a jab; if
      they're down, it's a body blow. I believe he alternates sides as
          - Contributed by Warmwasser

      In fact, he always leads off with a right punch (YOUR right).
      Suspended Animation invariably ends in the...

  NICK'S BRUISER.  Nick backs up quickly to the back of the ring, then
      leaps forward, knocking the hardiest of men down.  If such a man
      manages to avoid this by dodging, Nick follows up with two quick
      and mighty jabs.  These, when ducked, leave Nick open to major

      "You can actually punch Nick Bruiser when he's doing his charge
      (the one that takes away all of your stamina). I was fighting
      him once and just fooling around and giving him rapid uppercuts.
      He jumped back to set up his charge and I accidently unleashed
      an uppercut. It connected with him and knocked him down. It's
      really hard to time but I've done it several times."
          - Contributed by Nick Koroman

  CRUSH ARM.  If Nick shivers as he blocks a punch, be prepared to
      dodge away.  He'll try to ruin your arm, like Rick's Crash Arm.
      However, Nick's Crush Arm lasts longer and is much more annoying
      because to hit Nick with a combo, you have to use alternate
      punches!  With an arm on the fritz, you'll only be able to land
      one punch at a time.

  ROCKET PUNCH.  Rick used the two-hit Rocket Combo, but Nick won't
      bring down his elbow; his identical-looking Rocket Punch is just
      a straight uppercut.  Don't miss the opportunity to counter.

  DRUM COMBO.  When Nick drums his feet, he'll release two uppercuts
      in rapid succession.  Dodge them separately, then counter.

  NICK'S MIX.  Nick's own personal combo is a killer.  When he waggles
      his gloves and you hear a cannon shot (very appropriate...), get
      ready!  Nick's Mix is like the Hurricane Rush and the Irish Jig,
      except for the fact that even blocking the punches will hurt
      you!  To avoid the punches, dodge left between every one; this
      takes a lot of practice.  After throwing twelve punches, Nick
      readies an uppercut.  Dodge quickly one last time, then counter.

      "When fighting Nick Bruiser,he will use the Nick's Mix and you
      wrote that to survive it,keep dodging to the left.I found it
      VERY VERY VERY hard to do this as when you dodge the body blow,
      the jab will come RIGHT after it.I found a better solution to
      survive this thing.Here goes:

      Block the body blow,then quickly use the left body blow.It
      should hit him right before the jab and force him to cancel it.
      He will go straight to the next body blow and you can repeat the
      pattern(block,body blow,block,body blow etc.)."
          - Contributed by Mega Man Legends

      "When Nick Bruiser starts to throw the constant punches block
      low and punch his face. Do this 2 or 3 times and he will become
          - Contributed by Dr. Bruce Smith


  Like Hoy Quarlow, you're going to have to use alternate punches;
  Nick will move from side to side with each punch that connects.

  Nick recovers too quickly for the effective use of uppercuts, and
  sometimes he'll even block your hooks.  Use hooks, and be quick
  about it.

  At the start, take advantage of Nick's Suspended Animation by
  throwing wild punches; he'll make no attempt to dodge.  Just take
  note of when he freezes, and get ready to dodge.

= Section 7 ========== A d v a n c e d   S t r a t e g i e s =========

Some quick notes, first.  Firstly, you'll need to know about counter
punching and unsteadiness to get the very best times.  Read 7.1 and
7.2 for information.  Secondly, sometimes you'll have to open with a
few jabs for record times.  To make sure that their gloves are down at
the start of the battle, have your gloves be in the low block position
when the clock starts.

Reading 7.3 and onward will ruin much of the game.  Unless you're
trying to get the best times, turn back!  Turn back!

By the way, the advice offered there is probably not THE best way to
get the fastest times.  You may have to tweak it to get even better
times.  If you'd like, send corrections/improvements to me!

======================== 7.1  Counter Punching =======================

Here's one of the most important techniques to master if you want the
best times.  Counter punching is pretty much just hitting your
opponent before he hits you.  However, you do need good timing to do
it.  If you do it right, your opponent will grunt and be dizzied.  All
"lefts" and "rights" in this section are from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

Say that, for instance, you're fighting some guy named Glass Joe.  If
Joe lifts his hand for a right jab, you hit him with a right jab right
before he punches, dizzying him.  If you hit him too early, he won't
be dizzied.  If Joe tries a left jab, hit him with a left jab.

Now say Joe gets wise and tries a right body blow.  You might try a
jab, or you might try a body blow.  Only one works, and it changes
with each opponent, so you'll have to figure it out yourself.

Covered with bruises, Joe is really PO'ed now, and winds up to take an
uppercut.  Hit him with a body blow, depending on which side he's
lined up on.  Soon, Glass Joe will be down and out, after you nail him
with some well-aimed KO punches.

Here's an excerpt from some contributor e-mail.  I didn't know where
to put it, because it's general advice on getting record times.

"By the way, try this combo; it works for a suprising amount of guys
in the game.  This only covers the first round really, the truth is in
the second and third rounds (if there is a third round :)), all you
have to do is counter, right body blow, hook.  But here it is:

2 left jabs.  Counter first punch, rbb, rbb.  Counter second punch,
rbb, hook.  The opponent will do his "unsteady" thing, as you call it,
give him a hook at the appropriate moment (or an uppercut, whatever
you feel like).  Then comes round 2.

I have used this on:

Piston Hurricane
Bald Bull
Dragon Chan
Mr. Sandman
Aran Ryan
Heike Kagero
Super Machoman
Rick Bruiser*
Nick Bruiser**

*On Rick, he comes back to give you one in the head on the first left
jab, just dodge and counter, rbb, rbb, counter, rbb, rbb, counter, hook
(I think).

**Countering was a helluva lotta fun on Nick (used your faq to tell if
it was a high or low punch, thanx).  Two right body blows, then
COUNTER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (I cringe when I hear the hit sound)!!!!
Then you can juggle him back and forth 5 times and he becomes unsteady
at the back of the ring.  He takes two steps, and you have to counter
on 1 1/3 steps or 1 1/2 and he's out like a light.  When he gets up,
counter, juggle, and a couple of right punches should make him
unsteady, then punch him at the appropriate time.  Do the same thing
in Round 3.  Hmm! Nick Bruiser only throws 3 punches.  

I did this in 20 seconds, but it can be done faster."
      - Contributed by Jeff C.

========================== 7.2  Unsteadiness =========================

"I guess the BIGGEST key is that all the characters have a dizzy
animation, and while they go through the animation, the clock stops.
If you hit the character the EXACT frame the clock starts, he goes
down regardless of life left.  Usually the trick is to get him dizzy,
then knock him down with a super knockdown, or knockout.

How exactly do you get them dizzy?  Well, every punch that hits them
does a certain amount of stun, which goes on an unseen stun meter that
slowly replenishes itself.  left head punches (lhp) do very little to
the meter, and right belly punches do a lot.  Exactly how much stun
for each punch depends on the character.  Counter punches do a lot of
stun, and so do uppercuts.  The tough part is that the meter
replenishes itself, so to get a dizzy animation you need to do counter
punches in a row or lots of uppercuts one after the other.

This also doesn't take into account other things... like character
being exceptionally vulnerable at the start of a certain move, etc
etc, so continual punches might not stun.  However, there's a trick
for each character, so that's how the record times are done."
    - Contributed by Scuddman
    [Ed.- Couldn'ta said it better myself.  Because I've used the term
     "dizzy" to mean something else, I'm calling this condition
     "unsteady."  You can tell when they're unsteady; they spin around
     or fall or something.]

=========================== 7.3  Gabby Jay ===========================


  "He slides to the left, then back to the right, then back to his
  normal position. To knock him down, you must wait a little longer
  than most other opponents."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  Use five quick left jabs, then two right jabs.  He'll become
  unsteady; use a KO punch to put him down.  This is easy, just get
  the timing right and you've got it.
      - Information from Dan's Super Punch-Out!! FAQ

========================== 7.4  Bear Hugger ==========================


  "Wobbles back to the ropes, then forward. Hit him with an uppercut
  as he gets back into position."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  At the start of the match, use a left jab to make him block, then
  duck under the Bear Hug and counter with right, left, right, left
  jabs.  Throw another left and do it again.  After that, use a left
  jab to trigger the Bear Hug, but this time use right, left, right
  jabs and an uppercut.  Bear Hugger will go flying.  When he gets up
  again, counter punch his right jab and use two uppercuts, one after
  the other.  Bear Hugger will become unsteady.  Smash his face in
  with an uppercut and he won't rise again.
      - Information from Dan's Super Punch-Out!! FAQ

  You can also begin your two right uppercuts as Bear Hugger prepares
  his right jab, but this is even harder than the above.  You must
  have great timing to pull this off, but it will shave a little time
  off the clock.
      - Information from Dan's Super Punch-Out!! FAQ

  "I at LAST beat him in under 17 seconds! (Doesn't change the message
  at the end, tho.) Here's what to do:

  "Throw a left jab; he'll block it and do that head smashing move.
  Duck, pop back up and hit him with four left jabs and a right jab.
  Then wait for him to pat his belly, throw a left body blow to stun
  him and then throw two (or three?) left jabs. Wait for the belly pat
  again, throw one left jab and then an uppercut. Wait once more for
  the belly pat; JUST before he does it, throw another uppercut. He'll
  step back and get mad. Now comes the hard part: Wait for a second,
  then throw an uppercut JUST before he jabs you. Immediately
  afterward, throw another. Then wait a little longer, and throw one
  more (again, JUST before the punch.) He'll be down for the count."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

======================== 7.5  Piston Hurricane =======================


  "Leans out of your way; sometimes to the left, and sometimes to the
  right. He's hard to knock down if he goes to your left, but hit him 
  with a hook if he leans right and he'll hit the canvas."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  "For Piston Hurricane, a sure-fire tactic has gotten me sub-11
  second times. As soon as he comes out, nail him in the body. Keep
  hitting the open target (body or head) until you power meter is
  full, the use a hook. As soon as it lands, use another. After the
  third one, he'll dodge... but just keep hooking. After about five or
  so, he'll go down. As soon as he gets up, nail him immediately with
  another hook. It'll hit him as he goes for an uppercut and KO him."
      - Contributed by Matt DeTura

  "Left jab five times, right jab, then two left jabs. He'll get
  unsteady; knock him down with a super punch of some sort. Then, when
  he gets back up, hook IMMEDIATELY; he'll stay down."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  "8 straight punches to the head = unsteady, super body blow =
  knockdown super body blow = knockout.  Simple."
      - Contributed by Blair Golson

=========================== 7.6  Bald Bull ===========================


  "Spins in a circle; clockwise if you hit him with a left last punch,
  counterclockwise if a right."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  Use this combo: two right jabs, one right body blow, eight right
  jabs, two right body blows, and one right jabs.  He'll become
  unsteady; knock him down.  As soon as he's back, use a hook.  Dodge
  and counter his attack with a left jab and an uppercut.  For the
  third round, he'll use the Bull Charge; you know what to do, do you
      - Information from Dan's Super Punch-Out!! FAQ

  "Two left jabs, counterpunch with your right body blow, then three
  more lefts. Then counter with your left jab, and throw a few more
  left jabs. This should unsteady him.  When he gets up, give him
  three left jabs, a left body blow, and then a hook; he'll go down
  again.  When he gets up, counter his little bunny-hop thing and it's
  game over for him."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

========================== 7.7  Bob Charlie ==========================


  "Wobbles back to the ropes, then regains his composure and hops
  forward. Smack him with an uppercut or hook to knock him down."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  "2 R. head punches, R Counter punch to head. 2 L. Head punches, L
  counter punch to head, L head punch, R head punch, uppercut
  Unsteady, knockdown with speed punch.  He gets up, throws a punch, i
  speed punch him down."
      - Contributed by ScuddMan

  "Well, you asked and it shall be given unto you, here is the fastest
  way to unsteady and beat Bob Charlie I have found (8.58 seconds).
  This works most of the time, but because he moves erratically it may
  take a few times to get it.  At start, 3 left jabs, 2 left body
  blows, 1 right jab, 1 left body blow, this will make him unsteady.
  When he comes back toward you from the ropes, do a super body blow
  (it must be timed perfectly!) and he will go down.  When he comes
  back up, immediately throw 3 super body blows, he will either dodge
  or block the first one, but the next two connect and the fat lady
      - Contributed by Tony Colafrancesco

  "Also, you might want to add that this combination only works about
  1 of every 7 or 8 times you try it, but when it works you will get a
  time in under 9 seconds.  Also, the last punch can be either a left
  jab or left body blow."
      - Contributed by Tony Colafrancesco

  "first give 7 left jabs, he'll get dizzy use an uppercut to throw
  him down. when he gets up, use 2 hooks and he should be down in less
  than 7.20 secs."
  Andrew adds that this works only about 1/10th of the time.
      - Contributed by Andrew Lang

========================== 7.8  Dragon Chan ==========================


  Dragon drifts to far left, then to far right, then returns.  Thus,
  you have two opporunities to slay him.  Let a hook go right before
  Dragon begins to come back, changing directions.


  Counter punch Dragon's right jab, then use two right body blows.
  Counter punch Dragon's right jab, then use two right body blows.
  Counter punch his left body blow, follow up with another left body
  blow and finish with a hook.  He'll become unsteady; you know the
  drill!  When he returns, he'll use a special attack.  Hope that he
  uses Inner Healing, not Triple Kick; it saves more time.  Just jab
  him and follow with a KO punch, and Dragon will be lying on the mat.

  "Hold "up" on the control pad to make him block high (see above)
  then right body blow, pause VERY briefly, right body blow, right
  body blow, pause VERY briefly, left body blow, right body blow,
  pause VERY briefly, right body blow, right body blow. (You want to
  time the right body blows just as he's beginning his punch
  animation.) He'll get unsteady; knock him down. Then, (hopefully),
  he'll do his energy-regaining move; smack him with an uppercut at
  EXACTLY the right second and he'll be knocked out."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  "I noticed that there is one Dragon Chan 'strategy' that is
  extremely easy but it seems nobody mentioned it in their FAQs. All
  you have to do is build up a knockout punch, then hit him with a
  super hook. Don't worry if he dodges or blocks. No matter if it hits
  or not, immediately follow each hook with another [just like
  fighting Gabby Jay, except timing is a bit more crucial, but the
  timing is still very easy]. He'll stop blocking/dodging and walk
  right into some of them until his energy is drained. As soon as he
  gets up, you can STILL keep nailing him. Watch out if he tries the
  triple kick, though."
      - Contributed by KevFieldsDX

========================= 7.9  Masked Muscle =========================


  "Falls on his ass right in front of you. Hit him with a hook just as
  he's trying to get up."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  Begin your swing the moment before or during his fall; with Masked
  Muscle, there's a big window of opportunity to hit him in.


  Masked Muscle will begin the match with a right body blow.  Counter
  punch, then throw a left body blow and a right body blow.  Then he
  will try a left body blow; counter punch and follow with a right
  body blow and a left body blow.  Then counter punch his uppercut
  with a right body blow, follow with two left body blows and finish
  with a hook.  He'll become unsteady, so knock him out.

  In round two, keep your guard down when he reenters the ring.  Then
  counter punch his right jab and use a hook, and the job's done.

  "Two left jabs, then counter punch with a right body blow and give
  him three left body blows. Then counter with a left body blow, toss
  one more left body blow and a hook. He'll get unsteady; hook again
  for the knockdown. Then when he gets up, throw a quick left jab and
  counter with a right jab. Throw another hook and he won't get up
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

========================== 7.10  Mr. Sandman =========================


  Mr. Sandman spins around in a triangle pattern.  Time a punch to hit
  him just as he returns to dead center.  A hook the moment that he
  begins the last line of the triangle will put him down.


  Left jab about twice.  He'll try a right jab; counter punch this and
  return two right jabs.  He'll use another right jab.  Counter punch
  it and fire off one right jab and one uppercut.  This will make him
  unsteady, to take him out.  When he gets up, just wait until he
  tries a right jab.  Counter punch and use a hook, and he'll fall.
  For the last round, counter punch his left jab and use an uppercut
  right away.  Then dodge his three uppercuts, retaliate with a left
  jab and another uppercut, counter punch his left jab and use one
  last uppercut to defeat Mr. Sandman.  I pity the foo'.

=========================== 7.11  Aran Ryan ==========================


  "Slips to the left, then back to starting position."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  "In his unsteady, he will move either to the left or right depending
  on what hand you hit him last."
      - Contributed by CJ Simkins


  "I have just figured out an unsteady technique for Aran Ryan (I
  noticed you didn't have one on your faq).
  "To begin, 4 right jabs, then 4 left jabs just slightly after he
  moves right.  He is unsteady.  Uppercut to knock him out.  When he
  gets up, dodge or block his punch then bodyblow and hook.  When his
  hands move up after this blow, quickly throw another hook and he is
  down again.  When he gets up, dodge or block his punch and hook once
      - Contributed by Kevin Frew
      [Ed.- This doesn't seem to work when I do it.  Can anyone change
      it a little?]

  "Left jab, left jab, right jab, left jab; he'll hop to the left.
  Immediately after you get in position again, throw left jab, left
  jab, right jab, right jab. This'll unsteady him, so smack him with
  an uppercut and he'll fall. When he gets up, use left jab, left jab,
  right BB, left BB. He'll hop left; throw a HOOK as fast as you can.
  It probably won't finish him, so he'll do his KO Counter thing; if
  you can hook him during that he'll fall again. If he gets up once
  more, just give him another hook to put him to sleep."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  "This technique will you give you the fastest time against Ryan,
  possibly under 12 seconds.

  "Throw four right jabs, he'll move to the right, (now you have to
  time this perfectly) nail him with a left jab exactly when he is
  done moving. You will have to start your punch before it is doing,
  it takes a little practive but you will get the habg of it. Right
  after you hit him eith that first left jab, hit him with three
  more. He will become unsteady. Again, you have to throw a KO punch
  at exactly the right time, it will take a while to get it down
  perfectly (be careful, your eyes may decieve you in that part).
  Right when he gets back up, counter punch his jab with a right jab,
  (make sure you really counter it, not just dodge it) then uppercut
  him. He will go into his "grab mode", so just nail him with a hook
  and he is down a second time.  Right when he gets back up hit him
  with a right jab and then a hook immediately after that. Sayonara."
      - Contributed by CJ Simkins

  "let him drop his guard, then give him four left jabs to the face,
  pause for a second while he moves over, give him four more left
  jabs, he will wobble to the side stunned, give him a ko body punch
  to lay him out, when he gets up counter his punch with a right jab
  to the face, then give him a ko body shot, he will fall back and
  then try to grab you, after he flinches the second time give him
  another ko body blow, it will send him to the mats and he won't grab
  you, when he gets up give him a left jab to the face, pause a second
  and then give him a ko body blow before he hits you with his left
  hook, he will be sprawled out in under 12 seconds if you are
  flawless and time it right."
      - Contributed by BigRedplyr

========================= 7.12  Heike Kagero =========================


  Heike says "ooo," drops to the ground on one knee, then dodges to
  the side.  Don't be fooled; he's just regaining his steadiness.
  Time a punch to hit just as he returns from the dodge.  Try a hook
  while he's still hanging at the extreme left of his dodge.


  Lead with two right jabs.  Counter punch his right jab, then use one
  more right jab followed by an uppercut.  Then use two left jabs.  He
  will become unsteady, so react accordingly.  When he gets back up,
  Heike will try a left body blow.  Counter punch and uppercut.  He'll
  try another one; counter punch again and uppercut, and he'll go
  down.  For round three, he will try a left body blow again (the guy
  doesn't seem to learn...).  Counter punch, uppercut, and you win.
  Eat that, dancer!

  "The second time he gets up, he tries the left bb.  Counter and
  Uppercut, and he tries it again.  I couldn't get him down with the
  counter and uppercut, so I tried a counter, lbb, and then uppercut.
  That still didn't put him down, but made him unsteady.  A simple
  hook took care of that.  The third time was the same.  Counter lbb
  and uppercut for 13.11.  Maybe that second punch in his second round
  isn't necessary and could eliminate some time."
      - Correction by Justin Salzl

  "Six left jabs, one right jab, two more left jabs. He'll get
  unsteady; hit him with a hook to take him down. When he gets up,
  counterpunch with a left body blow, then hook, then throw a right
  body blow, counterpunch with a right body blow, then hook again & 
  he'll go down. He _may_ get up again; if so, counterpunch with a
  left body blow and hook again."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  A variant on the above:
  "open up with six left jabs, then one right jab, then two more
  lefts, he's unsteady, hook for knockdown. When he gets up,
  immediately set off 'rapid hook' (this takes timing). after he's had
  his dose of that, counter his right body blow and hook him down.
  when he gets up again, another quick rapid hook should do it."
      - Contributed by John Brobst

  "Begin with 6 left jabs, 1 right jab, then 2 left jabs.  He will
  become unsteady.  Hook him as he recovers for the knock down.  When
  he gets up, dodge left and counter with a right body punch, then
  hook him, followed by 2 right body punches.  This will make him put
  his arms to his side and have a smeared grin on his face, but do not
  stop to watch.  Hook him again for knock down #2.  When he gets up,
  counter his uppercut with a left jab and hook him for the kill.
  This will result in a sub '14 time."
      - Contributed by

=========================== 7.13  Mad Clown ==========================


  "Wobbles to the right, then the left, then back to starting
  position. (It's his juggling animation, except he's not juggling
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  This is tough, because Mad Clown has a tendency to dodge.  Lead with
  two left jabs, then counter punch his left jab and follow with two
  right jabs.  Counter punch his right jab and follow with two right
  jabs.  He'll become unsteady; if both of your first left jabs
  connected, you'll have an opportunity to get a Super Knockdown.  For
  round two, do pretty much the same thing.  As for round three, block
  his three jabs, throw a left jab, and uppercut.  All done.
      - Information from Scuddman
        - Tweaked by Raphael Lee
      [Ed.- I've never done this myself.  It's rather difficult.]

======================== 7.14  Super Macho Man =======================


  "Staggers back to the ropes VERY briefly, then forward again."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  "Counter Right Jab, throw 2 right body blows (timing is crucial)

  "Counter Right Jab, throw 2 right body blows

  "Counter Left Body Blow, Throw a left body blow and a hook.

  "He'll become unsteady. Just as he is returning, throw a left hook
  and he'll  go down. (laugh at him as he tries to get up and falls)

  "When he does get back up he'll PROBABLY do Exercise Program C.
  Dodge all three and unload with a onslaught of rapid uppercuts, from
  here on just follow this patern:  DODGE, LEFT JAB, UPPERCUT.

  "If you are quick enough, he won't use the spin punch, if he does,
  duck and nail him with rapid uppercuts."
      - Contributed by Billy D-

========================= 7.15  Narcis Prince ========================


  "Just stands there and makes a face."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  After some possible dodging, Narcis Prince uses a left body blow.
  Counter punch this and follow with a left jab, making him mad.  Now
  he'll sometimes mix up what happens; basically, you want to counter
  punch as much as possible.  Remember that Narcis Prince likes to do
  things in pairs.  Always follow up a dizzy with an uppercut; lacking
  that, use a left jab.  Finish him with an uppercut.  When he gets up
  again, counter punch his right jab and uppercut.  For the third
  round, I think he usually uses a Royal Riddle; block the punches and
  finish him with an uppercut.

  There is, however, a better way to do this, and I've done it once
  before; it's possible to finish him in two knockdowns.

  "counter lbp, he gets mad.  but he shuffles what he does next, so
  you kinda need to practice this.   Anyways, counter punch, and rapid
  punch when you get the chance.  Well times uppercut after dizzy
  animation makes him go down.  when he gets up c rhp, he gets mad,
  same routine.  He doesn't get up if he goes down from a dizzy
  animation if you get him to the mat before 10 seconds elapses from
  when he gets up."
      - Contributed by Scuddman

========================== 7.16  Hoy Quarlow =========================


  "Just like Bald Bull's. I think he might always go clockwise,
      - Contributed by Warmwasser 



========================= 7.17  Rick Bruiser =========================


  "Just like Aran Ryan's."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  "Right head punch, dodge, Right  head counter punch, any two
  punches, R head counter punch, any two punches, left body punch
  before he throws his hook, unsteady, knockdown with uppercut

  "he gets up, right head punch, dodge, right body counter punch, left
  head punch uppercut, knockdown

  "he gets up, right head punch, dodge, throw a punch at his belly,
  hopefully he'll try to grab it and smash it with his elbow, dodge,
  finish him"
      - Contributed by ScuddMan

========================= 7.18  Nick Bruiser =========================


  "Similar to Bob Charlie's; staggers back to the ropes then steps
  forward calmly. Nonetheless, if you whack him as he gets back into
  position, well..."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser


  "Remember the counter punch to the "suspended animation" that I sent
  you last time? If you use that three times in a row, you can get him
  down in around ten roommate did it, but I never have.
  Anyway, here's the basic strategy:

  "Two left jabs, then it'll be time for him to punch. If you can read
  his gloves quick enough, you can counter and get in four or five
  more jabs. This will make him unsteady. Throw an uppercut and he'll
  be down (this is at about 5-6 seconds.)

  "When he gets up, it's suspended animation again. Wait for him to
  freeze, and counter. (The punch will be coming from your left side
  this time; high or low depends on where his gloves are.) Uppercut
  him afterwards. Repeat this until he's knocked down again.

  "When he gets up the third time, he'll barely have any energy left.
  You may be able to sneak in a jab and knock him down."
      - Contributed by Warmwasser

  "0' 08'' 88 for Nick Bruiser.  I just got him unsteady, knocked him
  down once with a super body blow, then hit him with a super hook and
  a super body blow when he got up.  He stayed down."
      - Contributed by Blair Golson

= Section 8 =============== K i l l e r   R e c o r d s ==============

Send me your records for best times and best scores.  Be honest!  I'll
list the top three times and scores for each player and circuit.

However, only one record for each boxer will be allowed per person.

=========================== 8.1  Best Times ==========================

Send 'em in!  Use these records as challenges to beat.

Gabby Jay        0'06"67  Billy D-
                 0'06"69  B. Phalen
Bear Hugger      0'16"42  Rezzyn
                 0'17"45  BigRedplyr
                 0'17"62  ScuddMan
Piston Hurricane 0'05"50  Dramalord
                 0'05"77  KO King
                 0'06"13  Nick Koroman
Bald Bull        0'08"71  Dramalord
                 0'09"39  David Amagai
                 0'10"16  BigRedplyr
Bob Charlie      0'06"84  Nick Koroman
                 0'06"99  Andrew Lang
                 0'07"27  David Amagai
Dragon Chan      0'08"09  Warmwasser
                 0'11"64  David Amagai
                 0'12"11  ScuddMan
Masked Muscle    0'08"99  KO King
                 0'09"32  Nick Koroman
                 0'09"73  David Amagai
Mr. Sandman      0'17"54  Dramalord
                 0'18"98  Nick Koroman
                 0'19"30  Raphael Lee
Aran Ryan        0'09"79  Dramalord
                 0'11"84  BigRedplyr
                 0'12"37  CJ Simkins
Heike Kagero     0'12"39  John Brobst
                 0'13"11  Justin Salzl
                 0'13"18  Nick Koroman
Mad Clown        0'13"58  Nick Koroman
                 0'14"30  Dramalord
                 0'14"49  David Amagai
Super Macho Man  0'16"60  Dramalord
                 0'16"84  ScuddMan
                 0'18"13  David Amagai
Narcis Prince    0'12"32  David Amagai
                 0'13"47  LittleJJ69
                 0'13"94  Raphael Lee
Hoy Quarlow      0'12"32  David Amagai
                 0'12"86  LittleJJ69
                 0'18"48  ScuddMan
Rick Bruiser     0'12"45  David Amagai
                 0'19"18  ScuddMan
                 0'20"23  LittleJJ69
Nick Bruiser     0'08"88  Blair Golson
                 0'09"35  LittleJJ69
                 0'09"56  Bryan Daniels

Oh yeah - a Thomas Nguyen sent in a screenshot with some unholy times
that I personally find hard to believe are authentic (sorry Thomas,
but killing off Gabby Jay in two seconds seems kind of far-fetched -
especially because this screenshot was probably taken from an emulator
that allows Game Genie codes.  If you would, please share your tips
with us on how to get these times.  Otherwise, these times will remain
in this separate section).  Here they are:

Gabby Jay        0'02"35  Thomas Nguyen
Bear Hugger      0'13"81  Thomas Nguyen
Piston Hurricane 0'05"18  Thomas Nguyen
Bald Bull        0'06"77  Thomas Nguyen
Bob Charlie      0'10"73  Thomas Nguyen
Dragon Chan      0'33"50  Thomas Nguyen
Masked Muscle    0'23"22  Thomas Nguyen
Mr. Sandman      0'35"45  Thomas Nguyen
Aran Ryan        0'05"28  Thomas Nguyen
Heike Kagero     0'14"20  Thomas Nguyen
Mad Clown        0'13"98  Thomas Nguyen
Super Macho Man  0'10"62  Thomas Nguyen

========================== 8.2  Best Scores ==========================

Minor Circuit    255390   David Amagai
                 254100   ScuddMan
                 253760   LittleJJ69
Major Circuit    360040   David Amagai
                 353650   ScuddMan
                 305810   LittleJJ69
World Circuit    447580   David Amagai
                 426690   ScuddMan
                 416330   LittleJJ69
Special Circuit  592850   David Amagai
                 582639   LittleJJ69
                 573580   ScuddMan

= Section 9 =================== C o n c l u s i o n ==================

============================ 9.1  Credits ============================

- to Dan, writer of another Super Punch-Out FAQ on getting fast times
      in the first two circuits.  Thanks for letting me borrow your
- to Warmwasser for a LOT of advanced advice, including a way to
      anticipate Nick Bruiser's Suspended Animation punches.
- to ScuddMan, expert player and contributor.  He put in both advice
      and ways to beat enemies in record times.  Thanks, dude.
- to Jeff C. for the interesting combo in Counter Punching (7.1).
- to Jared Johnson for his information on how the Special Points
      system works.  There NO WAY I coulda figured this out myself,
      not having the patience to analyze the Special Points after each
- to Blair Golson for a Piston Hurricane and a Nick Bruiser Best Times
- to CJ Simkins for his Aran Ryan Best Times and Unsteady
- to Justin Salzl for his Heike Kagero Best Times strategy.
- to John Brobst for his Heike Kagero Best Times strategy.
- to Lordosis for his Heike Kagero Best Times strategy.
- to Tony Colafrancesco for his Bob Charlie Best Times strategy.
- to Andrew Lang for his Bob Charlie Best Times strategy.
- to Billy D- for his strategy on Super Macho Man.
- to Kevin Frew for his Best Times strategy on Aran Ryan.
- to BigRedplyr for another Best Times strategy on Aran Ryan.
- to Dr. Bruce Smith for a Nick Bruiser strategy.
- to Matt DeTura for his Piston Hurricane strategy.
- to KevFieldsDX for his Dragon Chan strategy.
- to Nick Koroman for his note on countering Nick's Bruiser.
- to Mega Man Legends or the note on avoiding Nick's Mix.
- to everyone who took the time to send me their times and scores.
- Nintendo, of course, for making this top-notch game.

=========================== 9.2  Challenges ==========================

Think you're all that, boxer?  Well, try these challenges!  If you can
manage to do them, you get major bragging rights.

In increasing order of difficulty:


  Try not to get hit even once with any attack.


  Try not to get hit even once with any attack.


  Play through the whole game without losing a match.


  Try not to get hit even once with any attack.


  Play through the whole game without using any KO punches.


  Play through the whole game with the sound muted without losing a


  Play through the whole game without being knocked down once.


  Finish off every boxer with a KO punch.


  Put every boxer down onto the mat with a KO punch every time.


  Try not to get hit even once with any attack.


  Finish every single match under 1'00"00.

If you can do any of these, you're quite good.  If you can do, say,
five of them, you're amazingly good.  Only the best of the best will
be able to do eight or nine, not to mention all eleven...

I sure haven't!

If anyone has, e-mail me.  So far:

                 ALL CHALLENGES

================ 9.3  Disclaimer and Copyright Notice ================

This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Raphael Lee.  Super Punch-Out is
copyright 1993 by Nintendo.  This FAQ is unofficial; it is not
associated with Nintendo.  This FAQ may be freely distributed for
noncommercial purposes, as long as it is not altered and I am credited
as the author.  OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Information from the Super Punch-Out!! file at
by Dan is borrowed with permission.  Thanks!

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