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                VERSION 2.5

This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at and can be e-mailed at

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Version Information
Author's Note

Mission One  Small GHKs
             Large GHKs
             Silver Endoskeletons
             Gold Endoskeletons
Mission Two  SWAT team members
             Cyberdyne scientists

Mission One  Human resistence fighters
             Human refugees
             John Connor, age 45
Mission Two  Sarah Connor
             John Connor, age 10

Mission One  LA Battlefield
             Galleria Human Hideout
             Approach to Skynet
             Assault on Skynet
Mission Two  Cyberdyne Systems Corporation
             Highway Persuit
             Steel Mill

General Survival Tips
Credits and Taglines

VERSION 1 - 2340 GMT, 30-Sept-1999
Contains a note from the author and the customary credits and taglines.  As for 
the game's info, it has a breakdown of your enemies and allies before the 
individual level walkthroughs.  The end contains a general survival guide.

VERSION 2 - 0626 GMT, 7-Oct-1999
Made the table of contents a little more in-depth and added the Cheats section, 
which contains a Level Select and Infinite Credits code.

VERSION 2.5 - 2200 GMT, 18-Oct-1999
Reworded some parts and added information to help clarification.  Technical 
errors were corrected and an extra point was added to the General Tips section.

The most expensive film of its time, and not surprising considering the level of 
special effects and explosions you see in it, 'Terminator 2' still is the 
forerunner of the violence in movies debate.  But the teenage kids love it so 
there's no surprise as to the marketing strategy of the movie; make games to 
mirror the film.
But at the GameFAQs guide collection for this game, the only guide there is for 
the Arcade version.  I've already written up my own guide for this game, so I've 
converted it into text-only format to post it onto the Net for all to see.

When Cyberdyne Systems Corporation perfected a computer which could learn and 
think for itself, the US Government leaped on it as a radical new defense 
system.  Soon the system dubbed Skynet became so good that human decisions in 
warfare were considered obsolete.  But Skynet grew so intelligent that it 
realised just how powerful it was, and so revolted against its human masters.
By the year 2029, the few remaining human beings were frightened refugees or 
determined resistence warriors bent on destroying Skynet and restoring the human 
race.  Facing great battle machines built in automated factories such as HKs and 
Terminators, after 40 long years of fighting the humans finally triumphed in 
destroying Skynet.
But the victory was not absolute; Skynet had developed a time-slip generator 
with which it sent two of its machines into the past - a run-of-the-mill 800 
series Terminator and a prototype T-1000.  These machines were programmed to 
search out John Connor, the leader of the human resistence, and destroy him 
before he could orchestrate Skynet's destruction.  Connor's trusted officer Kyle 
Reese would persue the T-800 to 1984, where the machine would attempt to 
assassinate John's mother Sarah before she could carry her child.  A 
reprogrammed Terminator would follow the prototype T-1000 to 1995 and prevent 
Skynet's contingency plan: the death of a young John Connor.

'GHK' is the acronym of Ground Hunter-Killer, patrol machines Skynet uses to 
seek out the human malitia.  The Small GHKs skittle along the ground, 
periodically firing missle at you.  Destroy them with a single shot from the 
Missle Launcher.

The more heavily-armed of the ground patrol machines.  Take apart the twin 
cannons on the 'arms' first, then work your way from the head down.  If you're 
on a two-player game, one player each should blast away the cannons, then one 
player destroys the rest while the other shoots the incoming missle fire.

Short for Aerial Hunter-Killers, Skynet's airborne strike force.  They either 
dive-bomb you with a single missle or fire at other targets.  The former attack 
will cause you damage, the latter damaging items you need to protect.  In any 
event, destroy them with a combination of regular shots and Missles.

Red or blue balls sometimes fall from nowhere, which eventually hatch into oval-
shaped objects which buzz around as they attack.  They can be small and hard to 
hit, the blue ones requiring missles if they hatch, but red ones can be taken 
out with the machine gun without hassles.

Endos for short, the rank and file of Skynet's armies.  Simply use your machine 
gun to take them out with no sweat; if you shoot their heads off, the body will 
walk around without shooting and eventually explode but you can destroy the head 
and torso yourself for extra points.  If one appears right in front of you, 
shoot it in the skull with standard shots and you'll a CPU chip will appear for 
a moment; hit the CPU chip for a random power-up.
The biggest worry with Endos is they often come near human resistence fighters; 
if this happens, you can avoid stray shots by using missles or shooting their 
heads off.

Basically colour-swapped versions of the Silver Endos, only less dangerous.  
They'll still shoot at you, but just kill them in the same way as Silver Endos.

Endoskeletons covered by a layer of living human tissue, allowing them to blend 
in with humans and sneak into refugee hideouts.  If one of these guys come right 
up in front of you and you attack with the machine gun, the skin will wear away 
before it's destroyed.  For this reason, use Missles to save time and energy.  
For those which attack at a distance, aim at the same height as their rifles and 
blast with the machine gun.

No, these aren't the little insects that eat away at your clothing.  They 
slither along the ground and leap at you instead.  Just shoot 'em with regular 
blasts, they're easy prey.

Dressed in blue or black uniforms, destroy with regular shots.  If your gun 
power is low, use shotgun shells.

Flying just outside the Cyberdyne building, and basically the primitive version 
of Orbs.  Use a combination of primary and secondary weapon fire.

Dressed in white and lobbing vials of chemicals, they take many shots to kill 
and so should be blasted with Shotgun shells.

====YOUR MATES====
Twelve of them appear on the Battlefield and another one in the Hideout.  If you 
hit them they'll take damage and eventually die, so avoid shooting them; any 
dead humans cost you 50 000 points.

Humans again, but ones that are scared out of their minds rather than lifting a 
finger to help your cause.  Three appear in the Hideout, one trying to get warm 
and two fleeing for their lives.  Killing refugees has the same effect as dead 
human resistence fighters.

Appearing only to scope the surrounding area and order the final assault on 
Skynet.  Your shots won't hurt him.

Appears in the Cyberdyne building, planting chemical explosives and weapons for 
you to use.  If shot, Sarah will scream but she can't be killed.

John also appears in Cyberdyne to provide weapons and also appears at the end to 
collect the 1984 T-800 parts; again, he can't be harmed (if you do shoot him, 
he'll just keep running).  John's next appearence is at the Steel Mill, where 
you must protect him from the T-1000.

====THE LEVELS====
***MISSION ONE: 11 JULY 2029***
This level is all about shooting the onslaught of Endos.  You don't have to 
shoot the AHKs whether they're incoming or not as they won't shoot at you and 
thus don't cause damage.  There are three screens of four human resistence 
fighters; they're easy to hit but with practise you can avoid them.  The two 
inner soldiers are slightly taller than their team-mates, so watch out.  Near 
the end of the level you'll get a Large GHK who will be invunerable to all 
secondary weapon fire.  When he's finally down you'll get a few Gold Endos 
before the level will be over.
One important thing to remember; break open all the crates you can for Missiles, 
gun powerups and extra Credits.

In the remains of the Galleria shopping mall lies a small pocket of human 
refugees and soldiers.  And no, you cannot shut that damn dog up!
Shoot crates, lights, fire extinguishers and shopping trolleys for Coolants, 
Missles, Power Cells and Smart Bombs.  As for the humans, there's the resistance 
fighter and the freezing refugee on the first screen, and later two other 
refugees will run for it along the catwalk.  T-800s will attack from the catwalk 
at the top, the floor at the bottom and come up right in front of you.  When red 
Orbs appear at the end of the level, blast the brick wall in the background to 
shoot them before they hatch.

If you're really good at this level, you can destroy the Endos and AHKs with 
100% accuracy and get the truck bonus.
At the start of this level, use the first few moments to grap the pick-ups in 
the ammo crates below.  Then you'll get a severe bombing of several AHKs.  
Before the truck drives off, grab the ammo crates below to stock up on ammo for 
your Missle Launcher.
Both enemies will come in from both sides in a random attack pattern.  Only Gold 
Endos will cause you damage, but the AHKs will damage the truck, which is what 
needs to survive for you to finish the level.  Destroy the AHKs using regular 
shots and a single missle.
If you must destroy Gold Endos on a one-player game, stop shooting them if an 
AHK appears.  On a two-player game, Player 2 should destroy the AHKs while 
Player 1 destroys the Endos.  Try not to hit the truck as you will cause it 
You can keep going through this level until all your credits are gone should the 
truck get destroyed, but if you can get through the level on the first try 
you'll get a bonus 500 000 points.

The best players will be able to destroy the Endos, T-800s, Silverfish, HKs and 
Orbs with 100% accuracy and get 102 000 points damage bonus.
Blast the AHKs from left to right, or from the outside in on a two-player game, 
then focus all your attention on the foreground as all the T-800s will leap 
right up at you.  When you come to the area with a fence on the right, blast the 
lock to continue.
When you come to the two rows of doors, the top row all labelled 1 and the 
bottom row all labelled 2, blast the 1 doors from left to right (or outside in 
on a two player game) and then the 2 doors using the same method.  Finally 
you'll come to another Large GHK, but he can be harmed by all weapons in your 
arsenal and won't move.  The ammo crates below vanish after a time, as do the 
You now have nothing left to do save grab pick-ups and destroy Orbs.  When you 
come to the electronically-sealed door, blast the fixed missle grids next to it 
(two players should split jobs, each doing their respective sides).  Once all 
four are gone, open the next two ammo crates for the door to open and reveal 
Blast the glass panels in all four corners, the panels in the middle of the left 
and right edges, the two hatches at the bottom (which now releases Silverfish), 
the rank of lights above the hatches (you don't shoot out one at a time) and the 
two sides of the column at the bottom-middle.  You can now destroy the missle 
grids before aiming at the dead centre.  Two players should destroy everything 
on their respective sides, helping their partner if they finish early.
With Skynet destroyed you'll now be heading 35 years into the past to protect a 
young John Connor from the T-1000 Advanced Prototype sent to kill him.  Failure 
means the human resistence will be defeated before they have even begun their 

You'll need to destroy 230 pieces of equipment to finish this level properly.  
You don't have to destroy EVERYTHING as there is more than 230 objects counted 
in the tally.  In the first area, drawers, chairs, bins, papers, computer 
terminals and mainframes are all counted in the tally - wall switches, fire 
extinguishers and windows are not counted but will yield extra points.
Destroy the SWAT team members and helicopters ASAP as they burn plenty of life.  
If an enemy is in front of some equipment you're trying to destroy, get rid of 
him with the Shotgun.  If your gun burns out (a chronic problem in this level) 
switch to the Shotgun until the weapon recovers.
After clearing the first area, you'll enter Cyberdyne's clean room where lamps, 
green cabinets and workstations are counted as equipment to be destroyed.  No 
helicopters or SWAT team members appear here, but Cyberdyne scientists do and 
that can be a real problem.  When you enter the vault, shoot the glass 
containers holding the 1984 T-800's CPU chip and arm so John Connor can recover 
them.  If, when you reach the vault, you have two pieces of equipment left to 
destroy, don't worry; the chip and arm will be counted as equipment to be 
Upon completion of the level, the T-1000 will melt up from the floor and ask 
"Are you John Connor?"

If you're really good at this level, you can reach the end without a single dent 
in the SWAT van.  You can shoot the van's sieren lights, but it doesn't give you 
any points.
The first of the T-1000's attacks is in the form of a police helicopter, 
attacking from either behind or above the SWAT van.  Use regular shots to blast 
him as soon as the 'chopper comes into view.  As usual, two players should split 
jobs; one takes the top while the other takes the side.
Once the helicopter is down, the T-1000 will try to ram you from behind using a 
liquid nitrogen tanker.  Blast at the cabin using everything you've got, but 
beware because the gap between the back of the van and the edge of the screen 
will gradually shrink.
Remember: if the T-1000 succeeds in destroying the van, you'll lose half your 
life and have to start the level over.

It is literally raining Shotgun shells in this level, but don't try to grab 
every one you see as you may miss more than you can catch!
First you must freeze the T-1000 in liquid nitrogen.  Use Shotgun shells to 
force him down, then use regular shots to make holes in the tanker.  In a two-
player match, one player should be given the job of ONLY forcing holes in the 
tanker while the other brings the T-1000 down, then helps rip apart the tanker.  
If the T-1000 strays off-screen, fire at the words 'Liquid Nitrogen' with 
regular shots in preparation for his return.  Once the T-1000 is completely 
iced, he will try to move but will collapse.  With a cry of "°Hasta la Vista, 
baby!" the T-1000 will explode on his own.
You'll now have to run along the gantries of the Steel Mill as SWAT team members 
fire at you.  There'll be five groups before you can reach a platform over a vat 
of molten steel.  John will be on the right and the T-1000 will appear from the 
left.  Use the Shotgun to force the T-1000 down, then he'll be firing at you 
while still trying to get to John.  Blast him with the Shotgun again.
The T-1000 will now appear right in front of you.  Shoot him in both sides of 
the head, then your next shot will split him open and force him into retreat.  
The T-1000 will make another attempt on John, so use repeated Shotgun blasts to 
force him back to the edge of the gantry.  Now, on the edge of the screen the M-
79 Grenade Launcher will appear, so grab it and blast the T-1000 with it to send 
him packing.  If you miss, let the T-1000 foward and repeat the assault.

A Mouse is the best controller for the game, as it's quick to respond and easy 
to control.

On gaining most pick-ups, the power of your primary weapon automatically 
recovers to full strength.

In Mission One, don't worry about using up your missles.  There's more than 
enough to go around and you'll never make it to the end fighting with a burnt-
out gun.  You only have to worry about secondary weapon ammo in Mission Two.

Shoot missles, grenades and chemical vials before they hit.  This will destroy 
them before contact, saving your life energy.

Credits are shared between two players.  When the second player jumps in, one 
Credit will be lost.  Whenever a player needs to continue, one Credit will be 
lost when that player is resurrected.

When you collect a power-up, it only has the appropriate effect after it floats 
to the top of the screen.  In a two-player game, the other player can shoot the 
power-up as it floats to steal it!

You start with 25 units of secondary ammo at the begining of each mission.  
You'll get that number added to your total if you restart a level, whether it be 
due to termination, destruction of the vehicle or termination of John Connor.

The only way any of these cheats will work is if you have a Control Pad plugged 
into Port 1.

At the Title Screen, press Left Up Right Up Left Left Left Right Down Down.  The 
sound of the T2 logo coming together will confirm you've entered the code 
correctly.  Start the game as normal and at any time, press R to receive nine 
free credits.

You need to have entered the Infinite Credits code in order for this one to 
At the Today's Best screen (where the T-1000 is the background for the high 
scores) enter Right Up Up Left Right Right Right Left Down Down Right Up.  The 
same sound as the Infinite Credits code acts as confirmation; at any time during 
the game press L to skip to the next level, but you must still destroy 230 
pieces of equipment at Cyberdyne to finish that level properly.

My good gaming buddy Mick provided the cheat codes, everything else compiled 
after months of experimenting with the game and learning its deepest, darkest 

Cyber Predator

"Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have acheived." 
- Claudius Galen
The Force will be with you, always

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