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Terranigma FAQ version 1.8
- Made by Wertigon (


1. Controls
2. Questions and answers
3. Walkthrough
   3.1 Chapter 1: The outset
   3.2 Chapter 2: Resurrection of the world
   3.3 Chapter 3: Resurrection of the genius
   3.4 Chapter 4: Resurrection of the hero
4. Expansion guide
5. Bossguide
7. Weapons
8. Armors
9. Items
10. Enemies
11. Rings and Pins 
12. Magirocks location
13. Subareas location
14. Secrets
15. Rumors
16. Dummying
17. Cheats
18. Bugs
19. Interesting facts
20. Terranigma links
21. Credits
22. Changes in the versions
23. Boring stuffs (Copyrights, conditions for putting the FAQ up on your homepage, how to 
contact me, etc.)

                                           1. Controls

In peaceful areas (Towns and that sort of places):

Move Ark with control pad (+). Use the actionbutton (A-button) to talk, pick up pots and such. 
Use the jumpbutton (B-button) to jump, the dashbutton (Y-button) to dash and the itembutton 
(X-button) to use items. To enter the subscreen, use the select-button, and if you just have to
pause, press start.

Note: You have to equip an item in order to use it with the X-button.

In dangerous areas (Everything that haven`t got townmusic except Mosque):

Same as above plus:

Use A-button to attack. There is five different attacks:

Attack: Press the A-button one time.
Dash-attack: simply dash, then press the A-button. Works best against fast enemies.
Rushing: Tap the A-button repeteadly (this one makes your thumb hurt:)). Good against enemies 
with alot of HP.
Jump-attack: Jump and press the A-button. Good against flying enemies.
Scattering: Most advanced. Dash, Jump and press the A-button. Good against practically 
everyting, works best with creatures that crawl and enemies with very thick armor (that kind of
enemies your standard attack can`t hurt).

Use R/L-buttons to block.
Note: You can only block projectiles, like fireballs and such.

On the worldmap: Move ark with controlpad.

In the submenu (the Box):
Move yomi to the different locations using the Control pad. Press A to activate/equip the thing
yomi is floating on. Press B to cancel. In the Weapon/Armor/Item room, there is a hole in front
of the middle door. If you need to dispose of something, activate Yomi when he's floating over
the hole, then move down to the item/equipment you want to dispose of and press the A button to
throw the things away.

                                  2. Questions and Answers

The following section is meant to help you without checking the entire walkthrough. It may 
be hard to find what you're looking for in the walkthrough, so check this section first.

Chapter 1:

Q: How do I open the blue door at the elder's mansion?
A: See those pots? Throw 'em on the door.

Q: How do I get to the top floor in tower 1?
A: Walk to the lower left corner on the fourth floor and you should see a broken window. Exit 
that window and climb the chains.

Q: How do I get to the second floor in tower 2?
A: See those statues? You can push the ones that's got a red gem in their forehead.

Q: Okay, so I made it to the top of the second tower, but I can't get to the door. I notice a 
switch in the middle of the room, but it's got water surrounding it, so I can't reach it. How 
do I pull that switch?
A: Throw the pots on it.

Q: How do I get to the second floor in tower 4?
A: Jump in the hole in the middle.

Q: I got to the fifth tower, but the guardian always pushes me out again. How do I kill him?
A: Did you get the crystal thread in tower 4? if so, go back to the village and talk to Elle.

Chapter 2:

Q: Ok, so now I'm in the Ra tree, but the Parasite always poisons me. how do I kill him?
A: Find and drink the Ra dewdrops.

Q: How do I destroy the boulders in Grecliff?
A: Find the rockspear.

Q: How can I climb those walls with holes in Grecliff?
A: Find the sharpclaws.

Q: Exactly what am I supposed to do in windwhale?
A: Throw down those rocks you see on that shining thing in the hole.

Q: Now I'm in Zue, but I can't break that fragile wall. How do I do it?
A: Let a frog blow on you so you fly into it.

Q: I can't get the last three souls to the third altar. Where are they?
A: Remember the fragile wall? In the same screen there are two stumps on each side of the 
Push one stump into the water and push the other out of the way.

Q: How do I kill that freaking muddoll?
A: Block his rocks and throw that rock that lies under the cliff where leim's standing.

Q: In Eklemata there is a Yeti in a hot spring. I have the snowgrass leaf, but I can't put it 
into the spring. How do I do that?
A: You have to stand sw of the yeti, with the face turned right.

Chapter 3

Q: How do you proceed through the taklama Desert?
A: You have to finish Louran first. Then, ask the directions from the nomads.

Q: I can't find my way to the north side in Louran. How do you get there?
A: In the west side (upper), there are some zombies walking into a house. follow those zombies.

Q: I found the way to the north side, but the ghosts always takes me back to the square. How do
I avoid that?
A: You have to find the holy seal, which lies on the east side of the town.

Q: I`ve found Turbo, but he won`t lead me to Meilin. How can I get him to?
A: Equip yourself with the red scarf, found in meilin's room.

Q: How do I proceed through Norfest forest?
A: Find the protectbell.

Q: How do I get the protectbell?
A: Find the mushroom, give it to the chemist, take the sleepingpotion and drop the potion in 
the pot in the castle kitchen. When everyone sleeps, sneak up to the kings chamber and grab the

Q: How do I get the wolfs to quit attacking me?
A: Find the dogwhistle, located in the forest.

Q: Where are the four gems?
A: The saphirre is in the fountain, the opal is in a stove in the kitchen, the topaz hangs on 
the outside of the right tower and the ruby is in the room with the chandelier.

Q: How do I build the bridge over colorado river?
A: Gather logs in Gumin forest, located nw of nirlake.

Q: Where is the magic anchor?
A: In the cave where you could see a mystic shadow, swim to the waterfall, but DO NOT fall
down. Instead, swim as far left as you can, then fall down.

Q: In the room to the left in Dragoncastle, I can see a closed door. How can I open that door?
A: Throw the pots filled with water on the lights.

Q: Some walls sounds hollow when I throw pots on them. How can I break them?
A: Find the speedshoes, located on an island nw of Australia.

Q: I can`t find the unpaired statue Meilin is talking about. Where is it?
A: It`s in the room behind the "sixlightsroom". search the wall opposite the first statue on 
the right.

Q: Where are the five starstones?
A: They are in: Neotokio sewers, Astarica, Ayers rock, Sahara (very hard to find; look in 
walkthrough to see how to get to it) and Greenland (check the secrets file for info on getting 

Chapter 4

Q: How do I hurt the final boss?
A: Stand on the edge of the star and hit his lightorb. Now strike him with your weapon.

Q: How do I avoid the final boss`s lightningbeam? Everytime it hits me my HP is halved.
A: The trick's named block. When he fires it, block and everytime it hits you it takes 1-4 hp 
instead of half.

                                         3. Walkthrough

Note: Unfortunatly this walkthrough is missing some magirocks/items, But if you look at the
'magirocks location' section and 'secrets' section you can find what you're looking for.


Chapter 1 - The Outset

Contents :
Tower 1
Tower 2
Tower 3
Tower 4
Tower 5

As soon as you have control after the opening conversation, go speak to the Elder, who lives in
the same house as you. Go over to the weavers house, north of your own, and apologize to the 
weaver. Return to your house. Go to the room with the strange locked blue door. It's your 
choise whether you help them open it or not. If you want to open it, throw two pots at the door
and it'll break. If not, everyone except you and one other will be sucked into the door. Go in 
the door and all the way to the bottom. You should have noticed by now that something's wrong.
Go down all the way to the bottom and you'll hear a cry for help. All you have to do is touch 
the box. You'll release a bat-like creature called 'Yomi'. This is a good time to become 
accustomed to the box. Make sure you equip the CrySpear and the Clothes. Afterwards, talk to 
Elle who has arrived in the corridor. When she turns to ice, try to leave the house. The Elder 
will be blocking your way, so talk to him. You're in pretty deep smeg. After the talking's 
finished, go into the Elder's room and nick his treasures - an SBulb and 50 Gems. Leave the 
Elder's house, a gate has appeared at the southern part of the village. Exit it and head west 
to get to the first tower.

Tower 1

Level Hint - The CrySpear is a good weapon as it slowly rejuvenates your HP.
Treasure - SBulb, 3 MagiRock.

The first tower you come across is southwest of Crysta. Walk up to the door and tell the door 
that you want to rescue your friends. You'll be allowed access to the tower. This tower is 
easy, basically a bit of a warm up for things to come. Practice your moves here. Plus, you 
don't need to use any SBulbs here, as either the CrySpear will restore your health, or you can
go back to  your house in the village and sleep to fully restore your health.
Kill everything in your site, as experience is important even now. Make your way to the second 
floor and kill everything. One of the bugs will release a spirit, giving some advice and 
opening a door. Go through the new door (east of the stairs you originally came up). Kill the
two guards on this floor to release another spirit. Now head to the treasure chest at the
higher part of the screen at the southwest area. There's a broken window that you can jump 
through. Climb the chains outside the tower to progress to the fourth floor.
A little to the northeast is a staircase which leads to a MagiRock. Go up to the fifth floor
and talk to the guardian and he'll disappear leaving four orange bugs(called Huballs). Destroy
them all to hear the Guardian again. You'll restore Eurasia, releasing all the people from the 
weavers house back in the village from their icy state.

You'll be warped back to outside the tower on the world map. Head north to the second tower.

Tower 2

Level Hint - Buy an Ice Ring from the MagiRock shop back in the village. It will prove useful 
Treasure - SBulb, 3 MagiRock, 30 Gems.

Defeat all the monsters on the first floor to release a spirit giving advice. There are two 
statues with red jewels in their foreheads in this area, both can be pushed away from the 
waterfall to reveal staircases. Go down the east one first. Flip the switch then go back up the
stairs, and down the west stairs behind the other statue. Go south from the staircase to find
an SBulb, then flip the second red switch to open the north door. Go in it.
Flip all 4 statues to progress. Go up to the fourth floor. There's a MagiRock in the northwest 
corner. There are four statues in this area with red jewels in their foreheads. Pushing these 
up, down or towards the center of the room releases a load of purple bugs which die with one 
hit. This is a good place to get experience, as you can exit then re-enter the room and go for 
more gems and Exp. When done, move all four red jewel statues away from the center of the room.
Go up to the fifth floor. Face the southern switch and equip the jewel box. Use the jewel box 
and you'll get a choice of what to use. Make sure you're in a straight line facing the switch. 
Choose the Ice Ring and an icicle will shoot out and flip the switch. If you don't have any Ice
Rings, throw a pot at the switch.
The barrier will drop, so talk to the Guardian. There's no boss in this tower, so just go in
the door. You'll resurrect South America and some more villagers.

Head east of Tower 1 and 2 to reach Tower 3, which is situated north of Crysta.

Tower 3

Level Hint - You'll need to be fairly nifty at jumping around for this level.
Treasure - SBulb, Sleepless Seal, 3 MagiRock.

Run across the blocks that re-positioned when you arrived. Go either east or west, it makes no 
difference. On the first floor, take the eastern door to get a MagiRock. There is also a 
treasure chest next to the path leading to the center door, go through the wall to get it. It's
just an SBulb though. Go through the center door. Avoid the wall monsters in this area 
(Gardners), as they are very annoying. You can only kill them with a dash-jump-attack 
(scattering) or jump-attack. Dash past the spears. In the next screen, four switches control 
four blocks. Use timing here so that the four blocks make a bridge going in a southeast 
direction, and cross over. Go up to the next floor.
Take either the east or west path on the next floor. Make your way north, then go up another 
floor. On the fourth floor, jump to the eastern platform to get a MagiRock, then jump to the 
platform west of the entrance to get the Sleepless Seal. This protects you from the Gardner's 
sleep spell, enabling you to kill them easier. Flip both the red switches in this area, kill 
all the bugs that appear, then go through the door.
On the fifth floor, walk down the path until you get to a platform, and the Guardian talks to 
you. You get stranded on a plus-sign platform with 3 high cadet wizards. Only one of them is 
the real one, so use your most powerful attacks on them until you hit the right one. Once
you've beaten them, go through the door to resurrect Africa and a couple more villagers. 

Go directly east from Tower 3 to get to Tower 4.

Tower 4

Level Hint - Balance is of the essence in this tower. Learn to cross ropes.
Treasure - MBulb, LifePotion, 44 Gems, Crystal Thread, 3 MagiRock.

You'll talk to the Guardian straight away. Destroy the 3 wizards he summons. In the first floor
cross the rope either to the left or to the right, you'll end up in the same place no matter 
what. Jump down from the top part of the floor. This will take you to Basement 1. There are 
four holes in this area - one in each corner of the lower part of the room. Jump down either
the top-right, top-left or bottom-left holes. These will all take you to the same places. 
The bottom-right is the correct way to go, but we'll deal with that later.
Go through any of the other three holes to get to Basement 2. Take the western staircase in the
upper half of the room, which will take you to the upper half of Basement 1. Walk to the 
southwest corner to get 44 Gems, and southeast corner to get MagiRock. Go up the stairs. 
Continue up another flight of stairs. You'll end up in a room full or ropes to cross. Take the 
rope furthest south to get a MagiRock. Cross over to the west side platform. Get the MBulb and 
the LifePotion from the northwest corner of the area. Either fall down the holes to Basement 1,
or take the stairs all the way back to Basement 1. This time fall down the bottom-right hole.
Go up the staircase you land by. Continue up the stairs, don't jump down the large hole, 
continue up more stairs until you get to the third floor. Follow the path until it goes off 
north. Go in the room and open the treasure chest to get the Crystal Thread. Leave the room,
and follow the path along until you reach two ropes. Take the lower of the two to get to the 
other side, then get the MagiRock from the southeast corner of the room. From the east side of 
this room, go north until you come across another rope. Cross it to get to the control room.
You'll hear the guardian's voice again. To kill the boss, hit the end of it's tail, the gold 
Huball and it'll break free from the chain. Destroy it, then do the same with the next Huball 
of the chain, until they're all destroyed. This is the first tricky boss, as it can be quite 
fast sometimes. After you've destroyed them, you'll resurrect North America and a penultimate 
group of villagers. 

Go back to Crysta village and go to the weavers house. Equip the Crystal Thread, then talk to 
Elle. You'll end up in bed (on your own though !). Go visit Elle in the middle of the night and
talk to her. Revisit her in the morning and you'll get the ElleCape. Now go back to Tower 4, 
and head southwest to Tower 5, which is on a penninsula far to the east.

Tower 5

Level Hint - Make sure you equip the ElleCape before you enter the final tower.
Treasure - No treasures on this level.

As long as you have the ElleCape equipped, you can get past the Guardian. Walk up the stairs. 
Destroy all the enemies on the second floor, then go up the next flight of stairs. Repeat this 
process for the next two floors until you're at the fifth floor. Take the path to the right. 
You'll talk to the Guardian. Go through the door he was blocking and walk down the corridor. 
This is the first real boss you face.

The Shadowkeeper will first start pushing you down the corridor. It'll also shoot laser beams
at you, and try and grab you with his claws. Fit into the space separating the lasers and smash
him. He'll lose one of his claws after a bit. The lasers stay, but it'll try and hit you with 
his other claw a bit faster. This makes him harder to hit, but keep trying. Eventually, he'll 
lose his other claw and use his tail to attack you, as well as those damn lasers. Dodge his
tail and keep hitting his head. Standing in the corner will avoid the lasers, but not the tail,
so keep moving.
He should then lose his face (!). The lasers will now stop. Hallelujah. But his tail becomes 
charged with electricity. This is easier to avoid then his previous attacks, so keep hitting 
him and he'll soon be destroyed for good. Once you've beaten it, the Guardian will appear
again. Go into the control room to resurrect Australia. 

Before going back to Crysta, there's two more places to resurrect. There's small house to the 
west of Tower 5. Kill the big guards. You'll come across three fire monsters. Either use an ice
ring against them, or throw the pots at them. When they're dead, enter the control room to 
resurrect Polynese.
There's one more (optional) area to resurrect. Head north from Tower 3 to get there. It looks 
like a cluster of snow, so it's hard to find. Enter it, then simply move the rocks out of the 
way to get into the control room and resurrect Mu.
Now go back to the village. Everyone should be restored now. 100% de-iced. Talk to the Elder, 
then go out of the village and to the large hole east of the village. Talk to the Elder again. 
When he asks if you're ready, say no. Go and say goodbye to Elle. Then go back to the Elder and
agree to go down the hole.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 1.


Chapter 2 - Resurrection of the World

Contents :
The Ra Tree

You wake up from the fall in a desolate baronless world. No plants, no animals and no humans. 
Just you. Leave the wastleland to find yourself in the Amazon. Head south and enter the pond on
the peninsula. A voice beckons you over.
There's a save point and a shop in the area (the spirit poses as an item shop).
Things to buy from the shop - SBulbs, MBulbs, PCures.
Make sure you have a couple of each. Then crawl into the hole in the tree and you'll enter the 
Ra Tree. 

The Ra Tree

Level Hint - The treasure chests for the level are disguised as grey shaking pods.
Treasure - PCure x 3, SBulb x 2, MBulb x 3, Lifepotion, 42 Gems, RaSpear, Leafsuit, MagiRock, 
Giant Leaf, Ra Dewdrop.

There's a save point in the first room. Go through the doorway, then follow the corridor to the
fork. There's three possible paths - left, right or down a staircase. Go left and the cavern 
will guide you along. You'll come across a yellow flower that you have to kill. This will 
release a spirit, who'll give you some info and top up your HP. Continue right until you reach 
a dead end and a couple of fish. Kill the fish and a bridge will form. Cross over. You'll end 
up at a room with a huge hole in. Fall into it.
You'll land near some water, walk east and up the stairs. From here go west, then south. 
Continue along the cave until you get to a rock. Push it out the way to continue. Go north and 
destroy another monster to release another spirit. Follow the spirit, then climb down the vine.
Talk to the purple lily at the base of the vine and you'll get the Giant Leaves, which allow 
swimming. Theres also a MagiRock to swim to in the southwest corner. A different flower talks 
about a 'Parasite' - this is the main boss of the level.
Go back up the vine and back to the rock you pushed. Head towards the northeast staircase and 
go down it. Swim across the water. Follow the next few rooms along until you get to the bottom 
floor, and talk to the lily to get the Ra Dewdrop. You can keep swimming east to get treasure 
and talk to more flowers.
Head all the way back to where you landed after the drop from the huge hole, and swim to the 
northern side of it. If you haven't already, get the Ra Spear and a couple of other treasures. 
Head towards the northeast door. Before entering it, equip then use the Ra Dewdrop. This makes 
Ark immune to the Parasite's poison.

Boss Tactic : PARASITE
There are 6 holes. You have to hit the orange claw that appears in a random order from the 
holes. It's best to use your dash-jump-attack or dash-attack against it as quickly as you can. 
Eventually it will change its attack. A blue centipede type creature comes out of the holes, 
and an eye has appeared in the tree. Use your most powerful attacks on the eye whenever it is 
open, otherwise you won't damage it. Occasionally, five orange claws will appear - you must 
kill all of these to open the eye again. As soon as the eye opens, don't worry about the blue 
centipede, just stand in front of it and use your turbo-attack. You'll ne hurt when the eye 
jumps out of the hole. Make sure you use your S & MBulbs effectively.

Once you've beaten the Parasite, you'll be transported back to outside the tree where all the 
plants and greenery have been brought back to life. Talk to the Ra Tree and any other plants in
the area you want to, then leave the Ra Tree and head north. Go through the pass in the 
mountain to get to Guiama, go straight through, talking to the flower on the way. When you 
leave Guiama head north into Colorado.
You'll find two mountains here, one in the middle on it's own, and one to the west. The one to 
the west is the bird sanctuary, there are two spirits here that sell items and magic rings, 
and also a save point. Enter the solitary mountain with a path leading to the peak. This is 


Level Hint - You'll need the Sharp Claws to scale the odd looking walls. these are found later
on in the level.
Treasure - MBulb, StrPotion, 87 Gems, RocSpear, 4 MagiRock.

Head east and enter the first door you come across. Follow the path along, jumping up the 
stairs on your way. Follow the path through the next room until you come across two rocks. You 
can push the first one out of the way, but the second one is a rock monster you'll need to 
defeat. Exit the room to go back outside. Take the first vine on the right and enter the door 
you come across. Get the StrPotion, then go back down the vine you climbed and head east until 
you come across a doorway.
Enter the door then head north and up the stairs. Head to the northwest of this room and exit. 
Follow the path until you get to some ramps. Go up these ramps to reach a door. Don't go in, 
follow the cliff wall on the left. You'll come across a different door that exits to the 
Climb up the vine to the east, down the next one, up the third one and enter the door. Kill the
two rock monsters, then get the RocSpear which has the ability to destroy certain rocks. You'll
need to equip it and use it against the rock that dropped in the doorway. Head back the way you
came until you get back to the room with two ramps. Go up the staircase. Jump over the gaps in 
the floor in the west side of the room and exit back outside. Head east and climb the vine.
Grab the MagiRock then enter the door.
Follow the path along, and destroy the 4 rocks blocking your path. Continue south through the 
room and go back outside. Jump up the cliff ledges and go west. jump down more cliff ledges 
until you get to a hole in the ground. There's a MagiRock down the vine south of the hole. 
Climb down the vine leading into the hole. Head left when in the hole to reach the other side.
Once you've landed, head west to get an SBulb. You'll come across another hole with a vine. Go 
down the hole and fall out the other side. Head west after landing. Walk down the long path and
enter the door. Kill the monsters or leg it to the northeast door. In the next room, dash
across the stone bridges and use the dash-attack at the end to kill the annoying Quakers. Exit
the door at the end to get back outside. Jump up the cliff until you reach the thicket. Pick up
the shiney object to get the Sharp Claws. You don't need to equip these - they work 
automatically. They're used to climb the walls with the circular holes in.
Climb up the wall next to the thicket to get the MBulb. Climb back down and return to the spot 
where you landed after falling through the hole. Now go east. Enter the first door and go 
through the room until you come back outside. Now climb up the cliff. To the west are 87 Gems 
and a MagiRock. Keep going west until you come across another hole in the ground. Jump down the
hole. Head west after landing to get back to the beginning of GreCliff, of head east after 
landing until you get to a climbable wall. Scale it all the way to the top to get to the boss.

Boss Tactic : DARK TWINS
You fight the Dark Twins on a ledge which you can fall off - in which case you'll have to start
the battle all over. So try and stay on the ledge. The first attacks are from the Green bird, 
who'll shoot flaming feathers at you. After this attack, he'll drop from the sky and start 
spinning on the ledge. This'll produce winds capable of blowing you off the edge - so be 
careful and make sure you're walking against the wind. Hit the green bird before he starts 
spinning, then wait for him to fly low enough to use your dash-jump-attack.
After you've scored a couple of hits on Greenie, he'll call it's twin brother - the Brown bird 
to help him. Unlike conventional tag-team rules, Greenie will stick around doing it's normal 
attacks while Brownie will drop unspeakable things on you. Basically, avoid everything and 
attack Greenie until they both explode.

After defeating the Dark Twins, you'll hear a voice, then wind up at the Bird Sanctuary. All 
the birds have been resurrected. Now it's suprising how many people get stuck on this next bit.
You have to get to the wall at the back of the sanctuary and scale it. This takes you to the 
Kingbird's nest. Keep going up to get to the King of the Kingbirds. He'll thank you, then ask 
you to go to Windvale to awaken the wind. Go down from the King's perch and talk to any of the 
three gulls to hitch a lift over to Windvale. When in Windvale, throw the 3 stones into the 
crevasse and you'll hear a voice. Windvale reawakens. Return to the gull that's waiting for you
outside and fly back to the sanctuary. The king will give you the WindPin.
Talk with one of the gulls again, and agree to go to Safarium - paradise of animals with him. 
When you arrive at Safarium, you'll notice that there's no animals in sight. There's a save 
point in the northwest corner and two spirits in the northeast corner, selling items and magic 
rings. Leave Safarium and head south. There's a spot between the mountains that has palm trees 
in. This is Zue.


Level Hint - You can climb under some bushes - look for the small, dark holes.
Treasure - MBulb, SBulb, PCure, DefPotion, LifePotion, 65 Gems, Sticker, 3 MagiRock.

Once you've entered Zue, head west. Then walk north at the next screen and crawl through the 
bushes. You'll get to a fork in the road with 3 possible routes. Take the northeast path. 
Travel north until you come across another 3 route fork and a dead tree. Kill the lizard 
monster, then go west towards a dead end. Kill the turtle to release a spirit. Head back to the
dead tree and go north. Head east at the dry riverbed and kill the two lizards. One of them 
releases a spirit. Head back the way you came, and take the path to the south first. Kill the 
turtle in this area to release a third spirit. Go back to the dry riverbed and head north. 
Crawl through the bushes then hop down into the river. Kill the frog to release the fourth 
spirit. Follow the path to get to the first rainfall altar. After they disappear, go back 
outside to find that green has returned to this part of Zue. just three more altars to 
resurrect. Jump in the river and get the treasure from the island surrounded by the new river.
Crawl back through the bushes and head east. Then crawl through the bushes in the northeast 
corner to get two treasure chests. Crawl back and head directly south. Jump into the river and 
swim east. Get out of the river in the next screen and get the treasure chest to the north. 
Head back and use the RocSpear to destroy the rocks that are blocking your path. Destroy the 
turtle to release the first spirit of the area.
Continue east, then crawl through the bushes to the north. Destroy the turtles to release the 
second spirit. Get the treasure. Crawl back through the bushes and follow the path. You'll come
across a dam. Kill one of the frogs so that it exhales an orb at you, forcing you against the 
unstable wall. This will destroy it. Destroy the second frog to release the third spirit.
Continue along the riverbed until you get to the rainfall altar. Don't go in just yet, you need
the fourth spirit first. Go west until you bump into a lizard. Destroy it to release the fourth
spirit, then get the MagiRock that it was protecting. Head back to the altar to resurrect the 
second part of Zue.
Swim south in the newly formed river until you reach the spot that you originally jumped into 
the water and climb out. Push the left stump into the water then, using it as a bridge, push 
the second one out of the way. There are two treasure chests to the north. Destroy the lizard 
in this screen to release the first spirit of this area. Go south until you jump down into 
another dry riverbed. Destroy the frog to release the second spirit. Follow the riverbed south 
and destroy another frog to release the third spirit. There's a MagiRock if you continue along 
the riverbed.
Go back to the two stumps. Go to the other side and swim south. Get out the water after the 
next bend and destroy the frog to release the fourth spirit. Jump back in the river and swim 
south until you reach the third altar. You can continue swimming west to get another MagiRock. 
Go in the altar to resurrect this part of Zue.
Once again, go back to the two stumps. Cross over to the east side of the river. Continue until 
you get to the dry riverbed. It's now filled with water. Swim down this river until you get to 
the fourth and final rainfall altar. Enter the altar to fight the boss of Zue.

Boss Tactic : STORM MASTER
This guy has several attacks that need avoiding. He'll spit green flames at you which are hard 
to avoid. You're best chance to hit him is when he extends his arms to try and hit you. Hit him
once using the dash-jump-attack or dash-attack, then retreat, as he will fold his arms, thus 
protecting his body.
Eventually, he'll become just a head, then you'll both start falling down a hole. This is where
it starts to get hard. Along with his green flame attack, he'll chuck rocks at you. 
Occasionally, he'll swoop close enough for you to do a jump-attack or dash-jump-attack. It may 
take time, but he'll soon be dead.

A voice is heard again. You'll end up in Safarium with all the animals revived. Talking to a 
rhino reveals dangers of the lions den, but head into it anyway. You'll be saved by King Neo - 
king of all animals. Talk to Neo's wife, the lioness lying (lion/lying - geddit !!!) next to 
Neo. She'll ask you to go check up on their cub, Liem. Leave Safarium and head south to the 


Level Hint - Kill all the enemies on each screen before talking to Liem, this makes the tasks
easier. Also - Liem needs to exit each screen before you, otherwise you'll have to redo the 
last screen.
Treasure - No treasures on this level.

This is one of my favourite parts of the game. Upon entering the Canyon, talk to the plant, 
then head south down the vine. Once you've landed, head west and destroy the birds to rescue
You now have to accompany him through the canyon ritual. Travel west, killing all monsters 
before Liem gets near them, otherwise they'll hurt him. Jump up the ledges, then go east. Push 
the rock against the wall, then climb after Liem and follow him to the next screen.
Talk to Liem, then follow him up the ledges to the next area. You'll end up in a maze. Liem
will take a wrong turn, so follow him and when he stops, talk to him to get him moving in the 
right direction. He'll stop again halfway through the maze, talk to him and tell him to go 
right. Continue west through the maze to the next screen.
Destroy all of the birds, then Liem will try and cross the unstable bridge. Walk slowly behind 
him very closely - the rocks fall a while after being stepped on, so keep close to him. Once 
over, head east. Climb to the top of the next cliff (you can't beat him, so don't even try), 
the two of you will head west. He'll go off somewhere after sensing a monster, you have to 
climb down a vine and walk west to face the boss.

Boss Tactic : MUD DOLL
The key here is to walk around constantly to not get hit. Once the Mud Doll stops spitting 
rocks at you, (easy to avoid if you just block -Wertigon) pick up the rock under Liem's ledge 
and power-throw it at the Mud Doll. Avoid the Mud Doll's rocks while Liem gets another rock for
you. The Mud Doll has about 100HP, so it won't be too hard to kill. After you beat him, you'll 
be tricked and stranded on a cliff ledge below. Liem defeats the Mud Doll and comes down to 
rescue you. He finds and keeps the Starstone as a token of his victory. Liem sends a seagull 
down to rescue you, and you end up in Safarium.

Go back to the lions den and talk to Neo. He'll give you the Neo Fang weapon. Leave Safarium 
and head east past the canyon. Enter Indus R. The monkey will make a bridge out of Rhino's. 
Cross the river and head east for Tibet. There's a mountain you can enter a tad south of Tibet.


Level Hint - Yeti's only attack you if you disturb them. It's best to leave them alone.
Treasure - Stardew x 2, LifePotion, 99 Gems, FirePike, IceSuit, Snowgrass Leaf, 4 MagiRock.
Head west straight away to get a MagiRock. The flower gives a brief description of Eklemata. 
Climb the vine in the northeast area. Climb up the next vine, ignoring the yeti's. Continue 
east and climb up another vine. Climb down the vine in the next screen, after Yomi describes 
the Yeti in the hot spring. Go into the cave. Pick up the rocks placed between two ramps and 
throw 'em out the way. Continue through the cave, then climb the vine that is quite hard to
see, as it is dark. Go west until you reach a vine leading down into a hole. Jump down this to 
get the FirePike, then climb back up the staircase.
Climb back up the vine that was hard to see, then head north, then west until you reach the 
ramp furthest left. Run down the ramp and the wall will give way. Get the IceSuit, then repeat 
the ramp process for the right hand ramp. This leads to a staircase. Continue through the cave 
until you're back outside. Talk to the flower to get the Snowgrass Leaf - this heals wounds. 
Make your way back to the yeti in the hot spring, then equip and use the Snowgrass Leaf on the 
spring to cure the yeti. Follow the yeti north and allow him to throw you to the other side of 
the river. Go north.
Climb the vines until you reach a T-Junction, then take the eastern path until you reach a
cave. Get a MagiRock from here, then go back to the T-Junction and continue west. There's
another MagiRock to the south end of the ledge. Go north and climb the vine. You should be in a
field of snow. Go north, and climb the vine. Enter the cave, then leave to face an avalanche. 
It's impossible to outrun.
You'll awake in an icy cave with two goats in. Follow the gate to see her dead husband. The 
game takes over for a bit, until night has passed, and the goat has knocked the wall down. 
Scale the wall and go back outside. There's some treasure to the south of the hole. There's 
also some treasure back up the vines in the snow field. Once you're done, walk south to the 
bridge. The snow has filled the riverbed, climb down the vine and head east and enter the cave.
There's treasure to the west of the cave entrance. Go east and get some more treasure, then 
continue out of the cave. Climb up the first vine and head northwest to get the MagiRock, then 
climb and descend vines until you reach a hole in the ground. Jump down it, then jump down 
another one. Go through the cave, exit the cave, then climb the next vine to get to the boss.

Boss Tactic : DARK MORPH
Dark Morph turns into several enemies, so effectively this is like several bosses in one. His 
first form is the Yeti. It'll shoot crystals all over the area, then start a blizzard. You 
can't hit the yeti, so stand at the bottom-right corner and hold dash + down and right on the
control pad. Eventually, the yeti will transform back to Dark Morph. The next transformation is
the wizard. Zelda fans will remember the tactics of beating Aganhim/Spirit Ganon, you have to
hit his boomerang's back at him. Pretty easy - just as soon as he appears, stand facing him in
a straight line. After a few hits, he'll turn back into Dark Morph again. The NeoFang is the 
best weapon to use here. Try to score a couple of hits on Dark Morph whilst he moves around the
screen. Use your dash-jump-attack move. He'll soon turn into a group of bats. These are nearly 
impossible to avoid, so chances are you'll be hit at least once. The bats will turn back into 
Dark Morph, where you can defeat him once and for all.

Ark hears another voice, and then passes out whilst the resurrection of humanity takes place. 

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 2. 


Chapter 3 - Resurrection of the Genius

Contents :
Taklama Desert
Loire - Groom Quest
Norfest Forest
Sylvain Castle
Freedom, Nirlake and Liotto
Great Lakes Cavern
Dragoon Castle
Beruga's Lab
The 5 Starstones

Chapter 3 is definitely the biggest of the four, so here goes :
Once you have control, get out of bed and look around the town of Lhasa. Right at the back of 
Lhasa is a long corridor leading to Kumari. He informs you that you can't talk to plants or 
animals any more. Damn. He'll give you the Bone Pin. After the monk has talked to Kumari about 
MeiHou, go to the entrance of Lhasa and try to talk to MeiHou. He'll refuse until he speaks to 
Kumari, so go and listen in on their conversation by going all the way back to see Kumari.
Eventually, Kumari asks if you will go to Louran to get Meilin back for her grandfather,
To get to Louran, leave Lhasa and head south, then back north passing through Yangtze. Cross
the river to get to the Gobi. There's a secret forest northeast of the sandy area, where you 
can get a MagiRock. Then enter the Gobi, the entrance is roughly in the middle of the small 
patch of sand. You'll see Meilin, who'll try and run away. Run after her and eventually you'll
enter Louran. 


Level Hint - Things aren't what they seem in this town. Most zombies need to be killed twice, 
once for the head, then once for the body.
Treasure - MBulb x 1, SBulb x 1, StrPotion, 500 Gems, 178 Gems, LightRod, Rags, 5 MagiRock, 
RedScarf, HolySeal.

You should notice immediately that Louran is definitely not the destroyed town you were told it
was. The villagers are friendly towards you, and don't know anything about Louran being viewed 
as a ghost town. Head for the southwest corner of town and enter the next area, follow the path
and enter Tamjin's house. Talk to him and tell him to take his money to his grave. Go through 
Tamjin's house to get to Meilin's house directly behind it.
Talk to Meilin's parents, then go into their bedroom to get a MagiRock, then go back out of the
room and crawl into the chimney to get to Meilin's room. She doesn't seem to like you, does 
she ? Go back and talk to her mum, then go back to the main square of Louran and go to the 
northwest corner to enter a different area. Talk to the guy that says he's gonna build a door 
in the back of the house one day. I didn't do this first time round, and therefore was stumped 
a bit later on, so remember what he says.
Go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper, then enter the room to your left and talk to Hedyn, 
then go to bed. Yomi wakes you up, saying that something isn't right. Hedyn has gone, grab the 
MBulb from the treasure chest and leave the room. The entire population of Louran have become 
zombies ! Yomi offers a quick explanation, when he's done go to the back of the inn and jump 
down the hole. You'll be in Tamjin's basement, so head for Meilin's house and go to her room. 
There's nobody there, but if you look closely (I also missed this on my first visit to her 
room) you'll see Meilin's RedScarf on the floor. Pick it up and go back to Temjin's house. Head
for the front of the house and you'll bump into Hedyn. God knows how he stays alive. He hasn't
got a clue whats going on, exit Temjin's and head for the main square.
Head for the southeast corner and take the path into the next area. The first house you come 
across has a MagiRock inside. Go down the side alley separating the house and a wall, and head 
north. Enter the house you come across and go through until you're back outside again, then
head south and enter another house. Crawl into the chimney and go down the stairs to meet 
Hedyn again, who must have used a teleporter or something to get all the way over there before
you. Anyway, you can read the books to get a gist of what the hell is going on. You can rest in
the bed to regain any lost HP's. Go back through the chimney and go into the room to the east,
then jump into the hole in the floor. Get the HolySeal and equip it. This will protect you
against otherwise annoying ghosts. Push the table out of the way to continue left, making your
way back to the main square again.
Go to the northeast corner of the square to reach the next area. Follow the path until you
reach a dead end, then enter the house. Go north in the house to get the treasure chest
containing the LightRod. You might notice that it actually weaker than the BronzePike, but it
is definitely the best weapon for zombies, destroying both their head and body in one go.
Head back to the main square, and enter the house to the northwest. Use common sense and move 
the boxes out of the way. If you fluff it up, you can leave and re-enter to start again. There 
are two chests to get, one containing a PCure and the other containing Rags. I don't know the 
significance of the rags, as their defense level sucks. Maybe they've aged and rotted like 
everything else in this godforsaken town. Therefore, I wonder if it's possible to get this 
chest before the town becomes zombified, to get a spanking new secret armour ? Ah well, just 
a thought. Exit the building and continue northwest to another area. This is the bit I was 
stuck on for days - follow the zombie's into the back of the house, remember the guy had said 
earlier he was going to build a door in the back of the house ? Well he did. Luckily for you. 
Tables fly at you if you walk in a horizontal or vertical line to them, so watch out. They also
hurt you when they explode, after hitting an obstacle, the pieces that fly off can hit you.
Make sure you have the HolySeal equipped, then go through the chimney. The ghosts should ignore
you. Continue through the house until back outside. Head north in this new area and enter the 
first house you come across to get 178 Gems. Most of the other houses are just zombie-filled 
deadends. Leave the house and go north, walking through a gap in the stone wall to reach 
another house. Don't go in just yet, instead go northeast and enter the house there to get an 
LBulb. Leave the house and head south, pass through another gap in a stone wall and enter the 
next house you come across. Go down the stairs and then continue through until you exit through
a different house. Get the StrPotion, then go back into the house and back downstairs. Exit 
back outside the first house, then go south to get a MagiRock, then go southeast to get another
MagiRock from inside the house. There's an exit to the southeast corner, take it to reach the 
new area.
You're now in the cemetary, which means lots and lots of zombies. Oh Joy. Kill all the zombies,
then go to the grave in the northwest corner, Tamjin's grave. Assuming you told him when he was
alive to take his money with him to his grave, you can get 500 Gems from his grave. Head for 
the northeast corner of the cemetary and you'll meet Turbo, Meilin's pet dog. Equip the 
RedScarf and Turbo will catch Meilin's scent from it. Walk with Turbo out of the cemetary. 
Turbo'll start walking off, trying to find Meilin.
Follow him to the house that you didn't enter earlier and then go down the stairs to the 
basement. Head to the far west room and crawl under the table. Meilin is hiding in a statue, 
and she'll show herself. She is fuming with Ark, and tells him he that she hates him. The 
spirits of Meilin's parents talk to her, then she'll leave with Turbo. Follow her and you'll 
meet MeiHou outside the house. When he's done talking, make your way out of Louran, talking to 
Hedyn on the way.


North of where you entered the town of Louran is a campsite that the Nomads live in. None of 
them are that nice to you, except one of the three men by the camp fire, who'll tell you how to
cross Taklama. The directions he gives you are as follows :
Walk west until you find 3 boulders positioned in a triangle shape.
Then walk south until you find a series of boulders shaped like a snake.
Then walk northwest until you find some dragon skulls.
Then walk north until you find a large skull.
Leave the nomads and head west to Taklama desert. The directions are pretty straoght forward, 
head west and you'll come across three boulders, they'll stand out a fair bit in the desert, so
you can't really miss them. Then head south until you come across more of the same boulders, 
shaped like a snake. This next one is the hardest one to find, head northwest, more north than 
west though. You should hopefully come across a large skull which you can go in the mouth to 
exit Taklama. Don't worry if you can't find this skull though, as if you walk northwest far 
enough, leaving the screen to the left will get you to the other side.
Travel west after leaving Taklama and cross the river at Balkans. You'll come across the town
of Loire, and Loire castle. There's a mountain area northeast of Loire where you can find a 
MagiRock. When ready, enter the town of Loire.

Groom Quest

Level Hint - There are no monsters in the castle to contend with.
Treasure - LBulb, 500 Gems, 2 MagiRock, Mushroom, SleepPotion, JailKey, Protect Bell.

Take a stroll around town and learn everything you can, then go to the inn and talk to Bounty. 
He'll con you big time, but Fyda, a lady warrior from the castle, turns up and and gets you out
of the mess. She even gets Bounty to let you stay at his inn for free. Fyda mentions the groom 
quest tomorrow morning at the castle, then leaves. Stay at the inn overnight.
When you wake up, go to the main room of the inn and talk to the chemist who has arrived 
overnight. Now go to Loire castle. Walk through the corridor and onto the first floor. Go west 
to the Guard's Chamber, talk to them to find out that one of them caught the great thief White 
Wind. He's in the dungeon if you want to talk to him. Go back to the first floor, and go west 
to get to the kitchen. Go into the pantry to get a MagiRock, then go back to the first floor. 
Enter the main doorway to get to the library, and the King and Princess's (separate of course) 
bedrooms. You can read the books in the library to find out more about the King's destructive 
history. You'll also find out about a town called Storkolm, which will suprise you later.
Return to the first floor and go up the stairs, then enter the door guarded by the Castle 
soldiers. Talk to the guard inside the room, and say yes when he asks if you're here for the 
groom candidates. Go into the room on your right and talk to Royd, the guy with the blue hair 
who's in it for the princess' money. The guard will come in and tell you to go and meet with 
the King. Leave the room and go up into the next one. Talk to the chancellor, the white bearded
guy in front of the King, then talk to the King, then talk to the Princess. Something weird's 
going on here ! She looks just like your Elle from Crysta, with slightly different coloured 
hair - even her name is Elle. She can't speak though, the chancellor then explains the 
challenge for the groom, the first man to cure the Princess' ailment gets to marry her. Ark is 
sent out and told to report if he finds anything out. Leave the castle and go north. Cross the 
river and enter the small house you see. Talk to Molly and he'll tell you where to find 
Leave Molly's and go east, into Mush Forest. It's quite hard to actually see the Mushroom, as 
it lives in the shadow of tree's. It's directly south of where you enter Mush forest, between 
two trees.
There are two other treasure chests to find here, one contains a useful 500 Gems, the other 
contains an LBulb. Once you've found the mushroom, go back to the inn in Loire and equip the 
mushroom, then talk to the chemist, who'll be grateful, and tells you to come back later and 
he'll repay you. Sleep in the inn overnight and talk to the chemist in the morning, he'll give 
you the SleepPotion.
Go to Loire castle and into the kitchen. Equip the SleepPotion and use it on the pot that's 
bubbling on the stove. You'll be told dinner is about to be served and told to leave the 
kitchen. You'll end up outside the castle, so go back in to find everyone's asleep. Head for 
the dungeon and talk to White Wind. He'll ask you to let him out, so go and get the JailKey 
from him, then equip it and release White Wind by using it on the cell door. He'll tell you 
about the King's treasure.
Go to the first floor, and in the centre doorway. Go up the stairs, then take either the left 
or right passageways, then climb up the stairs. You'll bump into Princess Elle, who'll look at 
you, then leave. Enter the door above and push the guard out of the way. The door on the left 
is Princess Elle's room, the door to the right is the King's room. Enter the King's room and 
push the gold statue out of the way. Crawl into the small hole, then go up all the flights of 
stairs. At the top floor, you'll find a MagiRock and the ProtectBell. Leave the castle and go 
north, cross the river again, this time go northwest to get to Norfest forest.

Norfest Forest

Level Hint - Make sure you have the ProtectBell equipped.
Treasure - MBulb x 1, LifePotion, 389 Gems, RingMail, 3 MagiRock, Dog Whistle, Portrait.

Norfest is on the tip of the peninsula you come across. Go in, and equip the ProtectBell. This 
will chime when you take the correct path, if you take the wrong one, you'll go back a few 
screens. Royd is at the entrance of Norfest, talk to him then try and enter the forest. He'll 
stop you and tell you to be careful. Enter the forest. The ProtectBell will obviously chime, as
this is the only possible path at this point. Head north until you reach a path that goes 
southeast. Go down there to get the RingMail, then continue north from the screen entrance and 
into the next area.
The ProtectBell will chime whenever you take the correct path, here are the correct routes :
Area 1 - North exit.
Area 2 - North exit again, look for tree stumps if you can't see it.
Area 3 - North again.
Area 4 - East exit.
Area 5 - Northeast exit, look for the large, unusual bushes, and go in that direction.
You'll reach the bridge that takes you to Storkolm, but typically, it's broken so you have to 
go the long way round. Go east and follow the short path to the south. Go south again, don't go
down the eastern path yet, instead go south and get the LifePotion that is hidden under the 
trees in the dead end. Go back and take the eastern path, then follow it south. Follow the lake
round to the east. You can't kill the stump-hopping worms here, so make your way northeast and 
get the 389 Gems, then go northwest and exit the screen.
Go north, then take the eastern path lined with small stumps. Follow the path round and you'll 
come across the Dog Whistle. Go back to the previous area, then follow the path round to the 
north, then to the south and try to leave the area to the south. A scream will stop you, 
destroy the bats and you'll have rescued Meilin, who'll follow you around. Go into the next 
area. Take the south path to get a MagiRock, then take the exit west of the area entrance. 
You'll reach the other side of the bridge. Head north. Take the northern path to get a 
MagiRock, then take the west path that takes you to another pathway, go north and into the next 
area. Go past the small pond and exit through the southwest corner.
Get the MBulb, then go south from the chest to get a MagiRock. Go back to the chest and exit 
the area next to it. Cross the bridge and equip the Dog Whistle before you enter Storkolm. 
Enter Storkolm. It looks identical to your home village of Crysta, but there's no signs of any
life at all. You'll suddenly be surrounded by wolves, so use the Dog Whistle and they'll leave 
you alone. If you don't use it, they'll just send you to the bridge outside Storkolm.
You can only enter the Elder's house, but try to go in the weavers to get a small cut scene 
about Elle, then enter the Elder's house. Go to his room and open the two chests, one of which 
has the Portrait in. Meilin makes a suggestion, with a condition. She doesn't want you to marry
the Princess. Wonder why. Try to leave Storkolm, she'll ask if you've done everything you need 
to. Tell her that you're going to return to the castle, then exit Storkolm to get back to the 
world map. Return to the castle.

Go to the King's Chamber, Meilin will stop you before you have a chance to go in then take 
she'll take a look at the Portrait. Talk to the King, and Meilin will work her magic. It works 
and the Princess starts to talk. The King gets nervous and chucks you out of the chamber. You 
meet Meilin in the room outside, then stay at the inn overnight. Ark will have a dream where 
the Elder talks to him. Go outside the inn, a woman will stop you and tell you to be careful, 
the King died mysteriously in the night. Go to the fountain at the centre of Loire and stand in
the gap in the crowd. Jean and Louis are candidates for the new town representative. Talk to 
Keinz outside the inn, he'll tell you that if you vote for the conservative Louis, Loire will 
never change, whereas the pro activist Jean will turn Loire into a great town. Enter any house,
then exit and walk to the place north of the fountain where the queue of people are casting 
their votes. Stand in line, and when it's your turn, vote for Jean. Go back to the group of 
people by the fountain and Jean will announce the results. He wins over Louis by one vote, 
25 to 24. He'll then ask Louis to help him, and Louis accepts. Go to the Magic Shop and buy as 
many ElecRings as you can afford/carry, then leave Loire and head west for the toll gate.
You can now pass straight through the toll gate as the Monarchy of Loire are no more. Pass 
through the gate, then head south for the town of Litz. Explore the town, getting the 
LuckPotion from the northwest corner of town. Talk to everyone you meet, then go to the inn. 
Royd will be there, so talk to him. He says that Proncess Elle disappeared when the King died. 
Leave Litz, and go into the castle east of town. 

Sylvain Castle

Level Hint - The enemies in here are huge !
Treasure - LBulb x 1, Stardew x 1, DefPotion, 651 Gems, Vest Armour, Ice Pick, 2 MagiRock, 
Tower Key, Black Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Saphire.

The castle is in ruins. As soon as you enter, go north through the courtyard and into the 
castle itself. Head up the centre staircase, to look at the four strange paintings. Go through 
the doorway in the bottom-left corner to get to a Stardew. Go back to the entrance room, then 
go up the stairs to the upper level and then up the staircase on the left. You'll come across a
crossroads. Head north to hear the Queen's voice. Kill the skeletons, then talk to the spirits 
that they turn into, to get some quite useful information.
Go back to the crossroads and take the eastern path. Go down the stairs and follow the path to 
the west to get to the library. You can read several books here to learn a lot more about what 
you need to do in this castle.
Go back to the crossroads, and this time go south. You'll wind up in a room with some large 
chandeliers in. There are also two doors in this room, take the one furthest east to get to the
chapel. Kill all the monsters in the chapel and a spirit will appear, then it will follow you 
around. Go back to the chandelier room, and take the door furthest west to get to the Royalty 
chamber. Take the doorway in the southwest corner to get the Vest Armour, then search the rest 
of the Royalty chamber, which consists mainly of bedrooms, to get 651 Gems and a MagiRock. Make
your way back to the main hall (middle door in chandelier room, then west at the crossroads), 
then staying on the upper floor, take the doorway in the northeast corner.
You'll come across a statue and a dead end. The spirit emerges into the statue and attacks you.
Typical. Kill the statue and a bridge will form on the platform below. Go back to the main
hall, then go down the stairs in the centre of the room beneath the paintings, and head through
the southeast doorway and over the bridge you created, then through the door at the end.
You'll have a few possible routes in this next room, take the door to the northwest first. 
Follow the area to the Storage Room, where you get the Tower Key and the Ice Pick.
Go back to the room after the bridge you made, this time go up the centre staircase. Yomi calls
you over to investigate something, so go up to him. You need to enter a combination number to 
start the machine. To change the numbers, stand on the oil drums and push against the wall
until the number changes, kind of like a hamster on a wheel technique. The combination code is
'286', the year Columbus came back from his voyage without the Prince's. A click will signify
the correct number. Head back to the previous floor, and take the northeast door to get to the 
Dining room and the Kitchen. You'll come across a small hole in the wall in the Kitchen, this 
is the stove. Crawl into it and continue crawling until you come across the Black Opal. Crawl 
out of the stove and take the exit to the south which leads back outside the castle.
Equip the Tower Key, then unlock the door of the eastern tower and enter. Kill the guard to 
open the gate, then go into the sewers. Follow the path, getting the MagiRock and the DefPotion
on the way, until you get to three snake statues. Reach into the mouth of the middle statue and
flick the switch. This'll turn the acid back into water.
Go back outside the tower, and making sure you still have the Tower Key equipped, unlock the 
western tower. Make your way up the stairs until you reach the top of the tower. Yomi will push
you off the edge, and you'll jump from roof to roof until you reach the other side. Climb down 
the vine and grab the Topaz out of the snake's eye. Jump down the tower, then go back to the 
main hall of the castle. Go back up the stairs to the west of the upper level of the room, 
then go south to the chandelier room at the crossroads. The chandeliers have lowered due to the
combination entry.
Go to the chandelier furthest east and jump onto it. Be very careful, as if you miss and fall 
off, you receive a large sum of damage. Jump off the chandelier to the right to get the LBulb 
and the Ruby. Jump diagonally from the bottom-left corner of the platform you're on to get back
onto the chandelier. Leave the chandelier room and head back to the main hall, then exit the 
castle to go back to the courtyard. The fountain acid has now turned to water, so jump into the
fountain and swim around to get the Saphire. Go back inside the castle and walk up to the 
paintings. The jewels will react with the paintings and fly into each of the paintings eye 
sockets. A chandelier falls from the ceiling and creates a large hole in the floor. Jump into 
the hole.
You'll land in the dungeon. 4 monsters start to spin round you, staying the same distance away 
from you no matter what you do. Once they stop spinning, you have the chance to hit one, 
although three of them are fakes. The top one is usually the real one, so as soon as they stop 
spinning, hit it. Eventually, you'll destroy it. Head for the eastern room and you'll see 
someone crouched down in the corner. Talk to him, and you'll be transported to a new area.
Time to play 'Simon Says'. When the monster says "Simon says walk", you can walk towards her. 
I think you can run, (you CAN run. -Wertigon) but I'm not sure. When she says "Simon says stop"
you have to stand still and do nothing until she says you can walk again. If you fail, you'll 
have to start the whole thing again from the start of the corridor, so nothing too drastic. As 
soon as you reach her, smack her with your spear. You'll be transported to the boss area.

Boss Tactic : BLOODY MARY
This is one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. For a start, you only inflict 2 HP's of 
damage on her. The Light Rod is the best weapon to use, but even that only takes of 4 HP. And 
seeing as Bloody Mary has roughly 300 HP, you'll be fighting for ages. Now is the time to use 
your ElecRings.
To use them, equip the Jewel Box as an item and select the ElecRing as your choice to use it. 
These do about 46 HP damage, which makes the battle a lot easier. Use a combination of 
ElecRings and hitting her with your spear to succeed. If you don't have any ElecRings, it'll be
a long hard battle. Circle around the room, make sure you keep moving as the jewels chase you, 
and she chucks her face at where you're standing. These can take off about 30 HP's if they hit 
you. Prepare for a long battle, but if this is too tedious, level up to higher than level 25. 
Level 26 can take off about 40 HP's per hit, whereas level 21 only takes off 2 or 3 HP's. Good 
luck !

Eventually, you'll beat her and be returned to the dungeon. Talk to the guy who you saw earlier
huddled in the corner and he'll tell you that he is Columbus. You'll return to Litz. Make sure 
you save it, so you don't have to fight Bloody Mary again ! Go to the hospital in Litz and talk
to Columbus and Dr Emilio. Talk to the nurse outside the waiting room and she'll give you the 
fever medicine. Stay at the inn for the night.
Fyda will wake you in the night and asks you to escort Princess Elle to the new continent. 
Agree to do it, then you'll be allowed back to sleep.
Before you go to the harbour, go back to Loire. It should have grown a lot by now. Go to Matis 
to get his painting, and then go to Madame Poille's and talk to Marily to get some Fancy 
Clothes. Leave Loire and go to Litz harbour, where Fyda and Princess Elle will be waiting for 
you. Climb aboard and you'll set sail to the west. Elle still refuses to talk to Ark, so head 
for the cabins and enter the room on the right to get an LBulb. Then go to your cabin to the 
left and go to sleep. You'll be woken up in the middle of the night by a scream, go to the 
decks. Ghosts have attacked Elle ! There are four ghosts in total, but once again only one of 
them is the real one. Eventually you'll scare the ghost off. Talk to Elle then go back to bed.
Yomi'll wake you up when you reach the new continent, leave the ship and the sailor will give 
you a letter passed on from Princess Elle. She'll confess that it was her that killed the King 
(like we hadn't guessed), explain a few bits and bobs and then says she doesn't want to get 
Ark in trouble, so scarpered. There's a cabin at the port you land at that has a MagiRock in. 
Leave the port and head north into the city of Freedom.

Freedom, Nirlake and Liotto

Level Hint - This next bit is a break from fighting, so relax for a bit !
Treasure - LifePotion x 2, 500 Gems, 2 MagiRock, SeaSpear, SeaMail, Tin Sheet, Logs, Engagement
Ring, WaterPin.

Talk to everyone in town and you'll make a few new friends. There's a house northeast of town 
that has three fashion conscious girls in. Equip the Fancy Clothes and talk to them to give 
them the clothes. Then go north into the slums of Freedom and go to Bell's house. Agree to 
check up on his girlfriend, Amanda, at Nirlake. Go to Eddy's house next door and help him by 
pushing the machine until it explodes. Eddy gets his first insight about electricity. Got to 
the square and talk to the kid on the skateboard. His name is Perel, and he wants to hear of 
your adventures. Follow him to his house to meet the other kids, one of them, Anita, has gone 
missing. One of the kids mentions that she went off to Nirlake looking for Will, who is still 
working on his flying machine. Perel goes off looking for Anita.
Leave Freedom and head north to the town of Nirlake, situated by some lakes. Talk to the sailor
shivering next to a house, then talk to everyone in town. In one house, you'll find Amanda with
some other bloke. Talk to her and she says that she's found someone new. The house in the 
southwest corner has a LifePotion in. Go off the screen to the east of the village to get to 
Will's house. Get the Tin Sheet from the floor, then leave Nirlake. There's a forest northwest 
of Nirlake, go there and completely kill the orange blobs that hide in the stumps, when they're
dead pick up the logs from inside the stumps, then leave and return, repeating the process 
until you have 9 logs. Leave the forest and go to the cave at the Great Lakes, north of 
Nirlake. A man will stop you at the bridge. Servas is still waiting for his fiance, Nana, to 
return from Liotto. So that's were we've gotta go.
Travel southwest from Freedom and you'll come across a spot by the river that you can enter, 
this is Colorado River. Equip the 9 logs and talk to the man. Give him all the logs, leave the 
screen then go back in. The bridge has been made, so cross it, picking up the MagiRock on your 
way. Head south from the other side of Colorado River to get to Guiama. Follow the coastline 
southeast, cross the bridge and enter the town of Liotto, the 24 hour carnival town. Win a 
MagiRock from the game involving knocking wooden cats over. It's fairly easy, as long as you 
know how to power throw (hold down dash when you throw). Go to the cotton candy stall and talk 
to Meilin, who'll follow you around for a bit. Leave the screen to the north to get to Corcobad
Hill, where couples confess their feelings to one another, making their lives happy. Meilin 
tells Ark she loves him and wants to meet him here at night, then she pegs it. Go to the inn 
and sleep for free.
You'll wake up in the middle of the night, go to Corcobad Hill and you'll meet Elle from
Crysta. Eventually, Meilin appears from behind the statue, the mirage of Elle disappears.
Meilin says that the woman he saw is the one he cares about, and not her. Being the little brat
she is, she tells Ark she hates him, then legs it.
Go to the port of Liotto and accept the captain's challenge of defeating the sea monsters. The 
captain will sail you there. The mermaid tower is probably the easiest level in the game. Make 
your way down the stairs, and kill the fish on your way. When you reach the fifth floor, you'll
meet the boss.

Boss Tactic : BIG FISH
Relatively easy, the object is to move around so as to not get hit. There are also two green 
fish to content with. The main fish will shoot large, pink bubbles at you. Don't go for a 
face-to-face attack, or it'll swim away. If the green fish hit you, you'll force you to hit the
wall furthest away. So try and avoid the green fish. When the main fish heads towards you, turn
your back to him, then as soon as he's in striking distance, spin round and hit him. It 
shouldn't take that long to beat.

Make your way back up the tower until you get to the second floor, now filled with mermaids. 
Talk to the mermaid with the crown on her head. It's Nana ! She tells you that she died at sea 
when going to meet Servas, then she'll give you the Engagement Ring and ask you to give it to 
Servas. Get the treasure chest containing a nifty SeaSpear from the stairs above Nana, then try
and leave the mermaid tower, the mermaids will give you a Water Pin. You'll return to Liotto, 
the boat is now yours to use !
Your first destination should be southwest of Liotto, to the island at the southern part of the
world, the South Pole. Sail your boat to the port on the west side and go in the cave to get a 
LifePotion and the SeaMail, then sail to Freedom port and dock your boat. Enter the Great Lake 
Cave north of Nirlake, equip the Engagement Ring and talk to Servas. He'll then fade away 
allowing access to the bridge he was blocking. Cross the bridge and enter the cave.

Great Lakes Cavern

Level Hint - Make sure you have several Serum's with you, the poison here is lethal.
Treasure - 753 Gems, MagiRock, GeoStaff, Air Herb, Magic Anchor, WaterPin.

Take the exit to the west when you enter the caves and follow the path to a dead end, where you
can get the Air Herb, this allows you to breath underwater. Go back to the entrance room and 
swim/walk to the back wall, where there should be a waterfall. There's a small spot with 
bubbles in the water next to the waterfall, dive into it and you'll emerge on the other side of
the wall southeast of the dive. You'll come across several air bubbles like this that you can 
dive into, although some of them are monsters who will leap out and attack you. Head east from 
where you emerged and swim down the waterfall you come across.
Once you land, take the path leading east then go up the stairs. In the next area, go north, 
then take the northeast staircase to the next area. You should now be on a ledge next to a 
large pool of water. Ark see's a shadow in the water, and hears it cry for help, don't follow 
the shadow, instead swim south along the western wall. You'll eventually come across a spot 
where you can fall down the waterfall. Drop off the edge, leaning to the left, and you'll land 
on a platform. Get the Magic Anchor, then drop off the edge until you're at the bottom of the 
waterfall. The Magic Anchor makes sure that you don't get swept away by rapids. When you land, 
take the western path. If you want some serious cash, then don't dive in the water yet, instead
take the doorway to the north. This will eventually lead you to the large lake where you saw 
the shadow, albeit on the upper level. Swim over to the right side to get 753 Gems, then fall 
back down the waterfall and make your way round back to the room that you went up the stairs 
from, this time dive into the water. When you surface, head north.
The next area has a T-junction, take the west path and go up the stairs. Watch out for the 
frogs, they have quick attacks and can spit orbs that propell you to the wall the frog is 
facing, and red clouds of poison that can only be cured with Serum's and are often lethal. Make
your way to the northwest corner of this room, then go through the corridor and up the ramp.
Get the GeoStaff, and then leave. Follow the corridor east until you reach a hole with drops
of water leaking out of the wall above it. Throw pots at the wall until it breaks, or just jump
against the wall yourself for the same result, the wall will break and a waterfall will be 
created, flooding the floor below.
Fall down the hole and you'll end up in the room with the GeoStaff in. Swim down the corridor 
and into the room that had the frogs in. Get the MagiRock from one of the new islands, then 
exit the water in the northeast corner of the room. Go down the ramp, then go east and enter 
the door. Follow the path along, then go down the stairs. Equip the Magic Anchor and swim to 
the opposite side of the lake, then climb out of the water and take the south path.
Head down the steps, then head east to another waterfall. Swim under the waterfall from the bit
of land jutting out nearest the waterfall, when you emerge go through the door. Swim in either 
direction, then down the waterfall to face the boss.

Boss Tactic : HITODERON
Don't worry about the huge dragon as this doesn't attack you, but there are three starfish that
will. Two starfish will simply jump out of the water and land on your platform, and can then 
be hit easily. The third starfish is not that easy. It'll hover around above you in the air, 
then try and drop on your head. If it does hit you, it will be stuck to your head until the 
dragon shoots fire at it, frying it off your head. If it misses, however, you have a small 
chance to hit it, make sure you're quick as it'll jump back into the water almost immediately.

Once they've been defeated, Gossie the water dragon will give you the BonePin, then lead you to
Will. return back to Nirlake and go and see Will. He'll tell you his problems, when he's done 
leave Nirlake and go to Freedom port. Sail your boat south past Liotto, then west at the bottom
of the continent. Sail northwest until you come across a cluster of islands. Some of the
islands have ports on (God knows why), so stock up on supplies. You can get :
378 Gems,
1403 Gems,
and most important of all, the Speed Shoes.
The treasure chests are found in areas quite a lot like miniature Zue's. The Speed Shoes are 
necessary for YunKou, but are also handy if you like to get places in a hurry.
There should also be a town on one of the islands. This is NeoTokio. Enter here for a break 
from fighting if you wish, you need to come back here later on anyway, but there's a MagiRock 
in the southwest building, and there's also a MagiRock in the underground bit, for winning the 
noodle eating contest. Auto-fire joypads work wonders here. I have doubled my opponents score 
with one of them !
Head west from the island of NeoTokyo to get to Yunkou. There is a MagiRock behind the building
in the northeast corner. Go to Lon Trading, next to the food stands, and talk to Mr Lon. Then 
go to the inn and go upstairs, you'll find Fyda there, who is ill in bed. Go to the doctor's at
the northwest of town and talk to the Doc, who tells you that you need Ginseng from Lon
Trading. Go back to Lon Trading and Mr Lon will talk to you this time. He asks you to go find 
his brother, agree and Mr Lon gives you the Ginseng. Go to the Doc's and equip the Ginseng, 
then talk to the doctor. Then go to the inn and give the Ginseng to Fyda.
After she's woken from the flashback, leave the inn and you'll meet Perel (how did he get 
here ?). Go with Perel to Dragoon Castle west of town.

Dragoon Castle

Level Hint - There are no monsters, but the guards can be annoying.
Treasure - LBulb x 1, 300 Gems, 200 Gems, 2 MagiRock, 3 Part Rod.
Perel will be waiting for you at the castle, then he'll go off and distract the guard. Enter 
the castle. The guards of the castle won't attack you, but if they spot you, you'll be chucked 
back to the entrance of the castle, which can be either annoying, or helpful providing a useful
shortcut to the main hall. The best way to beat guards, is to have the Speed Shoes equipped, 
then you can run past them without them noticing you.
From the main hall, take the centre door and hide next to the candlestick until the guard looks
forward, then use the Speed Shoes to get past him. Run down the corridor, jumping the gap on 
your way. There's another guard at the end of the passageway, a lot more tricky than before. 
Get it so the screen cuts off his body from waist up, that way he can't see you, but you can 
tell which way he's facing from the direction of his feet. When he faces away from the wall 
you're leaning against, use the Speed Shoes to sprint past him and into the doorway he was 
Use the Speed Shoes on the dead end to bust the wall down, then enter the room. Make your way 
past the guards in this next room, bare in mind that they don't turn round, so they're quite 
easy to avoid. Take the exit northeast of the room, then go down the stairs in the next screen 
to get to the dungeons. Grab the MagiRock from the southwest corner, then walk through the 
dungeon until you hear a voice, Elle of Crysta ! She's chained up against a wall, so walk up to
her to fall into Meilin's trap. Elle fades away, then Meilin talks to you and runs off. Weird 
After the cut scene, climb the chain and out of the dungeon to meet Fyda. Follow her out of the
room, and let a guard see you to get sent back to the entrance hall. Go up the centre stairs 
then enter the doorway at the northeast corner. This door is being guarded by one of the 
hardest guards in the castle, the gap to get past him is tiny. Time it right and you'll
eventually get past him. At least he doesn't send you far away if he catches you. Enter the 
door behind him, and hide behind the candlestick until the guard here walks towards you then
turns away. Use the Speed Shoes to run past him and into the next room. Jump the gap and you'll
meet Elle of Crysta again (like, I wonder who it is...). When she fades away, jump the gap to
the left and get the treasures you come across. Then make your way back to the room you just
saw Elle in, and go into the door. Walk past the room of chairs and exit through the northeast
door. You'll find yourself in the library, there are several books to read, one of which in
particular helps you out later in the level, so read them all. Go to the back of the library to
see Elle and try and talk to her. Suprise, suprise it's Meilin again. She'll put you into a 
nightmare, which you break with the help of Fyda. Meilin crys and runs off. Return to the room
with all the chairs and Meilin is standing by the exit, the doorway has been blocked up ! 
Mr Wong's voice is heard, he has trapped all three of you. Luckily, Perel busts the wall down
allowing escape. Meilin offers a handy hint, then go back to the main hall.
Take the northwest door. You'll be in a room with 6 candlesticks and 6 pots. Remember the book 
from the library ? Chuck the pots at the lights to blow out the flames, once all 6 are gone a 
door appears behind the altar. Enter the door to the next area. Using Meilin's advice, find the
statue who has no statue opposite it, then flick the switch on the wall opposite it to open a 
doorway in the northeast corner. Enter the door and use the Speed Shoes in the next room to 
knock the wall down.
Enter the throne room, let events unfold until it is just you and Princess Elle. Return to the 
room with the unpaired statue and tal to Meilin, follow her to the exit with the Princess. 
After another small cut scene, Keep running until Princess Elle stops and decides to wait for 
Fyda, but tells you to go on without her. Continue onwards. Yet another cut scene. You'll end 
up in the sewers, Meilin catches up with you, and you both escape from the falling castle. 
You'll wake up outside the castle gate with Perel and Meilin. Perel says the price of metal has
dropped so Will can make his plane, and Meilin thanks you for not giving up on her, then goes 
off to find her grandpa.

Sail back to Nirlake and go and see Will who thanks you and gives you an airplane, with 
instructions on how to use it. Go to the airport next to Freedom and fly towards Lhasa. Between
Loire and Lhasa is another airfield with a town you haven't been to before (how handy that 
there was an airfield there...). Land the plane and explore the snowy town of 'Mosque', north 
of the airfield. The residents of the village have devoted their lives to Beruga, the bloke 
that Wong mentioned in Dragoon Castle. Apparently he's a smart chap who can bring immortality 
to the deserving, thus saving the world. There is a MagiRock in the northeast corner of town. 
There is also a cave far to the east, over the bridge in the icy land of Siberia. The Block Rod
is one of the four special weapons, turning STR into DEF. Head back to Mosque and travel south 
to Beruga's lab.

Beruga's Lab

Level Hint - Some people don't realise that the lift can go down more than one floor. It can.
Treasure - DefPotion, SoulArmor

Enter the lab and take the path to the east, then follow the path round the corner and go west 
to the machine. Flick the switch, then continue down the path. Don't worry about the robots, 
just go along until you reach a dead end, then crawl under the pipes. Go north to find a small
clearing which is blocked by a small thing. Pick up that thing and throw it, then crawl into 
the small hole to find SoulArmor. Crawl out again the same way you came and continue until you
get to another machine. Flick the switch to activate all power in the lab, then go back to the 
entrance to Beuraga's lab and take the nearest south exit to get to the elevator.
Flick the switch on the right side of the elevator to go down a floor, then enter the new 
floor. Run over the conveyor belt into the next area. It looks like another dead end, but 
there's a small hole close to the white blocks that you can crawl under. Follow the path until 
you reach a teleporter, then jump in. Once you have rematerialized, go south until you reach 
four teleporters which don't really do anything, they just teleport to each other. Great, eh ? 
Anyway, go north into the next room and flick the switch in the middle of the room, then head
east then south to get back to the elevator. Take it down another floor, then enter the next 
Follow the path to a series of conveyor belts, you'll come across two teleporters, enter the 
first one to go to an area with a DefPotion, then go back to the conveyor belt room and take 
the northeast teleporter to take you to the middle of a new room, with another teleporter in. 
Take the teleporter, then travel along the path you appear at until you reach the room where 
the floor is nothing but conveyer belts. The robots are harder to kill on this, especially when
they use the dash attack on you. Take the northwest teleporter to get to a computer.
Turn the computer on, then after Yomi correctly suggests the password the computer allows the 
elevator to reach the next floor, you can also find out some information about a number of 
things, including the lethal Asmodeus virus. Go back to the elevator and make your way down 
another floor. Enter the new area to fight the boss.

It is best to use the GeoStaff against this boss. The robot takes damage if you hit it's three 
legs, but use a hit 'n' run technique. In other words don't use your fast attack, it isn't as 
powerful as the normal attack anyway. When you've done enough damage to one leg, it will start 
letting off red bubbles. There's not that much more to it, basically try and avoid the missiles
and the jump attack and keep hitting it until it's completely destroyed.

Enter the room to the north, to come to a long chamber, Beruga is in a deep sleep at the end, 
using cryogenics to maintain his age. He'll wake up and thankyou, then asks you to follow him. 
Follow him into another room and talk to him when he stops. You'll get a lengthy cut scene, 
involving poor old NeoTokyo, the Elder from Crysta and the death of Ark. After events have 
unfolded, You wake up in Lhasa and MeiHou is talking to you. Apparently Kumari saved you, so go
and talk to Lord Kumari in his chamber. He tells you you have to find the starstones, so that's
what you've gotta do.
You can collect the Starstones in any order, but let's tackle it hardest first.

The 5 Starstones

Starstone 1

Level Hint - Make sure you have plenty of Holy Waters.
Treasure - Holy Water, LuckPotion, MagiRock, Fauchard, KingArmr, Transceiver, Sewer Key,

Right, time to go back to NeoTokyo as promised. As you saw in the cut scene earlier, the entire
town is deserted. Go to the Police Headquarters northwest of town and enter. When you hear the 
sound, investigate the desk to get the Transceiver. A girl is still alive, Yomi guesses she's 
in the sewer. Leave the police station and enter NeoTokyo's underground. There are two small 
stone rooms on either side of NeoTokyo that take you here. Between the Noodle-eating restaurant
and the pub is a door that used to be locked, but is now open. Go in it and into the sewer.
Continue west until you reach a door, which is locked, so take the passageway south. Be careful
of the dogs as they can steal your hard-earned cash, so kill them quickly. Leave via the 
southeast corner, then walk through this next area and go in the door. Crawl through the hole 
to get to a room with the Sewer Key, then go back to the locked door and equip the Sewer Key, 
then open it. You'll see the girl who you've been hearing on the transceiver being chased by a 
lion. Go east, then cross the sewer to the north part of the room, and enter the first northern
door you come across, or keep going to get some Holy Water. After entering the door, you'll
come across three routes. Take the second path to get a LuckPotion, then go back and take the
third path until you reach the north part of the area.
You'll come across a split in the path, take the right path to get the Fauchard weapon, then go
back to the split and take the other path. Keep going south, picking up the MagiRock on a path 
branching off to the east on your way south. Then exit the southern door. Go along and through 
the doorway that the girl and lion went through earlier. You'll come across a room with three 
corridors leading north. Take the east path to get a MagiRock, then take the west path to get 
the KingArmr. Take the middle path to exit the room.
Go up to the lion, and it'll back away from the girl and start purring. It's Liem ! The girl 
gives you her necklace, which is actually a Starstone. Freedom Research Team communicate with 
you on the Transceiver. Leave the sewers and NeoTokyo.

Starstone 2

Level Hint - This one is weird...
Treasure - MagiRock, HolySuit, Starstone.
Sail your ship to Astarica, which is along the west coast of South America. Luckily there's a 
port where you can park your boat, to the south. Walk up to the temple and enter. In the
temple, walk up to the altar and you'll drink the goblet of liquid.
When you wake up, things are definitely amiss. There's a clone of Meilin, saying she is called 
Meilia and serves Lord Meila. There is also a Perel lookalike, who claims his name is Pela and 
he also serves Lord Meila. Hmmmmm. Talk to Lord Meila, who looks a lot like MeiHou. He'll tell 
you about a ceremony, then tell you to investigate. To enter the next room, push the statue 
behind the altar out the way, then go throught the door behind it. A dead end ? Nope. Push the 
two statues near the entrance into the two slots at the northen wall. A door appears, so enter 
Follow the path, killing all the monsters on the way. There's also a HolySuit and a MagiRock to
grab on your way. Once at the end of the path, enter the next room. You'll see something weird 
involving three clones : Roy (clone of Royd), Fyla (clone of Fyda) and Elle (clone of Princess 
Elle). After a small cut scene, talk to the Elle clone and then pick any goblet, they all have 
the same effect. You can't drink the one behind Elle though. You'll pass out and awaken back at
Astarica. A treasure chest is now next to the altar, containing the Starstone.

Starstone 3

Level Hint - Make sure you have bought a Pretty Flower from the flower girl at Loire.
Treasure - MagiRock, 961 Gems, Starstone.
A man found in the northeast section of Alaska tells you of birds with different migratory 
paths :
Alaska to Australia,
North America to Kamiyo,
North America to Savannah,
South America to Greenland.
You'll find these places scattered on the world map, called Stopover. The gulls there will ask 
you a question in gibberish, select the top answer to agree to be taken, or the bottom one to 
Sail your boat to the port near Liotto and head south. There's a small forest along the western
mountain range, enter it to get to a Stopover. Agree to let the bird take you and you'll be 
flown to Greenland. Travel south from the Stopover you get flown to and enter the town of 
Penginea. There's a MagiRock in the northwestern igloo. You can't talk to the penguins, but 
they sure don't like it if you eat their fish ! Equip the Pretty Flower and talk to the 
pernguin sitting outside the igloo northeast of the entrance. He''ll take your Pretty Flower 
and give it to his bird (geddit ?!?), and give you the Starstone in return.
Before you go back to Stopover, go to the cave west of Penginea to get 961 Gems. Take the gull 
back to Liotto.

Starstone 4

Level Hint - This is really easy.
Treasure - Starstone.
Sail your ship to Australia, or if you have developed Suncoast far enough, take the plane and 
land on the airfield. Go to AirsRock, west of Suncoast and make your way to the top. There's a 
scientist at the top, listen to his story and he'll give you his Starstone.

Starstone 5

Level Hint - Another easy one.
Treasure - Starstone.
Sail your ship to the western coast of Africa, then head for the palm trees and you'll visit 
the caravan. Talk to people here to find out that you'll turn into a pile of bones if you stay 
in the desert for too long. Leave the caravan and head northwest into the sandy area. At the 
northwest corner of the sand, you'll enter the Sahara Desert. You'll see a pile of bones, so 
go up and investigate them. Looks like some bloke went into the lions den and nicked Liem's 
stone. You'll get the Starstone.

Once you've collected all 5 Starstones, sail your ship to the South Pole. You want to get to 
the port leading to a patch of sand on the right side of the island, so make your way through 
the gaps in the rocks and land your ship, then walk into the patch of sand.
You'll enter a giant graveyard type place. Equip the Starstones and place one in each of the 
giant skulls that represent altars. A spirit appears, sit back and watch the cut scene leading 
to the end of Chapter 3.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 3. 


Chapter 4 - Resurrection of the Hero

Contents :
The Lab Tower
Dark Gaia

This is one of the smallest chapters, and consists mainly of cut-scenes. You should hopefully 
be in the 30's level-wise. For some reason, your HP will build exponentially as you go up 
levels in the 30's. You can go up 57 HP's at level 36 for example ! So basically, it's a good 
idea to get your levels up in preperation for the final boss. That aside, let's begin.
I won't explain the cut-scene as it might ruin it for those not yet there. As soon as you get 
control, walk to Princess Elle. She should be unfrozen, so talk to her. Touch the box next to 
her. You'll get the HeroPike and the HeroArmour. Leave Elle's house and talk to the bird 
outside. When ready, leave Storkolm and head for the nearest airfield. Fly over to the airfield
next to Mosque. Go northeast from the airfield, crossing a bridge to get to Siberia. Go east 
from here to get to Beruga's Lab Tower.

The Lab Tower

Level Hint - The main thing you need to use on this level is teamwork.
Treasure - LifePotion, MagiRock.

Walk through the entrance and into the Lab Tower. You'll meet MeiLin. Go into the next room. 
Once camouflaged, walk west and exit the southern doorway. You'll be at a dead end. A crane 
will take you to the other side of the room. Follow Perel into the next room. Once Perel 
disables the lasers, continue past him into the next room. Continue east, until you reach a 
staircase going up. Go up the stairs, then head south for the exit in the southwest corner. 
In the next room, go to the lever and flip it at the same time as Fyda. Go south and follow 
the path. There are three possible routes from this next room, the only one out is the 
northeast one.
Follow the path east, then north. Get the MagiRock from the northwest corner, then exit through
the northeast door. Go up the stairs in the next room. Go west when at the top. Follow the path
in the next room. Take the southwest exit. Go up the stairs you come across, then follow the 
path. You'll meet Royd. He'll blow up a door for you. Go through it to proceed. Then take the 
stairs up.

*Hint* - This next area has some large red robots in, that can be killed in one hit using the 
dash-jump-attack. They have tonnes of experience, so this is a good place to build up. Kill 
them, leave then re-enter until you're happy.

You'll come across a screen with four doors, top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right.
Take the top-right to meet MeiLin. She'll explain the trick to flipping the switches. Then take
the top-left to meet MeiHou, who'll tell you Beruga's plans. There's a treasure chest next to 
him containing a LifePotion.
Then go in the bottom-right door to talk to Perel. He'll tell you to hurry to the remaining 
room. Leave, then go in the final door, to the bottom-left. Walk up to the switch to open the 
door to the airship. Go back to the corridor and head south, then east once at the end. Go up 
the stairs, then jump into the big hole in the ground to land on the airship. Go in the door, 
east of where you landed to enter the ship. You'll meet Fyda and Royd, Fyda will give you 7 
time bombs and tell you to plant them on each of the seven computers. They then go somewhere.
Place a time bomb on the computer that Fyda and Royd were standing in front of, then head east.
Walk across the wing of the airship and enter the door furthest east, back inside the airship. 
Go up the stairs north of where you entered, which leads back outside. Follow the path south, 
then enter the door at the end. You'll come across a split in the path with three possible 
routes, excluding the one you came through. Go east first, then walk across the wing and into 
the door. Royd should be there, set a bomb on the computer then go back to the split. This time
head north, taking the stairs up. You'll meet Fyda. Talk to her, then set 2 more bombs on the 2
computers. Return to the corridor on the lower level, then continue past the staircase to get 
to another split in the path. Take the east path then set a timebomb on the computer you come 
across and continue. You should emerge on the west side of the room with the split in the path.
This time head north and up the stairs. Use the remaining 2 bombs on the 2 com puters and 
return down the stairs.
Now go back south, then continue until you get to the original room with the three way split. 
Take south this time to meet Royd and Fyda. She'll set off the 7 time bombs. When you get 
control, run to the rear of the ship. Events will unfold, you need to use the seagull to get 
back down to earth. 

You and the seagull land next to the scientist on Aris Rock. Talk to him, then head for 
Suncoast and take the plane to the Freedom airfield. Head south to where you originally started
off in this world - the wastleland cave you landed in after jumping down the hole next to 
Crysta village. You'll meet Columbus. Make sure you're well stocked with SBulbs and MBulbs, 
as you're nearing the final battle. There's a save point behind Columbus you might want to use.
Talk to him and tell him you need to finish clearing up the mess you created. Then jump into 
the hole.
You'll be transported back to your home village, Crysta. The villagers are pretty chuffed that 
you're back, but then turn into spirits and attack you. Typical. Go to the elders house and 
talk to him. Then follow him back outside and talk to him again. He'll tell you some news that 
sucks. You'll then disappear, then reappear on an infinite path. Eventually Dark Gaia appears 
in front of you.

Dark Gaia

Boss Tactic : DARK GAIA
This is it - the final battle. And it's tough. Dark Gaia has several attacks :
Sonic Boom - shoots boomerangs at you that are very hard to avoid. (Not so hard, just stand as
far right/left to the platform as possible.-Wertigon)
Gaia's Rage - makes explosions home in on your trail. Simply walk in the opposite direction to 
the explosions.
MagiRocks - throws exploding MagiRocks at you. They'll land, then explode.
Light Orb - The important one. Stand in front of him, and whack 'em back at him to damage him. 
The orb splits into two and go off in different directions. Stand on one of the four points to 
the side of the star engraved in the floor to get the best results.
Now he'll start getting annoyed. Dark Gaia's next attack is he'll tuck his head and arms into 
his body, separate from his legs and float around attacking you. You can hit him when he stops 
close to the platform. Use your strongest attack on him. Eventually, he'll reattach himself to 
his legs, then start his old attacks again. Use the previous tactics of deflecting his light 
orb attack and you'll eventually destroy him. Of course - it doesn't end there. It's time for 
the final-final boss.

Boss Tactic : DARK GAIA 2
This guy appears to be impossible at first, but there is always a way. He has two attacks only,
which are :
Sparks - He'll drop various looking sparks on you.
Lightning - Every time this hits you, you're HP is halved. This can be lethal, unless you know 
what to do.
The way to beat his lightning attacks is simple once you know how. You just need to use your 
block move while facing him. Hold down your block until the move is completely finished. 
This way it takes off 1-10 HP's at a go, instead of half your exisiting HP. Dark Gaia 2 will 
then fly around your head, but you can't hit him 'cos of the distance. Instead, use your most 
powerful attacks on his body when it gets close enough. Make sure you're using the HeroPike, 
otherwise it'll take ages. After enough hits, he'll be destroyed. You'll now get the first half
of the ending. When you're done talking to the villagers of Crysta, go to your bedroom at the 
Elder's house and get into bed. You'll now get the last bit of the ending. Leave it past the 
credits for a bit more as well.

Congratulations, you've completed Chapter 4, and the game. 

                                     4. Expansion guide

Here's a fully functional expansionguide.
Note: When there is a pointed line it means that the town should change status (i e for example
that if Loire changes from "normal" to "grey" buildings, it changes status.)
To expand Loire you need to...
...Vote for Jean.

Note: If you vote for Louis, Loire won't reach it's second status.
...taste the wineguy's wine until it's perfect, then give the winebottle to the girl at the bar
in Freedom. Pierre invent the Camera.
...doing Marily a favour and give "fancyclothes" to the three girls in Freedom.
...take Matis painting and give it to Rich.
To expand Litz you need to...
...take the "Tinsheet" at Wills house and give it to the sardineguy in Litz, then take canned
sardines to Stoma in Freedom. a crystal at the desertmerchants in Sahara and then give the crystal to the potmaker.
To expand Freedom you need to...
...push Eddie's machine. to bell, talk to Amanda, tell the truth to Bell, talk to Bell in the bar, go out, talk 
to Bell again.

Note: If you lie to bell you will never be able to expand Freedom completely.
...push Eddies machine again.
...try Bells new invention. Will invent the airplane.
To expand Nirlake you need to...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick invent the hamburger.
...Talk to a guy in the middle of the village to receive 9 Nirlake letters. Then deliver the 
letters to the following people:


Note: If a town haven't developed, you can't give the letters to the people in that town. Also,
Nirlake won't reach it's second status until you've resurrected Beruga.

To expand Suncoast you need to...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- to the ranchowner to get "Tasty meat", give tasty meat to stoma. to the towncounsil, get the airfieldplans from will and give them to the towncounsil. 
Do this BEFORE beruga is ressurected.
...take pictures of suncoast and give to the tourismbeaurous that reside in all the other towns
(you won't get nirlakes beaurou until it reaches it's third state).

                                         5. Bossguide

Here is a guide to beat every boss/subboss in the game.

Note: Rating means how hard I consider the boss is. The scale goes from Easy, Medium, Tricky 
and Hard. Also, the ghost in Neotokio is optional to beat.

Bossname      | Location    | Rating | How to beat
4 Huballs     | Tower 1     | Easy   | No real tactic here. Just whack loose on 'em.
Swarm of      | Tower 3     | Easy   | Whack loose on these one's too.
Huballs       |             |        |
3 cadet`s     | Tower 3     | Easy   | Just hit the cadet that is the right one. It's usually
              |             |        | the top one.
3 High cadet`s| Tower 4     | Easy   | Just kill 'em.
Dancing       | Tower 4     | Easy   | Learn their pattern, then whack the one in the back. 
Huball troop. |             |        | He'll fall off the line. now kill him. Repeat until 
              |             |        | everyone`s dead.
Shadowkeeper  | Tower 5     | Tricky | This one's the first "real" boss you come across. First,
              |             |        | he'll start out with shooting laser beams on you. Block 
              |             |        | those laserbeams and eventually he'll try to hit you
              |             |        | with his claws. Whack on them using the
              |             |        | "rushing"-attack. After a while one of his claws breaks.
              |             |        |  Now, his other claw will go much faster. Destroy that 
              |             |        | claw too and he'll back down the corridor to the place 
              |             |        | where he came out from. Now he will change his attack 
              |             |        | pattern. He still shoots laserbeams, but now he'll use
              |             |        | his tail, too. Go for the mouth and eventually you will 
              |             |        | destroy it. The rest is a piece of cake.
              |             |        | will become electrified, butthat's easy to avoid, 'cause
              |             |        | you have destroyed his mouth. Keep going for his head 
              |             |        | and it's bye bye little monster.
Parasite      | the Ra tree | Medium | First this guy appears as a snake in the big hole, and 
              |             |        | clawlike things appears in the six holes on the sides. 
              |             |        | Whack the claws until the snake dissapears. Now Parasite
              |             |        | changes attackpattern. The snake goes between the holes,
              |             |        | and a big (and ugly) eye shows up. From time to time the
              |             |        | eye pops out of the hole, and every now and then it goes
              |             |        | inside the hole to throw out those clawlike things. 
              |             |        | Destroy those claws and the eye will pop out again. Just
              |             |        | hit the eye with the rushing-attack, and he shouldn't be
              |             |        | much of a problem.
              |             |        | On a sidenote, you can level up good on this boss. See 
              |             |        | the secrets section for more info.
Dark twins    | Grecliff    | Medium | This battle is high up, so DO NOT fall down. If you do, 
              |             |        | you have to start the battle all over again. First there
              |             |        | is a green bird, and he has got three types of attack:
              |             |        | He shoots flaming feathers on you, dives at you and
              |             |        | makes a whirlwind which can blow you of the edge. Simply
              |             |        | whack him whenever he gets close and he'll eventually 
              |             |        | call his buddy the brown bird (ain`t he a coward;)). The
              |             |        | brown bird drops bird doo on you while the green one 
              |             |        | continiues doing what he did before. Hit the green one a
              |             |        | few more times and you`ll win.
Stormkeeper   | Zue         | Medium | This one starts out as a skeleton. It has two attacks:
              |             |        | it spits green flames on you and it throws its arms at
              |             |        | you. Avoid the flames and when it throws its arms at
              |             |        | hit it in its stomach. Then back off. Repeat until it 
              |             |        | you, Strike it. Repeat until it falls apart. Now it 
              |             |        | changes shape, and both you and it falls down. It still
              |             |        | fire at you, but now it throws rocks at you, as well.
              |             |        | Avoid the flames and hit it when It gets close. Just
              |             |        | keep doing it that way and you will destroy him
              |             |        | eventually.
Dark morph    | Eklemata    | Tricky | Okay, this guy is a bit hard. First, make sure you're
              |             |        | equiped with Neo's fang, since it makes wonder against  
              |             |        | this boss. First he starts of as a Yeti. All he does is 
              |             |        | to throw out some crystals and create a blizzard. Avoid
              |             |        | The blizzard by standing at a corner and walk in the 
              |             |        | opposite direction the wind is blowing. Next, he'll 
              |             |        | transform into a wizzard with the Agahnim syndrom, i e 
              |             |        | to hurt him you have to hit those orbs he is firing at 
              |             |        | you back on him. Now it`s time for the real battle. The 
              |             |        | Dark morph transforms into his old self again, a dark
              |             |        | humanoid. He'll go around the area at high speed, so hit
              |             |        | him whenever you get the chance. When you hit him, he`ll
              |             |        | transform into bats. Run around and whenever they get 
              |             |        | near, do the runattack. Hopefully you'll get past 'em. 
              |             |        | Wait until they transforms into Dark morph again, then 
              |             |        | hit him again. Repeat.
Purple armor  | Sylvain     | Easy   | Whack loose on him. It can be a hard battle at low 
              |             |        | levels (Level 17-19 that is), if that's the case, use a
              |             |        | firering.
4 dolls       | Sylvain     | Medium | Simply hit one of 'em when they stops. If it was the 
              |             |        | right one, they dissapear. If it was the wrong one, they 
              |             |        | attack.
              |             |        | *NEW INFO HAS ARRIVED*
              |             |        | There is a rumor that says this:
              |             |        | The doll that's behind Arks back when the dolls says
              |             |        | 'Behind' always is the correct one. Thank you Conspiracy
              |             |        | for telling me this.
Bloody (hard) | Sylvain     | Hard   | Tough one. Do the runattack to inflict damage without 
mary          |             |        | taking damage, and if you have Elecrings, use them.
              |             |        | Equip yourself with the Lightpike for maximum damage. At
              |             |        | low levels she is a real pain in the a**.
4 ghosts      | Ship to     | Easy   | These one's can't be hurt when they are spinning, so
              | Freedom     |        | don't even try. Apart from that, try to hit the right 
              |             |        | one. After three hits the ghosts dissapear.
Big fish      | Mermaid towr| Easy   | Have your back turned and whack him when he gets near.
              |             |        | Look out for those green fishes, as they bounce you into
              |             |        | the wall.
A ghost       | Neotokio    | Easy   | No real tactic, hurt him when he shows himself.
Hitoderon     | Great lakes | Tricky | You don't have to worry about the big dragon, since he 
              | cavern      |        | won't hurt you. The three starfishes are a little hard 
              |             |        | to beat, though. First, kill those starfishes that jump
              |             |        | up on that piece of wood you are standing on. The last 
              |             |        | one is a different matter. Walk under him, and when he 
              |             |        | falls, step aside and then quickly attack him. If you 
              |             |        | get caught, wait until the dragon burns that starfish of
              |             |        | your head.
Security robot| Beruga`s lab| Hard   | Make sure you have alot of Mbulbs and Lbulbs equipped.
              |             |        | Also level up untill you're at level 28 or higher. Some
              |             |        | people claim that the geostaff is the best weapon to use
              |             |        | against this guy, but I'm not sure on that 'cause I've
              |             |        | never tried it. Anyways, when you first enter this boss
              |             |        | shoots missiles on you, and after that it uses one of 
              |             |        | its arms to make one of three attacks. Avoid the  
              |             |        | missiles by running around as mad. The other attacks 
              |             |        | can`t be blocked, so you just have to avoid `em. Once  
              |             |        | you`ve avoided the missiles, hit one of the three legs 
              |             |        | until it gets destroyed (you`ll see when one leg is 
              |             |        | destroyed when small explosions surround it). after  
              |             |        | you`ve destroyed its three legs, it breaks apart and  
              |             |        | turn into some smaller machines. These ones are easily 
              |             |        | killed with the scatteringattack.
Dark gaia     | Gaia stone  | Tricky | This is the final boss you come across. He's got two 
              |             |        | shapes, and the second shape is described under this 
              |             |        | one. The first shape is a big statue made of crystal. 
              |             |        | He has got several attacks that needs avoiding. The 
              |             |        | attacks are as follows:
              |             |        | Gaias rage - walk around to avoid getting hit.
              |             |        | Magirocks - Dark gaia throws out magirocks, which 
              |             |        | explodes after awhile.
              |             |        | Sonic boom - Stand on the right or left edge of the 
              |             |        | platform.
              |             |        | Light orb - This is the only thing that can hurt Dark 
              |             |        | gaia at first. Stand on the right/left edge of the 
              |             |        | platform and hit the orb as soon as you get the chance.
              |             |        | when Dark gaia starts getting near you with his body 
              |             |        | curled into a ball, wait until he stops, then whack him.
Dark gaia 2   | Gaia stone  | Tricky | For this boss, make sure you're on level 32 or higher,
              |             |        | or else you're grinded meat. also, equip the heropike 
              |             |        | and heroarmor. He's got two attacks, one which he shoots
              |             |        | sparks on you and one where he uses a lightningbeam  
              |             |        | which eats up your energy. As soon as he uses the
              |             |        | lightningattack, press the R/L-button to block. That way
              |             |        | you only loose 1 to 4 hp instead of half of it each time
              |             |        | it hits you. Just whack loose on him with everything 
              |             |        | you've got whenever you can and he`ll soon be defeated.
              |             |        | Phew. Dark gaia 2 has about 1000 hp.

                                          6. Levels

This chart shows how much Strength/Defense/Luck you gain by each level, and how much experience
you need to get to the level. So far it's only to level 40.

Level | Life (+) | Str (+) | Def (+) | Luck (+) | Total Exp Needed | Exp Interval |
1     | 28 (0)   | 3 (0)   | 2 (0)   | 3 (0)    | 0                | 0            |
2     | 33 (5)   | 4 (1)   | 3 (1)   | 4 (1)    | 38               | 38           |
3     | 39 (6)   | 4 (0)   | 4 (1)   | 5 (1)    | 120              | 82           |
4     | 47 (8)   | 5 (1)   | 5 (1)   | 6 (1)    | 250              | 130          |
5     | 52 (5)   | 6 (1)   | 5 (0)   | 7 (1)    | 430              | 180          |
6     | 59 (7)   | 6 (0)   | 6 (1)   | 8 (1)    | 675              | 245          |
7     | 65 (6)   | 7 (1)   | 7 (1)   | 9 (1)    | 995              | 320          | 
8     | 72 (7)   | 8 (1)   | 7 (0)   | 10 (1)   | 1 573            | 578          | 
9     | 79 (7)   | 10 (2)  | 8 (1)   | 11 (1)   | 2 293            | 720          |
10    | 86 (7)   | 11 (1)  | 10 (2)  | 12 (1)   | 3 138            | 845          |
11    | 95 (9)   | 13 (2)  | 11 (1)  | 13 (1)   | 4 118            | 980          | 
12    | 102 (7)  | 15 (2)  | 14 (3)  | 14 (1)   | 5 233            | 1 115        |
13    | 109 (7)  | 16 (1)  | 16 (2)  | 15 (1)   | 6 513            | 1 280        |
14    | 118 (9)  | 18 (2)  | 19 (3)  | 17 (2)   | 7 958            | 1 445        |
15    | 125 (7)  | 20 (2)  | 21 (2)  | 19 (2)   | 9 578            | 1 620        |
16    | 134 (9)  | 23 (3)  | 22 (1)  | 20 (1)   | 11 383           | 1 805        |
17    | 144 (10) | 25 (2)  | 24 (2)  | 22 (2)   | 13 383           | 2 000        |
18    | 153 (9)  | 27 (2)  | 25 (1)  | 24 (2)   | 15 588           | 2 205        |
19    | 164 (11) | 29 (2)  | 27 (2)  | 25 (1)   | 18 808           | 3 220        |
20    | 175 (11) | 31 (2)  | 29 (2)  | 28 (3)   | 21 453           | 2 645        |
21    | 188 (13) | 34 (3)  | 31 (2)  | 29 (1)   | 24 333           | 2 880        |
22    | 201 (13) | 36 (2)  | 33 (2)  | 31 (2)   | 27 458           | 3 125        |
23    | 213 (12) | 38 (2)  | 35 (2)  | 34 (3)   | 30 838           | 3 380        |
24    | 224 (11) | 41 (3)  | 37 (2)  | 36 (2)   | 34 483           | 3 645        |
25    | 238 (14) | 44 (3)  | 39 (2)  | 39 (3)   | 38 403           | 3 920        |
26    | 252 (14) | 46 (2)  | 42 (3)  | 43 (4)   | 42 608           | 4 205        |
27    | 265 (13) | 49 (3)  | 45 (3)  | 46 (3)   | 47 108           | 4 500        |
28    | 279 (14) | 51 (2)  | 48 (3)  | 49 (3)   | 51 913           | 4 805        |
29    | 294 (15) | 53 (2)  | 50 (2)  | 52 (3)   | 57 033           | 5 120        |
30    | 310 (16) | 55 (2)  | 52 (2)  | 54 (2)   | 62 478           | 5 445        |
31    | 324 (14) | 58 (3)  | 55 (3)  | 57 (3)   | 68 258           | 5 780        |
32    | 356 (32) | 60 (2)  | 58 (3)  | 60 (3)   | 74 383           | 6 125        |
33    | 395 (39) | 62 (2)  | 60 (2)  | 61 (1)   | 80 863           | 6 480        |
34    | 432 (37) | 65 (3)  | 62 (2)  | 66 (5)   | 87 708           | 6 845        |
35    | 489 (57) | 67 (2)  | 65 (3)  | 69 (3)   | 94 928           | 7 220        |
36    | 532 (43) | 70 (3)  | 67 (2)  | 73 (4)   | 102 533          | 7 605        |
37    | 589 (57) | 72 (2)  | 70 (3)  | 75 (2)   | 110 533          | 8 000        |
38    | 631 (42) | 75 (3)  | 72 (2)  | 78 (3)   | 137 003          | 26 470       |
39    | 694 (63) | 78 (3)  | 75 (3)  | 80 (2)   | 156 808          | 19 805       |
40    | 753 (59) | 80 (2)  | 77 (2)  | 82 (2)   | 192 833          | 36 025       |
41    |          |         |         |          | 233 403          | 40 570       |

                                          7. Weapons

Note: Bonus is exactly what it sounds like. If a weapon has got boosting powers (i e if it for
example raises luck as well as attack power) then it stands in the bonus field. If for example
+8 L stands, then it means that the luck is raised by 8 points. If it stands 'CD' then it means
'Can't Discard', which means you can't get rid of the weapon.

Name       | Location                   | Power | Bonus     | Cost      | Elemental |
Cryspear   | Given to Ark by Yomi at the| + 3   | Heals in  | Free      | n/a       |
           | beginning of the game.     |       |Underworld |           |           |
HexRod     | Weapon Shop in Crysta      | + 4   | n/a       | 170 gems  | n/a       |
RaSpear    | Ra Tree, Buy from spirit at| + 6   | + 1 DEF   | 240 gems  | n/a       |
           | Ra Tree.                   |       |           |           |           |
RocSpear   | GreCliff                   | + 8   | CD        | Free      | Earth     |
Sticker    | Zue                        | + 9   | n/a       | Free      | n/a       |
NeoFang    | Gift from King Neo after   | + 12  | n/a       | Free      | n/a       |
           | saving Liem.               |       |           |           |           |
FirePike   | Eklemata                   | + 14  | + 6 LUCK  | Free      | Fire      |
LightRod   | Louran, Buy from shop in   | + 15  | + 4 LUCK  | 980 gems  | Light     |
           | Loire                      |       |           |           |           |
BronzePike | Buy from shop in Louran    | + 17  | n/a       | 880 gems  | n/a       |
SilverPike | Buy from shop in Loire,    | + 22  | n/a       | 1500 gems | n/a       |
           | Litz                       |       |           |           |           |
SoulWand   | Buy from shop in Freedom,  | + 24  | + 50 LIFE | 1650 gems | n/a       |
           | Liotto                     |       |           |           |           |
IcePick    | Sylvain, Buy from shop in  | + 25  | n/a       | 1770 gems | n/a       | 
           | Loire                      |       |           |           |           |
Trident    | Buy from shop in Freedom   | + 28  | n/a       | 2100 gems | n/a       |
           | (second state only)        |       |           |           |           |
ThunPike   | Buy from shop at Suncoast  | + 35  | + 6 LUCK  | 2450 gems | Thunder   |
SeaSpear   | Mermaid Tower              | + 37  | n/a       | Free      | n/a       |
DrgnPike   | Buy from shop in Yonkou    | + 40  | + 3 STR,  | 3150 gems | n/a       |
           |                            |       | - 3 DEF   |           |           |
XSpear     | Win from lottory in Freedom| + 40  | - 14 DEF, | varies    | n/a       |
           |                            |       | + 14 LUCK |           |           |
GeoStaff   | Great Lakes Cavern         | + 43  | + 5 DEF   | Free      | Earth     |
Enbu Pike  | Mu (special weapon)        | + 44  | + 7 STR,  | Free      | n/a       |
           |                            |       | - 5 DEF   |           |           |
3PartRod   | Dragoon Castle             | + 48  | + 3 DEF,  | Free      | n/a       |
           |                            |       | - 5 LUCK  |           |           |
BlockRod   | Siberia (special weapon)   | + 50  | -12 STR,  | Free      | n/a       |
           |                            |       | + 9 DEF   |           |           |
LightPike  | Buy from shop in Freedom   | + 51  | n/a       | 4350 gems | Light     |
AlphaRod   | Buy from shop in Suncoast  | + 53  | -10 STR,  | 7500 gems | n/a       |
           | (special weapon)           |       | +20 LUCK  |           |           |
Fauchard   | NeoTokio Sewer             | + 58  | n/a       | Free      | n/a       |
HeroPike   | Storkolm (special weapon)  | + 80  | n/a       | Free      | n/a       |

                                          8. Armors

Name          | Location                   | Power | Bonus     | Cost      |
Clothes       | Armor Ark starts out with  | +3    | n/a       | Free      |
Rags          | Louran                     | +3    | n/a       | Free      |
Leather Armor | Shop in Crysta.            | +5    | n/a       | 190 gems  |
ElleCape      | Gift from Elle.            | +6    | n/a       | Free      |
              | (special armor)            |       |           |           |
LeafSuit      | Ra Tree, Buy from spirit   | +8    | n/a       | 210 gems  |
              | outside RaTree.            |       |           |           |
RaArmor       | Buy from spirit at RaTree. | +10   | n/a       | 380 gems  |
BirdSuit      | Buy from bird at Sanctuary | +12   | n/a       | 550 gems  |
FurCoat       | Buy from spirit at Indus R | +14   | n/a       | 730 gems  |
 IceCoat      | Elkemata                   | +15   | n/a       | Free      |
Monk Robe     | Lhasa 	                   | +18   | n/a       | 1080 gems |
 NiceSuit     | Buy from Marily's in Loire | +20   | + 2 LUCK  | 480 gems  |
PoshSuit      | Buy from shop in Loitto    | +20   | + 5 LUCK  | 1220 gems |
RingMail      | Norfest Forest, Buy from   | +22   | n/a       | 1280 gems |
              | shops in Loire, Litz,      |       |           |           |
              | Freedom                    |       |           |           |
SlvrVest      | Buy from shop in Litz,     | +26   | n/a       | 1550 gems |
              | Freedom                    |       |           |           |
VestArmor     | Sylvain, Buy from shop in  | +29   | n/a       | 1850 gems |
              | Loire, Freedom             |       |           |           |
KungFuGi      | Buy from shop in Yonkou    | +30   | + 8 STR   | 1220 gems |
SlvrArmr      | Buy from shop in Loire     | +35   | n/a       | 2500 gems |
DrgnMail      | Buy from shop in Loire     | +40   | n/a       | 3880 gems |
HolySuit      | Astarica                   | +40   | -10 STR,  | Free      |
              |                            |       | +15 LUCK  |           |
SeaMail       | S. Pole (special armor)    | +43   | n/a       | Free      |
RedArmr       | Mosque 	                   | +44   | -80 LIFE, | 6600 gems |
              |                            |       | +13 STR,  |           |
              |                            |       | -15 DEF   |           |
SoulArmr      | Freedom, Berugas lab       | +48   | +40 LIFE  | 4450 gems |
KingArmr      | NeoTokio Sewer             | +50   | n/a       | Free      |
ProArmr       | Buy from shop in Nirlake   | +65   | +40 LIFE  | 7890 gems |
              | (special armor)            |       | -12 STR   |           |
              |                            |       | +11 DEF   |           |
HeroArmr      | Storkolm (special armor)   | +88   |           | Free      |

                                           9. Items

Name          | Location                    | Cost     | Comments
MagiRock      | Scattered around the world. | Free     | Trade for Magic Rings 
SBulb         | Buy from shops.             | 10 gems  | Restores 20HP 		 
              | Get from treasure chests    |          |
MBulb         | Buy from shops.             | 25 gems  | Restores 70 HP
              | Get from treasure chests.   |          |
LBulb         | Buy from shops.             | 70 gems  | Restores 150HP
              | Get from treasure chests.   |          | 
PCure         | Buy from shops.             | 13 gems  |Cures poison 
              | Get from treasure chests.   |          |
Serum         | Buy from shops.             | 45 gems  | Stronger poison cure. 
Stardew       | Buy from shops.             | 30 gems  | Lifts curses 
Holy Water    | Buy from shops.             | 90 gems  | Cures curses. 
LifePotion    | Get from treasure chests.   | Free     | Raises HP up by 5 
StrPotion     | Get from treasure chests    | Free     | Raises STR by 1 point 
DefensePotion | Get from treasure chests    | Free     | Raises DEF by 1 point 
LuckPotion    | Get from treasure chests    | Free     | Raises LUCK by 1 point 
JewelBox      | Receive at start of game    | Free     | Holds magic rings (special item)
CryThread     | Tower 4                     | Free     | Used to make ElleCape 
HolySeal      | Louran 	                    | Free     | Repeals ghosts.
Sleepless Seal| Tower 3                     | Free     | Prevents sleep from Gardners. 
Giant Leaves  | Ra Tree                     | Free     | Used to swim (special item)
Ra DewDrop    | Ra Tree                     | Free     | Antidote for Parasite's poison cloud 
Sharp Claws   | GreCliff                    | Free     | Used to climb walls (special item)
Snowgrass Leaf| Eklemata                    | Free     | Heals Yeti's wounds.  
RedScarf      | Meilin's Room in Louran     | Free     | Turbo needs it to catch Meilin's scent.
Flowers       | Buy from flower girl in     | 5 gems   | Makes young girls and penguins talk.
              | Loire.                      |          |
Mushroom      | Mush Forest                 | Free     | Needed to make SleepPotion.
Sleep Potion  | Chemist in Loire.           | Free     | Makes everybody in Castle asleep. 
JailKey       | Guard in Castle Dungeon.    | Free     | Used to get White Wind out of jail. 
Protect Bell  | Loire Castle                | Free     | Guides your way through Norfest 
              |                             |          | Forest.
Dog Whistle   | Norfest Forest              | Free     | Chases off wolves in Storkolm.
Portrait      | Storkolm                    | Free     | Picture of the Princess' parents. 
Fancy Clothes | Loire                       | Free     | Trade in Freedom. 
Matis'        | Loire                       | Free     | Trade in Britian.
Painting      |                             |          |
Tower Key     | Sylvain                     | Free     | Opens tower doors. 
Saphire       | Fountain at Sylvain.        | Free     | Painting's eye. 
Black Opal    | Kitchen stove at Sylvain.   | Free     | Painting's eye.
Ruby          | Treasure chest at Sylvain.  | Free     | Painting's eye. 
Topaz         | Tower wall at Sylvain.      | Free     | Painting's eye. 
Fever Medicine| Litz                        | Free     | Gift from DrEmilio.
Royal Letter  | Port of Freedom.            | Free     | Gift from Princess Elle.
Tin Sheet     | Nirlake                     | Free     | Trade in Litz. 
Log           | Gumin Forest                | Free     | Needed to build bridge. 
Engage Ring   | Mermaid Tower               | Free     | Nana's Engagement Ring.
Air Herb      | Great Lakes Cavern          | Free     | Allows you to breath underwater. 
              |                             |          | (special item)
Camera        | Loire  	                    | Free     | Used to take pictures for Tourism 
              |                             |          | Beaurous. 
Wine          | Loire                       | Free     | Trade in Freedom. 
Crystal       | Sahara 	                    | 1000 gems| Trade in Litz. 
Sardines      | Litz                        | Free     | Trade in Freedom.
Meat          | Suncoast                    | Free     | Trade in Freedom. 
Airfield Plans| Nirlake                     | Free     | Trade in Suncoast. 
Ginseng       | Yunkou 	                    | Free     | Needed to cure Fyda's fever. 
Speed Shoes   | Island between Suncoast and | Free     | Used to run past guards in Dragoon 
              | Yunkou                      |          | Castle. 
Letters       | Nirlake                     | Free     | Give to people so Nirlake can rebuild.
Starstone     | Varies                      | Free     | Needed to summon legendary hero. 
Transceiver   | NeoTokio                    | Free     | Use it to talk to girl in sewer. 
SewerKey      | NeoTokio                    | Free     | Open locked doors in sewer.
TimeBomb      | Beruga's Airship            | Free     | Needed to destroy computers.

                                         10. Enemies

Name         | Location           | Hp    | Exp   | Gems    | Comments                            
Huball       | Underworld         | 4  Hp | 2 Exp | 3  Gems | Curls into a ball 
(purple)     |                    |       |       |         |
Whisp        | Underworld, canyon | 6  Hp | 4 Exp | Unknown | Shoots fireorbs
Living statue| Underworld         | 22 Hp | 10Exp | 20 Gems | Slow moving
Cadet        | Underworld         | 20 Hp | 6 Exp | 13 Gems | Immobilizing gaze
Huball (red) | Underworld         | 11 Hp | 4 Exp | 14 Gems | Curls into a ball
Guardner     | Underworld         | 9  Hp | 7 Exp | Unknown | Shoots sleeping spells
Dignal       | Ra tree            | 24 Hp | 15Exp | 14 Gems | Can come in pairs
Amarante     | Ra tree            | 20 Hp | 13Exp | 14 Gems | Attack when bloom is open
(Gold)       |                    |       |       |         |
Gall Fish    | Ra tree            | 7  Hp | 11Exp | Unknown | Jumps out of the water
Amarante     | Ra tree            | 20 hp | 13Exp | 14 Gems | Shoots poisonous orbs
(purple)     |                    |       |       |         |
Abbee        | Ra tree            | 10 Hp | 0 Exp | 0 Gems  | Shoots fireorbs.
Stone Golum  | Grecliff           | 30 Hp | 17Exp | 25 Gems | Disguises as a boulder
Parionton    | Grecliff, Canyon   | 25 Hp | 14Exp | Unknown | Shoots feathers
Quaker       | Grecliff           | 8  Hp | 18Exp | 24 Gems | Drops from ceiling, causing 
             |                    |       |       |         | immobility
Borfe        | Grecliff,          | 28 Hp | 16Exp | 15 Gems | Fast moving
Mud man      | Grecliff, Canyon   | 28 Hp | 19Exp | 21 Gems | Throws mud
Dungun       | Zue                | 23 Hp | 18Exp | 10 Gems | Explodes when he dies
Lizard man   | Zue                | 25 Hp | 22Exp | 25 Gems | Throws his sword at you
Bee          | Zue                | 20 Hp | 10Exp | 3 Gems  | Hides under bushes 
Demi Basilisk| Zue                | 44 Hp | 19Exp | 22 Gems | Attacks with his tail 
Douma        | Zue                | 60 Hp | 20Exp | 23 Gems | Exhales orbs and poisonous gas
Sabredog     | Eklemata           | 60 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Icey breath causes freeze 
Ice Crystal  | Eklemata           | 34 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Has smaller crystals circling it 
Rakshaki     | Eklemata           | 45 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Teases you which can cause 
             |                    |       |       |         | confusion, blocks frontal attacks 
Ice Quaker   | Eklemata           | 40 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Immobilizes upon landing 
Slime (blue) | Eklemata           | ?? Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Splits into several smaller 
             |                    |       |       |         | slimes
Ghoul - man  | Louran             | 50 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Destroy head, then body 
Ghoul - Woman| Louran             | 54 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Destroy head, then body 
Ghoul - Boy  | Louran             | 60 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Destroy head, then body 
Ghoul - Girl | Louran             | 80 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Can throw her exploding head
Spikey       | Louran             | 64 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Burrows underground, then
             |                    |       |       |         | surfaces for attack 
Chonchon     | Louran             | 60 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Use jump attack to destroy 
Basilisk     | Louran             | 52 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Extends tail for attack 
Borfes (red) | Louran             | 48 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Extremely quick, uses fast attack
Maduu        | Louran             | 54 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Houses 'Lost Souls' 
Ghost        | Louran             | 0  Hp | 0 Exp | 0  Gems | Sends you back to start of area 
Bat (blue)   | Norfest Forest     | 58 Hp | 28Exp | 27 Gems | Hides in trees 
Sabrewolf    | Norfest Forest     | 105Hp | 30Exp | 32 Gems | Calls for help 
Worlock      | Norfest Forest     | 86 Hp | 28Exp | 27 Gems | Throws swirling fireballs 
Will o whisp | Norfest Forest     | 35 Hp | 20Exp | ?? Gems | Emerges from the water 
Bat (red)    | Sylvain            | 84 Hp | ??Exp | ?? Gems | Hangs from ceiling 
Soul Knight  | Sylvain            | 172Hp | 59Exp | ?? Gems | Uses his shield to block 
Chakra       | Sylvain            | 240Hp | 35Exp | 41 Gems | Shoots spiderweb 
Skeleton     | Sylvain            | 114Hp | 32Exp | 31 Gems | Throws bones at you 
Red Skeleton | Sylvain            | 156Hp | 45Exp | 0  Gems | Crumbles once hit, then comes
             |                    |       |       |         | back to life 
Cursed Armor | Sylvain            | 135Hp | 38Exp | 38 Gems | Uses ball and chain attack 
Aquamenace   | Mermaid Tower      | 180Hp | 62Exp | 79 Gems | Uses a bubble attack 
Gall fish    | Great Lakes Cavern | 15 Hp | 49Exp | ?? Gems | Jumps out of water when you near 
             |                    |       |       |         | it 
Greater Douma| Great Lakes Cavern | 170Hp | 65Exp | 109Gems | Exhales orbs and poisonous gas 
Slime (green)| Great Lakes Cavern,| 180Hp | 60Exp | ?? Gems | Can cause confusion, splits into 
             | NeoTokyo Sewers    |       |       |         | several smaller slimes
Amarante     | Great Lakes Cavern | ?? Hp | 76Exp | 65 Gems | Shoots several green orbs, heavy 
(red)        |                    |       |       |         | poison attack 
Pupila       | Great Lakes Cavern | 190Hp | 69Exp | 56 Gems | Can't be hit when eye is closed, 
             |                    |       |       |         | bounces you away if mis-hit 
Sentry       | Beruga's Lab, Lab  | 288Hp | 80Exp | 75 Gems | Uses a charge attack
             | Tower              |       |       |         |
Dog Soldier A| Beruga's Lab, Lab  | 325Hp |100Exp | 75 Gems | Fires missiles 
             | Tower, Airship     |       |       |         |
Cube         | Beruga's Lab, Lab  | 300Hp |102Exp | 102Gems | Can absorb you 
             | Tower              |       |       |         |
Phantom      | NeoTokyo Sewers    | 240Hp | 98Exp | 89 Gems | Casts a death spell 
Scavenger A  | NeoTokyo Sewers    | 270Hp | 98Exp | 367Gems | Steals your cash, then runs 
Scavenger B  | NeoTokyo Sewers    | 195Hp |110Exp | 90 Gems | Fires bullets 
Probe        | NeoTokyo Sewers,   | 160Hp | 99Exp | ?? Gems | Creates electric forcefield
             | Airship            |       |       |         |
Colossus     | NeoTokyo Sewers    | 250Hp |100Exp | 116Gems | Fires bullets 
(green)      |                    |       |       |         |
Chakra       | Astarica           | 240Hp | 98Exp | 68 Gems | Shoots spiderweb 
Pupila (blue)| Astarica           | 180HP | 69Exp | 56 Gems | Can't be hit when eye is closed, 
             |                    |       |       |         | ounces you away if mis-hit 
Dog Soldier B| Lab Tower          | 345Hp | 98Exp | 51 Gems | Fires rubber bullets 
Colossus     | Lab Tower / Airship| 300Hp |130Exp | 156Gems | Slow, fires machine gun, can 
             |                    |       |       |         | curse your attack 
This enemylist isn't completed as yet, but as soon as I get new info I'll update it.

                                      11. Rings and Pins

Name       |  Cost   | Magirocks needed |
FireRing   | 10 gems | 1 Rock           |
IceRing    | 10 gems | 1 Rock           |
ZapRing    | 15 gems | 2 Rocks          |
GeoRing    | 15 gems | 1 Rock           |
RayRing    | 15 gems | 1 Rock           |
PyroRing   | 25 gems | 2 Rocks          |
SnowRing   | 25 gems | 2 Rocks          |
BoomRing   | 25 gems | 3 Rocks          |
ElecRing   | 30 gems | 2 Rocks          |
SkyRing    | 30 gems | 3 Rocks          |
WindPin    | 20 gems | 2 Rocks          |
BonePin    | 30 gems | 1 Rock           |
GrassPin   | 45 gems | 4 Rocks          |
HornPin    | 50 gems | 4 Rocks          |
WaterPin   | 65 gems | 6 Rocks          |

                                   12. Magirocks location

1. Tower 1, second floor
2. Tower 1, third floor
3. Tower 1, fourth floor
4. Tower 2, first floor
5. Tower 2, second floor
6. Tower 2, fourth floor
7. Tower 3, basement
8. Tower 3, third floor, second room
9. Tower 4, second floor (left stairs)
10. Tower 4, first basement (room with holes), upper level
11. Tower 4, third floor (right stairs)
12. Sub-area south of Evegreen (where you buy magic)
13. Ra Tree Cavern, room with Giant Leaves
14. Ra Tree Cavern, room with Leaf Suit (right from Ra Dewdrop)
15-18. Receive with Grass Pin
19. Grecliff, outdoors, just before the mandatory dark boulders
20. Grecliff, outdoors, below the first "fall tunnel"
21. Grecliff, indoors, room with all the bouncing heads
22. Grecliff, outdoors, climb up above second fall tunnel
23. Grecliff, outdoors, bear right in second fall tunnel
24-25. Receive with Wind Pin
26. Zue, left of 2nd altar
27. Zue, on riverbed below 4th altar, *before* activating 3rd
28. Zue, left of 3rd altar
29. Eklemata, first screen, by the flower in the lower left
30. Eklemata, across the lake, at the top of the cliff
31. Eklemata, inside the cave if you take the right fork at the top of above cliff
32. Eklemata, after passing through the forst cave past the (now snow-filled) lake
33. Receive with Bone Pin
34. Sub-area northeast of Louran
35. Louran, Meilin's house
36. Louran, East Side (top route), house with Light Rod
37. Louran, East Side (bottom route), first house
38. Louran, basement of the house Meilin's hiding in
39. Louran, top floor of Meilin's hideout
40. Louran, Square (approach from North Side)
41. Louran, North Side, closest house to graveyard
42. Sub-area east of Loire
43. Loire Castle, pantry
44. Loire Castle, top of tower (treasury)
45. Norfest Forest, upper right of the first screen after the screen where Meilin joins you 
(directions are hard here)
46. Norfest Forest, upper right of the first screen past Bridge (second time you're there, 
i.e. the far side)
47. Norfest Forest, take lower fork in screen before last bridge
48. Loire Castle (after all the cutscenes), prize for speed-eating
49. Sylvain Castle, royalty chambers (near bed)
50. Sylvain Castle, tightrope passage from royalty to chapel (for the record, it *is* possible 
to jump back onto the tightrope)
51. Sylvain Castle, right tower, big lake room (with the acid switch), on a side island
52. Freedom Port, inside building
53. Freedom, receive from Bell *if* you tell the truth about Amanda
54. Freedom (first expansion), back room of Stoma's house
55. Colorado River, on bridge (once it's built, obviously)
56. Sanctuar, by the King of Kingbirds, once you've freed him from Freedom's black market 
(available in first or second expansion)
57. Sub-area far south of the South America gull "stopover," prize for getting through the maze 
58. Liotto, back room of Brazilian food shop
59. Liotto, prize for Cream-a-Cat
60-65. Receive with Water Pin
66. Sub-area in New Zealand
67. Sub-area on island north of Scand(inav)ia
68. Litz (expanded), upper-left corner
69. Litz (expanded), craft shop
70. Yunkou, upper right corner
71. Yunkou, go back and forth between Chija and her parents (give Chija a flower in the nomad's 
camp near Taklama) until they give you the stone
72. Neotokio, house immediately on left as you enter town, first floor, left room
73. Neotokio, underground, left door, prize for becoming the Noodle King
74. Safarium, side room in lion's den (bet you wondered what that was for the first time you 
were there) - after humans exist of course - prize for bopping heads
75. Penginea, first igloo on left
76. Great Lakes Cavern, room you flood, on island after the room is flooded
77-80. Receive with Horn Pin
81. Dragoon Castle, dungeon, lower left
82. Dragoon Castle, east wing, across lower set of pits
83. Dragoon Castle, east wing, sewer area, side island
84. Mosque, upper right house, back room
85. Nirlake (second expansion - first is the ruins), next to building in upper right corner
86-91. Suncoast (expanded), receive with Water Pin in exchange for fever medicine, left room on 
the 2nd floor of the inn
92. Suncoast (expanded), house in top center of town, 2nd floor, left room (i.e. the mayor's 
93. Astarica, the only fork in the path, take the left fork (very visible)
94. Neotokio Sewers, "Pond," right of the exit
95. Neotokio Sewers, room with the robots, right path
96. Beruga's Lab Tower, room before the second staircase

There exist's a rumor that says that there are 100 magirocks. If anyone knows anything about 
this, contact me.
                                    13. Subareas Location

South of Evegreen
Southeast of Sanctuar
Northeast of Gobi/Louran
East of Loire
North of Loire ("poultry")
South of South American "stopover" (grass patch apart from normal grass)
Far south of South American "stopover" (forest)
New Zealand
Australia, center of southeast forest
Australia, space in far western forest
Alaska, space in center of big forest
Island north-northwest of Australia
(There's another island here which would count except you have to get the Speed Shoes from it 
Island north of Scand(inav)ia (cave)
Northwest corner of Sahara Desert
Oasis south of Sahara Desert ("caravan" - it is not, after all, mandatory)
Western Greenland (cave)
Western Siberia (cave)

                                         14. Secrets

Note: I have added a ratingsystem of the helpfulness to this section, here`s the description:

* - Not helpful at all
** - A little bit helpful
*** - Pretty helpful
**** - Very helpful
***** - Any more helpful would be cheating

If the helpfulness rating stands within two '()'s, it means that that is the helpfulness for 
emulators. For example, If it stands ** (***) it means that the right stars shows how helpful
it is on emulator, while the left stars shows how helpful it is on the cartridge. If a :)
is put just after the rating it is only to show that it's worth the effort 'cause it's funny.

Resurrect Polynese
After you've resurrected the five towers in the underworld, you can go to a small cave located 
west of Tower 5. Kill the guards inside, then either use an ice ring, or throw pots at the 
fire-swirling monsters that you can't reach. This means you can visit Polynesia, one of the
islands near Yunkou. You can sleep there and where you can take a nap for free. You'll be burnt
in the morning, and you're 'Macho Appeal' raises by 10. This has no relevance to the game. * :)

Resurrect Mu
Not as well known as the one above, the cave is located north of Tower 3 and looks like a small
cluster of snow. Simply throw the rocks blocking your path out of the way to get to the control
room. Mu features in Terranigma's predecessor, Illusion of Gaia/Time. It was one hard level. 
The importance of resurrecting Mu is that as the surface world and the underworld are linked,
Mu will be resurrected in the other world as well. This means you can visit Mu in the surface
world where you can obtain one of the four special weapons - the EnbuPike. *****

Bits 'n' Pieces, Pots 'n' Pans
Not an important secret, but some don't know of it. Did you know that you can throw 
pots/pumpkins at certain people in Crysta, and actually hit them ? Like go into the house to 
the left of the weavers and into the room on the right. Pick up the pot in there and chuck it 
at the boy. He'll be well annoyed at you and tell you so. This also works for the boy outside
the house mentioned above, chuck a pumpkin at him. Most people in the elders house can be hit
as well. You can even get a three-in-a-row by power-throwing a pot at the people sitting at the
table ! They'll spin round, then complain. The only other time this seems to work is in Liotto.
One of the houses has a monkey that does the Samba. Throw a pot at him, then talk to the woman
sitting opposite him. * :)

A Pleasant Experience
When fighting the Parasite in the Ra Tree, it'll eventually shoot some orange claws at you
during it's second attack. These are worth about 55 Experience points all in all! Simply kill
them all, then wait until they're spit out at you again and repeat.
Thanks to Dais for this information. ** (*****)

Grave Danger
When you fist enter Louran, you'll undoubtedly meet a man who doesn't know what to do with his
money when he dies. Tell him to take it with him to his grave. When the town turns into a 
zombie-infested ruin, go to the cemetary. One of the graves has 500 Gems with Temjins 
name written all over it. ***

Don't rub me the wrong way !
Pretty well known this one. Visit the Quatto's, originally south of Litz but they move later on
to the north of Liotto, and go into the northwest tent. Talk to the woman inside and she'll ask
you for a massage. Agree, then push into her back. She'll say something like, "ooh that's 
good !". Keep pushing and eventually she'll tip you 1 measly Gem. But every time you do it 
after that, she'll tell you that you've improved and give you 5 Gems. Try pushing her front, 
she'll have a go at you, telling you not to get fresh ! ** :)

FEVER ! In the morning...
Some people are unsure what to do with the Fever medicine given to them by the Litz doctor. 
Well, once you've economically progressed Suncoast far enough, you'll find a Japanese couple 
upstairs in the inn. The bloke is in bed sick with a... guess what... fever, so equip the 
medicine and talk to his wife. You'll get a Waterpin for your troubles. *****

Child of the Corn
You'll find a couple in Yunkou who abandoned their daughter Chija at birth. Tut tut. But they 
really want to know how she is, and it just so happens you can help. Make sure you have a 
Pretty Flower from the woman in Loire, then go to the Nomads near Louran. In one of the tents 
(I think it's the upper-right one), you'll find a small girl. Equip the Pretty Flower and talk
to her. Hmmmmmm... seems a bit thick really. Oh well. Go back to Yonkou and tell her parents.
Then go all the way back to see her at the Nomads again, then aaaaaaaaaallllllllll the way back
to Yunkou and talk to her parents again. And what do you get ? A MagiRock. Yippee. **

Ghost of Christmas Programmer
There's an empty lot with a trash can next to it in NeoTokio. Go inside the trash can and 
you'll appear in a messy room. A ghost appears, which you must beat, the best way to beat it is
to use Pyro Rings. When you beat it, a chicken will appear and thank you. You'll then be 
transported back outside the can, the empty lot has now been replaced with a building where 
you'll be able to meet and talk to Quintet, the Terranigma team who are the dudes who made, 
designed etc. the game you're playing ! * :)

Why do birds... Suddenly appear
Expand Freedom a bit, and go to the shop. Go down the flights of stairs to get to the basement.
Oh my, it's a black market ! And they've got the KingBird as a prisoner ! Once again, it's up 
to you to sort things out. Talk to the guard a couple of times and then pay him 5000 Gems to 
release him. Then, go all the way to the KingBird's nest at Sanctuar and he'll have a MagiRock 
for you. Bless him. ***

Give me money
The best way to get money is to head for NeoTokyo sewers and go left, then fight the dog-like 
creatures to get between 300-350 Gems.
Thanks to Ferme for the information on the Kingbird's release cost and money-making methods. 

Home, sweet home
Some people don't know about this either. You need to expand Loire to the max. Go to second 
avenue, then east to Loire Realty. Buy an apartment at the Rococo building for 800 Gems, then 
go next door to the furniture shop attached to Loire Realty, called Michelle Furniture. You can
buy the following furniture for your house :
Each for 100 Gems. Then go west to get to the Rococo apartment and use the Apartment Key on the
first door on the right. Your new home, furnished and all ! You can save and sleep to regain 
energy here. ** :)

Don't chicken out...
Enter the circled area just north of Loire next to the bridge and you'll come across a shack. 
The old guy inside explains that he races chickens. Leave his house and go off the screen to 
the north to get to the chicken races. Give 10 Gems to the woman next to the counter to get a 
tip for the winning chicken, then talk to the bloke at the counter to make your bet. Depending 
on the odds and of course picking the winning chicken, you can make off with a load of cash, up
to 800 Gems if the odds are 16 to 1. Much easier than killing monsters for money !
Also, does anyone know the significance of the small boy at the chicken races ? He stands there
staring at the chickens, saying nothing but, 'Catherine'. Has he named one of the chickens, and
fallen in love with it ? Or is there some other reason. I will try to find out as much as I can 
about this. *****

Flight of the Navigator
Speak to a bloke north of Alaska and he'll talk about different migratory paths of gulls. You 
can travel using these gulls, if you find certain places called Stopovers. The migratory paths 
are :
Alaska to Australia
N America to Kamiyo
N America to Savannah
S America to Greenland
The one in Alaska is to the northwest corner, and takes you to just north of Suncoast. The 
S America one is Southwest of Liotto, and takes you to Greenland just north of Penguina. 
There are also three in the Kingbirds nest in Sanctuar.
The left one takes you to the Savannah, the animal paradise.
The middle one takes you to Kamiyo, on the island of NeoTokyo.
The right one takes you to the Windvale cave. ***

The Cadet's dirty secret...
In the underground you can find the enemy 'Cadet'. It is an annoying little bugger, mainly 
because it will freeze you with his special. His special works out as follows:
First, a text shows up that says "Cadet throws a look." or something similar, and then one of 
following happens:
a) You are immobilized,
b) Nothing happens or
c) You return the look, thus immobilizing the Cadet.
Anyways, sometimes, on rare occasions, the following text shows up: "Cadet throws a sexy look."
When that happens, you gets automatically immobilized. This has no revelance to the game 
whatsoever, but it's still a cool thing, just as the machoappeal and Quintet building. Don't go
looking for it, since it would take forever to find it. I have seen it, this is absolutely no
joke. *

                                          15. Rumors

Baby when you're gone...
In the bar in NeoTokio, a women says something to do with 'B A B Y'. People are associating 
this with a Snes joypad button sequence. To my knowledge, this has no relevance.

Macho, macho man...
People have been asking me the point of your Macho Appeal raising when you take a nap at 
Polynesia. Some people claim it raises your defense the first time. I think it doesn't do 
anything. I think it was a joke, and don't really see how people can think of it as anything 
else. Philistines !
And yes, this also goes for the blood pressure being raised by the three fashion girls in 

The Beruga Triangle
I was looking at a stumped Terranigma page, and noticed that some tit had left a message in the
guestbook asking how to resurrect Bermuda. I've had a couple of E-mails about this, and would 
like to say... YOU WHAT ?!? Think about it, there are 7 continents - it applies to the game as 
well 'cos the planet is supposed to be Earth. Trust me. I hope they did mean Beruga, because 
then it becomes a valid question, otherwise they're probably either thicker than the offspring 
of a TV Weather girl and Forrest Gump, or they're stirring it, big time.

Undiscovered Land
I received an E-mail recently asking if it was possible to travel across South Africa. When you
fly over this land, it gives the names of the two sections of South Africa as Kalahari and 
Capetown. As far as I know, there is no possible way to get here, it's just for show.
Of course, I am completely welcome to any information regarding this land, there is nothing 
special about the way it looks, apart from the three trees.
Anyway, there are no ports and no airfield strips, no caves joining them and as far as I can 
see, no flight paths from gulls.

More info on this has arrived, thankyou to Ferme. Capetown is the place you begin in Illusion 
of Gaia and the Enix team probably wanted to make a link between these two games, but you can't
get to them. I always thought that you started Illusion of Gaia in South Cape, but I could be 
wrong. Thanks Ferme.

Even more info for this has arrived. It is SouthCape in Illusion of Gaia, but in the ending 
when the worlds change form, South Cape is located in South Africa, as is CapeTown. Thank you 
to err... Gorfious Bafoon for that.

Staff dismissed
A person in Liotto mentions the mystical qualities of Staffs. To my knowledge, the only staff
is the GeoStaff which has an Earth elemental quality, but there are several other weapons with
elemental qualities as well. Is there more than one staff ?

Secret Walls Anonymous
In Dragoon castle, when you try to escape with Elle and Meilin stops you, there is a small side
path heading off to the right. It looks like there could be a secret door in the middle of the
wall, or you could knock the wall down with the Speed Shoes but you can't, even though Meilin's
reaction indicates that their probably is a door there. Is there ?

Talking to Squirrels...
Not an important one, but is there any reason that you can talk to the squirrels south of
Liotto when you're supposed to not be able to communicate with plants or animals any more ?

                                          16. Dummying

Dummying is when Items or events have been taken out of a translation (usually from Jap -> USA)
for one reason or another. A total of EIGHT items are mentioned in the game's dialogue, but are
nowhere to be see. All of these come from Dais, comments 'an all :

Name        | Description                | Comments 
Aloe Leaves | Leaves from an aloe plant. | I am positive this does not mean the Ginseng, Fever
            |                            | Medicine, Air Herb, Giant Leaves, or any kind of
            |                            | bulb. These are all listed elsewhere. Hmm. 
Carrot      | A Carrot.                  | Perhaps you could originally introduce different
            |                            | crops to farmers in an early version... 
Heaven      | Used to summon rainfall.   | Could have been used in Zue and/or Nirlake. Not to 
Statue      |                            | be confused with the Heaven Statue in Actraiser.
Grass       | Made of woven grass.       | VERY unknown. What could it be used for ? 
Whistle     |                            |
Airplane    | No description.            | That really is it's description. Probably changed to
Parts       |                            | the Airplane Plans.
Grenade     | No description.            | Also the actual description. VERY unknown, and NOT
            |                            | the Time Bomb.
Beeper      | No description.            | Ditto with the description. Hmm. Part of the trade
            |                            | in technology ?
Powered Gear| Enabled lifting of heavy   | When I first saw this, I thought it was something 
            | objects.                   | like the Airplane Parts. Then I played a bit of 
            |                            | Zelda 64. Remember the gloves, for lifting things? 
            |                            | This could've been the same thing ! After all, there
            |                            | are a lot of rocks you can't pick up. Perhaps
            |                            | Quintet thought they shouldn't rip off Nintendo. 

Dialogue Questions

The following items are to do with the games dialogue (get it from Cher's place or Snape's 
page, Botj listed at the section "Terranigma Links".) from the script file :

Asked by Dais :
"Also appearing in the script are these words, which I have no recollection of ever seeing :"

"Choose what you want to see.
Dev. Rm Mole
Chicken Eating

Oh. I see. You don't want to. I see.

Choose what you want to see.
Sqrl Vil NY Town
Sqrl C NY City

Oh. I see. You don't want to. I see."

It occurs in the same text block as all the Quintet staff sayings.

"That letter...
You don't mean to...

I'm not ready !
...Pardon me ?

A letter from people who survived a terrible fire?"

I ACTUALLY SAW the following text, but its confusing as hell. It occurs when you bring one of
the Nirlake letters to Marily. What did she expect ?

(Probably a marriage... - Wertigon)

A friend in need...
We all know Royd's friend was killed by one of the bad guys (even though we don't know the
killer OR the victim). But who is Fyda's friend? When Fyda visits you in Loire, she talks about
her friend. I know she could be referring to SFP Elle, but I doubt it. And at that point, she
still thinks Royd is a mercenary.

Fluffy... oh fluffy.
Less important, why are the names of characters totally different from who they are? And, in
the german text, excuse me, but why does the word 'Fluffy' appear over and over?

Asked by Cyrus :
"Ok, from a. my own observations, and b. looking through Dais' reposted Terranigma script,
I've come up with a short list of things to investigate :"

Luki, Luki I got Hooky
Luki, the woman who looked after you during your sleep in Lhasa, is apparently supposed to
contract some kind of disease, according to the script, but there's no dialogue about her
getting better. I have completed the game numerously, on level 50, but have no recollection of
Luki ever getting ill !

Moovin' and Groovin'
The Quattro's talk of settling down. They move from Litz to north of Liotto, but is that where
they actually settle down for good ?

Mystery Man No.1059
There is dialogue where you meet a botanist who has taken up residence in a peaceful forest
somewhere. He talks about being happy, then later talks of people ruining the forest and
wanting to turn it into a resort. Where is this man, and does he have any kind of a story
behind him ?

Mole Patrol
In the Evegreen section, they mention a mole setting up shop. Any comments on this ?

Hey, it's flag day !!!
In the Crysta section, someone talks about being 'the hunky flag guy who's the talk of the
town. Then asks you to choose up or down, then there are a load of options about a sound
test. What is this all about ?

                                          17. Cheats

Game genie codes:
codes                         | what it does      |
2E31-DF5A ED31-DF8A 6531-DFEA | 255 health!!      |
2135-D78A 0D35-D7EA 6536-DD7A | Lots of magirocks |

Snes9X codes:

codes     | what it does       |
7E065D FF | 255 Health!!       |
7E07ED 64 | Lot's of MagicRock |

Pro Action Replay codes:

Since I don't cheat I can't tell if these codes will work or not. Blame the guy who sent me 
these codes instead of me.

These codes are brought to you by Xar (mailto:

codes      | what it does                                                                 |
7E065DFF   | Your strength is a constant 255 and cannot be changed by STR potions or      |
           | level changes.                                                               |
7E0662FF + | Total invincibility. Your HP is a constant multiple of 255.                  |
0FE065DF   |                                                                              |
7E0691FF:  | Enter this code and your levels will increase at an alarmingly fast rate.    |
           | It will freeze the game unless you're in a dungeon or anyplace with enemies. |
7E0697FF:  | Enter this code and you'll get unlimited money.                              |

Note -  for the unlimited money code, you can buy from shops at any time, but in some 
situations (staying at inns etc), it says that you are broke. In which case, you should turn 
the AR off, go and kill a bad guy and get some more money. Then it should work.

These codes were devised by Ragnarosen.

 Codes     | What it does                                                                 |
7E065FFF + | When these 4 codes are used together with the 5 of Xar's codes, you'll have  |
7E0660FF + | 535 Strength, 535 Defense, and 255 Luck with absolutely no strings attached. |
7E0663FF + | Don't be scared if the Strength value equals "35." It's actually 535, but    |
7E0666FF   | there is only enough room for two digits.                                    |

The only thing these codes can't change is your current level/maximum HP. To quickly get the 
maximum of 999 HP, enter all of these codes (EXCEPT FOR 7E0691FF) at the Name Registry screen. 
You'll start with amazing statistics, but your HP display will read "255/28." The current HP 
value of 255 signifies your invincibility, but you only have 28 HP at Level 1. 
Go to Tower 1 and as soon as you physically enter the tower, input the code 7E0691FF. You'll 
instantly be promoted to Level 15. Fight monsters until you've achieved the maximum experience 
level of 50. This is rather easy, not only because you're invincible, but because every monster
you defeat nets you about 10,000 experience points. 
When you get to Level 50, your maximum HP will reach 999 no matter what.

Here's what the current HP value display means:

If your maximum HP level is between 28 and 256, your current HP is always 255.
If your maximum HP level is between 257 and 512, your current HP is always 511.
If your maximum HP level is between 513 and 768, your current HP is always 767.
If your maximum HP level is between 769 and 999, your current HP is always 23.

(What the bloody hell? 23?!!?) The value is actually equal to 1023, but the display is 23 
because only three digits can be displayed at one time, and the initial zero digit doesn't 

If you entered all 9 codes, you won't have to worry about anything in the 32-megabit world of 
Terranigma. No more cowering in fear over the infamous battle with Bloody Mary. No more ducking
whenever you see Dignal throw its mate! No more running for cover behind the nearest tree when 
you see a Dungun getting ready to explode! No more trepidation when treading through flocks of 
wild Chonchons, 'cause their glassine dust can't faze you anymore!

                                            18. Bugs

As every other game, Terranigma has got it's own set of bugs. These bugs are the one's I have
been able to find:

The chest bug:
You need an emulator to ponder this one. In the woods northwest of Nirlake, where you get the 
logs from the Gumin monsters, there is a hidden treasure chest to the right of the entrance. 
Use the ZSnes/Snes9x sprite control to turn of a certain background and you'll see it.
Now this is a curious one. You can go right up to the chest, but for some reason - it won't 
open. There is also another chest in grecliff, just left of a cliff with a cave entrance. It 
looks like it's closed, even if you have opened it. If that's not a bug, then what is?

The frozen bug:
Sometimes the game freezes at some places. The most common ones are:

First tower, just after you've killed the red huballs
Storkolm, when you investigate the weaver's place
Storkolm again, When you touches the box

I know there are more places, but I haven't been able to find 'em. If the game freezes, reset 
and try again. if that don't work, reset once again. If you still are having problems, let your
computer/snes rest for a while, then try again. If that doesn't work, and if you are emulating,
go and find a new rom. This can occur on the real cartridge, (PAL version) as well.

The infinite money bug:

When you're having the code for infinite money on, you can't stay at inns or buy apples, 
flowers, lottery-tickets and other things that is being sold at "individual shops". If you have
to stay at an inn, simply turn the code off and go kill some guys to get money. It's not that 
hard, since three badies (at most) will give you enough money.

That's all I can think of right now. If you've found out any other bug, I'll put it up here.

                                      19. Interesting facts

Meaning of the Name

First of all, lets start with the meaning of the word "Terranigma". I'm guessing that a fair
few people already know about this, but here goes anyway.
Terranigma is actually two different meaning words combined into one. The first word is 'Terra'
which is a Latin translation of the word 'Earth'. Therefore it is referring to the planet
This one word, Terra, is where we have derived a couple of words all assosciated with Earth,
for example :
Terrain - A tract of land
Terramare - Earthy deposits containing bones, phosphates etc.
Terraqueous - (Of the Earth) Comprising both land and water
Terrestrial - (Of the Earth) E.T was an Extra-Terrestrial, i.e. not of this Earth
Terricolous - Living on or in the Earth
Terrier - Even this famous breed of dog was named after it's Earth digging capabilities
Terrigenous - Produced by the Earth
Terrine - Earthenware vessel
Territory - Extent of land under jurisdiction of Sovereign, state, city etc.
Mediterrainean - The famous ocean meaning 'Middle (medi) of the Earth (terra)'

The second word is 'Enigma'. I guess it would have been stupid to call the game Terraenigma as
nobody would have agreed to it's pronounciation. Anyway, 'Enigma' means mystery. A riddle that
puzzles someone or something. Hence the word enigmatic - a mysterious quality.
The obvious conclusion here is that 'Terranigma' means 'Mystery of the Earth', which fits the
bill as this is what the game is about.

Meaning of the Hero

Ark. He's the hero of the game, and although a bit mischievous, he's a good bloke. But what is
the connection here ? We all know about the tale of Noah's ark, but does that have anything in
common with our red-headed hero ? Maybe. Noah's ark was famous for surviving a huge change in
terrain, which is applicable in the game. The ark was also known best for carrying the animals.
Ark, in the game saves the animal kingdom and can even talk with them for half the game.
An Ark is another name given to a chest or a box. The most famous would be the 'Ark of the
Covenant', and the 'Ark of the Testimoney'.
It is a wooden coffer containing tables of Jewish law. Not that you really care, I suppose.
It is from here that we derive this joke, one of such ludicrous poor quality, that it might
stop you from reading the rest of this file. Here it is :
"Did you hear about the film where Ark was stuck in Zue, and didn't know where to go next ?"
"Yeah - Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Groan. I don't know who made it up, but they deserve a good shoeing.
Anyhoo, you can make up your own mind as to whether or not you believe this, but Noah's Ark
played a big part in the resurrection of the Earth, animals and human population, just like the
hero Ark did. It's up to you to decide...

Meaning of the People 

A lot of people don't actually realise that Terranigma's economic growth is closer to reality
than what meets the eye. The important people in the game that made inventions that we use
today in reality, such as the camera and telephone actually have their real names, albeit
slightly changed.

You help Bell with the invention of the telephone. In the game he gives up on his invention
after he gets dumped by his girlfriend, due to the lack of hearing from him. After turning 
into an alcoholic for a short while, he vows to finish his invention, in order to save other
people from the same fate. He invents the 'telephone' on the basis that other people can keep
in touch with their partners and not succumb to the same fate as his.
Exactly whether this is true or not is unknown.
In reality Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was a British Scientist, who patented his
invention, the telephone, in 1876. He later experimented with a type of phonograph and in
aeronautics. He also invented the tricycle undercarriage.

In Depth Background
Bell was scottish born, and was the beat many hopeful scientists to the creation of the
telephone. His upbringing had a great influence on his career. His father was a successful
teacher of deaf-mutes and had invented a code of symbols called Visible Speech to help them
learn. Bell aided his father in his work, and also taught speech and music as a student teacher
at a boys' school in Edinburgh.
In 1870 Bell moved with his family to Ontario, Canada, as he was suffering from tuberculosis
from which both his brothers had died. He soon recovered, and went to Boston, Massachusetts,
where he set up a school for teachers of the deaf.
Bell was made a professor at Boston University, but he still continued with his electrical
experiments. He found doing all the work himself too difficult, so he enlisted help from a
skilled electrician called Thomas Watson.
Together they proceeded with the experiments. Bell connected up a transmitter, a device which
converted sound waves into electrical waves, to a receiver, which picked up electrical signals
and converted them back to sound. They finally achieved success in 1875, when Bell heard a
sound made by Watson coming through the receiver. The first spoken sentences were heard the
following year when Bell spoke into the transmitter and was heard by Watson in a separate room.
This is the part you play in the game - hearing spoken words from a separate room to Bell.
The Bell Telephone Company was founded in 1877, the first of its kind. Bell continued to
experiment and invent. He helped develop the gramophone record, and financed flying
experiments. The promotion of teaching the deaf to speak was still one of his chief concerns.
He became an American citizen in 1882, and died in Novia Scotia.

You also help Eddy with his invention. Eddy is the inventor of the light. There isn't much of a
story behind it in the game like above, simply took quite a few dangerous attempts. Eddy is
named after Thomas Edison ('Eddy'son).
In reality, Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) was a US scientist and inventor. His first ever
invention was an automatic repeater for telegraphic messages. Later came the carbon
This is quite interesting as it was used as a microphone in the production of the telephone.
In the game Bell and Eddy live next door to each other. In reality they were inventors whose
inventions were linked with each others. Coincidentally, they were both born on the same year.
He then went on to invent the phonograph, the electric filament lamp (which was the concept in
the game), a new type of storage battery and the kinetoscopic camera - an early form of
cinematography. He aslo anticipated the Fleming thermionic valve. I guess you could say he was
a clever chappie.

In Depth Background
Edison was an American who can justly be called the world's greatest inventor.
At the age of 12 he began selling newspapers on a train, and still found time to experiment
with chemicals and print a newspaper in the luggage compartment. Edison's first invention, 
when he was 16, was a gadget that sent telegraph signals automatically by being connected to a
clock. He next invented an electrical vote-recording machine, but politicians refused to buy it
because it would interfere with their traditional counting methods.
In 1869 Edison arrived in New York and found a job in a stock-ticker firm. The stock-ticker was
a telegraphic device used for reporting prices, in this case of gold. When one day it broke
down, Edison not only repaired it but improved on it in several ways. His employers were so
pleased that they offered him a large sum of money for his patents.
This money enabled Edison to set up a workshop, where he improved both the typewriter and the
telephone. His most famous invention was perhaps the phonograph, later to be called the
gramophone. This consisted of a revolving cylinder around which he wrapped a sheet of tin foil.
Edison then placed a needle in the centre of a diaphragm (which was a stretched flat piece of
material) that vibrated when hit by sound waves, causing the needle to move on the tin foil.
When Edison spoke into the diaphragm the machine repeated his words.
Undoubtedly one of Edison's most important contributions to society was an improved electric
light bulb, which could be used for offices and homes. After trying hundreds of materials to
find the most suitable filament, he finally used carbonized thread, which caused the bulb to
glow perfectly.
The development of a motion picture camera and later the connection of a phonograph with a
camera, for talking pictures, were among other numerous achievements. Edison received many
awards for his work.

In the game, Hedyn is a traveler that you encounter in Louran. Later he writes a journal of his
travels that inspires other to travel. 
Hedyns real name is Sven Hedin (1865 - 1952), a swedish explorer which travelled around alot in
central Asia. He was a good drawer and his pictures is still of good use when it comes to
orient in central Asia. Today, the Hedin-medal in gold is being dealt to the research of
exploring not-that-well-known areas.

In the game Matis is a famous painter, whose talents are recognised by Rich from Britain and
then distributed around the world. He used to like painting for the fun of it, but now has lost
his enjoyment of the art due to it being for money and demand. Matis is named after a famous
painter called Matisse.
In reality, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was a french painter, sculptor, illustrator and designer.
His work concentrates on designs that emphasize curvaceous surface patterns, linear arabesques,
and brilliant colour. He is most renowned for his painting 'La Desserte' which I don't think I
need to translate... !

In the game Rich is simply a wealthy Englishman who lives by himself. He is generous with his
money, proved on two occasions, with Matis' painting and the rebuilding of Nirlake.
In reality - I don't think he exists. I think he was made up in the game and called Rich
because he was rich. Without a surname to go on, it would be impossible to find out about him.
The only person that could be slightly matched to Rich in the game is Richard Branson, the
British self-made millionaire. Of course this wouldn't be the ideal match as all of the other
people featured in this section were born in the same period of time, roughly between 1845 - 
1860, whereas Richard Branson wasn't born until 1950.

Keinz plays the role as economic forecaster in the game, and tells you how far the town you are
in has evolved, and whether or not it has progressed sufficiently.
If you are familiar with economics/ history you will notice that the economist Keinz is a real
person. Keynes (the real spelling) is the most famous and influential economist of the 20th
century. He single handedly created the economic policies now known collectively as "Keynsian
economics," since he wanted to prevent another great depression from ever happening. Want to
know how influential Keynsian economics are? Well all of modern economics is based on it, and
the U.S. economy is based in its principles. his policies of course have been modified and
mixedd with more classic principles recently and economists like milton friedman oppose some of
his main points but none the less he made a huge contribution to the field.
Thanks to scnunez for that information.

In the game Will is the inventor of the aeroplane. All there is to mention is that it took a
few near fatal attempts before success. Will is named after William Edward Boeing.
In reality, Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) along with his brother Orville Wright (1871-1948) were
US brothers who pioneered powered flight. Inspired by Lilienthal's gliding, they perfected 
their piloted glider in 1902. One year later, they built their first powered machine, and
became the first to make a successful powered flight, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
Thank you to Casey for his correction there. 

In the game Marily is a worker for Madame Papilo. Annoyed at the slave labour, low pay and the
fact that the clothes she makes are too expensive for people to buy. She therefore leaves
Papilo and starts her own shop, which is instantly more popular. She makes cheaper clothes
so that more people of the lower class can sample her products.
I am still researching into this to see if there is a real-life fashion designer with a name
similar to Marily.

In the game Mick is a cook experimenting with beef. After trying it in numerous different ways,
he puts it in a bun, thus inventing the burger. He goes on to open his own restaurant called
something like Micks burgers. How original.
In reality, I think it must be the obvious. I personally belief, with no real background, that
Mick's burgers are a take-off of the most famous burger bar of all, McDonalds. If you think
about it 'Mick' and 'Mc' are very similar sounding. Both are to do with burgers. If you don't
think I'm right then fine. Everyones entitled to their own opinion.

In the game Stoma is a famous food taster, his food opinions are legendary. It is said that
whatever food passes his tests of appearance, fragrance and taste instantly becomes famous.
He is the reason, in the game, that tinned sardines and burgers became famous. In reality,
again I think there is no such person, but that Stoma is actually a shortened version of
'stomach'. This would fit the job description ideally, as food and stomach are kind of linked.
I could be wrong of course, but like I said, if you don't want to believe me then don't.

In the game Columbus is a famous explorer who searches for new land. We all know who he's based
on, don't we ?
That's right, in reality Columbus is Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). He was an Italian
navigator and explorer. His Spanish name is 'Cristobal Colon'. He made four voyages to the new
world and in 1942, he reached San Salvador Island, Cuba and Haiti. From 1493-96, he reached
Guadaloupe, Montserrat, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. In 1498, he visited Trinidad, and
the mainland of South America. From 1502-04, he visited Honduras and Nicaragua. Of course, he
is known world-wide as the man who discovered America.

Temjin's role in the game is small, but interesting. He plays a selfish rich chap whom you meet
in Louran. That's it really, he asks you what he should do with his dosh when he dies, and you
tell him to either give it to you (!) or take it with him to his grave, which activates a
little secret (see secrets section).
In reality, and this is purely a hypothesis, I believe Temjin to be Genghis Kahn. Why you ask?
Because his real name was 'Temuchin'. Hmmmmm. Anyhoo, Genghis Kahn (1162-1227) was a Mongul
conquerer. He founded a great empire which extended across most of Asia. The name
'Genghis Kahn' actually means 'Very Mighty Ruler' and Temuchin gave himself that name when he
became the leader of the Mongols. The Mongols were a scattered group of barbarian tribes who
lived in the region of central Asia now called Mongolia.
At the age of 13, Temuchin became the chieftain of one of the smaller tribes, but quickly
succeeded in conquering many others. He then called together a meeting of all the Mongols and
proclaimed himself ruler. The Mongols were warlike by nature, but up to this time they had done
their fighting mostly amongst themselves. Genghis Kahn turned them into one large,
well-organised army. It was the most effective army at the time, but also the most savage.
Wherever they went, the Mongols spread terror and destruction, sometimes slaughtering whole
populations of cities which would not immediately surrender to their control.
By the time Genghis Kahn died, the Mongol Empire included all of central Asia, and parts of
Persia, India, Russia, and China. It was one of the largest land empires in history. 

In the game they play some gimps who live in tents (North of Louran) who don't really want to
talk to you until they find out that you've talked to Haydn then htye 'open up to you' or
summink. The Quattro's and residents of the Caravan could also be described as Nomads.
Reality - pretty obvious stuff but what the hell. Nomads are people who wander from place to
place and have no permanent home (like the Quattro's - down Conspiracy !!!). They usually
travel within certain general areas according to the seasons and the supply of food. Hunting
Nomads, such as the pygmies of Africa and Asia, follow the animals that they kill to eat.
Pastoral Nomads, such as the Bedouins of North Africa, drive their herds of camels, goats,
sheep and horses from one patch of grazing land to another. There is not enough vegitation to
set up permanent farms.
Nomads generally live in tents or some other equally simple type of shelter, and carry few
belongings with them. 

Meaning of the Places 

Even the places in Terranigma have references to real-life places. Here's a few examples :

Airs Rock
In the game, Airs Rock is a huge rock in Australia. In reality, it is called Ayers Rock, also
found in Australia. It is known as being the world's largest monolith, an ovate mass of
pinkish rock in Northern Territory, measurin 335m (1,100ft) high and 9km (6 miles) round.
It is referred to as Uluru as the Aborigines, and is also known for the spectacular view of
sunsets / sunrises that you can see from atop it.

A country in W Africa, bounded by the north by Burkina Faso, east by Togo, south by the golf
of guinea, and west by the ivory coast.

An Asian desert divided between the Mongolian People's Republic and Inner Mongolia, China;
800km (500 miles) north-south, and 1,600km (1,000 miles) east-west. It is rich in fossil
remains of extinct species.

In the game, a town in Europe. In reality, the longest river in France, rising in the Cevennes
at 1,350m (4,430ft) and flowing for 1,050km (625 miles) first north, then west until it reaches
the Bay of Biscay at St Nazaire, passing Nevers, Orleans, Toures, and Nantes. It gives it's
name to the departements of Loire, Haute-Loire, Loire-Atlantique, Indre-et-Loire,
Maine-et-Loire, and Saone-et-Loire. There are many chateaux and vineyards along it's banks.

In the game, this is the place in Tibet where you wake up after Eklemata. The great Kumari
lives there. In reality, Lhasa is also known as 'the forbidden city' capital of the autonomous
region of Tibet, China, at 5,000m (16,400ft) with a poulation of (1982) 105,000. Products
include handicraft and light industry.

Indus R
In the game, a bridge made of elephants for you to cross. In reality, Indus R is part of the
Indus Valley Civilization, a prehistoric culture existing in the northwest Indian subcontinent
about 2500-1600 BC. Remains include soapstone seals with engravings of elephants (hmmmm...) and

In the game, you cross through this area to get to Louran, basically a river you need to cross.
In reality, this is called Yangtze-Kiang, former name for Chang Jiang, greatest Chinese River.

In the game, this is the mirror village of Crysta, where Ark came from. The King of Loire
killed all the villagers to get the legendary treasure from this town, only Elle survived. The
treasure turned out to be the Hero Armour and the Hero Pike. In reality, Stockholm is a capital
and industrial port of Sweden; population (1986) 663,000. It is built on a number of islands.
Industries include engineering, brewing, electrical goods, paper, pottery and textiles (hmm...
the weavers ?).

In the game, a desert where you find one of the five starstones. In reality, the most well
known of deserts in the world. It is the largest desert in the world, occupying 5,500,000 sq km
(2,123,000 sq miles) and covers a large quantity of Africa.

In the game, a small island that you resurrect (see secrets page) in the midst of other small
islands. It's only function is to get a free nap, although you'll be toasted in the morning and
it'll say your Macho Appeal has gone up by 10 or something (this has no significant effect).
In reality, it's a geographical zone. Most of the islands in the Pacific Ocean are divided for
the sake of convenience into three geographical zones - Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.
Polynesia is the easternmost section and contains some of the more remote islands. the region
can be outlined by a vast triangle (I think it's a triangular(ish) shaped island in the game)
whose points are Midway in the north, New Zealand in the south west and Easter Island and
Salay-Gomez in the east. Other islands within this area include the Cook, Ellice, Hawaiian,
Marquesas, Society, Line and Tonga Islands, and Pitcairn and Samoa. The word Polnesia means
'many islands'.
Most of the islands lie south of the Equator. Many of them are peaks of drowned volcanoes
thrusting above the surface of the ocean, but others are mere atolls or coral reefs. Most of
them are covered with luxuriant vegetation, which flourishes in the hot climate and heavy,
seasonal rainfall.
The Polynesian people are believed to have sailed to the islands originally from India and
other places on the Asian mainland. They are a tall, well-build, athletic people with light
brown or reddish brown skins and straight or curly hair. They are expert house and boat
builders, and, probably because of the pleasant conditions under which they live, are somewhat
easy-going. Their fishermen build pirogues, canoes with an outrigger float to keep them steady.
Polynesians are superb swimmers and divers, and are fond of music, singing and dancing. Before
many of them were converted to Christianity, they believed in ancestor worship.
About one million Polynesians speak between them some 60 related dialects. The major language
groups are those spoken by the Hawaiians, Samoans, Tahitians and the Maoris of new Zealand. 

Cape Town
Cape Town is one of the most frustrating things about Terranigma, as it is an area of land
(situated in South America) that you cannot access, even though it shows you the names of the
places when you fly over it. You can find more info about this in the rumors section.
In reality, Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa. It is a port and the capital
of Cape Province. It is also the legislative (law-making) capital of the Republic of South
Africa. The administrative offices of the Republic government are in Pretoria. With it's
suberbs, Cape Town has a population of about 800,000. The city is dominated by Table Mountain,
and lies on the South-West coast of Africa.
The city was founded in 1652 as a supply base from ships going to and from the East. Its
excellent harbour has made it an important trading centre. Its importance in east-west trade
grew once again after the Suez Canal was closed because of the Middle East war in 1967.

Of course, there are many other places such as Greenland, NeoTokio (Tokyo), New Zealand,
Balklands etc. But most of those are obvious. Still, if the demand is great enough, I'll add
the lot in. 

                                      20. Terranigma links

Here's some links to Terranigma related pages. I've divided it like this:

Name           | Description
owner          | URL                                                                    |Rating

- The rating means how good a page is. The scale is:

***** - Excellent!
****  - Not bad, but it could be better.
***   - Okay.
**    - There's alot more work to do on this site.
*     - Don't make me throw up.

Cherubae's     | The best Terranigma page on the Web!!! Alot of the stuffs in the FAQ comes 
Terranigma     | from here.
info page      | 
Cherubae       |                                               | *****

Castle snape's | The second best terranigma page on the web. This one also helped me alot.
Terranigma page|
Snape          |                           | *****

The Terranigma | This is your number one source for Terranigma fanfics and fanart. Enyoy!
Conspiracy     |
Conspiracy     |                       | ****

Terranigma     | This page is thought to give alot of info on Terranigma, but it doesn't. Not 
island         | right now, anyways.
Lindsay        |                        | ** 

The Airbolt's  | Hmm... This one is in desperate need of some links... Right now it only got
Terranigma     | one page, except for the main page.
Heaven         |
Airbolt        |                        |**

The Terranigma | The very first Terranigma page. And even though it's bad, it's ain't that 
Vortex         | bad...
Paladin        |                |***

Soul of Terra  | This page is both about terranigma and related to the other games in the 
site           | Soulblaser series.
Jazz, SoulDS, Locke |         |***

                                         21. Credits
Big thanks to:

Cyrus ( for the magirocklist, subarealist and experience chart...

Cherubae ( for info on Items, Weapons, Armor, Enemies and Rings and Pins...

Snape ( for the walkthrough, the secrets, the interesting facts, info on the
enemies and the rumors...

Me ( for making this FAQ ;)...

Somewhat-smaller thanks to:

Ragnarosen (, Conspiracy ( and Xar (
for the cheats...

Dais ( for info on those dummyitems...

Quintet for making such an excellent game...

Enix for publishing it...

And to all of you out there, thanks for reading this FAQ.

                                  22. changes in the versions

Version 1.0

- This was the first version of the best Terranigma FAQ on the web

Version 1.1:

- Added the bossguide
- Completed the itemlist

Version 1.3:

- Added the sections "Enemies" and "Cheats"
- Fixed a few things in the bossguide
- Fixed some typos in the FAQ
- Made a rating of the helpfulness of the secrets

Version 1.8

- Added the sections "Levels", "Interesting facts", "bugs", "Dummying" and "Terranigma links"
- Almost completed the monsterlist (I have a few things to fill in first before it's completed)
- Added some cheats and rumors
- Fixed even more typos
- Fixed the contents section (I had made a few new sections but forgot to add 'em in the
contents. Ooops.)
- Added some rumors and secrets

                                      23. Boring stuffs

This is only a few boring stuffs like copyright and such:

This FAQ is a product made of Wertigon. Putting it up on your homepage is okay as long as you 
don't change anything in it and as long as you contact me of it. Email adress is:

If that is to much to ask for, (sounds like it is a fair deal to me, but I don't know about 
you,) then don't put it up on your homepage. If you are a proud owner of a Terranigmasite, 
though, you should put it up, since this is the best Terranigma FAQ on the web. And that is 
only the plain and simple truth. If you've seen anything better, then make sure and contact me,
so I can change the above statement.

This FAQ was made by using Wordpad and Notepad, And the first version became completed on 
Latest update was on 1999-10-11. 

Oh, yeah, one more thing: If you are trying to make profit on this FAQ, I'm gonna get angry on 
you. And when I get angry, I call my friend. He's a guy that research new antivirus program, 
and to do that, he have to have some viruses. IF you are trying to make profit on my work, I'll
send you a virus that is so new that no one have found out a cure for it yet. If I were you, I 
wouldn't try it, unless you want to have a totally unknown virus that causes disorder on your 
harddrive. So... Don't even think about it!

Thank you for your time.

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