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Samaurai Shodown

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
FA2-46D-4C1 Infitnite time 3EF-80E-D57 + 1EF-81E-08F Start timer at 30 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 2EF-81E-08F Start timer at 46 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 3EF-81E-08F Start timer at 62 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 4EF-81E-08F Start timer at 78 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 5EF-81E-08F Start timer at 94 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 6EF-81E-08F Start timer at 110 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 7EF-81E-08F Start timer at 126 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 8EF-81E-08F Start timer at 142 secs. 3EF-80E-D57 + 9EF-81E-08F Start timer at 158 secs. 11F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 1/3 energy 21F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 2/3 energy FFF-86E-3B6 Both players start with more energy 3EB-60D-7F1 Computer takes all damage--even when you get hit 3E8-9A9-2AA + 008-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Genan Shiranui 3E8-9A9-2AA + 018-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Galford 3E8-9A9-2AA + 028-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Haohmaru 3E8-9A9-2AA + 038-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Ukyo Tachibana 3E8-9A9-2AA + 048-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Charlotte 3E8-9A9-2AA + 058-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Tam Tam 3E8-9A9-2AA + 068-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Earthquake 3E8-9A9 2AA + 078-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Nakoruru 3E8-9A9-2AA + 088-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Wan Fan 3E8-9A9-2AA + 098-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Jubei Yagyo 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0A8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Hanzo Hattori 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0B8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Kyoshiro Senryo

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