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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Please take note: Because of the way SML 2 uses battery backup RAM, this cart will not work on some Game Genie/Game Boy combinations. There is nothing that can be done about this. (One thing that sometimes helps is installing fresh batteries or using an adequate power supply.) 023-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 2 053-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 5 00D-8DA-E6E Stop timer 02D-8DA-E6E Timer counts down by 2 002-41B-F7E Start new game with 1 life instead of 6 092-41B-F7E Start new game with 10 lives instead of 6 242-41B-F7E Start new game with 25 lives instead of 6 492-41B-F7E Start new game with 50 lives instead of 6 742-41B-F7E Start new game with 75 lives instead of 6 992-41B-F7E Start new game with 100 lives instead of 6 001-40C-E6E Infinite lives 024-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Bunny Mario 034-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario FA1-B9C-4C1 Stay as Super Mario when hit FA1-C8C-4C1 Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit 004-BBC-19A Hearts (extra life) worth nothing 004-5F8-2AA Play 30 coin game of chance for free 004-288-A2B Play 50 coin game of chance for free 003-F28-E62 Play 200 coin game of chance for free 003-BB8-C4E + 003-BA8-80C Play 999 coin game of chance for free 01D-92E-E6A + 019-2BA-E6A Each coin worth 101 009-22A-19A + 00D-89E-19A Each coin worth 0

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