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American Gladiators

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PEXALTIA Start with 1 life--player 1 AEXALTIE Start with 8 lives--player 1 ZEXALTIE Start with 10 lives--player 1 GOXALTIA Start with 20 lives--player 1 PEVALTIA Start with 1 life--player 2 AEVALTIE Start with 8 lives--player 2 ZEVALTIE Start with 10 lives--player 2 GOVALTIA Start with 20 lives--player 2 PEXAPTAA Start on level 2--player 1 ZEXAPTAA Start on level 3--player 1 LEXAPTAA Start on level 4--player 1 PEVAPTAA Start on level 2--player 2 ZEVAPTAA Start on level 3--player 2 LEVAPTAA Start on level 4--player 2 GLUOZGLV Less joust time GZXXLUVK Stop joust timer GLOEGALV Less cannonball time GZEPGOVK Stop cannonball time GLKXXZLV Less wall time GXOXEXVS Stop wall timer LTXATNIL More assault time PZXATNIU Less assault time GZSAINVK Stop assault timer LTSOZOIL More power ball time--level 1 LTSOLOAL More power ball time--level 2 LTSOGPLL More power ball time--level 3 LTSOIOTZ More power ball time--level 4

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