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AENATLPA Stop timer GOUTKSIA More energy for Duke GOUTSSGA More energy for Blizzard GOUTVSZA More energy for Snake Eyes GOUTNSLA More energy for Capt. Grid-Iron GOUVESPA More energy for Rock & Roll TEUTKSIA Less energy for Duke TEUTSSGA Less energy for Blizzard IEUTVSZA Less energy for Snake Eyes IEUTNSLA Less energy for Capt. Grid-Iron GEUVESPA Less energy for Rock & Roll ALNVIKAY Shorter immunity NYNVIKAN Longer immunity AAUEPPLA Max energy on pick-up OLNTYKOO Infinite energy AXNVKIYP Mega jump for Duke AXNVSIZP Mega jump for Blizzard AXNVVSGP Mega jump for Snake Eyes AXNVNIGP Mega jump for Capt. Grid-Iron AZETETAP Mega jump for Rock & Roll

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