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The Hunt for Red October

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These codes may not work on some copies of the game. PEVLYAIA Start with 1 life ZEVLYAIE Start with 10 lives SXEZXZVG Infinite lives SXEUPUVK Infinite time ZANLVKPO Start with 10 horizontal torpedoes ZLNLVKPP Start with 50 horizontal torpedoes LTNLVKPP Start with 99 horizontal torpedoes IANUUKYA Start with 5 vertical torpedoes ZLNUUKYA Start with 50 vertical torpedoes LTNUUKYA Start with 99 vertical torpedoes IEELSKZA Start with 5 caterpillars ZUELSKZA Start with 50 caterpillars LVELSKZA Start with 99 caterpillars IEEUXKZA Start with 5 ECM's ZUEUXKZA Start with 50 ECM's LVEUXKZA Start with 99 ECM's SXUXYSVK Infinite horizontal torpedoes SZUZPVVK Infinite vertical torpedoes OZEUEKOK + AAEUVGPA Gain maximum power horizontal torpedoes on pick-up OZSLNKOK + AASUSGPA Gain maximum power vertical torpedoes, on pick-up

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