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YLSSOLPU Collect $300 as you pass Go IPSSOLPU Collect $100 as you pass Go AAVZKAYP Pay $0 to get out of jail IPVZKAYO Pay $100 to get out of jail LOOAVKZP Pay $30 for luxury tax IOOAVKZO Pay $100 for luxury tax PUOAVKZP Pay $200 for luxury tax AESAVGPL Pay $0 for income tax LOSAVGPL Pay $30 for income tax IOSAVGPU Pay $100 for income tax YUSAVGPU Pay $300 for income tax YLOSLKLK $300 to buy Boardwalk LIOSLKLG $600 to buy Boardwalk PLOIZGIG $200 to buy Park Place LGOIZGIK $400 to buy Park Place LIOIZGIG $600 to buy Park Place IPOSZGPU Houses on Park Place cost $100 YLOSZGPU Houses on Park Place cost $300 IPXILGPU Houses on Boardwalk cost $100 YLXILGPU Houses on Boardwalk cost $300 YAOAILLA Go Back 7 spaces instead of 3 on Chance

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